Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 4 Saturday Highlights

The pressure was piling up in the Big Brother 16 house on Saturday as the Veto competition loomed and the nominees prepared to fight for their safety. By the end of the day the house had to scramble to be ready for the next step in their plan as Derrick worked to keep everyone focused.

Cody and Nicole hug on Big Brother 16
Cody and Nicole hug on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Taking the stress off was the arrival of punishments ripe with silliness and one that seemed down right cruel considering the situation, but that’s how Veto competitions can go sometimes.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds Saturday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 19, 2014:

8:20 AM BBT – Brittany and Amber talking strategy in the bathroom. Everyone else appears to be asleep. Brittany wants to make a deal with the guys and thinks that might keep her safe this week.

8:35 AM BBT – Britt & Amber have a plan. Neither want Zach to compete as they don’t trust him. They’ll try to convince Cody to ask Zach to host with the belief that will take him out of the running to be drawn for the Veto comp. No, it doesn’t work like that.

10:40 AM BBT – Amber & Brittany back together talking strategy. They’re talking future plans. Brittany wants to go after Zach. She thinks they can form a female Brigade alliance.

11:15 AM BBT – Veto players were picked. Caleb, Nicole, and Zach were picked. Brittany picked Caleb over Amber…

11:22 AM BBT – Brittany tells Jocasta she didn’t pick Amber because she wanted to hide her partnership with Amber. Terrible strategy.

12:04 PM BBT – Cody discusses how he pulled chips out and hints it might have been a shady draw though he says he could not see what chip he was drawing.

3:55 PM BBT – Feeds return. Caleb won, but Victoria has the Veto. It was the prize-trading comp & Caleb took $5K over the Veto. Zach won a trip to Germany. Nicole “won” a unitard. Brittany has to kick 2400 goals. Cody has to kick his own butt for 24 hours.

4:05 PM BBT – Brittany is very upset. Thinks she should have taken the money or trip and campaigned for votes later.

4:20 PM BBT – Hayden and Derrick discussing the situation. They both feel Brittany still has to go over any renom.

4:30 PM BBT – Frankie working on Cody telling him that they have to get out Britt or she’ll come after him next week. Frankie does not want Cody to get tempted by renom’ing Caleb.

4:40 PM BBT – Detonators devising a plan to explain why Donny needs to be re-nominated while explaining to him that he’s not the target. When Nicole comes up they all thank her for having taken the Veto from Brittany in the comp.

5:10 PM BBT – Caleb warns Amber that if she votes to keep Brittany then she’ll be the next target.

6:00 PM BBT – Caleb tells Amber he should have picked the trip to Germany if she would have gone with him. She never eventually says she would want to go with him. Remember that for later. He tries to get her to agree to go on cruise with him. Amber declines

6:40 PM BBT – Zach comes up to the HoH room while Cody and Brittany were talking. Zach is being rude to her and after she leaves Cody tells him to stop being an a-hole to her.

7:25 PM BBT – Caleb comes up to the HoH room and all the guys pretend to be sleeping, but it doesn’t work. Caleb comes in and tells them Amber said she would have gone on the Germany trip if he had picked that instead of the $5K. (No, she did not.) Zach agrees to trade prizes with him because he could use the $5K toward a car. They shake on the trade. Later they’re told they can not trade.

7:50 PM BBT – Backyard opens up and Brittany’s goal is there along with Cody’s butt-kicking machine for the punishments. She has to get 2400 goals in 24 hours. Cody has to let the machine kick him in the butt ten times whenever the whistle blows.

8:33 PM BBT – Nicole arrives with her German-tard punishment. She’s wearing a traditional German outfit with the shorts & hat plus she has to carry around a stein and giant sausage.

8:40 PM BBT – HGs get alcohol. Hmm, perhaps the rumor was true that they were getting alcohol because of Devin.

9:20 PM BBT – Cody is upset with Frankie. Says Amber told him that Frankie said it was Cody’s fault that she went up on the block.

11:00 PM BBT – Hayden venting to Derrick about Caleb being cocky about winning the cash. Hayden wants to get Caleb out of there soon.

12:30 AM BBT – Frankie tells Christine and Cody that they need to keep Caleb and Amber calm and confident until it’s time to strike at them so they don’t do anything rash.

1:25 AM BBT – Feeds were on a short hiatus while Big Brother fixed Brittany’s soccer goal.

2:05 AM BBT – Derrick talking with Frankie and Zach about plans for next week and having a strategy in case it’s an endurance competition. Derrick again pushing to keep Caleb for now.

2:15 AM BBT – Frankie and Derrick discussing Team America missions. They haven’t received confirmation if Amber will count as their “physical threat” target. Hmm.

2:50 AM BBT – Brittany admits she probably doesn’t even need to do this punishment since she’ll be going home on Thursday. Yep.

The house is still set on sending Brittany home, but with the Veto Ceremony ahead on Monday there’s still a possibility that she could end up safe after all. Derrick is likely to continue to push for keeping Caleb and putting Donny up instead, but I think his loyalty to Team America will make him work to keep Donny around for awhile.

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  1. These house guests could flip the house so easily right now, its not even funny. Donny needs to convince Derrick to have Cody renom Caleb to fulfill their TA obligation. Donny, Amber, Victoria, Jocosta, Hayden, and Nicole (if they can convince her not to tell Christine) makes 6 votes to Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Christine, and Cody. Am I forgetting anybody? Get Caleb out, then you have an alliance of 7, when counting Brittney. Have some balls people!

