Team America Mission: Frankie Rejects Donny’s “Save Me” Plea & Suggests “Broadway!”

Yesterday on the Big Brother 16 Feed it looked like there might be an opening for Donny Thompson. Team America received a new open-ended mission that would allow them to choose their own goal, even possibly saving one of their own missions.

Donny Thompson fights for survival on Big Brother
Donny Thompson fights for survival on Big Brother – Source: CBS

After bringing the details to Derrick and Frankie Donny was sure to suggest to each of them that they could make this very easy and simply vote to keep him. Each of them would pocket a cool five thousand dollars for working to keep Team America together, argues Donny.

Frankie & Derrick got together and immediately rejected the idea of simply throwing the Veto comp to Donny as Donny had proposed. Later on, post Veto comp, Team America had another meeting and things continued to look bad for Donny.

Late last night Derrick and Donny are talking in the Fire room about Donny’s predicament. Derrick is being partially honest with Donny and admitting things do not look good for Donny staying this week. Frankie arrives at 12:53AM BBT and Donny renews his push to make the Team America mission center on saving him.

Frankie keeps coming up with reason after reason why it wouldn’t make sense for them to go around the house trying to save Donny. Derrick agrees with Frankie. Frankie suggests “it’d be strange” for them to be campaigning before the Veto meeting. What? Frankie says viewers want to see something “fuuuunnnnn” instead.

Donny reminds me that viewers voted Team America together and if they go against him then viewers are going to see two members of TA voting out the third. Frankie says he hopes it doesn’t come to that. Yes, that’s exactly what Frankie hopes it comes to.

Donny pushes back again and tells them they could do an Operation Revolving Door where Nicole, as the returning player, is targeted for eviction since she just came back. They ignore that idea.

He tries again and says why don’t they just vote out Nicole this week and him (Donny) next week then everyone gets an easy $5K. Frankie immediately replies “or we could do a play!” Donny demonstrates amazing restraint in not reaching across and beating him about the neck and face.

Finally Donny reluctantly gives in. He’s been battling this uphill all day with the guys and they’re not going to help him. They want him out and I don’t blame them for fearing the Beard, but considering they have a 6-2 advantage and next week it’d be a 6-1 advantage they could easily get him pegged for eviction again next round.

Donny agrees to do the play. He says it’s his last chance to get something before being voted out and he definitely wants the $5K. Frankie, as usual, says they should do it on Big Brother After Dark the next night. I don’t think I’ll be watching.

So from Donny’s explanation it sounds like viewers will vote on whether or not we consider this mission complete or a failure. I know my initial reaction was to vote “NO” as putting on a play is hardly what many of us think they could do with the opportunity. However, Team America will not receive feedback on the mission until after the season is over. That means they will not know that we rejected their play mission and in the process Donny will lose out on $5K. We’d be punishing Donny.

What do you think of this situation? Does Donny have any chance of changing their minds? What if Donny said he’d refuse to do the play and that the mission must be “Save Donny” or nothing. Do you think that would sway Frankie and Derrick?


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  1. A thrown together play is not “fun” for viewers, IMO. It’s what my nieces, nephews and kids did at each family get together when they were little. Besides, what’s the challenge? Is it to get the 3 of them to act? To get others to act? To get others to watch? If it’s just the 3 of them doing a skit, I’d say that there was NO challenge. They aren’t doing a “mission.” To me a mission has to have a goal that can be measured.

    As much as I want Donny to get this last $5K, I think that we should vote fail if there is no attainable goal. As far as Donny continuing to push, it sounds like he pushed as hard as he could. I hope they highlight his efforts on a show. It would be out of character for him to take a hard stand, though.

    • Of course Frankie has to make the challenge all about Him. Just another chance to be the center of attention. I wish Donny had refused to give in personally and even threatened to out the TA alliance. Time to play dirty Donny!

      • I was just reading an article on TVGRAPEVINE entitled “WE ARE QUITTING THE GRANDE COMMERCIAL”. Besides bringing up how Frankie loves the spotlight, here is a sentence from the article. “CBS owns Columbia Music Group, which became Universal Music Group which includes Republic Records, and is Ariann Grande’s recording label.” I don’t know the validity behind it, but it was an interesting read and if true, it is troubling me that I have been duped into watching this commercial for so long.

      • Thanks for the info KSJB. I hope Frankie can’t sing! But how sad that Frankie blew his chance for stardom and his own TV show. That might also explain the very edited version of Frankie the country is seeing on broadcast TV.
        I hope CBS isn’t trying to make Frankie *happen* because I just don’t see it happening.

      • In my gut, I’m feeling it has mostly to do with Arianna since a lot was conveniently and coincidentally happening for her about the time BB started. But who knows what deal CBS may have with Frankie.

      • I wouldn’t doubt it at all either. But Frankie was heard to say on the feeds that he would like to have his own TV show after BB, so maybe the idea was planted in his head by CBS that this would be possible.

