Big Brother 18: Nomination Anticipation In Week 2

Big Brother 18 has just begun and it ain’t slowing down anytime soon with the latest spoilers revealing who won Head of Household and showing us which direction the house would go this week.

Update: Nomination spoilers are in! Find out who is on the Block this week.

Bronte D'Acquisto and Natalie Negrotti plan next moves

With the Roadkill twist in play and the comp set to take place on Friday that means we should expect earlier than normal nominations so without an extra time to spare let’s see who is heading to the Block.

Soon after the Live Feeds returned we were watching the Eight Pack alliance gather round Paulie, the new HoH. He said he didn’t care who went up but Victor was his target. Things would need to be some combination of Victor, Paul, Bronte, and Natalie. Those four voted against him on Thursday so it’s an easy excuse to give.

Natalie and Bronte were immediately worried and ready to take action. Natalie told Bronte they had no choice but to pivot and go to the other side. Bronte isn’t happy, but she doesn’t have much choice. Natalie wants to make it very clear that they’re detaching from the guys (Victor and Paul).

Meanwhile Paul and Victor know they’re going to be top picks as targets. Paul was sticking close to his former enemies in hopes of getting in with them. It’s a smart move, but a little late as he should have played more evenly last week too. What’s not smart is most of Victor’s ideas. He really doesn’t seem to get what’s going on here. Paul sees it and is trying to adjust, but like I said, it’s likely too late for him. His best hope is that Victor goes up, stays up, and leaves this week instead of him.

Frank came up with an idea to Backdoor Victor instead of just going full bore from the start. James eventually came around to the idea when the two were talking in Storage, but we’ve yet to see how it’s officially received by the man who will be doing the naming of noms.

This talk eventually came around between Frank and Paulie as they had a long talk about whether or not to go straight after Victor or try to flank him for eviction. There were a LOT of talks last night actually with Paulie and Frank staying up until almost 6AM while going through scenarios.

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Earlier in the night Paulie had worked on Paul to convince him he was just a pawn in their game against Victor this week. Paul had no idea what a Backdoor was so Paulie explained it to him and blew his mind. Paulie believes he has Paul convinced he’s not a target but he might have to go up to move things along. In reality, Paul is a contender for the target this week but right now he’s a back up plan.

Frank and Paulie discussed their main goal was to get out Victor this week and it sounds like Bronte is the second choice. Paulie still doesn’t know if he’ll use the Backdoor route to get Victor out, but he thinks there’s a clear path to make it happen if he wants that. It’s not that easy and here’s why a BD plan is not a secure choice.

Scenario: Paulie puts up Natalie and Paul with the plan to BD Victor after Veto is used. Bronte wins Roadkill and puts up Corey. Corey wins Veto and saves himself. Here’s the fork in the road. Unless one of Paulie’s noms is saved with the Veto then he doesn’t have control of the renom pick. Paulie believes he can get whoever wins Roadkill to renom Victor for him, but you’re really telling me that Bronte will willingly put up her own ally, Victor, so Paulie can get him voted out?

Sure, Bronte might and she would if she wants to play with the other side, but she’d just be waiting for the hangman to show. Maybe she would go along with the plan, but she doesn’t have to and Paulie has no control over the situation. The bigger problem could be that Paulie actually does believe he could influence Bronte, or whoever, to do what he wants against their own best interests.

When someone can be nom’d or renom’d without your control and you’re relying on them to put up one of your opponents who happens to be their ally then you’re in a tough spot. Maybe it works out. Maybe it doesn’t. One way to make sure your target is on the Block is to just put him there yourself.

Paulie should go with Victor and Paul as his noms, but we may see Paul and Bronte with a Victor Backdoor plan in place. The numbers are on Paulie’s side, but nothing is guaranteed if he goes with the latter.

We’ll keep watching to see when the nominations are made official and if Paulie reveals any final decisions on his plan before the Ceremony. Who do you want to see up on the Block this week?

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  1. They aren’t playing this year’s game with this Back Door business. The whole Roadkill secret winner is something to be dealt with seriously since it takes power from HOH.

  2. As a BBfan I’ve always thought that backdoors are indeed overrated (ex: the Vanessa blindside plan last year that totally didn’t screw up Johnny Mac and Becky’s games). But Matt’s scenario described here shouldn’t really worry Paulie much. Paul, Bronte and Natalie’s hands are pretty much tied at this point and they’re forced to make peace with the 8 pack and turn on each other in order to ensure their own safety for the week. They’ll come to the realization that if Victor is not on the block by the time the veto meeting is over, they’re at risk of going home. They have no choice but to put Victor on the block.

    • Of course they have another choice. Bronte said it last night that they have only 2 evictions to come up with a plan. Handing over an ally to their opponents is playing the game for them. If she knows she has a very short time left then she’s got nothing to lose.

  3. I hope Paulie comes to realize that his BD plan won’t be as secure as putting Vic up to start with. Road Kill comp makes it harder now. I’ve always said, “manage what’s in your control and let go of what you can’t control”. Wait until you’re past Road Kill comps before making those kind of moves…less players, less to put up for eviction.

