Big Brother 16: Victoria Goes To Work For Derrick

Victoria expects to be evicted tonight on Big Brother and she isn’t that upset about it, but don’t tell the other HGs as she’s busy putting on a show of her own this week on the Big Brother 16 Feeds.

Victoria Rafaeli plays her role on Big Brother
Victoria Rafaeli plays her role on Big Brother – Source: CBS

For the past few days Derrick and Victoria have been planning her exit strategy and it’s been all about boosting his game to get him to the end. She knows her run is over but as a gift to her friend she’ll do what she can to help get him to the end. Yesterday Victoria cranked it up and poured the fake drama all over Frankie.

Jump to 4:32PM BBT 9/9 as Victoria and Frankie arrive in the HoH room to discuss what’s got Victoria upset. Victoria just had a talk again with Derrick and she’s been caught up on their latest discussions. Now alone with Frankie she goes in to dramatic detail as to why she’s so upset with Derrick and how much he has betrayed her trust.

Victoria tells Frankie that Derrick let her know he wouldn’t vote to keep her and his loyalty lays with the guys. She says this is very upsetting because even if she was going home she thought he would vote for her and let Frankie make the choice.

Frankie is supportive and discusses with her how the guys have helped one another all season. It really seems to be convincing Frankie, but what is she trying to convince him of here? Well it’s obvious, but the plan is to make Frankie think Derrick does not have Victoria’s vote at a F2 scenario thereby increasing Frankie’s desire to take Derrick to the end.

I’m not sure if this will do much to influence Frankie’s F2 decisions should he have that control when the time comes, but it’s not a bad plan at all by Derrick and Victoria and she did a pretty good job working it. Later that night Frankie mentioned to Derrick how upset Victoria was with him (Derrick), so effective or not, Frankie did seem to buy what she was selling.

What will happen when Victoria isn’t evicted tonight as the HGs normally expect? Probably nothing and Derrick can continue this fake feud with Victoria to aid his chances. If Victoria ends up with some power next week then I’m sure she’ll use it to hers and Derrick’s advantage, but if she’s right back in this spot then nothing changes.


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  1. I get that Victoria can fake being mad at Derrick for a day or so, but if next week is a repeat of this week, I doubt she’ll be able to keep up the deception. That being said, I don’t think it makes a difference if they remain fake feuding or fake make-up. The only glimmer of difference it might make is if their fake feud is discovered and the other 3 HGs make the lie matter to them.

  2. I like that this is Victoria’s idea, and I’m glad she is enjoying being actively involved in game intrigue, better late than never. I think she has blossomed being the only girl in the house.

      • Me either! Frankie knows he’s out if he doesn’t win anymore Veto comps! But Victoria didn’t know that..and Frankie didn’t tell Victoria that he believes they’re all gunning for him to be gone. He’s still counting comps that all left in the house have won in addition to the evicted house guests in case the next Veto comp is the Before and After game.

      • I would rather him not go out with any records that he can arrogantly boast about for the rest of eternity. There has been way too much bragging this season between him and Caleb. “He who is humble is confident and wise.He who brags is insecure and lacking.”

      • I love that. Where did you find that quote or is it a KSJB original. Either way I’m writing it down that was great well put and hit the nail right on the head.

      • I only wish I was that insightful and good with words. It is a quote by Lisa Edmondson that I read a while back and never forgot.

      • Well, now we all know your special name for them, Cyril! Hope them clappers ain’t got no clap. I need help.

      • There’s one I use a lot, “one who is happy, secure and content are less critical of others and themselves!”

      • But it wasn’t. I watched it happen. He thought she just wanted to campaign to stay. She suggested it, he pooh poohed it, and then you could see the light go on in his head. It was definitely her idea.

      • I guess he lied when he said that he had been planning it before that. Wouldn’t be the first time he’s lied in DR!

  3. She is the Robin to her sidekick Batman, afterall … :)
    Have to admit, however, having her on the Block so often, as a pawn, has kept the BS Alliance pretty safe this season …

    • But she said he’s the Robin to her Batman! I about fell on the floor laughing so hard and immediately had to go to the bathroom in fear I would wet myself if I didn’t! :-)

      • She’s such a great player! So strategic.

