Team America: What Happens When A Member Is Voted Out?

With tonight’s pending eviction on Big Brother and Donny Thompson being in serious danger of being sent to the Jury House a lot of fans are wondering what happens to Team America when a member is voted out? Will it end there or continue on? Let’s discuss.


From the very first week of voting for Team America we knew there was a real threat of its members being evicted. I mean look at Joey Van Pelt, she didn’t even last long enough to meet the rest of the team before she was sent packing. Luckily for viewers and production the next round of TA members had much better staying power.

Now in Week 9 we’re looking at what is expected to be Donny Thompson’s eviction. He is one third of Team America along with Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande. So if he goes does the Team America series of missions end?

If Donny is voted out tonight, even by his own TA allies, the Team America twist will continue on without him. The missions will persist and so will the opportunity to win cash as a result, but Donny won’t be eligible for the rewards.

Even if a second member is voted out it appears as though a solo member may continue to rack up the wins (or with their record so far this season, the losses) until no one is left at all.

I do not expect another member to be voted in to replace Donny. Instead Derrick and Frankie will take care of the challenges on their own.

It’s too bad for Donny there wasn’t some stipulation for TA to need everyone present to continue or even some rule against voting out their own members, but anything like that would have been too restrictive. Had another member been voted out right away it could have led to a quick demise of the twist. And considering this alliance was forged by viewers, not the HGs, forcing them to play nice with each other could have presented its own issues.

What do you think of Team America continuing on without Donny? Should the twist end with the three-member alliance does as well or is it better to let it keep running until they are all gone?



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  1. Twist should have ended with the first TA member being voted out. But, since BB saved the worst twist ever in the 2nd week, I think it should end as soon as another TA member is voted out. (Can you tell that I didn’t like the twist?)

    Can America vote whether or not the twist should continue?

    • Great idea. Next week’s America vote could determine if it continues. If the secret answer is revealed to them before the vote I wonder if Derrick will work out a signal with Victoria to cue a change in her vote. After all you would just need Derrick, Frankie, and the robot to determine the outcome. You would not have to divulge TA to Victoria. She would blindly do whatever her crush tells her to do. Christine could easily be framed for atleast one vote. After all Cody was the main person not interested in saving Donnie. Who cares? He can’t compete for HOH this week. If he acts like a butt, just get him out next week. Maybe most ideal risk, but If Derrick is the brillantly manipulator he seems to be, with his already quesitoning why this is going to be revealed at the live show..He would have a backup plan. Maybe he isn’t as great as we think. The other players are just that stupid.

  2. I hope America has voted the play as a fail to the make your own mission. It will be good to see Frankie’s smug face when he realizes America didn’t like his grand idea. However I have a feeling that Production will just say they won. Or that maybe America will pass it so Donny can at least get that money.

    • I did vote no on the mission. How is a play a mission?? Frankie and Derrick were looking for easy cash for themselves while getting rid of Donny. Hope they get no “apple pie” and they get the message of what America thinks of the play being used as a mission. This is BB, it should have had something to do w/the game, not entertainment!

      • Ok, I didn’t go there. I’m not saying it is doomsday that Donny is leaving. I like Donny, but I want Derrick to win, truth be known. I just feel that if Team America is going to turn on Team America, whoever might be going, then it should be over.

  3. My personal opinion is that they should disband TA if Donny gets voted out but I think they should be told in advance that it will happen. Since it was never made clear in the beginning, they can now use it as one of the “unexpected” twists. Changing the game is the fun part and this would be fun to me to tell the other TA members before they possibly vote Donny out. How many of them want to lose out on the money?? I wish that Donny would shave off his beard and show America his what seems like a handsome face underneath all that scraggly hair. Just my opinion for all it counts. :)

  4. I think if the remaining TA members win money, they should split it with Donny, once they’re all in the jury house!

  5. I guess I’m in the minority of people who liked TA this season. Especially with the house being so lopsided and no interesting power moves, this was one way to stir up something in the house. I just wish there were more interesting missions.

    Not really sure how Derrick and Frankie got chosen, though, since they both fared poorly, even at the beginning, in popularity polls. Derrick FTW…

  6. Let it continue,if one is voted out the other 2 can continue if they succeed in a mission,the voted out hg should get the $$ to,that is the unexpected!!

