Exclusive Behind The Scenes Of A Big Brother 12 Audition Event

Big Brother 12 casting

When I saw that Kassting Inc. would be holding a Big Brother 12 audition event in Washington, DC, I decided it was finally time to pull back the curtain and see what one of these events was like. Along with the seasonal question of “how do I get cast,” I’m often asked, “what should I expect?” Honestly, I hadn’t a clue so I thought this would be a great chance to see just how the initial casting process worked. Luckily, when I checked with Kassting Inc.’s Senior Casting Producer for Big Brother, Tedd, I discovered that he’d personally be there and working the event so I knew this would be an ideal chance to visit.

I arrived at the audition location, DC’s own Madam’s Organ (it’s in Adams Morgan, see what they did there?), about an hour before the event was set to begin and I found there were already more than a dozen Big Brother hopefuls lined up outside the bar. I snapped a few pics and then sat, waited, and watched. As more people started arriving, the crowd continued to get friendlier and friendlier. People were sharing stories about what brought them there and wishing each other luck. You’d think there were enough spots on the show for everyone considering how absent the attitudes of competition were amongst the applicants.

The first sighting of Kassting Inc. came just a few minutes ahead of schedule when Sierra, a Casting Associate, came outside to welcome the crowd. She brought out printed numbers and “small apps” which looked to be abbreviated applications for anyone who forgot theirs. Sierra walked the line and chatted with those who had questions, even encouraging those who came just for moral support to give the audition a try. When she had made her way through the crowd I introduced myself and was allowed to come inside and meet with Tedd.

While Tedd graciously answered my “how to get cast” questions (you can read that entire interview as well), the crowd of applicants began to file in to the bar area. Madam’s Organ is set up with a few different floors with the bar being on the entry-level. The auditions were held on the second floor at the back of the room so there was plenty of privacy. After we had talked for a while, Tedd and Sierra invited me to stick around and watch the process, which I excitedly accepted.

I grabbed a beer from the bar where a few of the applicants were seated I started to chat up the Big Brother 12 hopefuls. I was asked not to record names or personal details, which was fine by me because of the strict “do not discuss your casting process” requirement given to applicants. I was, however, okay’d to have general, anonymous discussions with those at the audition. Much like I had seen outside, the attitude was excited and happy. Most people were relaxed and just having a good time hanging out with one another like old friends.

When the auditions were set to begin, Sierra called over the first three numbers. Each individual went upstairs for his or her “mugshot” with their number for later reference. Then everyone came back down and went one by one to talk with Tedd as their numbers were called. As they waited, Sierra worked as a sort of “warmer” by having small talk and answering any questions they might have. She worked to put applicants at ease by informing them that she was the meanest person they were going to meet during the process. Considering she was being ridiculously kind and friendly to everyone, they didn’t have anything to worry about.

While the Big Brother hopefuls waited their turn to interview with Tedd, I had the chance to talk with some of them. Most were anxious but enthused and happy to talk with me. Some applicants had traveled from a few states away and others were on their second or third casting event of the season! I was impressed with their ambition and could hardly fault them for trying so hard. Although most applicants were forthcoming with general details there were a few who locked down immediately. One guy asked if his answers were confidential (of course!) and even then would only comment that “maybe” he had applied before. He then said the smartest thing I heard all day, “the game has already started.” He was right! As I looked around the audition crowd, I could see the cliques forming as though it was already the first night of Big Brother 12. Those in line even admitted to mini-alliances of support. These were true Big Brother fans.

The process was slow with each applicant having roughly two minutes with Tedd and over 50 applicants already in line. After a few hours, I took a lunch break to go over my notes and get a chance for some fresh air. I came back to the auditions with just 15 minutes left to go. Sierra was down to her last three applicants from a once near-full room only an hour before. She explained that as time goes on at the auditions they start to group up the applicants and so they had been going two at a time to make sure everyone had a chance before the event ended. We talked about the pros and cons of a group meet with the interviewer. While I ultimately felt a solo exchange would be the best, Sierra made the smart observation that this is a social game and a group interaction would give insight to just how you might be in the house. I had to admit this made a lot of sense and really could be a better way to go.

