Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 9 Saturday Highlights

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16
Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Usually the drama on Saturdays for Big Brother come from the Power of Veto competition, but this week it was all about Victoria being found crumpled up on the toilet stall floor. Feeds cut and Victoria was gone for hours before returning to the game.

Later Team America got its new mission: choose your own adventure. Donny said they should save him. Frankie said, no, let’s put on a play. I’m not kidding. So it was all going to rest on Donny’s chances at winning the Power of Veto.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 23, 2014:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs slowly getting up for the day.

10:30 AM BBT – Derrick and Frankie wonder where their Team America mission is, but they’re ready to do whatever it is. Frankie mentions the missions will not stop even if one of their members is evicted.

11:10 AM BBT – Derrick tells Christine that he doesn’t think Victoria will be able to compete for Veto with her tooth issue.

11:15 AM BBT – Nicole opens the toilet stall door to find Victoria laying on the floor and sweating. Nicole calls to Derrick for help and the Feeds cut.

11:58 AM BBT – Feeds return, but Victoria is not present.

12:18 PM BBT – Christine rocking under her covers until Derrick passes through the room and she quickly pulls her hand up above the cover, freezes, and then peeks out to see who walked through.

12:50 PM BBT- Derrick and Caleb discussing Victoria’s departure. Derrick speculates that if she’s admitted to the hospital that she may not return to the game.

1:10 PM BBT – Derrick starts working Caleb on fearing Frankie in the F2. Caleb doesn’t seem to get that at all and even seems to suggest he’d go with Frankie to the end.

1:58 PM BBT – Victoria emerges from the Diary Room. She’s wrapped in a blanket and shuffles through the house. Christine gets up and joins her in the bathroom. Victoria is soon smiling and laughing. She’ll be just fine. Victoria details that she was given an IV for dehydration and pain. She will not compete in Veto if her chip is drawn.

2:55 PM BBT – Feeds return from brief cut. Veto players were picked. Victoria’s chip was not drawn.

2:55 PM BBT – Donny telling Frankie about TA’s mission to pick their own mission. Frankie smiles and nods at Donny’s suggestion to make it saving him.

3:00 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick that he will not throw the Veto comp to Donny as Donny suggested to help save him for the TA mission.

4:20 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the Veto competition.

6:20 PM BBT – Feeds return. Cody has won the PoV.

6:30 PM BBT – Christine celebrating Cody’s win and that they’ll be able to send Donny to Jury. Cody thinks America will be mad at him, but Frankie disagrees.

6:50 PM BBT – Team America meets to discuss their options. Frankie is declining the “Save Donny” mission and wants to do something like pretend a HG is their pet or put on a play. Seriously.

7:15 PM BBT – Cody tells Nicole that she is safe this week and everyone is voting out Donny.

7:25 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie discussing TA. They’re planning to do a play, per Mr. Broadway’s suggestion. Derrick worries that if they try to flip the vote and save Donny then it’ll be obvious and they could get themselves targeted as a result.

7:40 PM BBT – Derrick working on Frankie about Cody to raise suspicions and worries about his competition prowess. Frankie tells Derrick he’s worried he (Derrick) could beat him in a F2 since no one has ever nominated Derrick and HGs like him.

8:10 PM BBT – Per his reward prize from the Veto comp, Cody picks Nicole and Donny to go watch a TV show with him. Cody says he picked them so they could get a break from being Have-Nots and eat some real food.

8:30 PM BBT – HGs discussing how Donny came in second to Cody in both comps this week.

9:15 PM BBT – Cody, Donny, and Nicole are back from the luxury reward. They’ve brought candy with them to share.

10:30 PM BBT – Frankie says, “many lesbians choooose to become lesbians later in life.”

10:45 PM BBT – Lockdown is over. HGs head outside.

11:45 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie again discuss TA mission and that they can not do what Donny wants (saving him) as it is too risky for them.

12:50 AM BBT – Donny finds Derrick and they discuss the situation. Derrick lets Donny know that it’s not looking good.

12:53 AM BBT – Frankie joins them and tells Donny they’re not doing the “Save Donny” mission. Donny argues to just evict Nicole again and they can all earn $5K for it. Frankie counters again with the play.

1:20 AM BBT – Derrick is sad about voting out Donny, but tells Victoria that that is what they’re going to do.

3:45 AM BBT – Nicole and Cody catch up on what she missed. He tells her about the Saboteur taking items. Cody also mentions how Frankie immediately wanted to use the Veto to save Caleb even though Cody was also up on the block.

