Big Brother 16: Is Frankie Grande In Backdoor Danger This Week?

The Big Brother 16 Feeds offered up some interesting discussions yesterday as the Houseguest numbers continue to dwindle and tough decisions will soon need to be made. With Frankie Grande back in a vulnerable position, will this finally be the week to take him out?

Frankie Grande could be in trouble on Big Brother
Frankie Grande could be in trouble on Big Brother – Source: CBS

As the house majority alliance featuring Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine, and Caleb gathered on Saturday to review the potential scenarios for post-Veto decisions we saw an interesting cascade of discussions. Flashback to 1:00PM BBT 8/30 as Christine has just left and the guys continue to talk.

Caleb, who has been pushing the idea of maintaining all five of the allies sticking together, raises the question: do they care more about fame or the game? How is this even a question? Caleb’s concern here is that if the five of them reach F5 then he says that will be the largest, most powerful alliance to stick together until that point in the game.

While Caleb has recently made strong moves and pivoted to improve his position in the game, it’s perplexing to find him hung up on a footnote in the season rather than concerning himself with making strategic moves. Moves like Backdooring Frankie.

Once Frankie left the HoH room the remaining guys (Caleb, Cody, and Derrick) start to discuss Frankie and his place in their alliance. Flashback to 1:25 PM BBT as the guys compare notes on Frankie.

Caleb makes a big statement to Derrick and Cody, though it’s one we’ve heard from him before in various forms. Caleb says he wants to go to the F3 with them instead of Frankie. He also notes, “Frankie and I are close, but we’re not that close.”

Caleb knows Frankie has abused his trust on multiple times and thrown him under the bus. Those moves have come back to hurt Frankie, but Caleb isn’t letting Frankie know that he’s on to him.

Derrick doesn’t waste the opportunity of this discussion’s momentum to list off all the reasons why Frankie is such a strong player in the game. He wants Caleb to have these thoughts in the back of his mind well before any Veto Ceremony decisions have to be made.

Of course this was all done before the PoV comp was held and most of the decisions were made with the caveat of Nicole coming down. Now instead we’ll see Christine escape the block with her Veto win and a new player join Nicole for possible eviction. Could it be Frankie going up?

The HGs have wasted opportunity after opportunity to get Frankie out. He’s a strong player with a strong win record and here they again have him without a chance to defend himself. Starting next week all remaining HGs will compete for the Veto. This is the LAST chance to Backdoor a player.

It’s beyond frustrating to watch these HGs lament over Frankie remaining in the house and how he’s betrayed them and wronged them in this way and that way. He’s a sitting duck and I honestly don’t think Caleb will pull the trigger on this plan. If Caleb is more worried about “fame” than “game” then he’ll put up Victoria, let Nicole go home, and stick around with Frankie as a threat to Caleb’s F3 plans.

Update: I will gladly eat my hat on this one as Caleb may prove me wrong. More soon.

There is still about a day and a half before the Veto meeting and there’s always a chance we’ll see some action on this front. HGs are generally annoyed with Frankie and Derrick has been busy planting seeds. If someone leans on Caleb then I do think there’s a chance, but if they sit back and wait for it to happen on its own then Caleb will not make this move.

What do you think about the potential for Frankie to be Backdoor’d this week? While many fans are anxious to see him go we have to consider if the HGs will see this as a smart move for their own game with more than three weeks to go. What do you think?


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  1. No, they will talk about it. Discuss it. Get angry. Get excited. Then think they need to play it safe, and vote out Nicole.

  2. I want Frankie gone as much as the next but getting rid of him will put the guys and girls on an even playing field with one of those guys unable to play in the next HOH. And, they house may not know yet it’s a double eviction week.

    • It wouldn’t matter at this point because whether Nicole goes or Frankie goes, they will have to start turning on each other now.

    • The houseguest have counted the days remaining in the game and concluded this is a double evict week.

  3. I would be surprised if Caleb actually made a big move and put up Frankie. Caleb will just play it safe, put up Victoria and Nicole will be evicted again by another unanimous vote. But I do have to wonder, once the F5 is here and this alliance has succeeded in staying together, what are they going to do then?

    • Foolish boys -BB going to give you a trophy for F5You enjoy that while Frankie enjoys the money

    • The funny part about that is Victoria thinks she is so well liked and has played such a good game that, that is why she is still in the house! She is in for a RUDE AWAKEING!!!

      • Unfortunately Victoria does think that way. I really wish she would wake up and see that and make some moves now or she will be evicted soon (Double eviction this Thursday I believe). But she is really only in there for another vote for Derrick as long as she needs them.

      • When she sees the video from yesterday’s jokes about how to take care of her virginity from people she considered her friends, she’s going to be more than shocked –she’s going to be devastated.

