Exclusive Interview with Big Brother Casting Producer: What It Takes For BB12

Big Brother 12 casting

Every preseason of Big Brother is peppered with the same question, “what does it take to be cast?” Luckily for those asking, this past weekend amidst the height of Big Brother 12 casting, I had the chance to sit down with Kassting Inc.’s Senior Casting Producer, Tedd, to find out the “do’s and don’ts” of getting on the best reality show ever, Big Brother.

Tedd has been part of the Big Brother casting process since season 2 so it was pretty much like talking with BB royalty when you consider he’s had a decisive role for the past decade in my favorite summer past time. If anyone knows how to get a spot on the couch in front of Julie Chen then it’s him. So get ready because you’re about to read the guidance I took away from a top authority when it comes to being cast and getting your key to the house.

What advice would you give to Big Brother applicants?
Be yourself. This was the most frequent piece of advice given out at the audition. Relax, stay comfortable, and just be yourself. Don’t overthink it. One person at the audition was frantically asking every question under the sun. “Can I talk about this?” “Am I allowed to… ?” “What about if… ?” Deep breath, buddy, it’s going to be okay. I know it’s nerve racking. heck, I was nervous when I first got there and I wasn’t even trying out, but you’re in good hands with this casting crew so don’t worry. They’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Don’t go in to the audition with a scripted speech. They want to see who you are and discover for themselves why you’d be great. Don’t push your angle on why you’ll boost ratings or why you’re the next Evel Dick. Kassting Inc. producers are pros at putting together the best casts, so show them who you are and they’ll know what to look for.

Which is better: mail-in apps or in-person auditions?
Equal weight. I was assured that ALL video applications are reviewed and considered. If you send in a tape then casting will watch it. I promise.

Will applicants increase their chances by attending more than one audition? What about mailing in multiple applications?
One and done. You’re welcome to go to as many audition events as you’d like, but once they’ve seen you then you’re all set for the season. Same goes for the mail-in applications. There’s no need to send multiple submissions either since they definitely review every tape (see the above question). If you’ve attended a casting event or mailed in your video then you’re good to go for this season.

Are you looking to cast a certain style, personality, age, etc.?
Anyone could make it. They’re looking for the best applicants. One region of the country isn’t any better than the next (so don’t go flying to the Alaska audition thinking you’ve got an inside track!). Young or old, you’ve got a fair chance.

What approach gets the most attention?
Gimmicks, but don’t be gimmicky. Showing up in Jen’s red leotard will catch attention (yes, it’s happened more than once) but you’ll be remembered for that rather than who you were. I asked this question thinking I might get a golden nugget for you, my faithful readers, but instead it was a really good reminder of what they’re seriously interested in: the real you.

How soon after an audition or mail-in application could someone expect to hear back?
Anytime from now until the day the houseguests enter the front door. I know a lot of applicants are disheartened when they don’t hear back in the first 24, 48, 72 hours, etc., but be patient. There’s no magical window of time that will tell you whether or not you’ve been selected. Tedd really stressed that things stay fluid until the game starts so take a deep breath, go ahead with your life, and keep an ear out for that call.

What is the worst thing an applicant could do that would ruin his/her chances at being cast?
Talking about the casting process. I heard it over and over at the audition, after you audition your mouth should be a steel trap. You tell your best friend, who tells his best friend, who tells her best friend and then suddenly it’s everywhere and your shot is over. Revealing anything will disqualify you. Don’t even think you’re sneaky enough either because they have a dedicated team of “searchers” who are checking things out everywhere. It’s okay to be on websites like this (phew!) but seriously, DO NOT discuss anything about your audition, call back, or anything else.

Another no-no is to lie on your application. They’ll run background checks and discover anything you’re trying to hide. Being honest goes hand-in-hand with being yourself on this one.

