Big Brother 17: America’s Favorite Player [POLL]

CBS has opened the America’s Favorite Player poll for Big Brother 17 giving viewers the chances to vote up their favs in hopes of getting them a bonus $25,000 paycheck at next week’s Big Brother finale.

Vote for America's Favorite Player on Big Brother 17
Vote for America’s Favorite Player on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

One of these seventeen Houseguests will walk away with the cash and title of fan favorite which works out great as a consolation prize for those who don’t make it to the Final 2.

All season we’ve been tracking which Houseguests are the most popular and the steady leaders have been John McGuire and James Huling. In recent weeks Vanessa Rousso has come up to third place, but when first and second place have been holding such a huge lead in our polls I can’t help but wonder if we’ll see similar results in the official numbers.

Voting is open now at until Monday, Sept 21st at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET). You have 20 votes each day to split up how you best see fit. I’ve read reports of issues casting votes, but it’s been working fine for me. Keep trying if you hit any snags. (Readers note they can’t repeat vote on following days. I imagine CBS will fix it before too long.)

While we wait for the official results from CBS, cast your AFP vote in our poll which will be our final vote of the season. Then tell us below why you support your fav for the $25K. Best game? Most entertaining? Biggest moves? Share your thoughts on your vote.



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  1. Is the voting 20 times in a 24 hour period from when you first voted? I assumed it would be a 24 hour period that reset at midnight each day, but I just tried to vote for the first time today and it says I already hit my limit.

    • Me too. They are probably rigging this too. I voted Tuesday night and I’m still getting the same message.

    • I haven’t been able to vote for 2 days now. I would think CBS would have fixed this by now.
      Can’t Big Brother Network find out what’s going on?

    • I don’t know how CBS can justify a winner when the voting system has been broken for 2 days now. I submitted to their support early yesterday and got a canned response that they know it’s not working and they are looking into it.

      • I can’t vote and neither can my sister who isn’t in the same house. This isn’t fair. I haven’t been able to vote at all. I just tried again today and it still won’t let me vote or my sister. I really don’t want Vannessa to win, but I have to admit she deserves it. These houseguests are so easily swayed it’s ridiculous. What’s wrong with them?

    • I admit he’s my favorite and has been for a long time. I love how he’s just a total goofball and has enjoyed himself along the way.
      I send in some votes for James on the official poll though. He’s my second fave for sure.

      • All you hating on Jmac just cause you like James is kind of sad. Let people like and vote for who they want without insulting others.. And yes, I like bothe Jmac and James.. Both two awesome dudes..

  2. I really want James to win this. John was entertaining at first, but the goofy act kind of grated on me after awhile.

    • James got a great edit, but I heard he and Jeff were the worst misogynists in the house. He probably would have gone out sooner if one of the women hadn’t clued him in that people were getting sick of his behavior.

      • Jeff was the worse of the two. James was kind of sophomoric, but you knew he was kidding. I can understand why is so liked. I just like Jmac more

      • I thought he made to many off colored remarks that made that silly ass Meg scream ” James” in her crazy voice.

      • Not surprising at all. However, I think JMac is just as bad, only way better at hiding it. His contempt is really obvious once you start paying attention. The edits he’s getting this season are unreal though. Just my opinion,

    • I like jmac too, but I don’t understand him sometimes, can’t even imagine how he will convince the jury if he was in the final 2 coz he mumbles and just laugh. James has entertained me so I’m voting for him.

  3. It’s probably just a matter of having to wait a full 24 hours for the system to reboot or something.

    • I wish she would win, because she deserves it, but it’s not gonna happen.
      I really really REALLY hope JMac wins this. I couldn’t stand to see James win this.

      And I realized that I strongly dislike James.. Funny..

      • Becky deserves the title of AFP, but definitely JMac gonna win this. I’m with you, I hope that James don’t win this.

      • I actually don’t think Jmac has got this.. Honestly, people who REALLY wants James to win will vote 20 times each day for James where as people who like Jmac will probably vote a couple times for him to win.. So I think the hardcore James fans will definitely get what they want.. I like both of them tbh though.

  4. Please vote for James. My choices would be James, JMac. Mac is already a dentist, so he can’t be doing that bad. He makes a lot of money. (I would have loved to have Jason win it, but I don’t think he was in the game long enough to really deserve it) So I think James deserves it more than the others. Who’s with me? Please vote James! He needs it the most than the other tops!

    • John has said he still has debts to pay off from dental school and would have used any money he got to go back to school to be an orthodontist. It’s not like he lives in a mansion and uses 100 dollar bills as toilet paper, he’s got legitimate, reasonable things to put that money towards.

      I don’t know what situation James is in, and if you want to vote for him that’s fantastic, go ahead. But that’s not really relevant.

      • I have two favorites. James and JMac but I gave my votes to James because he does need the money more. Plus he was more visible the entire game while Mac slept a lot of the game away.

