Big Brother 16 Episode 21 Recap: The House Turns On Frankie


The Big Brother 16 house fuse was lit last week during the double eviction and it exploded on Sunday night, mostly maiming Frankie’s game.

The episode picked up right after the double eviction where we find Nicole going on a rampage. She’s asking Christine if this is what she had planned the whole time. Nicole breaks down in tears and Donny tries to comfort her. “My best friend in the house is gone,” she says. Nicole continues to blow everyone up, including Frankie, who denies it and then tries to flip it on Nicole. But it doesn’t quite work. Everyone is listening to what Nicole is saying and Frankie is starting to appear more and more guilty.

It’s time to get to the next Head of Household. The HGs have to go up two at a time and read clues from an eye chart and answer the questions. It’s Cody versus Nicole first. Nicole gets the point and eliminates Cody. Victoria and Derrick are up next. Victoria scores and Derrick is out. In the Donny versus Christine matchup, Christine wins. And then it’s Zach versus Frankie and Zach wins the round.

In round two, It’s Nicole versus Victoria and Nicole gets it right and is the first Head of Household. So that means Christine or Zach will be the second HOH. Zach doesn’t even read the question and just guesses. And is wrong. So Christine wins.

Nicole and Christine get to work on who they should nominate. They agree to work together despite everything that’s been going on. Frankie comes in to try to do damage control. He admits to working with the other side of the house, but he’s throwing in several lies along the way. He suggests them putting up Cody, Zach, Caleb and Derrick. Nicole isn’t buying his story and Christine is sick of Frankie speaking for her and ruining her game.

Zach goes into see where Nicole’s head is. He tells her that Frankie and Nicole are liars. Nicole says she knows that. Zach asks her if they are her targets, but she won’t answer because she says he will tell everyone. So Zach decides to tell Nicole that the Detonators happened two weeks ago and not just the past couple of days like Frankie and Nicole told her. Nicole tells Zach that she had an alliance with Cody, surprising Zach. Then Nicole tells Zach that Frankie told her to put up him, Derrick, Cody or Caleb. So he proposes that they work together. She’s intrigued since she’s alone, but she has to think about it, she says.

So Zach, feeling backstabbed by Frankie, takes that info to Derrick, Caleb and Cody, and Operation Evict Frankie begins. They plan make sure Nicole nominates Frankie and the person she nominates with him will throw Battle of The Block. And if Frankie wins veto later in the week, then Christine will be backdoored since she will have been dethroned as HOH.

Derrick takes the plan to Nicole. She’s totally down with the plan. She says he trusts Derrick.

During the nomination ceremony, Christine nominates Donny and Zach. Nicole goes with Caleb and Frankie. And Zach decides to put Frankie and Christine on blast. He calls them both liars. And Frankie is confused. I’m not sure why he’s confused, though, because he’s been throwing Zach under the bus all season.

Zach says they’re both dead to him. Frankie comes into the room with Nicole, Hayden and Zach and Zach leaves. Frankie tells Nicole he understands why she nominated him. Frankie is happy and confident to be up with Beast Mode Cowboy, but little does he know that Caleb plans to throw the competition.

Big Brother 16 Week 7 Battle of the Block

It’s Battle of the Block time. And Frankie knows from Caleb’s actions that he’s planning to throw the competition. Frankie begs him not to throw the competition. Caleb tells him that he doesn’t believe him and that Amber is gone because of him and he can play the game by himself. Caleb sits down and tells Frankie to play the game himself.

And he does.

It turns out that Frankie didn’t need Caleb to win the competition. Because Zach and Donny aren’t working well as a team, so Zach takes over on himself, but gets too flustered. So they try it as a team again and just can’t get it together. Frankie wins the Battle of the Block. On his own. So Nicole is dethroned as HOH and Donny and Zach remain on the block.


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  1. Why aren’t u people on here posting about the to which you have at beast mode dingus!!!! Damn u Caleb, damn youuuu!!’

      • To throw the comp he needed to play and he should have realized that within a few minutes of the comp. All it would have taken to insure Frankies loss was to pull the ropes the wrong way. I commend him for sitting down to begin with as a show of loyalty but dang it boy, use what brain you have up there and figure it out. Was there a rule that once he decided not to play he couldn’t change his mind?

