Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Saturday Highlights

Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16
Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Saturday was Veto day in the Big Brother 16 house and after a Friday night draw for Veto players many of us were expecting an early morning competition like last season. We waited and waited, and waited. It wasn’t until late Saturday night that results finally came back and a lot of fans are not going to be happy.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 16, 2014:

10:00 AM BBT – Zach and Donny are up and alone. Donny asks if Victoria was the real target or if it was [Donny]. Zach admits it was Donny. Both agree not to put up the other if they win HoH.

12:05 PM BBT – Houseguests get a wake up call to report to the HoH room.

1:15 PM BBT – Feeds are back and HGs are checking out both the new, smaller table and the Have-Not food: Transylvania Goulash. Frankie assigns Victoria and Christine to be the Have-Nots for the week.

1:40 PM BBT – Christine describing houses back home. She says they’re like adobe. Cody responds, “Photoshop?”

2:05 PM BBT – Team America meets to go over their mission for the week. They’re planning what items to steal. Plan is to hide them in a trash bag under the recycling bag in the Storage room.

2:25 PM BBT – Derrick leaves Donny and Frankie alone in the HoH room. Donny starts talking game with Frankie. Says he wants to go to the end with the best, not with an easy win. Donny promises to reciprocate any favors Frankie does for him. Frankie suggests that if one of them gets the Veto then maybe they could do something interesting this week.

3:40 PM BBT – Christine and HGs speculate her husband might not be too thrilled with Cody and how they behave together.

3:50 PM BBT – Derrick catches up with Frankie about his talk with Donny after Derrick left. Frankie leaves out most of the talk. Hmm.

3:55 PM BBT – Derrick snatches Victoria’s robe and hides it per the Team America plan.

4:57 PM BBT – Feeds finally cut for the Veto competition.

8:07 PM BBT – Feeds return. Frankie has won the Power of Veto.

8:10 PM BBT – Christine and Cody are stressing getting zing’d over their constant touching and pawing. They immediately start doing it again.

8:25 PM BBT – Caleb and Frankie talk in Storage about BD’ing Zach. Caleb says all the guys want that and Frankie says he’s open to that idea.

8:50 PM BBT – Cody, Derrick, and Caleb discuss targeting Zach this week. They want to test out Frankie to see if he’d do it. Caleb says he already asked and things sounded good.

10:05 PM BBT – Frankie is fully on board with getting Zach out. Says he wants to use a slow drip to kill Zach like a dog.

11:05 PM BBT – Frankie is considering a House Meeting to break the news to Zach. They think they’re in good with the house again after being targeted just last week.

12:30 AM BBT – Zach is cheering Victoria up. She’s very upset over her Zing about not playing the game. He warns her not to read online material about her on the show.

1:10 AM BBT – Backyard is finally open again. The HGs cheer.

1:25 AM BBT – Zach upstairs with Frankie discussing Victoria’s eviction. Zach expects that to happen.

1:35 AM BBT – Frankie promises Victoria safety and tells her they’re targeting Zach.

2:00 AM BBT – Team America does a meet up on the mission. Derrick shows where he is hiding the items they’re grabbing.

2:45 AM BBT – Christine is crying about her Zing. Derrick tries to comfort her.

3:05 AM BBT – Frankie explains to Cody that it was Kathy Griffin, not Kathy Lee Gifford who was at the Veto competition.

3:20 AM BBT – Zach working Caleb and reminding him about Donny and how they’ll want all the guys there to fight against Donny.

3:45 AM BBT – Victoria opens up to Derrick about her hair. She’s upset and says her scalp is bleeding because she’s not supposed to wear her extensions every day.

4:30 AM BBT – Zach flirting with Frankie and jokes about turning gay. His game is in Frankie’s hands so he’s making jokes about now being gay, but people are going to say he’s serious and run with it.

We’re still a day away from the Veto Ceremony and even further from the next eviction. If Caleb comes down and Cody is up there with Zach then there’s time for the house to flip from its current plan. We’ve seen it before. Can Zach pull off another longshot?

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  1. No way cody leaves over zach
    Best case:
    Evict zach: Derrick, Christine, Caleb (no way any of them flip)
    Evict Cody: Donny, Victoria (these votes aren’t even guaranteed)
    Unless zach doesn’t get put up, or major cody melt down, zach is leaving thursday

    • Yeah, I really don’t think it’s likely for Cody to go against Zach. Zach would really need Caleb to stay up there for a better chance. Even that probably wouldn’t happen.

      • Matt,,what is your gut telling you about veto meeting tomorrow? Is Frankie really going to do this? Zach will blow up!