  4. Put up Victor and Paul directly. If one of them comes down then put up Bronte. Regardless of who wins Road Kill the 8 pack has the numbers to vote out either Victor or Paul if one remains on the block. The one thing that cannot have happen is Victor wins POV and takes Paul off so that is an argument against a back door plan.

  5. If Victor isn’t on the block and gets drawn for Veto and wins then Paul or Bronte come down and 2 new noms go up. That leaves only 1 of the 3 intended targets and There is waayyy to much time for ppl to change their minds and votes to go all wack! I dont like it.. But it would make for a week full of paranoia and finding cracks in alliances..

    • They’ll be fine this week. Even if their plans go awry, it’s a guarantee that one of Paulie’s top 3 targets goes home this week, assuming the 8 pack doesn’t crumble.

  6. Victor is the main target but Paulie doesn’t really mind whoever of the three (Victor, Paul or Bronte) goes since it means the other side loses another number. Altho I think he would like to keep Paul as long as he can as the back-up plan later on. His order of eviction is Victor, Bronte and Bridgette (causing Frank to have a seizure hahaha j/k).
    Yeah the smart move is to nominate Victor and Paul straight up. Victor only has 1/6 chance to win PoV, a slimmer odd than a BD plan.

  7. The issue with the Roadkill twist is that it makes it VERY difficult for someone outside of the majority alliance to vote out someone in the majority alliance. Even if someone, say, Paul, wins HOH and nominates Nicole and James (or whoever from that alliance), the 8 pack just needs to win the Roadkill and they have the numbers to send home whoever they want (or their replacement if they win POV). It’s going to make for a very boring first part of the game until either everyone is voted out besides the 8 pack (+ Paulie), or until the 8 pack turns on each other.

    • Good point. That’s what I thought as well. It was a great idea actually, to mess up the HoH reign. However when they came up with the Roadkill, they didn’t envisage that there’s gonna be a 8 people + 1 alliance.
      Same thing with BoTH … good idea until it became a pawn game.

    • Oh yeah, I didn’t think of it that way :/

      Although to be fair, if Frank continues to go behind the 8 Pack’s back, I’d say that alliance could potentially have issues. Michelle was already questioning if she wanted to work with someone as emotional as Tiffany.

  8. BD plan is not option. What if Victor is not nom’d, but is picked for the veto and wins and saves Paul, then not either Paul nor Victor could be evicted.
    Paulie should nom’d Paul and Victor, and if whoever of them is saved by the veto then the other could go home, no matter what the RK nom’d is

  9. Paulie best step is to just go forward with putting Victor up as a nominee. A backdoor is very tricky with Roadkill basically throwing off everyone, forcing everyone to think of new strategies to go around with it.

    • They’re overthinking something that should be very simple. Just put Victor up and be done with it.

  10. I’m suprised he hasn’t seriously considered pawning Nicole yet…I mean he has the easiest excuse to do it…

  11. Checking to see if an update has helped me comment on my beloved site…hopefully Pauly will make a good HoH and get rid of that misogynistic piece of filth, Paul. Or OCD-Victor. Or, Brontesaurus-Blech. My snark and computer are OK so far. Will have to see how it goes when more traffic is online.

  12. I think Paul and Victor should be initial nominees then somebody from 8-pack should put Bronte as number 3. Pretty simple right? Well we’ll see.

    Also is it me or does Paul have no knowledge of this game? Is he this stupid?

  13. What’s up with that hat that Victor and Tiffany are wearing? Whose hat is it anyway, Vic or Tiff? Maybe Vanessa gave it to her.

    • Are you talking about Tiffany’s ‘secret squirrel’ hat or the winter hat I’ve seen both of them wearing?

  14. Put up Vic and Bronte with Paul as Roadkill. RK is a crapshoot so don’t count on it. Here’s why:
    – With Victor gone, Paul is pretty much done, considering how he treats women and given his tendency to lose control of his emotions.
    – With Bronte gone, those 2 knuckleheads won’t have a brain between them. Both can win physical comps but a mental comp has to be coming up soon so you can always gun for Victor next time.
    And if you DO get all 3 sitting in a row on the block – the POV winner, if any of them, can only save him/herself. So you still send one of the disciples packing….just to possibly square off against Jozea. Ha ha ha ha.

    I’d rather leave Bronte & Paul in the house OR Victor & Paul in the house. Just not Bronte & Victor. Besides, get out Bronte and then finish reeling in Natalie for her complete loyalty without her admitted bestie in the house. Bronte is a bad influence on Nat. Bridgette is nothing.

    Question: If one of ‘them” returns to the game with the buyback, will they be considered a “vet” who had his/her chance so they must be targeted first? Ha ha ha ha.

  15. Paul and Bronte on the block. Victor’s the BD target. I wish noms remain the same so they send Bronte out.

  16. Gah, I LOVE the Roadkill twist! It really drives a fork in the overused Backdoor strategy. I used to love backdoors because they were rare and considered huge, risky moves up until around Season 15-16 when Backdoors became a common thing and were used almost every week

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