Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Live Eviction Results

Last night’s Big Brother 17 eviction revealed who went home and who moved on to become the season’s Final Three Houseguests ahead of a grueling series of competitions designed to discover which of these players has what it takes to win the half-million dollar prize.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

On Tuesday we saw Austin Matelson evicted and now another HG will follow him to Jury. It won’t be Steve Moses who just won the next HoH, but that left three other players vulnerable until the Veto was decided and the sole eviction vote was cast on last night’s show.

Feeds returned late Tuesday night to reveal who had been nominated and who won Veto, but now we’ll get to watch it all play out. Ready to see how it goes?

First up we’ve got Steve revealing which of the 3 HGs he’ll put on the Block, not that it really matters. Nominations before the Veto don’t mean anything since the Veto is the real kicker this round, but all the same they’ll still be done.

Big Brother 17 Week 12.5 Nominations:

  • Steve nominates John & Vanessa

Liz is relieved to see her face not up on the wall, but admits these are meaningless nominations since it’s all about the PoV.

The Veto is more powerful than HoH this round. Veto holder is not only safe but casts the single vote. Very powerful.

Big Brother 17 Week 12.5 Veto Competition:

  • Round 1: Liz loses.
  • Round 2: Liz loses again & is eliminated
  • Round 3: Steve loses.
  • Round 4: Steve loses again & is eliminated.
  • Last night Steve claimed he threw that comp. I’m not so sure…
  • Round 5: John loses.
  • Round 6: John loses again & is eliminated.

Vanessa wins the Power of Veto after never coming in last the whole comp.

Now on to the Veto Ceremony where nominations can change to suit the comp results. The winner cannot be a nominee so Vanessa must come down and Liz goes up. No surprises in this one.


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    • Julie: Ladies and Gentlemen the first Lesbian to win Big Brother US -Vanessa.
      Vanessa: Thank you Julie and can I say you look very yummy tonight.
      Julie: Thanks Vanessa. Let’s start out by asking how do you feel?
      Vanessa: Wonderful. Another 1/2 million in the pocket.
      Julie: Oh yes. How difficult was it to win?
      Vanessa: Not too hard when you have puppets like I had in the house.
      Julie: Some people say you were a bully, liar, you always cried. What do you have to say to those people?
      Vanessa: Well this is Big Brother right? Let’s start with the crying. It was all fake and part of the game is to gain sympathy from people inside the house. I was playing for a 1/2 million right? I wasn’t playing to be America’s favorite player. The bullying, does anyone remember the antics of Evil Dick. The lying does anyone remember Dan lying to Danielle that he would never evict Shane. The people who watch Big Brother have short memories.
      Julie: Do you think people don’t like you because you are a Lesbian?
      Vanessa: People will say it has nothing to with my sexuality. But I believe it does. If I was like the girl next door people would be rooting for me like crazy. Since I love women, I don’t fit into the norm.
      Julie: People thought you were crazy and acted out too much. They also think you will not have any opportunities coming out of the house. What do you have to say about that.
      Vanessa: Well I think there are many opportunities, but first I just want to get a nice hotel with my girlfriend and celebrate. Then it’s off to the amazing race with my girl and back to Big Brother Allstars where I will be the first double winner.
      Julie: Well thank you Vanessa and you should be proud for all the Lesbians out there.
      Vanessa: Thank you Julie. I am. You are more than welcome to join my girl and me.
      Julie: Thank you Vanessa, but I’m married.
      Vanessa: So was I.

    • Which is exactly why I think VanEvil keeps Liz-uh, for now. She is aware that Johnny and Steve would take each other over her if she doesn’t win HoH again.

  1. Can anyone tell me the pay scale for the HG? I’d like to know what my poor James is getting since JMac will go to jury and win the $25,000.

  2. Just for the record, I’m joining Cyril and Matt S. This is the worse BB ever, I hate it and I will never watch BB again.

  3. I wonder if a bold faced lie to Vanessa would have worked. Johnny Mac could go to Liz and in a sly way, mention him and her in F2 or even working together in some way at all. If she agrees (even just to agree and not even mean it), JM could then go to Vanessa and let it slip Liz is open to working with him. If Vanessa thinks there’s ba chance for them working together in any way, maybe she would vote out Liz. A long shot but it’s something.

      • Liz will take Vanessa. she has said many times that she wants a female to win this season, not to mention how much she dislikes Steve

      • Maybe but Steve will take Liz. I also could see Liz saying for Austin I evict you Vanessa. That would be hilarious.

      • I can’t stand them either…in fact, if you look waaay up above, you’ll see that I have interjected a statement between you and someone who shall remain nameless. It’s all in capital letters. Can’t miss it.

      • I did see that. Thanks. I’m very passionate about my opinions but also a very kind and compassionate person. I love making a smart a$$ joke and love when people make it right back. That’s why I love Cyril and Captain so much they have a good sense of humor and get me. It takes a lot to get me going but when people comment to me and make it personal and not about the game it ticks me off. Sometimes I might say a little too much though. Lol. Guess I need to have a few cocktails before coming here.

      • I know you’re kind and compassionate—it shows through your relationships with your friends. And I love that you’re smart a** because I’m one myself! I haven’t had as much fun this year because of the ‘those who shall remain nameless’. Listen, I’ve gotten into screaming matches this year, and I am NOT a confrontational person. I HATE it. So, I totally get your passion. Keep it coming! And I don’t care how many times a certain person denies it—Van is a BULLY. :)

  4. Okay so this clears up the whole cloud of mystery. John did know and was in on the plan to have Steve throw the Veto. Oh well.

  5. Ohh, Julia…the sweeter twin.
    Yeah, Meg, you shouldn’t be talking. Julia did win a veto. Meg won what?
    Still love you, Meg.

    • I hope the jury has brains and decided no way Vanessa will you get any votes. Yet, she keeps getting a pass. Barf

      • Is that your thing now? Wait till someone else comments on my post and then you comment?
        Go on ahead and not reply. That’s your thing.

      • Excuse me you know absolutely nothing you ignorant big mouth. Emma and I happen to be friends. Which you would know if you weren’t just trolling to contradict everyone. And the bucket is a long standing joke.

      • I’m not trolling. I’m not ignorant. I realize the joke with the bucket. I’ve heard that phrase hundreds of times now on this board.
        I only posted that because it seems that every time I post something and someone else comments, then you comment.
        Starting to call me names now, huh? You’re no better than the hate you Vanessa haters were spewing on her.

      • If you weren’t ignorant then you would of realized I was commenting to Emma about what she said. You had to stick your nose into it. Your not worth wasting my comments on. When you grow up come back.

      • And my iPad finishes a lot of the words for me. I usually double check but not always. Is that good enough for you grammar police?

      • I realize what you were doing. I wasn’t commenting about the bucket thing. If that one thing makes me ignorant…then nobody can please you…

      • I’m not going anywhere, despite your condescending nature. I will not be silenced.
        I do still have some growing up to do, after all…I’m only 21. You’re right about that.

