Big Brother 11: Week 5 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of the season’s fifth eviction will be revealed along with the results of the sixth HoH competition. As I explained earlier, tonight’s eviction show will not be shown live. It’s been rumored that Chima’s threats of retribution were taken seriously enough to warrant an early recording so no one knows for sure what’s happened yet.

I’ll be updating this post here with the eviction and HoH competition results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s eviction episode!

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You can read the live blog of tonight’s episode here on Small Screen Scoop.

Coup D’Etat power:

  • Jeff has decided to use the Coup D’Etat power!
  • Jeff has removed Lydia and Russell from the block!
  • Jeff has nominated Jessie and Natalie!

Jessie pulls off his shirt to reveal a t-shirt with a picture of himself which reads, “the man, the myth, the legend.” Rolls eyes… Julie reveals that neither Jeff nor Chima will vote tonight, but both may compete in the HoH battle.

Live Eviction voting:

  • Lydia: Votes to evict Natalie
  • Jordan: Votes to evict Jessie
  • Kevin: Votes to evict Jessie
  • Michele: Votes to evict Jessie
  • Russell: Votes to evict Natalie

By a vote of 3 – 2, Jessie has been evicted!

Chima starts in on the comment of “I gave my word” to use the Coup which she implies means Jeff told others he had the power. Chima has threatened that she’d sue Allison Grodner Productions if she could prove that the Coup holder had shared the news. Very mature. Chima doesn’t get her way so she says she’ll sue…

HoH Competition – ‘Hit the Road’ duel style:

  • Round 1: Lydia eliminated
  • Round 2: Russell eliminated
  • Round 3: Natalie eliminated
  • Round 4: Jordan eliminated
  • Round 5: Chima eliminated
  • Round 6: Jeff eliminated
  • Round 7: Kevin eliminated

Michele is the new HoH! Who will she nominate??

Julie reveals that next week will be a Double Eviction night!

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  1. Im so thrilled that Jeff is going to use the power- get that self absorbed (not goodlooking guy- jessy out) then get the loud mouths nat and chima out– Im going to love watching tonight, now that I know whats happening.
    Who does Jessy think he is anyway? Ive never seen a more into him self guy-well almost never

  2. I am so glad that Jeff did exactly as most of us predicted. Chima’s threats were just that. I am so looking forward to the rest of this season of BB

  3. Hope if Michele wins, she puts up Jeff and Jordin, break up all the couples and let’s see how they really play the game.

  4. So they actually gave into Chimapet’s threats and pre-recorded. Did she really blow up as she claimed? Sorry I don’t have the live feeds

  5. I hope Jesse is sent home tonight, then Chima and Natalie. I hope Russell remains loyal to
    Jeff, he will most likely save him tonight.

  6. If Chima was a fish, and she looks like one, she would be a big mouth bass! I am so glad that she had absolutely no power when, this whole time, she thought that she did. That has to piss her off! Her bark is much bigger than her b**ch bite!

  7. I pray Chima doesn’t win HOH – everyone else will be ok but her and Nat. If Lydia or Kevin get it they should put Chima and Nat up -LYdia for payback for all the times she was up.
    Did you hear the comment by Chima about the producers lied to her? She makes me sick!

  8. I cant believe Russ, my fav player voted to keep Jesse! Im in shock!! Well its great Jesse is gone now lets the games begin!!!

  9. Chima and Natalie need to go next! Get rid of them. Chima is way out of line. Big Brother needs to discipline her. I hope Lydia, Kevin, and Michelle realize that they are better off sticking with Jeff and Jordan. I hope Russell realizes what Jeff has done for him and works Lydia, Kevin and Michelle.

  10. True American fashion, sue if you don’t like it. I’m glad Jeff used the power, I would’ve been so mad if he didnt.

  11. jeff is a pussy and will be gone very soon he had to cheat to get someone better then him out of the game

  12. Chima would suck up to a tree! Hopefully Michelle’s psychotic tendencies will be beneficial to Jeff and Jordan!

  13. ya he didnt earn that power he needed help from america he wont win anyways because the people in the jury house will vote for anyone before him

  14. I think michele will put up j/j, I think she is to afraid of chima, if not j/j then Jeff and russel. I really hope she puts up chima and natalie. So proud of Jeff.

  15. OMG CHEATING!?!? you’re going to pull the CHEATING card out now!! C’mon now!! Let’s be realistic here….don’t be bitter because stupid Jessie got evicted…his ass should’ve never been back in the house to begin with!! Now lets just hope that Michelle plays strategically and not personally and lets hope she does what she wants and not what nat and chima tell her!!! WOOHOO GO TEAM JEFF!!!

  16. Yahoo…the pin head is gone…
    Now lets get rid of the Nat and the Racist…
    She uses terms liberally about terrorists…karma is a bitch…Chima…you deserve it…

  17. Now St.Jeff will have to carry his own weight. America cannot help him any more, maybe America should send him some just for men.

  18. He’s still hot and I hope he wins. I am so glad that he got the Coup D’Tat and did what he did. Afterall, America gave it to him so he didn’t have to compete for it. He didn’t cheat, he took advantage of the situation. He must be doing something right or America would have given it to someone else. I hope Chima goes next!

  19. 2, He didn’t NEED help from America…we gave it to him and he used it like we…at least the majority of us…wanted him to. I’m proud of him.

    And he could win. It all depends on who he would be against in the end. Nobody thought that Dan would win last year, but people voted for him over Memphis.

  20. Chima is showing her colors AGAIN. Geez, I wish Michelle would put her and Russell up – that would break up the fighting. I think she will put up russell for sure – not jeff and jordan – they are friends. My fear is that she is so malleable that Chima will get her claws into her and TELL her what to do. I think Nat has replaced Jessie with Chima.

  21. Michelle is fooling everyone. Saying Jeff is a cheater, well, this is something that Chima would say. Cute and cuter will prevail. Just like they did tonight!

  22. Now it’s time for the houseguests to get rid of Chima. She is so verbally abusive to people who get in her way. She’s even verbally abusive and threatening to the producers of the show. I also find it interesting how she commented one day about the way Russell speaks to women. Well, she doesn’t act like a lady. She’s worse than Russell.

  23. YES Chima is ridiculous!! Who the hell does she think she’s scaring with her stupid threats!!! What an idiot!!! Seriously…someone needs to gether ass out already!! She’s going to be hated by America just like Jessie is hated by America!! I hope i never see those 2 again after this season ends!! PLEASE NO MORE JESSIE BB!!! PLEEEEASE!!!

  24. i hope russel and natalie are nominated this week and jordan or chima wins veto and dont use it, then i could care less who goes hoem out of the two of them cuz they both are never gunna win anyway. also, during the second eviction, the person who doesnt go home between the two shoudl go home next. leaving only the 6 good people left after next weeks double eviction…

  25. There’s gonna be a cock fight tonight! Let the feathers fly!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for BBAD!

  26. This is the most boring BB yet. I hate how Chima is still in the house, where is America’s vote…We should vote for the double eviction. Michele is a puppet and will vote to get Jeff and Jordan out. I see Chima and Natalie pushing their views on puppets Kevin and Michele. I don’t know if I want to see any more…I hate how its come to this.

  27. Chima needs to go!!!! Anyone that threatens a lawsuit is most likley going!!!!What a bi%#h she is!!!And she prides herself as being smart!!!!Pleaseeeee!!Jeff did the right thing, Jesse needed too go, BUT so does the little rat Nat!!!

  28. Feeds are back! Poor Michelle she didnt get to enjoy winning HOH because Chima is such a baby! So happy for Russ but it should have been Nat evicted.

  29. Way to go Jeff;you rock with your fine self… Chima is such a brat and Jesse so needs to get over himself.What a retard.Michele has no backbone so she will most likely do what Chima tells her.Did you see Chima in HoH competition point out to Kevin who he should select.What the hey?Bunch of followers.Lydia and Russell should be thanking Jeff for what he did and work with him to get Chima.

  30. America’s plan backfired. Everyone was crying when they had to vote to evict Jess or Nat. Who do you think will be blamed?

  31. Did anyone notice Kevin followed Chima when she pointed to Jeff and Russell during the competition. Looks like Kevin is on team Chima right now. Lydia may really be angry at Jeff for causing Jesse to be evicted, notice all her tears when he got the boot? She may now be on team Chima even though Jeff took her off of the block. Looks like Jeff may actually have to hustle instead of laying back to convince Michele to keep him and Jordan off the block. Jordan too, for that matter.

  32. ummm.. America voted for Jeff to get the power because they WANTED him to put up Jessie and Natalie. This is perfect and exactly how it was supposed to be. Chima’s pathetic…and so is Natalie..who she’s going to make a sandwich for now??

  33. Pray to St. Jeff that Chima goes home! He is the patron saint of Big Brother and the hottest saint that I have ever seen. Big Brother isn’t scared of Chima. They will boot her ass out quicker than she can turn her demonic head. Besides, if she did sue, she would have to prove that Jeff told someone…and…if she won the lawsuit, it wouldn’t hurt anyone because Big Brother can buy and sell that bitch and still have some pocket change left over.