6:15 AM BBT – HGs finally head to bed after a long, long night.

It looks like Donny is doomed this week. It must be infuriating to him that they won’t just evict Nicole again and pocket the $5K each, but the guys are worried about if they’ll get another chance at this or not. With the house sitting 6 vs 2, I think they easily could, but that’s their choice. For now.

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  1. What I’d like to see:

    Right before veto ceremony Nic and Donny corner NoBallsCody. They act excited and happy. Tell him they are so glad he finally knows about Fakie and the Thing. Before NoBalls can say anything one ask him so which one of us is coming down while the other says I’m so glad you know cause we knew if we told you that you wouldn’t believe us. NoBalls will be totally confused and question what the Thing is. Nic and Donny looked shocked. Then say OMG they told us you knew!! And then leave while looking at NoBalls like they feel bad for him.

    Then after the veto when NoBalls is freaking out they can just say you won’t believe us so you have to ask them to tell you the truth. Of course there is no truth so NoBalls goes crazed knowing he can’t play for HOH. And if he did put Fakie on the block then Fakie is now crazed. Even if he’s not on the block he’s crazed and could be gone next week.

    What do you think?

    • I wish people would stop putting Frankie down. Yes, he is a You Tube personality, and yes he has an awesome sister, and yes he is gay, but unless you are jealous and homophobic (which I think must of you are) SHUT UP and stop watching if you don’t like it!

      • So because we don’t like Frankie we’re jealous and homophobic, oh come on,yes my biggest dream is to be on Youtube and because he’s gay and we don’t like him it must be homophobia yeah that’s it, and his sister is awesome why?? She’s a singer so she must be awesome, Good God, how old are you??

    • I think Cody’s brother is mad as hell because we all know that Cody is not winning the half a million and he had a chance to but he is so mesmerized by Derrick & Cody’s brother is wondering why Cody is not getting rid of Caleb and Derrick.

    • see what I said right above your entry. I didn’t think to hit reply cuz I am just so angry right now at Frankie and Christine

  2. Well you guys voted Frankie in to TA. Look what you’ve wrought. Maybe they’ll do Westside Story?!

  3. All 3 of them have to do the mission to win the money right ? If so then Donny should refuse the mission and when he gets evictied TA should be over. IMO I also think Donny should thank Frankie and Derrick ( in front of everyone ) for all the missions they did and the money that they won

    • Matt said in a previous comment that if any of them tell anyone who the others are in TA they may forfeit their TA winnings. Otherwise, that would be a great idea.

      • But couldn’t he tell everyone he is a member of TEAM America, meaning more than one person. With the paranoia building,this could cause a lot of upheaval

      • I think Donny should. At Thursday meeting that would earn him $25g Americas player for sure.

    • That would be awesome if Donny outed Frankie and Derrick!! If HG’s knew they have been getting money..their games would implode!!

    • Contractually, I don’t think he can out the other members of TA, I’m pretty sure he can only out himself.

      • However he can only mention himself but he could say something along the lines of being in a three team member of TA, and it was fun doing the missions to win extra money, and I want to wish the two remaining members…good luck!!

      • He could really spook the HGs by saying sumthing like “and team America, good luck on the finale 3 remaining missions!” that would really boost paranoia

      • You know Derrick would somehow pin it on other HG. He has been able to do that all season.

    • That’s what I thought from the minute I read that Frankie wanted to put on a play instead of save Donny. If I were Donny I’d refuse to do it and give that ass another 5k. However, Donny’s probably too nice to do that.

      • If I knew I was going home regardless, I would absolutely do it and pocket another 5k instead of saying no out of spite.

      • That’s true. I didn’t think of it that way. All I thought of was how much I dislike Frankie.

      • I totally understand that haha. Honestly when Frankie retorted to Donny last night “or we could do a play!”, I saw the hope in Donny’s face disappear, like he knew his game was over in that instant, and it made me really upset with Frankie.

        Like, just tell the dude the truth, even Derrick was being partially honest with him, and I could tell Derrick was struggling with to some extent, but Frankie didn’t even have the decency to say, “Hey, I’m sorry but I really don’t want you in the house because you scare me.” No, he has to hide behind the viewers and pretend that it’s what “we want”.

        My response to Frankie is, please don’t speak for me, you know nothing of what I or any true Big Brother fan wants.

      • Let Frankie put on his big dumb play. Then we all vote that, that mission sucks and they don’t deserve the money for putting on a lame ass play instead of making a awsome game move.

