Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 11 Live Show & BB Rewind – Special Night & Time

Big Brother returns tonight with a live show starting at 8PM ET/PT as the BB16 schedule changes continue to keep viewers scrambling just as much as the five remaining Houseguests.

Big Brother Rewind twist revealed
Big Brother Rewind twist revealed – Source: CBS

Instead of the typical Thursday live shows the HGs are getting ready for an early broadcast arrival and they suspect it all has to do with the Big Brother Rewind button they hit over the weekend. So what will happen tonight? It’s kind of a mystery, but we’ve got some good guesses.

Since the countdown timer runs out at 8:35PM ET I expect the twist to block the eviction and even the voting process. Everything else should lead up to this point with business as usual. This week that’ll include Jury footage so get ready to see what the evicted HGs are up to these days.

With no one being evicted the usual time for an eviction interview will be handled by Dan Gheesling’s return to the Big Brother stage. He’ll fill that gap in time as the Final Five HGs head to the backyard and prepare for another HoH competition.

The clock will rewind to the start of the last HoH comp which means Frankie can compete since his HoH never “happened” but Derrick can’t participate as he’ll again be considered the outgoing HoH. It could be an endurance competition but considering the HGs were still outside enjoying the yard yesterday afternoon I think it’ll be just a regular ol’ comp and we’ll have a new HoH by the end of the night.

Can Frankie repeat his double wins to get safety this week? He’ll likely need either the HoH or Veto comp to keep from going home this time around as the HGs are finally realizing they were passing up all their perfect opportunities to get out such a strong competitor. Do you hope he gets the HoH win?

Have you voted in this week’s popularity poll? Donny might be two weeks removed from the house, but he continues to crush the competition in our popularity poll.

Join us tonight at 8PM ET to chat with other fans as we enjoy the latest Big Brother eviction.

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  1. I’ve gone out on a limb and have been predicting a Victoria HOH win (some sort of random and/or Q&A type comp) and Frankie winning the POV to save himself … and, more than likely winning the next HOH to save himself to an F3 guarantee spot … :)

    • I love this, but I hope Frankie does not win Veto. Although it’s a HUGE possibility. I said when Cody was HOH that they gave him the money by not remoming him.

      • I am so hoping that Frankie doesn’t win either comp and the the rewind sends him home in 5th place. I know that, that is a LOT to ask for, but I’m putting out the positive vibes for it to happen. We’re down to the point that the POV is just as important as the HOH.

      • I like your thinking. I really want Frankie to go, but more than anything.. I don’t want to literally watch the same week all over again. Since we’ve basically been doing that all summer anyway.

  2. Won’t the president’s speech delay the episode? It’s at the same time. Wonder how they will handle that?

  3. From reading updates on this site and watching bits and pieces of BBAD, it just seems that Frankie knows alot more of what is to come from this game than he should …. My gut feeling is, after the discussions on Derrick’s fake funeral or whatever with Victoria, that he made be the eventual victim of this Rewind Twist … Afterall, this is the season of twists and Expect the Unexpected … So, it would add some fun for the viewers, for sure …
    But, as what we have come to expect this season, it may just end up to be another boring episode and final 2 weeks of the season, and things remain Status Quo …
    The last hour of BBAD this morning was rather boring watching Frankie, Caleb and Cody playing mock baseball in the living room … Imagine if this was what is to expect over the final 2 weeks … So, if like in the past, I would suspect that BBAD will be over with after next week, once F3 kicks in ??

  4. So, will there be an eviction tonight? That is the only question I want answered. It is pointless to watch the tv show if there is no eviction as the
    past week would be wasted yet, again! Have not bothered to watch the last 2 tv episodes knowing everything is non-bearing. Thanks to Hulu, I can watch past seasons of Survivor which is loads better. This season of Big Brother is a huge disappointment and the gimmicks make it worst and not better!

    • We don’t know if there will be an eviction or not. This is the least twisted season ever and expect the expected. So, my guess is that no one gets evicted and we’ll just get a repeat week.

    • I am 76 years old and like to think that I spend my remaining hours on earth doing something enjoyable or entertaining. The last few episodes of BB have been neither. I have watched BB since season 1 but I won’t waste what time I have left next season. I’m sure ABC or NBC will have something that will not be an insult to my feeble old brain!

      • On this blog (and many others) most Frankie comments are about despising him. I don’t understand how he has any fans left.

      • It is that bad when I have to resort to watching past seasons of Survivor to get excited at some game play. This season of Big Brother has been the most boring. The extra twist only extended by one week the boredom we fans had to endure all season! Why can’t Big Brother leave it alone and have let the ninnies vote each other out as scheduled?

  5. Anyone else amazed how Victoria The Princess Warrior sandbagged the the POV morphing competition in last night’s episode … Was kinda funny how she suggested that, being a photographer gave her the advantage, as she is observant and able to spot things … then her final time .. Ugghhh!!!!
    She is brilliant, spending the first 10-11+ weeks as a weak player and breaking down the enemy to submission, and nobody will know what hit them over the final 2 weeks … Ha !!!

  6. I would like for Frankie, Derrick, and Caleb to win the game because they have played the game of big brother. For all those that are asking if there will be a eviction tonight it won’t be, because the game will be rewind. So who ever wins the HOH that person will have to pick two persons that he will be putting up, and next week the POV will be played and then the eviction will take place on next Wednesday.

  7. Did Julie not say in an interview on Friday that Derrick would be allowed to play in the HOH this time? I just want Frankie gone at this point. As much as I don’t like Derrick, I don’t even care if he wins anymore. As long as Frankie is not anywhere near the final 3, I’ll make peace with the outcome.

    • She said that all HGs would play in the rewind HOH and then she corrected it to only the HGs that played in the last HOH comp. So, Derrick is no longer eligible to play.

  8. I think Victoria gone get her one win! Either HOH or POV. But from watching Victoria I doubt it too lol

  9. I still think someone will be evicted tonight. But I could be totally wrong. I’ve been wrong before so I’ll just have to wait and see.

  10. Another wasted hour. Frankie over reacted to everything. I hope Caleb nominates him and he is evicted so we don’t have to listen to his voice for another week. Maybe they should put all the prize money in one pot and divide it among all the original HG’ s. Devin and Joey were as entertaining as this group.

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