BREAKING: Evel Dick Has Left Big Brother 13 – Update: CBS Releases Statement – Evel Dick Releases Statement

Big Brother 13 Evel Dick

Last night when the Live Feeds launched everyone noticed Evel Dick was no where to be seen (along with the Rachel’s nominations). As the night wore on we found out Dick had been called to the Diary Room four hours before the Feeds came on. Slowly but surely Daniele, Dick’s daughter, and the rest of the HGs became worried.

Now, in just the past few hours this morning, Daniele was called to the Diary Room where she learned Evel Dick has left Big Brother 13 for personal reasons. As a result, she has earned the Golden Key which will keep her safe until she is only one of ten remaining HGs but she can not compete in any competitions to help her alliance. Daniele stated Dick was already on a plane back to Colorado while earlier in the night other HGs wondered if it could be related to Evel’s girlfriend. We have no other details.

Official Update – Well, it’s official. Dick is gone. Here’s the statement from CBS via EW:

“Due to a personal matter, Big Brother houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday. His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.”

Evel Dick’s Update Evel tweeted a couple of messages last night:

I will be releasing a public video statement on @RTVZone in the next couple days concerning my departure from the Big Brother House

But to squash the rumors, I am not in jail, don’t have cancer, my mother son and girlfriend are not in the hospital & I was not kicked out

Don’t bother asking me questions, I won’t be answering… I will let you know when my public statement is posted on @RTVZone.

Thanks for all the concern and well wishes

Very glad to hear Evel and his friends are okay. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

No word yet on if an eviction will still be held this week, but I can’t help but feel it’s too early to skip major game points like an eviction. I’m expecting the game to continue and production to use this as an opportunity to surprise us later.

Update: There are discussions that Evel Dick was disqualified for posting a video on his site, I’ve posted the video (warning: NSFW language in the final secs) below the break. I do not believe this was the cause of his departure. Evel was going to be a huge boost to the season and I just don’t see production cutting off their noses over this. CBS’ statement confirms my stance that Dick left by choice, not force.

Evel Dick – Season 13 special message.

Unless anything “shocking” happens and Big Brother manages to work Evel back in to the season it looks like the man, the myth, the legend is gone.

This is a big loss to the game for anyone who didn’t watch Big Brother 8. Evel was a polarizing HG but he was highly entertaining. Here’s a clip of one of his best moments: pots & pans walk up calls.


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  1. This sucks!!!!!! Hopefully everything is ok and maybe he can come back but THIS SUCKS!!! who is gonna torture Brenchel now??? :(

    • I know! He would be the one to get under Brenchel skin and drive them CRAZY!

    • I’m so disappointed he has left the house. I was so happy last night when he came in. I thought this is finally going to be an exciting season. He would have kept the house alive and awake. Hope what ever happened to make him leave works out for him

  2. honestly, Evel Dick is one of the reasons I was super excited about this season. I still love BB but I wasn’t too excited about the twist was this season. I clapped when he was revealed as one of the house guests and now I am bummed out that we won’t get to see the crazy unfold! (I was a hater of Dick on his season) LOL! It was like a train wreck that I couldn’t look away from. :(

    • It seems to have been personal reasons. He’s on a plane back to Colorado, Daniele said this morning. So it could have been family/friend/etc.

  3. Dick did look pretty strung out on the premiere last night. I’m sure he would have gone home soon any way.

    • I noticed that too Tommy. But it sure is sad to see him go. I was cheering when I saw them come in.

      Maybe he will have an “I’m back bitches” moment too!!

      ….there’s always hope!

  4. I agree that this really SUCKS. This is a blow to the season for sure. Have to wonder if CBS did this for ratings knowing he would leave after the first episode.

    • There is still time to bring in another person why don’t they do that. It’s not fair to the other players for Daniele to get a pass. She wouldn’t be a memorable past cast mate if her dad wasn’t ED.

    • I forgot to tell you this earlier, I am sooo glad your back for this season also.

