John McGuire – Big Brother 17 Eviction Interview

John McGuire, the Rockstar Dentist, was evicted from the Big Brother 17 house for a second time during Wednesday’s live eviction after he failed to secure Vanessa’s sole vote just shy of the Final 3.

John McGuire on Big Brother 17
John McGuire on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Now on his way to the Jury house we had the chance to put some questions to John about his experience and what happened in some of the game moves that surprised a lot of fans this season.

Update: PopTV has shared their John McGuire interview with us for some extra questions and interesting insight to JMac and his game. Click the graphic for more of their interview then scroll down for ours too.

Big Brother 17 - John McGuire interview with Pop

BBN: Had you made it to the F2, what would have been your main argument that you deserved the win?

John McGuire: I felt that I had the first 5 juror votes on lock already. I just had to get to the end. When I came back in the second time, I knew I was going against the Scamper Squad and the remaining Goblins. I had an uphill battle and that would have been another argument for the extra four votes that I probably wouldn’t even need.

BBN: Who did you truly want to get to F2 with out of these final Houseguests?

John: Out of these final houseguests, I didn’t really care. I felt like I would have beaten any of them in a vote situation, so whatever combination of them that would get me to final two, I would have been fine with.

BBN: If Vanessa hadn’t come to you to save Steve last week, would you have really voted him out?

John: That was a really tough decision. In the end, I decided to keep Steve because I wanted him to win the next VETO competition. I thought he would have done shot than Austin. If Vanessa’s on board with it too, why would I vote to keep Steve? Plus, I thought Steve could beat Vanessa and it would be crazy to bring a showmance to the final three.

BBN: How hard was it to hide being a superfan of Big Brother and do you think it worked as you planned?

John: I knew every single thing that Steve and Jason talked about all season and it was really hard to not talk about it! My story was I watched 16, 15 and then 14, up through Britney’s eviction. So, anytime there was a conversation about anything beyond that, I had to act like I didn’t know what they were talking about which was really hard. Super fan talk was probably about a third of all the conversations that went down in the house.

BBN: Would you take back any of those thrown competitions?

John: I wouldn’t take back any of the thrown competitions. I think those all worked out in my favor. I would have liked to win more of the competitions I was trying to win.

BBN: How much were you freaked out by the dental theme of the Have-Not and possibly causing Houseguests to suspect you were part of a twist?

John: People thinking I was a twist didn’t even cross my mind until Steve told me toward the end of my game.

When I first saw the Have-Not room it was awesome that people got to experience the fear of the dentist office right here in the Big Brother house and I felt like I was back at work. I was glad that we had that uncomfortable experience. The one thing that ticked me off all season was the upside down tooth models! I also got the little shop of horrors reference with the little venus flytraps.

BBN: Which two Houseguests do you most hope to see sitting together at the F2?

John: Vanessa and Steve. They played better.

BBN: What is the biggest mystery you’re anxious to have answered once Big Brother 17 is over?

John: I want to know what Da’Vonne’s real job was and I want to know who was casting those weird votes the first couple of weeks. I also want to know why the Big Brother takeover of a new twist every week, was not every week. And how Jace is doing!

We’ll see John again on the season finale episode Wednesday, Sept 23rd where he’ll be in the running for this season’s America’s Favorite Player.

Watch our preseason interview with John to see how much his game progressed from that original strategy.

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  1. Great interview. I love JMac’s personality, but I did become a little disenchanted with his gameplay.

      • Yes, he so have my vote for that. He lost, but also winn for standing up to Vanessa the BULLY! Great job John

      • Not sure how much he will trash van. Most of the HG have given Van her due and being smart with some of her game moves, like getting Julia-uh to compete against Austing in the ballerina (can’t remember exact name) comp. That actually was pretty smooth, on Van’s part.

      • Reverse, reverse, reverse… JMac handled Van best. Steve is like a wimp with her and Austin acted totally ‘ball-less’ with her. Until he told her she wasn’t getting any votes from Jury and that he would make sure of it as he was headed out the door.