      • Surely they wouldn’t go that far, I don’t think. But there are so many ways they could compensate him for spending his summer in the BB house and all the attention, whether negative or positive for him, it brought so much more exposure to her. Just think of everyone on this site that hadn’t even heard of her.

      • Hey KSJB, thanks for read on that article, now it’s just plain out in the open. Thank you for keeping an ear out for this information and informing us of the truth. To be honest its just sad that they would stoop this low just for ratings and relevance. Do they assume that Ariana Grande fans are just gonna watch BB now and continue to watch BB for years or do they think that we’re expendable viewers and that regardless what we think they assume we would be hooked on watching them no matter what??

      • Since I don’t have the LFs, TVGRAPEVINE is where I get updates when I have a chance. It’s a little disenchanting but I guess that’s showbiz.

      • Interesting that earlier this week on their weekly, nightly entertainment show they were talking about his sister and showed clips from BB and talked to her about her brother! HMMMM!

      • It was CBS’s version of Entertainment Tonight. They were interviewing Arianna, but showed more of Frankie at the beginning and asked her about her brother…it was last week right before the show aired. Coinky dink, ya right! lol

      • certainly CBS wouldn’t give him his own show, don’t they read all the comments people make about how much they hate Frankie and “The Frankie Show”?

      • I’ll have to admit Agena, I just don’t get it either. I guess it took a little time for America to recognize how repellent of a person Frankie is so maybe casting didn’t initially see the real Frankie during auditions. And they aren’t giving a very accurate edit of Frankie on the TV shows either unfortunately.

      • To watch what? A show based on a flamboyant Peter Pan flittering about a room? I doubt anyone but LOGO would care for that…..and probably not even them.

      • Oh I am sure your right, they must have did last minute grammy noms for ariana too…since it is tonight, they could just give themtoo her.. get a grip people.

      • Hey wake up and see what’s in front of you, if you can’t see it then you really must have a myopic view on the industry and how it runs, it starts with a product and requires marketing, do your research Jean before you tell people to get a grip, you need to get a grip of reality and understand this is how it works.

      • It’s obvious you have reading comprehension issues. There is no indication that I begrudge any of Ariana’s accomplishments. That was FAR from the intent. Try reading a little slower and maybe you will “get it”.

      • KSJB, I have been wondering about that the whole time after I found out who his sister was, but didn’t have the time to research it myself. Makes sense though, since she has been in the audience twice already, and Frankie conveniently won HOH on the week before his sister was doing the VMA’s and it was in his HOH letter, and he mentions his sister every chance he gets. CBS promoting Thursday Night football and using that as a comp., and now the reward promoting their newest show in the fall lineup. CBS promotion at its finest!

      • So, let me understand this. Donny wants Derrick and Frankie to do a fake mission that’s totally self serving to Donny, but somehow you have made it all about Frankie? Derrick doesn’t want to do it either so what does that make Derrick, the mastermind who wants Donny out. It amazes me how everything bad is pinned on Frankie. Wonder why that is. Even when they confronted Frankie, most of the lies were not done by Frankie. Frankie chose not to out Derrick and the others. Pretty nice if you ask me or those that are not blinded by Frankies sexual preference or his sister being famous. If mine was famous I would be involved too. Some people are even attacking Frankies sister. Saying she cant sing or only little kids no her. Well Ariana is up for 2 grammys tonight. All of these attacks are coming from hate. Frankie is just one character playing a game. He has not done anything the rest have not. Victoria destroyed a stupid hat to get Zach to attack her so he could be thrown out. I am sure you all will find a way to make that frankies fault too in order to cover your on insecurities. If you don’t like touchy feely things BB is not for you anyways. Do the simple thing, turn your head or your tv.

      • Thank goodness Frankie is not African American or I think Jean would be calling us all racists. Lol

      • lool thank goodness for that Pam cause your right, she’d have our heads ha and hey jean the grammy’s were back in January, don’t know if you meant the VMA’s maybe (sarcasm inserted here) which really doesn’t compare to the value of a grammy since it’s called Video Music Awards. That’s like you comparing a teen choice award to an Oscar??

      • I vouch for that statement and also add Jean please do your research before hand instead of jumping down peoples throats, if you did a little digging (hoping that you find a shovel) you’d see that Frankie isn’t an Angel as you seem to idolize him as.

      • Oh you silliy thing, you. You must be watching a different show or you are somehow connected to the Grande family, I don’t think EVERYONE here is dense or homophobic. Read what people are saying about Skankie…er…Frankie. He’s disgusting. Why would he want to do a Broadway show unless it’s to, once again, be the center of attention and use this mission as another audition. He’s a camera hog, prancing around like a demented gazelle. Now he gets to write, direct and star in THE SKANKIE SHOW…ON BROADWAY! And, nobody said, “only little kids no her.” Your grammar is as bad as your opinion. It should say, “only little kids KNOW her.” Say hi to Ariana when you see her.