    • They’ve already said the TA member that leaves doesn’t get rewarded. That’s why I think Donny and Frankie should split their wins with him if they don’t end up in the jury house! I like TA twist this year and the rules that go with it to tell ya the truth! :-)

  7. I’m not sure if America is excited to support their mission any longer with these two members, especially with Frankie in there. I think they should just end it…..the thrill is gone !

  8. I really hope that America vote against their stupid play mission. What American wanted was for them to save Donny. I really and truly cannot stand Frankie. He is such a narcissistic, fake fame monger. I am hoping he is voted out next. I am just rooting for Derrick at this point. I like Nicole but don’t think she deserves the win as she has not done much yet. Derrick is the brains and he has a good heart and has played harder then anyone. I just hope the jury realizes that.

    • That “good heart” maybe if you only go by the CBS edit. Derrick is as nasty and dishonest as anyone in that house on the live feeds

      • Yes I don’t watch the live feeds. But I also don’t think he was forcing himself to tears when he talked to Donnie last night. He as tried to reach out to Donnie multiple times, Donnie just no longer trusts him. He is the one who I see talking to the other HG’s the most about their families and stuff. He seems genuine to me. In that house he has to try and fit in and when everyone is *hit talking it’s easy to join in or stay silent and not stand against the crowd. Not saying he is perfect but I don’t think(from what I have seen) he is a bad person. It is easy to judge sitting in your own home watching it on tv.

      • LOL that ‘reaching out’ to Donny is tell me your secrets boy, who would you put up, MAYBE I will let you stay IF you sit in the corner and do as I tell you to, speak when I speak to you, and only speak to me, I will let you know when I need you, you are here for numbers only, MY NUMBERS, and yes I think for $500K he can and will force a few tears, now I do not think he is a BAD person, like he says he is on an undercover mission, wait — he said that on BBAD, might have been one of the many things he has said that you missed, I don’t get live feeds and I am sure I miss lots of things!!

      • That’s the game. And winning moves. He’s the leader and they are the followers and shouldn’t win.

      • That was for the live feeds….and his telling Donny that they others are afraid Donny would win if he made it to final two, that’s how Derrick really feels. He said that to Donny in hopes of getting his vote if Derrick makes it to final two. All that Derrick says is to help Derrick, nobody else. He wants Victoria to be sitting beside him in the end….that is why he has developed a relationship w/her. It would have been nice to see Derrick have to play hard, do something besides laying around and rubbing his facial hairs all day and night long. He has been a big BORE. The guys have no guts to make any big moves, so it will continue boring to the end.

      • Well I guess I should not speak for all of America but I know I did. As well as everyone I know who watches the show….and most of the people posting on this site.

      • There is plenty of selfish to go around. Donny has been on the block all season….think if he could see an obivious mission would be to save him from the block….that would benefit him one week only. But atleast it would have been a real mission. This making a play was self-serving to Frankie and Derrick went w/it, as they saw it as easy money. How is putting on a play a mission? It’s entertainment, yes, but a mission, no. Something having to do w/game play or a strategic move, that’s BB, not a stupid play. And they want to get $5 grand for that. I hope they get a negative on the apple pie from Julie Chen…then they may get the message as to how America feels about the play as a mission.

      • There is plenty of selfish to go around. Donny has been on the block all season….think if he could see an obivious mission would be to save him from the block….that would benefit him one week only. But atleast it would have been a real mission. This making a play was self-serving to Frankie and Derrick went w/it, as they saw it as easy money. How is putting on a play a mission? It’s entertainment, yes, but a mission, no. Something having to do w/game play or a strategic move, that’s BB, not a stupid play. And they want to get $5 grand for that. I hope they get a negative on the apple pie from Julie Chen…then they may get the message as to how America feels about the play as a mission.

      • I mean have you read these comments? Pretty much everyone wants Donnie to stay so…..

      • You Donny fans are in charge of “America”? If that’s the case, I want no taxes and free health care. Please get working on that right away.

      • How about we stick to BB here….the play was entertainment, not a mission. They’re looking for easy money and I hope they don’t get it.

      • To me it has nothing to do with the $5K/TA. Keeping TA all safe, when it is in jeopardy, is a mission that America would like, considering America voted for the 3 members. It has a definite goal and can be measured. Plus it is in keeping with the TA theme.

