Big Brother 13 Cast: Houseguests Revealed

Big Brother 13 cast

Update: The Big Brother 13 houseguests have entered the house! The game is on…

Here is your Big Brother 13 cast for the brand new season. We’ve got pictures (see below), details, and more info to follow throughout the day so stay tuned!

Big Brother 13 Cast:

So that’s obviously just a partial list from the full cast. Read on to find out who rounds out this season’s cast. The names and faces will be very, very familiar!

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Okay, here’s what is going on with only 8 names out of 14 being announced. I guessed it right this morning on Twitter. 8 HGs are new, the other 6 will be former HGs paired up and returning to game. But the best part is you get to vote on who you think those 3 pairs of former BB HGs should be! Visit to vote.

Big Brother 13 Twist – Former Duos:

  • Brendon & Rachel
  • Dr. Will & Mike Boogie
  • Jessie & Natalie
  • Evel Dick & Daniele Donato
  • Jeff & Jordan
  • Hayden & Enzo

Twist Update: Dr. Will Kirby announced today that he is not interested in participating this season and has officially retired from Reality TV competition shows. Hmm, I wonder who else on that list is not a serious candidate…

Twist Update 2: Natalie Martinez confirms neither she nor Jessie will be participating in Big Brother 13.

Who do you want to come back?? If you say Jessie & Natalie then I’ll forget I ever knew you! Oh geez. That means I could have to listen to the cackling Rachel or grenade-dropping Enzo again this season. For the love of…

Right now, no surprise that Jeff & Jordan lead the pack with nearly half the votes. They will definitely be back. Jessie & Natalie are in last with just 2% and Hayden & Enzo are in second to last. If things continue this way then Brenchel could be back.

Lots of discussion on if the vote is binding for who does return. I think CBS is intentionally wording it so they aren’t obligated to bring any certain pairs back (things happen out of their control), but then why do they want to know who we want back if they don’t plan to follow that guidance?

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  1. Oh this is so exciting!! Please let me know what’s happening because I have no idea coz it doesn’t show me this stuff in Australia! Thanks so much for your hard work too, everyone reading this give a thank you to Matt :)
    And only 9 people so far? Looks like there’s going to be some all stars… (or not all of them have been shown on the news yet)

  2. okay i have some more info on them ;)
    Adam Poch, 39; Hoboken, N.J.; music inventory manager
    Cassi Colvin, 26; Nashville; model
    Dominic Briones, 25; San Mateo, Calif.; college student
    Kalia Booker, 30; Los Angeles; writer
    Keith Henderson, 32; Bolingbrook, Ill.; human resources manager
    Lawon Exum, 39; Inglewood, Calif.; legal file clerk
    Porsche Briggs, 23; Miami Beach, Fla.; VIP cocktail waitress
    Shelly Moore, 41; Prairieville, La.; outdoors industry executive

  3. There will be 8 new contestants and three pairs of former houseguests coming back!

  4. woops didnt mean to post that link :P plz delete that last comment lol
    anyway, thanks for posting these matt!!

  5. I like this idea, but if Jessie and Natalie come back I’ll be pretty upset. I’m hoping for Brendan and Rachel, Hayden and Enzo(mainly cause I want to see if they will create ‘The Brigade 2.0’ and Evel Dick and Danielle.

  6. sorry guys wont be watching if Natalie or Dick are on it,so see ya next disappointed.

  7. I don’t really care who the duos are as long as its not Brendan and Rachel or Jessie and Natalie. They might possibly ruin this season for me!

      • It’s just not fair to the viewers to have to listen to another season’s worth of Rachel’s high pitched, annoying laugh.

  8. guyz i didnt get it can someone plz explain why is they only 9 houeguests and when will the rest of them come out and how many all star / pairs will come back

  9. This is so exciting, the new bloods have arrived.
    I hope DR Will and Mike Boogie are the dynamic duo.

    • same, but i doubt it coz it will there 3rd season plus will had a baby… but there are some other great duos such as evel dick and danielle (they r gonna make it exciting coz we all know they’ll be in!) i dont want jeff and jordan because they are overrated and wont really contribute much to next season they are likeable but not game changers… so my guess is evel dick and danielle, dan and memphis and rachel and brendan but who knows!!

  10. Ok I know I have a lot of comments, but I think most of you won’t regard it as spam since it’s adding to the conversation :D
    Okay, well I’m just thinking about who the pairs could be. Here is who I came up with:
    BB2- Will and Boogie (very entertaining- the puppet master and his sidekick)
    BB3- Danielle and Jason (they need to redeem themselves, they were so close!)
    BB4- Allison and Jun (yes I know they were annoying but there strategy worked)
    BB5- Jase and Scott (very explosive pair) or even Nakomis and Cowboy or Natalie and Adria (dunno if the twins would be popular though)
    BB6- Janelle and Howie (I would love to include Kaysar but he got out quickly)
    BB7- Janelle and Will (^included)
    BB8- Evel Dick and Danielle (an amazing pair to watch, the evil pair ;D)
    BB9- Natalie and Matt (haha Natalie can stalk Matt again) and James and Chelsia (the Veto King returns!)
    BB10- Dan and Memphis (they dominated the game, particularly Dan)
    BB11- Jeff and Jordan (very entertaining to watch, great showmance)
    BB12- Rachel and Brendan (great for drama and entertaining to watch Rachel.)
    However Will just had a baby and Janelle is pregnant so I dunno about them… my friend came up with some more:
    -Marcellus and Amy
    -Jack and Erica
    -Maybe Robert and Erica (that’s my idea!)
    -Holly and Scott (also my idea! :D)
    -Keesha and Renny
    -Kevin and Lydia
    there could be so many, i will be happy with most of the above, but i know it will be a slight disappointment too because i know that only 6 are being chosen!

  11. I am soo excited for this season! If gnat or stupid jessie come back I will NOT watch.

  12. Wait but in the preview, played in Canada there were names that aren’t up there like Sara and brian, hmmm I’m confused.