  2. They should have given us an option to have the mission be “have an alliance turn on one of there members and have them evicted” BOOM. Derrick and Frankie seem like they would want the money more than sacrificing their game. What they telling Donny is BS and they know they purely just want him out. If the mission was to have an alliance member turn on each other you already have to candidates who outlived their uses, Caleb and Christine. Derrick could tell cody that Christine was just using him to get further in the game and plans to turn on him next week and who would believe Christine anyways?

    • That wouldn’t work though. Frankie and Derrick would just turn on the TA Alliance, not the Detonators (plus one minus one). They would still vote Donny out for the mission and call it good.

      • I don’t think that would work cos all members would need to participate right? I doubt Donny would participate if he was in danger, also Derrick and Frankie wouldn’t get money either.

  3. I think Donny should say “save me this week or I out TA, your F2 deals with other HGs, how you two control everything. I will do everything in my power to make sure you’re the biggest targets next week. America don’t want to see no damn play, Frankie. They want to finally see a move bigger than your testicles. Oh, and if by some chance either of you make it to F2, I’ll be sure to have a bag of skittles handy. You’ll just have to take my word that your color wasn’t picked for my vote. Your move.” I know Donny probably wouldn’t be that cut throat, but a girl can dream, right?

    • Unfortunately that would lead to his demise even faster, Derrick has everyone in his pocket and they would believe him over Donny anyway. Every time Donny talked to someone about Derrick, they would report back to him and he would work his magic.

      • How is it going to go any faster he is going to jury this week… I would out the TA and tell about the mission of stealing thier stuff and letting Zach take the fall for it..

      • Well i look at it like Donny may have a slight chance of survival. If Donny were to out everyone like that, people would think of him as a bigger threat as someone who would “lie” to get further (its big brother yet no one respects that sort of gameplay). So I meant faster as that if he were to do that, he would have no chance of survival.

      • I wouldn’t do it till almost at the very end before live time or even as his final thought before voting.

      • what does Donnie have to lose? they are all against him anyway. do anything you have to do to ruin their game aleast

      • That is not Donny. He has spent the summer as a man of honor and grace not a ZachAttack.

    • TA members can only out themselves personally or they lose all their money. Donny can only say he’s part of TA…that’s it

  4. I saw a genuine moment from Derrick last night, when he began crying with Donny over the fact that they both knew he was going home, I could tell the dude felt genuine guilt because he knows that Donny is a good dude and so many people in the house have said such terrible things about him.

    Everything in my being was hoping that Derrick would just be like, “You know what? Screw it. Donny, you, me, Nicole and Cody for final 4. We’re backdooring Frankie this week.” I know it was ridiculously unrealistic, but it would have made me so happy.

    • That was all an act. Derrick knows that America loves Donny and he doesn’t want to look like the bad guy. He doesn’t want the viewers to hate him. Are you forgetting he’s a cop and he knows exactly what he’s doing. He has calculated every single move in the game.

      • I agree. I can’t wait for everyone to find out that Derrick has been lying about what he does outside the house and that he has been behind every eviction so far. I would be so mad if he wins.

      • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Derprick to go before VapidVic. It would serve him right.

      • I don’t understand why so many people hate the manipulation game so much, if it were just a bunch of people playing “honest” then Big Brother would be incredibly boring, the only reason Derrick is considered boring is because he doesn’t have a captivating personality, but his game is excellent.

        Why should people hate Derrick for lying about his occupation and being behind every eviction, I would think most people would respect him for that.

        My only problem is his tendency to be disingenuous to the camera’s, you take that away and I’d be rooting for him 100 percent.

      • You are absolutely correct Lavendargirl! That was nothing more than a ploy to help Derrick try to get AF player if he doesn’t win the game outright! People forget Derrick lied to America already about taking TA to the F3!

      • AF isn’t happening this year, they’ve been giving that to TA so I don’t see it happening.

    • That was all bullsh!t. Derprick knows that America loves Donny and he still wants Donny’s vote in jury. He knows Donny is on to his game and will spill it in jury. And if Derprick didn’t turn on Fakie when he wanted Derprick play Devin in black face (a move which would have America hating Derprick and maybe cost him his job), he won’t do it to save Donny.

      • True,Jax! Derrick is playing the game so hard in the house, he doesn’t realize that all the players in the jury house know his game(duhhh)due to their reactions when they all met up in the house before the juror comp. Derrick thinks that they will vote him the money…I think he will be surprised depending on who he is sitting next to. Donny even said the other night he would rather see Caleb win over any other hg’s still in the game. Point being Derrick is playing the game so hard in the house he has not even thought about playing the jury yet! Lol
        I for one was not buying his waterworks, and viewed that as a ploy by CBS to help him rejuvenate his poor image in the house…what better way for him to do that to tell Donny what a great guy he is before he pushes him out the door. Did we not forget that Derrick has lied to America as well saying in his DR that he was ALL FOR TA, and he was going to keep both Frankie and Donny ’till the F3! He has been going after Donny since the beginning. Pfffttt!!!