        Putting on a play (that wasn’t even a play) had no goals, nothing to measure on pass/fail. I voted no (40 times) because not coming up with a mission was an epic fail.

      • If you must know, I am a Donny fan, but if one of them has to leave, I’d rather see Nicole stay. I’ve explained my opinion on several posts already.

      • Read these comments! Of course America wanted them to save Donnie! We can’t stand Frankie and dislike Derrick even more.

      • This forum isn’t “America”. The vast majority of viewers just watch the CBS show, and they saw Donny selfishly propose that they save him.

      • No, they saw Frankie and Derrick selfishly shoot down their team member’s desire to save himself and instead put on a “play” to make easy money for themselves. That is not BB! A game move, or a move that affects the game, that’s BB. You can call Donny selfish….how about looking at the antics of Derrick and Frankie all season. Word.

      • I agree. Donny even said that if the mission was to save him “this week” they would each win the $5K and they could put him up again next week. How is that selfish?

      • Read the other forums and twitter and any other social media. Those that vote on TV shows also tend to contribute/follow social media. It’s an overwhelming vote no.

      • Well, I’m part of America and I could have cared less if Donnie was saved. I felt bad for him, but its a game. And I definitely do not dislike Derrick.

      • I have liked Donnie from the beginning.
        This has been the worst BB. No one playing the game. Cody talks the talk but does not have the B___ to make a big move. Derrick is running the house and it has been sooooo boring.

    • I agree that America wanted Donny saved—I sure did– and anything I have read says that too, at least 100 to 1, might have started off with lie #1–they both lied about who they are, only one has come clean, and I think he did it cause he needed to play that card and is too delusional to believe that hurt him with America instead of helped, and derrick has not come clean and wont because that might put him out of the game cause the other HG will finally see how easily he has been able to manipulate the conversations and change how they were thinking to how he wants them to think etc…

    • Yeah, and Derrick and Cody are so entertaining. Cody playing w/Christine, and Derrick laying around rubbing his facial hairs. Wow, if that isn’t boring. The boys alliance and none of them can make a bold move, that’s boring. Yeah, Donny leaving will really make the show entertaining….yawn.

  9. I think Donny needs to tell the rest of the house about the TA Alliance. He should tell Derrick & Frankie that you either keep me or I’m giving up TA to the other HG’s.

    • He will have to explain that he helped connive behind the other HG backs for extra money, and since he’s the only TA guy on the block, who do you think would pay? Derrick and Frankie can just call him a liar after he leaves the house.

    • IF he does #1 he forfeits his money, and #2 he can only ‘come out’ himself–not name the others playing TA——————–or this is what I think the rules are??

  10. I hope TA goes on because I can’t think of a better way to insult Franki and Derick than to keep voting NO to all their future attempts!!

      • NO more Yes votes!!! Let’s do it!!! ( If anyone asks, I’ll take the blame!) No more yes votes!!!

      • It will only happen though if we/America get to decide if the mission is a success or not.

      • I think it will send the correct message to Frankie and Derrick. They could have saved Donny especially since Caleb brought it up. It would have been his idea and they wouldn’t get blamed for flipping the house.

    • Very devious, Nonnie. I love it! Something Derrick can’t control or manipulate. Frankie’s ego would burst. Can’t wait for the shock and awe effect if it happens!

      • This is one time I want the camera on Frankies face when Julie says “your request is denied”. LOL

      • You talking about that camera that is always locked on the egomaniac even when he isn’t moving?

    • Good idea. I haven’t liked this twist from day one. I’ve never voted until yesterday and that’s because I wanted it to fail and see the smug look on Frankie’s face. So if they continue with it I’ll guess I’ll have to start voting and vote for whichever task they can’t complete or which task will screw up their game.

      • Same here. My first vote ever was to vote no 40 times. I’m up for continuing to vote no or hardest mission.

    • That would be great, but have we ever been allowed to vote on whether they get the money before? I thought America’s vote was on which mission, and production decided pass or fail, except this last time.

  11. Derrick better watch out for floaters ( Christine and Victoria )they tend to luck out and win some competitions at the end if they’re still around

    • If/when Christine and Victoria made it to final 2, It would end up being like Maggie and Ivette from bb6. How did they get here and why do we have to give one of them $500K for nothing!