  34. CBS needs to do right by all of us!!! GET RID OF CHIMA!!!!! But noooo they will keep her because she’s soo hated, just like Vicky from the biggest loser!!! Jeff better not go anytime soon, same with Jordon. But like we all know Michelle is a pansy-a$s, she’ll listen to Chima and Nat the rat!!!!If she gets rid of her freinds she”ll be sorry!!! CBS TAKE OUT CHIMA NOW!!!!She’s gonna sue no matter what…only way she’s gonna make any money!!!

  35. Jessie is gone so pumped! Nervous tho about michelle! love this website but the vote info was a little mixed up michelle voted to evict jessie & russel voted to evict natalie

  36. Well for Chima to say she is going to sue. Please she is such a loser. Her Grandmother did not seemed to pleased in some of the ways she was acting. I just hope Michelle knows they will turn on her in a minute. Chima needs to go and Nat also. Nat has not won anything. That way her and Jesse can be together. The only one crying was Lydia. Lydia and Russell needs to thank Jeff.

  37. @DaFerret

    I think you’re right. America has probably screwed things up royally for Jeff. Jordan should go. She’s the only one still riding coattails and not playing the game.

  38. I’M SO ELATED THAT JESSE IS GONE!!!!! but now iam scared for jeff cuz michelle might him up. i have said this b4 but i think that lydia, gnat, chia-pet, and maybe michelle might create some alliance in jesse honor and tries to get jeff and jordan out.

  39. They can get back together after the show if they are broken up. Don’t be so angry dada. No one that you are expecting to win will win anyway. UGH! Sore losers suck!

  40. If Michelle puts Russell up, she’ll effectively cancel out what Jeff did this week. Why? Because the all-girl alliance was going to get rid of Russell and Michelle anyway and by making it easier to take her out she’s only helping them. Saving Russell bought Jeff and Michelle one more week.

  41. Jack- Michelle needs to realize that Jeff and Jordon will have her back….no one else will!!!!What was the deal with Jesse not huggin Kevin?

  42. Channin, dont care if they get back together as long as they are out of the house. Better yet why not leave together next week when it is double eviction.

  43. Chima said she would sue because she thinks that Jeff told someone he had the Coup. She made some statement about “the producers and I need to have a talk. They lied to me and said that he didn’t have it”. The queen of mean was dethroned and she can’t stand it. I, on the other hand, absolutely love it.

  44. Michelle will do what Chima tell her too. Chima was telling Kevin what to do during HOH. None of them, but Jeff and Russell have a backbone and can think for themselves.

  45. @Jackie the feeds are showing Jordan, Jeff, Kevin and Russell sitting outside talking about nothing in particular.

  46. Show hasn’t aired on West Coast yet, but did Chima really say on camera that she’d sue??? That would be such a misteak, just like I misspelled the word ‘mistake’! Anybody can file a civil suit at any time (commonly sneered at as nuisance suits), but unless there is good evidence, like affidavits from other HGs, or video (how many cameras are there in the house?), she’s going to make an even bigger joke of herself.

    That being said, at least half my wishes came true: Natalie was put up. While I’m happy to see Jesse gone (as Ronnie would say, And Scene!), I worry about the so-called Girl Power convos that have been floating around. Wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Russell and Jeff (or Russell and Kevin) on the block next week.

    Oh, the heck with it! I hope Jeff and Jordan’s friendship blossoms into romance after the show! :)

  47. @boo

    NO THEY WON’T! J/J each have the other’s back and always will. They need to be split too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I with ya Channin!!! I think (she “Chima” thinks) if she threatens the producers, they’ll keep her.

  49. AWESOME! Thank gawd Jessie’s out! Now the games can truly begin….wish Jeff or Russel would have won HoH, but at least Lips didn’t! Should be interesting to see who Michelle nominates!

  50. If you all have been aying attention, you all know that Chima is the closest houseguest to Michelle….. Kevin / Natalie will be more than willing to go with Team Chima and Lydia will want retribution against Jeff because she will blame him for Jessie’s eviction….. This is the end game for the men in BB 11….. Next week two of these three people will be evicted if they don’t win the next HOH…… Jeff / Jordan / Russell…….. I guess the CDT didn’t do Jeff any favors America!!!Like I said, it left Jeff a marked man….. I still hope Jeff / Russell make they final 2, but I think that is very unlikelly now….

  51. Why is CBS putting up with Chima? She ruined the Live eviction with her threats, and after HOH comp was mouthing “if they don’t want me to cuss they better put me in the house”, “they’re testing my patience”…”I’m gonna have to talk to the producers”….the “producers” should pack her bags and send her out NOW! She is such a sore loser!

  52. So….who does everyone think Michelle will put?? Will she have the guts to put up Chima…aka Chia pet…aka the demonic troll and nat the little brat??

  53. Thanks Ashley — J&J need to be stalking MIchele! Get them inside following the other HGs!

  54. Well I am sure Chima is going to show herself like she has been all week infact the whole time. She is a joke and thinks that this whole game revolves around her. She thinks she is a queen.

  55. they need to wet chima’s lips and stick her to the wall. she is a nasty human being and a bully. she is already going around trying to dictate people.

  56. I am totally on Channin’s side.
    Chima is disgusting! I cannot stand her. We need to see Natalie and Chima up if Michele is smart. If she puts up Jeff and/or Jordan, she will probably be the hated person in America since a good majority of people love Jordan and Jeff.

  57. Chima made the “I’m gonna sue” comment right after Jesse’s self absorbed ass went out the door.HA! I loved it. I think Chima thought Jeff told someone he had the power. But like usual if she would shut her mouth long enough to listen to someone else’s full comment she might not jump to so many conclusions. She acts like she is all for women but to tell you the truth…she is an embarrassment to women right now! Can’t get her way so she threatens to sue…give me a break!

  58. I think that if michelle smart she,ll stick with the people that where her friends in the being.and that jeff in jordan and michele been wanted to make up with jeff this is the time to do what he think is best

  59. @ Leo – no, America didn’t do him a favor, but they sure did me one. Jesse is gone and hopefully Chima will be too by the end of next week.

  60. I think Michelle will put up Russell because of Chima. She has said all along she wasn’t going to put up Jeff and Jordan this week. I hope Russell can get in her good graces and sweet talk her a little.

  61. Chima is gonna rattle St.Jeff all week so America please start makinG a list of nasty words for Chima.


  62. Michelle must put jeff/jordan up and evict them together because next week is double eviction.

  63. I would be shocked if she put up Jeff. I thought I read in one of the updates that Michelle, Jordan and Jeff had formed an alliance. Not sure about Russell..he and Michelle run hot/cold. If she was smart, she would keep Russell around…IMHO.

  64. Jack:How can you say Jeff is a cheater? Do you have proof he told anyone he had the power..thought not!They need to boot Chima’s skank ass from the house for her threats.

  65. Ashley, I think Russell is better off staying very quiet and IF Michelle seems to be on team J&J, then let Jeff talk to MIchelle about keeping Russell.

    dada that is the ONLY thing I can agree with you on. I love this game too

  66. Glad that Jeff used the CDT. Not so glad that Michelle won HOH. Not sure what she’ll do with it. As someone else said earlier, I hope she does what she wants and not be bullied by Chima. I really hope Chima goes. I’m glad Russell’s still in.

  67. I’m sick of talking about Chima!! Maybe she will be a have not and disappear for a week.

  68. Productions wasn’t suppose to tell the Queen Chima that Jeff had the secret power. No one was suppose to know. Jeff didn’t tell any one. Any one who knew was because they were guessing it was him. Several house guest were upstairs in the HOH last night and they all said they each had the wizard power but Jeff wasn’t up there. I hope Michelle doesn’t back stab them and keeps true to her alliance that she has with Jeff and Jordan. She may think it will be hard to win against them but she has to see all the lies the rat team say. One of the biggest fights happened because of the lie Jesse, Natalie, made up and Chima was included.

  69. This show is entertainment! Stop attacking the only black female in the house and calling her names. The most entertaining people in the house have been booted – that’s Ronnie and Jesse. Jeff, Jordan, Kevin do absolutely nothing and they waste house space. This is ENTERTAINMENT – there will be none if J/J don’t leave this week.

  70. I believe in double eviction…HOH will be chosen and then HOH will quickly have to nominate 2 and then another vote

  71. hey this was posted earlier on the cbs website for about 15 minutes after the show and was then pulled. a video showed that next week big brother will indeed do something to chima and a video is shown of her going out the door wearing the same clothes she was wearing tonite. not sure wat to think. the video is gone now but it was legit.

  72. To all the Chima haters. CBS chose her and all the other excentric personalities because they make good tv. It’s all about the drama. I LOVE IT! Keep Chima in and we’ll all keep watching to see what she’ll do next.
    Smart producers!

  73. The double eviction is just a 2 hour show. There will be 2 different eviction ceremonies next Thursday. Jeff and Jordan formed an alliance because everyone else left them out of theirs. I am glad that they did. Jeff and Jordan make the cutest couple and who cares if you think that they are dumb, they are smarter than everyone else that isn’t in the house any longer.

  74. MeMe — I totally disagree. Not everyone thinks the drama that Chima brings is entertainment!

  75. No one is attacking Chima because she is a “black female”. Her comments alone make people mad and want to attack her as a person not because she is black.