      • Absolutely agree with you! And it seems like every year there are a group of houseguests who think they are America’s favorites who are very surprised that alot of us feel the exact opposite of them when they get out. I think Frankie wants more fame rather than to play the game, and for fans like myself who have a love of the game and for the houseguests I’m rooting for his actions are deplorable. They all fear poor Donny so much.

      • WHY? He is just trying to play the game and people are holding it against him because of his fame and who his sister is.

      • Maybe for some people it could be about fame or his sister. For me, it has nothing to do with that. I “almost” had a change of heart with Frankie, when I watched a youtube video of him at his friends wedding. It was sweet and fun. It showed the outside version of him. But, in this game, in the BB house, I don’t like him as a player, as well as a couple of other houseguests. It has nothing to do with fame or having a sister that sings.

      • Because I don’t like his gameplay or like him as a person from what I’ve seen of him on the show. It has nothing to do with his sister, occupation, sexual orientation or anything else. We all have players every season that we like and dislike. Frankie isn’t the only player I dislike on this show but as we were talking about him I let my feelings and opinion be known.

    • Correct me if I am wrong but I thought Donny said that America gets to vote on if they get paid or not after the mission.

  4. Think about it. The large group is about to split. They have to go after each other. Frankie has Caleb in his back pocket. He also has Christine. Derrick has Cody and Victoria. Victoria can’t win a comp and Cody can’t play for HOH. Derrick knows he has to win or will probably be on the block. If he brings Donny into his side, he has numbers to get Faky, Crusty, and delusional out. Derrick will not miss this opportunity to work with Donny. It could save his bacon(pun intended).

    • That’s the scenario 2 weeks from now. By then Cody will be able to compete for HOH. Although I don’t like it, I see a very predictable Donny goes this week and Nicole goes next week. After that Derrick will alienate 1 detonator from the group for eviction. Repeat each week. The only satisfaction from watching this massacre is that I predict those that are ostracized from the group will finally get a taste of their own medicine.

      Is Christine really with Frankie or is she more with Cody? Is Caleb really loyal to Frankie or is he more loyal to whichever detonator is in charge?

      • Crusty may be with Cody but that does not mean she is with Derrick. Derrick will be looking out for number one. I think Nicole goes to jury this week. And Derrick will be secretly working with Donny. That is my prediction.

      • Derrick can’t secretly work with Donny. It would be totally against Derrick’s entire game play, not to mention a huge threat to him winning the game. Derrick’s game play has not deviated from working with those that he can control. He can’t control Donny.

      • I just can not understand why all the house guest aside from derrick, are not thinking END game. This whole lets stick together and let the cookie crumble however its broken is terrible terrible game play. No one cept for derrick takes into consideration the way they treat furture jurry members even. From day one this has been derricks game to loss, and its flat out boring. Derrick deserves the win, but id love love LOVE to at least see his back against the wall an worm his way out to solidify a win in America’s eyes…

    • But, does Frankie really have Christine? I can’t figure out where her true allegiance is? Cody or Frankie?

    • If Cody and Derrick were smart this week, we know (we Derrick is and Cody will do what he says), Cody should take down either Donny or Nicole (doesn’t matter at this point) and put up Frankie, Christine or Caleb. The numbers would still be in Derricks favor and vote one of them three out. Keep in mind, they have until the VETO meeting to complete this mission. Not enough time for a play so it looks like they won’t get that extra 5K this week

    • That is donnys last option, he needs to try to work with Derrick instead of putting Derrick under the bus to the other detonators. If he say something I think Derrick will keep it to himself and maybe think about what donny would say. Plus the rest of the people in the house listens to him anyway. Since donny knows Derrick is running the show he needs to go to the leader instead of the followers.

  5. Frankie refused a misson? Yet, when Donny refused one, he became a pariah in the house. What a hypocrite! I want this guy gone right after Donny! Cody better watch out for Derrick..the knife is coming!!!

    • Maybe that is what Derrick needs to to do is remind Frankie of that but I doubt that he would for fear of being put on the block this late in the game.

      • I think Derrick is starting to see that he might not be able to win sitting next to Cody at the end, which is why he is hanging onto Victoria. Cody has won more comps, had a good social game. You have to start thinking jury votes..Cody would probably have Hayden, Donny, Nicole, Christine, and Jocasta. That’s all he needs.