      • Yes, I am a rookie. Proud of it! This is my first time watching the season as it’s been going on. I have seen previous seasons however.

      • I am relaxed. To clarify, I wasn’t commenting on the bucket thing. I was commenting on the fact that Lavendargirl seems to only comment on my posts when others have already commented. She said she wasn’t ‘talking to me anymore.’

      • What is the problem with Lavendargirl commenting on your posts after someone else has? I’ve done that and no one has bothered me with it? Also, WTH is with this BUCKET? Inside joke aside…. Bantering with Lavendargirl or anyone else aside….

      • Cyril, I don’t want you to get in any trouble, but I want to remind you that our Cuddles is having her cancer surgery tomorrow (11/30)…it’s not a secret as she posted it on Wed. evening. If you’re a spiritual person, please pray for her…to give the doctor guidance and wisdom; and for healing. If you’re not into prayer, please send healing wishes her way. I know she’d appreciate it. I hope she still knows that we love her. Thanks my dear friend.

      • Hey you…I’m sitting here wondering what on earth I did that upset her so much? In that ‘secret’ post between you and me, I said I adored her! She sent me a note that said to stop butting in, and that I seem to show up in the past present and future…I’ve been emailing her for months and sending e-cards, and all that went to hell because I sent that note to you in the past—the way I’m doing now. You needn’t reply. I just wanted to get this off my chest because I honest-to-God don’t know what I did! She won’t respond to any of my comments…unless they’re sarcastic. Thanks for listening, Cyril. I’m sitting here, crying, knowing she’s having surgery and knowing she doesn’t even want my prayers. She’s made that clear. Talk to you later.

      • This is what I was talking about in the Survivor post last night (see above). Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve heard from Cuddles, and I say, “No, but I doubt I will. At least not for a while anyway.” What am I supposed to say? That for some reason she’s infuriated with me? Do YOU know what I said? I emailed her over and over again…but she just kept telling me to leave her alone. I should just say, “Oh well…whatever.” , but that’s not who I am. I care about her. Oh well. Whatever. If she wants to warm back up to me, she will. I’m just sorry I dragged you into this. Honestly though, what did I do? Anyhoo, take care. Oh! It was nice to hear from K…at least briefly. Wish she’d stayed for the whole show.

      • Oh I got it…Don’t worry about it. Just say, you haven’t heard from her..period. They ask why?..say “I don’t know” lol.You’re very respectful..just continue that attitude.

      • I see you’ve been absolved. If anyone else’s eyes see this, good. I’d like you to. All I’ve done is keep asking people to pray for Cuddles. That’s all. Have I done anything wrong? Notice how I’m being ignored? That’s OK…it does hurt, but all I wanted was for her to feel better. If you get this Cyril, delete it when you’ve read it.

      • It’s ok..We know what you are trying to’s all good….then why don’t you just pray for me?…I’m trying to get this big (you can delete your post, I can’t)

      • Brains… You must have missed the past couple months of the show.. As for brains, I think they all thought someone said train not brain and hopped a ride on first one through.

    • Mark my words. If Vanessa gets to Final 2, pop the champagne, she has won $500,000.00. Despite, all talk of a bitter jury, Vanessa still has these guys in the palm of her hands. Like hostages, as in Patty Hearst, remember the term Stockholm syndrome? This jury will be more than happy to give it to Vanessa because she played the best game and they still love her! They are not going to give that $500,000.00 to Liz or Steve.

  6. I can’t believe…..
    Liz said to Vaneesa about Austin eviction: It was so fast. I couldn’t kiss or cry. I was show shocked. Really she wasn’t expecting that one of them could go at any time now!!??

  7. I’ll say once more, I don’t think Vanessa is worried about jury votes.
    Judas thought he would still have a say in matter and its obvious to even him, that he’s alone in his thoughts.

  8. Wow. They actually changed the F4 Veto. Yes, we’ve seen this comp before, but it’s not the one they usually use for F4.

    • With a comp, like that. How can you throw it? They couldn’t see each other. There was no way that Steve would’ve known how Vanessa was doing…right?

      • Perhaps. There’s still a lot of footage we didn’t see between Sunday and Tuesday but I think we can assume that there was no hint during the veto comp that Steve intentionally took himself out of the challenge.

    • If your source is credible I hope. Call me Gullible. Vannessa will keep Liz because she knows that Austin and her sister will not throw vote away in jury. If JMAC is sent home for sure he will not give Vanessa a vote. She is screwed.

  9. No one’s dressed for an endurance comp. Is the first comp starting after the show or are they gonna wait?

  10. I did like John, but didn’t want him to win. I never knew Liz would still be in this house…final 3. Who would’ve thought that these would be the people in the final 3 when there was 16 (17) people? I’m satisfied.

    They don’t know what an arbiter is?

    • Because Steve and Liz both played under Vanessa’s wings the entire game. Steve can’t think for himself, and when he tries, he chickens out. And Liz, though she won comps, was protected by Austin and Vanessa all season long.

    • I agree. Another season where I’m not happy with the outcome. The only thing that will salvage it will be watching Vanessa walk out the door. She can cry her tears all over Julie.

    • I didn’t think Jordan, Natalie, and Kevin were a good final 3. That was odd as well.
      This one, not so much. You have 3 good competitors…well…Steve’s an okay competitor.

      • Oh I agree, I think they played great in different ways, even steve!
        But on day one I would not think these three would stand here tonight, Vanessa yes (based on her playing poker). But steve being a social outcast and liz with a twin, who would’ve thought it!

      • I know, it’s just so fascinating. I thought Liz was going to be one of the first one’s out. Happily surprised she’s still there. I’m not surprised that Vanessa’s in the final 3. There was just something about her that stood out to me immediately. and she was a fav of mine from the get go.
        Can’t believe Steve is there either! Kudos to them all!

      • I always thought that Steve was going to get evicted pre jury because of his social skills. I thought that Liz would get evicted around the middle and I knew that Vanessa would make it far. She was my pre season pick to win (along with Da’Vonne, Meg, and Jace).

      • She was my pick to win too! Let’s hope that happens. She has made it this far. It’d be a shame if she doesn’t especially considering she ran the house and had the most power and influence of any house guest this season! Vanessa, win that HOH!

      • Oh I agree, I think they played great in different ways, even steve!
        But on day one I would not think these three would stand here tonight, Vanessa yes (based on her playing poker). But steve being a social outcast and liz with a twin, who would’ve thought it!

  11. Vanessa will take Liz to the end if she could get away with it. She is fine with either one. They are both stupid enough to take her to the end. Write her check. Watch out Steve. Girl Power according to Van.

  12. Well this wasn’t unexpected,he didn’t make a big enough impact. He was floating thru…and now if Vanessa is smart,she’ll take Steve to the end

    • He might not have won any HOH but he won bob (and threw some) and several veto. That’s not a floater.

    • John just wasn’t good at this game. Nobody can convince me that he was good. I like him, I think he is funny, but he is extremely overrated by the fans. Everyone tries to paint him as a good player, but he did nothing in this game except be clueless. He even said he had no idea what he was doing.