      • Victoria’s family, particularly her parents, are UP IN ARMS over those comments. I wouldn’t be surprised if BB gets word to Frankie and asks him to apologize in the Diary Room. Maybe not, but Frankie is going to be in for a rude awakening when he finds out how badly he is thought of by the public now.

      • After hearing those comments, and watching him mime Zingbot in such a disgusting manner (and the look on his face while he was doing it), I’d be terrified to have my daughter in the same house as this person.

  4. It’s not Caleb that needs to do something it’s Derrick. Derrick has spent the whole game not trying to have bloody hands or burn any bridges. Now is the point of the game where you can’t help but to do that if he wants to win.

    Derrick has played an excellent game of manipulating and moving people as he see fits. It’s not popular nor do people like seeing him do this but this is the game they are in. Don;’t blame Derrick for being able to take advantage of stupid people.

    That all said, it’s time Derrick got some blood on his hands and get rid of a more dangerous target than Nicole which is Frankie. this wouldn’t hurt his game but help it as jury members would acknowledge it as a move against a player none of them like.

    If I was Derrick, I’d even approach Nicole and cut her a deal: I save you this week, I help get rid of Frankie (whom Nicole dislikes) and you leave me alone if you get HoH.

    Sadly, I think all the remaining players are too scared to make a move or too caught up in their own ego to see it.

    • Get rid of frankie who wants to go to the end with you or nicole who wants you out? hm tough call

      • Frankie doesn’t want to go to the end with him. Everything that comes out of Frankie’s mouth is a lie. He flip flops to whoever has the power. This week it’s Caleb and he’s telling Caleb he wants to go to the end with him. If he doesn’t help get rid of Frankie it’s going to come back and bite him.

      • I honestly believe he wants to go to end with derrick and is lying to caleb. either way derrick not on frankies immediate radar.

      • Just two weeks ago Frankie wanted Derrick and Cody nominated. He knows he has no chance of winning against Derrick. He’s after him just watch.

      • I’m pretty sure he just said that so he wouldn’t get nomm’d. Also Frankie is pretty delusional

      • Very Very true, and if these people in the house do not see this, they deserve to lose. Open your eyes people, Frankie needs to, GO, EXIT, LEAVE.

  5. They need to get Frankie out of there. If they don’t, the wrong person will win the game. No one has the Kahuna’s to do it. Tired of this season playing it safe. It’s at the end of the game. Get your game face on!! Hope they keep Nicole since it is a double eviction week and she wins HOH after the eviction to get out another one of the guys.

    • Is there one juror that would actually pick Frankie over even that flotation device Victoria?

  6. As a bb fan I hope to god that they send Frankie home, just to scare the rest of the alliance, but we all know that this cast is not that entertaining! Sorry but the truth! I love the game and respect the players, but this year the only real players are Frankie and Derrick!!

      • I don’t, there will be no camera’s for him to hog and I hope the other HG’s in the jury shun him like he did them.

      • I know, but he’s so talkative I’m sure it will be irritating to have to live with him cameras present or not.
        Is there even an off button when it comes to Frankie?

  7. I disagree. While I’d love Frankie to be ousted, that isn’t smart for Caleb because Frankie is paired with him, just as Cody is paired with Derrick. If Caleb takes out Frankie, he surely is gone next, or soon. Why would he take out his closest ally (even if it is somewhat questionable as is any alliance in the BB game)?

    • And, lose his shot to meet Frankie’s sister and possible duet on her next album / show and not t mention the $25k if he did not win AFP …. Ha !!!

      eta: during BBAD, Caleb, Cody and Derrick almost but solidified their F3 deal, albeit both Cody and Caleb may have been, shall we say, drunk …. Ha!!!

    • I don’t think Caleb and Frankie are as close you might think. He still has that Amber thing in the back of his head, so Frankie can be put up this week but I seriously doubt he does.

  8. I think a big move is in order. What do you think. Frankie is really starting to get on my nerves. Come on caleb. As a southern cowgirl. We don’t take to being two faced. Be a man and do the smart thing

    • He won’t and it’s really too bad, that would be the best move so far this season.

  9. I think that CBS needs to expel both Frankie and Derrick, since they suggested raping Victoria.

    • Me too. I think everyone should write to the police dept where Derrick is a cop. It’s in providence, RI

    • I missed the part where Derrick said that..and I sure as hell am not going to go back and watch it again..I am extremely disappointed with Derrick right now…I guess it’s true what they will do anything for money.

      • Actually what Derrick said was Victoria’s father was probably watching the feeds and just busted his computer hitting Frankie with his fist. He did laugh though so that’s just as bad. Cody was the only one who said that’s way inapproiate (spelling).

      • I rewatched it and Derrick did bring up Zingbot first. I couldn’t make out exactly what he said though.