  5. I agree with pauline, donny should not go along with the play idea and keep Derrick and Frankie from getting anymore money. Then we should all vote donny for America’s favorite player and he would get that money, letting Frankie and the rest know just what America thinks.

    • I agree more, America will vote for Donny as America Favorite Houseguest! Can’t wait the looks of Frankie’s face! You should save Donny over stupid play.

    • I agree I’ll make sure I’ll vote for donny over and over again, some people wants Zach to win AFP, but I just can’t sorry zach

    • Actually whether he goes along or not, America has the final vote as to whether or not they get paid. I for one will vote NO for a completed mission and I suggest that everyone else does too. Yes Donny might lose another 5K but in the end Frankie and Derrick will realize WAY TOO LATE that they should have went along with Donny’s plan.

  6. This is so damn boring! Just give Derrick the money and end this misery. I don’t call watching Flaming Frankie in a play a mission. The less I see of that fool the better. Please end this show soooooooon.

    • I agree, but sounds like your still watching it. you sound a lot like cody “I am going to go tell don and nic what I think of them”, when? if you want it to end, use channel button

    • Then don’t watch it anymore! I personally LOVE Frankie and enjoyed Zankie!

      • Nah Julie she does not, she probably is too ignorant to read up on his activities and enjoys the edited version CBS shows on tv for her.

      • I bet if Frankie asked you to be in his Broadway and asked you play the role of “Black face” (his words last night on the feeds), you would love to and say, “Thank you Frankie, Love You”, am I right? Since you personally love Frankie!?

  7. Matt I don’t get this at all. No where on the CBS site does it mention this task. Is this really true or is Donny making it up? And if it is true why was there no mention of it on the last show?

    • I’m wondering if Donny made it up and then production ran with it. Maybe they thought it could shake things up.

      • No, that wouldn’t work. There wasn’t a mission mentioned on Thurs show so they were obviously planning to do something that didn’t require viewers to vote up front. There’s no way they’d just let Donny make this up & then go with it.

      • Matt for the life of me I don’t get CBS letting their cash cow(re: the fan favorite)go…it doesn’t make any sense. Jeff was the fan favorite of his season and CBS created the coup d’etat for him to stay. Why not a coup for Donny to at least give he and Nicole a chance to change the dynamic of the house for a little less boring show? There is no way 2 vs. 6 was going to work on its own. Does CBS expect us to sit by and watch this slaughter for the next two weeks while they unamiously vote out Donny and Nicole, so that we can be thrilled when they resort to more of their nasty tactics to kill off their own alliances ? It was bad enough what they did to Zach and he wasn’t a favorite of mine, but good grief! Obviously the ratings of the power players are falling because they are so rude and classless(ie.Frankie, Derrick, and Christine and Cody). CBS needs to get a friggin’ clue. This game can be played without being ruthless, classless and downright nasty, mean spirited and rude. Survivor does it the right way! I swear I feel like I was living in a tween nightmare watching this season. But if Donny goes out the door, I will go with him! It isn’t so much Donny as it is the hope that someone could play a decent, honest game without the viciousness and hatefulness that has permeated society and sadly this game!

    • There is no voting until after they complete their mission. Since the mission parameters are up to TA there’s nothing for us to vote on. And since it took place after noms it wouldn’t have any place in tonight’s show so it’s not up on the site until Wed’s show.

      Donny is not making it up. If he were then DR would have called him out when Derrick & Frankie went in for details.

      • Thanks that makes sense. I thought they would of at least put it out to the viewers hey do you want them to make up their own task. Oh well I think this might be the last one. (I hope).

  8. seriously with this poor Donny crap!! He has not played a good game. He has tried nothing to have a good social game as a back up plan, in case he couldn’t win the Veto every week. I mean c’mon now, you’re on the block all the time, you don’t think that at some point you should have started building a better social game and making deals with people??? The man refused a TA mission because he had to throw out a couple names at people about a swayed vote, yet he deserves to win BB???? haha yeah ok. Just because he’s kind doesn’t mean he deserves to win, nor that other people, like Derrick or Frankie who have been playing the game should be punished for Donny not playing a good game.

    • I respect your opinion, but all his friends were evicted and when he tries to have a social game with the detonators they use it as a way that he is this mad genius and is the main enemy (which i guess he is) but these people judge people for trying to play this game.

    • Yeah, Donny failed to make friends with the powerful people in this game. For instance, he was friends with Pao Pao, Jocasta, and (very late in the day) Zach, who was about to go out the door himself. Hardly power players! And of course Devin, a disastrous partner. Donny needed to get in good with Cody, Derrick, and Frankie, also Caleb,I guess. And he didn’t.

      When all of a player’s friends are evicted, that tells you the player chose weak (in the game) friends. Not a winning strategy.

      • No- Donny was never included- remember after day 2 all the guys were up in the HOH and did not include Hayden or Donny even though they said an all guys alliance. They picked Amber & Christina later

      • You are exactly right. Even though Devin said he as wrong they stayed against Donny.

