Big Brother 16: Team America Goes In To Action

After a series of difficult and damaging missions for Team America they’re back with something much easier on the game and their wallets.

Team America meets for their next mission
Team America meets for their next mission – Source: CBS

Donny, Derrick, and Frankie are working on their latest challenge for this week where they’ll have to hide a favorite piece of clothing from each HG and then get a group together to look for the offender.

They quickly decided this was a definite win for them and set up a plan of what they’d steal from each Houseguest. Flashback to 2:04PM BBT 8/16 to watch.

Easy targets are Caleb’s (well, Amber’s) bunny slippers, Victoria’s scarf, Cody’s Hawaiian hat or college sweatshirt, and Zach’s Gator shirt if they can or his hat or sneakers otherwise.

Team America wonders if they can get away with snatching Christine’s glasses, but they’ll check with DR on that. Later they discuss that she has another pair so it shouldn’t be an issue.

They’ll also take something of theirs to cover any suspicion. Derrick’s t-shirt, Donny’s hat, and Frankie’s blindfold for sleeping.

The first item taken was Victoria’s robe when Derrick grabbed it in the Fire room and took it to the bathroom to put it in the garbage bag they’re using to collect the items. Flashback to 3:53PM BBT 8/16 as Derrick goes to work and again at 4:00PM BBT when he hides the item.

Derrick then took the bag to the Storage room where they’ll hide the items beneath the recycling.

We’ll have to keep watching on the Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) to see what they do next.

Update: Around 4AM Derrick found Zach’s Gator shirt and added it to the collection. Frankie grabs Christine’s teddy bear (not a clothing item) and puts it away too. They’re making good progress.

Update 2: Team America has been working hard all day and now have all their items in the recycling bin. On Monday morning they’ll leave a message in the mirror telling people to watch for their belongings. Guess who they are going to blame? Yep. Zach is going to take the fall for ALL of it. Again.


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  1. How childish! These are grown adults acting like babies! For what money? I could understand Derrick and Frankie, but not Donny! Derrick the cop is good at stealing and hiding the evidence! IMO this is just wrong. That is what happens when you love money!

    • It is all for fun, and they do get money because of it! Also it’s not like anyone really needs those things, and they will get them back once the mission is completed. They will laugh about it when the season is over.

      • In my opinion this mission sounds like a child would do? Adults Derrick, Frankie and Donny acting like children just to get money!

      • Your reasoning sounds like the same logic a crook would use when robbing your home – Derrick is a sworn police officer – Stealing is stealing whether it is a game or not

      • It’s not stealing. It’s still in the house they live in ;) people need to understand that this is a tv show. Goodness

      • Why can’t people understand that stealing is when you take something without permission with the intention to keep it for yourself. If what Derrick was doing is stealing…..he would hide all those items in his bag and take them home. Which he is not. Derrick it’s a great player on top of doing these missions. Every year when they choose one person to sabotage the house….is that person a bad person for taking on that role? This is a game. Period. It is not real life. It is television entertainment

      • Yes, he is known for that so don’t waste your time. He will just accuse you of wanting to argue if you disagree.

      • You can disagree with me all you want. I am entitled to an opinion. Tell me what does this have do with the game? They don’t have to do every mission. They do it because they love money.

      • Stop. You are certainly entitled to an opinion, but if you are this immature and unintelligent you should certainly keep it to yourself. Children should be seen, not heard.

      • This is a public board! I am not arguing just responding to what people say. To me this is childish! That is what I think!

      • nobody gives a rats a$$ what you think grow the f up fool get off your daddys computer and take a f–ing nap

      • The problem is not with the people working to complete the mission, it’s with the producers who decide what the missions should be, and the voters who agree with them. If you’re going to place blame, blame the right people.

      • Get over it it is a game. But did anybody else notice how excited the cop got to steal. I believe is exact words were along the lines of I love this mission I get the chance to steal AGAIN. Did anybody else notice he said again.

      • I think you have every right to your opinion, Keith M. The mission is part of the game. These three were picked by America and it’s up to them whether to accept, but I’m sure they feel a responsibility to try. The producers chose to make the game this way because it adds excitement and humor to the show. Donny, Derrick and Frankie also know that they’re risking putting their games in jeopardy when they take on a mission. They already said no to one mission. Basically, it’s an elaborate prank and if they pull it off they make money. If they get caught, they could get voted out over it. If they chose not to accept, the producers and some of the viewers are let down. Best to you, Keith M.

