INSIDE DISH Interviews Evicted BB11 HG: Jessie

Ross Mathews and “Inside Dish” are back! This week Ross has newly evicted Big Brother 11 HG Jessie in the hot seat.

Check out Ross’ interview with Jessie below and for more Jessie-interrogation you can check out Andrea’s interview with Jessie at Small Screen Scoop.

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  1. I am shocked that Big Brother would allow Chima to get away with her demands. If she continues to do this and BB caves in to her, then I along with many, many others will no longer watch future BB. If I were a current house guest and she did the things she has done, I would definitely file suit against both BB and Chima. The producer that she (aledgily) knows should be fired for allowing her to get away with such offensive actions not to mention the disrespect to those who lost their lives in 9/11. She is a racist of the worst kind. Shame on all of you.

  2. If enough people complain to CBS directly, and say they will not watch the show they may do something but just ranting on a chat site won’t do much. I just wrote to them and I think many others should too

  3. why was jeff not eating last night? what did i miss? all the other have-nots for the week stuffed themselves!

  4. Yes I agree with you Charlott,CBS should do something about Chimma.She has sure given the BB house a bad name.Im not enjoying this year as much.To threaten to sue and her racist remarks,she will have a hard time on the out side of BB.Ive watched all 11 years,and have always had fun watching,but this year I wish would just end,and next year well Im not sure…Probley not watch…Unless they do something to change it up….Im proud of Jeff,and If he ever told anyone about his power he would have been out,BB heres all.And chimma is just a lier and a bad sport as well as Jessie,blaming America for out smarting him,twice..

  5. I went to cbs site and complained and told them if they dont do something about Chima that I was going to quit. And told them I thought they ran the show not Chima Told them she should at least get a penalty nom and I was expecting something to happen about this. Told them to read the message boards about what people are saying. I did my part now everyone else should do theirs. You should hear the nasty trashing things Chima is saying on the live feeds now. She is sick. She hates men so maybe she goes with women I dont know her prob

  6. I just watch the interview on the dish with Jessie. He showed that he should have been evicted last night. Jessie is all about Jessie. He isn’t that attractive. He is just muscle. Who wants muscle and no brain. That is exaclty why Jessie is a two loser at BB. If he was playing the game and not into himself he might be still in the game. Great move by Jeff. I think Jeff is much better to look at for the next couple of weeks.

  7. Jesse is gone now, I don’t want to see or hear about him any more.
    I can’t believe how pathetic stinky, chima and lydiot are behaving because he left. The drinking and crying was hilarious, somehow they cannonized saint Jesse and now we get to hear how awesome he was…. I have the feeds, did I miss something?

  8. Does anyone else find it interesting that Russell wants to target Chima / Kevin but not Natalie…. I think he may try to form a secret alliance with natalie on the side, so he can have her looking out for him at the same time as having jeff / Jordan / Michelle looking out for him and not knowing about his deal with Natalie…. I think he trusts Natalie more than Michelle and will definitely stab Michelle in the back for Natalie….

  9. Chima just called Russ a Muslim extremist terrorist…no question there about her racist comments. Not even one day without Jesse and Lydia, Natalie and chima are all threatening to quit. What a bunch of babies!

  10. I wish everyone would go to cbs website user feedback and complain about Chima and her remarks and spoiling the show maybe it would help if everyone would do this. Lets pull a Chima and throw fits like her. I did a little bit ago. Now you need to step it up to. Please

  11. Boohoo! Poor Jessie! America screwed him and he made no mistakes. Man up and quit blaming everyone for your eviction. So yeah, the CDT got used, but it’s part of the game–“expect the unexpected,” you know that. You’ve done this twice now, and obviously you let your game slip a little. You know that you must win competions to remain safe, when you didn’t win HOH last week, you kinda screwed yourself without even knowing it. America had nothing to do with Jeff’s noms (though we’re really happy with whom he chose),he realized there needed to be a power shift in the house and this was the time to do it. Now, you get to enjoy the jury house. Hopefully, you take this time to relect on your stay at the BBH, and may you come to the realization that your ‘game’ isn’t all that great! But hey, look on the bright side, you should be getting an old bunk mate joining you very soon! Tootaloo!

  12. Is it me or did it seem like Chima was trying to bully Michele into voting her way? Then Natalie comes in & seems to have been coached on when to come in & what to say. (BTW I think Jesse was a far better coach, ahem… I mean partner than Chima) Then poor Kevin is just siding with the 3 amigos & they are trying to convince him Jesse wanted to be his friend, even when Jesse dissed him walking out? Then Natalie proceeds to mess with Jeff’s belongings & production didn’t do a thing about that?! And I’m sorry but Jeff’s move last night was much better TV than watching Chima (and Lydia’s pretty foul too), go on & on about what she hates, which is apparently, EVERYTHING!!

  13. Why is everyone hating on Chima. She is a human being just like us and isn’t perfect. Big brother is just a game..pure entertainment. Who are you to judge someone’s character and go as far as calling them a racist. Do you even understand what that means? What about all the thinga Russell has said? If u don’t like what u see turn off the live feeds people and chill…its just a game!

