Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 10 HoH & Nominations

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS at 8PM ET/PT with the conclusion of the Head of Household endurance competition from Thursday night following Donny’s eviction. Could Nicole overcome the odds and secure her safety for a chance to shake up the game?

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

Sadly Donny Thompson was sent packing but he was greeted by a great crowd with lots of cheers and support. You can read my eviction interview with Donny for some of his thoughts on the season as he heads off to the Jury house including who he hopes wins & his favorite memory of BB16.

The HoH endurance comp lasted several hours on Thursday and proved to be a great challenge. I was impressed by how hard the HGs worked even with the numbers stacked so heavily on one side. There were a ton of spills and it all came down to a very close race. Here are a few preview pics:

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Once the new HoH was crowned the talks began immediately for who should take a seat on the block. You might just be surprised by the choices made this week, but with the Veto comp ahead there was still plenty of chances for a change.

Can’t wait to find out who who wins HoH & who goes on the block? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 30 Preview:


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  1. #backdoorfrankie. Ok. We all know production can implement suggestions as they did for trying to save Donny with fake TA mission. We all need to flood CBS with getting Frankie backdoored. They can bring up the Amber issue. They can remind him of comp he sat out of due to skankie lies. Why is this dude still here? Here is the chance. Maybe dr stroke Caleb ego of what a beast mode cowboy move to get out Frankie as a comp beast what a move that would be. What a feather in his cab if it comes down to jury speeches. The house wanted him gone so bad, now they seem to just forgotten it. But I do see Cody and a few others roll their eyes at some of his actions. #cbsswamp #floodcbsamericawantsfrankiebackdoored # calebmakeamove

    • They could also implement a BB twist that takes Nicole off the block. With Nicole and Christine safe, Caleb’s only choices would be Victoria and Frankie. Frankie goes home.

  2. I think we are all ready for Frankie to go. At least they were finally talking about him being rich yesterday. They know even 50k is life changing for the much less the 500k. So hoping that sinks in and they put him up. Nicole needs to be making some deals. Just hate Donny would see him so soon. Donny and Hayden will celebrate though.

    • The only problem is she try’s to make a deal and whoever she talked to they would just go and tell everyone else. It’s a lose, lose for her. Her best bet is to sit back and not say anything, let production put ideas in Derrick and Caleb’s head and then let Derrick do his misting. If that doesn’t work, Pandora’s Box please.

  3. It really is a shame that we STILL have people shouting over the fence to the houseguests trying to give them information about the game. I wonder how this is going to affect the game next year. It seems like next year will be a beauty pageant with all of the houseguests afraid to do anything but smile and look their best for America at all times instead of playing the game. I’ve even seen people on this site go as far as to say they wish America voted out the houseguests instead of the houseguests themselves. Uhhhhhh, there are plenty of Big Brothers like that going on today and we like the US version of Big Brother because they DON’T do that. There’s absolutely no gameplay in those versions and it’s just a personality contest. If you would rather watch something like that, then stop watching the US version and watch the UK version. Don’t contaminate ours.

    All in all I know this hasn’t been the most explosive and twisty season full of shockers and power shifts but I think it’s been a GREAT season for gameplay and personalities. Maybe I’m alone here. However, the shouting over the fence to the houseguests has got to stop. It’s just bad for the game and brings nothing positive to the show. We want less outside influence on the houseguests, not more. Otherwise, why are we watching Big Brother?

    • You’re talking to maybe about five people here who really want to hear what you’re saying, but I’m one of them. The first season of US BB, where viewers voted out the houseguests did not work and is not the way to go. A lot of people might not like this season, but they’re still watching and posting heavily about it. So what if they’re posting dislike, they’re still posting! It’s when people go silent that it’s time for concern, and that sure isn’t happening. Ratings remain very good, too.

      I don’t need gimmicky power shifts to enjoy the show. And, like you, I hate the annoying shouting over the fence. That needs to end forever.

    • Season one the viewers voted and out of all the seasons that is my least favorite. I think they realized after one season it wouldn’t work. And I’m glad.

  4. Haven’t watched the feeds much today but the twitter running says Caleb was going to BD Frankie and Derrick again talked him out of it.