      • Tell me what does this have to do the game. Derrick, Frankie and Donny are going to act children just to gain money?

      • So you are a martyr who works for free at the soup kitchen….last I heard Big Brother is all about the money. $500,000 right? So these players are lying chatting dealing being childish for the love of bet. Good for Donny he is a sport willing to do the crazy missions for extra cash. I’m glad BB is spreading the money around. Only one person wins, then we have the $50,000 winner that America chooses. And these three guys get to go homes with some spending money too. Why not. The entire game and the only reason every person is on that house is for the love of money. Hey rich folks need love too. Why are you so anti-money?

      • Keith while you do not the purpose in this mission – it does stir up the house and maybe impacts alliances and who you can trust. This is an intricate part of the game. Now you are entitled to your opinion for sure – but to reduce this to people acting like children is silly. To win this game you must lie and backstab – on moral grounds I will take an innocent game before I take lying and backstabbing any day

      • This has everything to do with the game. The entire purpose of playing the game is to win money.

    • that’s what the whole season is about ‘PLAYING’ for money, and I think I read somewhere that Donny will spend his on an eye operation, this should be like watching comedy laughs getting off the serious for a while, but you are also entitled to your opinion too!

      • Tell me Carol Davis, has team America done every mission? This is a game to get end and win money. Not everybody is entitled to be on team america, If that is what they want to do, that is fine. To me it sounds immature and childish. But that is me!

    • No, these are grown adults doing a job that has been assigned to them. The buck stops at the top … in this case, with the show’s producers. Nobody posting here can do anything about the missions, other than to just not vote for them. If no one voted, the TA missions would go by the wayside – fast. Remember that the next time you consider voting.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Derrick sure is skilled at stealing…wonder how many times he has taken a trip to the evidence locker over the years…sad that he has lowered himself to the same level as the crooks he puts behind bars…hopefully his daughter is not watching this gross display of criminal mischief

      • And in comes the cop basher showing his ignorance. Can’t resist a chance to bash a cop, huh, Eric. You’ve sure done it all across this blog.

      • You accuse Keith M of wanting to argue but you are just as if not more guilty of doing the same thing – You troll every comment I post – Stealing is stealing whether it is a game or not and he is a police officer – If Derrick is the amazing upstanding man you claim him to be then he should not lower himself for a check – Sorry I forgot he is “doing it for his daughter” – The criminals he arrests probably use the same reasoning

      • I don’t know if Derrick is an “amazing upstanding man” and have never said so.You are just mad because I don’t agree with you that he is not an amazing upstanding man just because he is a cop. You have obvious personal issues with cops and are using Derrick, on a REALITY tv show, LOL, to express your hatred toward them. You and Keith need to get together, take your pacifiers, get in a playpen , and do some baby yoga. Change each others’re both full of s**t.

      • loooool Ziiiiiiiiiiing wow KSJB I’m so proud you put these two whiners in their diapers.

      • They both need to get off their daddys computers and take their naps like good little babies.

      • You really should just ignore this guy. It is obvious that that he is a bitter felon who was not a very good crook. Maybe he is behind bars now. Gee, its fun to make accusations and come to conclusions without knowing any facts.

      • You know I haven’t seen any comments where he bashes Derrick for being a cop only you accusing him of hating cops. Who cares if he hates cops he hasn’t come out and bashed Derrick for being one. Get over it man everybody is entitled to their opinions and are entitled to hate or like whoever you want.

      • His posts are there for anyone and everyone to read. I respect your interpretation of them but it is obviously in the minority.

      • It is just a GAME.I am sure if you were in there and had a chance to make more money you would be first in line to play dirty.America picked them and America chose the mission.Get over yourself.

  2. So Frankie sits back lets the others do the dirty work for him and still get the money? And he was upset cause Donny did not want to do one of the missions cause it would screw up his game? I bet all the people who voted Frankie on to team America are feeling pretty stupid

    • How is Frankie not participating? He took Christine’s teddy bear, which technically not a piece of clothing. He shouldn’t get the credit for this.