  13. What about Jason Thomas? You have 8 houseguests featured, which according to CBS is correct, but there was a ninth; Jason. Do you know what happened with him? Is he still going in?

  14. wow this is exciting! :D
    i think they put jessie and natalie plus enzo and hayden for the laughs, noones voting for them… unless some people wanna play a cruel joke and put jessie and natalie in. i just dont get why jessie and natalie were even on the list? anyways, heres who i want back in order.
    1. Dr Will and Mike Boogie- come on, they controlled the game both seasons, let em do it again!
    2. Evel Dick and Danielle- I wanna see Dick versing Will, I personally believe Dick would get out very quickly this season but I still wanna see how it turns out…
    3. Jeff and Jordan- I guess they are likeable enough… bring em back in, I haven’t seen the feeds so I’m sure they are more entertaining there!
    The next 3 I don’t think have a shot at getting back in, unless America has forgotten the above 3 or they are bringing in these guys for the laughs.
    4. Rachel and Brendan- At least Rachel creates drama for the show and they are entertaining to watch.
    5. Natalie and Jessie- yes you probably wanna kill me for not putting them at the bottom of the list, but at least these 2 did something for the game.
    6. Hayden and Enzo- Good job on winning the game guys, but as everyone saids you were boring during the feeds and you made it a very predictable season. I’m sorry but I don’t want either of you back in the game. Please share your opinions :D

  15. I think everyone is missing the point here.

    CBS’ website says “Vote for who you THINK is coming back”

    I’m guessing the vote has nothing to do with it

    • The wording is certainly funny, but I think it’s deliberate. It doesn’t obligate them to bring back those with the most votes. On the other hand, why would they see audiences most want Jeff and Jordan but decide to bring back Jessie and Natalie?

      I think it’s a cover-our-butts wording.

    • oh crap :(
      because the 3 i wanted were the 3 top result getters, that means they might not even be coming back

    • That or they secretly use our votes as a guide as to who they put in. Not that we choose but they take into consideration who we like most and who we hate.

      “Oooh they hate gnat and jessie, lets put them in.” or something like that…

      • lol that sucks :P
        we hate natalie and jessie so they bring them in, so if we pretend to like natalie and jessie then they might say hey we better not bring those 2 back into the game :D

  16. I would rather jump off the Brooklyn Bridge and suffer a severe head injury than watch Jessie&Natalie another season.

  17. Please bring chilltown back in! I want more of the
    I wanna see them in the Final Two. Previous winners come on!!!!!! :D

  18. PLEASE bring Brendon & Rachel back!! Last season would have sucked bad without their drama. I just dont want another boring season. Dick & Danielle would be perfect as well to stir trouble. Im guessing either Donatos & Brenchel are gonna run the house together or they’re gonna be arch nemises. Either way all will be very intresting to watch. ;)

    • Yeah sombody who agrees with me! The more evil the funner to watch…I was so bord last season, everyone was too nice, the fun was brenchel…even though I hate them, and the girl from Miami is a VIP hostess like Rachel…that would be some fireworks!!!

  19. CBS is asking you to vote for who you THINK will be the dynamic duos not who you WANT them to be. The vote is not to decide the duos, I’m sure they’ve already been chosen.

  20. One pair CBS had listed was Hayden and Enzo. I found that odd because I’d think Hayden would be a duo with Lane instead. That leads me to believe that Hayden/Enzo is one of the pairs they’ve chosen.

  21. Wow I was really expecting to see all new faces. I am happy that big brother will be starting soon but uneasy that they are bringing back old players. Although I would love to see Will and Boogie in the game again. They should have just made this an all out All Star Duo season and called it a day. It would have also been interesting if they would have paired a new player up with an old player and let them be the couples.

  22. The people I want back are Jeff and Jordan, Dr.Will and Mike Boogie, Evel Dick and Daniele. If those people come back this will be the best season ever. I just hope more than anything else for this season that Jeff and Jordan come back. I hope we actually pick who comes back. It says vote who you think will come back. I hope they bring back who we vote.

  23. If Jessie and Natalie get back in, hopefully they’re associated with america’s player and we can vote for them to choose or do the things that will be hardest for them to cover up, screw them up. This year we could be the saboteur ahaha!

  24. Omg just realized something! Matt remember how there were two HOH rooms? Well I think it could be because the DUOS are coming in! XD there could be some twist we dunno about to do with when the duos come in! 2 hohs perhaps?
    also how do i sign up to ur forum because i registered and i checked my email, i got the first email but i didnt get the second one to activate my account. Itstim is my username

  25. Jeff and Jordan I love these two, and Jeff hasn’t tweeted since the 24th
    Dick and Danielle (though she is doing the rumor show with Missy and Regan on Superpass
    Rachel and Brendan Rachel just went to see her family and they DO have acwedding to pay for. They have done a lot of media things lately. While I can’t stand them, they are good drama.

  26. Ugh, I am having mixed emotions about this whole “dynamic duo” twist thing.. I wanted to see 14 NEW FACES

    • me two i kind of felt the same way at first i was like wtf only 8 houseguests O.O but in the same time i feel like its going to be a very entertaining season with the new twist :p

  27. I don’t see why Enzo and Hayden are even a pair. They were practically a trio during their whole season with Lane.

  28. As a black guy im glad more than 1 got on this year. Still cant see who im going to role with for this season. Cassie seems smarter than she wants to let on, and Shelly from her interview reminds me of a dry piece of beef jerky.

    For me its SUCH rd choice on the dynamic duo. i loved Hayden and Enzo, i LOVED Danielle and Dick. but i really really Loved Natalie and Jessie. i would smile so big if they came back. Anyone but Jeff and Jordan. dont u guys put them in anyway back on this show! haha

      • haha im sure he does sharon. hopefully soon he can start wrestling on tv if he’s still doin that. I dont know but Jessie and Natalie are some of my all time favs. Jessie is so over the top purposely. I hope they all come back… except JJ

  29. BOOOOO! I’m soooo pissed! I look forward to Big Brother every summer and they have to bring people back? This really sucks, I was so excited about NEW people/characters! The old ones have already shown us who they are! Come on gretchan and cbs, the us of a doesn’t have enough people that you can choose from?? If you feel the need to bring old ones back do it for challenges not for the entire game!