        We may just find out.

      • Honestly I hope Austin does convince the jury to not have Vanessa win lol. You’re right the entire season I didn’t like his lack of guts when talking to her.

      • I really don’t want Liz to win, but honestly, I think I’d rather her win than Vanessa. Vanessa played the overall better game so I’m a little bit saying “wtf” to myself right now, but I don’t know, just something about it really makes me not want to see Vanessa win. Needless to say my first choice is Steve, out of who’s left.

      • I’m with you on that too! It would now come down to the “like” factor for me too since none of them played that good of a game, and be able to leave a lasting mark as being a well-liked, all around firm but fair game player! None of these 3 fit that bill!

      • Vanessa played a killer game! She decided every single eviction and won many comps. She ruled the entire season. Not likable, but clearly the best player.

      • I highly disagree she played a killer game. She played a decent game that was messy and complicated. But hey, she is where she is, so something worked,

      • There’s 2 parts to this game. Playing a great game to get to the end and playing a game where people like you enough to vote for you to win half a million dollars.

        This is no longer about who played the best game – to make it to the end. You have to make sure the people in they jury like you as well. We saw this with the Dan/Ian final 2 a few years ago.

      • Yes and like Derek last season….everyone loved him even though he dominated the whole season.Not one person had something bad to say about him. He some how managed to do both parts unlike Vanessa who managed to do the first part


      • Nice to “meet” you ,Sharon, I’m Karen. I grew up in East Tn and currently live in Loudon Co., which, I’m sure you know, is between you and Knoxville.:)

    • I never looked my bullies in the eyes…I paid them back silently and quickly…they didn’t see it coming and since I never kissed and told, nor had witnesses when I planned my attacks, the bully could never figure out who did that to them! LOL I never let a bully get the best of me…that’s key! I figured, if no one could do as well as my siblings, then I paid them no mind for long. I knew my siblings would take care of them for me if I’d asked! Plus I never let a bully bully me for long..they had a few chances before I put a stop to them for good! :-) This method served a purpose to help my own children in the future!

    • If he felt bullied by Vanessa at the time, he should have said so then, not later when it was just the 2 of them.

      He was being confronted.

      • I think both Vanessa and Austin were both bullies. I don’t have a horrible problem with it, as it’s called gameplay. But intimidation is what bullies do.

      • Should have beaten Oklahoma, double OT @ Neyland…disappointed, but hopefully we’ll have a winning season this year.:)

    • I think once he lost his people in the house to evictions, he was treated like an outsider by everyone but Steve. Once he got evicted and was back in the game again, he seemed to be trying different things. Happy he made it the F4. Glad he tried to mess with Vanessa’s head. :) At least, when on the block before both evictions, he never pulled an “Audrey”. He didn’t pout and still joined up with the others at played the stupid pot ball and slingband games that he despised. lol

  2. Good stuff. A player who already states he’s not bitter.
    He never bothered me like he did some others, the bobcat references were about best thing I saw that describes his manurisms (sp) but with more personality.
    Was fun to watch, I’d not complained if he won or took second.
    Not much above a floater but was playing his game, which was a lot more than some of the others in the house.
    Funny he mentions casting lol

    • Knowing he was a superfan before going into the BB house got me intrigued, more so when I knew he knew some of the past seasons but instead of going into the convos and comparing notes with the other hgs, he would ask them questions he already knew the answers to and kept them engaged! :-)

  3. If you think about it, you kind of spend all Summer with these players. Three episodes a week, so three hours per week, but then add in any live feeds you watch, and while I wasn’t glued to those I still did watch them at times. So in a way, as silly as it may sound, you almost do feel like you get a little bit attached when you like a player, and like you’re going to miss it/them when the season’s over. Add in to all of this that you personally, as a viewer, will never see them again since you don’t know them. Other than if Big Brother brings them back to host a competition in a later season, but really that feels like a shallow way to ‘see them again’.