      • he did not say it ,frankie did i posted the conversation on here twice now Derrick was actually appalled Frnkie suggested that Cody and Caleb double team her and take both virginities in 1 nite,christine actually said something in jest but frankie took it and rolled with it,frankie also said he would love to punch nichole in the mouth 2 days ago.

      • After all of that was said, Derrick suggested that the Zingbot should do it. He even thrust his hip forward to show what he meant. Frankie then took Derrick’s comment and started imitating what it would look like if Zingbot raped Victoria. While I definitely place more blame on Frankie, Derrick is not innocent. It’s actually worse for Derrick to be suggesting rape, considering he’s a police officer, married man and father of a daughter.

      • I want to see that conversation. It sounds awful. I can’t believe that would ever be allowed by CBS.

      • I have to agree, it is disgusting and a serious threat, even if it was said in a teasing manner. You do not tease like that. Plus, How would Frankie feel if it was said about his sister???? Frankie to me seems to be riding on his sister coat tails. Because she is famous, Frankie thinks that makes him famous. Frankie has absolutely zero talent. Another offensive remark to me was Frankie saying he had to get Donny out because he was tired of Donny riding on his coat tails and was tired of having to carry him.
        Also, that Donny was nothing with team America, that he and Derrick were team America. Really Frankie? The little skit you arranged fell down the toilet. Please get Frankie out.. He deserves to win nothing but a kick in the pants.

      • Derrick is like a spoon, he stirs everything up…….look nothing on his hands. Ever! Well maybe a cut from one of his puppet’s wires lol

      • Rape is not a laughing matter and I was disgusting to know that a cop who’s duty to protect and serve the public was laughing about it d especially against ones’ ally Beside that Derricks also a father.. I’m not so sure that I would be comfortable with a policeman who’s suppose to be protecting me demonstrating that behavior.

    • …and to think Nicole is the one going home this week. The one HG with some integrity in the house, besides Victoria. Although, Victoria looks like she is trying to make some moves on Derrick!

      • Sad isn’t it. Christine is not to good of a wife, If I did what she is doing with Cody, my husband wouldn’t be waiting for me to come home. Well maybe with divorce papers in his hand. It is truly disgusting and so disrespectful to her husband. Nichole has class and respect for herself. I wanted Donnie to win so badly now I am hoping for Nichole, even though I know it is not going to happen. Though I do not respect some of the things he has done, I will have to hope Derrick wins. He has played the game from start to finish.

      • People forget Dr. Will’s number one rule when entering Big Brother. Check your morals at the door and do whatever it takes to win. And no one antagonizes him. People have decided that this game is real life, but real life doesn’t apply to it. If Derrick needs to say horrible things to fit in with a group to manipulate them, so be it. Donnie is a great guy but he simply wasn’t willing to do what it took to win. Any “BB” legend is either an asshole or a sociopath in game. That’s how you play the game. Period.

      • here is the brunt of what was said

        Frankie: I think you both should double team her.

        Caleb: We would ruin her.

        Frankie: Take her..

        Caleb: There would be blood all over the place.

        Cody: hohoho

        Frankie: I think you should take ALL of her virginities in one night.

        Cody: Oh no. That is foul.

        Caleb: hehe

        Cody: Oh, that is so f’d up.

        Derrick: Her father right now is watching, and literally
        cringing. I don’t even know what I would do. I’d definitely break the

        Frankie: If you guys go..

        Derrick: I’d break the computer and instantly regret it. I’d be like, dammit! Why’d I just do that?

        Frankie: His beer goggles and me in full drag

      • your very welcome i just thot you would like to see it for yourself,just to see what a disgusting pos he is.

      • After that Derrick said that Zingbot should do it and he thrust his hips forward to show what he meant. Frankie starting cheering and then he imitated Zingbot doing it.

      • Really Derrick? You are a married man with a daughter. Plus you are a police officer. Even kidding it is so wrong.

  10. I think BB wants Frankie to stay in the game. CBS has been using BB to promote his sister so if he leaves that ends.

    • That is true, though, it may have turned to negative PR in light of recent days, and may continue to go downhill from now, unlesa Production decides to tell him / them to cease such inappropriate comments, like they did last year …

      and, yes, I know, I am not allowed to talk about Production …. Ha !!!

  11. I love watching BB after hours. To hear Caleb brag about his game playing and that he will probably win America’s Favorite Player. SERIOUSLY??? CALEB??? He is Derricks puppet and American LOVES Donny. I heard Frankie say one night. “Did you hear all of the cheers when Donny went out the door?? WHY?? what the %#&* has he done? He is nothing.” Wow, nice guy Frankie. Someone grow some balls and get out FRANKIE!!!

    • All this while holding his Star Bangled Banner for his Military Service last night .. oh, the irony to suggest that he was repreaenting his military brothers and sisters this season on Big Brother, with his integrity and honour in how he has played.

      it was funny when he suggestes that only he, Cody and Derrick have not lied in the House, well at least to each other …. Ha !!!