When the last group of applicants had finished with Tedd, I asked for one last chance to chat with him. Sierra checked and said I could come on back to meet him. It was like going to meet the Godfather! I had been so caught up in the initial rush when I first arrived that I hadn’t taken it in, but heading up the stairs and through the dimly lit bar to the interview area, I was seeing just what it felt like for the applicants. I posed a few more questions to Tedd while looking for a glimmer of hope for the DC team but was reminded he couldn’t answer that. We did get a chance to talk as one Big Brother fan to another and I was thrilled to know that the Senior Casting Producer for my favorite reality show took it as seriously as I did. He too is a die-hard fan, and he shared his moments of yelling at the screen when his favorite fell behind or made the wrong alliance. Knowing that Tedd not only had a professional investment but also a personal one in the show was comforting because of his dedication to making sure we got the best cast possible each season.

Sierra came back to let Tedd know that another last-minute straggler had just arrived. Glancing at his watch, Tedd admitted there were still a few minutes left before the cut-off time and agreed to do the final interview. I thanked Tedd and Sierra for the incredible opportunity to sit in on the process and excused myself so the last applicant could have her chance, because who knows, she could be the next Jordan, Janelle, or, shudder, Chima!

My afternoon at the Big Brother casting event in Washington, DC, was awesome. Having been a fan since season one, I had always been curious just how the cast was selected and brought together. Kassting Inc. afforded me that chance to be the kid in the candy shop and watch it all take place. Tedd and Sierra were the utmost professionals and had exactly the kind of attitudes towards the applicants that I would hope for if I had the guts to apply! To all the Big Brother casting conspiracy theorists out there who think each season is filled with plants: the process is real and the people are authentic.

Now the only thing left to do is sit back, relax, and wait for that “casting is finished” announcement from Kassting Inc.!

Another huge thanks to Tedd, Sierra, and Kassting Inc. for the chance to pull back the curtain on Big Brother casting and share this story!


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  1. @Matt- Really great article, once again you have done an amazing job. Thanks for all the inside scoop!!! I just would like to take this chance to wish everybody Good Luck!!! I really hope they pick a good cast of people this year. I love meeting new people & hearing all the amazing stories they tell. That is the main reason why I want to be on the show, a chance to meet new people & have a lifetime changing experience! I’m still thinking about going to the casting call in Charlotte on May 1st. Why not give it one last shot!!! Anyway, keep up the good work, you’re doing a great job!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  2. Matt that was a good article when friend seem like they knew each other for a long time. That people really enjoy each other company if you do not know them. I laughed when I read the part “afforded me that chance to be the kid in the candy shop” I wrote #21 from exclusive interview with Big Brother Producer. “The one feels like kid playing in the summer time at the candy shop. I can have it my way I know what I want I keep going to I get to the top. Good Job.

  3. Good job, Matt. I have to chuckle while reading this because those mini-alliances and cliques do form quite early in line, from past experience. There’s definitely some BB comradery that is pretty contagious at these events! As Matt describes above, peeps, it’s a great experience so just plan to have fun if you attend one!

  4. @kjjk– Usually the show starts at the end of June or sometime in the beginning of July and ends in September, because my birthday is Sept.19th, and it always ends around that time!That would be 3 months.Anyway,Did you try out to be on? I did, still praying for a miracle!!!Comment back anytime, I always like talking to my “BB” BUDDIES!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  5. Matt- Good job on this article. I actually shook your hand when you were walking the door for your break stating I was a fan of BigBrotherNetwork.com. You were wearing the BigBrotherNetwork.com t-shirt. You thanked me and told me to keep reading for more updates.

  6. I’ve decided to go to the Charlotte open call. I’m not sure if I’ll actually apply again, cause I’ve sent in a video and done 1 open call already, but I might just hang out and chat with people in line and the casting producers.

  7. Hey ND, It was awesome to meet you especially after getting some blank stares from others when I explained what site I wrote on (Best reaction I heard: “Is that welovebigbrother.com?” Sigh).

    I was going to give a shout-out to you in the article and say I was putting all my support behind the applicant who knew the site, but then thought folks might take it seriously (I have zero influence/input on the process).

    Best of luck with the process!