      • It’s going to happen and watch for the fireworks to happen after that like its the 4th of July. Derrick did his magic again and I gotta give it to him just when people thought it wasn’t possible but again that’s Biiiiiig Bruuuther! ha

      • Nope just Frankie cause I know how Derrick will play it and Derrick wasn’t the one that stabbed him in the back in Zach’s eyes, it’s Frankie.

  2. I still could not get the whole protecting Victoria thing.
    The only person (aside of Victoria of course) benefiting from that is Derrick, why can’t Frankie and the rest of the house see that?
    And then again, with Julie hinting multiple times that there might be a returning houseguest, it is best to send Victoria out the door as she have less chance of getting back to the house, as opposed to Zach, who have good chance to come back against Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta.
    Gosh, just give the money to Derrick already.

    • None of them seem to think that anyone is coming back in. They are in for a surprise on Thursday!

      • Interesting because Frankie was saying that he thought it would be a double evict this week and the five evicted houseguests would play to become the second HOH. So, he thinks someone is coming back. Why would you take the chance that Zach would come back and be the HOH as well. Bad move

      • Actually 2 think it. Zach who may be going and Donny the one everybody wants out. So they won’t be surprised. Everybody else will. They are making plans for next week already surprise.

      • If it’s her and Derrick in the end when they start talking they jury maybe ( just a thought ) they will realize what asses they were to play his game all summer and decide to screw him and give it to Victoria But I really don’t think they will look at it that way because they will not admit he played them the only ones who are aware of this is Hayden Nicole and Donny

  3. LOL, even Frankie’s sister wants him to backdoor Derrick. Oh sheesh, pink-blonde hair needs to make that move now.

    • Exactly…Frankie is not going to get this opportunity again..Caleb has proven he can’t win comps…Derrick said yesterday, once again, Donny first..then Frankie. Memories of Helen are coming to mind right now…did Frankie not watch?

      • Stupid comes as stupid goes. He needs to get a clue, Zach already told him the other day that they have no clear chance against Derrick if any of them sits next to him on Final 2.

      • Please backdoor Derrick. With Cody already up there, Frankie will never have a better shot at getting him out and giving everyone else a shot at 500k.

      • So sorry to say (not) but what looks for an epic meltdown on Monday is going to happen and the hook is in. Frankie does not have a brain to think for himself and what makes me upset about the only thing in this whole matter is Frankie trying to exploit Zach by flirting with him which is only going to make Zach explode on him even more come Monday instead of keeping his hands and words to himself.

      • If Zach goes up, he is going to have four days to blow up certain HG’s games..he has nothing on Donny. So, they better be ready for the backlash..we all know that Zach is not going quietly…and if he comes back in the same night…should be interesting!

      • ha I am looking forward to that so much I’m going to have my popcorn and 3D glasses in case things get thrown at the screen lol

      • Caleb will blow up. If Zach gets wind before Monday he could tell Caleb, then he would blow up and say things and then Frankie would send him home.

      • I hear you BBF but you can’t say that if Frankie did backdoor Derrick, that it wouldn’t go down as the best power move this year and maybe top ten all time.

      • Yea your right, it would go down as the best power move, it would give Frankie some votes in the jury house, the move would definitely go down in the top ten all time but again it’s just a figment of our imagination, but you can still hope.

    • Agreed – Frankie needs to cut the head off the snake while he still has a chance – Backdoor Derrick – Once Derrick is out the door Cody becomes the weakest player in the house – Apart from his dry humping partner Christine, Cody has no one – Frankie is very foolish to once again go after Zach – Would love if the DR would drop some major hints to the players that Derrick is pulling all the strings from behind the curtain – Derrick’s nickname should be “OZ”

      • Look who it is, Mr. Pipe Dream, Eric Frankie is more then foolish, he’s an idiot and as for you hoping for Production to drop hints at the HG’s, if Derrick pulled this in front of their eyes, there is no hope for them at all so leave your whining at the door and don’t let it hit your ass on the way out when this goes down on Monday.

      • lol I can’t knock you for hoping so I give you that respect at least but to put a twist on the famous BB saying, “Expect the expected to happen and to go off with a Bang”.

  4. If Zach leaves and then comes back in the same about one pissed off HG! I am sure he would team with Donny..but, they just don’t have the numbers..I guess Caleb has taken his spot in the so called Bomb Squad. whoever comes back on Thursday, hopefully, Nicole..they win HOH and target Frankie and Derrick. That is all they can really do at this point…hate these big alliances at the beginning of the game.

    • If Zach leaves and comes back he’s only coming after one person and one person only, Frankie for stabbing him in the back again and falling for his fake apology. This will be epic come Monday and I can’t wait ha.

    • Remember only one HOH from now on, so if Zach comes back and wins HOH, he can team up w/ Donny and keep him off the block. Then he can tell Caleb about the Detonators (if he doesn’t before he leaves), gaining his vote. Then, if he puts up Frankie next to one of Derrick’s alliances (like Cody or Victoria), it will assure he gets Derrick’s vote as well, and however Derrick votes, Cody or Victoria will vote too. Frankie could go 5-0. This is going to be a great week for sure!