      • I was watching Cody’s and Calebs game talk last night and Cody was going on how he has never lied to him. HA the kid tried to backdoor him cuz he was getting looks from him for touching Amber.

      • they have all said to the others, “I have never lied to you” even Derrick, when in fact they have all lied but that is part of the game I guess.

      • Donny is the only one in that house that never told a lie. He was honest and straight forward each and every time. If they didn’t believe him, that was on them.

      • On the show that Jeff has when Donny was being interviewed he admitted that he lied when he had to,but the reason he stayed by himself wad mostly so he wouldn,t have to lie, and when he did tell the truth the young un,s would not believe him,he said he went to bed early because he had nothing in common with them and also so he would be alert for the competitions.

      • Donny kinda lied when he was confronted by Derrick on what he had said to the others. But I in no way, hold it against Donny.

      • He didn’t really lie about it he just didn’t confirm it. Then again would it have really mattered if he did tell Derrick what he said? He was stil gonna go home regardless.

    • Donny is a true man, and seems to be a kind loving man. Donny cares about peoples feeling. Donny seemed so supportive to everyone. Much more then we can say about You Frankie…Also, my bet is on Donny winning America’s Favorite Player.

  12. Frankie should be gone already for the things he’s done and said the last couple days, he will be lucky Victoria’s don’t family don’t sue him and cbs for what he has said and done , he is a vile disgusting excuse for a human being, cbs should be ashamed for allowing that kind of stuff to go on, BB used to be a good family show to watch but boy that sure has changed, way to much vulgar disgusting behavior for a family show, if things don’t change people will stop watching all together.

    • Isn’t it funny how Frankie can be the low-life he is on TV but God forbid anyone say something to him. He would claim he is being picked on because he is Gay; not because he is the low-life, lip-licking pervert, disgusting, vile human being that he is.

    • CBS only shows what they want to show on Prime time. After Dark and the live feeds are way different.

    • Frankie should be thrown out of the house now. Julie Chan, your husband is the top honcho at CBS, Please please ask him to get rid of the fungus that is causing the Big Brother show to fall into the toilet this season. There is no excuse for anyone to kid about rape, absolutely none.

  13. I’m praying that production pulls off a twist that helps get rid of Skankie this week. Especially after his talks of raping Victoria yesterday and then last night going after a drunk Cody. It makes me sick to watch him. I have only hated one other player as much and that was Spencer. They’re both disgusting, vile pigs.

    • What disgusted me more that BB answer to Frankie being a predator is give them more alcohol, are they trying to get Cody so drunk he passes out and then that would allow Frankie to jump him. Would be surprised if there isn’t a lawsuit for how they mishandled Victoria’s health issue by refusing the doctor the night before. Bet they told her to say how she appreciated how well they took care of her

    • OMG, Frankie said that about Victoria? I did not hear this. I do have the ability to watch after the show ends. He should be thrown off the show for those remarks. That is a threat and if Big Brother wants to keep a good clean show, he needs to go ASAP That remark should not ever be tolerated by anyone to anyone.
      CBS needs to do what is right for the viewers not what they think is good for the ratings.

    • Did you see him petting, rubbing, eyeing Cody last night. He sat there like a lip-licking pervert waiting to get into Cody’s pants. I am sure Christine was there before him, so he didn’t make it. ; )


      • When posting in all caps it means the same as yelling at someone in a. It very nice way like right in there face screwing at the top of your lungs

      • sorry I capped a word in my post not yelling just pointing out that i really don’t think this is a family show.

      • Hey everyone does that. This comment was meant for this person that has been told before. Her entire comments are always in caps. I’ve capitalized a word before to make a point but not my entire comment. But I guess if that’s her thing there are worse things done and said on this site. Lol

    • My first post was in all caps,too. I was learning and still am.Don’t feel bad. I didn’t realize all caps were used to indicate shouting. But anytime you want to shout, you know how to.:)

      • Except, this isn’t her first post in all caps and she’s been asked to not do it previously.

      • Ummmmm, yea. Nicole has a pretty good track record, as well as Chris. Victoria, dunno, but who is this chick wanting all the boys to run the show? Is it Joey incognito? Geezzz. Im into a little more about the integrity of the game

    • that’s right women standing by women! NOT! I think everybody has won something, only one hasn’t been on the block,

  15. Get rid of Frankie since he helped get rid of his closest ally, Zack, he has proven unreliable

  16. Frankie needs to go now! I think CBS should pull the plug on him after him making “jokes” about gang raping Victoria and taking her virginity! I couldn’t believe he’s still there this morning. If the network leaves him in the house for the almighty dollar, I think it should be a unamous vote to get him out tonight. And I hope her family sues that loser. No, I’m not homophobic, really don’t care, it’s just that rape is crime of violence, control and nothing to joke about. Losing respect for Derrick too if he let’s this slide.