        The fact that Derrick has her believing this maybe his biggest manipulation yet. haha

      • It’s just sad he even had to go there at all. Geesh…just tell her the truth. She’ll take that over any fake “mad” he wants from her. These HGs are slowly seeing “the mastermind” Derrick is, but many believe it’s too late to do anything about it except win comps to get him out by default (due to lack of HGs in the house if he doesn’t win any of them, not because they’ll believe he played them all season). That is all but Victoria!

      • Victoria is dumber than a bag of rocks!! She doesn’t have a strategy other than what Derrick tells her to do.

    • You forgot though according to her dr session Derrick was her robin to her being batman if I recall correctly. I agree though it’s the other way around she is robin to Derrick’s batman

      • Her editing was They made her look bad in every occasion. Her speech, OMG ! She can handle clueless.

      • I did feel sorry for her when they showed a montage of her crying after she proclaimed to have the perfect social game. I agree that they really destroyed her during her DR session.

        Can you image if they had done that to Frankie?

  4. Victoria, once again I find myself feeling amused, annoyed and compassionate towards you: Amused that you honestly believe you’re a good player and understand what’s going on around you; Annoyed that you carry a diva attitude when you don’t have a lot of talent, smarts or your own money in which to feel superior, and; Compassionate because I think that there’s a difference between dumb people and naïve people. I truly believe you are naïve about many things and thus you are made to look dumb because of what other people make you do & say. Because of this, I want to scoop you up from the show and keep you from finding out what people truly think & feel about you because it’s not fair that they prey upon your weakness.

  5. i hope Victoria pulls a win at HOH just to see their faces itis not impossible and happened with Sabrina in bbcan2 earlier this year

  6. What’s sad about Derricks game is could he playing it so well that no one notices just how much he was actually pulling the strings? Donny knows and so does Hayden but I get a feeling that the majority think it’s really Frankie. With Frankie getting the credit for pulling the strings and with all his wins that little $^!@ could pull off a win against Derrick. Cody was right they majorly screwed the pooch when they didn’t evict him when they had the chance. Think maybe Derrick over thought himself right out of $500,000. Good gravy I hope I’m wrong.

    • I started thinking the same as you a couple of days ago. Will he be able to convince the jury that he was behind all the “ideas” that he placed in their heads or will he be seen as something between a floater and a gamer? I honestly don’t know if he can pull it off but, if he does, then he will have to be considered one of the best BB players ever.

  7. Frankie is such a snake, he is hard to read in this situation. They should have backdoored him when they had the chance. He may be a comp beast, but he has not played the best game.

  8. What was Cody saying on BBAD last night about Britt saying the r word. They all of them were up in the HOH room. Vic was saying that when you hang around people who say things, you are just as bad. Did Cody throw Britt under the bus?

    • I’ve been up since 4:30 this morn., so take it easy on my ignorance, jlf, but I’ve racked my poor brain for 5 mins. trying to figure out what the r word is. Can you give me a hint?

      • Maybe the r word is retard or retarded? I don’t have the feeds, so I am just giving a suggestion.

      • I stopped DVRing BBAD because of Frankie.The r word may well be that. Now I’m trying to figure out how that could be associated with throwing Britt under the bus, as jlf was saying. Thanks for the suggestion,Jennifer. I guess jlf will follow up if it is important.

      • Don’t feel bad I don’t know either. They were already into the convo when AD came on. If it is ret… first of all I don’t believe it. Secondly, I don’t like when people say things like that when the person isn’t there to defend them self.

  9. This is where Derrick pisses me off. He’s voting out Victoria (even though it won’t happen) and then uses her to help his game. What a slime ball.

  10. I like Victoria, I think she is so funny so what if she’s a air head at least she’s not a hot totty like most of the girls that are on BB and other shows, or as sickening as that creepy Frankie YUK !!! I hope He goes next or He might win it all and if He does I’m done with BB. I’m still sad about last year’s winner.

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