What if you don’t get cast this year? Give up or try again?
Keep trying each season. If they like you they’ll push for you in later seasons. Tedd told me he pushed several seasons to get one of his casting favorites on the show only to then see him be the first evicted! Just because you didn’t make it one year doesn’t mean you won’t get on. Evel Dick tried out for at least 5 years!

So after all of that do you think you’ve got what it takes? You’ve still got time but the deadline is quickly approaching and the final casting events are almost here. Best of luck out there and if you make it then you can thank me with a shout-out to best Big Brother site, Big Brother Network!

Huge thanks to Tedd and Sierra from Kassting Inc. for the awesome opportunity to be a fly on the wall at the DC event and the patience to answer all my questions!


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  1. i am so ready for this season
    good luck 2 everyone who try out
    i couldn’t this year but i will
    bb13 is it a fan fave
    you should have asked that
    too late

  2. Such awesome information from Matt! This will be a great help for those applying. Matt, we all appreciate your hard work!

  3. Everybody good luck I enjoyed reading this blog. I wish Iread it earlier.Cant wait for Big Brother 12

  4. @ChiBrad: Thanks and you’re very welcome! I’m still working on the other article that’s more of a “fly on the wall” look at the casting event. I was geeking out a little I was having so much fun getting to hang out at the auditions. That’ll be up in a few days.

    @Kate: I did ask if we were going to see another All-Stars anytime soon and the answer was that we never know.

  5. I have to thank Matt giving all information needed to help becomming a housguest on Big Brother and reading the blogs from the fans anserwing question. Thank You Matt

  6. Thanks for the info!! Great interview!!

    So, do you think the people like “Angela” and that other girl that told how the audition went will not get on?

    Hope not.

  7. @Tedessa: Thanks. Glad you liked it.

    It’s certainly possible that anyone who discussed the interview or events thereafter could be disqualified. I know it was repeated again and again at the audition event to not say a word about it. I’d take that recommendation seriously, especially since it was named as the “worst thing to do”.

  8. @jeanette: I’m guessing Tedessa means anyone who has been saying too much about their audition and progress thereafter.

    As long as you’re staying hush hush like they recommended then you’re all set.

  9. Hey, Matt

    Good article. I was there at the DC audition when you were chatting with Sierra. I was also the one who stopped you and chatted with you on the way out the door. I could tell you wanted to party with us thatn do the interview especially get on the bar like Chuck did and stand on the bar passing out shots from the bottle. :)

  10. Hey ND. I appreciated the positive feedback on the site. Yeah, I couldn’t believe those bartenders. I think they were really enjoying the unusual mid-day attention!

    I had a great time hanging out with everyone there and was impressed with the folks that showed up. Hopefully DC will get a chance to represent in the house! Best of luck.

  11. Yo matt love the site. But when the casting talks about relaxing I think there is a diff for people in a bar than standing with a bunch of others in a room. Did he say why the casting process is varied like that. Also since callbacks were thurs and friday is it to late to submit a video ya think?-my brohter wants to not me Im done haha

  12. @Tommy: The deadline to submit a video is 4/23/10 and the final audition event is 5/1/10 so I definitely don’t think it’s too late to apply.

    I’m not sure why the events vary, but I’d say it comes down to Kassting Inc not being able to be in all places at all times. Also with the CBS local affiliates setting up recording events I don’t think anyone is going to tell them not to offer that service. It would definitely be much different to be recorded in an open room with lots of people versus a private, one-on-one conversation.

  13. @Tommydreamer- I agree dude, some situations are just more chaotic than the others. But are the Thurs and Fri callbacks, new interviews, or just them calling to say they want to come in for another interview??

  14. Robbie I think for the east coast they are interviews with the people they want back

  15. Hi guys and gals! Just sitting here bored on a Saturday afternoon. There’s absolutely nothing to watch on t.v. except sports. I wish it was time for “BB”‘s new season to start so atleast i could watch that. Anyway, not much to say, but if anyone has anything interesting to say, please comment back, I”M BORED! “ANGELWINGS”

  16. @Matt- Can’t wait to read another interview from you. You’re doing an awesome job!! Appreciate all the info. you are sharing. Thanks!! “ANGELWINGS”

  17. @Angela: Thanks. I’m still working on the next one. Wanted to space things out since news will be slow and quiet for awhile. It’ll be up there next week though.