  76. J&J DID have an alliance with Laura and Casey and Brayden. It wasn’t always just the two of them.

  77. BB won’t have jeff voted out- they will come up with a way to save him.
    Can you imagine how boring it would be to have the losers like Chima and Nat left- everyone knows the rating will plummet if the house is left with bullies and bad sports.

  78. to lily
    I doubt when CBS chose her they had any inclination that she would be racist and litigious.(look up the word in the dictionary)

  79. if she (michelle) has any brains she will keep j/j and russell. kevin and lydia will go with whoever says they are safe this week.i would like to see nat and chima go up and stay up this week. if both of them went home i would not care what order the others leave in.

  80. MEME – if she were purple, I’d feel the same way! Don’t throw that black female over rated discrimination unecessary bullsh**. She attacked the only Lebonese male in the house. What is good for the goose is good for the only ugly black woman in the house.

  81. Why is he an idiot? Even your man Jesse said it was the smartest move he made all game! Was he supposed to sit back and watch Jesse run the show?

  82. Let pray to St.Jeff to get rid of all the rude people so we can watch him and Jordon talk about her implants

  83. @kelly
    you are so right. why back door ppl who has been w/ you since day. also she should know that j/j will be honest and faithful to her.

  84. Channin:
    It’s only one hour

    j/j is not cute Jordan is ugly and Jeff smokes yuck

    Ronnie is smarter than both of them combined

  85. So tonights episode was a for sure wow one, let me just say yah Jeff!

    But the real reason im posting this is because i was thrilled when Michelle won HOH. I can finally see where she stands in this game other then playing who says what. Finally we can see where she will use her power. This was by far the best outcome ( other then Jeff winning, only because im pro-Jeff ).

  86. @Suz

    I guess you had to look it up first to use it. She can’t sue, CBS is a big boy, it knows how to protect itself.

  87. @Meme Chima isn’t the only Black female in the house…Natalie is half Black and Kevin, although not female is also half Black. Race has nothing to do with the issue most people have with Chima. It’s her attitude…it just plain stinks. I am a “black” woman and I certainly do not even come close to acting like she does. She needs therapy and a thorough psychological evaluation…but that’s just my opinion.

  88. Ronnie was an idiot! If he is so smart, why isn’t he there anymore? Jeff could stick a cigarette in both ears, both nostrils and between each toe and still be hot! Jeff made the smart move tonight and alot of asses are burning because if it.

  89. thank the lord jessie is gone,now i hope mich uses her head and put up chia-pet and nat. one of them need to go this week

  90. meme
    i have not read ANYTHING saying get rid of chima cause she is black. there is alot of bad stuff being said about nat to. why are you just worried over what is said to chima. chima is the one talk that crap not us. why does it have to be her race? why cant we just hate her because she is a B*%#@?

  91. So glad Jessie is gone, he almost cried, boo hoo me a river!!!

    Now I think Michelle may put up Russell because of all the personal attacks to her. But he may be able to save his ass by getting the veto power.

    NOw as for our boy Jeff, I personally don’t think she will, hasn’t anyone noticed the crush she has on Jeff??

    Remember all the comments about his body and then wanting to sleep up next to him in the have not room(just to keep warm, Hmmmm!)

    All Jeff needs to do is be nice, really nice to her, keep staying up in HOH, Jordan staying close to both and hopefully she will put up Lydia or Gnat..I think both of them wouldn’t mind eviction as long as they can get alone time with Jesse……..

  92. I totally agree with you MeMe. Jeff and Jordan are so boring and both need to go. I watch this show for entertainment value and you are absolutely right in that we lost 2 of the most entertaining people in the house in Jessie and Ronnie. J/J really need to go because they bring nothing to the show. Here’s hoping Michele puts up those two and we can see them both walk out the house next week. Go Team Jessie!

  93. i wish they’ll kick out chima out if she keeps on with that attitude. like they all said its a game. i’m just glad the power was used like how we most want to. but i dont trust michele, she might nominate jeff, jordan or russell nextweek before chima and natalie.

    but if jeff and jordan will go then they can continue their romance in the jury house. just sad we cant see it anymore since we want more.

  94. Chima is probably one of the most ignorant people I have ever seen on BB. It’s a game and all of her antic’s…or can you say Amarosa…
    Bottom line it’s a game…dont be a ahole and use the race card or the female card or the gay card or any other card…

  95. Chima has an anti social disorder and can only shout and yell to show she has control over her own inner demons

  96. I don’t think we should like Chima just because she is black. I don’t care what color she is. She has a filthy mouth, she is a racist, she has double standards, there rules for every one else and then there are rules for every one else. I hope she is a have not this week. She is very self center. I bet she doesn’t know very much about the other house guest because she is always talking about her self or who done her wrong. She has no idea what Russel said behind her back that she told Julie tonight to make her hate him, that’s all hear say. She doesn’t know if the other house guest were lying to her.
    For the person that thinks it will be boring once she is gone since Jesse and Ronnie are gone. First what did Jesse ever do, he sleeps most of the day, complains, makes up lies, uses people for favors (Lydia), and then treats her like crap. What a jerk. As for Ronnie is probably going to more gone then just the show, he is probably going to jail after his hard drives from his computers have been taken for evidence for cyber bullying and stalking. He is nothing but an unemployed, 30 year old pervert, that’s whole life seems to be a lie. He has lied so much he doesn’t know what is the truth. I don’t call this entertainment, I call it sick.

  97. My faves

    5.ugly boobs

  98. michelle and chima suddenly click when in the start of the show michelle dont like chima at all coz shes such a diva. but well hopefully she hates her again.

  99. Good move for Jeff using the coup d’etat. JessHe even said so.

    Lydia and Russell may feel like they owe Jeff for saving them, yet they were the only two voting to evict Nastylie, not JessHe. In Russell’s case, if he made it to the end, he can claim he was loyal to Jesse. Also, he can still play both sides and let Nastylie know he didn’t vote to evict her.

    Michele winning HOH puts her and the house in an interesting position. If she goes with the all girl alliance, she may nominate Russell and Jeff. She did want Russell out. And it would send Jeff a message, letting him sweat being a pawn.

    POV will be crucial, and a double eviction.
    Not sure how that works, but it’s sure to keep chaos in the house.

    It should be one helluva week!

  100. i still want chima to leave the house. even though she kinda entertaining w/ her so call threats. anyone thats gonna call someone a terrorist on nat’l tv should go.

  101. I’m glad they signed Vick. He is an awesome football player and he did his time. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  102. Yes, Lilly — all over ESPN right now!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!! Eagles and Vick are MADE for each other!

  103. Loved that Jeff used his power and booted out Jessie. But I can’t believe the behavior of Chima, Nat and Lydia! OMG! They all need to go. I was hoping Lydia would get her head straight once Jessie was away from her but its looking like that is not gonna happen. Very sad. Chima needs to go (BB should just toss her dumb ass out)and so does Natalie. Lets hope that Michelle sees that the 3 witches are not the ones to be in alliance with. The others in the house are stronger and could carrier her farther – lets hope she realizes that. Michelle may not like Russell but at least he talked to her face to face about everything. Do the right thing Michelle! Boot out Chima, Nat or Lydia! Then maybe Jeff, Jordan or Russ will win the HOH on Thursday for the second of the double eviction. Will be an interesting week!

  104. Oh gosh Chima is so mature…taking sheets off Jeff’s bed and dumping Russell’s suitcase!

  105. Jacob, I am not so sure on that one…depends what Vick still has I think. Too early to tell

  106. Jackie will be lost from here next week because his dumbest Jeff/Jordan will be out .Jackie is gonna cry alot next week.

  107. Jack how can you hate jeff, yes he was given somthing that he didn’t compete for so what, it happens all the time…he used it which was bold…so are you upset because you don’t think its fair or because you are a Jesse/Natalie fan? And if its the latter then your a spoiled sport. Do I think Jeff will go home next week yep probably but he made a good mood and lasted longer than Jesse:)

  108. michelle has to play not to be follow by emotions. therefore she needs to think about the next week hoh compatition that is put russell up. he needs to go home. especialy when they figure out that he vote to keep JESSI. and Chima needs to go because. because she is too much drama.

  109. Ashley ,are u in this world or somewhere else?Trust me Jeff will be out next thursday,and then soon will be Jordan.

  110. wendy — donovan will be in the loop I am sure. I think they will have to “fight” it out (no pun intended!)…

    Is anyone else reading joker’s updates? Some good stuff being done in the house!

  111. Mcnabb will start during vicks suspinsion but they will probly have a QB compition in training camp

    I hate Jeff too and I don’t like Jessie or nat I like Kevin

  112. LOL at Chima, Natalie, and Lydia.
    Lydia looks like the biggest fool of all of them, though. Wasn’t it just the other day she wanted to cut herself b/c she hated Jessie and wanted to leave b/c of him?
    Now she’s crying b/c he’s gone? She needs psychiatric help.
    As much as I thought Jessie was an egotist, he still knew it was a game. These three let their emotions get the best of their better judgement (Natalie the least of the three).
    Kevin, bail out of that sinking ship if you want to stand a chance.

  113. OMG! Chima throwing a fit, dumps everything from Russell’s suitcase, says she can’t wait for Russell to F#*k Jeff up the A*s!

    Chima also claims she, Nastylie and Lydia told producers they wanted to leave and walk out.