  8. Well guys and gals, today was the las tcasting call dates. I didn’t make it to Charlotte, but figured I’ve done enough, if it’s meant to be it is but if not atleast I tried!!! So here’s a big shout out to everyone that tried out this season—-( GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES!!! ) It’s been great chatting on here with everyone as we have been going through the process. Thanks to “MATT” for help guiding us through!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  9. Yes, Angela, the party is over, now y’all have the wretched waiting game to play. I wish you and all who have applied the best of luck, I hope someone from this site makes is so we have someone to cheer for this summer!

  10. I agree Angela. I also tried out and sent a tape in. If it is meant to be then it’ll happen. It is beyond our control now. Everything happens for a reason. Good luck to everyone who tried out.


  12. Casting call over what is meant to be will come sooner or later. Everything everything will hopefully come for me.

    We learned a new game endurance how long can we wait but we all know one day will come.

    Sometimes it seems We’ll touch that dream But things come slow or not at all
    And the ones on top will make To make a better situation Tomorrow, our seeds will grow
    All we need is dedication

    So goo luck everyone

  13. @Kate– You’re right we all have next year, but I said this was my year to try out, I don’t think I will again. God know’s what my prayer is and if it doesn’t turn out the way I want, I know that God has a better plan for me!

    @Jeannette– Hang in their girl it shouldn’t be too much longer!!! Let’s all keep the faith!
    Good Luck Everyone!! “ANGELWINGS”

  14. Did anyone go to the casting call in Charlotte? I didn’t make it and I was just wondering how it was? Thanks! “ANGELWINGS”

  15. @Juiia– Thanks!! Did you try out? If you did I wish the best of luck to you too!!!

  16. @Angela- Yes I did try out, I sent in a mail in tape and application. Thankyou :)

  17. @Julia– I sent in a tape & app. as well, I also went to the casting call in Spartanburg SC. I’m just waiting for a miracle now!!! I wish you all the best!!! Please comment anytime I love to chat with new & old friends!!

  18. @Angela … I hear you need a miracle … What you have to understand, GOD has a perfect timing for everything … Big Brother is very competitive… You need to think outside the box when you apply… thousands of people apply every year… What is one thing about you which is different from everyone else… Then promote that… What would make you stand out… Example: If you were Amash, not many of applicants are Amash… If you practice a religion in a unconventional way… Perhaps you are an advocate for Pita and throw paint on people with fur … and collect these furs and put them on lamp posts as a symbol for animal cruelty … Perhaps, you are very stategic and are a chess Master … Never to have lost a turnament… Or you live in a small town and started a movement … Think outside the box… How many people say, Oh I love Big Brother and I am mean or I am nice and don’t take no crap… Very generic…be original… GOD makes everyone unique… why are you unique… If you don’t make it this year, take my advice on the next…

  19. @JonathanT.Gibbs– Thanks for the advice. Actually, I am from a small town & have started a movement. Over the past 3 months I have talked to over half the people in my town, getting their support to represent them to be on B.B.12!!! Just about everywhere I go now everyone knows me.I even got over 100 signatures from my supporters. Believe me, if you was to ever meet me you would see why I am unique.I am always trying to think out of the box as you say! Of course, I could make up some crazy story about myself but that would be defeating the purpose all together. From the few comments I have read of your’s, you sound like you have too much time on your hands with the strange stories you come up with.I’m not saying that in a bad way! I too tend to think too much sometimes also, and I have told a few ridiculous stories myself. But that’s what I like about you. You are different, and not afraid to show it! It would be nice to talk to you in person! Anyway, I have wrote a book.Please comment again, and don’t take what I have said in a bad way. I think you seem like a very genuine nice guy!!!
    “ANGELWINGS” P.S.- I just remembered, I need to go down to the cellar and tell the fat woman in the hole to put the lotion on her skin!!!HA!HA!