  18. @Matt– Can’t wait to read it. Wow, I just found out about a disterbing event that happened recently in my neighbrhood, Anyway, I still wish everybody the best. I’ll be looking for your interview (Matt). I need to go now and find out more details about what happened in my hometown. Talk soon!! “ANGELWINGS”

  19. GOOD LUCK!!! to everybody who will still be going to casting calls! Talk to ya soon!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  20. Hi everyone All Big Brother fans that includes (Matt) who keeps us up to date. I can’t wait for the seasons to begin roller coater with me (Jeannette) ready up and down turn inside out upside down turn around start over again. The one feels like kid playing in the summer time at the candy shop. I can have it my way I know what I want I keep going to I get to the top. I can’t wait for the new season I bet there will be some really interesting characters staring with one (Jeannette) LOL. Enjoy blog and feel free to write what you think.

  21. Thanks for all the tips for the show. I felt much more prepared going in than if I wouldn’t of had the extra help.


    No one at my open call said anything about not talking about the audition, so I did a quick exit interview with the local CBS affiliate where I gave a quick rundown of what I did for my video and what my plans were if I got in the house. Was this a horrible mistake, or was it early enough in the casting process to give me a pass?

  22. Glad to hear your doing o.k. Jeannette! We all can’t wait for the season to start!! I’m sure it will be a great one! “ANGELWINGS”

  23. @Matt– Will your next interview be from the same person or is it something totally different? “ANGELWINGS”

  24. I don’t know why, but none of my comments seem to be getting posted.


    Thanks for all the tips. I feel like they really helped out my nerves at the open call.

    At my open call, which was done by a CBS affiliate, they never mentioned not talking about the open call, so I gave an exit interview to their news team. Did I make a major mistake, or is it early enough in the process for me to get a pass?

  25. @Michael– Good Luck, I’m sure Matt can help answer those question’s, he’s very helpful! Sorry we missed your other blogs. Wonder what happened to them? Talk to ya later! “ANGELWINGS”

  26. @Angela Were you at the Spartanburg, SC open call? I read some of the comments you made on welovebigbrother, and you remind me of someone I met at that open call.

  27. @Michael: Your comments were caught in the spam filter probably because of the facebook link you included. I would be sure to not discuss any post-audition progress you may or may not make (ie. calls from casting, paperwork, callbacks, etc.) and hopefully you’ll be okay.

    @Angela: My next article will be a “day in the life” of a casting event. It’s intended for folks who have never attended and are curious or those attending and who are nervous about what to expect.

  28. @Michael– yes I was, but I can’t discuss anymore than that, sorry!!

    @Matt–I’m sure the article will be full of great tips for all of us “BB” fans!! Thanks! “ANGELWINGS”

  29. @Michael– Sorry, didn’t mean to be so abrupt earlier, you just have to be real careful about what you say. Anyway, if you were sitting on the steps talking to a blond haired girl one time then that might have been me!

  30. that other girl has a name just saying that i was there at 3 has no info to do with audition that much was on the news other info was inside jokes between friends and nothing to do with show some peoples auditions have been released on net already by media sources the way your acting is they should be held accountable having a good time is what big brother is all about take a chill and have fun

  31. wishing the best of luck to all just have fun in the end it is a game not that i dont adore it

  32. @Nicole– You’re absolutely right, it is a game and people should have fun in life no matter what they are doing.So I truly hope everybody is enjoying there life today!!!