      • You’re the truth,and the truth doesn’t lie. People like to make excuses because they’ve created some bond with him based on his DR quips. Sad that they’d vote him AFP and he didn’t so anything but quips

      • I believe if it wasn’t for his DR people would call him a floater or his game would be trashed by the viewers.

  13. Sorry but Vanessa is a dirty player! Derek never had to play dirty! Go Steve go! At the end of the day, you still have to live with your ugliness and no amount of money can fix that.

  14. I don’t care who goes or wins now. Sucks that a zero changed the course of the game though…I don’t believe it anyway…too lame.

    The show goes back to boring now.

  15. Vannessa seems to only care about final 2 never says anything about the money (she is a millionaire) I wonder if she has any side bets in the outside world thay she will make final 2 and that’s what she is focused on?!?

  16. this show sucks, i don’t want to see any of these people win any kind of money. the only one that could really use it in real life is steve because he is so awkward. he’ll need it. liz is a pig and doesn’t deserve it and vanessa is a POS and somehow has been given enough luck to win a few good hands of poker. again this show is a joke. its easy to trick the audience into thinking its not rigged. they cut out feeds for many of the competitions and you can’t see the diary room. do you really think nothing is being talked about in these places?

  17. Love the final 3. Wish these 3 luck. Would love for Vanessa to win, but honestly, I wouldn’t be mad if Liz or Steve won.

    • Would hate for Liz to win. My pick is obviously Steve, and he’s been my pick since his initial interviews pre-season. However, I’m more than willing to admit that Vanessa’s been playing the game – she’s been playing it dirty, but she has been playing it – so if she wins, I’ll be annoyed, but it won’t be the end of the BB universe.

  18. I never condone the jury being bitter. It’s a game, and you have to do bad stuff sometimes to make it to the end. The victor should be decided by who played the best game.

    But Vanessa’s speech at the end is making me seriously reconsider that. I mean… wow. What a freaking hypocrite. How much nerve can she have to say that she can’t trust John if he was willing to break a season long alliance, TWO DAYS after she did the exact same thing to Austin??? Tell the truth: you’re scared someone will take him to F2 over you.

    I have no problem with dirty gameplay. It’s Big Brother. Some of the best players ever played very dirty games. But they OWNED it. They never pretended they were heroes or that they were doing the right thing for anyone but themselves. Vanessa always insists that she is the victim, that she’s the honest one, that she has “integrity,” and in doing so, not only lies to the houseguests, but lies to US, the audience.

    She may have been the best player this season, but I cannot respect the game she has played if she refuses to own it. I genuinely hope she does not make it to Final 2.

    Oh, and that quote John said in his speech was from the game Halo 2.

  19. I never condone the jury being bitter. It’s a game, and you have to do bad stuff sometimes to make it to the end. The victor should be decided by who played the best game.

    But Vanessa’s speech at the end is making me seriously reconsider that. I mean… wow. What a freaking hypocrite. How much nerve can she have to say that she can’t trust John if he was willing to break a season long alliance, TWO DAYS after she did the exact same thing to Austin??? Tell the truth: you’re scared someone will take him to F2 over you.

    I have no problem with dirty gameplay. It’s Big Brother. Some of the best players ever played very dirty games. But they OWNED it. They never pretended they were heroes or that they were doing the right thing for anyone but themselves. Vanessa always insists that she is the victim, that she’s the honest one, that she has “integrity,” and in doing so, not only lies to the houseguests, but lies to US, the audience.

    She may have been the best player this season, but I cannot respect the game she has played if she refuses to own it. I genuinely hope she does not make it to Final 2.

    Oh, and that quote John said in his speech was from the game Halo 2.

      • I just don’t see it as bitter to hold Vanessa accountable for the bullying tactics she has used. That can be done by not allowing her to win.

      • Right. All that mean-spirited mouthy crap she spews at everyone is really unnecessary. You can nominate or VTE anyone, but that should be it. All that extra garbage is just unnecessarily mean.

      • Someone reminded me of the Jeff argument, that she made up completely. That was bad. I would slap her just for that one.

      • Here we go with the bullying tactics situation. Vanessa deserves to win. Just admit it. She was not a bully. John and Steve are stronger than you think. Steve is a badass in the DR.

      • Jasmine, Vanessa was the best manipulator. She played the game the hardest. And she played it by being a BULLY. Bully. Bully. Bully.

      • Jasmine, you have a lot to learn. Start here, if you have a mind that is open and capable of grasping this. JMac said he felt bullied by her. That may be the only time there was someone willing to approach the subject, but that one time makes her a bully. There is nothing you can do about it. She bullied JMac. She used bullying tactics to further her game. I really hope these HGs in the jury send a message to her and others like her with a no vote for Vanessa because of that. A person who bullies should never be perceived to be a winner in any circumstance. Bullies are losers.

    • True. I was trying think of why everyone dislikes Vanessa being a dirty player but was ok with Dan (forget season, the one where he was a coach) possibly being worse.
      The reason? Dan owned up to it in the DR where Vanessa truly thinks she sticked with her word and played nice.

    • I agree and so do many others. Got sick of hearing “no blood on my hands and my integrity”. It’s a game own up to what you do that’s how you get respect for your game play.

    • I agree and so do many others. Got sick of hearing “no blood on my hands and my integrity”. It’s a game own up to what you do that’s how you get respect for your game play.

    • Part of the reason people (read: I) don’t like Vanessa is because of how mean she is. These mean-spirited comments when she votes people out are uncalled for and unnecessary. If you’re going to vote someone out, just say the HGs name and, if you need to, add “I’m sorry, just game play.” That’s enough. It is not necessary to stick the knife in and then twist it around and around before you finally shut up. She’s done that all season, and it’s just plain ignorant and rude.

  20. I hate to say it, but Vanessa’s about to steam roll through these remaining bitches. I can’t stand her at all, but I guess her gameplay was good enough for 500K. This season was a joke. I really hope she doesn’t win, but look for her to anyway. She is an odd, manipulative person.

  21. I hate to say it, but Vanessa’s about to steam roll through these remaining bitches. I can’t stand her at all, but I guess her gameplay was good enough for 500K. This season was a joke. I really hope she doesn’t win, but look for her to anyway. She is an odd, manipulative person.

  22. This is probably the correct final 3 based on gameplay. But really, not rooting for anyone. Guess Liz by default. Kind of hope Steve gets 2nd.

      • Liz won some HOHs so I guess she gets some bragging rights for that. But any though or decision she made was due to the guidance of someone else.Two of Vanessa’s biggest puppets are in the final three lol

  23. John is gone ! Nooooo! Final 3 is Van,Liz and Steve. This last HOH will determine who goes to final two ! If Liz wins i assume she will take Van but if Van wins, i assume the same thing. I feel Steve will be next to be evicted.

  24. John is gone ! Nooooo! Final 3 is Van,Liz and Steve. This last HOH will determine who goes to final two ! If Liz wins i assume she will take Van but if Van wins, i assume the same thing. I feel Steve will be next to be evicted.

