Big Brother 11: Clique T-Shirt Giveaway Round 2 Final Chance

Here’s your last day to enter the second round giveaway for the Big Brother 11 Clique T-shirt contest! The winners will pick their clique and style of the T-shirt.

All you have to do to enter and hopefully win is register for the free email updates from Hollywood Hills, the great movie site from our blog network.

Once you’ve signed up and have confirmed your subscription (a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically) for Hollywood Hills’s email updates you’re all set for the contest. There’s nothing else to do. I’ll draw two entries on Saturday, August 15th and contact the winners so get yourself entered now!

Bonus for Bloggers! Here’s an extra bonus opportunity for the bloggers out there. Write a blog post about this contest, include a link back to this contest as well as to the front page of Big Brother Network, send me a link to the post, and you’ll double your chances with an automatic second entry in this giveaway!

Restrictions: You must be 18+ years of age and a U.S. resident to be eligible to win the giveaway. (Nothing against our northern friends, just shipping reasons.)



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  1. That’s probably out there somewhere, but these will just be for the cliques.

    Though you’ve got me thinking about making some T-shirts modeled after Jessie’s shirt last night. What does everyone think of a “The Man, The Myth, The Letdown”? Aww snap! Sorry, Jessie…

  2. you notice when whe was standing with julie he tried to flex but he couldnt geet his shirt sleeves to show his little arms ,,hes so pathetic


  4. Why should anybody listen to a person who threat to sue. So many people use a threats just to get there way.

    Big Brother I wan a TEE Shirt for next season want a bee number 1 BB(LOL)

  5. Seeeee yaaaaa jessie.I hated him being there from the get go.. And o m g Chima need to grow up and get some where she is such a lier and trouble maker and Nat is right be hind her.. Every week someone from the other side got the boot but when there poor Jessie got it they was crying like he… I say kiddos to jeff i hope him and or Jordan take it all the way

  6. I am giving a shout-out to the best TV show ever and to Alison Grodner…:)

    GOD BLESS ya

  7. Does anyone else find it interesting that Russell wants to target Chima / Kevin but not Natalie…. I think he may try to form a secret alliance with natalie on the side, so he can have her looking out for him at the same time as having jeff / Jordan / Michelle looking out for him and not knowing about his deal with Natalie…. I think he trusts Natalie more than Michelle and will definitely stab Michelle in the back for Natalie….

  8. OH YEAH, I can not wait for the DOUBLE EVICTION going to be GREAT I just hope its one of the 3 cry babies that get evicted…… Can not wait to see

  9. @leo

    Natalie hasn’t won anything except the first endurance competition. Kevin/Chima have shown that they can win mental competitions. Even though I like Kevin more, taking out Kevin and Chima first is common sense.

  10. @Leo: I agree with Eamon. Natalie is a very weak player in the game. Kevin and Chima have both proven themselves to be more of a threat and warrant targeting before Natalie.

  11. Kevin doesn’t do anything without making sure it’s okay with Chima first. Can I wipe now Chima?

  12. i agree nat hasnt shown that she can win a be fair i have to say chima has proven she is strong in a compition.i think kevin just got lucky but he did win pov and turned his back on lydia b/c he was told to.i would like to see chima leave next week.i do wish kevin would play his game his way,and hook up w/jeff.

  13. Does anyone really think Russell won’t stab Michelle in th back to try to get brownie points with Jessie by carrying Natalie? Here is why I say this…… Jessie, I voted to keep you unlike Michelle, Kevin, Jordan and remember Jeff is the one who stabbed you in the back…… I didn’t say Chima or Lydia because neither one of them will mke it that far in my point….. I would also like to point out that is Season #9 Natalie hadn’t won any challenges and was thought to be a weak player and everyone thought would crumble after Matt was back doored….. She suprised everyone and won the HOH…… I say she might just suprise everyone…. Back to Russell, is it really that far fetched he would make a secret alliance with Naataliie who he trusts more than 2 faced Michelle? He can make a secret deal with Natalie the same way he did with Ronnie when Ronnie was hated by the entire house and Russell kept sneaking in the HOH room…. Another reason to keep Natalie is in case Jeff / Jordan / Michelle decide heis too much of a threat in the final 4-5 and get ridof him….. Russell would have Nat on his side and Jeff / Jordan / Michelle on th other sid which gives him 4 allies!!! What do you think about this Matt / Bluezey60 / Eamon P.S. Thanks for your feed back on my last post ok?

