Big Brother 16: Overnight House Meeting Follows Latest Zach Attack

Overnight the Big Brother 16 Houseguests gathered in the HoH room for a good ol’ House Meeting follow Zach’s reveal to Victoria of the Detonators alliance. Derrick’s game was out’d Victoria so he had to take quick steps to put the pieces back together.


Flashback on your Live Feeds to 2:44AM BBT (get your Free Trial to watch) and you’ll find Derrick talking to Nicole and Victoria. He’s trying to smooth over Zach telling Victoria that he’s got a bunch of alliances that don’t include her. Derrick says he hasn’t been in an alliance with anyone but he has worked with other players since that is the game of Big Brother.

To clear things up (translation: bury the truth), Derrick storms out to find Zach and call him up. Victoria buries her face in her hands crying. Again, like her earlier sobfest with Nicole, I think it’s fake, but who knows.

Jump forward to 2:47AM BBT as HGs gather in the bedroom. Derrick is calling out Zach for claiming Nicole took the Detonators story to Victoria, not him (Zach). Zach immediately confesses and says he told Victoria, but said it was Nicole to cover his tail in case it was exposed. “I lied to you,” says Zach to Derrick. Heh. That didn’t take long, but it doesn’t end there.

Zach immediately starts yelling at Victoria. He says he has had her back so why is she doing this? Now she’s yelling back at him. It’s a shoutfest!

Finally Zach has had enough. “Vote me out next week! I’ll throw the HoH!” He starts going around the room pointing and yelling. “You wanted me out!” He points at HGs in the room listing off his honesty to each. “I haven’t lied to you. I haven’t lied to you. … I haven’t told you too much stuff.” Cody is cracking up in the corner.

Derrick has now lost control of the House Meeting he called. Zach and Victoria are yelling full blast at each other. Derrick tries to talk over them to the other HGs saying he asked them up so there was no second hand re-tellings. Derrick is trying to convince his allies of things that don’t matter. Odd.

The whole thing is a hilarious mess and just what we always hope to see happen in House Meetings. Little gets resolved but lots of shouting and anger result. You’ll want to rewind your Feeds and watch it all play out to enjoy the silliness of the situation. Enjoy!


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  1. Genius I say on Derrick’s part. He expected this to happen but wanted to show everyone else why no one is to be trusted other than Cody for him although he didn’t cop to that (pun intended)!

      • Yes, it was desperation, his game was blown up and he had no other choice, and guess what? It worked. Nicole is incredibly upset with Zach as well as Victoria, and they’re both grateful to Derrick for not letting this fester.

        Currently, literally everyone in the house except for Donny is good with Derrick again (including Zach, who he just blew up in front of the entire house).

  2. I am really tired of all of Derrick’s lies, damage control by telling more lies, twisting of the facts, fake alliances, back stabbing, etc. He is a very dirty player. Derrick won’t even tell the truth about his own occupation. At least Frankie told everyone about his sister. Derrick reminds of the dirty cop who recently won Survivor. I hope Derrick does not win the $500,000.

    • Why are you even watching big brother if you dont like lying back stabbing and deceit lol And very low to call a policeman a dirty cop

      • Deceiving people is part of the Big Brother game, but Derrick takes it too far. He has no integrity. I stand by my Dirty cop comment.

      • Seriously??? He just knows a lot about the human condition. You aren’t jealous that’s he’s that good at manipulation are you???

      • Yet you hate Frankie for using his sisters fame and fan base to get further in the game – If lying and cheating is part of the game so are popularity and connections

      • Dude what Frankie is doing is only gonna tarnish not only his name, maybe even damage his sister as well so there’s a reason to hate on Frankie IMO. Same guy who told a Pastor who prayed for his grandfather and performed a eulogy that she can go F**K herself, and you ask why hate on Frankie?

      • Is this the same pastor that also told Frankie that he could be “cured” and “saved” – I’d tell that bow tie wearing loon to F**K herself too – Being gay isn’t something that you “get over” like a cold

      • Last time, you were saying he had told ”go kill herself”. Now it’s become the F word? Get your facts straight and keep hating with a smile. Your pretty good at it ;)

      • I don’t hate him for doing that…I just don’t think it’ll help him as much as he might think it will.