    Chima tells Kevin she wants to go home.
    Send her packing, then!

    Talk about a sore loser. And she’s not a diva? Ha, HA!

  114. I have said many times that I am not a Jeff/Jordan fan. I wanted Jeff to use the power to take Russell off and put up Jessie and Nat but for Nat to go home. I don’t like Chima at all!! Go Russell!!

  115. jack
    i think you will be surprised. j/j aint going no where this week. i really think they will be here to the final 4 at the least.i know you like the jesse team,dont know why, but get over it. they are going down one at a time now. sorry………not

  116. I am not a chima fan, but jeff made a huge mistake, the entire house was against russell and now both jeff and russell will probably go on the block. if one of them wins the veto look for jordan to go home with the other one. Jeff is really in a no win situation, because even if he makes it to the final two, the only chance he has to win is if russell is with him

  117. im so happppy jeff used the power!!! i HATE CHIMA and if she has to threaten to sue then shes got problems. and she always tells everyone “its just a game” hey chima… its just a game girrrl. GO TEAM JEFF!!! and michelle is looney so who knows who shes gunna put up..

  118. Natalie said she’s going after J&J — I’ve been watching this game for awhile — doesn’t she have to win something first to go after someone?!?! LMAO

  119. Sounds to me like Jack is jealous of Jeff… what is your problem with him.Hopefully him and Jordan will actually begin to play the game and show you he is more than just a smokinbg hot piece of eye candy.

  120. Lydia is fool of BB11, that is for sure.

    Some on here bash Jordan a lot, but she has intuition, for sure. Lydia is blind as a bat and clings to anything she hears. Kevin needs to bail from that sinking ship. Save yourself!!!

  121. taylor so far looney Michelle is sticking with J&J. Jordan and Michelle are making matching “good luck” bracelets and Michelle told CHima she won’t put up J&J

  122. @Jackie, Nat is just going to try to bully herself up to Michelle. Hopefully, Michelle won’t fall for any of her tricks.

  123. Kevin showed he was playing his own game when he didn’t take Lydia down.Funny how they all went to their “respective” groups after the HoH. Shows how the house is clearly divided. One group on one side…blah blah! Chima is a witch.I hope BB opened the door so she wouldn’t have to resort to such extreme measures as “cussing”.Potty mouth…

  124. it would be great if j/j went to the final two. but as long as it isnt nat and chima i dont care who it is.

  125. Ashley — I saw that but it looks like MIchelle and Jordan are bonding pretty well. I’m not that worried. Though I hope she keeps your Russell safe too!

  126. Dada….. Jessie will never be a “big” anything. He’s only about 5’7″ or 5’8″. Casey had 8 inches and probably 50 IQ points over him. I’ve never seen a more self-absorbed person than Jessie. According to some of the comments from the feeds online this week, the rat team was gonna put Jeff up next week anyway, so what difference did it make whether he used the power or not? It just allowed Jeff to get rid of someone who had ground everyone’s nose in his self proclaimed awesomeness. So, as Jessie himself stated to Julie, America hates him and managed to oust him once again. Hurray!!

  127. D — I disagree with that. kevin showed he’s Chima’s little Biatch by not taking Lydia down!

  128. I havent looked at the thing yet but as the number 1 fan of the Jessie/Natalie alliance, i feel pretty safe.

    im confident that when 8 oclock rolls around, or actually when the live show ends, Nat and Jessie will be sitting pretty high.

    Now i did look at who won HOH, and this concerns me. If Russ stayed it doesnt. but Michelle the liar is gonna have a interesting week.

    So Jessie, get to work. I would guess if she would put up Jeff and Jessie. But Jessie would win POV and she’d put up Lydia or Chima.

  129. i hope that chima and gnat go home next week. it is so sad that BB had to give them beauty gifts so they can stay in the house

  130. Some of you people are delirious… Chima / Kevin / Nat seem to think that Michelle will put Nat up. And wonder if she will put Russell up.

    Jordan seems strongly allied with Michelle so she won’t be going up. I’m guessing Jeff wont either.

    Most logical is to put up Russel and Chima because of their fights… just say everyone is tired of it and one of them needs to leave to make the house quiet. No one will hate her for that.

    Hopefully it will be Chima that leaves its just too anoying to watch to show with her… at least Evil Dick was entertaning.

    Chima, the aspiring motivational speaker as per her saying… haha.. yeah racist, anger management problems, mental problems, sore loser ( childish sore loser ), feminist, ugly… she’s going to be great !

  131. Well Jeff should be ok. He has Jorda, and after saving them, shold have Russell and Lydia. If Lydia is on board then Kevin will also be on his side…so if he is put up he should have the votes. Of course with double elimanation next week…IS ANYONE SAFE

  132. It’s absolutely bull shit that Jessie got evicted. He didn’t even get a chance to stay in the game. How is that fair? CBS lost one viewer.

  133. apparently lydia wanted to stay on the block..

    apparently kevin is just a pawn of chima..

    apparently lydia and natalie wanted a 3-way with jessie..

    apparently chima, lydia and natalie think jessie is equivalent to beauty supplies..

    i say, they should have let them leave, and we all thought jessie was the big baby

  134. I think Jeff and Russell would make a great team if they actually trusted each other! They could make it to final two.

  135. JUSTICE! Ronnie is a huge BB nerd and he got caught in his BS in week 2 by Russell. Jessie from BB10 saved him in week 3 just for Ronnie to get kicked out of the house in week 4…by Russell. Jessie, who lasted until week 4 last year was kicked out the week following Ronnie.

    Now these goofballs are planning on putting, get this, not Russell but Jeff and Jordan on the block. ROFL! The only person who hasn’t gotten personal is Jeff at this point. The Forces of Evil want to make this a war instead of a contest.

  136. Natalie is threatening to tell of jeff — I just dno’t get it. What is Jeff supposed to do when America gives him a power? Lay down and die? Be afraid of Natalie and not use it? Keep giving the power to Jesse? I mean come on! People don’t think!!! At least Jesse said it right, it was Jeff’s best move of the game. Even if he does go home after Michelle’s HOH is over, he would have gone home anyway!

  137. Hey Ashley — where is Lydia with all this talking? It looks like C/K/N are in one room and R/M/J/J are in the other. WHere is L?

  138. Does anyone else think that the “producers” made a huge mistake by taping the show instead of showing it live? By doing this, they seemed to have effectively empowered Chima. Her comments at the end of the network show seemed to confirm this, “If they don’t want me to swear, they better open these doors.” Have the producers caused her ego to double in size within the BB house as a result?

  139. The producers are definitely giving her power. When she threatened to leave this evening, they gave her beauty supplies to stay for goodness sake! SAD!

  140. i find it funny how kevin voted to evicted jesse out the house but yet he is in the room w/ chima talking about jeff

  141. even jesse knew it was a good move. why cant nat get over it. i totally understand her “man” is gone but come on get over yourself. chima and nat going off after the pov comp. that is fine they will seal thier fate for the next week. lets face facts ppl. the only true “team jesse ” left is nat and chima. lets look at the odds here. 2 for team jesse.6 for team jeff. i can see why team jesse fans are upset. they are going to lose.

  142. I hear ya Joanna. I also find it funny that Natalie and Chima are plotting when they can tell off Jeff….

  143. @Jackie, Kevin just walked into the splish splash room and Lydia was in there sitting on the bed by herself.

  144. i can’t believe these guys are such babies that they dumped russ clothes, put candy in jeff’s hat, stripped his bed. what is it they said to casey when he was leaving? oh yeh, thats different

  145. nancy I think its more even than that. I think Kevin is clearly on team chima now and who knows where Lydia stands. RIght now, they are good with Michelle, but she is a loose cannon. But I think she’s making it VERY clear who’s side she is on. I actually hope that Chima and Gnat do put all their energy into telling off Jeff instead of making nice with Michelle! Dumb girls!

  146. Go Jeff! way to be boy! Now lets just get rid of the other annoying two and we will be good to go! Go AWAY Nat and Chima!

  147. i feel sorry for lydia. or maybe that is what she is planning. if team jeff feel sorry for her they wont put her up.

  148. Lydia needs to get up, stop crying, and choose a side. This is where the game is at. Right now. I truly believe that.

  149. Lydia has every excuse in the book to flip right now. Kevin didn’t use POV, Michelle has the power, Jesse is gone and Gnat has been out for her since day one! Yet, I think she’ll choose to stick with Team Jesse even though he’s not here….stupid move.

  150. one viewer is nothing compared to all the other very happy, very pleased viewers who are still faithful to the show…so go on then!! It’s like taking a bucket of water out of the ocean!! MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!!! lol GO TEAM JEFF!!!

  151. poor natalie.. she cant win anything,so she tries winning her own contest… biggest empty threats by the most annyoing houseguest? but dont worry, chima will make that a real competition

    when will lydia realize that kevin screwed her over with the pov, and is one of the reasons that made jessie leave and made her cry?
    hopefully soon.. kevin showed his true colors tonight.. he is chima’s bitch

  152. @Jackie, Lydie is up now and in the red room with Nat cleaning up and getting along. Not a good sign for Jeff and Russell.