  30. Well if we have to have someone frrom last season why not bring back brittany and ragan. Now if you hated them dont reply but she got totally robbed at the end. Just like Keesha. Oh maybe Keesha and Renny. They kind of flopped with have these options.

    • I agree with you, Britany should of won Big Brother 12, she played and awesome game and her diary room sessions were HILARIOUS!!! lol Keesha and Renny would be a good pick as well lol.

  31. I personally would love to see Dick and Danielle back and Dr. Will & Boogie, as they will make sure the game will be played like how it was from Big Brother 2 to Big Brother 8! Even though I firmly believe Dr. Will & Boogie dont deserve a 3rd chance into the game, but they will make sure the Big Brother game will be played like the good ol’ days! lol also even though I really dont want to Brenon and Rachel vs. Dick and Danielle would be a blood bath, especially Dick vs. Rachel that would be legendary! lol I cant wait to see what happens on premiere night! lol as long as I dont see Hayden and Enzo or Jessie and Natalie I will be perfectly fine! lol

  32. At the beginning of the morning there were 9 names. One of them was Jason Thomas. What happened to him?

  33. Here is who I will vote for: will & boogie, dick & danielle, and Jeff & Jordan. What do u think of my choices?!!!

  34. They did not get robbed. It’s all part of the game. All they had to was win challenges at the end and they failed. Brit got played. That’s the way it goes. I think she will be brought back for All-Stars and so will Dick so I doubt him and Dani go on this season. Will and Boogie would be the best to see if these people are dumb enough to let them stick around.

  35. more than likely because they like to keep the male to female ratio real close I think it will be:
    1. Jordan & Jeff
    2. Dick & Danielle
    3.Brenden & Rachel

    • I agree & by the looks of it BBN is going to have their hands full this year. I love the twist & look at all of the hype with the show not even on yet. Matt, great job as always keeping us die hards up to date.

  36. I thought Jeff and Jordan broke up? So if they did you could prob count them out right?

    • I dont think so. I remember a tweet a couple weeks ago from Jeff that said they were still together.

  37. Isn’t Danielle doing a Rumors show on superpass? How’s she gonna be in? I realllly want Dick in! He was so much fun. I don’t want Jeff and Jordan, what fun would it be to watch them? I can’t see that being very entertaining.

    • Daniele’s show is only for the preseason, then it becomes a diff show with just Ragan.

  38. I kinda feel a bit wierd about the twist because it’s not fair to the others who have nevered played the game before. The rookies might team up to get the Vets out so it might be Rookies vs Veterns which will be intresting. It would of been better if they brought only one duo back though. So do we find out who gets chosen next thursday.

  39. BB jumping the shark has begun. COME ON CBS!!!!! did you not hear/read viewers opinions about returning guests Robbie and Rusty on Survivor? Give some new blood a chance. I’m SURE there are plenty of angry earthlings to populate your show. Perhaps several that get passed over time and time again when they apply? I’m not interested in playing but I have friends that are still waiting to hear thanks but no thanks. Knowing the returning couples as we do, it certainly stirs the pot before the start but stick with your original premise. Strangers living together. If you are bound and determined to drag the losers back again, do an All Stars. Better yet, get a Celebrity BB. Charlie, Lindsay, Gary Busey, Nick Nolte, Paris….all have nothing better to do as far as I can tell. And make it 2 weeks and whomever is still Alive at the end, wins!!!!
    I’ll still watch the show but not looking forward to it now as much as before, disappointed.

  40. I have not missed an episode of Big Brother since season 2 and I am absolutely thrilled that old players are being brought back. It is long overdue. It gives the old school players like Dr. Will/Mike Boogie a chance to play the game against the newer players. I just hope Jessie and/Nat don’t get voted back in. I have a feeling that they will end up in the house some way or another though. There has to be a villain.

  41. I would like to see people who were on the show but haven’t come back already. i personally love janelle and the fact thats she’s going to have a baby so she is out for me. how about marvin the grave digger or monica from nyc that lost her cousin in 911? or some of those long forgotten people from season 1 or 2. i love j&j but bring me some fresh blood who wants to earn a few bucks. im not for brenchel or jesse and anybody. jesse has worn out his welcome at my bb house so stay away from jesse. haha

  42. This is like a fans versus favorites season.

    Isn’t Mike Malin starring in a show on vH1 soOn? I’m thinking he might have a noncompetition clause in his vh1 contract…

    Also on Lydia and kevin’s pop talk web show last year, Daniele intimated that she and dick were not on speaking terms.

  43. I absolutely love this year’s cast. So much diversity in age, race, looks, and seems like personality. Can’t for the season to start!

  44. I love Bug Brother tried out 6 times. Ok so I didn’t make it this season maybe next year. But are you for real you are not only giving 6 previous houseguest a another chance but 5 of them previous winners Jordan,Dick,Mike Boogie, Will Kirby and Hayden. Now don’t know who is going in but either way giving any previous houseguest another chance is Bulls##t. Why gave people do castings and send video if they not getting what I feel is a fair chance in the end.

    • hopefully next time and they better bring back Brit from last season for that….she was great:)

  45. I kinda like the twist, and I kinda don’t. I would much rather have 14 new faces.. I was sooooo excited last night to see the 14 new houseguests and then when I wake up I only see 8?? Now we have to wait a full week to see the full cast which is really annoying.. Especially since we have to wait damn near a WHOLE YEAR for a new season.. Idk how I feel fully about this twist yet :( but I will be watching the season no matter what of course

  46. I can’t wait until next thursday!!!!!! This cast looks a lot different than last years. It seems like everyone is different from each other cant wait to see how this is going to turn out. this year it seem a lot more diverse. I hope the three pairs are Mike & Boogie, Dick & Danielle, and Jeff & Jordan

    • I totally agee. Any of the others would ruin the season for me before it starts

  47. Where are the hot men? I’ll give Dominic a “cute”, but it looks like this year the only hotties will be from those returning.

