Jozea Flores – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Jozea Flores became the latest Big Brother evictee on Thursday night despite his high expectations of sailing to victory as the presumptive favorite to win over his fellow Houseguests. Now on the outside he’s got a shot at coming back but it won’t be easy with the new Battle Back twist that’s keeping his hopes alive.

Jozea Flores evicted from Big Brother

We had the chance to put a few questions to Jozea, an interview that could have really gone on a lot longer, but at least we have a glimpse of what was going on inside that entertaining mind. Find out what Jozea thinks went wrong with the votes, why he was the Messiah of Big Brother 18, and what he’ll do if he gets back inside the house.

Big Brother Network (BBN): What went wrong? Who do you now think voted against you that you thought would support you?

Jozea Flores: Da’Vonne and either Natalie or Zakiyah. But definitely Da’Vonne. I sat there and listened to her sad story and opened up to her… did the whole, we’re from the same tree or deal, and then she plays me because she took one word out of context. That’s a weak minded person. And if she thinks they’re going to take her to the end, she’s sadly mistaken.

BBN: Why did you feel you were the Messiah of the newbies?

Jozea Flores: I felt that it was my duty to guide and unite a group of young talented people such as myself and others to make sure we would dominate the house and everyone that was in our alliance would be safe, from any evictions for the time being. I thought playing fair with alliance members would be the best way to keep the hope and the strength strong so when time comes when we have to face one another, it would be a good old warrior battle – shake hands, battle, may the best man win, and nothing shady after that.

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BBN: You talked with Paul about only having watched one full season. How do you think that was an advantage and how was it a disadvantage to your game?

Jozea Flores: Having had only watched one season of Big Brother completely gave me the gist of things and that’s all I needed to continue with my strategy and planning in the house. I wasn’t polluted with so much previous gameplay, and my mind was clear. The flip side of that is not having had watched many seasons, it didn’t prepare me for the cutthroat shadiness that lied ahead.

BBN: If you win your way back in to the house, who would you target first & who would be your closest ally?

Jozea Flores: If I return into the Big Brother house, my #1 target will be Paulie, my #2 would be James. And my closest allies would be Bronte, Victor, and Paul.

BBN: Thanks, Jozea.

Not many surprises here from Jozea, but it’s interesting that despite believing Da’Vonne and Zakiyah may have betrayed him and it was Nicole who put him up his target would be Paulie instead. Well, he just might have that chance thanks to the Battle Back twist. Would you like to see Jozea back in the house again this season?

As for his comments about Da’Vonne, that seems to continue in what Jozea had said previously on the Feeds that he didn’t think she’d want to go on with Caucasians because they couldn’t be trusted to take her to the end. Seems like he may still be suggesting that.

His biggest mistake seems to be that he thought the game was “fair” and straight up without the “cutthroat shadiness” that we know is part of playing the game of Big Brother. Maybe he won’t make that same mistake again.


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  1. I ? me some Jozeasus. He absolutely made the feeds fun and cringy and fabulous. Never a dull moment. I see he’s still a little (a lotta) clueless about the game, the preparedness necessary to do well and having a good read on HGs but honestly, I wouldn’t have him any other way. He’s gorgeous and hilarious. I don’t get all the hate unless you just enjoy boring feeds. Not me!


      • Really? That’s unfortunate (for them). Honestly, I see so much SJW’ing within the BB fandom, I can’t help but wonder, if people took their time, passion and energy and spent it on actual causes like, in real life, off twitter, they could do some remarkable things in the world.

      • I’m sorry for butting in…I love your comment BTW, but what does SJW mean? I’m not too hip on the lingo. I actually don’t tweet; don’t have a smart phone; don’t have FB, so I don’t understand…

      • SJW means social justice warrior. There are fans who get upset if a houseguest says things that are racist, homophobic or otherwise offensive, so they’ll spend their time and energy trying to get houseguests fired from their jobs, harassing their friends or family on social media, etc. To the point where the comment made pales in comparison to the retribution sought. I hate when houseguests say and do hurtful things (BB15 and others) but there’s no excuse to cyber bully people and that’s rampant in the BB fandom.

      • So it isnt racist of him to say you cant trust caucasians,just saying that we are all bad because we are not his ethnic group not entirely sure but if a caucasian said that they would probably be removed from the show and branded racist immediately

      • Also last year didn’t like da’vonne but she is starting this season out strong and smart as far as i can tell im putting her in my top 3

      • Obviously I didn’t say that. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. My comment was about fans actions and reactions, not about specific houseguest’s comments.

      • It happens once a year! Not 365 days, and it’s insulting for you to tell people what we should be doing. What remarkable things are you doing?

  2. Wow! Even post eviction he’s delusional!! SMH he’s too freaking Clueless it would be a total waste if he were to get back in there!! Like really just cause she’s a different race doesn’t mean she won’t hesitate to go far with another race if it meant getting 500k at the end! Hah I guess he’ll never learn

  3. I’d like to see him go back in just to get booted right out again. Strictly for entertainment.

    • For some reason I don’t see Jozea being someone that would learn from past experiences if he does return to the house. He only has one mode apparently: obnoxious.

    • I know what you mean, but I’d still rather not … plus I think he is so enamored with himself that he would still think he was blessing us with his presence and proving again, we just were too “weak-minded” to appreciate him. Ewww, he makes me gag.

      • He’s just horrible. But I see LG’s point too. Seriously though…he’s just…NO.