  25. Awwww. Jmac was the ‘Greek chorus’ of the house. Atleast, he had the ‘WTF?’ look that these people have had me feeling most of this summer.

  26. Awwww. Jmac was the ‘Greek chorus’ of the house. Atleast, he had the ‘WTF?’ look that these people have had me feeling most of this summer.

  27. Turned on my TV to see the eviction interview, even though I was trying not to spoil it for once. Le sigh.
    Poor JMac :|

  28. Turned on my TV to see the eviction interview, even though I was trying not to spoil it for once. Le sigh.
    Poor JMac :|

  29. Vanessa is an IDIOT!!!!! Why wouldn’t you evict Liz?!?!!! You would’ve had 3 votes for sure with Austwins!! Well Austin is a toss up right now but he wouldn’t have voted for Johnny Mac over her. Ugh if Steve doesn’t pull through and make F2 then this will be THE WORST F2 EVER!

      • That’s not necessarily true. It’s a toss up for all of them but if Liz was in the jury then Vanessa would get the 3 Austwin votes not Steve and not Johnny Mac. That was my point. With Liz next to her she for sure doesn’t have 2 votes, the rest no one knows for sure.

      • Steve will vote for Vanessa. As a superfan, I think he would have respect for the way that she played the game and give her his vote.

      • I agree but that’s not what I was talking about. I was saying that if it had been Vanessa/Steve or Vanessa/JMac then Vanessa would have all the 3 Austwin votes for sure because they would never vote for Steve or Johnny Mac.

  30. Austin has been a major disappointment. Saying that he is going to try and taint the jury against Vanessa. Hey Austin..she got to you before you got to her and that is what this game we call Big Brother is all about so put your big big boy panties on and deal with i! Sore loser!

      • True, but, did you notice how they were all shutting Shelli down? I think this is going to be a very bitter jury and not just because of Austin and his crap

      • He was upset. I understand why he said it. That’s no reason to dislike him, though. And this is coming from a Vanessa fan

      • The reason why I dislike Austin for saying that is because he came into the game talking about how he was going to backstab people or whatever, than when he gets backstabbed he wants to bitch about it. Than on top of that he wants to taint the jury. I just don’t like that. He needs to understand that it’s a game. He is a superfan, he knows what goes on when it comes to Big Brother.

  31. I don’t understand why everybody Hates Vanessa so Much. She has definitely played the best game out of all of the houseguest so far and she hasn’t done anything Really wrong. Sure she has been manipulative and lied to people throughout the game but isn’t that how it’s supposed to be played? Based on her gameplay I think she deserves to win big brother.

    • I think people are more upset of how she played and didn’t own up to it. Always playing a victim.
      But I agree, who cares how she got there. She’s about to win 500k

      • Does everybody else own up to their game? No! It’s not just Vanessa! It’s strategy, anyways.
        She got to the final 3 fair and square.

      • Not true, everyone owns up to it in the DR. Even in the DR she is crazy blaming everyone else.
        The Jeff fight is a perfect example! She said prior to the fight that she needed a reason to put him up, and everyone needs to find her one. She ends up fighting with Jeff, even saying she was going to provoke him. And Bam! All of a sudden she is the victim, boohoo this, boohoo that – you provoked it, get over yourself hunny.

        It’s funny, my mother never watches the live feeds, or even gets updates on them – she purely watches the show. And even with the BB fantastic edits, even she hates Vanessa and think she only cries her way through everything.

      • That’s game-play! Vanessa WANTS people to believe one thing, when she really means another.
        She did cry a little too much, but I think that was just strategy, to get people on her side.

      • Yeap, the Jeff fight was completely made up. I had forgot about that. Another reason to “dislike” her.

      • That’s half of it. People who don’t own up to their games rarely win in the end. The voters don’t want to hear platitudes or how you didn’t get blood on your hands. If you’re a finalist, you got blood on your hands.

        The other half of it is that people think she’s played such an imperfect game. She’s made so many mistakes, yet gets away with it. A smarter cast would have tossed her weeks ago. Hell, this season’s cast knew what she was doing two months ago, but they’re too scared to do anything about it.

      • Maybe she’ll own up to it on finale? Probably not based on her DR.
        She definitely did not play a perfect game and got caught multiple times but yet she got away with it. Good on her

      • Remember when everybody was wondering who was the fourth vote to evict James when Jeff and James were on the block? Liz didn’t own up to that either. She sat there in that bathroom with Vanessa and the others. They were all inquiring as to who that vote was, but Liz didn’t say a word and made it seem like she wasn’t the vote. It’s called withholding information which is a strategy.

      • I understand not owning up to it in the House – why would you tell everyone you did a bad?
        But the DR is private, no one finds out about that until after the show, and who cares if the HGs like you after BB when you are 500k richer?

      • She still owned up to it in the DR and explained her reasoning!
        I agree it’s smart for van to withhold her game play info, but own up your lies for DR at least. I still think she played the best game though

      • Her hysterical interrogations, crying and not owning up to her crap are my reasons for disliking her. I would be 100% on board if it weren’t for that. I kinda am now anyways because I don’t think Steve or especially Liz deserve to win anything.

      • Those points you just mentioned…that was all strategy. No rule book states that you have to own up to the moves you make in the game. There is nothing wrong with her crying. The interrogations were part of her game.

      • We’ll see about that. Shelli is the only reasonable person in the house. She realizes that they should vote with their heads and not their hearts. Sure, they are upset that Vanessa got them out, but it was game-play. The object of the game is to be the last one standing.

      • So be it. I don’t care if she gets the money, maybe she does deserve it. I doubt she cares what any of us thinks anyways lol

    • Clearly, (and others can vouch for this), I don’t hate Vanessa one bit. I love everything about her. She has an awesome personality. It was just overshadowed by game-play.
      Just like Audrey, she was so witty and funny, but we hardly ever saw that side of her because she was always talking about game.

    • That’s not the issue. Some of the best BB players ever have done FAR worse than her. But unlike them, Vanessa won’t own up to her own game. She always pretends that she’s the victim and that she’s nothing but honest and full of integrity, not just to the other players, but to US. How are we supposed to respect her when she’s lying to the people watching even more than she’s lying to the people she’s playing with?

    • I don’t dislike Vanessa at all…I think she has played an awesome game and deserves the win. My problem with Vanessa is that she never “owned” her game. I wanted to see her go into the DR and say this: I can’t believe I keep getting away with this..I am playing these people like fiddles.” But, she never did.

      • If she had said this, even once or twice, instead of going into the DR thinking America will love her as a victim…

        No, every fan favourite player has gone into the DR and laughed their faces off that they are getting away with manipulating the eff out of everything!!!

  32. 2 votes already locked up for Liz and Austin has time to persuade more. Dumb move Vanessa! Bet her girlfriend is reconsidering her game play on maybe her too. This is a pitiful season

  33. 2 votes already locked up for Liz and Austin has time to persuade more. Dumb move Vanessa! Bet her girlfriend is reconsidering her game play on maybe her too. This is a pitiful season

    • I liked John but did he really deserve to be the winner? No.