  14. leo,i think its quite possible he has a secret alliance w/ would not surprise me at all.he said he would do what ever it takes to win.i just hope his nose doesnt get cut off,b/c i would like to see him in the final 2 w/jeff.russ is a good player mentally and physically,he is burning the rope at both ends.i would like to see nat show that she can play instead of scream and holler all the time.i still want jeff,russ jorden and michele final 4.

  15. oh sorry leo i do believe russ would stab michele in the back he did jeff when he voted nat out.but you are right he wants their votes from the jury house to win the big money.

  16. @ Bluezey60…… Michelle will flip on Jeff / Jordan / Jeff if Natalie / Kevin / Lydia win the HOH this Thursday or the next HOH after the 2nd live eviction…….. I don’t think Jeff will win the $500,000 against Russell / Jordan / Michelle because Natalie / Chima / Lydia said they will not Vote to give Jeff the money against anyone….. Jessie won’t either….. Chima even said she would give her vote to Russell over Jeff….. Does anyone know if BB will be on for 2 hours on Thursday because it is a live double eviction?

  17. i dont know leo,on chat roll they said michele put up nat and chimai just hope they dont win pov lydia or kevin either.i think michele will stay true til the final 4,russ is going to flip be for he probably wont win the big money,but may the best person win.who ever gets there in 1 piece is doing

  18. @ Blueyez60……. Good evening…… I know Chima was nominated with Natalie with the hopes of evicting Chima….. Did you waatch BBAD last night? Russell was intent to have Chima / Kevin put up and not Natalie….. People say because Natalie is week…. What do you think about this theory….. Russell knows Chima / Kevin will never make an alliance with him, but Natalie will especially once Chima is evicted…… If not, Jeff / Jordan / Michelle / Russell will have to hope Natalie / Lydia / Kevin don’t get lucky and win….. If there is a physical comp without water I believe Natlie can outlast the boys…. Let’s not forget it was her and Russell hanging off the toilet seat last in the first HOH comp….. She would have lasted longer than Russel because he was hurting….. I always enjoy getting feedback from you Bluezey60 / Matt and all the other BB fans…… My alliance is down but not out, and I will remain loyal even if they are all put out the house….. Go team NBK – Natalie / Lydia / Kevin / Chima who is going next…. (dohhhhh) L-O-L!!!

  19. I can’t wait until Thursday…… It is only Friday night!!! I can’t wait to see who wins the 2nd HOH and who they nominate….. Hey Bluezey60 / Matt / all other BB Fans, does anyone know if next Thursday BB will be on for2 hours since it is a live double eviction night? Also will they have a 2nd HOH comp afte the 2nd HG is evicted or will the HG who won the HOH comp still keep the HOH room even after the 2nd vote? Can you Bluezey60 / Matt or any other BB Fans explain Thusday to me? Thanks everyone…. BBAD is on…… Oh yeah!!!

  20. Looky jear Bluezey60….. I can’t believe Natalie / Lydia are working together….. They are studying dates with a better system than Jeff / Jordan / Russell and more accurately and detailed….. Don’t give the final 4 to Jeff / Jordan / Russel / Michelle yet folks….. Don’t underestimate Natalie / Lydia / Kevin….. This is BB…. expect the unexpected……

  21. Russell will flip to the end of the game so the other people need to watch out. He cannot be trusted. Russell and Jeff are good at physical competition. Natalie has gave up on some of the competition .I have a feeling Jordan has been holding back that she might surprise the houseguest. I notice Chima been telling Kevin what to do during the competition She used her hands signals and a lot of eye contact. Lydia needs to watch out.

  22. W-O-W…… look and the POV comp set up…….. Lydia is doing good……. Go Natalie / Lydia / Kevin……. I would rather have Chima go home then Natalie / Lydia or Kevin….. What do you think about that Bluezey60 and others?

  23. well leo, i think lydia and nat should be leaving their behavior is in poor taste.i have read chima quit im so happy for that.i believe the only way they are safe in the game is if they win.

  24. you are so funny leo,nat doesnt seem to like water,lol.lydia,kevin,nat have to win compitions if they dont they will leave.although chima has left i would like to see nat leave.or lydia.they are their own demise.i do not think the girls have many friends left.they have pushed the envolope to far.i do believe now is the time to start playing the challenges to win and that includes jorden.

  25. Bluezey I agree with you….. I just hope AG does the right thijg and has another HOH comp with the remaaing HG’s able to play minus the current HOH Michelle….. If Michelle gets to get rid of two enemies while being HOH 1 week….. that will be BS

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