      • in short, yes. He tried to re-enter the comp and was not allowed to by production. Also, the comp was halted in the middle to fix a “problem” with Zach/Donny’s board, which made it much easier to use, but by then Frankie had a big lead.

      • Lol u didn’t Watch the episode, was impossible to rig that. Caleb just had to plau, and do really bad instead of sitting down and their plan would have worked. Stop being paranoid.

      • And just where did you hear this? Please, enlighten us. If it’s out there from a reliable source, I for one, want to know.

      • just open your eyes and watch the show. watch how magically the balls are manipulated and easily fall in the holes for frankie. or don’t. keep your head where it currently is. lol

      • They easily fell into the holes for him? That’s why he was behind the first half of the comp as he was experiencing the learning curve and was slow at the end? Because it was just magically working for him? And why he could have won the comp a pass earlier except he miscalculated and dropped the ball? Yeah who needs to open their eyes?

  2. I normally enjoy reading your posts but this one was silly – you state that Zach comes to Nicole stating that Frankie and Nicole are liars (I’m assuming you many Christine). And then later in the post say a bunch of people are in a room with Hayden (which shouldn’t be possible since he’s been evicted – now I guess you could have meant it as a flashback seeing as I have yet to reach the specific part of the episode)?

  3. I’m going to enthrall the “production intervening” crowd here and say that production, after confirming Caleb was going to throw the competition, told him you either play, or you completely sit out. I mean, if Caleb was really going to throw the competition, why not just sit there and pull on a chain, like he once said he’d do if it were to be a harness game?
    And if he really wanted Frankie to lose, should have gone and tackled him when he was close to finishing and made some sort of comment “QB sack by the Beast Mode Cowboy!” That would have been gold!

    • They bribed him with Football Tickets, Production dangled a little bait and that’s all that was needed for a bite. If they think people are gonna forget about how rigged this episode was you should start reading the blogs that are out there now talking about Network interference.

      • I honestly don’t think the tickets had anything to do with it. Those had to probably be set up a while before the BOB, definitely not enough time from when the plan was set in motion up until the actual comp for production to sway things. In all fairness, I don’t think there’s ever been a situation like this. It probably threw them for a loop, one HG refusing to participate in a comp.

      • electromagnets, able to turn off and on. kids in jr. high science fairs build them,get your head out of the sand! those balls had a mind of thier own for frankie. i

      • Exactly! After seeing the competition last night, whether you love or hate Frankie you have to give him credit for his win – Pretty impressive IMHO

      • LoL get over it, Frankie not gonna win the big money anyway unless he standing next to Victoria in the final which will not happen…

      • Oh lol cause we all just KNOW how informed those bloggers are lolololol good grief……seriously?

    • Caleb actually did say, though, that he’d sit down at the start of the comp and tell Frankie that he did it to himself. That was what he was going for when he, Nicole, and Derrick went over the plan up in the HOH room. So production had nothing to do with that.

      • Actually, Caleb would have been better playing because he would have had control over one of the chains guaranteeing the ball fell each time. His not playing favored Frankie because he was able to balance the ball much better! Even Zach and Donny had a hard time striking a good balance between them and moving the balls up the lines.

      • This absolutely makes zero sense.They openly threw a comp earlier in the season and “production” said nothing. Why would they interfere now?

      • Production interfered this time because their “golden child” of the season was in jeopardy.

      • No it’s not. If it was, it would have been rigged for Donny and not Frankie. Donny is going home this week unless they manage to convince Christine to backdoor Nicole.

      • cbs needs to keep gay frankie for the ratings. i dont get why having a celeb sister is such a big deal he had to keep it a secret.

    • Big Brother is a show produced for entertainment value – I personally don’t care if it’s “rigged” – This isn’t the Olympics – I wish producers would intervene more to stir the pot and amp up the drama

      • And I wish the HGs were all cops because you, as an admitted cop basher, maybe wouldn’t watch and no one would have to put up with your cocky arrogance.

  4. Good job, Frankie! Having everyone turn on him and needing to win the competition alone… One Frankie was worth more than Zach and Donny combined tonight. (Side note: How annoying was it that Donny’s name was repeatedly misspelled as “Donnie” tonight? I’m used to dumbo posters typing “Zack” instead of “Zach”–I guess they can’t read the opening credits of the show!–but for BB itself to eff up a spelling is really stupid. Not that they haven’t done it before, of course.)