  153. It is a fine sign. They need to keep on good Michelle’s good side, and then work on hell as getting the next HOH!

  154. Yeah add her to the list of going…first off, chima and/or natalie! Then worry about everyone else lol

  155. If Michelle is smart, she’ll try to get Jeff and/or Russell out of the house. When you get down to the final weeks of BB, there’s always a physical endurance competition or two. Russell and Jeff have such a huge advantage in that sort of competition, that it almost guarantees that one or both of them will win HOH again and stay safe. If both of them go soon, it will level the playing field in all physical competitions, giving all of the non-jock houseguests a fighting chance to go to the final two.

  156. how can you choose to befriend nat and chima over j/j? i cant get that. i thought i was a B*%$#. chima makes me look nice. i cant think of anyone who is that self absorbed.

  157. Right now the girls are bonding over Jesse….lets see if this is how it remains. Once the shock wears off, we may see different things from Lydia.

  158. Remember we gave Jeff the power, he was smart enough to use it and JESSIE is gone. That indeed was the best move in the history of BB. Jeff finally gave Jess/Nat a taste of their own medication. Watching Nat/Chima squirm over this will be sweet. They have no control this week. With Mich as hoh this week does worry me since she flips sides every week. As far as I’m concerned I really want to see Russ/Jeff as final 2. Both are playing the game.

  159. I hope natile and chima go up next then they both get the boot next week. go team jeff, all you people that don,t like jeff why it just a game and he pick the right time to play.So all the people out there going for team jeff I,m one that on your side

  160. i can see how the guys would be hard to beat. but this is a game.and there will be differnt kinds of competition and they will stand a chance of beating the guys. but to keep suck hate in there just vecause you think you can beat them is wrong and i dont think i could stand that much more of nat and chima

  161. Really hope Michele sticks to what she says and does not put up Jeff and Jordan. Chima really really needs to go home.

  162. Lydia whining that Jessie didn’t get to defend himself. How many people has he backdoored again? Screw him, he played that way this entire game and now he gets to swallow it.

  163. I think Jeff made a mistake in not expanding on why he put nat and jesse up.
    He should have said America gave him the power to shake up the game and since they have been in the ivory tower since day one he has to do this for America!
    This way, he put it on America and didn’t make it personal. I know he said something to that affect but he should have been more forceful.
    I certainly hope Russell doesn’t screw Jeff – Michelle needs to put up Chima and Nat. She could be persuaded by Jeff if he will just do it. He is in the game now and he needs to get involved and stop sitting silently on the sidelines.
    Go Jeff!!

  164. YAY Michele!!! I like her, Chima, and Kevin only. Well Russell is going back up I hope she gets Jeff up there too. But maybe not because Jeff gave his last round to Michele. (Saw him turn his head) Happy to see Jesse go would have been happier to see Russell mean butt go. Sorry Chima!!! Maybe this week. Time to see Gnat the yapping dog crumble.

  165. I just saw the news.

    im now more against Jeff but he was for once being smart. great move, but personally he took out Jessie, the homie.


    Well atleast Jessie left because he was the best competitor in the game not becaz america thought he was too buff, or hung out with Natalie too much.

    Ugh!!!!!!!!! again.

    Well my number 1 favorite Nat is still here so thats good, but dang double eveiction. she will be safe. Michelle is just gonna get out Russ and Jeff.

    Come on Natalie, pull this out you got the best shot if its all females in the house.

    Oh my god can u imagine?

  166. Love how Jessie went out. hopefully we see him in WWE whopping on John Cena. Jessie is an interesting personality.

    Michelle is so easy to manipulate, and lies so much, she wont actually have control in the house, every one else will. People will tell her things, and she will take them as facts, and lie to everyone else, then when next weeks HOH comp comes up, ppl are gonna be targeting her.

    I really dislike Jeff more now, but thank you so much for taking Russ of to make Chima mad!!!

    The house just got alot less fun without Jessie from a veiwer stand piont.

    Jacob, seems like were the only J/N supporters out there. or on here.


  168. So will the little chihuahua, and the wicked witch talk Michelle into nominating Jeff and Russell? It’s pretty obvious that Lydia is not appreciative for still being in the game…and Kevin might be considering going hetero for Chima. So, I think the guys are in serious trouble…

  169. YES, Michelle won and I predict that one of America’s sweethearts will go home.

    Really when is Jeff or Jordon really going to come remotely close to winning something. NEVER

  170. i really hope that michelle puts up chima. now that she is hoh chima wanna kiss her butt. b4 ronnie left chima was calling her a loony

  171. Russell might be put up on the block because Michelle does not trust him and Jessie did remind her what he said to her. She will this act Chima telling her what to do. Jordan needs to the Veto this week. Lydia has to remember that Jeff took her off the block and should help Jeff. Nattlie, Chima it is time for both of home to go home.

  172. Re writing Russell should be put up on the block. Jessie did remind Michelle what Russell said that she is loony. Michelle just has to act like it was Chima idea that not to hard to do. Jordan needs to win the Veto to stay in this game. Lydia has to remember that Jeff took her off the block and should help Jeff. Nattlie, Chima it is time for both of home to go home.

  173. lol look whose talking jesse was honorable and legit ..we got some pinheads here who kisses jeff and jordan’s little school kids. thank you cbs big brother for fking up the game for ratings..what a joke.

  174. Lydia owes nothing to Jeff and Jeff is whining to Russell right now and he’s a hippocrit as for Jordan winning POV that’s not going to happen

  175. Taylor how are we idoits for likeing Natale and Jessie and the ppl who like Chima?

    i mean rele? Big Brother is not popularoty contests. Its a freakin game! Its not who is cutest, or who looks this way or that way, its about who plays the best game.

    So if I jessie, because he dominated the house for 5 weeks, that would actually make me wise considering this season its aall about looks with america.

    If anything the peeps who like Jeff are lacking in the IQ department because he hast done anything, and was given of all things mor epower in the house than anyone. He didnt earn it.

    I despise Chima’s actions, her game has been alright. Michelle is a strong player in the house but personally i cant stand her, but she is HOH, and has won 2 pov’s back to back. You have to as I respect that.

    Its like how you play the game doesnt matter to you guys. U guys could care less.

    And i will admit, Jeff made the best move. He took out the best player in the house.

    But for him to now be whining, because Jessie’s peeps are a lil upset he left, I mean if Jordan was evicted, he would be cursing out a few people. He wouldnt have a smile on his face.

    Chima by default is being wat i wish i could say on here. We all knoe what it is. That 5 letter word that starts with the letter B. We know that.

    And now how Jordan is talking smack, she has no room too. Like she is gonna do something.

    So excuse me for being an idoit.

    Hey i heard Chima said some stuff to Jeff, or Jeff said it, does anyone with the live feeds know how bad she was acting after HOH??


  177. They were mad because the power was stupider then jordan and Jeff is acting like a total d-bag

  178. Now im not a sore loser, but would it suprise me if, big if! if cbs dectated Jessie going home?


    If they clean up ppl, like Chima for example as heavily as they do, it wouldnt surpise me

    For example

    Cbs looks at the comments on there webpage, and obviously gets the votes from Wizard power. So they can be like;

    “Well if we give the most power in the house to Jeff, who is loved by 85% of the viewers, and take Jessie off the show because alot of ppl dont like him, then are ratings will go rise”

    I means its possible, and wouldnt shock me, but you know there is no proof, and its probably not true.

  179. cbs has compromise the integrity of the game with some bogus power they call coup de tard.
    how disgusting.. i wouldnt wish such a poor mans coward power upon anyone in the house. it was a total joke to get evicted in such fashion.

  180. Well said marv. CBS screwed up big time on this one. Giving a stiff the power and taking out the person who has played the best game is just a tragedy. WAY TO GO CBS!

  181. The 3 bawl babies seem to have forgotten who and how many they backdoored and they always thought it was funny and they didn’t care then! How we forget. Lydia grow a brain

  182. I am so happy with the results of tonights, and Jessie is gone. Next week lets see that Chima is packing and gone. Why should we have to put up with her crap.

  183. Does anyone here have a bucket handy? I think I’m going to puke watching Chia pet, Nat the rat and Lydia the baby are crying their eyes out and holding a wake for Jessie the pinhead. Lydia says if I go up just vote me out. Hmmmm? I wonder why….maybe cuz she’ll have pinhead all alone in jury??? hahaha They are so sickening

  184. Did Jesse get run over by a truck on the way out the door? All those crazy beyotches are crying like the jerk died. WTH is there problem? everyone of them was ready to backstab someone throughout the game-they all threw someone under the bus-AND THEY ARE FREAKING CRYING?

  185. I disagree with anyone who says Jeff is acting like an d bag or anything of that nature, last night every single person in the house was up inn the hoh room just bad mouthing russel like nothing else, kevin and chima both remarked that russel will probably beat his future wife or girlfriend and they hope he ends up in prison one day, completely classless

  186. i think its hilarious that chima, lydia, and gnat are crying for him right now. PPL ITS A GAME! evey1 knows that you do not play on a personal level. my thing is that if either 1 of them had the CDT the would had put up jeff and jordan and jeff would have been the 1 leaving. jeff made the decision based on who was the strongest.

  187. Jacob, its obvious u don’t care what jeff does good or bad, u have a biased opinion, so basically ur opinions are pointless… done

  188. If Nasty Nat would have won HoH, the only positive would be this: maybe someone would have included a Snuggie in her luxery items so she could quit funking up the houseguest blankets since she’s wrapped up in them 24/7. I am so sick of her and her nastiness!!