    • Derrick brought up that it should be Zingbot raping Victoria after Frankie was done suggesting that Cody and Caleb should do it. Derrick and Frankie BOTH need to be held accountable, expelled from the show, and charged. I’d love to see them both go to jail for their words and actions.

      • But unfortunately they didn’t harrass her to her face. Sexual harassment on Frankie for pawing all the guys but they would have to object to it which they haven’t yet.

      • Don’t they have to do that to the person directly? Talking and joking around is not against the law. If it was a lot of people would be in jail.

      • I don’t have feeds, just saw the post about Frank’s comments about a couple guys should rape Victoria. Had no idea Derrick was going along with it. I’ve had a lot of respect for Derrick this season, playing a good game of “control the dummies”. But now, hope he loses his job for going along with what Frankie said. They both need to go.

      • There are clips out there on TMZ, TVGrapeVine and elsewhere. If you can stomach it, go watch. It’ll change your mind about what Derrick is willing to do and say for $500K.

      • Oh my gosh, this makes me so loose any respect I held for Derrick. I doubt that they could be charged since it was just talk but expelled from the game is something CBS should consider.

      • What a lot of you don’t understand is this, Derrick is a cop and he is held to higher standard. His department, if watching this show or getting feed back from the community will address his actions in that house because it makes his department look bad. I know he has been an undercover cop but mostly for school thing’s. He will be reprimanded when he gets back, remember that last year several of the HG’s lost their jobs because of their actions on BB.

      • Excellent!! This is what I’ve been trying to say all season, but you did it better. Once you’re sworn in as a copy you are never really off duty. The sneaky, straight-faced way he manipulates conversations is of great concern. Would you want him testifying on the witness stand against you? His department does look bad and he’s a negative role model for police officers everywhere. Are you allowed to put aside your integrity for the price of 500K? This could be construed as making him look as though he could possibly be “bought”.

    • as a father who has had a daughter raped as a child i want to go into that house and break every freaking bone in Frankies body then shove a stick of dynamite up his anus,i do not take kindly to rapists or sexual abusers ,and if CBS does not do anything there might not be a BB next season the FCC could stop the production of it or CBS might just lose every fan they have now,i posted his conversation with Cody and Caleb about raping Victoria on this thread twice and it makes me sick

    • Exactly where are the rape jokes? I listened to it several times. They talked about two timing here (definition: Three-way) but not rape! Also, are you so sure it was Frankie? I’m not his fan but it could have been Cody saying it as well.

      • It was Frankie who said to double team her and take her virginity. That is suggesting rape, since she is a virgin and opposed to sex outside of marriage. She’s said it a couple of times. It was then Derrick who said that the Zingbot should do it. Suggesting that a robot have sex with her is also suggesting rape.

      • How does suggesting to have sex with someone turn in to rape? Virginity or not?

      • Didn’t mean to give you a ‘thumbs down’, I was trying to hit ‘reply’. As I write this, I realize that no matter what I say, you’ll never understand anyway.

    • That’s exactly why they’re keeping her. If she goes to F2 with one of them, it will be an easy win for whoever it is. No one is going to vote for Victoria to win.

      • Although she doesn’t deserve to win 50K either. Sweet girl but clueless and possibly already from a rich family. That’s just a guess on my part-she gives off the vibe of a pampered, sheltered young girl.

  17. Rape is not a joke…I think Frankie is disgusting for his insensitive, cruel remarks. I am no happier with Derrick making jokes about rape either but Frankie always takes it too far…

    • Unfortunately, he’s not the only HG over the years who’s made such comments. Sadly, nothing ever gets done about it – beyond CBS not airing them.

      • Maybe is there is a social media uproar about it, like the racists comments last year, it’ll force CBS to address the issue.

      • Can’t stop laughing! YOU Lave, are so so bad! (You have a wonderful sense of humor … don’t tell anyone I said that >>> creeping away>>>>)

  18. Apparently, the “powers that be” saw fit to give the HGs just enough beer/wine to get a good buzz on…..even gave them a second round of drinks after the first. Cody seems to have gotten the biggest share of libation and is pretty well wrecked. Once Feankie realized that Cody was getting pretty loopy, he swooped right in like a lion on a wounded gazzell. Even the house guests are joking that Cody will wake up with a sore butt. House cameras have pretty much stayed on a sober Frankie hanging all over a drunken Cody. We get the zoomed in version of all the chest, ass, and upper thigh rubbing going on. Perhaps production thought it would be cute to add more alcohol to fan the flames? If I were Cody, I wouldn’t wanna pass out drunk…Sexual orientation aside, the whole preditor act comes off looking desperate and lecherous! ACK!