  14. we see and hear what these dumb girls are doing with our own eyes and ears is wrong wrong. stop being endenial.

  15. Stop being in denial? Please do u agree or like everything that comes out of any of the house guests mouth? U get mad at chima when she calla someone names and u turn around and do the exact thing u r complaining abt.

  16. @ChimaFan: Prior to you mentioning Chima’s ethnicity no one else mentioned it. So how about you stop bringing race into the issue? The problem here is that Chima is being a crappy person and that has nothing to do with race.

  17. Jessie proved in this interview with Ross that he is the most self conceded person that I have ever seen. Blow yourself some more…….what a blow hard!!!!1

  18. @ChimaFan
    Yes, I am actually very familiar with what “racist” means, and calling somebody a TERRORIST because of his Middle-Eastern ancestry is more or less the very definition of racism….. do you know what it means?

    and what do you MEAN “all the things that Russel has said”? he’s talked a lotta shit, but HE never once pulled the racist card. Chima decided to be that classy alllll by herself.

  19. Dear Chima Fan,
    I don’t think any one is singling out the black women (Natalie is also black). The are singling out the racist. The one that only an idiot would think they didn’t make racist comments. She has called him a terrorist, Osama, not to mention other Mid Eastern comments. Have you heard any one call her the “N” word? I bet you wouldn’t like that and would find that racist. I am white and I think it is racist to make nasty hateful comments referring to any race. If I hear someone saying the “N” word I would be on here complaining about that too. Why can’t she play the game with out making it personal. she calls Lydia a whore, Jordan white trash, I can’t remember the nasty things she was calling Jeff last night. Chima calls people names when they don’t give her her way. She is nothing but a spoiled racist brat and needs to be asked to leave the show. America doesn’t need to hear this trash.

  20. I don’t understand why cbs wanna kept someone who is 1st of all making threats to BB and 2nd making racist remarks to other HGs. this is suppose to be a fun AMERICAN game show for everyone to watch w/o getting defended.

  21. only lydia and kevin are on slop this week!
    no one has to sleep in the have not room anymore.. and they won some luxury prizes i think

  22. why must chima be so racist? and it it ok for her to be racist? i dont have anyone but when they are racist that is when i started to hate actually dislike them …and being racist is no OK!

  23. Chima needs to be kicked off of BB. She doesn’t understand the game. America has always played a part in the game at some point and it had always been the motto to expect the unexpected. The producer(s) should put her in her place. She is acting like a child who didn’t get her way. Boohoo. Grow up Chima or better yet just quit. No one will be upset. Take nasty Nat and Lydia with you. None of you know how to play and none of you can win.

  24. I brought up the fact that chima is black becasue..guess what people..she is! Look hard in the mirror becuase you start bashing other folks. Until you walk in a minorities with NEVER understand what a racist is. If chima was a racist as you all say, she would have never like russell, jessie, kevein, etc. Its so easy for you to judge her and call her are all being pety and doing the same thing she does that disgusts you. That is my opinion!

  25. Ans if Chima was a “racist” as you put it, do you really thing the CBS producers would ruin their reputations and fan base for the sake of keeping her in the game? Think about it before you slander people’s good names. If Chima was white, this discussion would not be happening! Why didn’t you all bash the first guy evited who made a homophobic slur ????

  26. Chima IS a racist!! As a black woman myself, i know what it means to be a minority, so that has nothing to do with it. Chima is 100% wrong for the comments that she made towards russell. It’s embarrassing to be the same race as her. I think jeff hit the nail on the head when he said that she is just an angry woman. I understand that she was raped, but at some point, you have to learn to let go or it will consume you && take over your life. I pray that she changes, b/c she will be alone for the rest of her life..

  27. @ChimaFan

    Chima is discriminating against all different groups. She is doing plain and open on the live feeds. Are you watching those, because Chima is getting a very good edit from production. People are not lying she is discriminating big groups of people .. the biggest being MEN! Chima has strong opinions and she speaks her mind but she is not thinking before she speaks…. I put in my complaint to CBS that she needs to get out of the house for her own sake as well. She needs to be around her family right now or something .. she is not talking like a strong African America women that she is, she needs to get out of the house for the fans and herself.

  28. Chima is a spoiled brat and a very poor sport. She seems to mouth off because she has nothing intelligent to say. Every group of people has its queen bee and Chima is it. Jessie seems to be suffering from depression as he blames everyone else, has no sense of humour and feels that everyone there in the BB House should be there only to support him and help him win the game. Jessie may have nice abs but that won’t get him very far in life. He also seems to be scared of gay men and worries that all the females in the game are not good enough for him. Sorry Jessie – you are not good enough for any other person in the show. I would love to see you at 50 and flabby on skid row where you probably end up. By the way, race has absolutely nothing to do with anything on this show. To try to make excuses of someone being a racist just belittles the person saying that.

  29. Why can’t people just say “Chima is not talking like a strong American Woman. I do not go around saying that I am a strong Irish American woman – I am an American Woman – not other adjectives need be added.

  30. Wow.. it blows my mind that anyone could say that if Chima was white, this wouldn’t be an issue. When white people say something like that, its even more of an issue.