      • I know I am. Derrick knows how to play the game and is using his cop/people skills to his advantage. There’s nothing wrong with that imo.

      • Derrick is free to use his cop/people skills to play the game just as Frankie is free to use his sister’s fame and connections to play the game – Each player should do whatever it takes to get to the end within reason

      • Give me a break, he takes it “too far”. There is no too far when it comes to manipulation in this game.

      • Exactly, he reminds me so much of Dan, although not nearly as good at the manipulation.

      • Sig is just mad that he sees himself as one of the HG’s that would fall for Derrick in a heartbeat, I think he has a man crush on him lol

      • I don’t think he is taking it to far,he is doing whatever it takes to make it to the end.I bet if you were in there you would do whatever it take to make it to the end,even lie and back stab.

      • There is a missing link in your logic between derrick is a liar to being a dirty cop. What is your proof that derrick ever did anything untoward during his career as a police officer ? Also, in BB, there is no “to far” when it comes to lieing… remember Dan swearing on the Bible… sent himself straight to hell with that fib, can you go any lower?

      • Good point Matt I remember when Dan pulled that and everyone jumped on his case and he still ended up getting to the end. I think Sig just needs to go watching keeping up with the kardashians because BB is not for him.

      • I don’t like Derrick either. Haven’t since week two. I think he’s a dirty player also. But it’s really not fair to attack him as a cop. He has to be a pretty good cop to have worked undercover.

      • Because Big Brother is the same as real life, right?. And there is no such thing as a dirty player in this game, unless they try to use production to their advantage or something. There are good players, who lie and deceive, and bad players, who don’t.

      • Lol u could get sue for diffamation for saying thing like that in real medias and he prove that it affected his reputation, just saying…

    • Take out Derrick’s name and insert just about anyone else in the house.The only difference is that so far he has been better at it. And how was Tony on survivor a “dirty cop”—-because he outplayed everyone else?

      • Tony played an amazing game of Survivor and Derrick is playing a great game of BB. This guy is a loony lol

      • Cops are scumbags – The only profession I know of that stands in front of the world to proclaim what an amazing job they do time and time again – Firemen don’t do that – Cops are on a power trip and love to proclaim their self importance every chance they get

      • Saying alls cops are scumbag in general is like saying all guys that use the name Eric are impotent.

      • looooool Eric Zinnng good one KSJB but Dude you got it all wrong, the only profession I know that stands infront of the world to proclaim what an amazing job they do are Politicians and if you don’t believe me ask John Stewart from the Daily Show, love that guy ha.

      • loool Oh I would pay to see that, O’reilly is scared of him, he’ll never come on his show but John Stewart would go on his just to embarrass him

      • It happens all the time. They had a live debate online two years ago, which you actually could have paid to see. And he has gone on the Daily Show, as well as the Colbert Report.

      • Wow. One of my best friends lost her husband (who by the way was a cop) in the line of duty. He answered a call to help a woman being beaten by her drug pushing boyfriend. He got shot trying to help scumbag. I think you have it backwards.

      • I didn’t like Tony, but I liked Derrick. I think it’s the way they portray themselves. I did not like the way Tony portrayed himself, but I had no problem with the way Derrick did if that makes sense. It’s all opinion.

    • I think you need to find a new show because you can’t seem to handle big brother.

    • Frankie waited to tell the truth until he needed a boost when everyone else was getting wise to his play and ready to get rid of him. He’s using his sister’s celebrity status so the players will want to keep him in the house in hopes of meeting Ariana someday. And the claim that he is playing for charity????? Let’s see him start with the Team America money that he has won so far. Derrick may be not be telling the truth, but he is playing the game like Big Brother is usually played.

      • Frankie’s reveal was a last ditch attempt to get anyone back onto his side… and it worked… Caleb wants to meet beeber, the girls are all flustered…. it won’t work though… frankies on the bottom of everyone’s list (well, Zach is dead too so i’m not counting him)

      • I wouldn’t say it worked. If he didn’t win BOB (Which still seems shady) he likely would have been gone

      • In my eyes if you view Derrick’s strategy and game play as excellent then Frankie’s should be viewed in the same light – Both are using different means to meet the same end goal

      • Except Frankie has no idea what he’s doing, and that has been evident many times this season.