    • Dominic is the only cute one, i’m very disappointed in the hottness of the cast but hey everyone said they didn’t want the Barbie and Ken.

      • omg i know there is no cute guys last year we had Hayden i guess and Lane was like a big teddy bear cute but not really:(

  48. There are 6 pretty cool and funny and maybe a little wild and crazy people out there crying in their beer right now because BB decided to bring back 6 rerun-retreads instead of newbies. Boo-Hiss, production!!!!

    • I sooo agree with most of these comments, these returns have already won a lot of money between them! It’s a reality GAME SHOW not a sitcom or series! Don’t bring back people from the past, they have won already So not good reality tv! I’m so disappointed!

  49. I think Brendan and Rachel or jessie and natilie will return because there villians. I don’t like either one but, they bring the drama and that keeps the show interesting. Every season there is someone people like and someone people hate. We as viewers love to watch the episodes of Big Brother when someone we hate is evicted.

    • I Agree and would bet money that we will see Jeef and Jordan and BRachel just because of the hoh comp last year bb is going to milk the drama

      • ** veto comp

        I don’t think Jeff and Jordan have issues with Brenchel, they probably just think they’re annoying.

        Honestly, I really liked Rachel. Even though she was annoying she was a fierce competitor not afraid of anyone. She won 2 HOHs, I’m sure if she stayed longer she would do well.

        If Jordan is in the house, I am sure people will target her because she is close to Jeff and also she won the show and people think she is weak. I think Jordan is a strong competitor and if she is on this season she can prove how good of a player she is!

        I would love to see Daniele on the show, I loved her and thought she was an amazing competitor.

  50. Wow I can’t believe it. This will be a diverse dynamic group for sure. Can’t wait to see. I will be telling everyone to watch and see. Glad cbs is doing something different for once. We will see if they made a good decision lol. Can’t wait till after dark too! ;-)

  51. Hey Big Brother, I have an amazing new twist you should try out; I know it is too late for this year…but maybe next year????
    Here it is……
    This years twist is NO RETURNING HOUSEGUESTS!!!!
    Make a rule….once you are evicted; you can NOT return FOREVER!

    • I agree with that also. America is so diverse with plenty of characters and personalities. There is noneed to go backward. That’s the beauty of the game. Bring new People who don’t know and it takes its life. This is why we love Big Brother. Its essentially to be a mindf@#* ;-)

  52. Hey, not sure this is true or not but I heard Chelsia tweeted this morning, ” I’m in sequester with James… EW i can’t believe I just said that.” Can somebody please tell me if this is true?

  53. We need Evil Dick and Daniele with Jeff and Jordan to balance them. Add in Dr. Will and Boogie and you have the makings of a wild show. I wonder if the other house guests can handle them.

  54. Hey Matt, when will we find out who the winners are the first episode and do you know who is winning? Please don’t sat Brenchel or Jessie!!

  55. I have to say, this twist is amazing. 8 complete new people and 6 amazing past house guests, as long as its Jeff & Jordan, Will & Boogie, and Evel Dick & Daniele.
    Those 6 would make the game real interesting. Amazing gameplay by Boogie & Will, drama from Evel and Daniele, and cuteness from Jeff & Jordan.
    Maybe the 6 former houseguests will align sense the 8 new people will want to get them out.

  56. I love Evil Dick and Daniele, Jeff and Jordan, and of the other ones I prefer Brenchel just because I love hating them. Natalie and Jessie are gross, nad Hayden and Enzo are the dumbest players ever to make it so far, and I’m bored of Will and I’ve always hated Boogie.

    • mario hayden won big bother last summer and he palyed a good game they wer fun to watch

  57. Well, lets talk about replacements… The ones that need replacing in my book is Robin Kass directing ! I think thats the name of the casting people ! ! !

  58. Come on Mike & Will and the other 4 I could care less, just please CBS if you put Brendan and Rachel back in I will freak out (if they go in and Mike & Will don`t I don`t know if I`ll even watch this season)

  59. The only interesting thing about last season was all the drama that Rachael and Brendon caused. I know people hate them, but they played hard and made it fun to watch. After they where gone the show got REALLY boarding. I would love to see Evil Dick destroy Rachael and Brendon. :)

    • love the way you think, I thought the same thing it’s the only way I can handle Rachel

  60. Do you think Daniele will be put in the game, however? She has been on Rumor Control on Superpass, and she has already seen the house but has not been sequestered. I just don’t think it is likely for her to enter the house.

    • Rumor Control is only scheduled for the preseason. After that the show changes names and is only supposed to be hosted by Ragan.

      • This is true. But, even then, it isn’t customary for someone to know the twist and the pictures of the house before going in. I just figured she’d be sequestered already along with the other houseguests.

    • There was no such video released, unfortunately. CBS says they’ll release something else closer to premiere day. For now you can view CBS’ non-Julie interviews w/ the HGs above by using the links marked “Video Interview” next to each HG’s name.

  61. To me Dynamic Duos could have been: twins, siblings, couples and none of them know about it, but bringing back old houseguest is LAME!!!

  62. Dr. Will&Mike Boogie(!!!!!!!!!!!!); Jeff&Jordan{:)}; and Hayden&Enzo for me. Would’ve liked to have seen Dan&Memphis but I guess that isn’t happening. Can’t wait for the new season!! I just really hope Jessie&Natalie or Brendon&Rachel don’t make it back. I dont really like Evel Dick or Daniele either, but from the looks of the votes on cbs, if it’s public choice, the just might be in.

    • Wow Dan and Memphis i forgot about them! They would have been a power couple there, wish they were in the running would have been a lot better but i personally would liked too see Kaysar and Janelle

      • Kaysar and Janelle!!! How could I forget about them?!? Some of the “Dynamic Duos” kind of piss me off. Some of them weren’t even all that memorable.