    So am I crazy to feel slightly sad right now? Maybe I’m just too into the game…

      • That’s what still isn’t sitting well with me, the idea that Steve won accidentally. He meant to put 6,001 not 601 and he would’ve lost if he put what he meant to. Then John is HoH and playing in the Final 3 as we speak. “Ugh” is a huge understatement…

    • I love him.. I watch the live feeds so I already feel an empty place in my heart LOL.. not to mention no more diary room sessions ever. I live 2 1/2 hours from Scranton, might need to take road trips to see the dentist :)

      • You totally should lol. I’d make the trip just to stop by his office and say thanks and do a quick air-guitar with him. He seems like the type who would think it was cool if a fan came by for that.

    • I love how you feel crazy being a little sad. I was literally crying my eyes out when Johnny Mac left and I didn’t think anything of it.

  4. Funny-sweet that he is thinking of his pre-jury fallen comrades (Da & Jace).
    I didn’t always agree with Jmac but I liked him alot. Would like to see him compete again. If we were ever going to have a returning juror win, he is one I would have not minded as much. (Generally, I do not like the returning juror idea. If you’re out, you’re out.)

    • I can definitely understand not being a fan of being able to return, but honestly as long as you have to compete (and pretty hard too, that competition wasn’t easy) then I don’t mind it too much. It would be interesting though if there wasn’t automatically a player returning from jury, that instead there was a shot, but also a chance nobody returns. Maybe make it that you only return if you also win HoH in the same competition? Something like that. I feel like John got down from that competition because he felt alright with his safety and he was already going to re-enter the house after beating out other jurors, and that he would’ve held on longer if he had to win HoH to even get back in the game at all. Would have been interesting to see if he could’ve outlasted Vanessa if he really had to.

    • I agree with the returning juror idea. And if I was sitting in the F2 with the returning juror, my speech would be, “I’m the only person in the game who didn’t get evicted,” and drop the mic. If I were a juror, I could never vote for someone who was evicted to win over someone who wasn’t.

      • I’d counter with “I was evicted, guess it shows how much I was feared to be evicted and how strong I am to fight back and get to F2. I’m not asking for your vote I’m demanding it”.

        Well, maybe drop that last sentence… no definitely drop the last sentence. LOL!!!

      • JMac’s interview w/Jeff was hilarious, that guy is just goofy but funny… I didn’t get his last during VTE “I’m not here to beg…” was from HALO.

        He said he would have evicted Vanessa had he won the PoV, well in an indirect way… he said he was thinking he’d evict her before the comp then if he won he would have let it sink in then he still probably would have evicted her.

  5. I just watched his interview with Jeff on the BB Live Chat. JMAC is hilarious. Jeff asked who he wants to see in the final two and JMac’s response….”none of them.” HaHa I agree!

  6. He had a great attitude about leaving, I love how he took it all in stride. He probably could have played harder at certain key points, but I think his laid back attitude served him well. More than anything I love how he was totally unaffected by Vanessa’s behavior. Just nodded, said yes, and let it roll off his back. He was the only HG who wasn’t swayed by her bs reasoning.

    • Well said. Couldn’t agree more. As much as I wanted him to try harder to stay at times (especially this time of course) I always liked that he didn’t bow, didn’t break, didn’t cave or give in to her crap. Even in his final speech, “If you came to see me beg, you’d be disappointed”. Not to mention the other time (can’t recall exactly when) when he flat out said “Don’t use the Veto on me”. As well as “If you want to put me up then put me up”. I respect that.

    • I can’t believe that I’m saying this but I’d like to see him on an All Stars season. I didn’t like him being willing to be Shelli and Clays pawn so many times but he really redeemed himself and was a great player. He saved himself when he needed to and hot back into the house, which was amazing. Once he stopped shouting in DR, I liked him.

    • YES! Excellent point! He wasn’t misted by Vanessa. He also said several times that he didn’t like anyone in the house. There wasn’t anyone he would choose to hang with in real life. I’d definitely be interested in seeing him do something more on TV. Bright, unconventional guy.

  7. I like him sometimes, but he is not half as smart as he thinks he is. And I wish he would stop the condescending attitude.