    Also, good for Caleb, having the grace to congratulate Frankie and acknowledge that he fought for and earned that win.

  5. Worst case scenario happened; both Frankie and Christine or safe. I love Donny as much as the next guy, but it’s his time now. This is Derrick’s game, and it’s best for him now if Donny goes.

    • If Donny went to Derrick and said..if I’m voted out this week I will tell everyone you and Frankie are working together and already won 10k. Not only that I will say both of you egged Zach to do the things he did so we could win the money. And I would lie and say it was TA’s mission to tell a lie on Amber and get her on the block. That will put a target on Derricks back that he can’t talk his way out of.

      • well firstly I don’t think threats and blackmail are part of Donny’s playbook (thank goodness). Secondly, he doesn’t really need the help you think he does. Have you wondered why production has decided to possibly vote somebody back INTO the game? Could it be the ultimate safety net for this season’s most popular and loved player (Donny) to get into the top 5 players (when it’s ideal to be the swing person to split a 2-2 tie)? I like the way this is working out and actually hope for Donny’s sake he is voted out this week or next!

      • He could definitely talk his way out of it. And that’s even more reason to vote out Donny if it happened. You can’t keep people because of fear of what they’ll do once voted out; you might as well just let them win at that point. Plus, if they’re willing to do that when heading out the door, they’d probably do it whilst still in the house.

    • I would love to see Cody go – The guy is basically Derrick’s lapdog – Worthless, spineless player. Love or hate Frankie at least he has the guts to stir it up. Cody talked about what he should have done after his reign as HOH was over – Pathetic

  6. Caleb is a total crap player and a lousy human being who deserves to leave for bullying and not participating in the comp

  7. Why didn’t Caleb just step in and grab a chain to screw it up once he saw Frankie was winning? Was he told he had to stay on the sidelines or something?

    • Caleb’s choice to help getting rid of Frankie was inaction which is very different than interference. Frankie won fair and square (unfortunate, but it happened) so let’s give him the kudos he deserves and hope that next week whoever tries to sink Frankie will be successful.

  8. Frankie needs to go, he is a snake, and Hello? He wants to give the winning money to Africa to build schools, Really?? Everybody is totally okay with that? I would have told him that if he’s gonna give the money to any charity- it should be an American one. He is a tool and I hope Christine sees it and puts him up, and PS- no one cares who your sister is.

    • Wow. You’re REALLY going to insult him for helping people less fortunate who are of another race? You related to Aaryn?

      • Kimberly didn’t bring race into this, you did. We do have all races in America, just in case you didn’t know. Are you Aaryn’s brother?

      • By definition, race means “a family, tribe, people, or nation belonging to the same stock; a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics”

        This particular kind of race that we’re dealing with deals with the difference between the nation of Africa and the nation of America. So who’s the ignorant one here? Huh, then again, maybe Kimberly has a point. Maybe we DO NEED to put more money into our educational system here in the US if you don’t even know what the word “race” means in this context.

      • You and Joe Biden have something in common. You both are under the false illusion that Africa is a country. It is a continent with many nations of many races.

      • You’re not wrong, but you can’t just pin that one on Biden (even if I DO think he’s a moron – but we’re not here to be political). President Bush called Africa a nation back in June of 2001. As did Nancy Pelosi. It’s a common mistake, though, I suppose. People from Africa are called Africans, just as we here in the US are called Americans. Clearly, the terminology has nothing to do with whether or not a body of land is a country or a land.

        That being said, clearly you don’t know the definition of the word “typo.” The sentence should have read “the NATIONS of Africa…” That’s what I get for typing up responses when I’m half-asleep.

      • Dude, what the hell? I was AGREEING with you and explaining my mistake. Which basically means that I admitted that I was wrong. No need to be such an ass.

      • She’s insulting him for helping people less fortunate who are of another continent. Big difference.

      • Yes, but no. Race, in general, can refer to people from different nations. So you could be black and I can be white, but we’re both Americans. And there are white Africans and black Africans. But then there are white Americans and white Africans, and black Americans and black Africans. Get it?