  5. In other related news in the BB universe, someone I hate just won BBUK last Friday while some lazy ass teen housemate who I wanted out for a long time finally got the boot just, 2 weeks before finale on our version here of BB. Hopefully on Monday, Frankie does the right thing so BBUS viewers won’t feel so frustrated yet again at the end of Wednesday’s show.

    • Don’t be mad dude, it’s like how you said, it’s been predictable lol. Everyone who hated Derrick didn’t think he could pull it off but he did and now has front row seats on watching everything blow up in Frankie’s face, put another point up for Derrick he’s on a roll lol.

      • Yeah I know. Derrick still is the best player among them all. Followed probably by Donny on the basis of his own merits overcoming the odds. The rest have been herds.

  6. I really don’t want Zach to go! And idk if it was an act, but last night on the feeds Donny was talking about his brother and Zach was the only one that acted interested at all. Derrick, Caleb and Vic just sat there silent. That was so rude. Out of all the detenators I like Zach the best. It sucks that all the players I like are being picked off one by one.

    • I’m a big Zach fan too. Without him this season would have been ten times less interesting, and he does have a heart. Even when someone doesn’t deserve to be consoled (like Victoria after Zingbot), he still makes an effort.

    • I’m with you on that one but don’t worry, soon as Frankie pulls this trigger he literally has dug his own grave and we’ll soon see the breakdown of this Camera lovin’ dingus and maybe then he’ll realize that when you have a shot, you should fire or risk being jammed.

  7. When are they going to stop playing BB Derrick’s game? Can’t stand Frankie, didn’t mind him before because it’s a game but the vile things that comes out his is sickening. And his constant camera whoring, sit your arse down. Ugh!

    • So true about the vile things Frankie says – I can’t believe the things he sad about wanting to evict Zach like killing a dog with a slow drip… who says that?! That’s one thing I hope Zach sees when the game is over, so that he know that Frankie is not only an ass in the game but an ass in real life too.

  8. just a thought…. Is Derrick really the best player or is it possible that Victoria may be?? I don’t think that Victoria is as inept as she appears to be. There have been times that she has talked about the game with knowledge and understanding of events that might happen or what is still to come. I just wonder ….Is Victoria playing Derrick??

    • I hope that wasn’t a serious question?? Victoria wasn’t the one who convinced Frankie to save her, Victoria right now is upset and crying about her hair. That’s who you think is playing Derrick? Wow you sound like you don’t want to believe what your seeing which is Derrick again got his way and directed all fire power to be aimed at Frankie for when he pulls this trigger, the only person who will have blood on his hands is Frankie not Derrick plain and simple. I hope you can see that.

      • I watch the show and I see what is going on with Derrick. But I hear Victoria talk about past shows and players and she is a bigger fan than she lets on. Yeah I know her self absorbed issues are supposed to be her downfall but she wouldn’t be the first female HG to use a male HG to get to the end….

      • Nah I know you watch the show and your she wouldn’t be the first female HG to use a male to get to the end but Victoria is a different case, she really is that self absorbed to not notice what is happening around other then what’s in front of her mirror. Last night when Derrick told her she was safe and he got Frankie to not put her on as re nom she didn’t even react cause all she could talk about was Zingbot and how her hairclips are digging into her scalp. Yes she has some knowledge of BB but remember most of her knowledge of BB is from BB Israel not BB US, huge difference.

    • Doubt it but can she wake up and play the game, maybe. It would have been surprising if she approached Donny for a super secret alliance. The one they fear and the puppet at the end. Now, that would be nice. I would’ve said Zach (since they view him as an Idiot) and Donny but Zach trusts Frankarse too much to fully align with Donny.

    • Vic is so infatuated with Derrick! When she talks to him or looks at him you can see the adoration in her eyes.

  9. Zach being evicted and coming back would be by far the most entertaining possibility for a returning houseguest.

    And I can’t believe people are actually crying over Zingbot; or that Victoria has been destroying her scalp just so her hair looks longer

    • That’s what I’m looking forward to, Zach will explode this week and will have a chance to come back and do some damage.

    • Christine crying and being so upset over her zing about what she has done with Cody is laughable! The woman has been in the house since June 21st or somewhere around there..and she is now worried about what people may think of her! You signed on the dotted line, Christine..suck it up and move on!! I bet they do not show her zing on the show Wednesday, I hope they do, but, with the way she is acting worried about her husband..I think they may give in and not broadcast it.

      • Nah they’ll show it, BB is only looking at their ratings and like you said, she signed a contract so for her to start realizing her actions now has no fault on BB but on her alone so she needs to suck it up and really do damage control when she gets back home.