    @Matt– When should we be expecting your new interview? Can’t wait to read it!! “ANGELWINGS”

  33. @Nicole– I just read some of your comments on the other site there’s so many places where people blo on the sites that I’m starting to get confused who said what and when and where. HA!HA! Anyway, I commented back to ya and I totaly agree with your comment earlier. Some people don’t know how to lighten up and just enjoy yhe moment. Good thing that we do!!! You sound like a fun girl to hang with, I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you in person.Hope all is well talk to ya later! “ANGELWINGS”

  34. Hi everyone! Hope all is going well!

    @Matt– Are you almost ready to put your article out? I’ve been looking for it. Hope your doing well. “ANGELWINGS”

  35. Can’t wait, JJT! I’d love to see the ratings that high, America needs to embrace BB.

  36. @Matt– Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely be looking for it!! Hope your doing well!! “ANGELWINGS”

    @Chilibrad– Hi again did you hapen to read my story I came up with about the nickname “ANGELWINGS” kinda corny, but true. Hope all is well with you too! “ANGELWINGS”

  37. The countdown to hearing if I made it to semifinals is driving me CRAZY. I almost want to go to one of the May 1st open calls just to do something.

  38. I hear you the waiting is long I was thinking the same thing going May 1.They will remember because it is the last one fresh in their minds.
    All people who on this web site go on March 1 LOL well for ratings I can bring up that know the right people who know other people the estimated number of people can make popularity grow more audience and of course american votes

  39. @Michael & Jeannette– I’m still wishing you guys luck!!! Glad to hear you are doing well!!!

  40. Hey, I was wondering if the video deadline has been puched back at all? I really want to do a video!!

  41. @ JBear, the deadline for video submissions has passed, April 23 was the deadline. There are three casting calls left, maybe you can make one of these.

  42. @JBear in case you were curious, the following open calls are still upcoming

    McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon
    Friday, April 30th 5-9PM
    134 Second Ave. North
    Nashville, TN 37201

    Strike City at the Epicenter
    Saturday, May 1st 12-3PM
    210 E. Trade St.
    Charlotte, NC 28202

    Mad River Bar & Grill
    Saturday, May 1st 12-4PM
    2909 North Sheffield Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60657

  43. Did anyone go to the casting call in Charlotte? I didn’t make it and I was just wondering how it was? Thanks! “ANGELWINGS”

  44. I am going crazy waiting on these callbacks. When do you think they will start if they haven’t already.. If I’m not mistaken you have semi-finals and finals and the show begins to air in June right? Seems like we should know something soon. I went to spartanburg open call

  45. @JimmyG– I was at Spartanburg too!!! Don’t worry, the show doesn’t usually start until July and according to everything Iv’e read they might not call you until a few weeks before the show, so Keep the Faith!! Expect the unexpected!!!! Good Luck to you! “ANGELWINGS”

  46. @ angela. Gosh that was great to hear. I don’t graduate untill july 22nd. But I was going to put off my last semester untill after the show if I was to get on. I can graduate early in july too.! Were you in the first 15 people there? I talked to a lot of ppl in those first 15. It was a pretty good turnout!

  47. I was in Spartanburg as well. I’m fairly certain that the show starts beginning of July, like the 8th. Also, interestingly enough, I ran into Brent from The Amazing Race last night at a bar in Columbia, SC. Apparently, one of my classmates knew him before the show. He’s a real nice guy and incredibly tall, like 6’8″.

  48. @JimmyG– I’m not sure if I was in the first fifteen, but it couldn’t have been much more than that. I was the blond-haired girl with blue&white sweatbands around my wrists & one on my arm that said “chilltown”. I was also carrying signs that I made to present in my video. Maybe you remember me. Anyway, it really was alot of fun!!! Please comment again, I’m always glad to hear from friends!!!

  49. @Michael– What happened to you, I commented back a few weeks ago and you never commented anymore! How have you been? You said you thought you knew me from Spartanburg.Did you remember me? Where you the guy that I was talking to on the steps, you were telling me things about your family! I am the girl that was from Gaffney!!! Good to hear from you again! “ANGELWINGS”

  50. @Angela Sorry, I had to do some research about what you could get in trouble talking about the process. I went to Charlotte and talked to the casting directors and they were PISSED at the CBS affiliate in Spartanburg interviewing people at the open call and taping stuff. I definitely remember you. I was with a friend of mine who wore a camo baseball cap. We talked with you about earthquakes.