  5. This is bullsh!t. ED was the only thing that would make another season of Brenchel bearable. Without him I don’t if I’ll be able to stomach this season. I’ll watch a few more weeks in case they get voted out early, if not I might be done with this season. What a shame because I was genuinely excited for this one.

  6. Woot Woot. don’t let the door hit him where the good Lord split him. I never ever cared for Evil Dick.

    This is the best news of the BB season. (althought I hope he is well…but gone for good)

  7. I really hate to see Evil Dick leave… i was super excited about him being back on the show!! I was anxious to see what kind of chaos he was going to cause in the house this season!! Hopefully all is well…. good bye Evil Dick…. Hurry Back!!!!

  8. I’m like FREAKING out over him being gone. We all know how much he loves this game. I just hope everything is okay, but OMG…. This sucks SO BAD! He was the LAST person I would have picked to go first! >:[

  9. maybe they can bring back someone esle from her season to be her partner like Nick or someone. that sucks that that dick is gone

    • I couldn’t agree more…………bring back Nick he and Daneile were awsome together

  10. I bet he left to help Dani’s game. He’ll probably be back later in the game.

  11. this is the best bigbother yet so many twist n cant wait to c what the cum up with next

  12. I would be shocked if Dick didn’t leave to get well. He sure looked like he has seen a few drugs in his days.

  13. Holy crap! I caught a bit of After Dark and heard HG comments on him not back yet and wondering where he was.

    • Danielle gets the golden key because Evel Dick left the big brother house, so she wins the golden key by default.

  14. I’m so bummed! I was sooooooo excited to see ED return and knew he would shake the house! Smh let’s hope the other HG keep the game & twists interesting

  15. This Sucks!!! I was soooo excited to see him walk in the house cause I voted for him to come back. Hopefully he will come back!

  16. It just stinks that he’s gone. The only reason to be happy Brenchel was back was the promise he would torture them somehow. I hope he’s ok and possibly return but for now I’ll root for the newbies. I feel uncertain about this season so far. Stay tuned…..

  17. Doesn’t seem fair for Danielle to get the key. From the looks of things, Keith and Porsche were Rachel’s nominees. They should stand. If ED is really gone for good, then it is still early enough to bring in someone else from ED’s season to replace him. I don’t think Danielle is strong enough to stay in the game without her dad. She rode on his coat tails before and would have this time, too. Hate seeing ED out so soon. While I didn’t want him to win the whole thing again, I did want to watch the chaos he creates for a while at least. Still, this does seem like an interesting summer.

    • I agree…I get that she wins it “by default” but that still doesn’t make sense within the rules of the game. She should have to compete just like everyone else.

      • Stay with-in the rules of the game? It’s kind of hard to nominate a duo with only one person.

  18. I was so looking forward to him annoying the hell out of rachel. Hopefully they’ll bring him bac. Hope the twist is fooled you, you don’t get dick, you get jesse. That would be horrible. I think I hate him more than rachel.

    • MY EYES! I don’t even want to read Jesse’s name on here. ESPECIALLY a not a theory of his return. I was actually better with the Rachel idea than him! EWWEWWW

  19. Let’s see how that stupid Danielle is gonna play now that ED is gone. Of course she’ll play well in the competitions, but how will her mental game be now that her dad’s out. Did anyone else notice the Hg being extremely nice to Danielle on the live feeds, especially Rachel? That will soon change now that ED has left.

  20. Rumors says video he made got him booted. It said when you said this ill be in the house. Said he found out last minute he was going in. I think Will/Boogie turned them down. Unless, someone else is in sequester, it wouldn’t be fair to bring someone in that had outside info

    • I don’t believe he was eliminated over that video (I’m updating the post to include it momentarily). Evel was way too beneficial for production to cut him over that.

      But who knows. I could be wrong (it has happened once or twice before!).