    • Victoria is obsessed with the way she looks. She tweezes and picks at her face everyday.

  10. “turning gay”. that’s a good one. and then the next day he can “turn straight”. idiots.

  11. For a second there I thought that Frankie might grow a pair, play his own game, and not put his closest ally in the house on the block. Sadly, he’s just another one of Derrick’s sheep. Sorry, Zach. Hope you come back and wreak havoc, bro.

    • You shouldn’t be mad dude, it’s the name of the game Biiiig Bruuuther! Manipulating your way to the top and being 500k richer at the end. All that Frankie can think of is who he wants behind him rather then watch for what’s in front of him.

      • delusional is what Frankie is, thinking IF he gets there he will win the money, thinking he is a popular guy and that everybody likes him and what he will do with the money, he plainly said with what money he has so far he can build one school, and WHEN he wins the $500K that he will be able to build one or two more, lol, they are so used to not listening and hearing exactly what is said, so they miss most of the clues!

      • Frankie must go! I just don’t understand this…they were talking about sending him out the door, but then no one has said a thing about this after his “big reveal.” When he told everyone who his sister was, I believe it was Christine that said, “You’re famous!” Frankie then replied,”I know.” I just wanted to vomit. I liked him in the beginning, but as time has worn on I just cannot stomach the guy!

  12. This season is so UNPREDICTABLE ! Who would have thought that Frankie would put Zack, his only ally on the block. lol

    • I did, sorry that your late to the party Cyril but I actually saw it happening cause people doubted that Derrick couldn’t pull it off but he did lol. Now just wait for the fireworks to go off Monday and grab yourself a bag of popcorn and watch ha.

      • I’m so glad that you saw this coming and that we are blessed to have you here with your in-depth analysis and knowledge. Why do you have to be so condescending? Besides it hasn’t happened yet and there is a chance, no matter how small, that it might not. Take a pill and climb down of that high horse you have placed yourself on.

      • Oh Aislinn it’s ok to be upset that Frankie is doing this, you probably hate to see Derrick playing the game like this which is Big Brother by the way. When it does happen and it doesn’t go your way, are you going to come back to me and say, “Take a pill and climb down of that high horse you have placed yourself on”? Or can I just tell you, “I told you so!”. Stay tuned, Monday is right around the corner, don’t go run and hide behind a corner when the news becomes official, I’d like to tell you, “I told you so” in a condescending tone when it happens ok?

      • 1. I didn’t mention anything about being upset that Frankie is considering this and no I’m not upset that Derrick is playing the game he is. So do not put words in my mouth. 2. I can take an I told you so, if I’m proven wrong, but again you put words in my mouth. I said that there’s a chance it might not happen that way, no matter how small, there is still a chance, as you like to say this is Big Brother and things can and have changed. Also I never said anything about anything going my way or not.3. Really, if it will make you feel better about yourself go ahead and say I told you, but that will only prove that you are in fact condescending. Do you even pre-read what you are writting? And, yes even if this goes as they are saying I will tell you to get off your high horse. The higher you place yourself the harder the fall. I have another question for you and yes it’s serious are you by chance related to Rachel Reilly? You remind me of her. Or perhaps Brendan?

  13. Zach is a loose cannon and can’t keep his mouth shut; that’s why they want him gone. Everyone complains about Cody and Victoria not doing anything; but that’s why they are still there. No one is threatened or intimidated by them so there’s no point in sending them out

  14. The stars have aligned perfectly for Frankie, whether he knows it or not. This is the perfect week to make a big move and back door Derrick. either way, by getting Cody and Derrick up together one of them goes home and their power in the house has diminished. Frankie can argue that Derrick has been protecting Victoria who should have been gone a long time ago because she is not playing the game. I think he can get Donny and maybe even Caleb and Christine to back him up.

    • Hey Prince, guess you didn’t get the memo, Frankie is putting up Zach, looks like the stars you were hoping for aren’t coming out to shine for you. Derrick did again and got Frankie to do what some people thought was impossible and that’s have turn on his ally Zach, sorry to rain down on your parade (not) but looks like that scenario can only play out in your imagination.

  15. If Frankie puts Zach up and not Derrick, that will be his downfall. Stop listening to Derrick. Do you realize he is the only one who is protecting Victoria? Why can’t anyone get it through their head. Plus, if you put Derrick up, he most likely goes home. He has only won 2 comps. Sending Caleb out would just put him right back in. Cody or Derrick needs to go.

  16. Derrick is playing these people so well and they don’t even see it. It drives me crazy. This is the chance to get him out, I don’t know if they will be able to again otherwise he wins. Christine has so much blood on her its grouse. I hope she goes home soon and leaves with nothing. She hasn’t won any money or prizes.

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