      • How do you know JMac doesn’t need the money. Have you any idea what a dental education in the US costs. At his age, he would have a hell of a lot of debt to repay. I am not a fan of voting for someone (or not voting) based on their financial need, gender or sexual orientation. Vote based on who was your favorite — that’s what the prize$$ is for.

    • JMac in his lifetime will have the opportunity to earn $$, but in his exit interview with Jeff he did say he has school loans to pay.
      I think a chunk of change like this might be life changing for James. Not so much JMac. I like them both for different reasons, they are my top 2.

  5. Why isn’t there an option for someone like Zingbot–since none of these remaining HG should win.. it’s been brutally pathetic this year. And what’s with allowing people to vote 20 times? I’ll never understand this, since all it does is dilute the votes.. when they go live and say “2 million people voted” when you actually have to divide that number by 20.. pretty stupid.. just like these HG this year!

  6. Instead of asking us who we like the most, how about allowing us to vote for evictions and the winner too? Its clear the fans as a whole are a lot better at this game than the people BB is picking to play so why not give us some power every week – not that lame power to put someone on the block, although that would be fun, also give us a vote for eviction!

    All it takes in America’s votes to evict Vanessa one time and the game would change immediately. It would give the cowards in the house, like Austin and Steve, the courage to do what is necessary for THEIR games!

      • BB1 suffered from a weak cast, strong comparisons with Survivor which premiered 2 months before BB, the weekly tasks given to them did not foster any sort of conflict nor drama, and the voting public took out the most interesting characters early on, leaving the show with people pleasers (although I did like Eddie).

        CBS concluded that the public cannot be trusted in the eviction process so they overhauled the format the next year, allowed nominations to be openly discussed (hence the birth of BB game talk), a weekly challenge for immunity and power was introduced (Head of Household) and the housemates were given the power to evict one of their own. While some of the changes further reinforced the show as a “Survivor copycat”, it did stabilized Big Brother US for a good number of years.

      • You’re welcome. I kinda do feel like BBUS needs a sort of return to form by bringing back its true back-to-basics format (which BB10 will never aspire itself to be) the way BBAU has done to make their version fun. While I’m not sure if America can still be trusted if given back the reins to evict a nominee, the nomination process can still be tweaked so the mistakes that BB1 did won’t get repeated (like when that one week where just about everyone were nominated, even those who got the least number of nominations on a tie).

      • I have watched since season one and have watched all three of BBCan. I’m trying to decide which other one to watch. I order them on DVD so can you recommend one to me? And because of the accents can you understand them? I heard BBUK and BBAUS were good.

      • I’m a recent viewer of UK and AU and so far, I have truly enjoyed their respective 2013 seasons (Season 10 for AU, Season 13 for UK). It has the right combo of a highly entertaining cast, good drama, the right amount of twists and turns, among so many other fine qualities. BBAU is the closest to US in terms of personalities, wacky competitions and strategy (despite being unable to discuss nominations openly) so I suggest you start with that. :)

      • Thank you. In a few months when I’m going through BB withdrawals I’m going to order the Australia seasons.

      • I’m sure the viewing public is far different now as well some nearly 20 years later. Social media is far different now and more people aware of the show cause of it.
        Would be interesting to see if public could be as you said “trusted” enough to have insite to game more than a mere vote for a favorite player.
        I saw some of season 1 and do remember the voting. I think we were allowed to call in even lol

        Good info and as others said thanks for it.

      • Wow… sounds like it was just people in a house before the current format, lol. Thanks for the info.

      • By the way, you should check out the documentary “Big Brother Around the World” on Youtube, lots of fun stuff about the franchise.

        As well as this one: endemoldistribution(dot)com/uploads/trailers/mid/Big_Brother_Promo_EWD(dot)COM_FLASH_16x9_475984(dot)flv

      • Interesting, I didn’t see season 1 but I think I’ve seen every season since. Thanks for the info.

      • Hey you’re not giving me enough credit. Lol. Actually I have all the seasons on DVD and during the winter if I’m bored and missing BB I’ll watch a season.

    • that’s how they do Big Brother in Europe! They let the evictions be done by the people. The house guests only do the nominations.

      • Yup. Although in the most recent civilian season of Big Brother UK, they haven’t had a consistent nomination-eviction process.

      • I thought that was how they did it over there. But I only thought that because of an episode of Doctor Who, so I wasn’t sure :P

    • “Its clear the fans as a whole are a lot better at this game than the people BB is picking to play”

      Typical BB fan arrogance. Of course you think you’re better. You have access to every conversation and every bit of information via the feeds. You aren’t living under 24/7 observation in an environment designed to drive you insane from pressure. You always know when someone is lying or not, and you always know who is targeting whom. You have the luxury of being able to turn off your TV or your live feeds, go outside and do something else, and not think about it for the rest of the day. You’re not forced to constantly have the game on your mind for three months straight.