      • The video was posted on the webpage after the show was on in the east coast (9:00pm 6:00 pm BBT)he was called to DR before 6 pm so i have ruled out the video

  21. NOOOOO. Evil Dick is so much fun to watch. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do to torture Rachel! I was so excited to see him walk through the door.

  22. I love Dick! This cast didn’t look all that fun. His return was the only highlight last night. Dani will be fine, when she gets to play compete in games. she will win vetos left and right

  23. He had illegal narcotics (probably pills) that were discovered during a search of his belongings.

  24. Hope he is okay physically..but so glad to see him out of the it rachels turn to leave and all will be

  25. i almost dont want to watch it now, i just knew he would clash with alot of these people , couldnt wait to see that happen, i was thrilled when i him walk in. but has anyone thought of this , sounds like a pretty good stadegy for danielle

  26. I def wantd ED 2 antagonize Brenchel! Maybe it’s just anothr twist…aftr all BB’s motto is “Expect the Unexpected” And Dani got the key b/c the rules r if ur partner gets evicted (or leaves) the remaining partner receives the key. So it is fair she got the key, wht isn’t tht fair 2 her is tht she didn’t evn get a chance 2 play w/ a partner. But, who knows wht will happen!! Expect the Unexpected!!!

  27. I’m sad to see Dick out (didn’t watch BB8), but its unfair that Daniele gets a GK without surviving any eviction. They need to find someone from her season as Dick’s replacement. Thankgodfully these kind of events aren’t usual on BB USA.

  28. I mainly wanted ED in the house to offset Rachel and get in her face. That would have been fun to watch. I think they need to add another Dynamic Duo as a replacement very quickly in order to balance the game, the votes etc.

    ED wasn’t a very good game player. On his season he was kept in the game by Eric’s skill as America’s Player, but the show instantly lost a lot of entertainment value when he walked out the door so soon.

  29. This totally sucks….This would’ve been a totally awesome season with Evil Dick there. He’s what made the show back when he was on it the first time. I hope things change and he comes back….

  30. I’m very upset that ED is gone already! If the rumor is true about illegal substances, then he is gone as well he should be. Then my disappointment is only with him as a person I used to enjoy watching.

  31. Um didn’t Dr. will win three BB’s? Why is ED saying he will be the only 2 time winner?

      • Chesire is correct. No one has won twice. Dr. Will (who has only been in the game twice) took a fall in BB7 so Boogie could have his chance at winning All-Stars.

  32. Once I saw Rachel walk in I was about to not DVR BB for the first time ever, as I cannot stomach the girl!!! But, once Evel Dick walked in…alleluia!! The angels sang and my heart leaped with joy as I knew we’d be in for a devil of a time, however, now that I know he left the show (why, Evel, oh why) I’m back to having one less show to watch this summer. Come back E.D.!!!!

  33. Big disappointment. The only antidote to the returning showmance couples would have been Evel Dick or Dr. Will messing with them and the rest of the seemingly bland houseguests.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Matt H., Russell, or Ronnie come back to replace ED and bring some drama to the season other than Rachel’s usual act (I’ve got to be honest, she seemed more subdued on the premiere and the first BBAD than she did last season. Maybe she found out that her personality wasn’t a big hit with fans last year and she’s dialed it down a notch).

    We don’t even get a cranky old man to stir things up, like whatshisname from BB10 (?) who kept yelling “Judas” at Dan.

    Oh, well.

  34. If CBS is smart, they will bring him back. He would have been the ratings winner this season. I wanted to see his interaction with Brenchel too.


  35. So disappointed that ED is gone. Going to miss all of his antics and drama that he stirs up. I think they should bring in a replacement for him. It’s not fair for the veterans to be down a player when it was already 8 to 6 when they came into the house. They have the power and one of there alliance is gone. Bring back Nick.

  36. thrilled Evel Dick is gone. I stopped watching the season he was on midway through because i couldn’t stand him. Even though they never became the dynamic duo they could have been – would live to see Lane and Britney from last season return to revive their rivalry with Braechel.