  20. ha ha ha … That is funny… You better tell her to put her lotion on… I don’t think I understand what you mean when you say stories… If you are talking about my twitter account… I just speak from my heart and I must admitt my posts can be a bit out there… but for anyone of Christian/Islamic/Hebrew/gay/straight/minority…etc they are posted to prove a point… Really to bring unity in a time of such separation… I believe in Christ and I have lived a life of very extreme supernatural encounters … One would have to experience a long conversation with me to understand… I also look for GOD to validate everything i do… and if you believe in the power of Christ, nothing is to small… and the greater your platform … the greater the validation becomes … I don’t think of myself as someone special, The phase riding in on a white horse is used for anyone who … comes to the rescue of people, like Christ… I would like to think of myself as taking a message of love to all for all and riding in on my own white horse to save the day … People say I am destined for greatness… I would like to believe them… I just live my life one day at a time… and I don’t think I am speical, just wise in knowing one person can make a difference… As for the post I made earlier, I was just trying to say, think outside the box… We are all special someway and find that shine that dwells in you and sets you apart… As for the signatures…great idea…i should have thought of it… You are sweet,…

  21. As Chritianity, Islam and the Hebrew faiths believe in one GOD and Jesus Christ as a savior … you would have to believe his words… “When I Am lifted up I will draw all men to me” … I don’t fit the mold of a typical, Christian, Muslim or Hebrew belief… but I do so in knowing, that these faiths are also taught to reach out to people who do not believe in GOD… I do sooo by showing I Am no different than you or anyone else… Sooo peole can relate to me, in-turn relate to GOD… I also feel people should take a more active role in their government and world affairs… World leaders have twitter accounts sooo we can all communicate with them and share our fears concerns and beliefs and I take full advantage of that… I want my voice to be heard… as we all have a GOD-given right have…

  22. @JonathanT.Gibbs– Thanks for commentin back. I figured you would understand what I was saying, I wasn’t trying to sound rude or anything. Actually we sound a lot alike. Like you, I also live a day at a time. I try to make each minute count because you never know what’s gonna happen. I totally believe in GOD! And I truly think he makes evrything happen for a reason when it should, whether it’s good or bad. During my life I have went through alot, good and bad, and Iv’e always noticed that even when something bad happens later on something good does as a result to better my life. I t hope you continue to chat with me because you sound like a very interesting, smart person. I’m gald you liked my joke about the lotion. And as you see, I have been trying to think outside the box. ever scince I started planning on trying out for BB12, GOD has helped lead me through, giving me the ideas of what to do, the courage & strength to do it, and the patience to understand what happens is meant to be!!! So, even if I don’t get on the show, I think everything I have done will help me later on maybe something better will be my calling. Sorry, for writin g to much, but I would like you to understand me a little better and hopefully I can get to know you better. That’s what life is all about learning and growing by any event that happens in life. Please comment again I always enjoy reading your comments!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  23. You are sweet and yes everything does happen for a reason … GOD has a great plan for you and i pray you prosper… Never stop chasing your dreams… A life without dreams is no life at all… To making it count !!!
    jon jon

  24. @JonathanT.Gibbs– Hi, your’e absolutely right, you gotta have dreams!!! Have you heard if they have started making call-backs yet? I know they said you could still gat a call even up to a couple of weeks before the show, but I wonder, if they are making any progress yet? I’m not giving up. Anyway, when you said you have experienced paranormial events before, can you share a short story of one with me? Talk to ya later! “ANGELWINGS”

  25. When does BB start this year? I better get in here now so you can all get to know me since you won’t be getting rid of me once BB starts.

    Whats up Chibrad?

  26. Welcome, Skotie! I’m glad to see you over here. I’ll get you a personalized avatar for the forums ASAP. I’m gonna need a dark sider in there to back me up!

    I don’t know if there’s an exact date for BB yet, but it is usually around the 2nd week of July.

  27. @Skotie– Hi how’s it going? If you haven’t noticed, I comment on here all the time. So, you will definetely be getting to know me! I hope to get to know you better also! Did you try out for this season? I did! Please comment again when you get a chance, I always like making new friends & chatting with old ones!!!

    @Chilibrad– I’m watching survivor!!! Only tonight & Sunday left!!! Who do you think will win? I really wish Rupert or Colby would, but you never know. Anyway, talk to you guys later!!! “Angelwings”

  28. Angela, I think it’s anybody’s game right now. I’m rooting for Parv b/c she’s a Survivor vixen!

  29. @Chilibrad– Oh well, so much for Rupert winning. He got so close this time. It will probably be Russell or Pov. then. I guess we will find out Sunday. “Angelwings”

  30. What are we going to do in the two months between Survivor and Big Brother, Angela?!? I’ll be watching Top Chef and that’s about it.

