Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16

The Big Brother Rewind clock is counting down to 8:35PM ET, right in the middle of tonight’s live show. When the time hits zero we’ll be knee deep in the show and right around the time when the live voting would normally begin. That tells me we’ll either see the results nullified or the voting just skipped.

All five of the Houseguest will head to the backyard and prepare for the next Head of Household competition, but not everyone can compete. Yes, Frankie can compete. No, Derrick can not.

Since Frankie’s reign as HoH is erased through the twist he can not be considered the outgoing HoH, but Derrick would as he’d be the last HoH on the books with his Double Eviction win last week.

That means we’ll see Caleb, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria face off to win HoH. One of those four players will win the power to set the nominations and the week will begin again. Who do you most hope to see win the Head of Household competition tonight? Vote in our poll & share your thoughts.

Frankie leads the pack with the most HoH wins and has won the past three straight competitions. Can he keep that momentum going and secure his safety without the Veto? We’ll find out tonight at 8PM ET!


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