  37. No great lose of ED. The guy is just plain CREEPY. I don’t blame Danielle for not wanting to speak to him.

  38. Dick is the only person who calls them as he sees them. He doesn’t suger coat and tell people what they want to hear. I respect him for that. I hope he is able to return.

  39. Bring back the winner of season 1. Eddie from NJ, I think. He was really great.

  40. @ Matt
    ED Leaving really hurts Brenchel and J&J. J&J are the only ones that can compete in the next HOH so it’s almost a given that one of the new house guest pairs will when and put up a old duo. I hope they let Brenchel play for HOH again that’s the only fair way to do it. Have you heard anything about that?

    • It definitely hurts them on many levels. I’m sure Evel feels bad about the situation he’s left the returning HGs in, so I’m guessing it must have been pretty serious to make him leave.

      I haven’t heard anything about letting Brenchel play next week, but I’m not convinced that’d be fair to the new HGs since this was all out of their control.

      Definitely throws a wrench in a lot of plans, I’d guess.

      • Well maybe they will still do an eviction and bring someone back an evicted house guest later on. I don’t know but this very crazy

  41. i was looking forward to him targeting Rachel i cant stand her and her dillhole (i will not speak his name lol) partner isn’t man enough to protect her either

    • I agree with you on that. I was so happy that Dick was back. Hopefully, he will come back. I would like to see Brechel out ASAP. Everytime she talks I want to pull my hair out and he is a poor excuse for a man

    • you know.. I hadn’t thought of that. ED is gross but so is the Rachel creature. his intimidation of her, like he did with Jen (remember) would have been amusing. and it would have caused sparks with Brendon.

      • I read the comments from people like you guys and I must admit, that all of you ‘haters’ seem WAY worse than an outgoing person’s enthusiastic laugh. She came into the house excited and then had to fight to keep her and her new man in the house which excited her again after their winning competitions.

        Now they are back, with a much more mature group of guests with the initial BB excitement behind her and is more her natural self. If you people can’t or won’t understand that, than I’m sorry but openly hating and dis’ing her only shows each and every one of you for the types of people you are.

      • Does Maryann (comment below) not have any eardrums? Does she not HEAR that girl’s laugh? It makes me want to rip out my own eardrums. Doesn’t make me a hater, just makes me a lover of NOT ANNOYING SOUNDS.

      • Maryann, if you actually listened when she laughed, you would know that she just doesn’t do it when she is enthusiastic, she does it just to be a down right bitch to everyone that is in that house and when listening to it, it makes you want to rip out her fake hair extensions and stuff them down her throat

      • I am on the fence here. While last season I disliked Rachel I find her this season much more tone-downed and I can actually tolerate her. You know it is ok to hate her or like her, why must each side put down the other? If those two were not in BB13 you have to admit it would be boring and you would have nothing to bi**h about. Just saying….

    • dick sucked! didn’t like him in season h-8, and i hate that they brought back players from other seasons now. they have no business there, they have an unfair advantage. for example jeff has 2 lovestruck admirers in the house, (shelly and dominick)and therefore in his pocket.

      • I love jeff I want him to win. sad that Ed is gone. We needed him for drama. Still think Rachel is annoying . I watch showtime after dark and she needs to stop laughing

      • I disagree I think it’s great they brought back old players. The new people had the advantage to begin with, especially after ED left, I am glad to see Eric gone too cocky..

  42. Thank God he’s gone.
    I’m sick of him thinking he won BB because of his “great game play”… the only reason he was was because Eric was FORCED to vote to keep him… and in order to protect Eric’s own game, he had to persuade Jessica to vote to keep Dick too. Dick is a misogynist pig.

      • Well said!! I don’t understand why so many people are claiming that he was a great strategic player, when he was nothing but a loud, self-absorbed moron who unknowingly benefited from America’s votes.

    • That’s quite a talent to be able to know what ED thinks. Nobody forced Eric to do anything.

      • Actually, Eric was America’s player, he had to vote how america wanted him to vote.