      • Gee, thank you from the bottom of my heart for that teachable moment. I am forever in your debt. Now please go do what Frankie said Jocasta should do. Get it?

    • You win the idiot award Kimberly. That Africa School comment is the dumbest thing I’ve seen this year on the internet.

      • If thats the dumbest thing you’ve read this year you must not follow the news…educate yourself, then come back and we’ll have a big boy talk.

      • It doesn’t matter how stupid a comment it was. Any anti-Frankie comment gets a million upvotes on this site.

      • Haters gonna hate. Those people still gonna spill in front of their cpu screen while Frankie live a wonderful life with lot of cash on Broadway. Don’t worry about those, there gonna find somebody else to bicht about when BB16 is over.

    • I hear we have 90,000 illegals here. Skankie should help them…save us taxpayers some cash.

    • Yes, i’m okay with that. LOL do you even know that the Us governement give billions of dollars each year to foreign aid which goes in big part to Africa. Pretty sure you never been there, cause you would know why ALL the developed countries give them annually a lot and lot of money. And you whine because Frankie, who not gonna win anyway, think about giving them 500,000$…By the way, almost all americans millionnaires give to Africa too. Happy to have educated you.

    • I know right? What up with building schools for the poorest people of the world? What kind ot twisted mind would think about something like that?

    • Almost as bad as Derrick claiming that if he doesn’t win then the other players are taking food out of his daughters mouth – Ridiculous reasoning – Every player has just as much right to winning the $500K as the next – The winner of Big Brother is not based on who needs the money the most – Not a charity

    • I’m not gonna tell him what to do with his money, but if I have to, I’ll tell him to spend it all to himself….after taxes, it’s really not much. lol

  9. Derrick told Nicole in the kitchen that this is a game and to trust anyone including himself. Nicole in the HOH said, she trusts Derrick and will continue to trust Derrick because he has not lied to her. Hello? Didn’t they vote out Jocasta 6-2 meaning just Hayden and Donny voted to evict Zach.
    And she believed the BS about there not being enough numbers? Also, didn’t they put up Donny and Hayden on the block and then, Nicole herself when Donny got off? Coincidence or a deliberate plan? For someone who is geek like Nicole and a nursing graduate too boot, seriously, you should be able to think more rationally than that! Nicole is still being played because she is not using her head! I am still hoping she survives this week but, if Christine puts her on the block—-she is toast as Derrick who she trusts 100% wants her out. Oh, what a waste!

  10. Okay, I see it this way. No matter what, only one of the umpteen house guests is going to win. That means from go all of the others are targets and hunters. How could anyone every really think to trust another house guest–ever? It’s a little like the Hunger Games without the body count.

    • Because the people who form alliances have a vastly better shot at making it farther into the game than those who stand alone. How could you possibly ask that question during a season that has been so heavily dominated by an alliance of people who trusted each other?

  11. Well, the guys are throwing Nicole under the bus again..saying she is a liar..everything that Nicole has said is true..I think..most of it! I have this funny feeling that Christine is going to renom her tomorrow and if she does, Nicole is in danger of leaving on Thursday. She has to stop trusting much more info needs to be thrown in her face for her to understand this? I really think Christine wants to be last female in the house, i.e. she wants Cody all to herself.

    • Also, Caleb suggested threatening Christine that they’ll go after her if she doesn’t put up Nichole

    • And you mean some powers aren’t going to help her like they did Frankie. Go Nicole. I wish Christine would. As she puts it, “grow a few”. First time someone does something like Nicole did, and her safety net was pulled.

    • We get it. You want us to think Christine wants to leave her husband for Cody. You’ve only said it about 5 times already.

  12. big brother is fixed to keep the ratings, no way gay frankie won that football competition alone

    • Well when you’re the best looking female, a competition beast, and the survivor of a magical bird attack, how could she not make it to the final 3?

    • I was saying that earlier. She could win because all she has to do is tell the Jury they are sitting in there because they told her to vote that way,

      • While it’s likely she ends up in the final 2 there’s no way they would give Victoria the money. Even Frankie and Christine have a better chance than Victoria. They don’t respect her.

  13. Donny and Zach were doing fine till Derrick said Frankie was tied or ahead of them. That’s when they lost their concentration.