  51. @ michael & angela- I thought it was really weird that they showed “the good the bad and the ugly, showing peoples interviews before casting was over. They didn’t show mine but some of the people that they did show had pretty good techniques and stratagies. I wonder if they actually sat down and interviewed people in charlotte? Were there people from the casting agency at spartanburg or just ch7? ((BTW if I ever say anything that I’m not supposed to plzzz let me kno!))

  52. @Michael– That’s crazy that they were upset, Spartanburg wasn’t the only place that they taped interviews for the news channels! It’s not like your telling that you got picked or anything like that. I personally didn’t see anything wrong with the interviews. I thought it was kinda cool!!! Did you see mine on “scene on seven” on news channel 7 that night? I looked like a crazy person!HA!HA! Oh Well, I remember talking to you. It’s nice that we can chat!!! Well, hate to go, but I’m multi-tasking today ( designing blue prints for a new restaurant) & checking comments!!!
    Comment again soon!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  53. @JimmyG– It was just CBS news channel 7 doing the interviews. Did you see mine? I was the blond haired girl that had posters with pic’s. & Signatures of people from my hometown that signed something kinda like a petition that stated ( they supported me to represent their hometown ) I had 110 signatures that I got all in one day! I actually talked to that many people that day!!! Like I’ve said before, I worked on this project for 3 months! Most of the time making signs, fliers, & campaigning to people!!! Now that it’s over, I’m kinda depressed!!! I guess I need another project! Hay, let’s me you, & Michael try out for the next “AMAZING RACE”! Wouldn’t that be a blast!!! Well, gotta run, talk soon! “ANGELWINGS”

  54. @Micheal & Jimmy– Haven’t heard from you guys in a while, Hope you’re doing o.k. If you get a chance, comment back. I like keeping in touch with my friend!!! “Angelwings”

  55. @ angela… So I got tricked today, lol.. I got this weird youtube email from sum1 on my youtube mail asking me if I applied to big brother. Since I put the link to my youtube video on my application I thought they may have been confirming it was me or something. But nope, it was some guy who read something I posted on a BB video! Lol dern.. still waiting patiently.!

  56. @JimmyG.– Sorry to hear that. It sounds like a call I got a while back. One day I got a phone call and it was a tollfree number so I let the answering machine pick up. A lady come on and said she was calling from BigBrother to call her back. Come to find out, all it was I had won a free gift certificate, where I had filled out a ticket when I was at the Spartanburg casting call. I was all excited just to be let down too. Oh, well Still waiting for a miracle!!! Good to hear from you again! “Angelwings”

  57. @JimmyG.– So, how,s college going for you? Have you graduated yet? I’m gonna start trying to comment in the “Forums” section on the site!!! Maybe we will chat in there soon!

  58. I REALLY, REALLY want to be on Big Brother!! Can you please email me with information on how I can apply!!! Thank you so much!!!

  59. @Brandy– It is too late to apply for this season, but if you want to try out next season, go to the website that has BigBrother application & print it out. Then complete that, send in 2 photos, & a homeade video of why you want to be a houseguest. You can also go to a casting call if there is one near you!!! Hope this has helped. “Angelwings”

  60. so I jus got the email that said that all the bb12 contestants have been notified. This stinks! I’m pretty upset, everything seemed perfect. Oh well, ill still watch it!

  61. I venture there are masses of individuals like me, who come across assorted solid blogs or websites by luck. Your site appears to have a solid community and a great blogosphere presence. Its right to hold absorbing and different perspectives on issues.

  62. I found Ted to be great. Met him at a local mall when I applied in person. He was down to earth, no bs… Just a straight shooter who say’s it like it is. My kind of peep!! :)

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