  31. @Chilibrad– I guess we will have to keep each other entertained!HA!HA! Do you ever watch Hell’s Kitchen? I like it! American Idol is almost over too. Oh I remember, the show, “So You Think You Can Dance” starts after Idol. I usually watch it until BB starts. Anyway, I hope the next month goes bt fast!!! “ANGELWINGS”

  32. Hello all, I’m new here also, and can’t wait for BB. I second Second Skoties ?, when does it start?

    Angela#34, Hell Kitchen, I like that one too. Sometimes it can make me feel so uncomfortable when RantingRamsey starts. But it sure is fun.

  33. @Scott– I’m not sure when Hell’s Kitchen starts but BB starts in July! Imagine if Chef Gordon was in the bigbrother house? That would be weird & insane!!! Glad you commented, I always like making new friends & chatting with old ones! “Angelwings”

  34. Thanks Angela, I’ve enjoyed makeing new friends this way too. I’m fairly new to posts like this, and now I’m kinda addicted. It will be my pleasure talking with you some more later.

  35. @Scott– Are you talking about the show, “Kitchen Knightmares”? I watch it too sometimes, matter of fact it comes on tonight! Did you try out for BigBrother this season? Glad you decided to comment on this website their’s alot of nice people on here!!! “Angelwings”

  36. Thanks Chibrad,

    Angela, LOL, no I haven’t tried out, I would never have the balls to do that. no matter what kind off balls they would be, soccorballs or baseballs, nor rumballs. I wouldn’t have them.

  37. angela angel wings ive been oput of the country and my laptop just didnt work what have i missed//// igot no calls to go to california yet so i guess i just wasnt funny enough what about you looking forward to seeing a nice young lady like yourself oin the house good luck , i havent heard from joey either he and i were in new orleans for the interview and he took up all my time dirty dog /// no jk he was a real nice guy
    // answer me ok

  38. @Scott– That’s funny! Maybe you could borrow some balls from someone!HA!HA!

    @Mikee– Not much has been going on. Glad to hear from you though! Now that you’re back keep in touch, & if I get any new info., I’ll keep you posted! “Angelwings”

  39. @John Tibbs enough with the God stuff, buddy. I respect your views of your religion, but don’t say Jesus Christ as a savior, because one of our 10 commandments is to not put any other ‘Gods’ before him. This did not have a little star next to it, and at the bottom of the commandments say, “Except for my son.” No other Gods before him. Also, if Jesus wanted his words to become part of our Bible, or Torah, he would have wrote it down himself, including all sayings that men have said, Jesus said. The New Test. was written 500 years after he died. We don’t even know where his tomb is, nor do we know where the Blessed Virgin Mary is buried. Why not? Because he was just a normal man that wanted people to live a good and sincere life…giving back to people and helping out your fellow man. NOT to make him some God and wear the cross, and say that he died for our sins. He was murdered. If he was as big of a deal as he is now, we would know what tomb he was in, and know where his mother was buried… So, let’s just stick with one God…or be spiritual but mostly be good to each other…

    And let’s not waste our prayers on BB12, when there are people going to commit suicide, our troops at war, etc…

    Yes, we all love BB, but let’s keep the talk here on BB12 and not on your religion and your views about it…


  40. @ 43 Angela, scott was referring to a pic that is on my Twitter page, see it by clicking my name. Just a funny pic, I’ll explain the meanin of it at a later date.

    I think we can all agree that BB is a pagan sport to be enjoyed by all creeds! ;)

  41. @Chilibrad– I’ll try looking at your pic. when I get a chance. I’m not on Twitter, facebook, or My space. That’s why I comment on these sites all of the time. Anyway, good to hear from you again!