      You think that you’re better at the game because YOU’VE NEVER PLAYED IT. You’ve never considered game decisions from an HG’s perspective, where unlike you, they can’t be absolutely sure they have all the facts and, unlike you, winning a life-changing amount of money is a tangible possibility that could be destroyed with a single bad judgment call.

      Letting the viewers have the power over nominations and evictions renders all the strategy in the game completely pointless. That’s why the most recent season of BB Canada was such a steaming pile. You think it would give weaker gamers “courage,” but it wouldn’t. It would make them afraid to make big moves to benefit their own game, lest they anger the unseen audience by targeting their favorite HG that they have anointed as their chosen winner.

      I don’t like Vanessa, but if she wins, she has thoroughly earned it in a season that has been the best in many years precisely because Grodner cut the stupid twists, stepped back, and let things play out largely on their own.

      • wow…that’s why it’s called a game. But if indeed the producers have been feeding her other player info, then it’s no longer a game but just a scripted show, and all the other HG were just pawns in a promotional scam. They never had a shot at winning, no matter what their level of skill. And a half million to Vanessa? Indeed a lot of money, but it won’t push her into a higher tax bracket….she is loaded and supposedly going to be hosting CBS’ Poker Face.

    • Now it WOULD be interesting to have an “America’s opinion”. The day before eviction, Tell all the HGs who America thinks should go home and see how they use that information to sway their own votes or as leverage. It would affect the game in both strategy and appearance.

  7. I wonder if Austin and the twins will be shocked to learn they weren’t even close to winning AFP. Would like to be a fly on the wall when they read all the comments about them (and you know they will).

    • I can tell you. Austin will say “pssssscht, and wave off the news. Hel prob repeat Jmac slept through half the season. Truth be told if John hadn’t crushed it in the DR’S, james wins. The girls, mainly lzz will mention a few negatory remarks. But remember Liz mentioned and was highly aware of the crowds explosion when John came out second time. She made a remark to Steve and dracula. Austin is hanging with Mac in the jury house having fun, so his care will be low. Also he said that to make lzz feel better, mostly. Julia will not give a sht. One comment may be that he was evicted twice and didn’t do anything. All true. In fact, why was mac AFP? He didn’t say anything negative, kept to himself and quiet, was a pawn a million xs and won no hohs. But everyone else was so shty, his dr geek outs did it.

  8. I put a write in vote for the models used in early week maybe during a BOB.
    It was clothes race, does anyone recall if or when last time guests had “visitors” even though just props, but weren’t celebs or past guests?

    The clothes race comp through me off when they had people in the yard during a comp, I couldn’t remember when I saw something of sort last.

      • Yeah that was the one.
        The guests had very minimal interaction with the dancers, but I don’t remember them ever having anyone other than celebs and the like in the house.

  9. Who else thinks Vanessa is a lousy actor? It’s so obvious she’s been fed info from producers. There is no real reality TV. But to fix a game to promote hype for her new TV gig? That reaches an all time scuz ball low

    • I think she has definitely been fed info but she is not alone. Others have been fed info too. That is not new. I remember Amanda talking about production trying to influence her game in BB15 and last year there was talk about production not wanted Donny evicted.

      In fact, I think BB told Vanessa to do something about her “likability” at some point in the last 3 weeks when they realized she could win. That’s when they started giving her better edits on the shows and also when Vanessa started socializing more with the other HGs. She has really turned on the “nice” lately when she was a moping sour puss most of the rest of the season. The problem is, she is not nice and it comes off as fake.

      I am guessing there is a lot more of this than we hear about since BB does not let the HG talk about their diary room sessions. What other reason would they keep the diary room sessions secret?

  10. I have not been able to vote since first day!! CBS fix this. I need to vote now almost 3 times. This is my forth inquiry about this. I even tweeted Julie Chens CBS twitter, So many people are complaining most of the day and still, nothing done. How can this be fair if we can not get votes in for our favorites???

  11. I have been trying to vote for two days but it won’t let me…either tells me this –>

    Tune in to the Big Brother Finale Wednesday September 23 at 9:30/8:30c to find out which Houseguest will take home $25,000.
    Vote up to 20 times a day until Monday, September 21 at 10am PT.

  12. diary room leak from week when Vanessa was on the block-James was America’s favorite—oops feedsters weren’t supposed to hear that – winner was predetermined back then. Prediction; James will be named America’s favorite.

  13. cbs wont let you vote but once for 20 times after that they wont let you vote at all, even though they claim it is 20 times a day, but since james is the pre picked winner, this doesnt matter. another way to show, this crap is rigged.

  14. Though I love John, vote goes to James since he was the only one who actually attempted to and took out some big players.

  15. Please ppl vote for Jmac.. He won 5 POVs, got back into the game, and got to final 4.. Please, all James did was prank ppl.. Like really??? Vote Jmac!

  16. Vote for who the fck ever you want. Favorite=who you like and nothing more. Some people take everything so personally.
    I voted for Johnny Mac 834567 times. The Arbiter rules.

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