Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 4 Nominations & Battle of the Block

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS with the cliffhanger results to its “Deviled Eggs” Head of Household competition where two new HoHs were crowned from a thinning crowd.

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

With Devin Shepherd eliminated from the house many thought we’d see a fade of drama inside the Big Brother house, but the remaining HGs have made sure that’s not an issue. Read my eviction interview with Devin. It was surprisingly interesting and I was really pleased with what he had to say.

Along with the conclusion to Thursday’s HoH comp we’ll also get the nominations ceremony and a Battle of the Block to enjoy. I’m still enjoying the Battles as they give us something fresh in the Sunday shows to watch. Of course I have Big Brother spoilers if you can’t wait to find out.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 12 Preview:


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  1. Looking forward to it. Amber basically won by herself from what I gathered from the feeds. So I want to see what happened to Jocasta.

    • Someone was giving Jacosta answers..I think it was Cody. I don’t think players should be told what to do by people on the sidelines. I am all for cheering them on..but. not coaching them.

  2. I’m trying to see Brittany reach 2400. Who said she’s not a physical threat?

  3. Congrats to Brittany! Donnie needs to be careful. He has been pushing Cody a little too hard to put up Caleb.

  4. Brittany’s problem in the house is 2-fold. 1 she’s a Type A personality and 2 she’s a mom of 3 kids. Being a mom you get this look and attitude that people take the wrong way. I have had people ask me what I’m mad about. I won’t be mad it’s just a mom look, hard to explain if you don’t have it.

  5. Really wish they would get to it, want to see the BOB. Judging by the LF Jocasta was out quick and Amber had to win it herself.

  6. The bed thing is ridiculous, but
    at least this season they are not flipping over beds.

  7. Frankies speech made me want to puke. Amber the threat? TA should not get money for Frankies nom.

  8. I don’t mind if Brittany goes, she has a bit of Devin’s syndrome… “I have sacrificed so much, leaving my family. ..”. Understand you are a single mom but Jocasta also sacrificed time with her children. Also, she whines too much, quit talking and get to playing.

    • Yeah I hate that card. Everyone sacrificed something to be there but no one had a gun to their head. But who knows if it works in the house. Worked when she used it on Devin.

      • Yep, but Devin’s gone. Jo told her they all sacrificed something. I think Victoria and Zach are the only 2 who haven’t mentioned something they need the money for.

      • Plus, Derrick said she confided in him and she gets 500 per child per child support. Derrick said Brittney is good.

      • Must be nice. I know people who get like 50 a week. They would be in heaven getting that much.

      • Exactly. So, the child excuse is null in void to me. She needs to just play quit the kid nonsense, and be quiet about what she gave up. We all get it and understand Now, just play.

  9. I can not stand Frankie, Derrick even more. The way he was telling his bros the secrets of what others were doing with the eggs.

    • Jacosta scares me just a little…what was that coming out of her mouth after Amber won BotB?

      • She’s such a drama queen. OMG when Brittany was kicking today Jocasta is out there shouting all these religious quotes. That’s all she knows how to do is pray and be dramatic. Hey Jocasta you’re in the BB house not church. Wake up or go home.

      • There was one player on Survivor, I forgot what season, who was doing the same thing.

      • I think they’ll show more Wednesday when they have more time. With the ending of HOH then “Who wants to see my HOH room?” Then nominations, and BOTB they really didn’t have much time to show the scheming and drama from the last few days.

  10. Haven’t caught up this wkd, been out of town. But saw the show. Have to say the edit Brittany got tonight was not flattering.

  11. Why don’t they put crabby Christine up or Nichole. Why always amber. And for Cody to say to Victoria that she wasn’t the target,it was horrible. Slap in the face to his friend Britt

    • What the heck happened to that relationship..that is Cody and Britt? That went downhill fast!

      • Brittany’s mouth. She said Cody wouldn’t put girls up that were running up the stairs to see him. Basically sucking up. So he asked about it and she said she said it so he put her up.

  12. Just because Amber is brave and strong does not mean you have to put her on the block DUHHH

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