  12. How stupid team America should either be done and over or all three members should qualify for rewards. Joey doesn’t count as she never even made it to meet any other members and never attempted any missions

  13. TA was targeted with 3 house members and should not go on if one of them is voted out!

      • The thing is, when she was evicted she was the only one who knew about TA. Production basically did a reset and started over after she left. I’d have been fine if they had ended it then and there.

  14. Should let AMERICA vote on if it ends or goes on. I think that would send a very clear message to Frankie & Derrick they’re not well liked

    • let it continue and let America decide what they do for each mission, maybe slop with liver and onions for the rest of their visit that America voted on for them to do, tell them each time the 2 missions that are voted on and that America chose the hardest one for them — wonder when they would get it!!

  15. That’s a great idea let us vote….I might could understand if Derrick and Frankie couldn’t save him, but they can….So a clear message has been sent to America…… that they are NOT AMERICAS TEAM……At the very least let us decide whether to give them the money or not…Our team…We should get to decide….

  16. I think it should end if he goes…. Disappointed that they didn’t work better with Donny

    • Donny said a couple of missions ago that he wasn’t working for Team America, he was working for Donny Thompson.

      • And Frankie and Derrick aren’t working for Team America. They are working for themselves.

  17. They are Team America and once somebody is no longer on the team then there is no longer a Team America. It should end when one of team is evicted.

    • Were you saying that when Joey got evicted? Because “once somebody is no longer on the team then there is no longer a Team America”, then there shouldn’t have been a Team America to begin with.

      • Joey was evicted before there was ever a Team America. She was the only one who had even heard about it at that point. Production just did a reset on the gimmick and started over.

  18. I like the idea of voting NO on every mission from now on. It would really have to be a good one for me to vote yes anyway. Bet they wish they had Zack to use now. Really the only mission they worked hard on was talking people’s stuff, but I didn’t like that they jumped on blaming Zack and then Zack sealed his fate by swiping the cue ball. TA could have been fun for viewers instead it was basically a flop.

    • I like that, too, but all of the first 6 missions were vote for this mission or that one, rather than a yes/no.

      • Yeah, I think we could give them a hard time. Hopefully there are great choices……the goal now is to torture them with the mission..haha

      • If you really want to mess with Frankie, the ideal thing to do would be to vote this one a failure and then give them a mission to put on a play next week.

      • I prefer America getting to vote yes or no as to whether they get the $5,000 for each future mission…if any.

  19. heck no let them continue and give them the hardest most impossible missions to TRY to complete, LOL, ………..and make them work really hard for each dime they collect!!

  20. What Donny should’ve done since he was the one given the card, was go the guys one by one and say the mission is to guarantee security of a Team America member…..boom, now you either know that they don’t want to save you or they save you and the mission was still made up and no one has to know.

    • after the initial player is given the mission the others can go to the DR and ask questions about the mission, so not sure if he could have lied about it? I sure wish he could have BUT that is not Donny’s style, people that don’t lie have a hard time doing it and not getting caught!

  21. The twist has been stupid from the beginning. Hate the fact that Derrick and Frankie are going to continue to receive free money.

    • so America votes on the hardest mission, thus making it harder for them to receive free money!! lol

      • no all HG are getting ‘free money’ my point for the TA missions would be [[from what I have read]] and what I think personally would be a way to let them know how America feels about them — they both think America loves them, and I think America loves Donny more than those 2, and TA is not the only money/prizes that have been passed out so far in this game

  22. I think it’s cruel irony that Donny is getting evicted because the other members of Team America didn’t want to save him. Donny made it very clear that he was here for himself, not to play America’s game. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t turn down a mission because it might hurt your game then expect Frankie and Derrick to DO a mission even though it’ll hurt their game.

    Donny is a threat to Derrick’s game. He’s virtually the only one in the house coming after him, and Derrick knows that. Why would he do a mission that might hurt his game? After all, Donny didn’t stick his neck out for Team America, so why should Derrick?

