Best And Worst Of Big Brother 18 Week 1

That was a long first week of Big Brother 18. From Glenn’s premiere eviction all the way up to Jozea’s live eviction, we had a lot to take in but we’re finally ready for our first installment of this season’s Ewws & Ahhs (the best and worst moments of the week on Big Brother).


Since this is our first installment, we’re going to dip back a bit, so some of this might seem like old news. Oh, and I should tell you that some of these also might come from the Live Feeds, so if you don’t have the Live Feeds get yours now! You can also check out our Live Feeds updates.

Anyway, let’s get to the Best and Worst Moments of Big Brother 18 Week 1!

Ahh! No Battle of the Block. I can’t not include this. I am still thrilled this “fan favorite” twist is no longer a part of our summer.

Eww! They’re playing in teams. I would’t mind this twist if I thought it actually worked. It kind of worked in Season 11 and in Season 14 it didn’t last long enough to work. And already this season the teams mean nothing.

Da/Vonne Rogers competes in a new Sunday challenge titled “Quick Change.” The winner of the competition will be able to impact the game like never before, on BIG BROTHER, Sunday, June 26 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Ahh! Road Kill Twist. I like this twist. It’s basically the MVP twist but without trusting America to 1. Do the right thing or 2. Not mistakenly vote the MVP as the third nominee like you did Elissa in Season 15.

Eww! Jozea’s Messiah Complex. We’ve seen A LOT of delusional Big Brother players in the past 18 seasons, but I’m not sure any have been as delusional as fast as Jozea. From comparing himself to Jesus to President Obama, Jozea was hardly a Big Brother expert. I mean he thinks  the Season 13 winner is Rachael Ray.


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  1. Ahhh Big Brother fans that are never happy – makes for fine entertainment in the comment section…
    so far i’d say this season is pretty entertaining.

      • If Bronte is around, I could see her & Tiffany maybe recognizing their twin souls. But there are always the side alliances that become exposed. Eg: The Fatal 5. How long before the guys counter that? How long before it reverts to Vets/Siblins against Newbs? Point is, there will always be drama, I think, this season.

  2. “If this happens or if that person gets evicted then the game is rigged and Allison is a snake and CBS is so f’ed up and pigs are flying and I’m so over BB and I’ll NEVER watch again!!!!!!”

    Yeah right. Loser hypocrite.

  3. I like the teams thing, it gives a lot of opportunity for more sneaky strategies such as James throwing Victor overboard or Paulie getting HOH. Just one more layer of plotting and one more way of people forming alliances if they choose. Frank could never get this far playing both sides without having the excuse of being nice to his team while supposedly being loyal to the 8.

    • I’m enjoying the team concept this season too but eventually the HG’s always figure out a way to skirt the system I’ve noticed. I suppose they have a lot of time to think about how to do this alas.

  4. I really don’t understand the fans that complain about everything. If you can’t find something to be content with, then why are you even watching?! Yeah this show has had some MAJOR flops in it’s history. But it’s also brought us great players, some memorable seasons, and some pretty cool twists in its 18 season run. How about instead of complaining about every goddamn thing, you just appreciate the fact that this show is still on air. If you were a true fan you wouldn’t want it to not exist at all, would you?!

    • Couldn’t agree more. I haven’t gotten live feeds yet this year, but I know in previous seasons people in the chat rooms are some of the most hateful people on the internet. I think it’s a “I feel better by putting other people down” thing.

    • I mean there are some things that went wrong, but there have also been good moments too.

      • I understand that. Everyone has something to say about everything. Even I do. But if it reaches a point in which the ONLY thing you do is complain and you can’t see anything as decent, then … why are you even a fan?! The show isn’t complete crap and if you can’t see that then stop watching…

      • You do realize that my original comment was made in jest?
        Perhaps you took it too seriously ?

  5. No mention of a third nominee on the block? I actually really like this twist, as it could get really interesting and usher in more side-alliance deals, especially as the numbers start to whittle down and 1 stray vote here or there could send the right/wrong person packing! Let’s just hope these HGs are strategic enough to make use of this…for good or evil.

      • Duh (me, not you). Apparently my morning brain couldn’t make the connection that Road Kill = 3rd nominee. It must’ve gone on vacation early for the Fourth (even though I’m still technically “working”).

  6. Hahahaha my boss once mentioned to me that people liked to complain for the sake of complaining … and it’s very true!
    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. People will complain either way.

  7. Complaining is part of watching BB. It shows your passionate. I have watched since season one and have always found something I did not like with each season. I still come back and still watch. Teams are ok but even though Victor is not my favorite, I admit the team thing did screw him when James threw it. I wish Julie would not announce the vote numbers at eviction but she does, does this mean I will not watch, no just would be fun to see the paranoia. Overall I love this year so far.

    • So far the new twists and turns are interesting I agree. I can see why a lot of people are upset that the new formula heavily favors the vets though. Sometimes BB is so aggravating it’s nice to come here and complain about it. :D

  8. I’m loving this season! Except, I’m truly disappointed that my man Frank, spoiled a blindside of the Messiah. Other than that—I’m loving this season!

  9. Don’t care for these twists, especially Roadkill. I wish America could vote for the third nominee instead of one of the HG. I do wish they would include the viewers in some aspect of the game this season. It will be fun if the HG know who America likes and dislikes.

  10. On the last point — it’s not that BB fans are very unhappy all the time and nothing can please them, it is just the way of the “internet” world now. People use online forums and platforms to bitch about everything. You can’t see any article or opinion on the internet, from political to just-about-anything, and not read venomous attacks. Pretty sad, but the stereotypical “internet basement troll” thrives.

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