      He can win fan fave….even though his goofy, pretending to be dumb schtick got old real fast.

      • I think he’s genuine and played the game well, just had a different strategy and wanted to maintain his dignity. Better to win AFP with class than to win it all and have to live with yourself…well, maybe not. No, I believe that’s true, he’s got a bright future and lots of good karma without the money. I can also see him being called on in future…too bad Austin.
        I think I’m done here…not the same without my boy Johnny.

    • I liked John but did he really deserve to be the winner? No.

      He can win fan fave….even though his goofy, pretending to be dumb schtick got old real fast.

  34. I don’t know why it bothers me so much that many people have hated this season! It boggles my mind. I love all the people on this season! I don’t think it was a joke.
    I just remembering reading numerous comments in the beginning saying how this was going to be a great season.
    It was for me. But for the majority of people, I guess not. Was it the lack of game-play from most house-guests OR was it just anger that Vanessa’s a beast at playing such an imperfect game, yet she’s still in the house?

    • It was just the utter lack of game play. No one wanted to do anything…
      Half the house was gone before Meg even realized she was on BB – even then it took her until the final 5 before she was like “hey maybe I should win something!”
      Through everything all we ever heard from Van was “I don’t want to get blood on my hands…” Well that’s kind of what the game is about, lol.
      Brian pointed it out earlier, there’s no huge personalities left, and there was no manipulative man this season, so it was just a bummer to watch. No one wanted to play BB it seemed.

      • I found it very disappointing as well, I loved some of the drama but the way its been favoring a certain player, just didn’t feel exciting or even fun. place Vanessa in that house in any other season, she would of been walking out that door before she could have her third tantrum.

      • That’s what you think. I think she still would’ve been sitting in final 3 any other season. Not all of these people in the house this season were idiots. Vanessa just got to them before they got to her.

    • A beast, yes, but a mean-spirited, patronizing, lying, hypocritical beast. (“I’m a straight-shooter …” as well as the rest of the garbage she’s spewed all season.) At least she should have the decency to walk into the DR and admit to the viewers that she used every tactic she knew, fair and unfair, to play all the HGs like a well-oiled fiddle. Then we could agree with her. But for now, especially since she appears to think she’s beyond all reproach, she may win, but she’ll go down in BB history as one of the most unpopular winners ever.

      • It’s like she was talking to the audience in the same way she talked to the houseguests. Like we couldn’t see what she was doing.

      • Exactly. She may have gotten lucky with a bunch of HGs who weren’t the sharpest crayons in the box, but she’s seriously underestimating the rest of us out here who find her a transparent phony. I just hope she takes the time to read through these threads after the season ends so she can see what at least some of us thought of her both as a game player and as a human being.

      • I’m not mad at her for being phony though. I honestly believe that is not how she is in real life. She had to play the game and this was the way she played it. Nothing wrong with that….and seriously, if you come into this game not expecting to be lied to or manipulated, then you deserve to be sitting in the jury. Saying she’s not a good human being is over the top and unnecessary. I saw numerous glimpses of what a wonderful human being Vanessa is. Not surprisingly, it was when she wasn’t constantly thinking about game.

      • As last night’s episode suggested, people say whatever they can to get people on their side. Vanessa wanted them to believe she was a straight shooter so she could get them on her side. But they realized that she wasn’t as much of a straight shooter as she claimed, yet they still kept her in the house. She was able to persuade and convince the house-guests numerous times. Props should be given to her.

      • Who cares,she still would leave with 500,000,so in my book she gets the last laugh and not only that,most likely will be invited back for another show,at least Vanessa is not boring,can’t say the same for most of the others.

      • Its her crying and her statements like I don’t want to do this but I have to so please don’t hold it against me because I’m a really really really nice person and I swear on Mel it won’t happen but I will give you $10,000 if it does happen so just do what I tell you or you might be the next person I rant and rave about how you did me wrong song!!!!!

        Inhale here and breathe…….whooo!

  35. I don’t know why it bothers me so much that many people have hated this season! It boggles my mind. I love all the people on this season! I don’t think it was a joke.
    I just remembering reading numerous comments in the beginning saying how this was going to be a great season.
    It was for me. But for the majority of people, I guess not. Was it the lack of game-play from most house-guests OR was it just anger that Vanessa’s a beast at playing such an imperfect game, yet she’s still in the house?

      • True, the only person who was the WORST liar was Austin. His eyes get bigger and he quivers too much.

      • I guess all the eye rolling made me notice. She’s looking to the left and that means she’s creating what she says on the right side of her brain.

        Its called how to tell if someone is lying to you….look it up later. JFYI.

      • She does all of that…she always been super animated and annoying. I guess I just think it’s much to be paying so hard to details. I’m aware of tales,and also aware that they aren’t 100% accurate. And sometimes people just have “ticks.”

        And no thanks,it’s information about a show. So you can keep it. My life does go on…

      • Not for the show…for your life. You need to know when someone is creating a lie. If right handed that person will look to their left.

        When my girls were little they were very good at lying. Only their eyes would give them away.

  36. The best part of the night was Austin digging himself in deeper as someone with no character and no class whatsoever…I commend myself for saying it nicely.

  37. I’d also like to say I called it! Everyone who was reading yesterday, I knew it would be a baby announcement! lol

  38. So the dentist finally went packing, really not surprising. no points for actually playing the game that well, maybe his target shouldn’t of been Meg when he went out the first time, no wonder Vanessa is looking good in that house, when you are surrounded by weak players, its easy to look strong. next.

    • JM was like a zombie walking around the house..that is, when he wasn’t sleeping. I think I am the only one who didn’t really care for him.

      • I didn’t see the charm either, he just sounded like a muppet and he had no real strategy, he wanted to ‘make a big move’ all season but ended up just being used for bigger moves. but I wouldn’t mind him or James winning favorite player.

      • You can say the same thing about STeve and Liz. He does what VAnessa tells him and Liz did what Vanessa and Austin told her. Much as I dislike Vanessa, she is the only one left who played her game. Can she win with the caution as ‘player most disliked who won because there was no real competition’? She should win that hands down.

      • Notice who is there in final three with her. The most easily manipulated/scary player and the one who can’t seem to form many thoughts on her own. This whole season was who could kiss Vanessa’s butt the most. Any one who couldn’t get with her program got kicked to the curve.

  39. JMac went out being a good sport,of course he was not happy but not angry enough to hit any doors,take notes Austin and your sour grapes comments in the jury house only confirms that you are a big baby and so glad Shelli pushed back in Vanessa defense and furthermore said all of the people sitting there had a chance to evict her and did not. Bravo!

  40. What did Steve mean that he thought JMac was a twist? I don’t understand what kind of twist he could have still been. Also on the 2nd week when Davonne was the one who got the phone call with some kind of secret info for the finale – when will that come into play?