  6. I don’t generally hate contestants (I made an exception for Aaryn, GM and Amanda due to how they treated Candice/Howard/Elissa) but surprisingly I do hate Frankie and Christine and Caleb. Caleb is a racist POS so that’s easy, Christine and Frankie are just vile. And Frankie’s desire to be loved is sad and pathetic. Last season and now this season I am at a point of no watch, once Donny leaves I personally don’t care about the rest of it. Donny is awesome sauce and the rest of these people can suck it.

    • Someone said the other day if a guy was pawing all over the women like Frankie paws all over the men Production would stop it. It’s sickening. They really can’t complain for fear of getting voted out.

      • WHAT? Christine has been pawing all over Cody this whole season. And don’t forget, Zach did his part in pawing over Frankie. A little bit more than him over Zach.

  7. I wish Frankie just stop talking! Caleb is looking more and more intelligent compared to media mogul idiot!

    Cody is such a child, always worrying about what others think. Play your game!

  8. VOTE DONNY AMERICA’S CHOICE! I hate to see Donny go, he has been fun to watch this summer. Much more of a competitor than I thought he would be…… good game Donny, BB was blessed by your participation!

  9. If Mr. Broadway knew how much the viewers hate him he could crawl back under the rock he was found under never to be seen again…Pathetic season…A broadway show for a mission. I can’t wait to see his face when they let them know that America shot his idea down..

  10. I hate to see Donny go, but, you have to have social skills to play this game..something he just never really had. I feel bad for him because he is such a genuinely nice guy. He will for sure get AFP and he has TA money.

    • Ian didn’t have a social game either. He rode Dan’s coattails and came out with 500K.

      • No he didn’t do your research riding Dan’s coattalls? (buddy that was Danielle). Tally up his wins and his contributions to his alliance and then factor in that he had a game plan coming into the house and actually executed it shows he knew what he was doing from the second he came into the house. Go watch the The Talk interview with all of them there and you’ll see Julie reveal to everyone what Ian’s plan was going into the house and you’ll be shocked cause it shocked Danielle and even Dan himself. Instead of coming here with baseless accusations of what you interpreted what happened like I said earlier, get your facts str8 and do your research.

  11. Does anybody know his “famous” sisters take on his actions in the house..?? If she was smart she would go in hiding

    • She’s part of the VMAs this year.

      If I were here publicist, I’d be advising her to distance herself from her brother as much as possible.

      • Sorry, I don’t know the answer to the question, since I don’t follow her. I was just commenting on that she isn’t going into hiding.

      • I read a tweet that said she wants him to target Derrick and is mad at him that he is not doing that right now. She wanted him to put up Derrick when he took Caleb off the block last week.

      • Because she’s only known to the kid population and maybe the parents of those kids. The VMAs bring her more exposure. Associating herself with someone so vile may hurt her chances to get her career off the ground and into mainstream.

      • Lol do you really think parents are going to forbid their kids from listening to her music because her brother turned on a fan favorite in big brother? Like come on dude…

      • I didn’t say anything like that. I said it may hurt her chances of going mainstream. If she supports her brother’s vile antics on camera, then it will reflect badly for her. If she distances herself, then it his words and actions shouldn’t impact her too much. It all depends on how the media spins it on whether she’ll become a fan darling or poison.

        I’m not a dude.

      • Sorry, but you’re delusional if you think Frankie’s gameplay will have any effect on Ariana Grande’s career.

      • His game play has nothing to do with it. It’s everything else he’s doing and saying.

    • I read that she is rooting for him, of course. She hates Derrick, was very mad at Frankie for putting Zach up and loves Donny. She can’t be all bad. :)

      • Lol how funny is it that they also thought frankie was so smart, that when he told zach that he was going up, they said it was frankies plan so that production would call him on the rule thus saving zach. Lol mommy clearly doesnt know her son nor sister know her brother.

  12. Team America needs to end and a new twist to begin. America’s most popular HG in current Poll standings is taken off of the block and replaced with the least popular HG. The twist would not end there but the HG taken off of the block will become HOH in a double eviction. This would shake this game up.

  13. Don’t vote against the TA mission no matter they do. That would mean Donny would be out the $5K. I’m a Derrick & Donny fan so I want both of them to get another $5k. (if this mission is even legit – some are saying Donny made it up to save himself). Good thinking, if that’s the case.

  14. GREAT IDEA A musical version of “Brokeback Mountain” …. Perfect as they have a # of HGs in the house act like horses asses..

  15. I think Donny should get all of them together and say I am part of TA. America voted for US. I can’t tell you who they are BUT I can tell you they haven’t been evicted. See what happens then.