      • Yep. That’s what helped damage Donny’s game. Dumbarse Devin but these idiots still refuse to see that Donny is who he is. Beast Mode Cowdung. is continuing with the silly Donny is ex-military nonsense. They fear the beard because they are jealous of his goodness.

      • Once the alliance was formed. No one else was allowed in.
        So, how can you join it? Anyone even talking to an alliance member is called a liar by Derrick and accepted as truth! Nicole tried to form an alliance with Derrick and Cody and we saw how that one turned out! Donny even with good social skills cannot join the Detonators, much less an alliance with Derrick himself. The only slim chance they had was when Nicole and Donny won HOH but, they blew that nomination! They should not have nominated Jocasta and Victoria and could have reeled those votes in! If they just put up Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Caleb up—-no matter what they do, one of them would have gone to the jury house because they have Christine and Zach are replacement for whoever got off! Not to say they will beat the Detonators because there is way too many of them! They win just by sheer numbers! Best case scenario for Nicole, Hayden and Donny then, was to get rid of a couple of Detonators then, maybe, they have a slight chance to last longer but, that is still a big if!

    • I think Donny has played a good honest game that’s why he should win he played his way which was not cut throat or mean immoral yes I get it BB is a game but does it have to be the one who can lie belittle people the best is that the whole purpose of the game my understanding is it’s to watch how 16 strangers live together do competitions And get voted out it sure does say a lot about people being dishonest to get further in a game and in life this is just my opinion if you don’t agree with it that’s ok I don’t want or need negative responses

  9. That is not a mission. Frankie would do that anyway. It’s like playing Jenga. It’s not a mission. At least come up with a real mission.

  10. Donny should out threaten to out them as he leaves if they don’t vote to save him. That’s what I would do – blow their games up!

  11. Donny’s in the backyard, alone and crying. I just can’t take watching the torture anymore. He has given it everything he’s got.

    America LOVES you Donny!!

    • Donny should do the play- but change his lines so that each time he has a line- he speaks of the TA misisons like a memory walk and refers to them for an answer One like remember when ….

    • Oh man, makes me sad to hear this. I may be in the minority here but I think being evicted would be much better than staying in the house. At least in the jury house he is amongst a better group. Sometimes the money is not worth it. Donny will do/be far better than any of them when this is over.

      • He will be happier in jury and he won’t have to be alone all day in that pig sty. Production loves Donny and so do the other HGs

    • Yeah, and I really almost vomited at Derrick’s little ruse when he was talking with someone after he had talked to Donny and he started to cry those crocodile tears, yeah Derrick that was really believable! NOT! Kudos to CBS at their attempt to rehabilitate Derrick falling ratings on the show, but it ain’t working on this viewer.

  12. it’s time for Donny to out these fools (or at least threaten them) just an hour before the vote (as to not give them time to smoothe over), out TA and their winnings….Maybe they (Derrick and Skankie) will reconsider voting him out.

    • Its a decent idea with nothing to lose, but threating them wouldnt work an would give them a brief period of time to work strategy around it. Best bet, flat out Out TA, and say something to the HGs like good luck on the next 3 missions, paranoia would be rampant then!

  13. I want to start a fund raising site and raise $ to give to Donny. He just appears as such a great person and is a favorite. Wouldn’t be great if America raised more money for him and his family than the BB winner gets. Imagine that at finale. Boom!!!

    • Yes, Yes, Hail Donny… Go Donny or Bust…. boycott BB16 it sucks…
      Donny tried to makes friends with everyone, but they alienated him…he has tried numerous times to get in with the crowd…now they talk about him… he did nothing to these people… they are the worst bunch of BB people I have ever seen.

      • That would overwhelm and invade the family’s privacy. If a fundraiser is started online with a reputable site people could donate whatever they could and it wouldn’t cause havoc with the family.

    • They should have a Donny wedding special and pay for his wedding to his “beautiful girlfriend”. Jocasta can officiate, Paola the DJ, Nicole, Hayden, and Zachary invited to the wedding (maybe Brittany and Amber also).

      • That would be so fun to watch but not some big over priced wedding. Something Donny’s family would be comfortable with…err…wait I don’t think that’s such a good idea after all. A wedding would be something special and family orientated for Donny so having tv there would not be something they would want.

      • True but would be nice to see. Nothing over the top, just a wedding, Donny Thompson style. His family seems like a private but fun loving family. A good wholesome family wedding, something different for reality television.

      • And when wedding is over the rest of the bit#$%^ could come in and be the clean up crew.

    • A while back someone mentioned that Donny was doing this because he needed eye surgery. They said that there was a donation set up for him to get money for the surgery, regardless of what he won in BB. Does anyone else remember this? Does anyone remember the URL for the donation?

      Matt, do you have the ability to search all the comments in this blog? If yes, can you search for “eye surgery”? Thanks!

