Big Brother 16 Episode 27 Recap: Nicole Returns For More Of The Same


Nicole is back in the Big Brother 16 house! So that means Donny has a new ally and that the Detonators might finally be at risk! Right? No. Not at all. Despite the possibility, we just get more of the same this week.

The episode picks up right after Nicole won the jury competition. Hayden tells her to go after Derrick and Cody and she says “OK.”

And only Donny is excited to see Nicole back in the house. Everyone else is just stone-faced and already thinking about getting her and Donny out. Christine is the most worried, however, because she’s the one that backstabbed her and sent her out the door last week. Cody tries to express his concerns, but he sounds like someone who just learned English, so I think he isn’t too happy either. But I’ll let you know for sure later if that’s what he said if I can find a translator.

Donny fills Nicole in on all the dirty garbage that has gone on in the short week that she’s been gone. But he’s doing so in front of Victoria and she goes to tell godfather Derrick. And Donny knows she’s going to tell them and he doesn’t care.

Oh wait, Cody is talking again. This time I think he’s trying to say Donny is an awful person, but what I’m getting from the montage is that he’s just playing Big Brother and trying not to get evicted. But again, I’ll let you know for sure if I find a translator.

Time for a Caleb as a ninja montage. Or as I like to call it “Uh-oh, this season is terribly boring and we need some filler.” But hey, at lead Cody is entertained.

Oh yeah, HOH. Let’s get to the HOH. It’s a what day was it competition and it’s not going too well. First out is Nicole. Victoria is out second. Christine is out next. Caleb is the next person eliminated. Derrick is out after Caleb. That leaves Cody and Donny. In the end, Caleb bests Donny but a few seconds and is the new Head of Household. Sorry Big Brother fans hoping for a shift this week (and Donny and Nicole’s safety).

So it’s pretty obvious they’re (Derrick and Cody) are going to put up Donny and Nicole, but they can’t just end the episode right at this point, so let’s pretend there’s a chance that something other than that will happen. So Nicole goes to Cody to make her pleas and then Derrick and Cody talk about how they might want Christine out over Nicole. And then there’s some Frankie talk and Caleb talk. It’s all just filler at this point.

Speaking of filler, we get a segment on Derrick’s undercover assignment in the Big Brother house and how close Nicole got in the Big Brother jury house.

But back to the game. It’s time for Donny to make his plea. He goes to Cody and decides to do some fighting for his life. But of course, Cody just looks at it as more scheming from Donny. Nice try Donny, but Derrick has these people wrapped around his fingers. Everyone, but Donny, that is. Derrick likes to pretend that he wants Donny to stay, but Donny doesn’t believe it. Derrick has never given him a reason to believe it. Just because they’re both in Team America doesn’t mean Derrick wants Donny around.

Derrick also thinks he has America wrapped around his fingers too. He actually talks to us in the Diary Room that he likes Donny and doesn’t want him out, but anyone who watches a second of the Live Feeds knows that’s not true.


It’ s nominations time and just because we’re down to a single HOH doesn’t mean the nomination ceremony went back to its old way (that we all miss). Still no more going around the table revealing who is safe. Cody turns his little keys in that new block and Donny’s and Nicole’s photos come up. To no one’s surprise.


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  1. I am soooooo sick of these stupid detonators…….they all suck.
    This may be the last time I watch Big Brother if they don’t get better
    House guests. These stupid people are freaking annoying, especially
    Christine. She is a bi**h……..

    • This is the most boring season I can remember in a long time. So predictable from week to week. I can’t even get excited about the Detonators getting ready to turn on each other.

    • same. They are all fools. Production will have it so Frankie and Derrick are the last 2. Can’t believe I wasted my time on this. Never Again.

      • I know, I have watched Big Brother from the beginning and this may very well be my last one. I miss people like evil Dick, they at least made the show interesting. The last few seasons have really sucked……..

  2. Sigh, sick of Derrick just getting his way all the time. People may wonder why the Derrick dislike has been amping up so much in recent weeks. The guy is definitely a brilliant player, and has been in control from the beginning. However there are certain things about Big Brother that the fans love, that Derrick either does not bring, or is the opposite of. 1) America loves underdogs. Derrick has literally faced not one uphill battle this whole game. 2) America loves quirky fun personalities (See Donny/Zach/Nicole). Derrick is pretty straight-laced and isn’t particularly funny or charismatic. 3) Big Brother fans love chaos and power shifts. Again Derrick has been preventing this from the start. Not only has he been in control of the game the whole time, but he usually steps in and plays the rational peace keeper whenever arguments begin. We want fights! 4) America loves a good villain when they own up to it and embrace it. Look how much Dr. Will, Dan, and Boogie among others are so highly thought of as players even though they played dirty. Derrick may be just as good at the game as all three of them, but his DRs make him sound like he’s holding back or trying to play the “good guy”. Embrace your villain role Derrick! End rant :)

    • I have to disagree with a few of those. I find Derrick to be quite funny and charismatic, and he is the entertaining part of the show for me. And in BB7, which many regard as one of the best, there really weren’t any power shifts; Will and Boogie ran the game from start to finish.