    • That would not be throwing anyone under the bus either would it? No names mentioned and the fact that Nicole is back would put a bigger target on her as well. Not that, that would really matter in her case though.

  16. By doing this supposed “play” Frankie himself will be taking money away from starving Africans. Oh, the sweet irony!

  17. What’s bad is Frankie has done nothing during the past TA missions. I wish they would tell them now that we voted against their pick. They would still have time to save Donny mission

  18. Donny should gather all of the houseguests, except derrick and Frankie and tell them what TA has been doing, and that they are getting paid for each mission. Let Cody know all about what he suspects Derrick is doing and how he is staying with Victoria and then wait and see what happens.

    • But, that is the problem with these people..when they are given information, instead of trying to process it and hold onto it, they run straight to that person and tell them what they just heard. If Donny told Cody about all of Derrick’s F2’s, and Team America..he would run right to Derrick and tell him what Donny said. There is no secrecy with this bunch. That is why Nicole is so afraid to open her mouth now. She was called the biggest liar in the house..which is a joke.

  19. So it’s just a few weeks before the finale and Derrick and Frankie aren’t willing to keep a competition threat and a shoe-in to win the jury votes for an extra 5k when the task is just to “make up your own task this week”?
    The task isn’t “Save Donny” it’s “make up your own task”. Of course they’re going to put on a play instead. And oh goody, we get “seriously” instead of “disgustingly” in order to mock Frankie and Derrick’s game this week (despite the fact they’re clearly making the right decision here). Very professional.

    • Yea maybe, but ill never vote for a stupid play as a win, anything would be a better idea than that. That idea is nothing more than frankie asking for more limelight.

      • Agreed. This TA mission (if it’s even real) is ill-conceived from the bottom up. It’s extremely vague. However, Donny’s argument isn’t very good. He said they could decide on their mission themselves, but there are many ways they can win the 5k without throwing their own games out the window and keeping Donny. In order for these missions to be difficult (and therefore more entertaining) they need to have clearly defined rules.”Make up your own mission” is just a terrible idea and it brings little incentive to save Donny.

  20. All it takes is cody taking donny off and putting frankie up. Derrick and vic and now donny would bounce him out…all cody needs is a guaranteed safety from donny if donny won the hoh. Christine, vic and Caleb would be picked off. Have a derrick , cody , donny and nicole final 4

    • Last night Fakie wanted Derprick to play Devin in black face. Derprick was smart enough to say NO! but that should be a wake up call to him that now is the time to get Fakie out of the house. He could tell NoBallsCody he was wrong and now was the time to make the move and backdoor Fakie.

      When CrazedCaleb freaks out tell him Fakie was trying to get Derprick to do black face knowing he would be hated by America and possibly losing his job at home. When Fakie denies that’s what he was trying to do they could throw the your the broadway media mogul back at him and say he knew that would ruin Derprick and his family but tried to make him do it anyway. CrazedCaleb may not agree but would understand why Fakie went on the block. With Derprick VapidVic and Donny voting Fakie would go home.

      • Frankie needs to be removed….using the C*** word and now this? What a complete moron, a sexist and a racist….of course, he’ll just say he was “playing a role” because he is an almost famous actor wannabe… this point, I’d take Victoria for the win if it means he loses.

  21. I love Donny but he’s a goner.He’s alone since the game started.He tried to work with others but failed.He’s #1 target since day 1.Now nobody can’t save him because all the entire house is against him, even Nicole.Sad but true.

  22. As much as everyone seems to want Donny to out TA I think that we all know that it would totally be out of character for him.

  23. ugggg…..a play?…. is it a musical? featuring Ariana’s? greatest hits?… so, once this is complete, the “Media Mogul” will also be a “Director, Producer and Playwrite”?….give me a break.

    • Yea! We get to see more of the ‘Frankie’ show! NOT!
      One good thought….we might can take a short break from the ‘Derrick’ show!

  24. This veto is such a no-brainer to me. Cody takes down either Nicole or Donny, renoms Frankie..Frankie would go home on at least a 3-2 vote. The three being Derrick, whoever he takes down, and Victoria and maybe Christine. The only one in the dark would be Caleb. Cody may not get this chance at Frankie have to pull the trigger first when it’s this late in the may not get the opportunity again. Cody needs to play his own game and not Derrick’s.

    • correct…. If they don’t get him now there may not be another golden glittering opportunity….

    • I’m sure Derrick is smart enough to mention this (even if briefly) to Cody… Derrick also wants Frankie gone don’t forget.