    • They gave them alcohol the night before but they (HG
      G’s) decided to wait till Saturday night after the VETO comp to drink. Then BB gave them a little more Saturday night.

  19. I am sick at the thought of Frankie and Derrick getting any money for TA. They did NOT represent America yesterday. If CBS doesn’t expel them and either one, or both, make it to F2, I sincerely hope that CBS doesn’t give them any winnings. I don’t even want to see either of them get a stipend.

    Who is outraged enough to write to CBS about yesterday? I already did.

    • The TA twist needs to stop after what happened yesterday. I agree with you. How do I go about writing CBS? I am almost to the point where I can’t watch the rest of the season, I feel as though I would be rewarding them for their vile and repulsive behavior.

    • Have already sent several emails to CBS this season. All about Frankie. They don’t even acknowledge you sent one much less reply.

      • Nope they never reply. I don’t waste my time anymore. I’m sure they’re aware though. They keep an eye on the blogs and social media. They know how the viewers feel.

      • Well I hope they get the message to mix it up a little and get away from all these wannabe’s. Gotta go see ya later.

    • Production can only control so much of this game. The way they influence their HGs is by asking key questions in the diary room. It’s then up to the HGs to pick up on the hints that are being dropped, and that doesn’t always happen. I know that they tried to warn Jeff in BB11 not to trust Natalie when he and Jordan were about to turn on Russell and Michelle, but Jeff didn’t understand what they were trying to tell him.

  20. well I don’t think Frankie should be backdoor cause he has played the game as it should be played. This week will be a double eviction this week and it seems that they are unaware of that so it may be that Frankie or Chirstane may go home.

    • Are you kidding me? “Played the game as it should be played”? He’s an egotistical, manipulative, vile human being. What planet have you been living on all summer?

      • Sadly, I don’t believe that he is actually playing this game, rather, this is his actual reality in his life … and, he did tell everyone, after his Frankie’s Funeral thay he will show the world the true Frankie Grande moving forward, with honor and integrity, in order to reapect his millions of fans and followers ….

  21. Is it bad that besides Derrick or Nicole, that id rather see Victoria win then the rest of the Detonators? haha

    • I wish someone else would magically appear. If Nicole leaves, I don’t wish $500,000 to go to any of them, including Derrick for sure after yesterday’s debacle. Where is “Bewitched” or “I Dream of Jennie”when you need them?

    • I think that Victoria is a mean-girl, because of her goodbye video and DR comments. As much as I can’t stand mean-girls, I only want Nicole and Victoria to win any money at this point. None of the others deserve a wooden nickle after yesterday.

      • I NEVER thought I’d be saying this, but if Nicole does get evicted, and someone has to win the $500,000, I hope it is Victoria. Ugh.

  22. I think Frankie should GO. He has back stabbed each and everyone in the house, has lied to all of them and I am tired of seeing him act out for the cameras. With his winking and blinking his eyes and his ballet moves.. He really needs to go and put in his place. I honestly think he thinks he is running the show…..

  23. The comments that were made regarding Victoria……disturbing to say the very least! I don’t care how much booze you’ve had that type of behavior is unacceptable!

    • they even said before he said all that he was one of them not drinking so he can’t even say it was the booze. he is vile vile vile

  24. Frankie sleeps in the HOH room so nobody has a chance to come and talk to Caleb without him being in on every conversation. If I won HOH, that’s the perk, getting your own room with some privacy and a chance to get some alone time. I wish BB would make him a HN or come up with HOH only gets to sleep in the HOH room. #backdoorfrankie is an entitled little spoiled kid with a silver spoon in his mouth and has played this game as a paranoid schizo, due to his guilty consious

    • the time that really got me was when he basically took the room from Christine ( I can’t stand her but she earned it he didn’t)

      • Well, according to Frankie, he singly won the BOTB, which resulted in Christine as the sole HOH, and technically he won the HOH for her, and, he deserved to be in the HOH room .. blah, blah, blah….

    • As far as I can see, he has slept in the HOH room every week! I cant remember a single time that the cams have shown him sleeping in a regular room. Then again, I dont get the live feeds and could be wrong. Im beginning to believe that Frankie isnt just an unlikable character. He appears to have some real abnormal behavior and boundry issues going on under his hood! Not the kinda guy anyone would wanna pass out drunk or sleep anywhere near….

  25. miss have/havenot comps and luxery comps. thought we might see them since bob is over. Need Diamond POV to bring Nicole off and let her rename the nom

  26. going to probably miss the show tonight storms headed our way and tornado watch till late. oh well I guess I know what is going to happen.