  63. Favorites: Cassi, Adam, Shelley, and LaWon.
    Least Favorites: Kalia and Keith.

    I’m kinda excited for the premiere because I want to see who they are bringing back. I have a feeling the newbs won’t just do a united front and pick off the former houseguests one by one. That would be the smartest move since they have the numbers.

    July 7th needs to get here already!!!

  64. Anybody have an opinion on the tweet from Chelsia about her being in sequester with James?

  65. I like seeing 13 NEW houseguests every year. Bringing back the former houseguest is getting old. It just takes a space for a diehard BB Fan who wants a place in the BB house now being taken by an old houseguest. Looks like BB is trying to get better ratings bringing back old? Makes me not want to watch. Just the thoughts of Jeff & Jordan again?(Yuck!)Very dissappointed I don’t want to watch old houseguest who have already had their chance once bring in the new and fresh faces.

  66. cant seecthecvideos in Canada………wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But you want our viewership, that is so wrong..

    • YES! Right when I saw him I recognized him. Keith is so full of himself and an air-head … might make for a good season haha :)

  67. its just not fair — we try so hard to get picked cause we know we can entertain people too— and you bring back six people who have already had a chance and won —some of which we would rather not see again— come on producers have a heart and keep a good thing going with new faces and let the old ones rest

  68. I really want to see Dr. Will and Mike and Dick and Danielle come back, because they are all extremly good and smart competitors and im curious to see what will happen if those guys come back

    • Brendon&Rachel have taken 2nd in the CBS poll. If the public has any say they’re probably going to be back:(

    • I honestly thought brenchel played a great game and played hard. Nobody gave them a chance.

  69. So far we have 4 girls and 4 guys. Since there are 14 pictures on the memory we are missing 6 people I think those six people will be Jeff and Jordan, Daniele and Dick, and Rachel and Brendon.. I think its so obvious that those will be the 3 duos brought back because they are guy and girl pairs and they will make the house even with 7 girls and 7 guys. Girls = 1.Porsche, 2.Kalia, 3.Shelly, 4.Cassi, 5.Rachel, 6.Jordan, and 7.Daniele, Guys = 1.Dominic, 2.Adam, 3.Keith, 4.Lawon, 5.Jeff, 6.Dick, and 7.Brendon.. Also I think it’s obvious that those will be the 3 duos because the original houseguest were constantly talking about those main six people in their interviews (here’s one interview for an example —… But you never know with Big Brother I could be totally wrong and there could be 3 completely different duos entering the house we will juss have to wait and find out next Thursday!

  70. Over on Jokers, it says that the 3 duos will be Dick & Daniele, Jeff & Jordan, and Brenchel. I’m actually okay with this. After the big of fail last season, I don’t blame them for bringing people who will bring drama (Dick & Rachel) and people who are well-liked (Jeff & Jordan)… And then there’s Daniele and Brendon…

  71. I totally Love Jeff and Jordan! They are so Adorable and great players! So I totally want them, and I kind of want Will and Mike Boogie on for comic refief. I mean their fake phone calls…Hilarious!!! And quite frankly I don’t care who the third duo is as long as it’s not jesse and natalie. Jesse has the biggest ego ever and I really hate them both. Brenchel is annoying as heck but I mean, it’s entertaining. I also don’t think they should have two couples from the same season because that might be an unfair advantage. Jesse and Natalie can’t be in with Jordan and Jeff. And Brenchel can’t be in with Hayden and Enzo. Just my opinion but. Go Jeff and Jordan <3<3<3

  72. This sounds crazy, I know, but is there a chance that none of these people are the actual house guests?

    This just doesn’t seem like typical Big Brother. New Early Show stuff, the cast interviews are like… horrid, and this season just seems so disorganized!

    Maybe the twist is that we’re going to see the real cast on the first night or something. Big Brother has such a community following it that a twist like this would actually surprise us and most likely the viewing community as a whole.

    I’m probably totally wrong, and in that case, I am a bit disappointed so far.

  73. I don’t think the vote is binding at all. In fact I think it is possible that not everyone going back into the house are included in the vote. I think Big Brother is actually trying to throw us off for a while and let us debate it until they reveal the actual former house guests returning.

  74. Not fair at all, six players who already had a chance and some who won! I auditioned and got no where, but so many other people also auditioned. Thanks, Robin Kass and Alison Grodner for nothing!!!

    • HAHAHA you do realize they don’t choose real people for this show right…they only choose wannabe actors who will do whatever the producers tell them.

  75. You dont have any say on who goes back in the house. Read the damn website. it says WHO DO YOU THINK IS COMING BACK. not WHO DO YOU WANT BACK

    • Yep, just like it says up in the post. But if you think CBS is going to completely disregard who fans want back on the show then you’re missing something.

  76. Who cares…this show has been pretty unwatchable the past few seasons and these parings are horrible…

  77. Why is everyone so into Jeff and Jordan…two of the FAKEST players ever. Totally did it for the media exposure. Me personally, I like the ones who at least SEEM real, Hayden and Enzo come to mind….

    • Haydon and Enzo talked all last season about how awesome they were for TV and how great it’s going to be for the borgade after bb was over. Is that REAL……. NOT

  78. Ok I can tell by the percentages that mainly newer bb fans seem to be voting. Mike and Will should have the most followed by Dick and Daniele. I really don’t care about the other “duo’s” at all. When it comes down to making interesting tv the all fail. I don’t think I can handle another summer of pouting and making out from brencheal. Ok clueless thought processes from Hayden and Enzo or Jeff and Jordan. Lastly PLEASE NO MORE JESSIE.

  79. Why are Hayden and Enzo a pair anyway?! There were three of them during their season. They were a trio with Lane the whole time!!

  80. If they want great ratings they’d bring back Brendon/Rachel, Dr. Will/ Mike Boogie, and ED/Daniele. Or maybe Jeff/Jordan as a wild card. Hayden and Enzo sucked and Jessie and Natalie are clueless!