      And really, Derrick just isn’t the villain like Chilltown and Dan. From before the show began, Will knew he wanted to be the villain. He wanted to hate everyone and do everything he could do be the bad guy, going as far as trying to lie about having cancer. Mike seemed to follow suit in BB7 after seeing how it worked for Will, and it really didn’t differ from his real life attitudes very much. And in BB10 Dan never embraced being a villain, that didn’t come until BB14 when he was forced into being a villain by having no other options.

      Derrick isn’t trying to play a good guy, he is a good guy. He’s a father, a policeman, and probably the second most genuine person of the season after Donny. How can they edit him as the bad guy, when it’s so easy to hate everyone else on the season? Being the smartest in the house doesn’t mean you’re a villain, it just means you’re playing the game. It’s just not in him to brag about his successes in a villainous fashion; he’s just not a villain.

      Personally, I believe that the people who hate Derrick don’t understand the game. They shouldn’t hate him for being smart, they should hate everyone else for being dumb. We’re likely witnessing one of the best players of all time here. People for years have been asking to see a good gameplayer again, and now that they get one, they complain.

      • I don’t hate Derrick at all, and I admit he’s a fantastic player. It has nothing to do with him personally, or his home life or his career. Inside the house, he is a pretty bland though, so I disagree that he’s overly funny or charismatic. What’s he done that’s been silly or fun besides tell people what to do?

        My rant has more to do with frustration that the season is shaping up into a rout, with nobody there who’s even challenging Derrick at all. Again that’s not on him. It’s to his credit that he’s in the position he’s in, but it’s boring as a fan to watch. And Derrick is not as genuine in my opinion as you are making him out to be. He’s constantly trying to play the “nice guy” in his DRs and talk to America like he really likes all these people he’s up against. Like the other night when he said Donny was his second favorite HG. Definitely BS, that he said only because he knows Donny is probably pretty popular with the viewers since he is part of Team America. That’s just one such instance, but I have been getting the feeling all along that he is “playing” the viewers just as much as he is playing the other houseguests.

        Bottom line, don’t hate the guy at all. He’s a great player and I want to see him come back if possible, but against people who actually can give him any sort of challenge!

      • He’s not overly silly but he has good quips and jokes; less of a TV personality and more just someone you’d hang out with I guess.

        And I have no doubts that he really does like Donny as a person

    • I’m sorry but I don’t see any fun personality with Donnie. All I’ve seen him do is play with his beard.

  3. Recaps from the live feeds made it sound as if Cody beat Donny by a tiny amount (I saw it cited as about half a second). Not according to the episode. I was expecting a nailbiter onscreen, and what happened in the end? Cody had the right answer, Donny had the wrong one, when the contest was won. BotB definitely made Sunday episodes more interesting than this one was. I hope BotB comes back next season, maybe with a few tweaks.

      • Cody was asked about Christine, I’m assuming. I think I heard him respond, “I like my johnson rubbed as much as the next guy, but Christine has to go.”

        Someone else said they heard it, too. But, a second person said that they heard him say he liked his head rubbed (as in fingers running through his hair.)

        If I heard correctly, then I’m shocked because of his previous denials and attempts to keep it on the d/l during BBAD. But, it could be that I heard it wrong and that’s why no one else is talking about it.

      • Thank you for the clarification. I replayed the DR segment this morning and heard head rubs this time, too.

  4. That was close for the HOH. Too bad Donny did not win. Huge disappointment of course. What I do not get about Nicole and Donny is why are they talking out in kitchen area in plain view of everyone? Victoria reported them to Derrick and Caleb went out just to spy on them. They have that room called the Hive, why didn’t they use it? For one thing, if anyone was to open the door, they can change the topic of conversation and know who is spying on you! As it is, it just gives Derrick more ammo to accuse Donny and Nicole of planning something! There are no good options left for Donny and Nicole unfortunately, with Cody having the POV as well. I just hope Nicole or Donny whoever is left, wins HOH next week!
    Atleast, a Detonator can be sent to the jury house. If not, another wasted week!

  5. Every time I come on here the past few seasons (and before that other websites) there’s always people complaining about how much they hate the season and how it’s the worst one yet. If you hate it so much, why watch it? I love this game and this show. I don’t think it’s fair to, say, Derrick, to be hated just because he’s better at this than everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love Donny to death and would like to see some trickery happen (without production interference) that keeps him playing strongly, but if that doesn’t happen, so be it.

  6. It wasn’t really fair to Nicole to do this first thing. She had been out of the house and not thinking of which day it was and all that. I still say the returned HG gets safety for a week or its a giant waste of time if they are just going to be the target.

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