    • Derrick is a typical cop – Lying, cheating, hypocritical, uneducated, bully scumbag – We should not expect any less from another corrupt public servant

      • Had a few run-ins with the law, have you? Back in my day there was a saying “If you hate cops so much, next time you are in trouble call a hippie.”

      • LMAO – You figured me out – Perhaps you don’t watch the news – Cops are shooting and/or attacking unarmed people left and right – Cops are also the reason our local governments are broke – Pensions and lifetime benefits that are more like golden parachutes – Wall St has nothing on cops – Law Enforcement are good at working any situation to their advantage – Shoot first ask questions later

      • They also come to our aid when we need them, and risk their lives everyday to protect us. And as far as pensions go, that is also true for any government employee or union member, including teachers. Do you hate them too?

      • I dislike Unions yes – Unions served a purpose when they were originally conceived – That being said, today they have turned into corrupt money grabs that hold the public hostage to their every whim – Google “BART Strike”

      • I actually agree with you about the unions, and I have been a union member, albeit forced, my entire career. Ask Hostess employees how their union put them right out of a job.

      • Dude, enough of the personal attacking, this is childish. Uneducated? Really? If you don’t like how Derrick is playing then stop watching Big Brother, because manipulation is how it goes.

      • I’ve watched every season of Big Brother – I know how it goes – I don’t like Derrick – Guy is a pig cop and looks like one too with that jacked up nose – I’m entitled to my opinion just as you are entitled to yours

      • I understand that you’re entitled to you opinion, but why hate a guy for his Big Brother game? It’s just pointless and to assume that he’s a terrible person because he’s a cop has no basis and isn’t fair.

      • Honestly whether he was a cop or not I don’t like the guy – I agree that he is playing the game well but that does not mean that I have to root for him – At this point I would prefer either Donny or Frankie win it all

      • can you just stop with this bullshit “i hope you need help one day”, there is a police station 3 mins away from were i live and at any given time during the day the boys from the hood ask me if i want weed, coke< etc…. so please just stop with this crap

      • And my best friends husband was a cop killed in the line of duty by a drug dealer. And who was he trying to help? Another druggie getting the crap beat out of her. He was trying to save a scumbag and now his wife is a widow and his 2 kids have no father. So STFU!!!

      • And also maybe you need to read why I made that comment that you jumped on me about.

      • off base nah he’s off the perimeter and now that he vocally proclaimed that he hates cops he’s not left with much options when he finds himself in trouble, hmm hey Eric, Ghostbusters maybe?? lol

      • I’m shaking in my boots – I’m sorry that I don’t worship at the altar of pig nosed Derrick

      • lol Dude you keep repeating the same insults like that’s your only way of getting your point across. Karma comes for those that turn a blind eye and you got yourself a blindfold cause your totally in the dark. When you find yourself in a serious jam don’t be a hypocrite and dial 911 for assistance. You sound like a cheap imitation of Rambo DIY type of dude so just DIY.

      • Oh geeze – Get a life – I’m not personally insulting you – Bottom line for every good cop there are 9 bad ones – You are wearing the blindfold my friend – I guess you aren’t black or mentally ill – Those two groups seems to always get caught in the police crossfire – Funny how that happens

      • Nine out of ten cops are bad? What is your profession so we can make generalizations not based on facts.

      • You’re clearly a wannabe gangster. This much is obvious.

        Also, this game is not real life, at all. And he’s not uneducated, he went to college. I’d wager the same cannot be said about you.

    • You just don’t get it Derrick is playing the game the way it should be.How boring it would be if everyone was so nice,didn’t lie or back stab just layed around waiting for the next comp.

      • How exciting it would be if the same person wasn’t controlling the house week after week. We know who’s going to be evicted every week. Why watch just write Derrick a check now. Boring! JMO

      • What do you think if we see the most powerful player in the house and the best player be back stabbed by a lets say a floater?. Is that boring?…I don’t think that’s boring at all.
        …that would be like watching a movie like “The Godfather”

      • Wasn’t Julius Caesar stabbed in the back by Brutus? What about Amanda last season? Do not even remember who took her out. I am almost sure it was someone unexpected. Certainly not Helen or Judd who got evicted earlier! Now, I am curious, have to research that.