  31. Jessie is the biggest jackass! He’s pouting like a five year old and I’m so glad he’s gone. Thank you Jeff! As far as Chima goes I used to like her but she is acting like major cry baby. I’m black also and I just cringed at her calling out Russell. It shouldn’t be a race issue. It should be all about game and she is just pissed off that she got screwed by the game. Both her and Natalie need to go! Sad puppies.

  32. @ Lisa…… Natalie is not black….. She is hispanic ok? Chima Fan….. I a biracial….. Chima is being criticized because she is ignorant and a loud mouth B****!!!

  33. jessie loves himself so much, i cant stand him. now he’s wearing a shirt with his face on it, oh my that guy has a crush on himself. i’d rather see his grandma or girlfriend on his shirt. yuck jessie.

    guyz, i done my complaint to cbs bout chima. big brother from my country have strict rules, if a HG shows unacceptable behavior twice he/she will be on forced eviction. hope u.s. big brother could do that.

  34. Jessie is awesome!!!! that was hilarious. 11:29 is the Laugh Out Loud moment for sure.

    he would be a good character in WWE acting like himself, hope we see him there.

  35. Just wondering what you all think about this. It is my comment/complaint I left for CBS. Sorry about the length, but once I get going sometimes it is hard to stop. I guess I am addicted to this show as I’ve never done this before, but I also feel strongly about the recent events.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I just wanted to write and let you know that I think that the way some of the houseguests are representing themselves on the show Big Brother is horrendous, and unfortunately, allows the judgement of CBS execs to appear questionable and the network’s image to be compromised during prime-time T.V.

    Chima, is seriously out of control. Her prima-donna attitude is and has been an annoyance since day one, but hey, it takes all types to make the world spin right? That’s what I was taught. But lately…Come on!! I am not sure if any of the rumors are true about her having some kind of connection with BB insiders or producers, but her recent tirades and demands have been absolutely unacceptable. Of course, the racist comments and references to her being the “Twin Towers” were the most abominable of all, and I am not sure of there can be any legal recriminations for this by families of those who lost people in that tragedy, but I’ll be damned if there are not moral ones for anyone in the position to do so at CBS who do not at least give her a serious sit down and “come to Jesus” talk as a result of her insane, insensitive tirades. Not to mention the extent of how offensive she was toward the Arabic American/Muslim community (whom I do NOT happen to belong to). It is also my opinion that Ms. Chima, in the very least, owes America a formal apology if she is to be allowed to stay on the show.

    As for the other two followers (Lydia and Natalie), who are highly disappointing for jumping on the Chima bandwagon, I honestly do now know what should be done about them except for maybe making them wear SHEEP costumes for say, at the minimum one week AND eat whatever it is that sheep eat, as they apparently will follow Chima off a cliff to their demise (as sheep do) rather than think for themselves and tell the __________(insert derogatory reference to a female dog expletive here) off. Yes, I am giving a shout out to ole’ Casey. He cracked me up with those analogies, even though he used to get his sheep and goats mixed up at times. In fact, I am curious what his reaction would have been to these exchanges.

    Russell, predictably aggressive, possibly misogynistic (perhaps as a result of issues with personal sexual ambigity), and undoubtedly an old-school playground bully when he does not get his way is a bit hard to take at times, but tolerable because you can still laugh AT his predictability and childish behavior. Frankly, I am truly rooting for Russell to have a life-changing epiphany during this season, if he is not too emotionally stunted to do so. I thought he was beginning to when he won HOH, but then he was quickly distracted by all of the current mess. It would make for good T.V. though.

    In any case, it is my sincere hope that CBS gets these issues under control. Especially with Jessie gone and no more male idol in the house to keep these crazy ladies even remotely distracted, things are only bound to get worse. I just wonder how long it will take America to say enough is enough and stop watching. Honestly, I am not sure what my threshold is, but I know that I like being entertained when watching something that is supposed to be entertaining, not angry and offended.

    Thank you for your time.

  36. I totally agree Marcus. Flippin’ hysterical. I even laughed out loud when I saw him strip down to the t-shirt during evictions…I couldn’t believe the guy’s large ones!

    It’d be a shame NOT to be able to love/hate him somewhere again.

  37. It saddens me to hear all the rude remarks and judgements on here regarding the houseguests. As I said before, the same thing u all r disgusted in is exactly what you r doing….insulting people character based on what u see in the live feeds. What makes u God to judge? Its pathetic. Get a life people and turn of the feeds if u don’t like it!

  38. (It sadden me about the rude remarks) What can be worst then chima saying something about 9/11 that was pretty damn rude don,t you think CHIMAFAN.

  39. Oh my gosh people! Are you kidding me? So what if Jessie had an ego, alot of people are the same way. Him and Ronnie made this game interesting now its boring and now someone is going to win who tried to basically ride the game low so the beginning. I dont think I will be watching this show anymore this season. Furthermore it will also suck if Jeff, Jordan or Michelle wins. This is not a show for who is the nicest and who has the most morals. Is a game to see who can outsmart the other. Alot of you guys or just haterzzzzz!!!

    Yes I said it!!!


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