    • I doubt it even will. It seems like they threw away pretty much ALL of their twists this ye—GET READY FOR A TAKEOVERRRRRRRRR!


    • Because of his eccentric behaviour, yelling in the DR and the dentist themed have not room. I can’t imagine what it would have been either unless he was going to floss them into submission.

  41. What was up with Johnny’s final comment to try to save himself? lol…he’s probably been looking for a barf bag all season and had to let it out in his subtle, but not so subtle way. The look on Liz’s face was kinda cool.

    • For a “worst season ever” it’s certainly attracting a lot of attention…you do the hokey pokey, and that’s what it’s all about!

      • Exactly. Any publicity, positive or negative, is just that publicity. People are talking about how much they hate Vanessa, but the thing is, you’re talking about Vanessa…good or bad…this woman has gotten the most attention this season.

      • I guess it’s all a matter of opinion. I loved this season! But most people who regularly post on Big Brother Network….they hate this season. I don’t understand them, but to each her/his own, I guess.

      • They only hate it when they’re fave doesnt win.

        I’m all about who deserves to win, and this season it’s pretty clear.

      • I know, I didn’t want to say that because they would jump down my throat. Some people seem to get so upset on here that I defend Vanessa as much as I do.
        You’re really just upset cause she got your favorites out of the game!
        I would be upset too, but Vanessa happens to be my favorite. However, even if she weren’t my favorite, I wouldn’t constantly call this the worse season ever.

      • I dont really care what others think, say what you want, if they have a problem, that’s not my problem.

      • Of the last several seasons, this was easily the best in my opinion. There was nothing predictable about any of this.

      • Not at all. Victoria might have air-headed her way to F3 last year, but both Cody and Derrick were very likeable. None of these F3 are as likeable as last season’s F3.

      • I don’t base how likable someone is as to whether a season is good. Other than Derrick, no one was competing. They all laid on their backs and played dead on the road for Derrick’s eventual win, which was the single most boring thing I’ve ever watched in my life.

    • BB15 was pretty bad, but had its moments. Derrick actually was a mastermind, but he didn’t need to resort to bribery or temper tantrums to control the house, he also didn’t need medication to function. so I enjoyed last year. but this season just felt boring, like no one really tried. so yes, it could go down as the worst season.

      • BB15 had Elissa and I would love it everytime she saw Amanda, that was some classic television. yes I did mention last year, Derrick played a masterful game, he wasn’t a millionaire that needed to bribe everyone at every chance of confrontation either. so this season could very well be the worst, almost no gameplay and just everyone acting like they were on vacation. seeing Vanessa make this far, isn’t surprising at all, more like expected.

      • Amazing how Elissa was the last remaining likable person that season and she got eliminated midway.

      • I absolutely agree with you Duran. I stopped watching when I realized how weak this cast was, which was weeks and weeks ago.

    • The next year the new season gonna be the worst… BB19 gonna be the worst… BB20 gonna be the worst…

  42. Okay can we address the Steve veto situation???? He was crying on the feeds and saying he threw the comp to Vanessa. It was VERY clear on TV he didn’t throw the comp, but instead legit lost. It wasn’t even close.
    Sooooo– the only thing I can think of is that Steve was putting on a show for the feeds. Was he telling us he threw it bc he was ashamed be lost? Or is he crazy????? It’s onbvious he lost fair and square.

    • Steve and his little boy act annoys me. He’s playing it up for the feeds. Sleeping with a teddy bear? His socially awkward wannabe cuteness?

      If boy cant win the whole shebang, he definitely was trying to be fan fave of the season.

      • I dont know why people find him endearing. He’s just weird. In the real world, we will think the same thing, “Why is he so weird?”

      • Who finds steve endearing besides his mom? Most people either feel bad for him or are ready to diagnose him with something he doesn’t even have.

      • Asperger’s perhaps? Ian in BB14 also was an introvert.

        If Steve’s ally was a camera, Ian has a hammock that he has abusively swinged to death. :)

      • Ian was an introvert but he wasn’t like Steve. I think Steve has been playing it up for the cameras.

        Viewers nowadays like these “adorkable” types of people

      • Steve likes to talk to the feedsters through the cameras just to let us know what he’s thinking. Well, how we see it is subjective but this is for a sure a way to let us know some things that he never gets to say through the DR.

    • Who knows, If steve says he threw it all we can really do is take his word for it. Knowing Vanessa, I’m sure she asked him to throw it like he said.

      If Steve had a melt down just for show on the feeds, he needs some serious counseling when he gets out of this house.

  43. I wonder if Steve’s paranoia about a possible Johnny twist threw him into a tailspin these last couple weeks. He really screwed him…for what? BB promises twists and then doesn’t follow through to mess with their minds.

  44. Vanessa… Bitch knows when she needs to win a comp all the time. Vanessa winning PoV was the worst case scenario and she won. Ugh disgusted with this season.

  45. When Vanessa swore on Mel to take Liz through, that’s when I knew Johnny was going. She can wheel and deal and make false promises and back stab but Mel is something I don’t think she wants to have bad karma on. Earlier in the season she was very worried that Mel might not be there for her in the end. I found that to be her one vulnerable area.

  46. I’m going to go back to my Big Brother vault and think about when Jase (BB5) was backdoored. See you at the finale.

    • I was laughing because Shelli shut him up real quick. Lol. She’s going to make her voice heard. And remember, when she was in the house she also running it with Vanessa. The jurors will listen to her.

  47. So, the final two jury speech to the jury, (if she gets there) will Vanessa play the victim, own her game, or throw the other final two HG under the bus?

      • Exactly! Which proves my point, as much as I want to be the only right person on here, there is a such thing as opinion. Unfortunately, when it comes to opinion, none of us are wrong.

      • Jasmine, if you want to see game playing, watch Dan Gheesling…watch Derrick from BB16…watch Dr. Will—ALL great game players, but NONE of them bullies. You could argue that some of Dan’s tactics were horrible, but he wasn’t a bully. Vanessa is a bully!

      • Vanessa came up to people like a freakin investigator and people were dumb enough to tell her everything, EVERYTHING, just to keep themselves safe.

        Vanessa’s tactics were brilliant, as she then used their info and pitted others against each other.

      • Dan, you are right…she was a brilliant master of the art of reading people and their weaknesses. BUT, she was a bully. So there. :)

      • Exactly. I don’t see her as a bully either. Yet, people on here are adamant that she’s a bully.
        Really? Is she calling the house-guests every bad name in the book?
        Is she physically attacking anybody in the game?
        Is she stealing their clothes and throwing dirt on them?
        Is she making the house-guests feel so worthless that they want to commit suicide?
        THAT is bullying. What Vanessa has done in the game is not bullying.

      • Yes, it is. But you didn’t deny that the examples I put forth weren’t forms of bullying.
        Now really, compare what Vanessa has done in the game to the horrible examples I have put forth in my previous post…no competition. What Vanessa has done in the game is tame compared to what Evel Dick did in his season. He was a bully!