    @JohnHD– I read your comment about the whole GOD thing. All I can say, is that I believe in GOD, and I believe he makes things happen for reasons when they are supposed too. Whether they are good or bad. Everybody has their on opinions about things. Now we have heard yours. I guess Jonathan just wanted us to know how he feels about things too. And as far as praying I pray alot, not just for something good to happen to me, but for people who need help, I even pray for people who say rude remarks to me! I believe in being nice to everyone, because we all have atleast one thing good about us. Anyway, hope you comment again. Reading these comments is my way of getting to understand people.LOL, “Angelwings”

  42. @Chilibrad– I saw that commercial last night too!!! I just wonder if that means they have picked the cast or if they are just advertising to get people prepared to watch the show? They did’nt show any of the new players, so I hope they are still picking the cast. If you get any info. about this, please let me know!!! Thanks, “Angelwings”

  43. Angela, I’m sure the cast is not final but they do have their contenders in the running. Last year Kassting put out an ad in Cragislist in late June for a dorky girl, that’s how they got Michele Noonan. As Matt’s article says, it’s not over until the HG’s are in the house.

  44. @Chilibrad– Thanks!!! Well, what did you think about Cassandra winning last night? I was glad Russell did’nt win. I hated that Colby got voted out, I was hoping he might have got lucky & won. Either way, I was just glad that Russell did’nt win! I’m not giving up on BB, I guess it’s not over until the Fat lady sings, and I haven’t heard her yet!HA!HA! Thanks for the comments! “Angelwings”

  45. hello ChiBrad and Angela,

    So they still don’t have HG picked?

    Angela, did you try out for BB?

    ChiBrad, when will there be a new BB article up?

  46. scott, I’m sure the HG’s are not finalized yet. There’s still a lot to do to get the “best” cast.

    I believe there will be more articles when there is more to write about. No one knows anything except that casting is in full swing and there was the first commercial last night declaring the date is July 8.

    Trust me, this site will explode soon.

  47. July 8th, great.

    ChiBrad can you give those of us who don’t know much about the behind the scene stuff some more ideas of what might be going on now?

  48. Scott, do you mean at CBS? If so, I’ll try.

    Kassting is the agency hired by CBS and AG Productions to cast the HG’s. I’m sure they are knees deep in whittling down the few hundred finalists into the new season’s cast as I write this. They are mixing the best cocktail for an explosive and drama filled cast. The final HG’s will not be finalized until just before they walk into the house. I met a guy at a casting call who was filmed receiving his key, sequestered in a hotel for ten days awaiting the premier to enter the house. When that day came, he was sent home, which really has to SUCK!

    The house is on a studio lot at CBS and is torn down and rebuilt every season. I’m sure it is under construction now and they usually have a “media day” in which about 8 members of the press go and live in the house for night, have a nomination, POV, and eviction comp and ceremony. It’s pretty fun, click my name to see. Then the houseguests will be revealed and a week thereafter the show begins!

    The new commercial says “Big Brother gets even bigger”, there’s already a lot of speculation as to what that means, perhaps a bigger house or more houseguests this year. Let the guessing games begin!

    If you mean behind the scenes at this site, Matt the man will have to answer that question.

  49. @Scott– Yes I did try out this season. I sent in an app. and went to the casting call in Spartanburg. Did you try out? I still wish everybody the best of luck. Maybe one of us will get a key soon!

    @Chilibrad– You told me something I didn’t know. I thought the house was out somewhere by itself, I didn’t know it was rebuilt on a lot at CBS! Thanks for all the info.

    @Matt– If you have any new info. for us gus and gals, it would truly be appreciated!!!

    Good luck everyone & thanks for all the comments!!! “Angelwings”

  50. 53 Scott

    Old friend. It’s been so long. lol.

    Hi Angela, thanks for the warm welcome. I didnt try out either. I could never get away from my kids (or work) for that long. But I have no problem dishing on the houseguest. I’ll tell you right now, I’m usually for the underdogs. Seems like every year a popular click forms right away in the house and I usually start disliking them early on . lol.

  51. Chibrad

    Thanks for the Avatar. I’m all set and ready go. I’ll definitely help you build up the ‘dark side” of the forums. Bring it!

  52. Yo, Skotie! I’ve seen a lot of activity is going on “over there” but haven’t been able to join the fun yet. C’mon in and introduce yourself in the forums.

