Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 11 Tuesday Night Highlights


The Big Brother 16 houseguests had to say goodbye to their new friend Izzy, but have no fear, they were back to talking about stuff like what the button means, what if they get booed and who will win Team America in no time. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 9, 2014:

3:48 PM BBT – Derrick telling Frankie about his talk with Victoria. He tells Frankie that they don’t need to call her into a room and tell her because this isn’t like the Brigade. Derrick is planting the fake seeds that Victoria is mad at him (he wants everyone to think she won’t vote for him in the end).

3:55 PM BBT – Derrick gets Victoria up to speed on what he told Frankie. He told her if Frankie talks to her just to say she never wants to talk to Derrick again.

4:25 PM BBT – HGs are all saying their goodbyes to Izzy. Cody gives an eviction speech to her and they all work her to the front door. Izzy leaves the house.

4:30 PM BBT – Frankie and Victoria talking now. Victoria lays it on thick to Frankie. She tells him that she thought she had Derrick’s vote and Caleb’s vote. And even if she didn’t have Caleb’s vote she thought she at least had Derrick’s. She say she can’t forgive the fact that he’s voting her out. She continues to let Frankie know that she doesn’t like or respect Derrick for the next half an hour.

5:29 PM BBT – Frankie tells the guys that Victoria is mad. She tells Derrick she’s most upset with him.

5:50 PM BBT – Victoria tells Derrick about her great performance to Frankie.

6:24 PM BBT – HGs are back to speculating about what the button means.

7:29 PM BBT – BB gave them alcohol.

8:10 PM BBT – HGs talking about how Christine was booed and how they will act if they’re booed.

8:45 PM BBT – HGs still talking about boos, bad press, racism, Aaryn, Paula Deen.

10:47 PM BBT – Derrick planting all the seeds that everyone in jury hates him and he’d never win the $500,000.

11:15 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick that Victoria definitely seems mad at him (Derrick).

11:25 PM BBT – Derrick, Cody and Caleb are talking about endurance HOH and if they’d drop for $10K at this point in the game. Cody says he would not.

11:45 PM BBT – Victoria and Frankie discussing Caleb and Amber. Frankie doesn’t think Amber will be interested in him, but Victoria thinks she might now that Caleb has acted differently and especially if he wins the half-million.

1:00 AM BBT – Victoria is still up and around, but everyone else is asleep getting rested up for the live show day.

Victoria continues to work on her plan to help Derrick as she suspects she’ll be leaving on Wednesday night. We still don’t know for sure what’ll happen on the live show, but I’m thinking she’ll have more time left than she expects.

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  1. So glad to hear the President’s speech won’t be until 9:00 p.m. ET which means we will get to see the rewind live eviction show on time! :-)

  2. For Derrick’s sake, I hope Frankie doesn’t have the “Brigade” talk with Victoria before the live show.

  3. High risk high reward plan for Derrick, IMO. Trying to get everyone convinced they would beat him in the F2 because of either his lack of competition skill and by convincing them the jury doesn’t like him is pretty good strategy for his play. But all it will take to expose him is paranoid Caleb seeing D&V talking together and him running the news back to Frankie to blow up the fake hatred. Hope it works for him, he has to keep it up for another week now!

    • Derrick did say to Victoria that if the button bought her more time then they could say they made up. I don’t see that working too well though once they “make up” he is back to the original problem.

      • And that definitely isn’t a crow, which she probably will think is the bird of paradise! LOL

      • Okay. I wonder if Amber is going to show up with bodyguards. The restraining order alone may not help (especially when she gives Zach a new hat. We remember the death stares he was giving Cody for “disrespecting” his love for Amber). :-)

      • His loyalty to her?? hahaha What she won’t get is his true betrayal being posed as a fake one!

      • How about the fact that the only reason she is still in the house is because he manipulated everyone else into floating her thus far?
        He is a very good manipulater, if that is a positive attribute I’m not sure…..

      • I think it has served him in a positive way as far as getting him where he is in the game and of course it has benefited him in his profession. I know a lot of posters here have no respect for him because of it. As much as I don’t care for some of his tactics, I would rather see him win over Frankie, Caleb, or Cody. And yes, he has given Miss Vic. a float and allowed her to sit back and enjoy the ride.

      • Maybe. It doesn’t look like a romantic fascination… To want him to win if they are in the final two?

      • Victoria is doing this when she believes she’s going home this week. The fact that she’s helping Derrick on her way out the door points more to romantic infatuation, IMO.

      • Was trying to find the words for her fascination and that’s it…romantic infatuation. He makes up what she hopes to find in her future husband.

      • I think she either sees him as a big brother, no pun intended, or a father figure. Or, he is just a lot more mature and wiser to talk to, and less judgmental than the other guys. At least that’s the impression I get of Derrick. I think he is just a good guy and Victoria is a little naive.