  14. if I were Donny I would say, that’s it for ta you don’t play may way it’s done then out derric and Frankie to he…ll with playing it the way they want.

  15. He has to completely stand up to them. He is right and they can’t see it. I hope if he leaves Team America is over. Derrick and Frankie don’t deserve any more chances to win money. A play is just stupid.

  16. Nichole is more of a threat in HOH comps than Donny. Nichole should be the target even if it’s not part of the mission. If they keep her I hope she wins HOH next week and gets rid of Frankie. Then he’ll really feel like an idiot for doing a stupid play instead of keeping Donny. This is big brother, if we wanted to see a play we would watch one with real actors. Can’t Derrick at least come up with a mission relating to the game, one that big brother viewers would want to see?

    • Derrick the string puller will let anything take place as long as he and Vicky get to the final 2.

      • Also if they want to keep pretending with Donny that they’re loyal to TA and not working with anybody else, all Donny has to say that it won’t be hard to get the votes to keep him if they want to because Christine wouldn’t want to keep Nichole after she nominated and got her evicted. that’s the 3 votes they need.

  17. All I can say is I’m glad bbad is on tvgn and I’m not paying for showtime. This member of team America votes no on skankies play as a mission. Production obviously wanted an out to try and get Donny to stay. I still can’t believe nobody remembers just a cpl weeks ago skankie was out the door. He’s used Zach to make the money so far and that got him out the door. No more jack from me.

  18. I love Big Brother but this season I am sick of watching the Frankie and Derrick show. Frankie has been living the good life, eating good food, sleeping in HOH room no matter who is HOH. He has done nothing but lay around or jumping on all the man. The other night the sick things was trying to show the other guys how to give themselves oral sex. Derrick is the controller and a liar. Frankie is the only one that keep his pictures and the others had to give their up and Derrick throw a comp so that Frankie could see a picture of his grandfather and then a couple of days later his grandfather died. Frankie is a drama queen and needs to go but no body will grow any to backdoor him. I love Donny and what they have done to him is mean. I good soul does not have a chance up against a two face lying sick fag. He is a disgraced to the gay community!!!

  19. Cody has all the power this week and I think it’s great he let Nicole and Donny in on the luxury comp. I hope they talked game all hour and the knocked some sense into him. Don’t you know Christine was livid he didn’t ask her to go. I wish Nicole would start snuggling up with him every second she can.

    • She was mad that he didn’t pick her but she was crazed that he picked Donny. She hates Donny with a venom worse than RatAndy hated Elissa.

      • I try to hate Frankie more than Andy then remember what Andy did and hate him more Then hate Frankie more.

      • yes, that’s the good Christian woman that she is. So worried what her pastor thinks about her profile. Whatever….I just feel so sorry for Tim, he has surely endured a lot from the public.

  20. Okay, so Derrick and Vile Mogul is going to be the final 2? Do they believe they can beat the other? Granted they may not win against Donny but why not wait until next week to evict him. A play is not a mission, it is a show, Frankie’s show. At least with “Save Donny”, it would be a true mission to get Christine and Caleb to change their minds. Cody would agree to anything his step father says without much of a fight. Who decides if they accomplishes it or not? How did Derrick go along with that dumb idea? Should have kept Zach, sure they would have found a mission and used him as the scapegoat.

    • Derprick wants Donny gone and has been trying for weeks to get him out. NoBallsCody wanted to backdoor Fakie and Derprick shut him down.

      I can only hope Derprick goes home before VapidVic. I would love to see that.

  21. Cody needs to pull Donny down and put Frankie on the block. He is really getting on my last nerve. Idk how the sister card put him right back into the game.

  22. Donny has had a million chances to flip the script & failed. Time 2 go. His Outsider Alliance was all evicted…. admit the loss & move on.

  23. IF the mission is real I am voting NO and then voting Donny for AFP. At least he will end up with 40K

  24. I hate watching the Frankie show every night so I have started DVRing it. Then the next morning I can watch the whole 2 hours in about 20min Time you fast forward the commercials and Frankie not much else left.

    • Do you think the BB network shows are giving Frankie a true to life edit as he really is on the feeds?

  25. This has been one of the most boring and disappointing seasons EVER. In past seasons, even last years ugly one, I watched the feeds and BBAD. This year, I have hardly looked at the feeds and pretty much never watch BBAD. In trying to redeem themselves after last season’s debacle, CBS made some huge mistakes in casting. The dual HOH has been a waste and only served to provide comp filler for the shows. The voting as a house and one side running the house with no flips has been dull. Perhaps there is some wisdom to having vets in the house to actually show these idiots what it is REALLY like to scheme and plot and flip the house. The only way that I will make time to watch next season is if it is all stars. Enough already with these newbie losers.

    • I as well do not watch BBAD and have missed a couple of the televised shows. I do have the feeds but that is if and when the comps are shown. The season is a /has been a complete bust. There was a time that u could not have dragged me away from BB but this season is such a loser soooo baddd

    • I have to agree, adding Vets to the cast would have made BB much more fun to watch. I’m sure Allison Grodner is disappointed that Frankie has been such a bust in his star making role.