    • How was he condescending? I also didn’t get the vibe from him like he thought he was a genius.

      I’m not trying to argue with you, I’m just asking for your opinion because I’m not sure what you refer to.

      • Probably the whole “I could have beaten anyone in the F2”

        I like JMac, but I seriously have NO idea where he’s getting that idea from, considering all of them (besides maybe Steve) have way more compelling arguments on their side.

      • Seems to me like he just thought the first five jury members would vote for him because they were friends?

      • I’m the #1 Johnny Mac fangirl but I’m pretty sure he’d have lost, except maybe to Liz. BUT check out the Julie Chen interview at ew dot com– she said he’d have won even against VANESSA (definitely not true, I’d say)

      • I couldn’t see him beating Van but, if he stayed, he would’ve evicted her. I doubt at she would’ve made final 3.

      • That interview was odd. Julie Chen was sounding like someone who never watched the feeds. In The Hollywood Reporter interview, she seemed much “smarter” about the actual game.

      • Yes I was talking about him. Watch his DR scenes in the earlier episodes when he needed to throw vetoes for Shelli and Clay. He always made fun of his partners and how they did it all by themselves. And it’s not just that, he thinks he’s much smarter than the rest of them. Even if it’s true, he doesn’t need to be mean about it. Just listen to him in the earlier episodes. Very obnoxious.

      • That’s how he became fan fav. It’s his DR when he’s taking shots at the other players. Obviously Production was loving it. They realized his DR was a “hit” from the viewers. They keep giving him edit. I find them funny, not obnoxious.

      • I don’t know that you should base very much off of DR sessions. You do know how much of that is basically scripted, right? How much they’re being fed to say by production? For the sake of a soundbite, for the sake of entertaining TV. Just about every single houseguest trashed others in DR sessions. By comparison to some others, what John said could be seen as soft.

        I actually do remember exactly what you’re talking about though, and not for a second did that come off as condescending to me. I’m not sure where you’re getting that from, but I guess to each their own. I strongly disagree.

      • I don’t know. There was something about him that annoyed me more than the rest of the houseguests.

    • What?..This is the first time I’ve heard somebody described JMac as “condescending”…you sure you’re talking about Jmac? Fadi Ant

      • I’m still scratching my head over that. If they said Van, Liz or Julia were that, I’d agree. Maybe they don’t know the true definition of it or have a totally different interpretation of the definition than most do! Hard to say! But JMac is more of a loner, straight shooting conservative (not in the political sense) type than condescending type to me! :-)

    • I didn’t find him condescending at all. He seemed genuinely annoyed at some obviously poor decisions being made in that house. He played well.

  8. So Johnny Mac thinks he could’ve beaten ANY combination of the f4 (or f5) in a vote situation and win the game? WTF has he done all season to be cocky?

    I’m so glad this loser is off my tv screen.

    • 4 Veto wins, at least 1 if not more Battle of the Block wins, on the block like 9 times or something but still survived, didn’t piss anybody off and befriended almost the entire jury. Came very close in several competitions he didn’t win and a good handful he was 2nd because he threw them (ie not wanting to win HoH against Steve because he wanted to play for HoH the following week).

      You may not like him, but maybe try to be a little more respectful than that. There was no need for that.

  9. I hope this has secured him a fan favorite (I know a voted a zillion times) as he was my favorite from the get go. His play was the only one that rivaled Vanessa’s in any way. He made it through Chelli and Clay…The goblins and Scamper Squad. He had to play offensively and had Vanessa not Won HOH she would be gone. I hope to see him in future BB ventures. I wish they would have a second chance BB…but PLEASE BB..super fans watch the show…stop with the recruits….we want our tribe!!

  10. Assuming you have an automatic 5 vote lock from the jury takes a bit of wishful thinking and imagination,any of final 4 could have presented a reasonable case for winning BB and no matter who ends up at the final two the vote most likely will be very close,the only person who has what one would call an automatic lock would be Liz with Austin and Julia but that does not mean she would win but does give her a slight edge going into a final vote.