    • Well let’s see here… Derrick’s got a 1/2-million dollar cheque waiting for him, and Victoria is a money spending princess who lives on her mommy’s credit card… Hmmm… ;)

      • Derrick is not going to spend his earnings on Victoria. He is playing for his family…. And Derrick is not interested in Victoria AT. ALL!

  4. I don’t get Caleb. I can’t figure out why a guy, that seems to have no problem constantly exaggerating and lying about his personal life, would feel so guilty about considering nominating Cody and Frankie that he had to tell them. So he thinks loyalty and honesty don’t go hand in hand. He thinks being a man entails keeping a woman”in line”,as though she is his property. He seems to enjoy killing things. And he could win $500,000. What’s wrong with this picture? I read an article last night about all of his outright lies, that have absolutely nothing to do with gameplay. It was mind-blowing, so I’m on a Caleb rant this AM, giving Frankie a short break.

    • I wonder about him also. I wonder if he didn’t get enough attention from his family, did his father treat his mother as such, “stay in line, woman! Dag-gum it!”

      • Honestly I think that is a Southern/Country thing. I’m from the South
        and most men that I know think that way. That’s why I had to marry someone that’s not from here.

      • Yea, because male chauvinism and sexism are only found in the southern US…come on now. I am also from the South and most people that I know do not share that way of thinking. It all depends on how you were raised.

      • Well put Joni she did say most men she knew I am sure there are a lot of men that think both ways. IDK personally as I live in canada and the last time I visited a southern state was 25 years ago but I would think there are a lot of men who think either way or fall somewhere in between. I would say depending on where you are from the city/town how you were raised how the majority of your peers are and so on. Just my opinion though based on what I remember from 25 years ago plus what I have seen on tv and movies and read about. I am right I have no idea

      • I’m just saying it’s more common in places like where Caleb is from.

        Would you not agree that in the south more so than other places that couples fall into their gender specific roles in relationships?

      • I’ll jump in on your behalf Jesalli. I do think that values and attitudes vary depending on culture & geographical location. As you said it’s not exclusive to that part of the world, but it does seem to be more prominent. I might even take it a step further and say that it is a societal value (the relationship between men & women) for many people who come from the same background as Caleb. I’m not in favour of it, but neither do I condemn it IF there is a segment of women who feel this is ‘sweet’ or ‘assuring’ to have a dominant male as the ”protector”. Heck I’m as far from the USA South as it comes in North America, but even up here there are some women whom I know that prefer that type of man in their life…

      • I think your crazy! Men are no different in the South than they are in the North!! Saying things like that is just being disrespectful to men from the south! I live in the North

      • Well I’ve dated & met men from all over the country from being in the military and I will tell you that they are different. It’s no disrespect bc it’s all a matter of preference. I prefer my mid western man.

      • Kansas City.. Missouri side. He’s very adamant about ppl knowing he’s from Missouri and not Kansas. I’m like OK.. It’s literally the other side of the road, but OK

    • He is just playing everyone, and hoping to get AFP, imo …
      He definitely is in it for the $500,000, make no bones about it … He has all but told Frankie, Cody and Derrick that he would be happy with F3 and AFP … in hopes, that they keep him around til then and possibly drag him to F2, if he finally can get it up with Beast Mode Cowboy …

      • You are giving Caleb too much credit. Caleb is not that strategic. He is more interested in stardom than the $500,000. After BB16, Caleb is hoping to be on America’s Band Stand, American Idol, a duet leading to his own record deal, drag racing with the Biebs, to be on the cover of Men’s Magazine, Calvin Klein model, Survivor, the possibilities are endless. Caleb is about to be big!

      • Oh my Joni, I know that’s a joke, but considering ISIS really is beheading Christians & Muslims in Iraq right now… Maybe a different choice of words like selling tickets to his own dunk-tank show?

      • Oh crap…I was not even thinking of that at all when I said that…so, you’re right! Should have chosen different words like “fall from grace”.

      • It’s ok, I honest wouldn’t have thought much about it either had it not been that ironically I was looking at the online world news reports at the time. I’m only saying maybe a rephrase is good cause I don’t want people who don’t know you to unfairly attack you. :)

      • Nooooo! That’s another comic relief show I watch…I don’t want to see someone on there that was delusional on another show!

    • Join the club. I’ve been on a Caleb rant since he disrespected Amber. As a mom, I just wanted to protect her from her predator.

    • What outright lies?? You mean he wasn’t telling the truth most of the time? Surprise, Surprise! LOL

    • i agree… he is a little too backwoods country for my taste.. i too am from the south and that is the mentality of a lot of southern guys…. not saying they are ALL like that by no means. I am not a fan of how he talks about women like they are property, his tall tales, or his general perspective of anything! LOL

      • Mother was thankful I married me a city boy. She was just shy of shipping me off to her kinfolk in WV if I hadn’t! :-)

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