    • That would be great if Cody had a brain. But we all know he’s using Derricks brain and Derrick already shot that idea down.

      • What happened to the good ole days when hoh’s said this is my hoh and this is who i am going to nominate or the pov saying that it is my pov and i am going to do with it what is good for my game. when the hoh or pov holders would actually make a deal with an hg for their safety

  25. While I understand how Donny was voted TA, and I’m guessing that early in the game Arianna fans may have voted for Frankie, but I’m baffled as to how Derrick got on TA. I barely remember him before he was on TA.

    • A bit of revisionist history by many fans I’m afraid…it happens every year. Many people are now claiming they don’t like Derrick and never have but if you look at the posts from the beginnings of this season you’ll see there were a lot of people who loved the soft spoken cop who was sure to out maneuver and outsmart people. Once he became the kingpin of the alliance people started liking him less and less… Granted his behaviour has been a bit sketchy at times, but nothing out of line with who he was at the beginning of the season.

      • You’re right our memories can be selective. For myself I just don’t recall much, good or bad, about him prior to TA, but I take your word that many people were speaking out in favor of him and I guess that’s why he was voted TA.

      • Christine was a fan favorite in the beginning, would you believe?…now she’s at the bottom. If TA were selected today, we may have different members.

      • oh for sure… I wonder if Victoria’s mythical bird story pushes her over the top as everyone’s fave now? ;)

      • I was one of those people that liked him the first few weeks. But oh how he’s changed. When he started getting demanding and even nasty when things didn’t go his way that’s what turned me against him. He calls people out for doing exactly what he’s been doing. I don’t like his game play. But I don’t go as far as hating him. As a person I’m sure he’s a great guy outside the house.

      • It’s odd, maybe I have a different view of humanity. I didn’t see that much change in what I expected from him from beginning until now. I always assume that who we see in the first 2-weeks of the show isn’t who they really are (just the ”polite phase” until they settle in)… So with Derrick being a cop, and I assume a good undercover detective, that he would naturally be scheming, crude and manipulative…

      • It also never fails that people start to dog on those players that are Actually playing the game just because they are taking out THEIR favorite player. I certainly don’t condone racism or bullying etc. and would never hope for those types to win. but I don’t necessarily root for the “nice guy” I pull more for the strategic players like Dan.

      • Oh I totally agree! I can appreciate that a good strategic player is often not the most moral person. I don’t like it when people use the term ”good” player with somebody they are trying to ‘saint’ (again using Dan as an example). He was strategic, smart and entertaining, but incredibly immoral and ruthless in how cold blooded he was towards others.

  26. Derrick can convince everyone in that house that Nicole should be evicted. He’s done it before. But what I really hope is that the TA missions stop if Donny is evicted so Derrick & Frankie regret voting him out and losing that chance of earning more money!!

  27. That makes perfect sense if they vote out Donnie if I were him I would blow up Team America so it would ruin Derrick and Frankie’s game. They did say it was up to him whether he wanted to tell or not.

  28. I cannot stand Darrick He’s doing all the planning and all the other fools are listening and following like he’s their fearless leader. What a bunch of fools. Please don’t let Donnie be sent home. I don’t think I will be able to stomach the rest of the season.

  29. u r right JacinJax!! I am noiw turning it to mute and closed captioning cuz of Christine’s laugh. I am sooooo sick of Frankie. he is worth $1.5millon so why didn’t he do the right thing by TA and Donnie and save Donnie instead

  30. I agree with everyone that said Donnie should throw Team America under the bus. 1. Because most people from what I read on all the sites hate the TA alliance now. 2. It would blow up Derrick and Frankie’s game. I used to like them both but since being voted to TA they both became jerks thinking there better than every one else in the house because their on TA. But as everyone has said it would be so out of character for Donnie. Man this show used to be great in past season but the last two season have sucked big time. I watched both in the beginning but like last year I stopped watching after the first 4 evictions and now I go online to wikipedia to find out what has happened.

  31. CBS,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cast better people for next season and create a better twist then AMERICA getting involved you have done that one like 6 or 7 times now. You should do what survivor did with putting houseguest in with someone they are related to or even do a celebrity big brother like the UK does. Some past players would be interesting even though you have done that a lot in the past seasons. I know for me watching the past seasons especially the early seasons the secret twist of twins switching places or people come into the house knowing someone but keep it secret would be fun to watch but please enough america twist.

  32. Donny chose to abort a TA mission cause it goes against his game. U cant knock derrick and frankie for making the same choice. Donny had a great plan, but u gotta give a little to get a little.

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