  53. @Skotie– Glad to hear from you! I stay pretty busy too! I am a full-time housewife with 2 outrageous teenagers and a neighborhood full of kids that turn my house into “PARTY CENTRAL”!!!, especially in the summer. I live a crazy life. But, I did try out for BB12. So, if I did get on the show, it would seem like a vacation for me! HA!HA! Anyway, I hope things are going well for you. Oh, if you & Chilibrad need help with the darkside, let me know!!! Even though I’m really nice for the most part, I do have a little darkside too! LOL! “Angelwings”

    @Chilibrad– What are you talking about when you say “FORUMS”? I know it has something to do with the websites, but how do you go about getting in on it? “Angelwings”

  54. Angela, go to the top of the page and just under the BBN logo, there’s a menu bar. Click on “forum” and your in! Register by picking a username and password and join the fun!

  55. @Chilibrad– Thanks I’ll try that soon, my daughter needs the internet to do a school project. I might not get back on here tonight, but i will definetely try it tommorrow. I just clicked on your twitter page atleast I have a face to go with a name now!!! You seem like a very COOL guy! “Angelwings”

  56. @Chilibrad– I just went in on the Forums & I’m waiting for a confirmation e-mail, so I should be able to join in soon! Once I get into the Forums, is it just like commenting on here,or do I have to do something different?

  57. Angela, yes, there are different rooms to go in and post. You may want to go into ‘Big Brother 12 Preseason’ and under ‘Who’s Applying” and introduce yourself.

  58. Hey guys and gals!!!! Has everyone started going to the forums now? I did, and I have talked to Skotie and Chilibrad a good bit on there, but I would still like to see some comments on these pages from people!


  59. @Chilbrad– Haven’t heard from you in while, how are you doing? Have you heard if they are still in the process of picking the houseguests or do you know if they have already been picked? Please let me know if you have any new info. THANKS, “Angelwings”

  60. @Angela: The finalists for BB12 have all be contacted by the casting company. Now we just have to wait for the announcement of who made it, but that’s probably still a month away.

  61. @Angela: Sorry, but it sounds unlikely. Of course, anything is possible, it just doesn’t sound probable if you haven’t heard back already.

  62. @Matt– Thanks, Sure I’m a little dissapointed, but I give it my best shot and that’s all I can do! I tried my best and I know that God has a plan for me. My grandfather just found out that he has lukemia and he has started taking chemotherapy treatments, so maybe that’s why God is holding me back, because something might happen to me and I would need to be here! Anyway, I definitely had a wonderful experience trying out for the show and no matter what happens, I wouldn’t have done anything different. It has been great talking to all you guys on here and I can’t wait for the season to start. I’m sure it will be a great one even if I don’t get on. I really wish I could win the live feed contest, because my husband won’t get it for me. If you can give me any info. on how to enter please let me know!!! Once again, THANKS for everything and Good Luck to everyone!!!!

  63. @Angela: As others have pointed out before, Evel Dick tried out for 6 years straight before going on to be in BB8 and winning the whole thing. You’ll really need to be persistent if you’re serious about wanting to be on BB. Keep trying!

  64. @Matt– Thanks again for all you’ve done for us. And don’t worry, I’m definitely persistent, like I said it evedintely just was not my time but now that I’ve been through the process, I will know what to expect next year. I will start much earlier on my preperations this time. My video didn’t turn out like i wanted it too anyway. My grand idea, was to make a video in front of the famous Peach tower that our small town of Gaffney SC is known for. I wanted as many residents from my town to be in the video with me as possible. I started too late this time and didn’t get the turn out I had hoped for. However, I did start a petition and got over 100 names of people saying that they supported me to represent there hometown. I was on the news twice, once with Jack Roper and I was on “Scene on 7” with Kimberly Kelly & Megan Heidelberg. I was in our newspaper twice also. So you see, I did have a good idea, I just run out of time! Next year I will be super prepared!!! In the end I will always be a winner for atleast having the guts to try out! I look forward to hearing from everyone once the season has started!

    Sincerely, “Angelwings”

  65. Hey all u guys & gals, It’s been a while, just thought I’d write n c how everyone is? I’m doing o.k I know my chances r up for this season, but there’s always next yr. It would be cool if I see someone from here get on, atleast there’s next yr. Anyway, cimment back when u get a chance. C ya soon!!! LOL,

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