      • So Vanessa is supposed to own her game all of the time? If she doesn’t want to own it, there is nothing in the rule-book that states that it’s wrong to not own your game. Many people don’t own their games. It wasn’t just Vanessa.

      • Excuse me, but I was refering to Evil Dick..and have you ever read this flipping rule book you keep preaching about?

      • And you sure make it known that you don’t like it. However, not everyone feels the same as you. Take me as the prime example for that.

      • lol…no. But, I’d rather see someone work the game like a chess player. Not someone who hones in on one’s weaknesses and pecks away at their self-esteem until they put themselves under the will of the vulture. To me, that’s how Vanessa plays. Is it wrong? No. Is it good game play? Sure. Is it offensive to me? Yes.

      • That’s what you’d rather see. Not everyone plays the game that way, obviously. All the winners of Big Brother had different games.

      • I agree that all BB winners have their own type of game play. I do not believe I’d ‘rather’ see anything other than V being a bully.

      • She might be a bully but doesn’t Steve have some responsibility as a full grown man? He might be juvenile and not socially gifted but as a Superfan diehard with encyclopedic knowledge of the show shouldn’t he have KNOWN there might be a Rachel/Amanda type in the house? I’m certainly not a fan of her beating down Steve the way she has at times but Steve LET her do it to him and KEPT letting her do it. Doesn’t he hold some responsibility there?

      • Steve is alright. Haven’t you seen the way he talks in the DR?! “Vanessa, you are so stupid…” etc. Steve is fine!

      • Exactly! But people on here are condemning her for that! THAT was her way of playing the game and you can’t deny that it worked…considering that she’s now in the final 3! YES!
        She was truly a puppeteer. She wasn’t a bully; people are just hating on her.

      • No, you keep saying WE (H word) Van. Rarely anybody say they (H word) her. People complain she always play the victim or call her a bully. but they don’t say they (H word) her. You’re putting word in our posts.

      • Exactly…I NEVER said I (H word) Van. I have always said she’s a great gamer. Obviously has great manipulative (yet disturbing) skills. But I have not once, in all of my posts, have I said I (H word) Vanessa. I have, however, on many occasions, called her a bully—and will continue to do so.

      • I’m not putting words in your mouths. That’s what I take from it, when I’m constantly reading about how much people don’t like her. I just use the word hate…big deal. Again, we have different definitions of that word. Obviously, you see it as something worse than what I do.

      • NO. There is only one definition. You cannot hate somebody that you don’t really know. Hate is a strong sentiment. In BB, viewers cannot hate HGs, they dislike them. That’s it. So all I’m saying is stop saying that we (H word ) Vanessa. We don’t.

      • I think everyone really hates the way she has played her game. Effective so far…yes. Nicely done…not at all.
        She had no right to get in any ones face, tear them down while yelling and bitching about how they hurt her game when she was doing worse and acting worse.

      • I think tomorrow night should be a good game. As a Raiders Fan I want to see these two teams beat up on each other. HAHAHAHA

      • Vanessa, man…if she weren’t a poker player, she would be a FANTASTIC detective or lawyer! This woman is smart.

      • Vanessa is not a bully. I don’t see it that way and I never will. I did see Dan’s season. I admired the way he played the game. He was awesome! But I also admire the way Vanessa has played the game. I didn’t see Derrick’s season, but I’ve heard about it so much that I feel like I did.
        But answer me this: Doesn’t it speak to how good someone is at playing the game, when they are found out by everyone in the house to be a lying, manipulating schemer, yet that person is still able to convince and persuade people to keep her in the game? These house-guests were on to Vanessa for WEEKS, yet no one had the nerve to pull the trigger and send her packing. Vanessa IS a great gamer, despite playing an imperfect game.

      • I think it says more about the other people who allow her to do it, than how good she is. If she was up against actual players, she’d be toast. That crap she’s pulled wouldn’t fly long.

      • See, that’s where you and I disagree. I don’t think she’d be toast if she was up against ‘actual’ players, as you put it. These people did play the game, just not in the way that most of you liked.

      • She has NEVER been alone. She has always had a team to help her until she stabbed them in the back. I’m ok with that since she sent Austin to jury.

      • I meant alone as in she didn’t really have her ride or die. Da’Vonne had Jason. Then Jason had Meg. Then Meg had James. Liz and Julia had each other. Liz was also in a duo with Austin.
        Of course, she played up that ‘being alone’ part.

    • I hope that if she gets to F2, that Vanessa goes first in her final pitch to the Jury. She will play the victim and she will throw the other person under the bus. Hopefully, that other person will have the guts, finally to call her out. Wishin and hopin but not not counting on it

  48. Production…. Where’s the damn BB takeover BS, Pandora’s box, diamond PoV, rewind week bullshit?!? Not needed because everything is going in Vanessa’s favor and don’t want to mess that up?!? F-CK this season and eff the producers!

    • The Takeover twist was dropped because it was made clear that the cast are full of gamers so it made the twist unnecessary hence being dropped.

    • This season lacked surprises and twists, they started off interesting but BOTB killed their momentum very quickly.

  49. I can not believe the edit that Steve just got. They made it seem as though Steve just lost that POV because he couldn’t figure out the answers. We KNOW that’s wrong! He was wailing in the HOH after the comp saying how much he regretted letting Vanessa convince him to throw it. What happened to, “I’m sorry, Mom, I just made a $500K mistake” ?? Wow. How bogus.

  50. Vanessa’s little lecture to JMac before she evicted him really irritated me. Really? JMac might be acting deceptively? Like you’ve been for going on 100 days? Is she even capable of being genuine?

  51. i am sooooo mad. i knew all along vanessa was the pre picked winner. i needed my johnny mac to prove me wrong. well, atleast he will be americas favorite. hes got a million of my votes! :) but vanessa, i still hate you.

      • she was the pre picked winner and this show worked to get her to win. youd have to be stupid to not realize that…

      • Well my mailman told me that he delivered mail to a man in Nantucket.. He said he intercepted a letter from CBS and it had next season’s winner listed. All it said for this season was “someone will win”

        As for my blog, I impressed myself being able to use the word blog in a sentence let alone even knowing where to go to get one.
        Point being. If show is so fixed, why have so many “fan favorites” not won when clearly the “script” said they should have?

      • And in BB15, they said “Elissa is the winner!! We knew because it was rigged for her” and all of a sudden it became “It’s Amanda! She is the chosen winner and it’s all rigged for her!!”.

      • no, he wasn’t. but it was funny how he won that comp that caleb threw….and 2 people got beat by 1 person doing it….hmmm, funny… was rigged. they told the other 2 to suck at it.

      • Donny and Zach were ahead of Frankie when the latter decided to do the comp alone. The apparatus seem very difficult to handle it alone so it took a lot of adrenalin coming from him and luck from seeing how the other two were starting to falter on their last couples balls.

        Caleb made the mistake of completely sitting it out rather than even pretending that he was trying to help Frankie. Had he done that, Frankie would not have a reason to even worry.