  189. Ummmm,,….did I miss something. Did someone die in the house.. it sounds like a bunch of lil kids losing there lil puppy dog….Geezz… give me a break.

  190. jacob ,,little boy jeff is so much a bigger and better man than you,, you are little boy trouble maker

  191. Jessie was the best player?? Not in competitions…that would be Russell and Michelle…nobody else is even close. And this crying crap…do these people know what this game is about? Are they playing for $500,000 or the chance to be near their hero? Lydia is disgusting…she turns on everybody who protects her…Jessie voted to evict her a**…her own “playmate” was intimidated by Chima, yet she is still 100% behind him (which he is kinda used to…). Jeff has to live with his decision…ball-sy, but it will have him dodging bullets for awhile…GROW A PAIR, CHIMA!!

  192. its crazy! these bitches are crying like he died! They are playing on a personal level and that’s why they wont win!

  193. What: everybody else is the same so don’t judge me when everybody else is doing it so go dream about having sex with the douche named Jeff

  194. chima is currently equating herself to the twin towers and russel to the terrorists. ummmm… racist?

  195. Its a lil creepy there crying and talking as if he died, but i can understand.

    The guy didnt even get a chance. it was “move ur feet, u gotta seat . . . on julie’s couch” lol

    Never thought i see Natalie cry.

    But i think its upsetting like i said becaz he got evicted by someone who wasnt HOH, just given the power. like you know?

    Its one thing to loose, and then be gone, but to not even have a fighting chance its like dang.

    Does anyone even say dang anymore?

    He literally made friends betwwen Lydia and Natalie, made friends with Chima, if he was right he still apoligize, he almost single handledly made that last allaince. he could talk himself out of any situation and sound really convinving.

    He never backdoored anyone.

    And yea his laugh was so annoying when he got going, but he was funny. oh well life moves on.

    As more ppl go, its gonna get more boring. like when there is 5 ppl left, yea it will boring.

    Can i also say, why have a double eviction after tonights stunt? i mean rele??? Only thing that makes that swalloable if thats a word or maybe the word is edible, is the fact Michelle is HOH

  196. Lydia telling the girls that if she is put up to vote her out the money doesn’t mean anything to her. Of course not, she would be alone with Jessie in the jury house.

  197. Jeff made a good decision, everyone was comign after him after russel left, by keeping him he probably bought himself an extra week or two to have another chance to win hoh or pov, also jeff isn’t taking advantage of jeff, if it wasn’t for jeff, jordan would have been totally taken advantage of by people like natalie and jesse, she’s over her head without him

  198. These 3 girls are sooo disgusting crying over Jesse. These are the next group of people going, Lydia is going to do anything to get kicked out because she wants to go to the jury house with Jesse! LOL

  199. CBS picked the dumbest people for this season. IT’S a GAME I don’t get this. A game for HALF A MILLION and these girls (Chima, Lydia, and Nat) would just roll over and hand it over on a silver platter. Lydia just said money doesn’t matter, then why is she even on the show? Its a game and if you’re not willing to do what it takes to get to the end and win money that could change your life, then why even bother? Lydia called Jordan a “whore”. Its disgusting how these girls are “playing” this game, they’re not even playing they’d hand it over to any male who showed any interest in them. Russell didn’t give Chima the right sexual attention she wanted so she turned. The made up this “fake” fight that got out of hand. I can’t even stand this BBAD its just disgusting.
    Michelle needs to put up two of the 3 girls, and if 1 gets POV put up the 3rd. I couldn’t stand playing a game just to have people not play and hand over the win. Jessie wasn’t all that great of a player, he even said that Jeff made the best move in the game, and he did. The only people bashing are the 3 girls who happen to be by themselves right now talking amongst themselves. Chima made another racist joke about Russell and how she was the “twin towers”. WHY did these girls even sign up to play this game if they’re just going to hand it over? Jeff did play the game, I voted for him to get the “wizard” power and he used it how I was hoping he would. Chima is the most racists person I have ever seen on this show, calling Casey “white trash”. What male in this house hasn’t gotten a racial slur thrown at them from her? Ahhhhhhh it angers me that these girls aren’t PLAYING the GAME, I wish I was in that house, I’d play my heart out. Michelle is a smart girl, and getting rid of those non-players is the smartest move she could ever make in that house.

  200. just b/c jeff wasn’t playing the game dirty doesn’t means that he not playing. jesse deserves to get the boot cuz he had all his dogs doing his dirty work.


  202. Nice post, Tina…it’s obvious Chima’s a man-hater. Outside of Jessie and Kevin, what man has she not had a problem with. She hated Ronnie, initially, as a teammate. She fought with Braden, then Russell. Called Casey “white trash”, has a newly huge hatred for Jeff, because he usurped her authority (welcome to the BB house…they pull stuff like this every season), and then wanted to form the all girl alliance (including Kevin, of course), so essentially backstabbing her best buddy Jessie. And she feels like she deserves something…like respect? What an idiot…and, what exactly have Natalie and Lydia done in this game, competitively??

  203. I can not believe I actually heard Chima say she was the twin towers! That is the most sickening thing I have ever heard!

  204. All the house guests talk about playing the game personal… but for the 3 girls to sit and cry is way to personal. Lydia wants to go to jury house Im sure she will beg to go.

  205. what’s wrong with you people.

    JESSIE was GIVEN a second chance in BB11. GIVEN.

    JESSIE was GIVEN HOH the first week.

    Jeff gets given the Power and now he’s bad and doesn’t deserve it?

    Jeff has done everything right. He hasn’t wronged anyone.

    And Lydia, he just took her off the block and she’s mad at him?

    Idiot scrappy said Jessie was HOH two times and didn’t put Jeff up and Jeff screws him. UH, HE COULDN’T PUT HIM UP because they were in the same click.

    It’s a game to WIN MONEY.

    Those three girls are psychos and Jessie brainwashed them. You call Jeff arrogant but he can’t hold a candle to Jessie.

  206. Are these 3 bitches f’in kidding me! Jessie played lydia like a fool. Did u see here face when chiman told gnat how much jessie liked her. I think Jeff did the perfect thing to keep me from pucking…Michelle is putting up Russel and Chima no doubt

  207. on a strictly game play level they should keep lydia, all she will do is try to keep losing comps so that she’ll go to the jury house, good enough reason for me to keep her

  208. Hey Jacob, are you getting paid to say these things? Jeff won a POV..Lydia has won nothing…Natalie shared a win with Russell in the first HOH comp, and has not come close in anything since. Jeff got the coup d’etat, because he’s well-liked, and plays the game with some class and dignity. I’m sure you’ll come back with another ignorant remark…so, why don’t we just say “you win”…your side is the best!!

  209. Chim and Lydia are going freakin crazy there saying some stupid stuff.

    Wat do u expect after a couple of rounds? haha no but really there being dumb.

    Chima is still riding Russel so bad, I cant belive it.

    She said she was going to throw a tantrum, she didnt do anything. Saying one thing, doing its oppoiste, that seems to be her style.

  210. Pesonally i dont hate Jesse because hes in shape. I dislike the fact that hes a user. And he cant string a sentence together without sounding like he has a mouth full of marbles. He sounds like Rocky! Lydia doesnt know that if shes evicted this wk she would only get a few hrs with her precious jess, its double eviction wk and the next hg to go would be right behind her. Sorry. No alone time for you.

  211. Oh Cat you are right! LOL That would piss her off so bad! I hope it’s Lydia then Nat! LOL

  212. I do rhink as stupid as jesse is, I give him credit for playing a strong game this year, I remeber watching him talking last year after his eviction with gretchen macey and evel dick and I swear it was impossible to understand his logic

  213. Jessie was a lot classier this year, although his “save me” speech tonight showed that he was in a bit of shock. I thought he handled himself well in the confrontation with Russell, too…

  214. Dan i will be glad to tell you and everyone else again what Natalie has done in this game. Not lydia because she doesnt do anything, and just whines.

    Natalie was the first HOH, and last the longest in the first HOH competion. she won it with Russ.

    Amazing how all of you forget that.

    Prize wise thats it.

    Game wise, she has worked with Jessie, and run the house. no where near wat Jessie did, but if it wasnt for her, Jessie would be gone. so would Russ. so would a few people.

    Jessie won the comps and everything, Natalie built trust with everyone, and got the scoops from everyone in the house, so that her, Jessie, and their alliance would know whats exactly going on.

    Thats what she has done. Has she done enough? No.

    Oh she has come in 2nd in the HOH 2 or 3 times.

  215. Chima is pushing the envelope with the rules, daring the producers to do something. They need some backbone and throw her out.