  27. Yes Frankie has to go- it’s a no brainer on so many levels. Derrick has to work hard on the others to make sure it happens. As to Derrick, it’s taken me a long time, and I never thought I’d say this, but I have to agree he’s superb at influencing the other guys. Watching him play to their huge egos and persuading them that they are so much better than him is brilliant. He’s convinced them all that he’s no threat to their games once they’re standing in front of the jury. Frickin’ masterful. If they weren’t such an egotistical, delusional bunch, they’d see right through him. But they don’t!! It’s
    hysterical!! Still, extremely disappointed by his reaction to the
    comments about raping Victoria. At the very least, he should have
    told them to shut the f*** up; but no, he has to act like he thinks
    they’re ok. You’re a police officer, Derrick, you can’t go along with
    this stuff. A good copy is never off duty.

  28. Yes Frankie has to go- it’s a no brainer on so many levels. Derrick has to work hard on the others to make sure it happens. As to Derrick, it’s taken me a long time, and I never thought I’d say this, but I have to agree he’s superb at influencing the other guys. Watching him play to their huge egos and persuading them that they are so much better than him is brilliant. He’s convinced them all that he’s no threat to their games once they’re standing in front of the jury. Frickin’ masterful. If they weren’t such an egotistical, delusional bunch, they’d see right through him. But they don’t!! It’s
    hysterical!! Still, extremely disappointed by his reaction to the
    comments about raping Victoria. At the very least, he should have
    told them to shut the f*** up; but no, he has to act like he thinks
    they’re ok. You’re a police officer, Derrick, you can’t go along with
    this stuff. A good cop is never off duty.

    • You’re spot on with Derrick feeding Cody, Caleb, and Frankie’s egos. He’s done a great job convincing them that he’s a guaranteed 2nd place if he’s sitting next to them come Final 2 since he can’t win competitions. I love it.

      Cody and Caleb even had a conversation where if it’s them two and Derrick in the Final 3, they didn’t say it directly, but both agreed they’re taking the person they think they can beat cough cough Derrick. Hilarious. And both were totally cool with it. Instead of making a final 2 with each other, they pretty much agree that they’re taking Derrick. Lol!!

      • Wow! Living in their own little worlds. They’ll have to come crashing down to earth soon, unless by a miracle one of them wins. Still, this is an unpredictable game, at least at the end.

      • They were also assuming that the 3rd person out would be the AFP, so all three would win the $$….

  29. Exactly where are the rape jokes? I listened to it several times. They
    talked about two timing her (definition: Three-way) but not rape!
    Also, are you so sure it was Frankie? I’m not his fan but it could have
    been Cody saying it as well. Seriously people. . .settle down. There were no rape jokes, they were sex jokes and in bad taste but nothing to sue anyone about and lastly, WHAT does Ariana Grande have to do with it? Why is Victoria’s family demanding an apology from her? Seems like they want their 15 minutes as well.

    • frankie said double team her and take both her virginities in one nite,insinuating rape ,and as a father who has had a child raped its disgusting,and if you support that comment then you are just as bad as frankie

      • For the record, I have been raped and there is no comparison to the conversation they had. The term taking one’s virginity has been around for years and while in bad taste were these people in no way talking about “raping” Victoria, just sex. BTW, Frankie was not the only one in the conversation which was actually started by Christine. So “Father” while I do not support any comment that would cause harm to anyone be careful who you are judging.

      • non consensual sex is rape regardless of what you or anybody else says and that is what it would have been NON CONSENUAL,what they said was vile and disgusting Christine heeds to go as well she is also vile and disgusting

    • In addition, to what gerald just said, Derrick said that the zingbot should do it to her. That also suggests rape.

      • “Do it” Suggests Sex. People overreact for attention and this if one of those times.

      • Except that in order for Zingbot, Cody or Caleb to do it, it would be without her consent. And they would be taking her virginity. That’s rape, not sex.

      • she has said many times that she is saving herself for marriage ,she is orthodox jewish and said that in her interview before entering the house it would not be consenual

      • She’s a virgin. She stated a few times that she does not believe in sex outside of marriage. So, unless she had a huge change of heart, she would not give consent. So, yes, she did tell the viewers that it would be without her consent.

        AND the other HGs know this about her. That’s why Frankie said to take her “virginities.”

      • I think she would give her consent having sex with two guys at the same time and a robot.

    • You are delusional yourself if you think there weren’t rape jokes. Getting somebody drunk and take advantage of them is rape. We aren’t talking buzzed here or slurring her words drunk they were talking about getting her passed out drunk and doing that. Considering we know she wouldn’t be consenting as redroses pointed out she has stated her beliefs on the subject so even if she did have a change of heart while inebriated would be the same thing as rape.

  30. Isn’t ironic, that the night ended with Cody being the one almost sexually assaulted by Frankie, while he was literally drunk to the bone, unconscious?

    hope he doesn’t find out what may or may not have actually happened, until he leaves the House … .,

  31. Idk. There seems to be a pattern for Derrick talking ppl into putting up their closest friends in the house. I said a few weeks ago that he would try for Caleb to back door frankie. Since he got Christine to oust Nicole, Frankie to oust zach. Hopefully this week Caleb will backdoor Frankie and Christine will follow in the double eviction.