      • Not rigged. It’s only rigged if a player you don’t like wins it. If it’s a player that you do like, you all stand up, raise your hands and sing “Alleluia!!”.

      • oh yeah i totally would say that! not! even if someone i like wins, with it being rigged, i would call it out too.

      • If it’s just a public vote deciding who stays and who goes, then perhaps you can call it “rigged” but it’s not.

        And if it was rigged then the FCC would have acted on it. And if you srongly believe that it was rigged then you have to gather evidence that proves as such.

        And since no one from the show spoke up about in publicly then there is evidence of the show being rigged. As it is only rigged in your eyes if someone you don’t like won over the one you do.

      • if you got paid to keep your mouth shut, you wouldn’t tell. every contest gets paid for their time on the show. no one would act on anything. the show is rigged, end of story. im not saying this is a bad show. i love watching big brother. but i will call out crap that is rigged.

      • Then call it out by proving that it is through solid evidence.

        And voting can’t be rigged if the jury is the one voting for who will be the winner. The show made sure of that in Season 2.

      • i wrote a long explanation of how its rigged to someone else earlier. i can copy and paste that to you when i get home from work.

      • Then send it then to the FCC if it’s compelling enough to have it investigated.

        Meanwhile: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=prHjRthhMiU

      • You just don’t like Vanessa. That is the only reason you think it was rigged. If it was any other way, you wouldn’t be saying it was rigged.

      • if you notice, every single comp and vote that vanessa need to win for her safety, she wins or gets the votes. remember when her and shelli were on the block? vanessa was supposed to leave….but yet, everyone saved her. like i said, rigged and scripted.

      • I don’t think so. But I won’t argue with you…which is weird…because I usually like getting my point across.

    • I think her argument is that they made the cast weaker than usual to “pave the road” for get deep into the game. Les Moonves himself said that they made up to six mistakes in casting this year. Audrey, Clay, Julia, and Meg all fit the bill for various reasons. Maybe Jason too?

      Regardless, the strategy from multiple people this year was incredibly bad/weak. Makes it look like the final result will be staged, even though it really isn’t. Steve winning the final HOH and knocking out Van would make for an interesting jury vote against Liz. If Van makes it there, it’s a slam dunk no matter who she’s against

      • Her argument is weak compared to the house guests.
        Weak players doesn’t make it a predetermined winner.
        I say once more, last season is same type situation.
        Derrick had advantage based on career.
        He played each guest the way he had to and used them when needed. He made last season look “easy” solely based on the contestants around him and his background.
        Vanessa did same this season with same advantages, weak players and a gaming background.
        She just was more vocal in her ways than Derrick, but if this was “rigged” for Vanessa, than its obvious last season was “rigged” the same way for Derrick. I won’t go back past last season but it seemed obvious that D had the advantage last year, but show looked more “rigged” for Frankenfruit, and we saw how that ended.

      • In some fashion Vanessa got lucky on many occasion because most of the time her poker player career was playing against her. She was often playing in the moment and not thinking ahead. So part of her been in F3 is dumb luck.

      • I didn’t see any of last season, so I can’t comment on anything you said–will take your word on it. But you’re right–a weak cast in and of itself doesn’t determine a winner per se. Van won a bunch of comps–and a lot of them came when her head would have been on the chopping block. She deserves kudos for that.

    • Awww, he may get america’s favorite player. its just a game, don’t be so upset. after all is said and done, this season was pretty weak. but yeah I may actually miss him too, he had his moments.

      • I know. They always say that. They know they are lying to themselves. Looking forward to reading your comments about BB18, John Miller.
        BB18?…that doesn’t sound right yet…

      • Not me and wife only been watching for 4 yrs we are done I can not watch something that has a predetermined winner no way Vanessa should be. in game. When you try to make deals to split money(against the rules) and allowed to stay in game .Just like wrestling but not as exciting

  52. Now I’m wondering what the hell Steve was going on about. I’m guessing John and Vanessa suggested a plan? I don’t know because it seems like he legit lost and his dr supported it.

  53. I said it before! At this point I could careless as to who wins this Season! It was a total drag all season except for like the first two weeks of entertainment… Then it just got more and more predictable and boring! Thanks alot BB for ruining yet another season for me! -__- (but as the BB Fan I am I will most likely tune in next year to see if the season will play out better than the last ^_^)

    • My only complaint is the predictability, but that’s the fault of lack of play by most the house guests.
      Forgive me if I’m wrong, but most of the first 8 or so evictions came via backdoor but not one of them was a shock.
      It was a plan from start to send someone backdoor and was like front door didn’t exist. I think that goes to lack of play and fear of making big plays. Not sure when I noticed but there were several evictions in a row that went through backdoor and not even the evictee was surprised.
      Still entertaining, especially for a guy like me who has like 7 stations to choose from.

      • Lol exactly which is why I really hope they get rid of BoB next year for good!! It’s way too Predictable and its such a waste of episodes….and to be honest the only reason this season was a bit more entertaining was due to the fact that they picked more dramatic and entertaining people

      • I’m over the BOB and wasn’t thrilled seeing it return.
        Hopefully they can right the ship that went off course some time ago, but then again I’m all for a good train wreck, so I’ll keep watching.

      • I totally agree! Battle of the block is ridiculous, it makes them start playing the game way too quickly and then it’s not as exciting with the hookups and what not lol…..definitely a predictable season and not one of its best!

      • Odd! I replied to this comment agreeing with you…. And for the first time ever I am seeing this: “hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Big Brother network”
        I have never seen that once the season! What’s up with that?

  54. What V did was pure game but instead of telling Jmac you are a threat in pyhsical comps she fell back on his friendship with steve,
    IF steve and liz can pull off being the final two , then could be goodbye V
    lEts see we have steve the foolish follower, and liz , dizzy lizzy, who still blames Jmac and steve, for julia being gone,
    Dizzy lizzy still has no clue, she never did, she is terrible at this game,
    THis is the reason V chose these two, at times Liz seems not to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time, and steve gets lost in his own conversations with himself,
    Jmac in the final three would have taken the first comp. Liz could if all it is , is to stand stll for a long time, and no thought needed, Steve maybe if he does not hear his mother calling him,
    We will see , I still am holding out for the two underdogs to pull together and win something first and second round, IF not game over , IF V makes it to the final 2 they might as well skip the show and hand her the check,
    YOu have to admit ,V got rid of leaders or anyone who followed someone else, Austin because he is stronger and liz followed him, julia because she was more independent than liz, Jmac he followed no one, and was stronger, the whole game she did this,
    v came in and started playing big brother from day 1 . and all her moves were for the money, not friendships,
    It will be a good final 2 with steve and liz, the votes would be interesting, could be very close,
    LEts Have JMAC americas favorite, he deserves it,

  55. The way Liz responded to Least Known Cowbrains? Something tells me Austin has some heartbreak in his future.

  56. Surprise, Surprise… We see Austin in the jury house tonight and somehow he still believes the game is all about him and what he does. For claiming to be some superfan, Austin sure as heck has no idea how this game works…