  26. I think Donny sunk his game by refusing to do the TA mission a few weeks back. It made it seem like TA was not that big of a deal and likely angered Derrick and Frankie. Donny should have constantly talked up TA and made it seem like they (Donny, Derrick, Frankie) should be proud that America chose the three of them out of everyone in the house. Try to make them feel like they can’t vote you out because the three of them have that secret connection.

    Increasing the amount of money each mission would have helped too (or did BB do that? I can’t remember)

  27. For everyone wanting to help Donny:

    Check out Donny’s WIki page. There is a comment in there about a fundraiser started for Donny to have his eye surgery.

      • One of the reasons he’s doing BB is to get enough money to have eye surgery when it is over.

      • Oh For Crying Out Loud!! Laser eye correction?!? To hear tell of it, and to his credit not from Donny himself, you’d think he was depending upon the kindness of strangers while groping his way down the Road to Agra after his eyesight turned into milky puddles of glaucomic blindness. People, get a grip! I like Donny just as much as anyone else and I fully accept the cruxification that going to be headed my way for posting this, but shiite, this deification has got to stop.
        Donny’s been outplayed in a game of do unto others before they do unto you. No more, no less. Personally, I find Derrick about as riveting as watching Jell-o set, that doesn’t make him an unworthy winner, you know what would make him an unworthy winner? If he took Donny with him to the final. He wins against anyone else less Donny. For half a million bucks? I’d be hustling Donny’s ass out the door too – at the very first opportunity I was gifted. Derrick’s job is to play Derrick’s game. Not Frankie’s. Not Nicole’s. Not Caleb’s. And most definately not Donny’s. That’s not Big Brother. That’s a fool’s game.

    • The fundraiser for Donny was started on aug 15 2014 by Christy Holiday on giveforward website which is a dotcom

      • I wonder why it was pulled oh well someone else will have to restart one or if CBS is smart they would just offer to pay for his surgery

    • Agree with you on that. His treatment of Zach showed his true colors to me. Zach basically was on BB to make Skankie $15 grand and then gets alienated by everyone in the house after being accused of being the saboteur. If he treats him like that, he will treat anyone like that. True colors shown and they aren’t pink like his hair. They are yellow like his belly or green like his envy

      • The way he is talking about people is vile. He’s nothing but a 12 year old mean girl. I so hope Zach gets the job with CBS that Fakie wants.

  28. Maybe I’m giving to much credit to Donny as one the greatest players, but here are my thoughts. I don’t think production gave Donny an assignment for team America period! It was just a lie that Donny brilliantly came up with to try and save himself! When he suggested to his team america “alliance” to save him as a task it of course was shot down. I don’t think that came as a surprise to Donny and the excuses Frankie and Derrick gave him were weak. So when everyone is gathered for this play I expect Donny to view this as a prime time to blow up the house… specifically Derricks game! I would watch tonight it has the potential to be as big as Dan’s funeral !

    • I wish this would happen then we will see who gets “played” !!!!
      That is the only play I want to see

    • I think Donny come up with the “save me” on his own yes,but maybe production can give him fuel to blow it up like you said during it and see what happens.

  29. Hope Nicole gets HOH next week and puts Derrick and Frankie up. That wouldn’t be a real mood changer! Go Nicole!!!!

  30. They need to insert a golden POV where Donny gets to pull himself and Nicole off the block and he gets to name the replacement nominees. Now that could get twisted!

  31. Donny will be fine with AT money, stipend and probably Am. Favorite. Don’t reward Frankie and Derrick for shafting Donny.

  32. I wish people on twitter and those of us posting online, would start using the following hash tag, in their tweets and at the end of their posts: #Coup d’etat Now.

  33. A play is not a mission it is something to pass time I really think this idea is a fail a ” mission” is an assignment or operation not a play at what part of any of their other TA missions were let’s see how you can act we already see that everytime we watch the feeds or the show or after dark production should shoot this down ?

  34. The play is a stupid idea, but I want to make sure I understand—-some people are saying to vote no afterwards because they do not want others to get the 5K, which will also cost Donny the money. Some posts say that he will win 25K for AFP plus the 15K he already has so it won’t matter. Even with donations 5K still seems like a lot of money to me.

    • Yes, a play making fun of all the evicted HG’s apparently is in the works. Frankie should be in his element.

  35. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I hate Fakie right now.He’ll do everything to shine whatever it takes, who cares about a f****** play just to show he can be good on broadway btw???He’s just a shadow of his sister, he’s soooo lame.I hope he gets evicted next week.I mean a play?How Derrick can be dumb to agree with that?