    • James was too girl crazy, like he’d never seen a woman before. I like to hope he would’ve broken up Austwins earlier.

      • James was talking about wanting Austin out Week 2, to go after once they got rid of Jace. Know they weren’t Austwins then but j/s. :)

      • Is it good in a big brother similar way. I know total different, I’m wondering what the format or scheme is of it. I recall my step mother going bananas season 2. She lives in FL where I visit once a year. I hate reality shows since they are always based on embarassed g low iq people but this was different and good. I blew her off in FL and said stop! Do something. No its a new day. Also my college roommate has worked on the amazing race since season 2. I just never watched that either. I guess I never thought watching other real people could interest me. But this did.


    • Happy day! Omg. Survivor is like a welcoming warm cup of cocoa to this seasons shot of stress inducing Red Bull. I need the local and players who actually want to playing.

  11. I am having trouble voting for AFP. Voted Tues. night an tried last night and today and get message that I have used my 20 votes for today. I thought you could vote up to 20 votes/day? Anyone else having trouble?

  12. Hopefully JMac and Becky can find out what chemistry they have together in the Jury House. I like them as a couple.

    • You can certainly dream, but from what I understand, Becky isn’t interested. Sucks for John, but at least he didn’t pull a Caleb and turn into a creepy stalker over her and instead just accepted it.

      • John Needs To Put On 15 Pounds In His Chest And Arms And 20 On his Legs And She’s his. He has a nice face great smile. Becky is built like an all American cheerleader/athlete. She’s looking for mr. Pectacular types.

  13. Johnny Mac makes me laugh so hard. He was such a great character this season. It’s so sad to see him go but hopefully he wins AFP.

  14. Just read Julie Chen’s interview with THR and some good quotes there. She calls Vanessa ‘kind of weasely’ and says this about Austin’s ponytail beard “It’s dreadful to be honest. It’s just so bad and I was trying not to stare at it because I knew if I stared at it too long it would be uncomfortable and I would lose my focus.” She also did not like the BB Takeover. Agree with her on all points

    • Honestly, if Austin wasn’t such an incredible douche, the beard would’ve worked. He just played it all wrong. And left there in a terrible way.

  15. Just saw his final chat with Jeff and I can see the different side of him that wasn’t shown in the house. Guess he’d covered it well while in the house.
    He’s pretty pissed when Clay left (and stressed as he admitted to Steve) and it took a toll on him. His tired face (especially under the eyes) shows it all. Hopefully he can regroup himself in Jury House, have fun and get the AFP! Good luck Vamp!

    • I wasn’t thrilled with that either. Had he stayed, Vanessa would’ve probably gone when she was supposed to have.

    • No sht that’s why the btch said to John up in her hoh room “omg I just got this big NEW idea. I can’t believe this JUST came to me. Omg. We get rid of Austin huge move and you’ll get credit for helping evict him if anyone of us had seen he sht she did we’d know she’s got to go, expecially Jon after he wanted her ass back when Austin was hoh. Easy con easily detected. Jon was sad to say, an idiot. But so was everyone else. I would have said. Why didn’t you think of this yesterday when you put me and Steve up btch????? When she back shuffled, Ida said you think of everything your bsing, come on truth. Until she cried.

  16. He’s not the only 1 that wants to know what happened to the takeovers. I want to know too. But maybe because they were so lame it doesn’t matter anyway.

  17. In retrospect, JMac made a mistake evicting Austin. I get the usual game strategy is not to take the showmance too far but had he evicted Steve and not Austin, Liztin would have been a bigger target when Vanessa won the POV. JMac would have made final 3 instead of Steve.

    Had he made final 3 he would have killed that stupid hanging on the rope comp and may have been in position to win the final HoH. Iwas thinking that at the time but like JMac says, who would be crazy enough to keep a showmance in the game at that point?

  18. JMac, asking the real questions. ” I also want to know why the Big Brother takeover of a new twist every week, was not every week.”

  19. Wish he had been in an alliance with James. I think together, they could have done some damage, but it didn’t happen.

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