    • Wow I actually liked Evil Dick. He was funny and sarcastic and entertaining. I liked him as a player let me say, not so much as a person.

    • I totally agree, Eric would have won the game if it wasn’t for the America’s Player twist, I believe he deserves a second chance to play for himself this time.

    • If you know your BB history, Jessica was HOH that week and had no vote for or against Dick. America forced Eric to convince others to save Dick.

      • Eric still had to force Jessica to get in on a Dick and Daniele alliance to protect his own gameplay. I might not have remembered she was HOH, but I do remember him having quite a conversation about how he was not going to vote out Dick. And I do remember Dick talking in the diary room about how awesome of a manipulator and strategic player he was when in fact it wasn’t him AT ALL. I’ve watched every season of BB since season ONE, so it’s impossible for me to remember every HOH bud. Give me a break. My original statement holds true — he did not win because he’s a good player, he won because America liked a misogynist PIG!

  43. Love the new houseguest but was not happy to see Brenrachael back. Eveil and Danielle need a new story line. But I hope he comes back.

  44. Cannot stand Rachel! She needs to go, her being back has spoiled the whole season for me. I think I may stop watching until she is gone!!

  45. Evel dick is the greatest reality show player ever!!! I hope some possible way he can come back and get rid of brenchel! Mike boogie and Dr. Will would be awesome right now

    • I dont care if Evil Dicks gameplay was effective or otherwiswe. I want him back to terrorize Raechel!!!!!!

    • Evel was good, but by no means the best, but deffenitly it was a big dissapointment to hear he’s gone.

    • He only won because Eric was forced by America to vote to keep him. And to protect his own game play, Eric had to convince others to do the same…

      he did not win due to being a great reality show player… He’s a loser.

  46. Maybe we should give the new kids a chance they may surprise you and be better players than the ones who have been there before. Personnaly I don’t care ED is gone, I’m rooting for the new guys to bring it home.

  47. I agree with Matt from bbn. I do not think it was because of the video. On rumor control, Andrew season 12 texted or tweeter Annie from season 12 & said a single house guest was going to enter the house. This now open that door if that direction you want to go. Either way if you like evil Dick or not, I do hope that if it was an emergency that nothing tereible has happend & for that he will be in my thoughts.

  48. It most certainly is the reason he is gone. You can’t breach contract no matter who you are. He knows this. That video proves that he is an egotistical, BIG-mouth who can’t stop bragging about every little nook, or niche, in life that he gets his butt into. The poor newbies don’t deserve to have to deal with ANY returning HG’s. Period. I have spoken! Bravo BB!!

    • Ah… you actually can breach a contract provided all parties agree to allow the breach. CBS is not dumb enough to kick ED out because he was a ratings boost and his insane antics were legend. As far as old vs. new I saw go for it, BB can do what it wants, its their show and the noobs have a huge advantage… more players

  49. I hated Evil Dick but he kept the show interesting. I was looking foward to him going up against that new big mouth they have this year. The screamer. I can’t stand rachel and was real disappointed when I seen her coming. I am sure they will replace Dick with someone.

      • @Rose “I” is supposed to be capitalized, so is the first word at the beginning of each sentence. Perhaps in future, if you are going to get nitpicky about grammer, you should make sure that your’s is correct first.

  50. Not familiar with ED but it seemed he could have changed everything! Rachel seems to have mellowed a bit, but there hasn’t been much booze, and Porche hasn’t gone after ‘her man’.

    I think since she got to come back after being kicked out last year to stir the pot, Brenchel should not have been a part this year. Oh well, its only TV. Right?

  51. Although I hope nothing is wrong with ED or his family I am glad that he is gone.He was a loud mouth bully.

    • But that loud mouth would of gave Rachel and Adam a run for their money! I too think ED is annoying but he does tell it like it is and keeps the show going! Hope all is well with him if this is an emergency

  52. This season just got way worse, cause now i have to deal with Rachel’s cackle for the rest of the season and Dick is not there to shut her up. I’m really sad now. :(

  53. So upset that Evil Dick is gone. He was my all time favorite. So entertaining. Please get him back, he just makes everything fun. Right, wrong or indifferent.