  4. Just a thoroughly unlikable person. Hope he’s gone for good. Time to fade off into BB oblivion.

  5. He’s the most amazing player in BB history EVER. I mean, having gotten the gist of how things work, having watched only one season…just amazing. Freaking amazing. Idiot Savant comes to mind. No, that’s an insult to true Idiot Savants…who truly possess amazing abilities. He’s just an idiot. Buh-bye, idiot. Seriously…could he have been more clueless?

      • LISA! I’ve been so bummed–haven’t been able to comment–stupid computer. Was he not one of the the most egotistical, narcissistic, doofus house guests ever? Now to get that misogynistic, narcissistic, egotistical, sparkly-bearded Paul out. I cannot stand that guy. I’m glad I don’t have the feeds, otherwise I’d have a stroke every time he opened his mouth.
        I AM loving this season, though!

      • I humbly beg your pardon. Please forgive me! LOL! UHG! What a trip that guy was…what a delusional view of himself. I’m simply amazed.

      • I just can’t believe how many titles he gave himself.

        He was really good at stringing words together that made no sense.

      • If I had the feeds there wouldn’t be time for me to do anything else! First season being able to watch BBAD and that’s bad enough. I was surprised that Natalie voted for Paulie, but other than that everything seemed to go as planned.

      • Lol…me too, Lisa. I wouldn’t get anything done. So far I haven’t made it through one BBAD… I crash during the second hour. Guess I’m getting old. Glad you’re able to see BBAD. It’s fun to see who get’s HoH before they show it on TV, isn’t it? And of course the other spoilers before you read them here—-even though Matt does a brilliant job with the spoilers. He’s hysterical!

      • Unfortunately I only seem to see the episodes where the houseguests are already talking about someone and I can’t figure out who it is! I am definitely enjoying this season so far but I can’t figure out why Paulie is targeting Victor.

      • I haven’t seen enough of Victor to get a feel for him. The only thing I’ve seen of him that has given me anything, is when James and Michelle (?) were throwing chips downstairs and he yelled at them.

        So, I’ve got to make myself stay up later…or get the feeds. I want to make sure I can watch them before I get them…but again–I’d never get anything done if I had them!

      • Misogynistic? I hate him, but I hadn’t noticed misogyny to this point. What has he done that makes you think he’s a misogynist? Isn’t he a clothing designer or something? Seems pretty effeminate to me.

      • You can be a clothing designer and still be a misogynist…although, I’m not sure what that has to do with anything…unless THAT’S what you mean by him being ‘effeminate.’ He seems to have a NASTY attitude toward women. That’s my opinion. You have your opinion. And that’s what’s great about BBN, we all get to have our opinions!

        Frankie Grande (excuse me while I throw up in my mouth), was openly gay and very, very effeminate. He was also a misogynist. He showed disdain and contempt toward women and that’s what I see in Paul…in the way he treats women: with disdain and contempt.
        Again though, that’s what’s cool about BBN—we get to have our opinions, and in so doing, get discussions started!

  6. So! Paulie’s gloating farewell message to Josea certainly struck a nerve I see. Fingers crossed Jozea and his undies only ways are gone for good.

  7. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more delusional BB player. Watch one season and you’re a pro. ? Might have worked with no vets in the house, but I doubt it.

  8. “Would you like to see Jozea back in the house again this season?”

    I desire to never see that delusional racist again. Anywhere. Ever.

      • Not sure (maybe?) but he IS the one who said something about not wanting to be in the house with white people.

      • I am SO glad I didn’t hear him say that. Not that I could have done anything…but I really would have been pissed. WHY would he say that?

      • Thanks, Elaine…I knew one of the girls said something about James..and someone said something about punching him back to Hong-Kong…I’m not sure though. I think I may have read it on one the the threads.

      • I remember it was Paul and Bronte referencing James’ ethnicity. Not sure if Jozea every made references to it.

      • It was Bronte.
        Jozea made a rude remark about the people who died during the fourth of July saying that Independence Day should’t be a holiday.

      • Are you freakin’ kidding me? Of course you’re not. Up until reading your comment, me saying he was an ‘idiot’ was all in game fun. Well, sort of. But now? He truly IS an idiot, with a capital I (DIOT). He has no idea what the 4th of July/Independence Day means….other than maybe the MOVIE. That’s sickeningly sad.

      • Lol…you stop now. I give you virus. STOP IT!!! lol.. You’re awful. Anyone that’s reading this convo between Cyril and myself–we are KIDDING.
        You will alwaysa be my PAO PHO PHRIEND!

      • Because all they see is Asian. They’re so ignorant they have no idea that Korean is not Chinese is not Japanese is not Filipino is not Vietnamese is not Laotian is not Indian is not Cambodian is not Malaysian is not Thai etc etc.

      • I’m a little surprised that Julie, et al, on The View, haven’t said anything yet…like they did during ‘Aaryn the Aryan’s’ season.

      • I hope she does say something! But, with Jozea gone, do you think that kind of ‘they all look alike to me’ type thinking will still rear it’s UGLY head?
        She’s been very open about her surgery and why she had it. It’s unfortunate that the American Asian has to ‘fit in’ and be more ‘American’ when it comes to having a career in Broadcast Journalism.

      • Well, I hope the talk is over. I’m not qualified on the other subject either…I’m basically repeating what Julie has said. It makes me terribly sad.
        Anyway, glad that jerk is gone.

  9. I didn’t think it was possible for this guy to think he was in control of the game when he sees all these people hanging out up in the HoH room, and none of them are your friends. That goes with Paul/Vic too. Some super power he has.

  10. I love how the three house ‘douche bags’ would be his “closest allies” in the house if he were allowed back in. LOL.

  11. Never have I experienced a HG who was so completely full of crap. Waste of a casting choice.

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