  216. The crying is ridiculous, if he hadn’t left tonight, he would have won…they would have jsut handed him the money

  217. The only “game play” Nat and Lydia have done has been getting all over Jessie’s nuts. Please explain to $e why Jordan is a “whore”? I’d love to know. I am not hating on how Jessie looks, I don’t care how any of the PLAYERS look, I care about game play. Jessie pretty much played the game like last time, only this time he lasted a little longer. Don’t hate the players hate the game. Or in this case dislike those not playing the game. People forget that this is a game, not just any game (its not checkers) its a game worth half a million. People in this world have done a lot more to each other for less than that. Its disgusting, I’m going to keep signing up to play this game, everyone always says “I’d never do that” but I have a feeling that’s a damn lie. This isn’t chump change they’re playing for, its life changing money. I liked Nat when she first stood up for Jordan when Chima was saying crap about her (that was before the crying) then they get more drinks in them and now she’s lost my likeable vote. Call Jordan and Jeff all the names you want just remember that when you get your undies in a twist when someone bashes a player you happen like.

  218. @Marcus…I mentioned Natalie’s shared HOH victory…check it out. I agree that she has done some serious game-playing, in the communications area within the house…ultimately she will be judged on winning a competition, or two…will she? I do see your point, though. Also, Jessie only won one comp…the HOH…no POV’s. He did play better this year.

  219. Jordns a whore because
    1.she has fake boobs
    2.she’s been naked at least 3 time and doesn’t care
    3. She’s all over Jeff

  220. @Marcus-was it not Jesse that backdoored Casey? Something about move your feet….and that was after he told Jeff and Casey that he was backdooring ronnie the rat? Chimale and gnatarat need to go on the block-so glad chimale got screwed on her HoH. Hope Michelle stands true to Jeff and Jord.
    Jesse had no time to tell Natarat everything that she just said-no way he had the time to say it.
    And Nat claims that Jesse never put Jeff on the block–When was he able to put Jeff on the block?

  221. I loved it when Michelle said that there are 2 places she feels safe, right now she’s outside having a GAME PLAY conversation with Russell, Jordan, and Jeff. The one person those 3 non game players should be talking to is outside with the “others” talking game. Those 3 are inside bashing Jeff, Jordan and Russell completely forgetting the GAME. It’s going to be a great week if Michelle sticks with the “others” the true game players. Kevin isn’t even bashing anyone he’s off by himself. Oooooo I hope Michelle makes the right move, who truly wants to play a game worth so much with people that really could care less. All those 3 want is Jessie they don’t care about the real reason they’re in that house. Its funny how Michelle is outside talking with Russell the second person she’s had issues with in this house. She’s playing the game for what it is; a game.

  222. Michelle maakes me sick….. I want to see she-rat (Michelle) go home next week…….. She was trashing Russell last night and now she is his friend? What a rat….. Michelle needs to go next Thursday!!!

  223. hey don’t bash jordan for having fake boobs, some girls are insecure about small breasts I don’t think anyone should judge for that, I’m not

  224. well at some point u have to swallow ur pride and workin with the enemy for a common goal, I think she won’t forget what russel did, but bigger problems are around first

  225. @what…when it comes to this type of forum, the lowest you can go is picking on physical traits…consider who is making the remarks…

  226. Natalie, Lydia and Chima keep saying they will not abide by the have not rules. They will not sleep in the have not room. Natalie took all the extra pillows and blankets out of the have not room. Throw all 3 out.

  227. Oh so everyone with fake boobs is a “whore” nice. I don’t care about her boobs, I know lots of people with implants, guess they’re all whores now. Thanks for letting me in on that one. She’s been naked on camera, who cares. You’re a whore for getting your rocks off on it. Wonder how many times you’ve backtracked just to look at her naked body? You’re stuck in a house for 90 days, you’re bound to slip up sometime with your home rituals. So everyone who has had to strip down for their showers is a “whore” as well? If that’s what makes you a whore I guess Nat isn’t on that list. The least likely of all the guests to take a shower ever. Nat makes my “whore” list, anyone coming into that house with a boyfriend but sleeps in a bed with another man (sex or no sex) is on my whore list.

  228. For someone who was criticized a couple of weeks ago for not winning anything, Michele sure has turned it around. Way to go Michele.

  229. @Tina…I think the guy just says that stuff to get a rise out of people…if he truly believes it, he must have a terrible time when BB is oh hiatus…

  230. Marcus…how can you say that Jessie didn’t backdoor anyone, when you quoted what Jessie said to Casey when he BACKDOORED him!

    Lydia is blind to what is going on! Now she is “friends” with the two women that wanted her out because she was flirting with “their” men! Please, grow a brain!

  231. Marcus, Nattlie has not won HOH she has been hanging on Jessie for so long you might think she wow HOH (LOL) I have not seen her do much in the house except open her mouth telling other what is going on. She gives up to easy she plays both sides were ever Jessie went she followed (Mary had a little Lamb)

    Week one
    Jessie with the athletes won Head of Household
    It looks like the brainiacs are living in the torture room
    Week 2 This week on Big Brother 11, Ronnie is the Head of Household, which spells trouble.

    Week 3 Jessie

    Week 4 Russell

    Week 5 Chima

    Week 6 Michelle

    Jacob I see you don’t care for Jordan but I think she will start playing we will find out. Well for everybody else who writes on this website talks about Chima is just as bad there is a saying “if you have nothing good to say nothing” but we know we like writing the negative thing about people find the bad not the good.

  232. Athletes and Brains run the house alternately. Jordan and Jeff is rather dumb. They havent done well in any competition. If this continues, they will be evicted soon.

    By the way, Jessie was out for laughing out loud :)

  233. Why can’t america vote for one of the evictees next week. I remember when the game first came out America voted on who was sent home. I think we should do it again. I will stop watching BB as I can’t stand Chima, Natalie and the get a long gang. I think that this game has lost its appeal and the people that are playing are takign it to personally rather than a game…would you see Jesse cry if anyone one of those girls left? He was playing them.
    I will read the live feeds but I doubt I will watch the show again. CBS needs to take Chima out of the game for all her comments.

  234. I kind of feel badly for Jesse, but Jeff HAD to do, he would have been a fool if he didn’t. And you know if Jesse had the power he would have used it. Like Jesse himself said…Jeff made a good play. I would have liked see a more irritating player go though…like Gnat.

  235. I’m proud of Jeff for using the power. Anyone could have won the power, so I don’t feel this was “given to him” I don’t understand why Chima was allowed to play for HOH? All week she enjoyed her power. And did anyone notice that Chima was telling people who to choose? She’s too controling. Michelle probably knows that she can’t beat Jeff of Russell in endurance comps, but she can beat everyone else. The game is still young and I hope she is smart enough to keep Jeff to help her to advance further. For a double eviction, the way it worked last year, the show just goes right into voting and then the HOH comp and the power of veto and then another eviction all in one hour. So the second HOH doesn’t get a chance to enjoy a week in the HOH room. After the second eviction there is another HOH comp and that winner is up in the HOH room all week. Jesse did backdoor two people. Casey and Braden. But he was pretty nasty with Casey. I like the way Jeff told Jesse here’s your seat. LOL I love reading everyone’s comments, but we are getting too emotional over these women. I like to hear other people’s strategies and give me some food for thought. Does anyone agree? I know we, myself included, can’t stand Chima and Natalie and we have to vent, but this is a game. Tell me your stratagies if you want to.

  236. For all you people who are hating on Jeff!! If you had any kind of sense you’d be able to figure out that Jeff is the ONLY real man in the house.
    Kevin: stands behind women and lets them run his life.Won’t even be loyal to his one true friend in the house, Lydia.

    Russell: While Russ controls his temper he is still ruled by emotion and will say anything he needs to to stay in the house.
    Jesse: Well, Jesse is gone, but then he was never a man to start with.
    Jeff has kept his temper in check. Has thought out how to play his game and has been able to stay away from the crazies in the house. When Jeff gives his word on an alliance deal he keeps it. (Thats what real men do)Its a shame he is so trusting though. That will be his only down fall, but then he may have us all fooled there too.

  237. oh god, can we say sore loser? i cannot believe the crap the 3 evil bitches are spewing. i read mich said chia pet is a def for going up, now she is deciding between lyd and nat. she told jordan she would like to have a jeff in the house like jord. she wants to trust russ and wants them to be final 4. i think with chima gone, russ will mellow out. evil bitches crying in the kitchen, this is soo funny.

  238. I can’t believe they are leaving Chima in the game, she is spitefull person (I can’t even call her a lady), even her grandparents couldn’t believe the way she is acting on the show. hopefully she isn’t this self-obsorbed in real life. as for jessee. i met him, last year and he is actually a nice guy (a little too beefy but thats steriods for you) and he is way short in person too :). I hope Jeff WINS all the money, he is very HOT. GO TEAM JEFF.

  239. Jeff is a class act. Listening to him talk about Chima/Lydia/Natalie’s behavior last night. Their stealing stuff and throwing stuff, crying… 2 year olds much? lol Its amazing that to Lydia its so sad that poor Jessie didn’t even get a chance to fight, but back-dooring other people in the house was fine. America voted the power to Jeff because he carries himself with dignity. Unlike anyone else in the house. You can say its unfair, but much in life and BB are not fair. How was it fair that the athletes had four players and not three? How was it fair that Jessie is back this year, and is gifted with HOH the first week. Its a game. You take what you earn or are given, and play the best you can.