  14. I had to turn off the feeds.They successfully convinced Christine to backdoor Nicole.

    • OHHHH, I’m so sorry to hear that! I was so hoping she, Nicole and Victoria could finally work together after seeing how they were able to communicate in the HOH room on BBAD tonight.

      • Victoria is playing the game … she has been playing the “sympathy” card in recent weeks to everyone .. and, have thrown Nicole and Christine under the Bus …
        And, if what she said to Zach is true, about playing “dumb” and “throwing” the comps … expect her to possibly go on a winning Comp Streak over the next few weeks …

      • I was hoping they’d get a clue, ditch Victoria, then take out Christine next week. Going after Nicole is just doing exactly what she expected them to do anyway, so she won’t be surprised in the slightest.

  15. I wish Caleb had participated in the BOTB by pulling/jerking the chain so the ball would NOT go in the hole … he could have made comments along the way … such as “oh no!”, “sorry Frankie, I tried”, etc. etc. etc.

    • Agreed .. wish Nicole had stuck to her original plan of nominating Frankie and Victoria …
      And, yes, if I recall .. wasn’t it Derrick that BS’d to Caleb about the whole Amber situation .. and, sorta-kinda convinced Nicole to nominate Caleb instead of Victoria in the end?
      I cringed at the idea when I first heard it, and had this deep suspicion that Nicole was yet again, being setup … as Derrick was just doing that to protect Victoria … while throwing Caleb under the bus, should they had remained on the BOTB and Frankie someone got off the Block ….

  16. I agree derrick is the leader going to dominate this game and he’s gotten everyone eating out his pocket. Love it!!!!

  17. No Caleb is not a quitter I can’t fathom him quitting poor giving up a comp
    not even for game purposes remember he’s a beast enhance the name beast mod cowboy

  18. I wonder how many fans Frankie gonna have all this is over probably be 1million follower down to 1 maybe none

  19. OK, not here to talk about game right now. Just have to say really Derrick, italian dressing on steak? Chicken, yes. Worcestershire sauce on steak, yes. Then Christine brings up Montreal steak seasoning, which I love and I am sure they have the spices to make right there. He brings up Old Bay, last I knew that is for poultry? Maybe I am wrong but it all just seemed so silly to me. Then he picks up Parmesan cheese obviously opened and used as well as the worchestershire sauce, they should both be refrigerated after opening! I know I have nothing better to complain about:) And then letting the meat just sit out like that. Ugh, half hour rule everyone. Half hour left out before cooking yes but to let it just sit there. I would drive everyone crazy in that house. I swear I would be cleaning and picking up after people all the time! Sorry, rant over.

    • try Italian dressing on sirloin steak to marinate it, then grill, you might realize what you are missing.

  20. So, if this morning’s episode of BBAD is any indication … Nicole’s goose will be cooked .. How she continues to believe and trust Derrick, is beyond reason, so no longer have any sympathy for her fate … even after he suggested to her that she should “trust no one” in this game, and not even him … Ha !!!! She would have won 3 HOH’s and everytime the House would have flipped on a non-alliance member … Yep .. still all about the numbers, even though no one in the alliance trusts each other .. Ha !!!
    So, as it stands, Donny may actually be safe this week, as he may have “Sold Out” to the Devil for safety, since Nicole’s most trusted alliance and protector, Derrick, may have totally sealed her fate .. and, may be a 6-0 vote this week against Nicole …
    Zach may be next weeks target by everyone, once again, if he continues to play “honest” Zach and out every alliance out there, but he appears to have 9 lives ….
    Frankie, suddenly, is back to good ol Frankie and somehow have convinced the entire House, other than Nicole, and possib.y Frankie, that the old Frankie is gone and this new one is honest and fair and trusting … Ha !!!
    Caleb is now apparently BFF’s with Frankie, especially after their trip to the Football outing yesterday … And, Frankie continues to make innuendos towards Caleb, and Caleb appears to be responding accordingly, a possible Brokebank Mountain, bromance in the making, perhaps ??? Ha !!!

  21. electromagnets! if frankies claims are true, about his 1.5 million followers, think cbs would want to lose that many viewers by getting rid of him? one other point, who has had the most camera face time in the house?

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