Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 9 HoH & Nominations

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS and picks up the storyline where we left off on Thursday with the return of Nicole who just barely eeked out a win to return after facing off in the Juror Comp. Now that she’s back, can she do some damage to the majority alliance or will they get her again?

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

With Nicole back in the house she’s a line of support for Donny who was this week’s target heading in to things, but there are several opportunities for safety. Tonight we’ll see how the HoH goes and then Veto results will be part of the Wednesday episode.

The latest Head of Household competition was held late Thursday night and from what we heard the final two players were very, very close. As one HG described it, less than a second apart decided the fate of this entire week. Frustrating when you let that sink in.

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Can’t wait to find out who who wins HoH & who goes on the block? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

Note, this is our first week without a Battle of the Block event on Sunday’s show which means there is little new content other than seeing the nomination ceremony itself. Sort of a bummer. I know many viewers didn’t like the BotB, but at least it made Sunday shows worth watching. Though I guess we get the HoH comp this week. I wonder if they’ll delay things next week to make that Sunday’s episode enticing as well.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 27 Preview:


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  1. Tonight’s episode will hopefully show more of the juicy stuff strategy conversations and such

  2. Who has the bucket tonight? We might be passing it soon. Cyril you buying again or did we break you?

  3. These people have to be the stupidest people ever to play. Christine is so dumb. Of course people want to take Victoria to the F2. Donny just warn Christine!

  4. The gloating is so unnecessary. Seriously, against Donny who is nice. You guys are and look like jack asses.

  5. “Oh I have a business degree” claims Cody. Why is he a junior sales associate then??

  6. I’m surprised they didn’t show Cody trying to impress everybody with his 92 IQ I mean that’s like 92% right. Lol

  7. Awwww. Donny, quit talking to that buffoon. He is an idiot, he is playing daddy Derrick’s game. He knows Donny is right yet he still makes that dumbarse move. No more kisses from real daddy for you, Cody!

  8. Stupid HG. They all sit around and talk about Donny being so smart, but nobody listens to what he says.

    • How dare you say that about spoiled Hebrew? I have something mentally wrong with my dog and I’m offended.

  9. Did Donny ever behave anything but like a grown arse man? Dickrick is angry because he can’t control Donny. Ugh! Talk is cheap!

  10. Cody doesn’t have enough balls in the house to do something big like go against his lame alliance.

  11. Someone has to talk to Heath Luman. He can fix everything and possibly save Donny :)

  12. Donny..Nichole.. “I love you but, I was told by Derrick to do this” .because I have no balls”

  13. Just so everyone knows BBAD is the BB broadway show. Not watching I will DVR it so tomorrow I can fast-forward thru what I don’t want to see. May get to watch 20min

    • Me. Either. There is nothing Broadway about making fun of people who have been evicted. Sickening that this counts a TA. Fakie idea is the rude and crass.

      • At least he tried. Frankie and Derrick should have helped their TA comrade out. Of course they rather cling to their flaky and brittle alliance

      • If he did, I would be surprised. I can see the other side of the coin too. I still think he is to classy to do that. Donny has barely lied so far. I think he would be worried about what America thinks of him if he did make it up. He is no dummy.

      • He may have. He was crying today outside by himself (as always) and talking to camera saying he tried.

      • He tried all day to get the mission to be to save him. Frankie kept saying no, let’s do a play. I’m pretty sure him saying he tried was about that.

    • I will definitely not be watching the Frankie show on BBAD tonight. i will read about it on the blogs and not have to hear his voice. What the heck kind of mission is putting on a show?

    • This is show is right up there with the Brenchel and Quack Pack: getting worse every year. No creativity and lack of excitement and awe. So disappointed.

    • Which irritates me. Why is Frankie not on the block or even a back door option. I am so mad. Now, Broadway night too..

      • She’s beautiful. And she can sing. Not into her music though just wanted to hear her sing.

      • Actually, I’m glad for that. I hope she’s well received. Just cause I can’t stand her brother is no reason think that way about her. I really know almost nothing about her.

  14. Did that just happen? Did Cody say that he likes his johnson rubbed as much as the next guy, but Christine has to go? Did he really admit to Christine committing that kind of act with him while he was in the DR?

    I’m in shock that he said it, since he’s been trying to keep on the d/l for BBAD. Now what will Christine’s husband say?

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