  240. I’m proud to be an American. I’m disgusted that CBS is still keeping Chima around. Her comments about the Twin Towers and terrorists are unacceptable. I’m on the East Coast and I do not like her remarks and laughs after she says it. Is she nuts? Thousands of people died in that attack and more are dying overseas to make sure this never happens again. In honor of those that died and those serving overseas CBS should kick her off and make a stand and tell the viewers that they don’t approve of that. I know I said we shouldn’t get so emotional about the women, but like the game I changed mind. It’s not racism, it’s Americans standing up and saying this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Maybe with Chima gone the other women will straighten up. Let’s vote to replace her with Casey. We will really get some laughs from him. What do you say?

  241. sorry but Jeff will not win Big Brother. count the jury and see how many votes will be against him. Nat,Lydia, Chima and Jessi. so nop Jeff is not winning big 11 sorry

  242. seriously, I love the updates but you are a hypocrit…

    100 percent.

    It is beyond ridiculous that if Jeff did indeed tell someone, you are passing it off as nothing

    IF ronnie had done HALF that, or thought about it, you would be ALL OVER him for it…but since its jeff and you hate chima, you say suck it up, since, gosh golly, it went jeff’s way…

    How about a little less bias on your write ups…wow.

  243. and agreed with the previous comment

    jeff ruined his shot since he just lost half the jury really…

    had he let russell just go, russ is out the house, and jeff creates no enemies, while keeping russ close in the jury house.

    Stupid play by Jeff…he just didnt want to not use it.

  244. see all i read is go team jeff, jeff is hot…


    so far, the game has been ronnie gets rid of people, people get rid of ronnie, America hands jeff an unfair power that has no way of being overturned or changed…Jessie knew it all week…

  245. Has Lydia still not thanked Jeff for taking her off? And WTF how was Chima pet allowed to point at who she wanted Kevin to pick? And why is Kevin being such a little biotch?

  246. @alex: Jeff did not tell anyone he had the power. Chima was posing this claim in a search for retribution for her sense of being wronged in the game. She has to blame someone and she wants her pound of flesh for her perceived injustices.

    If you’re dissatisfied with my posts I’ll gladly refund your cost of admission…

  247. Jeff had the guts to make the nominations, play the game , not like the other wack jobs who pretend that loyalty is the onl thing that matters!Michelle winning POV was better than the people who belong in the nut house. Jeff, Jordyn or Russell would of been the best. Hope Michelle keeps her word. As for Chima, I am tired of talking about her, we all know what she is, a self centered, selfish @@@@@, I cannot imagine being her friend outside of the house. In the west, we never see the show live anyway, since it is shown first on Eastern Time so not doing it live was stupid on there part, but not the end of the world. Chima’s threats are what should be dealt with.

    We will see on Sunday what Michelle does, but if I have to see those nuts crying and behaving the way they have on BB afterdark, I will turn it off. I almost lost my mind last night!

  248. So.. Jeff should have not used the power? What?? Sure, let Russell be voted out, then it would be Jessie, Chima, Lydia, Kevin and Natalie, against Jeff, Jordan and hopefully Michelle? Duh… making enemies on the jury doesn’t matter if you are ON the jury. He did what he had to do to stay in the game. Put the shoe on the other foot. Say Michelle had won HOH and nominated Jessie and Chima. If Nats had won the power of CDT, she would not have used it??? duh.. Of course she would.

  249. Chima yells that Jeff told someone, which was not true, yet Natalie stated to Lydia last night that she, Jessie and Chima had a signal that would tell the other 2 that they had the power.

  250. It was because Jeff told Russ that if he ever got the chance to save him he would since Russ saved him and Jordan. Now Chimapet thinks that he told Russ. Chimapet is so annoying. What gives these three b****es the right to go through anyone’s personal belongings. Where are the limitations set? How distasteful to take someone’s rosary. I will throw a personal yahoo party when Chima is gone. Where are the Chima supporters now? How can anyone try and defend her actions this time? Wasn’t Chima just saying the other night how no man basically delegates her life and she would not die for any man. Well, that is pretty much what her and the other ninny’s are doing. Evict them all, well throw Chima pet out for her racial slurs. BB, why are you rewarding such racial behavior.

  251. Susan I agree with you that he would not have a chance if he did nothing he would be on the block you have to make the best move that will help you. Houseguest has to help themself if you want to win in this game.

  252. The game always there will be a twist so I do not know why people are saying it is unfair and guess what America Big Brother Fans you made the vote for Jeff power you had the coice.
    Now Jordan needs to win POV

  253. WUZ UP BB Fans? Does anyone else find it interesting that Russell wants to target Chima / Kevin but not Natalie…. I think he may try to form a secret alliance with natalie on the side, so he can have her looking out for him at the same time as having jeff / Jordan / Michelle looking out for him and not knowing about his deal with Natalie…. I think he trusts Natalie more than Michelle and will definitely stab Michelle in the back for Natalie….

  254. I’m so glad Jeff made the right choice. It was time for Jesse to go home. Lydia is ungrateful and trust me when I say this, karma is going to bite her in the a**. I won’t even comment on MS. CHIMA LOL…

    Jesse, Chima and Natalie all feel they are in control of the house. Jesse is gone, now they need to take the other 2 out. I didn’t have a favorite player after Laura was evicted, but I definitely don’t want Chima or Natalie to win.

  255. I am so tired of Chima thinking she has so much power. “I need to have a talk with the producers'”, she says. I want to slap her. If anyone needs to have a little talk with the producers’ it’s the viewers about why the are keeping her in the house after her tantrums, tyrades, threats and slurs

  256. Wow. Call Jessie Mr. Arrogant or Mr. Uncomfortable. Tough interview subject.

    The thing that doesn’t get acknowledged or even seen by Jessie or his side of the BB house is the social aspect of the game. Jeff has played the entire game masterfully by his willingness to get out and make friends and talk with anyone and everyone in the game. He doesn’t sleep 16 hours a day just because he can.

    Team Jessie/Natalie,etc. make the huge mistake of drawing battle lines ALL the time. Jeff takes the pressure off people by talking about life with them and NOT just the game. He makes himself fun to be around. That is where Jeff deserves far more credit than some seem willing to give him. And NOTE: Jessie basically won 1 competition where he truly LUCKED into winning. The rest was handed to him. Casey and Jeff’s shots in the honeycomb bucket HOH comp were more accurate to the higher points in the center, but just happened to bounce out. Pure luck.

    Amazing that Jessie’s side of the house could be in control for so long and yet still find themselves in trouble. Too much time in bed boys and girls!! Try getting some personality. It might have helped.

  257. I’m glad that Jessie is gone. The game would not be interesting with him always having power and being the alpha male. Also, I am pleased that Michele won HoH because she can be unpredictable, which is exciting. As of right now my two fav. houseguest are Russell and Kevin. I like Russell because he plays the game and he’s very competitive. I enjoy watching Kevin because he’s a character. However, I wish Michele to win Big Brother because I think she’s the underdog; most of the time I like the underdogs to win. My least fav. houseguests would be Chima, Lydia and little bit of Natalie. I don’t like Chima because well she just brings bad energy to the house with her poor sportsmanship and threats. I don’t like Natalie because she comes out strong but she sucks as a player. I don’t like Lydia because she sucks in general; she’s just so melodramatic. For next weeks’ double eviction, I would like Chima and Jordan to leave the house. Chima because she’s just a trainwreck and Jordan because she’s just hanging on Jeff and not really doing anything. She’s nice though, but I don’t think nice has anything to do with the game.

  258. To all of you who want to complain about Chima’s behavior and comments.

    Please BOTH email your complaints AND call this number to complain to CBS. Hopefully, if enough of us do this, they will censure her!

    323-575-2200, then press 1

  259. You slay me, Matt! I’d pay $500,000 for an ounce of your patience! Great job! What other blogs do you monitor in the BB off season? I want to be a member, because I think i will miss ya!

  260. One more thing to make all of you think…

    Natalie refused to sleep in the HAVE NOT room and received no punishment as far as I could tell.

    Jeff takes a sip of Gatorade and gets an extra day on slop.

    Chima unleashes hatred toward not just individuals, but populations and victims and religions etc. in countless, tasteless ways
    and is not punished.


  261. @TinaG

    Everyone just ignore Jacob. He adds nothing, NOTHING, intelligent to this conversation EVER. I have confronted him several times. He’s probably a 13-15 year old boy. Consider the source and skip his comments.

  262. @ Alex if it is fair to give Jesse a free hoh it is fair to give Jeff the cdt every HG had a chance to get it. America liked Jeff because he is always the same and not fake like Jesse was. America does not like jesse. Deal with it. Go team jeff. Glad he got it and used it like he did. It was just to bad Chima didnt follow her King out the door

  263. It’s so interesting to see the sophomoric rants of Alex & Jacob when we (America), know that when it is Jeff & Michelle in the final 2, the jury will give it to the best game player, ala ‘Survivor’, regardless who they like or hate.

  264. Is anyone watching the feeds? I think something happened with Chima. It looks like she may have stormed out of the house after being nominated! Did anyone catch any of this???

  265. Everything was fare because any team could have 4 players Jessie won maybe he was not the best pick. I glad Jordan won HOH I knew she would come in at the end.Thank you for writing about Jacob I thought the same thing that he is young.

  266. Does anyone know why they didn’t do the “goodbye” messages from the house guests for Jessie? I don’t recall them doing that.

  267. @jengie they never made videos for his eviction because nobody knew he was even going to get nominated. The cdt was used so he went up on the block like only 5 mns before being evicted!

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