  81. As I was rereading the CBS page meanwhile I was voting franticly, I realized the question was Who do you THINK is coming back, not Who do you WANT to come back, that means its pointless to vote. They already chose the players! Some clarification please!!!

    • I heard an interview with Allison g. Andshe said they were already planned and sequestered.

  82. I love Brendon and Rachel and I don’t why so many people are against them. They actually played the game last season and had to work harder than anyone to stay in the game as long as they did! I think they are great players and I hope they get another chance to play the game! They are smart as hell and total WINNERS!

    • Yeah, I think they were awesome (especially Rachel) and I hope to see them back.. I loved them the whole season and after their eviction the show became totally boring :-/

    • Finally someone who agrees with me! I absolutely loved Brendan and Rachel too! I realize that sometimes they might have done things that annoyed people, but so did all of the other houseguests. Brenchel got centered out from the beginning and then they had to fight super hard to stay in, like you said. And having to fight so hard for so long would make anyone get emotional sometimes. The public was way too hard on them.

    • umm i hate rachel she lies to everyone and tricks everyone but then once people finally realize ” hey she screwed everyone over” and they try voting her out shes like ohh why are people doing this to mee waaaa!!!! uhh r u seriously asking why?? -.- rachel u asked for it,

  83. I can’t wait til the premiere. This is so exciting. Dr. Will and Mike Boogie are pure All-Stars! I am gonna love watching them play the game again! Rachel and Brendon deserve another chance because they are great players and ED is the ultimate villain!It would be so crazy to have 5 previous winners in the game! This is like a fans vs. favorite’s season!

    • Dr. Will has made a statement that he had officially retired from competition reality shows to focus his priorities on his son. It is very pointless to vote on CBS’s website because those options we’re given are not 100% guaranteed.

      • I completely agree. I even removed the link to their voting as I don’t see any point of them toying with loyal viewers like that.

  84. I think that Enzo is coming back… because I think he has a connection to Adam. They are both from the same part of Jersey… too much of a coincidence… also I think this Porsche girl is a friend of Janelle’s… they both are VIP waitresses from the same area of Florida… come on BB… go back to getting just regular people for the cast! I hate the recruiting that goes on.

  85. if Brendan, Rachel, Jessie, Natalie or enzo come back i’m going to be pissed. the only people i would want to see is dick and Danielle, Jeff and Jordan, Will and boogie and shouldn’t Memphis and Dan be on that list? but i don’t think its fair to bring back winners and give them second chance to win again.

    • Why? The houseguests have the options to get them out. If a previous winner makes it to the end and wins, the houseguests have no one to blame but themselves. There’s nothing unfair about that.

  86. If there were voting involved, then it would have already been finalized and the guests would already have been sequestered.

    I have a feeling Jeff and Jordan were definitely chosen, CBS always tried to milk them and AG and Robyn Kass love them.

    Rachel is one of the only houseguests that was ever brought back for 24 hours, CBS obviously loves her and Brendan, the amount of coverage and publicity they got is insane, they even got a role on a soap opera.

    The other pair is a toss up. By bringing Brenchel and Jordeff into the house, they are bringing 2 already existing showmances, the third pair might be a male/male duo.

    • My point exactly. It doesn’t matter how many people may hate Rachel, she is still very good for ratings. It it wasn’t for her then last season would have been SOOO BORING! Of course they are going to put her back into the house!

      • I remember cheering when annoying Rachel was voted out. Don’t know if I can put up with her for another season of my favorite show!!!

  87. Hi everyone !! There are 6 dues so I feel there will be the 8 new vs fans choose that makes up all 14

    • You know maybe bb is going to bring back all six duos and when they get voted out they both go kind of like the winter bb but the new house guesrt would not be paired up. I dont think thats going to happen but that would be fun to watch

  88. For the 3 dues I want brendan & Rachel they did not get fair try last year!! Pluss they really fight to be there played well… Also like to see evil dick & dannel those two went all the way together!! Evil dick took no crap @ all drama right there!! 3rd dues would be jeff & jorden good players and those two are like the cutest couple in bb history!! Much love…

  89. I really want Brenchel to come back but im friends with rachel on facebook and she is still writing statuses the past few days which means she isnt in sequester with everyone else which means she may not be rturning, unless the six returning houseguests havent been told by CBS to come back yet….idk….but i want brenchel back in big brother!

    • ….my bad, Rahcel’s last status was from june 25th and it was text message….so maybe she is in sequester! yay! more rachel in big brother :)!

  90. You know, the question says “Which former dynamic duo do you think will return to the Big Brother house?” so does that mean only ONE of those duos will return? Then the other 2 duos will be not on that list. That would make Chelsia’s tweet make sense…
    I’m saying just one duo out of those will return!

      • I didn’t say they wouldn’t be pairs, hun. I just said that I believe only one of the duos that we’re voting on will return because if we can only vote on one option, then it would make sense that only one option is right. There will still be 3 pairs, just 2 of them won’t come from the choices we can vote on.

  91. Jeff & Jordan alongside Brenchel are comming back. Don’t doubt it. I hope producers arrange a romantic dinner for Brenchel as they’ll turn their 1st anniversary together inside where they met (Wouldn’t that be lovely?). The other pair definetly has to be Evel Dick & Daniele. I would love to see how “EVIL” Evel is. And of course, ratings are surely going down.

    • I think CBS would like to see what drama can be stirred up between Jeff&Jordan and Rachel&Brendon (don’t forget about the hissy fit incident last year when Jeff&Jordan returned to host the bowling themed episode)

  92. I think Brenchel is going to be in the house regardless. They are great for ratiings and they know how to bring the drama. I definitely would not be shocked to see them go back into the house; especially after all of Brendon’s internet escapades and him trying to cheat on Rachel.

  93. Just so everyone knows, Allison Grodner said in an interview that the duos on are just SAMPLES and not guaranteed to be the only options for the returnees. It should’ve been obvious with the retired Will & Boogie and the random pairing of Hayden & Enzo.