      • As of last night I would say no. But with her being out of the house all day with Frankie and Caleb who knows. I hope she says something on the feeds tonight.

      • Emperor, and it was a lot of guys. And Spencer was the one who took out Amanda, but Andy takes all the credit for it

      • Ginamarie took out Amanda and then came Double Eviction and Mccrae won and Elissa was the 6th member of the jury, because Amanda had the votes to stay with Mccrae and Elissa, but Andy turned his back on them and Mccrae thought it was Elissa… Ginamarie broke the tie vote and sent Amanda packing…

    • You are dumb. That is playing the game, and he is good at it; as was Tony the Survivor winner.

  3. All these Derrick haters! Wow. Big Brother just like Survivor is a GAME! simple as that. To win you have to lie and backstab or float. Derrick is by far playing the best BB game. He tells as few lies as possible but doesn’t hesitate to do it when needed. He has won 1 HOH but has basically been HOH every week. He and Cody are the only ones that have NEVER been on the block. With 4 people ever week but 1 (DE day) that’s amazing.

    • I thought I was the only one. Lol. Every time I make a comment about Derrick someone jumps down my throat.

  4. As far as Survivor, I didn’t like Tony either BUT he played a good game and won. I like Derrick and hope he wins especially since Donny can’t. I really feel sorry for Donny being put in with all these kids (as he says). They haven’t even really tried to get to know him.

    • I also feel sorry for Donny. His demeanor has changed the last couple of days and I am sad when I see that.

      • I feel bad for Donny. He has had to fight for his BB life just about every week since he has been in the house. He gets up early every morning, all alone. Now he is a have-not which is not good for him..Donny likes his set routine. The HG’s talk to him, not really about game, I feel like they talk to him because they almost feel like they have to because he is there. I think he is really starting to feel all alone.

      • Some people are just not themselves if they are lonely and away from people they love,and I think it speaks volumes for our younger society when they don’t go out of their comfort / selfish zone to make someone who is visibly uncomfortable feel better about the situation. The only one left in the house that has really given Donnie the time of day is Nicole. It’s not like he is a nasty old man that should be avoided but i think they have made him feel like they could care less if he is there or not. just want to hug him, beard and all.

      • Me too. When he was crying yesterday talking about being alone and that none of the guys include him I felt so bad. Nicole was telling Victoria today that he’s lonely and Hayden used to always sit outside with him and talk.

  5. I don’t really understand what the issue is here. From what I’m seeing, this worked out incredibly well for Derrick’s game, he took any negative focus on him, and redirected it back to Zach. Victoria was talking about how she hated Derrick at the beginning of the night, by the end she was apologizing to him and asking to do his laundry, I mean… come on!

    If you hate Derrick, I don’t know what to tell you, the guy is incredibly good at Big Brother and he still only has two people even remotely suspicious of him and one of them is going home on Thursday.

    • And check this out, via JokersUpdate – Vic: “The fact that I hurt him (Derrick) hurt me so much more.”

      Victoria was telling that to Nicole! LOLOL!! So she goes from being incredibly mad at Derrick to being mad at herself for being mad at Derrick. This dude is so legit. And you nailed it… Donny is really the only one on to Derrick, and he’s probably getting evicted Thursday.

      • I think Zach is onto Derrick. His whole self deprecating spiel last night was totally out of character for Zack. “I’m stupid, I have no game, you’re smarter than me, no one wants me here, etc…” Does not fit this guy. He’s a frat boy who has made it onto television. There is a method to his madness. I think he’s out for Derrick, Christine, & Frankie. The three best players/worst people in the house. Anyone else he can take if he makes it into Final 5.

      • Zach has done this a million times on the feeds to Frankie (when them two were still friends), pretty sure that he’s for real on that.

      • Oh I wasn’t intending to address you specifically, more so in regards to what various people on Twitter and in the comments section are saying. I take no issue with what you wrote.

  6. Do you all think Frankie and Caleb will be able to convince Christine to backdoor Nicole?

    • I am praying to the BB Gods for this to come true. Only because it may save Donny. I like Nicole, but given the choice, she goes first.

      • I pray it fails. I want Nicole to stay. And if Victoria goes up it’s 50/50 that either her or Donny will go.