  36. Geesh! Out TA for criipes sakes before the veto ceremony. Donny would not have to say who the others are….just they are still in the house. Caleb would be furious that someone made $$ to steal his boots. They would all be angry that “some in the house” are making $$. And Caleb would also remember how they were all so mad when he took the 5k. Also, they could figure out that some in TA really screwed Zack. And remind the ball less wonder, Cody, that Derrick is much closer to Victoria. Derrick has not once saved Cody. I lost count of how many times he’s saved Victoria.

    Jmo. May not work. But sure would stoke the fires of paranoia.

    • Problem with that is Frankie and Derrick would blame Nicole and maybe Cody. These morons would believe them. Also, Donny would never do it.

  37. I pull up the Utube on Frankie and his sister, there was Frankie getting himself on stage with his sister. He sang with her. Then a tour though her house, lunch with her, and there was Frankie in all his glory…

  38. IMO because TA votes out a member of there team the two who voted him out should forfit their TA winnings to the person they voted out. This way Donnie will walk away with something better and put it to derrick and frankie.

  39. OMG, Donny got busted in tonight’s episode lying to both Cody and Derrick … so much for him playing an game of integrity and honeaty … Ha !!

    He even attempted to throw Nicole under the bus, as well .. his closest friens remaining in the House …

    on another note, good to see that they were talkimg about Christine having been playing both sides of the Alliance (ie Frankie) an Cody (err Deerick) …

    • Lying about what?? AND TURN ABOUT IS FAIR PLAY Nicole has threw Donny under the bus.. Its called save ur ass with gameplay

      • Exactly .. he finally is getting it … it is just a game for $500,000 … and, if you have to lie, manipulate, cheat, or whatever to win … it is Big Brother, afterall .. and, are there really any true friends in this game, considering everyone just met a couple of months ago … and, throwing people under the bus is but one thing that one will have to do eventually to win ..

        Both Derrick and Frankie has made it clear that it is all about winning the money and will do what it takes … they are both acting a role, somewhat differently, but are doing it better than some others, as they are able to distance their personal and emotional feelings from the game better than some others .. in a way, Zach accepted and owned his actions and had no hard feelings in his exit speech with Julie, in particularly towards how Frankie had treated him …

  40. Personally I can’t wait till this Thursday night. I want the entire audience to go complete apeshit over Donny as he walks out of the BB house, I want hem to be so loud that Derrick,Cody, Caleb< Christine and more important Frankie to hear it. Maybe Mr. 15000 follower's will then know WHO AFP is this year and it won't be him since he thinks no one likes Donny to begin with.

  41. IF I was Donny I would say it’s save me or nothing. Then I would go around and tell everyone about Team America and let them know that Frankie and Derrick already pocketed a lot of money and put a big target on their backs. Payback is a bit fellas.

  42. This is the saddest excuse of BB I have ever seen. All he house guest are nothing more than puppets for Frankie and Derrick unless these two approve a move it’s simply not going to happen so as far as game moves go you can surely guess who will be taking the money home . And sad part is Donnie warned all these idiots.

  43. Could somebody please explain to me what Derrick ment when he said Donny made his bed? Exactly what was Donny suppose to say Derrick F2? That whole bunch of people are so stupid. Do they think they have a F6 on the last night. I swear they have never watched the show, except for Donny and Nichole. Frankie thinks he is a bb fan? He didn’t even know Brittneys baby was sick. Ok I need to go take a chill pill.

  44. Let me know when Cody uses the veto on Donny and puts Frankie or Christine up in his place…k?

  45. Why should Donny win? Because he’s nice? I like him too, but I certainly don’t think he’s played the best game. Derrick has played an amazing puppet master game and is my pick to win. It has nothing to do with whether or not I like his personality on the show. Bottom line: he controls the other house guests with such ease it’s amazing to watch. Victoria is going to be de estates to discover that he’s groomed her to be his bitch. Caleb is going to flip out when he finds out how the whole house has played him. I would have laughed if Cody got a photo of Christine’s husband in his HOH room! Frankie is such a drama queen, but that’s not an act. Nicole doesn’t have a chance at manipulating anyone, she’s too sweet for that. Derrick walks the walk, and talks the talk. He has manipulated everyone in the house and he’s done it without freaking out. His undercover training has paid off so far! Entertainment wise, this season is tolerable, not great. I’ll watch it all play out. I just don’t want Christine or Cody to win. Their behavior is disgusting. Is like CBS to show their families watching the show and ask them to comment. I’d like to see what they’d say to justify the behavior.

  46. Donny refused to do a TA’s mission once (without hesitation)and let Frankie and Derrick down, and now he is expecting them to use the TA to save him ? the guy has some nerve.Besides that, TA was not created to make up for Donny lack of gameplay and save him from eviction.he should work to get the votes of go home

  47. this mission gets 2 thumbs down ,a play! is what america wants to see? wtf you been smoking frankie? again CBS just loves it’s gay men , survior gonna have 2 gay men ! ok CBS why is it ever show you have to have a gay man on there your trying to say ever 1in 8 men are gay ? or do you have some people running CBS that are gay?

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