Nicole Franzel Racks Up Costumes On Big Brother 16

It’s a good thing Nicole Franzel looks so darn cute in costumes because Big Brother has her rolling in them so far this season. After last week’s Froggy costume she’s back with a new one after coming out on the losing end of the latest competition.

Nicole Franzel is zee German
Nicole Franzel is ‘zee German’ on Big Brother – Source: CBS

As part of Saturday’s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 16 the participating Houseguests had the chance to snag prizes or get stuck with punishments in the trade-up styled PoV battle. Clearly things did not go to plan for Nicole but we got to enjoy the result on the Live Feeds.

After snagging the Veto from Brittany, which made Nicole a hero for the Detonators, she saw the medallion taken away and instead ended up with the Germ-tard. It’s a German themed unitard costume in spirit of Germany winning the World Cup as it was a soccer themed competition. Did I mention Mr. Soccer was the first one out? Oops.

Anyway, Nicole received her punishment “reward” around 8:30PM BBT last night (Flashback) as she returned from the Diary Room wearing a very cute outfit complete with shoes, hate, a beer stein, and a giant wurst. Nicole must keep the props with her 24/7. She looks ready for Oktoberfest.

Best part of Nicole’s costume? That beer stein came filled with beer and she says she’ll get refills, but also has to keep it full of liquid if she drinks it. Hayden tried to snag a sip, but she said she wasn’t allowed to share. Sadly, Nicole didn’t know the significance of the mug being a stein. Ah well.

Check out Nicole’s costume in the gallery of pics below and see what you think of her latest outfit.

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  1. She looks mighty cute in the outfit. JMHO, I think Nicole is the prettiest among all the women in the Big Brother House. No wonder Hayden is trying to start a showmance with her!

    • I’m glad for her that’s she’s pretty….same with the rest of the girls this season, really. lol

  2. Sorry but anybody that said Brittany isn’t a “physical threat hasn’t seen the live feeds. I doubt many of the guys would have done this well. Wish Zach would have got the soccer punishment.

    • Hayden told KnowNothing Nic that if a guy had to do the punishment they would have been done in 5 hours. So let’s do the math…2400/5=480/60=8. So Hayden is saying the guys would have made 8 goals a minute. Can you say BS Squad?

      • He couldn’t do it. She would be done if they would let them throw the ball back to her.

      • Even with automatic ball launcher, 8 goals a minute for 5 hrs. is impossible. lol

    • True, it’s terrible that a mook like Zach gets to skate through this game without any effort whatsoever.

      • But haven’t you seen the effort he puts into those passionate DR sessions?

      • I think those are effortless manifestations of his mental and verbal diarrhea.

  3. Britt is up to 1800 now. Donny is just a nice guy. He’s in the backyard with her, giving moral support. If he doesn’t make it to the finals, I sure hope he gets “Americas Favorite Player”

  4. KnowNothing Nicole didn’t know it was a stein. She didn’t even know that Wisconsin is next to her home state. And she actually said her wearing the unitard was a worse punishment than Brit having to kick 2400 goals in 24 hours. I was a Nicole fan until she gave away her power and showed how truly mean she can be.

    • Well Nicole and Christine said they were big fans of bigot Aaryn last year so what did we expect?

      • She has till 8pm. I like Britt and feel real bad for her. I wish somehow she can stay and get a true alliance going. Does Nichole, which at this moment not liking , know about Christine and the alliance she has with the arrogances”?

    • Ummm I watch the feeds so when did Nicole say her unitard was worse then Brittany’s? Don’t think she said that.

      • She said it to amber…and then repeated it to zankie in the HOH last night around 11:50 on after dark. “I said I don’t think it’s any worse then me having to wear this costume for seven days”. She’s an idiot!

      • thats not saying its worse.. just that being in costumes 2weeks back to back sucks too. To be fair Britt made her punishment 10x more difficult than necessary. Plus Nicole was angry with Britt because for some unbelievable reason Britt blames Nicole for all of her problems.

  5. I just can not stand when people know they are safe can be so cruel. “Wink”Wink” Zach. I also can not stand that the same people run the house week after week. I would rather see Caleb then Derrick, Frankie, Zach or Christine

  6. Wow! Donny is pushing hard to Cody to save Britt and re-nom Caleb. He said “make a big move”…and he’s been thinking about it….please..please.. please!

    • Cody really wants to put up Caleb. Now if he can just not fall victim to King Der-prick’s mind games.

      • He knows Caleb will take him out of this game. He should make a deal with Brittany and stick Caleb on the block. He probably won’t do it. He’s chicken.

      • You gotta remember that putting him on the block is useless (even harmful) to Cody unless he knows the votes are almost unanimous against Caleb.

      • If you have seen the feeds today. It’s not the numbers. They have the numbers to vote Caleb out. It’s how Derrick and Frankie argued against it. Zack argue that keeping Caleb is good for Derrick and Frankie but not good for I’m telling, Zack was RIGHT !

    • People are so pathetic! I will never understand how somebody goes on the show…..wins HOH…..and plays someone else’s game. Why on earth would Cody waste his week sending Britney home? Britney wasn’t coming after him and was not dangerous to him….not the next few weeks anyway. This is a beneficial move to Frankie’s game and derricks game. Cody won HOH and he should have used it yo move his game forward!

      • I like players that make big moves. and this is the perfect time. Caleb is not even in their alliance. He will regret this because Caleb will take him out the first time he gets a chance.

      • BUT he can’t put Caleb on the block if he doesn’t have the vote support. Yes of course we all want Caleb to be the big move Cody makes, but it would be incredibly dumb to try it if it stands even a 10% chance of failing…

      • Surprisingly, Today It was Zack that was leading the campaign on sending Caleb home. This is after talking with Donny and Hayden. They have enough votes to send him home. It was a heated debate in HOH rm today, but King Derrick won the argument

      • Last season clearly showed that you take out the threats when you can and not when you deem the time is right! Helen and Judd got evicted without any clue because they kept saying this week is not the right week to get rid of Amanda! Well, Amanda got rid of both of them without any problems! They deserved to lose! Sometimes, you have to take some chances! If you are not even taking chances then, chances are that you are not even playing!

      • Yea, but ended up a weasel winning it. I would have like to see Amanda win over Andy. Double edge sword.

      • Caleb if he wins HOH will go after Cody because of his jealousy over Amber! It can happen too! They should get rid of Caleb because he is more of a threat to the Detonators then, any of the women are or even Donny who has put the target on his back!

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