      • I am still rooting for Nicole to stay although, I have a gut feeling she will be evicted next! What is hard to believe is she continues to trust Derrick after he himself told her in the kitchen that this is a game and to trust no one including himself. Then, in the HOH, Nicole says to herself that she trusts Derrick fully because he has not lied to her? Really? What about Jocasta losing 6-2? It means Derrick and Cody did not vote to evict Zach and only Donny and Hayden did! If they did, it would have been a tie and Nicole as HOH could have sent Zach home! Or she
        and Hayden winding up on the block together? She is totally clueless with all the information even from Victoria on the Detonators. There is no excuse not to know Derrick is part of the alliance and is targeting her.

    • I don`t think that is even a question right now? Remember Caleb/Frankie/Christiane are going to a “NFL Game”…which means.

      when they get back, Christiane and Caleb will be BFF with Frankie again, Nicole is going home this week.

      Production again..

      • Christine doesn’t trust Frankie at all. She slept downstairs last night because he was in the HOH sleeping. She does not want to be associated with him. She knows it’s bad for her game.

  7. I think Derrick is playing a good game but I wonder if anyone will want to take him to final 2. So far I don’t see anyone beating him if he makes it that far. He has managed to stay on good terms with everyone (except maybe Donny) and that makes him a threat to everyone else. I don’t think anyone in his alliance wants to sit next to him at the final. He will have to win a couple of HOH comps in order to stay in the game further down the line.

    • I think he will leave Zach, Cody and Victoria in as Derrick wins easily against them and they are not so good in competitions. Frankie and Christine will probably his targets after Nicole and Donny.

  8. I love Derrick’s game play….if the house is smart, Christine will put him up as a re-nom this week (while there is a bit of suspicion about him) and they will vote him out..otherwise, he is gonna win!

  9. If another butt pirate wins this year, I am done with Bb! displaying
    Butt pirating on tv in front of our children. Is this really what we want them to see?

    • Did I miss a gay sex scene on BB16? If so what day & time I have the live feed.

      Curious… Do you have any issue with children watching, rape, murder, drug abuse, heterosexual PDA, and foul language on television. If you’re going to rail on behalf of “morality” dont skip over these other issues that get far more airplay on television daily than one gay guy on a Big Brother season who doesnt even have a love interest.

      Remember your kid can turn from Dora to Young and the Restless and here Bitch and see sex scenes, kidnappings, and murder all before 1pm

      • Zach told Frankie he could have his cherry. I think
        Le bibleca’ has something to say about this.

      • That sounds like something an extremely immature 13 year old would say. I’m sorry, but if the best you can do is refer to Frankie as a “butt pirate”, arbitrarily tout the bible, and suggest that the idea of gay sex makes you vomit, then I’d suggest you stop worrying about “the children” — most of them are far more intelligent, compassionate, and understanding that you, sir.

      • Also, there’s something rather hilarous about referencing the Bible while watching a show like Big Brother, which is inherently about lying, manipulation, and betrayal.

        You may need to step back a get a little perspective on that one!!!

    • You won’t be missed. Well maybe except by last years house guests. BTW why are you letting your kids watch Big Brother anyway. Its past their bedtime

  10. Feeds are boring during the day this season, these HG’s sleep all day and are up all night. My flashback feature is getting a workout this season, since I am three hours behind BBT.

    • That’s why I’m like a zombie. I’m not getting any sleep because I start watching them and can’t turn them off.

  11. Do you all think that at this point Zach believes Derrick anymore? Maybe im projecting. But I think that Zach is playing a “scorched earth” game. He is all too aware that everyone he was working with conspired to Evict him except Caleb.

    Because he knows he realistically has no strong allies going forward. Expose everyone elses alliances (under the guise of being honest). When people such as Derrick are forced to defend himself especially in a public forum it exposes some of his tactics to the entire house.

    Does this mean Zack will win… Not by a long shot. But when you throw the house into chaos and turn people against each other… You can potentially keep yourself from being #1 target because people are out for vindication against the people who lied to them. And when everyone is lying to everyone else there is no guarantee of a major voting block anymore.

    • Sounds good to me…he is probably thinking “what do I have to lose at this point?” I think I have heard him ask that question many times. Zach is so all over the place and HG’s are getting very aggravated with him since he is basically exposing everything.