    • Not this bunch. They are following King Derrick’s orders. I hate when one HG basically controls the house for the first 3 or 4 evictions. Won’t get interesting until “the 8” have to start turning on each other.

      • Is it Derrick’s fault that he can easily influence them? I would say King Devin would be more appropriate, he was the one barking orders and trying to eradicate descent within the alliance. Derrick is a much more skillful operator.

        PS> this is still better than last season’s “let’s pick a random player and then say it’s the will of the house” sorry excuse for a season.

      • Derrick is turning into a Devin Jr. But with a little more class. He’s a dictator in the house now. He wasn’t like that in the beginning but now is very controlling. When the nominations we’re being made he was telling them who to nominate and who not to. And guess what he got his way. He has a final 2 with everyone and it’s going to bite him.

    • How exactly could Donny convince Derrick of that? It makes no sense.

      Also, Derrick has a firm grip on Victoria’s trust.

      Christine and Nicole are not going to differ in votes, if one votes for someone to be evicted, the other will as well. And if both of them are voting to evict Brittany, then so would Hayden.

      You’re whole theory is a lot more flimsy than you make it sound and it could easily blow up in their faces.

      • Donny in a previous mentioned the need of taking out Caleb first over Devin. Unfortunately, no one heeded his call. He’s probably being careful now on talking game unless necessary, since he’s already aware people are paranoid about him already.

    • Yeah the girls would actually have to A.)keep a secret; and B)actually cooperate to some degree. The girls this season are clueless. At this stage imo Derrick deserves the win.

    • It’s too late. The mission was to get the Physical Threat on the block for the original nom. I think BB is listening to the fan sites and isn’t going to give them anything.

  2. I guess Amber is probably the most physical threat of the girls. The most threat of all the house would have been Caleb, I think. I am not so sure the TA actually earned the cash this week.

    • I hope they fail. I know purists don’t like twists like this that can potentially mess up anyone’s game but it’s all about working around it so it could benefit them individually.

      I wonder how long before Derrick turns into another Helen after keeping Caleb for far too long.

    • Agree 100%. They should not be paid this week. Almost any of the guys could be considered a physical threat while none of the girls realistically are.

    • How is Caleb the biggest physical threat? Because he has big muscles? If you want to go by “physical threats”, Amber has actually won more than Caleb, and Donny has won even more than that.

      If you want to go by comp wins, Donny is actually the biggest physical threat, and Amber is actually a reasonable pick as well.

      Caleb talks a big game, but he hasn’t really done anything since day 2.

      • Caleb’s strength lies in endurance and we haven’t seen that for quite sometime already. He sucks at most other competitions that he’s been in so far: mental games (last 2 veto comps he’s been in), and agility-based ones (last Thursday’s HOH).

        He’ll really be in Cowboy-Satin Scarf-Hipster Beastmode if he finally gets himself another competition that he can excel in.

      • When you think about ti thought caleb isn’t going to doo that well on most of the endurance comps I think, we have seen season after season the the heavier mucsled guys usually dont last very long on endurance because of how much weight they have in muscle

      • I think it depends on the nature of the comp that requires endurance. Caleb’s a trained athlete/soldier so he should at least have one type of comp that he can really flourish in.

        I’ve noticed most super beefy guys aren’t that all athletic, specifically the Jessie/Howard-kind so they’re the ones with a huge disadvantage when it comes to physical comps.

  3. I think Cody is looking at fratbrat Zach and seeing himself. I don’t think he likes what he sees.

    • He was in rehab so alcohol is a no-no for anyone who’s recovering from any form of alcoholic/drug addiction.

  4. Derrick very well could end up regretting not getting Caleb out when he has the chance to, the “we can get _________ out” another time usually comes back to bite people in the ass.

  5. derrICK is a bore and said yesterday that Brittany probably makes over a thousand dollars a week in child support even after she said she doesn’t make any. He’s disgusting and is a serious drama killer.

    • I don’t know how that’s disgusting…he’s not normally around for any drama, he’s kind of like Dan that way. lol

  6. Ughh I want Brittany to stay soooooo badly. Why is freaking Cody letting Derrick run his HOH. Cody needs to have a mind of his own and do what is best for him.. which is to put up Caleb.

    • I agree. Even if you’re in an alliance you still have to do what’s best for your game. Now is the time to get Caleb out. If he wins the next HoH Cody is going to be one of his targets. Cody needs to stop listening to what Derrick wants and start thinking for himself. Brittany is not a threat to his game, Caleb is.

  7. Couldn’t a physical threat be “physical looks”…it’s thrown Caleb off game…and Cody is having to tip toe around too.

  8. I don’t know why Britt is doing this punishment. They are going to evict her on Thursday. I would say, “forget it.” She made a huge mistake when Cody and Zach fought to keep her safe last week and then she really didn’t show her trust to them. They keep saying that she has an alliance with Donny…I don’t think she does, or am I wrong?

    • She has no alliance. In fact there’s no solid alliance on the other side. But guess who has alliance?..they do !..It’s irritating !

      • Thank you, Cyril! “WhatAnIdiot” got a little attitude with me when I stated my thoughts!!

      • It’s frustrating, these people can’t even talk to each other or they’ll be a suspect, but they scheme all the time in HOH.

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