  5. Sorry Robin Martin Goggin, not buying into that at all, you KNOW the cameras are everywhere and you KNOW everything you say is taped so you would think people would be careful what they say but when you get too comfortable around the cameras your true self tends to come out without thinking! No one has to say things like that unless it us within themselves in the first place!

    • Exactly, Jeff said that when Julie interviewed him on the Talk. He said you can hide your true self for a few weeks but then it starts coming out. Frankie was annoying from the beginning but he didn’t become vile till the last couple of weeks. Of course he’s been sexually harassing the other men since the beginning.

    • Where’s Robin’s comment? Was it deleted? I pretty much know what the comment was by reading your reply, but I can’t find it on this thread anywhere!

      • They do have the twins from TAR but they will be split up and if they are as bad (mean) as they were there then they won’t last long.

      • I probably will. She was Miss Michigan 2013. Very sweet girl. But she lives in Vegas now. Have to see how she is on the show.

      • Sure, we’ll pull for her, but I hope she doesn’t become like a psycho bi*ch know what I mean.. haha…But looking forward to see you guys in Fandom.

      • Hey is there anyway you can keep any of them snowbirds up there in the winter? Traffic is terrible when they show up here from Jan-Mar.

      • I wish I could be one of them. I’m stuck here for the awful winters. I might spend sometime this winter in Arizona at a friends though.

      • AZ is nice but the beach is better, although we did have an ice storm last year. 2 in AT the BEACH for goodness sake.

      • I’m 2 hr drive from Biloxi MS. Not anything like Vegas (was there in June) but it will do.

      • We have casinos here in beautiful hotels but nothing like Vegas. I love that place. I usually go every year but couldn’t make it this year. But planning on next year.

      • Yep I love it too. We had free rooms and meals the whole time. Just tips and gambling LOSSES. LOL

      • That’s what we get too. They always comp are rooms. We always stay at one of the MGM resorts. Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Aria. We have an MGM resort here so I use my players club card and that’s how I get free rooms. Last year we stayed at the Cosmopolitan and had to pay. But we wanted to stay there because it was new and we wanted a balcony. By the end we got four nights for free from spending there.

      • Slots, Black Jack. But we also spend a lot at the resorts. We usually get a cabana for a day and then we eat at all the really nice restaurants. So if you charge everything to your room and just stick the money aside then they see you’ve spent a lot and that’s how we get comps.

      • I live in a camper on the Island. That way if a hurricane comes I just back my truck up, hook up and go.

      • My Dad is in Kingman. He lives in Golden Valley. It was very pretty I lived there with my cousins, before it was all built up, and the Californias invaded.

      • Try living in winnipeg, manitoba canada in winter we get -40 degrees Celsius which if I remember right is pretty close to -40 fahrenheit

  6. I seriously strongly dislike Frankie. I’m not supposed to hate. But he’s really pushing it on me.

  7. Frankie: “I honestly think Team Anerica would be better without Donny.”
    NO, FRANKIE. Team America would be better without YOU.

    • Thank you Lav. Unlike the Zombies and Derrick they are dumb brainless wonder just focusing on getting Nicole out, what a waste.

    • Please no more. If there is, I will pick the one to mess up their game. At this point both are paranoid and will easily fail, or pit against each other,

  8. Another bad edit for Frankie? What has gotten into CBS. Maybe it is getting to the point that they don’t have anything good to show of him.

    • Cyril is right, he has been mean and vile since Thursday so that’s all they had.

      • Oh yeah. Thursday when he found out that America voted down his play for the TA mission, and when Donny walked out the door, none of them could not help hearing the awesome cheering for him. For just an instant Frankie realized that Donny is beloved by all and just maybe he isn’t as popular as he thought. Of course that little realization got immediately put in the back of his mind, never to be found again

    • Lol. Geeze this episode is so boring all we get are Holla’s for entertainment.

  9. oh Caleb, Caleb, Caleb, you poor delusional thing. you think that you are making all these big boy decisions all by yourself for what is good for YOUR game. Think again King of the Castle!

  10. Well everyone have to leave, my air went out so spending the night at the neighbors. Still 89 degrees at dark thirty. TTYAL

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