    She also said that there could be other couples/friends/alliance mates that could come back (ex. Danielle & Jason, Marcellas & Amy, Eric & Jessica, Dan & Memphis)

    So I think Matt should really take off the options we were given because it really could be anybody.

    • DAN & MEMPHIS!!!! They were my favorite duo ever! Next to Dr. Will&Boogie that is :)

  94. I would love it if Brittney and Ragan from Big Brother 12 came back. Those two were absolutely hilarios and they were both fan favorites.

  95. Can’t we just have a whole new group of real people please? This is just stupid. Last season was most watched and now we have to deal or might have to deal with jessie again? I can’t stand the guy. I liked brendon and rachel, but jeez. I can’t stand the fighting all the time. And honestly, I am starting to wonder if Big Brother ever thinks of not doing the same thing over, over, and over again. We are bored of this!

    • I agree, I would rather have an ALL STAR season or just 12-14 new house guests……HOWEVER A.G. said it was going to be a wild season this year!! So I am totally fine with that!!! Can’t wait until July 7th at 7p.m. central!! woo hooo

    • I totally agree! They should have all new house guests. I think bringing back previous winners is stupid and they already got their prize. Give others a chance.

  96. WHAT?!?!? Just read the update about Will. I am so pissed off right now. He & Mike were the only listed duo I was excited about:(

  97. The best houseguest so far is the Big Brother fortune teller (Madame Broella) . I follow her on twitter @bbfortuneteller. It’s obviously some intern or shit, but pretty damn funny! Nice angle!

    Great job on the ladies this season!

  98. Maybe the 8 new houseguests are also duos…maybe Porshe and Cassi are childhood friends…maybe Adam Poch and Shelley Moore used to date etc etc..they could all just live in different cities now.

    • ooooooooooo good call!!! A.G. said there were 2 twists on night one!!! :)

  99. Does anyone else thinK that the 8 named houseguests, have some sort of connection to the retreads? Could that be the “twist”?

  100. Brendon Villegas tweeted last night thanking Rachel and his fam&friends for B-day wishes!!! Does that mean he and Rachel haven’t been sequestered????? I hope so:) :)

      • u cant really go by the tweeting…a tweet is done by fingers…not video, not voice….just fingers which could be anyone’s hand, right? :-)

        but thanks for the tweet info carla, its good to know this stuff :-)

    • ALL I KNOW IS I can’t wait for this thing to get started!!! I am dying to know who is coming in lol

  101. please don’t bring Rachel, Brendon and most especially Enzo back. They were all so very annoying that I almost stopped watching altogether.

  102. Honestly, I just REALLY want Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel to return.

    Imagine Jordan wins again too! Anything could happen, she could be BBs first double winner!

  103. OMG! Crystal Eisermann Just tweeted
    “Since it has leaked, I guess I can confirm that Jeff and Jordan, Dick and Dani and Brenchel are the Duos! #rootingfor @daniD0NAT0!!”

    • Yeah, I saw that last night. I think everyone has assumed J&J are returning, but until CBS’ confirms it it’s all still rumors and speculation. I had never heard the name Crystal Eisermann until last night so she’s probably a friend of J&J rather than anything official.

  104. I know, it’s leaked that the duos are Jeff and Jordan, Danielle and Dick, and Brenchel, if this is true I would be very very happy.

  105. I can’t wait till THURSDAAAAAAYYYYYY LOL I am sooo excitded for my favorite show to start again!!!!
    If J&J D&D B&R are our duo’s…ohmyGOSH…This should be Rockin Season 13~~~

  106. I’d love to see Erika Landin again on the show…why not see if she would like to participate again this summer?

  107. NOOOO!! i don’t mind the jeff and jordan or evel dick and danielle but they got it all wrong with brenchel. rachel’s so fake she’s like a cockroach that won’t go away and brendon is weak i really hope that they go home very shortly!!! I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION!!

  108. I really want Rachel back beacuse its funny when she yells at the people and I for sure want Hayden to come back he is so freaking hott

  109. Why bring people back, to quote, “been there done that” not fair to new players. I can’t believe it’s because they can’t get enough new people to cast 14. I can see a previous player hosting a competition, but to be put back in as a player, totally unfair.

  110. Very disappointed the duos did not include former houseguests James and Chelsia, they actually made the live feeds very interesting.

  111. Wow I hope Kalia gets the boot what a C–T such a two faced B—H and a loser. If I could punch one of them in the face it would soo be her.