  3. Come on peoplple—don’t you know that you cannot have fun in the house unless it is adult fun? Anyone who disagrees should look at the HOH camera photos—always adult.

  4. Holy moly! It seems to me that “some” of the commenters here are taking things WAAAAAYYYYY too seriously. TA is playing a game, carrying out a mission assigned to them. Sure, they can refuse it, but c’mon.. easy money and its not like they are taking the others things forever.
    I have seen NOTHING to support the comments that Derrik is a dirty cop. (Saying he’s god at stealing and hiding the evidence it just ignorant)

    • By some I assume you mean Keith and Eric since it’s only them who can’t seem to grasp the nature of Big Brother and how TA involves games in order to keep the game interesting.

  5. So this should be an easy one. Hopefully this stupid twist will end soon. I haven’t voted for any of them. I thought from the beginning it was a waste of time. Two of them they couldn’t even complete. But I will admit this one might be funny to watch. Let’s end this on a happy note and get on with the real game.

    • Wow, so many bashing Keith M and Eric for having their own opinions but yet it’s ok for you all to say whatever the hell you want and take personal jabs at them, now that is childish. We all have agreed this season has not been one of the best, in fact I think this one has been the most biased toward one HG then I ever remember. Not everyone is going to agree what is good and what is not just don’t take it so personally

      • Thank you Lora – Obviously many here are passionate about BB just as I am – That being said I do not think I should be blocked from posting because I happen to disagree with others – Like I said above, if everyone on here agreed it would be a pretty boring place

    • I should be blocked because I have a dissenting opinion? I happen to dislike Derrick, Christine and Cody and like Zach, Frankie, Donny and Caleb – Does it upset you that much that I offer a different POV – Things would be pretty boring if everyone on here agreed

      • It isn’t that you have a different opinion. It is the fact that you personally attack and belittle other houseguest. You say ignorant comments about cops. If you dislike derrick, that’s perfectly fine. But to call him a pig, say he is a worthless cop, and is so ugly only his mother would like him. That is what we have a problem with. You say, “so just because I have a different opinion, you can block me”. You act like your opinions are so innocent and normal. If you were to make racist remarks, would you say, “so just because I have a different opinion, you can block me”. We want you gone, just like Keith, because can’t act like an adult, I am truly concerned if you are an adult. We’re not mad at you for disliking Cody, Caleb or specifically Derrick, we are mad at you for the ignorant reasons for disliking them.

      • You are a complete and total idiot. I have never made any type of racist comments whatsoever. To compare what I have said about Derrick and my dislike of law enforcement to racism is really reaching. One only has to look to Ferguson to see why many like myself dislike/distrust police officers. It doesn’t mean I have had run-ins with the law and it doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me a person with a different opinion than yours that I have never asked you to agree with. If you don’t like my opinions of Derrick don’t read them. Again to try and draw parallels between my comments regarding Derrick and racism is despicable and ignorant. You’re belittling how horrible and vile racism truly is. Go to hell.

      • Good try,Soup dogg. And everyone that reads this will know that you never said he had a racist comment. He knows that,too. He had nothing to fight with so he TRIED to fight dirty . He and Keith M. make a perfect couple…dumb and dumber.

  6. Does anyone know if a member from TA gets evicted would that be the end or would it go one with the other 2 ?

    • this will probably be the end of it cause of # of HGs is going down and all 3 are subject to eviction at this point.

  7. All this is going to do is give Frankie the chance to blame Zach and promote the idea to the house that Zach is the saboteur, and use that as his excuse to put Zack on the block and out the door. I wonder if it has yet occurred to Frankie that all these elaborate lies are not really all that necessary for him to further his game. Not to mention the fact that trusts Derrick the most in this game-IDIOT!

  8. The only thing that this TA mission accomplished was to give Frankie another opportunity to lie about, demean and bash another hg,(Zach) just like he did Amber, Nicole, and Brittany and to earn money doing it! Hell, he would have done it without the money incentive as he takes so much pleasure in it

  9. I cut and pasted a pic of a plane with a banner telling Frankie “Who’s got your balls-Man up Frankie, Save face. But the picture will not show on here.

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