    Maybe if Donny didn’t turn down a mission earlier in the year, Frankie and Derrick would be more willing to work with him…

    • bull I think if Donny had tried that mission, what was it –bath mouthing somebody??— that mission would have failed anyway and possibly the outing of TA, cause as he said that is so out of his personality to do something like that he would not have been able to pull it off anyway, but that is my opinion only! and BEFORE that mission they were not willing to ‘work with him’

    • I think, in the future, if they continue to have this twist, or variation of , that if they failed or refuse a challenge, then they should be penalized and/or lose a portion of what they have won …

      I preferred the BBCAN version with Marsha the Moosehead, with random players and the entire HGs either benefit and / or are punished if it was a success or failure ….

      would love to have seen an unbiased results of all these polls … not that we would distrust Production… Ha!!!

    • Not a chance would they help him saving Donny wouldn’t hurt their game one bit. They have been scheming to get rid of Donny almost since the begining of TA

      • Derrick had a chance to keep TA intact with letting Cody putting up Frankie (and they still could have voted out Nicole). He could have made that happen.

    • WELL PUT (about them expecting Don to hurt HIS game earlier but they won’t risk theirs to save him, I mean)! After all the grief they gave him, too – backatcha looosah!

    • Frankie and Derrick both turned down missions, too. Why is Donny the only one at fault for doing it?

  23. I think t should be over. America is tired of these stupid missions. The play thing was nothing more than The Frankie Grande Show continuing. I’m very disappointed in BB this year. I’ve been an avid fan for all 16 BB but this one is nothing more than The Frankie & Arianna Grande Show. BB should be ashamed thus stopping TA.

  24. Production would get the point if everyone just stopped voting all together on Team America missions

  25. They were voted onto Team America to act as a “team” to accomplish tasks. Instead, all Derrick and Frankie have done is scheme and plot to get rid of Donny. Therefore, they haven’t demonstrated any loyalty to the team or any gratitude to America for being voted to potentially receive extra cash – so I think – most definitely – that if Donny goes – the TA should end – after all – the team will technically no longer exist, right?

  26. Almost every season of BB, it jumps the shark and no one wants to finish watching it anymore. This year it’s going to happen, before August ends! I could care less about the TA stuff after Donnie leaves the house. I vote to have CBS and BB show the jury house and their guest discussing what they see is happening with the people in the house, rather than watching the actual remaining HG’s in the house, because they are so plastic and have no minds of their own. The majority of them are true fish, because they flip flop so much! Half the time they even lie to us in the Diary room! Derrick has done this several times! So Please CBS, please air the Jury house in September! That would be a huge “expect the unexpected”, when they find out that America didn’t hate Donny and that we really don’t like them!

    • lol – and show Donny in there telling Cody: “Told ya so!” and Christine: “Told ya so!” etc Let’s face it. Somebody (Derrick or Frankie) is going to lose a soldier very soon, depending on who snags HoH. Cody can’t win next week’s HoH.

    • I have to admit that is a unique idea. I would be all for it as long as Frankie wasn’t in the jury house. But If Frankie wasn’t there ,that would mean he was still in the running to win in the BB house. Can’t have that. I’ll just say, whichever house Frankie isn’t in, that’s where I want to be. I’ve seen enough for a lifetime.

  27. I hope it ends. Never liked this twist. And I sure don’t want Frankie getting anymore money.

  28. This particular twist wasn’t all that fun because of two reasons. 1, the missions sucked for the most part. 2, the chosen HGs didn’t clash, really. Oh, sure, Donny isn’t in on Derrick and Frankie’s side of the house, but for the most part, they got along together pretty well. It would’ve been more fun to see what Team America would’ve been like if it had been done in a season like BB11, BB13, or even BB15.

  29. I say it should end. If it continues, then I think that we should vote whether they completed the task or not. I don’t like that Derrick and Frankie can vote out a team member while they keep scoring up cash.

  30. I would love to see Julie out TA. Not necessarily the names just 3 Hg and the money part. That will get everyone talking. Who has or had not been on the block. Derrick, 0 and Frankie like one time??

  31. I thought TA was stupid twist. Last season at least the fans got to vote on who was the third member on the block. All the fans can do is vote on mission, and people on TA can decide if they want to do it!

  32. I agree with Cheryl and Vickie. And I think they should know if Donny goes no more TA

  33. I agree with Cheryl and Vickie. And I think they should know if Donny goes no more TA

  34. I think the new mission should be to target the other TA member and throw suspicion on them. Agree! Booom they blow up.

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