  112. I know I can win at this game how about givin a country boy a shot at it I’m 40 an I’m a welder

  113. Big Brother has always been my favorite show that I can’t wait each year to watch but after watching Rachel and then Brendon on season 12, I prayed we’d never have to watch her zit covered face or watch her in the bathroom mirror popping her zits and covering her face in pimple cream before she went to bed. But season 13 was the worst of all and I think like America does, we’re all so very sad and so upset that Porsha didn’t win and Rachel did because Rachel is the last person that deserved to win. Porsha is the one that deserved to win. All of America hates Rachel’s gut’s. She’s the ugliest, rudest, meanest, most hateful, phoney floater in the house that skated through the whole game until the last couple games because she kept losing right after Brendon was thrown out of the house by the cast of the house. Cassi hit the nail on Rachel’s coffin when she said that Rachel is ugly on the inside because it’s the truth and that she’s catty. When Rachel was answering the jury’s questions she just rambled the same thing over and over. She had no social game. Everyone in the house hated her, but the rest of the veterans. By the way, who ever came up with the idea of calling them veterans and the other’s newbie’s, fire that person. That was just stupid and made the old players get a swelled head like as if they knew how to play the game even though they we’re all kicked out but Rachel. But even she was kicked out and I think it was the entire house if I remember on season 12 because she was hated by everyone in the house and even when you had her come back for a week, the whole house was so upset you sent her back and couldn’t wait for that week to be over so you could send her packing for the second time. The only reason she won this game was because of numbers. We knew that no matter how much harder Porsha played a total competative and social game, so much harder and better than Rachel because she coasted the whole time Brendon was there since from the beginning she lied during her speach when she said over and over how she had a target on her back so she had to work extra hard. My husband said, could she say she had a target on her back any more times trying to get sympathey. The only thing she did the whole game the most was cry each and every single time she and Brendon, when she and Jorden lost, and when she’s lose herself. And if Brendon lost, she’s blame and be mad at him. The only reason I think she and Brendon wanted to be on the game again was to try and win prizes. I remember when she was mad because Kalia won the trip to the Bahamas and she said, there goes our honeymoon to Brendon and he said, I know. They came on because they’re broke, they want to move to the same area or state, move in together, to buy all new stuff for their new place and then have their dream wedding. She’s an unemployed cocktail waitress at a strip bar? God, I hope she doesn’t strip too. That would be disgusting to see. And Brendon going to U.C.L.A. actually thinks he’s going to make it into medical school or graduate from medical school. If he does, could someone email me and tell me who helped him cheat, or paid with Rachel’s winning’s to get his diploma as an M.D. because I don’t and can’t see any school granting that lame, hard-up, stupid a## a medical diploma where he’s allowed to write scripts for med’s to patient’s or operate on a human being. He’d be the first of his class to be sued for malpractice for being a f##K up. And he’s got to be really hard-up and been turned down by every woman he meets if Rachel is the best he can do because the only thing Rachel knows how to do 24/7 is b###h! But I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall watching them try to live together once they move in together because she’s so clingy, needy, has to know what he’s doing 24/7, has to go everywhere he goes, has to be right 24/7, he has to agree with her, speak when she tells him to, do and cater to her, I bet when she wants something, she cries until he gives in and buy’s it for her. He’s going to end up being so unhappy living with her that if they don’t break up before the wedding, I give the marriage 2 years until he leaves her for a woman that doesn’t have mental problems and who isn’t a cronic liar. I bet she even goes through his cell phone when he’s not looking to see who he’s been talking to to see if he’s talked to any girls or the same on his computer or to see if he’s got any pictures of girls on it and then does the crying, or fighting with him like we saw on Big Brother 13. But I wish only the worst in both their lives and Brendon, dood you are a total doormat. Jeff, you need to grow up. I know your young and still not mature, but you really need to grow up and act like a man. And Jorden, I’ve never seen anyone in the world that is stupider than you. The only reason you have a head I think is to grow hair, because there isn’t a brain inside. You can’t even talk for yourself. You need someone to tell you what to do, what to say. Someone says something to you and during the whole summer all you could say is. “I don’t get it”, “I don’t understand” Your clueless. How far did you get through school, 5th, 6th grade? I can see only one reason Jeff’s with you, you got to be easy in the bedroom. And Shelly, you really needed to pick a side and stick with it instead of being a floater. And I really felt bad for you until you started doing the crying thing every single time you opened your mouth when you talked one on one to anyone. It’s shocking how you say you teach you kid not to do this and that, to not do bad things basically because that’s all you did in this game. You stabbed everyone you could in the back and in the end when you knew that no matter what, the so-called veterans would vote for Rachel no matter how much Porsha worked her butt off in this game in every game, ever veto game cause who the hell cares that Rachel won HOH 4 times and Veto 2 times, she got lucky that all because they were all games that we’re the easy ones for her where she didn’t have to really use her brain cause if she did, she would have lost because she’s really stupid, next to jorden and Brendon, Rachels puppet. But when you knew they would never vote for anyone but Rachel no matter what she did or didn’t do since she floated, coasted through the whole game until the end, if you had any dignity, and self-respect, or respect for an honest, hard working, honest player who wasn’t a total lair to the end, even Rachels answers and speach was all lies. If you would of just voted for Porsha, Porsha would of won because even the entire county, America hates her and never wants to see her on the show ever again. But I heard that someone had threatened you or your family and I pray the FBI is involved and I pray they find who did it and you get some justice because that’s just not right and I hope your family will be ok. Best of luck with that but if you ever make it on another game show, because this isn’t like Survivor where your really playing a real challenge, this is like a game show where you have to live together to for a couple months while playing games on a game show all the time, but next time gets some guts and vote for the right person and stop having others vote for you, or you having them tell you who you need to vote for and then actually doing it because it makes you look as stupid and lame as Jorden is. God, we had to turn the TV to a different channel when Rachel’s name was just starting to be anounced as the winner and my husband said, he won’t ever watch Big Brother ever again because after 2 season’s of listening to Rachels phony laugh and the way she treats others and how ugly of a person she is on the inside and how catty she is and how intimidated she is by other women and I know even after they finally move in with each other, if Brendon doesn’t stop being Rachel’s puppet and become a man with his own opinions and act on them and stand up to her, their marriage won’t last more than a few year until he leaves her for an employed woman unlike Rachel who’s unemployed and I said the only reason they came on the show was for the money and prizes for a dream wedding and for all the things they want in their new place together, and for a place to live. You can’t get a place if your an unenployed strip club cocktail waitress. And you can’t even get a nice place without a roommate if your a poor cocktail waitress with no education. Who know’s if she even has a G.E.D. But I know she’s happy know, she and Brendon are but it’s funny that his name is Brendon, but she doesn’t even know how to say his name. She calls him Bren-on of what is it, her “pooky-bear”… gross. Let’s pray that’s not her pet name in bed. I’d gag!

  114. Oh, I forgot to ask because we changed the channel before we could see Rachels responce when she won because we could care less but we hope one of you girls but Jorden didn’t win America’s choice. I don’t even mind if one of the guys one as long as it was another floater like Adam but I have to ask… does everyone in the house have breast implants but Jeff and Brendon. And Brendon, why did you even come on the show, you couldn’t ever win a game show like this one, or any one cause your a total loser “pookie-bear”… yuck!

  115. Big Brother, next season… please do better for America and do better interviews and give us some players that can play this game without being ugly inside, and catty who don’t lie about everything so America can be proud and want to watch the show.

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