  12. Well they are back KnowNothingNic and VapidVic have returned and Derprick is their savior. This was the perfect opportunity to flip the house but they prefer to run back to denial and believe Derprick. They deserve to get the boot. Sorry Donny you tried to talk with KnowNothingNic this morning and she shut you down talking about thank heaven for Derprick.

    • Are women in their 20’s really this stupid? It would make sense to be manipulated by a hot guy. Hormones are a legit factor. But Derrick isnt attractive, interesting, or particularly nice. I dont get it.

      • For some reason, many women flock to arrogant (and mean) men. Derrick has belittled Victoria from the beginning, and she’s fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. It’s really sad.

    • Their back already? Guess I gotta go. Have to watch the feeds and see what Christine has planned c

      • They aren’t back from the field trip. They are Nic and Vic. They had a moment last night where they finally knew it was Derprick pulling all the strings but they let him work them and now they are back to being KnowNothingNic and VapidVic. They are a complete waste of estrogen.

      • Oh. Did you see when Derrick was talking to Cody about Victoria and Nicole and doing the middle finger gesture? Such an upstanding guy. Then it looked like he was doing some kind of jerk off gesture. Then he’s telling Cody that Nicole asked him if everything is ok and he told Cody she has a guilty conscience. Calling Nicole the biggest liar. Uh Derlick Pot meet Kettle.

      • Actually, that is Nicole’s problem. She is the only one telling the truth but, the others even if they believe her will stick to the alliance. She should know that she is alone in the house other than Donny but, she still trusts Derrick 100% and tells him everything she knows which makes her a larger target for him! Jocasta was voted out 6-2 meaning Derrick and Cody did not vote to evict Zach. How can she fall for Derrick’s lies that they did not have the votes? It would have been a 4-4 tie if Derrick and Cody voted to evict Zach and Nicole as tie breaker could have sent him home! Nicole is she somehow survives this week should keep her mouth shut! Take in the info but, keep it to yourself. Stop blabbing and telling everyone what you know. It does not help your game. Just nod your head and agree to whatever they say.

  13. I don’t want to hear another Zach rampage. Zach doesn’t make Big Brother fun. It’s a game!!!! I want him in an asylum.

  14. If the other house guests are still until now fooled by Derrick, they have only themselves to blame! Reminds me last season with Amanda telling people who to evict and everyone going along including Helen evicting those house guests on her side. Nicole, Victoria, Donny and Caleb should know by now that they are on the outside looking in. If they still don’t know it despite, all the things that has happened and all the lies exposed on Christine, Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody then, these guys need a brain transplant! Sorry, you cannot be that stupid to even trust, let alone believe Derrick and Frankie most especially and to a lesser extent, Christine, Cody and Zach! And if you do not believe and trust these guys, why are you revealing any information you get from Zach or Christine for instance? Keep your mouths shut and concentrate on taking out the alliance members if you want to win this game!

    • I’m afraid the only place Donny is going is to jury. He may be back though. Who knows, a lot can change by Thursday.

  15. Shot golf is still on and on Canadian station the teen awards are on so who knows when Big brother will be on

    • Same here in NY at least the golf, haven’t checked the teen award, didn’t know there was such a thing?

      • BB here is on CBS and the teen awards are on fox. But golf just finished so I’m waiting to see if they’re skipping 60 minutes or if not BB will be on at 10

    • Hey, if Arianna Grande is as big as Big Brother Frankie says she is, why isn’t she on this 2014 teens choice awards show? Things that make you go Hummmm……lol

      • Most of the performers on the show are in their early twenties, as well Kim Kardashian in making an appearance on the show tonight.

      • Look you two smarty pants, (ellablue and Mindy1), my response was towards Captain555 statement about Frankie’s sister being 21 and his reason for her not being on the show. Just stating to Captain 555 that everyone on that show performers included are not all teenagers. Read my first post above, ok now. Don’t get it twisted. lol

  16. Yep, golf is still on. I’m trying to decide what would be more entertaining, finish watching the golf tournament or contemplating my navel ’til BB starts.

      • Yeap, stupid golf all around. Even in Canada the BB broadcast is move to 10:00 pm so they can show The Teen Choice Awards Live..


        BTW there is another for the show: http://bigbrothernetwork (dot) com/tonight-on-big-brother-16-week-7-nominations-battle-of-the-block/

      • I’m so pissed off right now I don’t even feel like getting on there. I feel like crying I’m so mad.

