Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 8 Nominations & Battle of the Block

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS with everything that followed Thursday’s live eviction including nominations and the Battle of the Block. Get ready to taste the rainbow.

Big Brother 16 on CBS
Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

When it came time to pick the nominations the guys alliance had a plan but it would require some volunteers to make it all work. HGs finally seem to be wising up enough to no longer want to voluntarily go up on the block so the HoHs went to the age old method of drawing Skittles out of a hat. Yep, that’s what it comes down to.

The Battle of the Block is the real action tonight and it’s a return to the black-out comp style that was so much fun to watch last season. This time around it’ll be the monster/horror theme again for the week and HGs will have to build a skeleton in the dark. This week’s target will face another attempt to throw the Battle but will he be able to overcome the conspiracy?

Can’t wait to find out who who goes on the block and who wins BotB? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

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Big Brother 16 Episode 24 Preview:


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  1. well well Derrick & Cody discussing getting Frankie out within 3 weeks Who would have thought it. .hmmm hmmmmm

  2. OMG I just remembered, I hope they don’t show him crying in the tub holding her pic.

  3. I hope everyone remembers Frankie is loaded. The letter and pictures should hopefully knock some sense in to someone. It was an in your face do you remember HGS???Thankfully, Frankie can not play for HOH. I hope Caleb is playing Frankie. We know Zack has been found out and ratted out, so on the block he goes.

    • You’re right Emma he doesn’t need money and his sister would gladly donate to take off her taxes.

      • I agree why is no one paying attention? Maybe Donny is thinking, but not saying..Derrick come on? Caleb last week you wanted to punch the guy…Cody and Christine even Victoria he doesn’t need the money…I am so annoyed.

  4. “I am the founder of the BS” alliance. I think he Is going break down when he watch the show. They need to tell him before he gets evicted.

  5. Whoa! I hope Zach is paying attention. Caleb said a mouthful… shut up Caleb! You need to be on the block.

  6. Rock, Paper, Scissors?..that’s what they’re talking about? lol..Then they end up with the historical “Skittle Draw?” ..Awesome ! lol

      • My husband wouldn’t have cared if it was a million, he would not have been happy.

      • My husband and I are around her and her husband’s age (23 & 26) – aka “young” – and I can tell you that neither of us would be ok with this behavior. You don’t have to be old to not want your wife flirting and touching another man.

      • You’re right, can’t generalized. But I said it before, we don’t what kind of convo they had before she went in there.

      • True. It’s possible that they have an open relationship, but that can’t be attributed to their age. There are old swingers, too.

      • Like my husband said as we were watching the show..if flirting with the guys was part of her strategy..then why just Cody? Caleb is cute, arrogant as hell, but, still cute. Hayden was cute, but all she could do with him was spread lies abut him and Victoria, Derrick is married. Her and Cody touch each other all the time..but, the thing that gets me is when she is running her fingers through his hair. She does it all the time, and I have read other things on here where they are doing something in bed they shouldn’t be. The whole situation is weird. Zingbot zinged them and I am pretty sure showing that edit tonight is a lead in for Wednesday.

  7. Ewwww. I can’t stand Frankie. Zach save your “love” for someone else. OMG! Christine, where is Jocasta to pray over these two. NO! Pray for her. LOL at Donny “I am just saying”.

  8. WOW !..first time I heard Derrick say, “For my personal game, I don’t want Donny leave”…why?

  9. Why does Derrick keep saying in DR that he wants to keep Donny? Does he want us to think he is loyal to TA? Did he forget about the feeds? In reality, Donny is his number one target.

      • Agreed. I wish they would have shown Donny saying, “I don’t like orange, I like yella.” When referring to the Skittles debacle.

      • I read something on Jokers, Derick saying that DR wasn’t happy with the “skittle draw”..well, crap ! I don’t blame them. They’re running a show and that is so lame.

    • Is it because he was saying he thinks Donny’s the underdog favorite and America hates them? Seems like couple weeks ago he said in DR that Donny has to go. Maybe trying to drum up goodwill with viewers?

  10. I don’t know who I want gone more now Derrick, Frankie or Caleb. It’s a toss up.

    • For me Frankie first, Caleb, then Derrick. As long as Derrick plays nice with Donny.

  11. Hand me the barf bucket Stat! Frankie makes me sick, and so uncomfortable and inappropriate. Why why why…my ears are bleeding.

  12. I cannot stand Christine!!! So funny that the bones she gave Caleb and Cody did not fit!! HA! I have so respect for Donny and the game he is playing. Go Donny!!

    • ROTFL right now, the chaos is priceless, everyone throwing out names and blaming and house meeting. I can barely comment. I am so amused.

  13. Well, I guess this TA mission is giving Frankie the ammo he needs to tell Zach he is BD’ing him. He is selling this sabetour thing very hard right now. So, once again, Zach’s game has been hurt because of TA and of course, Zach himself!

  14. Last nights competition proved that Donny should win this show. Christine was low down disgusting in giving the bones to the other team. Donny has stayed in the house on HIS own accord with all the others teaming up against him. I think the Battle of the Block and Two Heads of Households suck. All this has created is one group throwing all the competitions. This is not a fair game and BB production has created the environment to make it less competitive and unfair.

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