Big Brother 16 – Team America: Frankie Blames Viewers For Rejecting ‘A Man In Drag’

Last night on Big Brother the Team America alliance received word that Frankie’s signature mission, “House Swap,” had failed after viewers voted “overwhelmingly no.” Frankie said such a defeat would be crushing for him, so how did he take it? By blaming America!

Team America remains with Derrick & Frankie
Team America remains with Derrick & Frankie – Source: CBS

Even with Donny’s eviction last night the Team America twist will continue on. As long as a member is in the house, or Big Brother pulls the plug on it, the missions will keep going.

Derrick wanted to figure out what went wrong and if they had been miscalculating their efforts all along. Flashback to 12:47AM BBT 8/29 as Derrick settles in for a talk with Frankie. Go ahead and guess who is to blame for the flop? America. We’re just not ready for a man in drag, says Frankie. Yeah, that’s the problem, Mr. Social Media Mogul.

“Let’s make you feel better,” says Frankie to Derrick as he arrives in the Fire room. “The entire thing was about Donny.” Yes, yes it was Frankie. “You sure?” asks Derrick. “Oh yeah, absolutely.”

Frankie says production likely edited the show to focus on how they rejected Donny’s pleas for help. “Frankly, we didn’t want to save him,” explains Frankie. That was an accurate interpretation, but then Frankie says “even though that wasn’t the case.” No, really it was at that point in the week. Frankie flat out rejected Donny’s request for him and wanted to put on a play instead.

Just when you think Frankie is being realistic on the situation and saying this was constructive feedback he tells Derrick what went wrong:

Frankie: Just thinking about it, a man in drag is not a popular concept to the rest of the world.

Derrick: Okay.

Frankie: So, now that I’m thinking about it, you know a lot of America is not ready to see a man in drag. This is an American family show. There are a lot of American families who do not understand drag.

Derrick: And the fact that we were bashing other Houseguests probably didn’t help.

Frankie: Yeah. We took a shot. We thought this was what they wanted to see. It was not correct, but then, honestly, tell us what you want.

The discussion continues with Frankie explaining that it seems this was not a freebie mission. “I thought wrong. I thought this was a gift,” says Frankie. He turns to the camera and in an annoyed tone says “because I am building schools in Africa with the money.

So let me get this right. America is “with it” enough to be able to vote a gay man on to Team America, but when it comes to drag that’s where viewers draw the line… riiigght. Okay, Frankie. America just isn’t ready for a gay man in a woman’s top, huh? What a…

Derrick says he’s “on tilt” now with the revelation that they failed a mission they thought was a lock. Derrick wants to know how many missions Frankie seriously believes they’ve passed. Frankie tells him four and they count off Zach-Amanda relation, Amber being a physical threat, the fight at the ceremony, and the Saboteur.

Derrick questions the “Amber is a physical threat” mission as most of us did. Frankie is sure that passed though. It did, but I don’t think that’s what most viewers had in mind that week. As for them using Zach to berate Amber, that mission did not pass. Derrick was assured that a one-way berating would count, but it did not.

Overall they passed three missions while Donny was in the house and have each earned $15,000 for it. Not bad at all. The missions will continue and they’ll have more chances to earn.

What do you think of Frankie’s interpretation that America is just too Stone Age to vote for a mission that involved a guy in drag? Why do you think viewers voted overwhelmingly against Frankie’s “House Swap” mission?


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