      • At least this is giving me a chance to catch up on the Weather Channel’s Top Ten Worst Tornadoes!!!!

      • We are watching the American ninja thing, my son is 4 and 1/2 and he loves it. Always tells me I will fall in the water. Thanks, kid:)

      • Oh I’m not mad about golf being on. BB will be on eventually. I’m upset about a post on here. But thanks for making me laugh.

      • I saw that. But you were right, that’s why I go on here…to read different opinions :)

      • Thank you. I can always count on you to make me laugh. Are you on Facebook? I don’t want to get into it on here. Long story. But very personal to me and I’m just really upset. I’ll get over it.

      • who got you pissed? I was attacked verbaly last year but the all forum here raise to the occasion and helped me

  17. derrick would’ve been long gone a few seasons ago or in the all star against dr evil, his game is good because the combined iq of all the people left in the house is around 50 tops :))) the only person that has something in his head is donny… he was the only one to pick up on derrick’s game… also if derrick would’ve been such a great undercover cop he would be undercover not in the bb house

    • Can’t I argue the same thing with Derrick or Dan during their first season? That they too had weak competition and the house guests who were on Season 2 and 10 had little to no IQ? Why do they get credit for manipulating and playing the people on their season, but Derrick’s cast gets labeled dumb and weak?

      Give Derrick credit.

      • Each season has the dumb house guests. Remember Helen and Judd from last season? Both kept saying now is not the week to go evict Amanda. They were given multiple chances but, turned it down. Instead, Helen voted our her alliance till they were all gone! So, Judd and Helen got evicted deservedly. Judd gets a 2nd chance and trusts the same house guests who evicted him and still gets himself evicted a 2nd time! This season you have Joey, Brittany, Pao pal, Devin, Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Hayden and Donny and these guys are the ones getting picked off and evicted and they all still trust Derrick and Cody despite, all the info given to them. Some people never learn!

    • Every season is filled with idiots. Will had Kent in season 2 and later Marcellas, Howie and Kaysar in All-Stars. Dan had Ollie, Michelle, Libra, Frank, and Danielle.

  18. Golf is over. Let’s all do a light smattering of polite and unenthusiastic clapping…

  19. Zach’s made a lot of bad moves, but him winning would be pretty badass. “I lied to you,” and just calling everyone out. At this point, anyone but Derrick winning would be an injustice, but I’d be cool with Zach winning if it can’t be Derrick.

  20. I just do not understand why the entire house wants to protect Derrick and Cody. Derrick has made deal with about 5 people and they all think he is being sincere with them and lying to everyone else! Nicole in particular is as dumb as a tree stump. Does she really believe Frankie was the reason she was on the block last week and Hayden went home? Like Derrick had nothing to do with it?

    Derrick is laying a great game but the fact that only Donny has sniffed him out is a little mind boggling to me.

    And what is Caleb thinking when all of these alliances are outed and he was not aware of any of them – and he wasn’t in any of them?

    The BB house has not been blessed with brains this season.

    • Very disappointed with Nicole. She is supposed to be a geek and she just finished Nursing so, she must not be dumb and yet, in the Big Brother House she is an utterly stupid person. All the information is pointing to Derrick and Cody and she says to herself that she still trusts Derrick 100% because he has not lied to her?
      Worst for her, she has been blabbing out every little bit of information to Derrick and Cody. Can’t you even zip it and use that info instead, by using your brain and not your mouth? For one thing, she is better off acting dumb and not knowing anything. They would have less reason to target her.

  21. Sorry, but if I was in the house I’d have to say, “Ariana who??” I’m over 16 so she is a non-entity in my world. Most of the top 40 artists i’ve at least heard of or know their music. But, Ariana Grande???? I only know of her because of Franky.

  22. Lighten up people. Give each other a break. We get very upset about BB. Quit getting on other people’s case when they criticize a player. That’s the whole thing about BB. The audience gets very involved and root for their favorite. Don’t start throwing stones at each other, throw them at the BB players, that’s the way it should be. Now, start throwing stones at me for saying this or try to lighten up and not take things so seriously. This time 2 months from now, we won’t hardly remember the names of these houseguests.

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