  32. they have been soo lame!!! I think derrick has done a great job making the rest of the players his game pieces!! Great job derrick!!

  33. I think game-wise, Caleb would score huge jury points and even AFP Beast Mode Cowboy points if he were the one to backdoor Frankie this week, leaving Christine alone and possible 2nd eviction on Thursday … this would test his F3 Alliance with Cody and Derrick .. and, secure Nicole’s vote, as well …

    Worse case scenario, Christine and/or Victoria wins HOH and backdoors Derrick on Thursday .. Ha!!!

    • I actually think Derrick is sitting pretty during the double eviction because he has 2 votes for him FOR SURE in Cody and Victoria. I’d also be very surprised if Caleb went against Derrick as Caleb is hell bent on his alliance reaching the Final 5 together.

      • Yeah, but Caleb is not part of the Detonators and the BS sorta kinda supposedly died when Devin left … Oh, the irony … Poor Caleb …. Ha!!!

  34. I think the smartest move is to backdoor Derrick “the puppet master” ,the house isn’t overflowing with smarts this season.

    • The house guests are honestly too misted to realize that Derrick has been the mastermind this season, and I don’t say that to slight Derrick as he’s played an awesome game. They don’t understand that he’s been the puppet master. Everything he’s wanted to happen, has happened. They simply don’t view him as a huge threat and think they can’t beat him in the Final 2. Derrick has done a good job playing this up and has constantly told everyone he’s no threat and can’t win competitions.

      I can see Caleb or Cody sitting in the Final 2 with Derrick and BEATING him due to the fact that the jury doesn’t have a clue he was the one pulling the strings all season long. It would be a shame considering Cody has been the sheep and Derrick has been his Shepard, but again, I think everyone is too dumb to see it’s Derrick running the show. Only when they watch it back they’ll realize that he’s been the man this season.

      • I’m wondering if Zach and/or Hayden have figured it out yet since they have been able to chat without that damn cop’s influence. Hayden did say if he got back in the house Derrick was his target. This season has been very disappointing, It would have been much more entertaining if at least one of them attempted to control their own destiny. If I remember correctly none of winners of BB were lemmings.

    • Well, according to Nicole, it is to save Nicole this week … Ha!! :)

      Oh, wouldn’t be ironic if it was and greedy Derrick and Frankie did it and one or both of them were to be evicted in the DE on Thursday night … Ha!!!

      Also, surprised that nobody had complained about Derrick going for the $5k, let alone Frankie not using that to throw Derrick under the bus … so, now Derrick has won at least $25k plus ???

      Oh yeah, forgot that Caleb had already won $5k in a previous POV comp…. Ha!!!

      • No Derrick only has 15k from TA and 5k from the hoh comp so that makes 20k before any stipend or anything he may get

  35. This is a easy one. Back door Frankie NOW. It’s pretty much NOW or never. Then next week try and take out both Christine and Victory.Double eviction next week.

  36. I am wondering if Donny can talk about Team America with the other jurors. I think that might influence the votes if they knew Derrick and Frankie had already received a small sum.

  37. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Send frankie packing! I don’t care who wins as long as its NOT Frankie!!!

  38. CBS, I hope you do something with Frankie. He has no business being on TV or in the BB house. He is vile and disgusting. How can you allow someone on one of your shows that would heartlessly enact what would be a gang rape of a young woman? All the disclaimers in the world do not justify rewarding someone like him the opportunity to contaminate our airwaves. Your production should have turned the cameras away from him and called him into the DR immediately! CBS, shame on all of you for not addressing this issue! Would you want your daughter or granddaughter to be subjected to this kind of degenerate low life scum?

  39. on another page LucyLoo pointed out that TMZ has an article about Victoria’s parents being upset with the whole deal and demanding an apology.

  40. This season has really not been fun at all. They are playing WAY too safe ! NOTHING exciting has ever happened yet. Why is everyone playing so scared ? I feel like I wasted a whole summer waiting for something exciting to happen !

  41. Now is the time to strike before he wins anymore HOH comps. He is no good for the game, he’s in his sister’s shadow already so just have him borrow money from her. Plus he’s an arrogant prick who always has to be up everyone’s ass.

  42. Nobody is willing to take a huge leap forward in the game when it comes to getting the king pins ousted! And they are just handing the win to Derrick. Plain and simple. One by one, the hot-shots will all get put up on the block and Derrick, who has been playing a very low-key, sneak-in-the-back-door, kind of game will walk away with it when the jury votes.

  43. Frankie’s behaviour is downright sexual harrasment! send him home… I know many in the Gay community and they are mostly very respectful of others. This Guy smells like trouble for TVGN.

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