    • Donna…totally agree…..He made Season 8…and he would have spiced up Season 13. Maybe he will be back!!!!

    • I loved to hate ED!! I was actually kind of happy he was back, it would have been fun to watch him with “Adam the annoying”, Rachel, and the “skirt chasing Deacon”.
      I hope they bring him back after he has dealt with his personal situation. I am also hoping that this is all part of BB’s let everyone including the HG think he has a personal situation and bring him back in a week or two after he has been held in sequester ( if that is how you spell it..don’t attack me because of my spelling LOL )

  54. I am disapointed that Evil Dick is gone. I was looking forward to see what mayhem he would het into. I was hoping he could get rid of Rachel or at least make her stay in the house miserable.

  55. i was really looking forward to him being on BB for awhile :(. and i really dont like that “brenchel” is back i am realy tired of them

  56. 1:35 local time. Watching the live feeds with the house guests at the dining table and Dick’s picture has not been greyed out on the memory wall. Him “leaving” part of a twist?

      • In a show that has begged for more twists because it became increasingly boring- I would not count ED out just yet. He could come back in in a week of double elimination later down the road. Like him or not the show is much better with him. Without him there I’ll watch something else.

    • He isnt gone…Must be a twist, i say this only because if you watched the season’s preview, you can see ED in some of them. Meaning he’s still there?

      • Yes…I agree. I saw him in the footage! This must be that big twist Cheno waz talking about!

  57. OH NO !!!!I can not believe that ED is gone !!! I was so looking forward to watching him terrorize all the HG. I know a lot of people did not like him, but I have to be honest and say that it was ED that made the show great.He knew how to make people HATE him. PLEASE…PLEASE.. bring him back. We need someone like him to stir things up all summer.I am sure that there are plenty of other people that feels like I do…PLEASE listen to us !!!!!! AND BRING ED BACK !!!!!!

  58. It was a shock to me when i heard the news Evil Dick left the Big Brother house, did he know that his Daughter would get this Golden Key by leaving the house?

    • I swear it might be strategy so that Danielle ends up safe for a few rounds. He might have thought he had no shot.

  59. Why didn’t she target Jordan and Jeff. She already won money. They will win America’s voteif they stick around. Jordan cannot win comps. They would vote out Jeff, leaving Jordan to defend herself. She cant without Jeff. And she can easily be taken out in comps after week 10 when her golden key expires.

    • I’m sorry but didn’t Jordan go and win outright when Jeff was evicted or maybe I watched a different show! My bad

      • She didn’t fend for herself when Jeff was around, but she won comps when he was evicted, so Tracey is right.

    • They’re right, Jordan actually can win without Jeff. Hence her winning the final HoH …

      If they wanted to get them out, best do their best to keep jordeff from winning the last HoH pre-end of golden key era that way the next week they’re vulnerable again.

  60. Danille no way should get the golden key, either get a new partner ( no stand bys?) or she leaves

    • Ok so they don’t vote this week on who they want to evict but rather who they want to have the golden key Keith or Porsche. Most likely Porsche would not get that honor you then pair her up with Danni. What do you think!

  61. B.S., for that little meaning video? I could see if he’d liked chucked a mic into the Spa like someone I’ll remain nameless only because she set whateva she
    races back 1000 years with her child like manor.
    BB, Please bring the Dickster back! U guys need him, thats why you bought him back in the first place…..isn’t this show all about the RATING’S ALLISON?????

  62. Evel was disliked by many but he MADE the show. I was so excited to see him back I actually cheered out loud, (I’m normally pretty quiet, lol). I hope he is OK and will be able to return, (I’m baaaack bitches!). I was sooo looking forward to his “Dick at Night” he did on BB8. And of course watching him terrorize everyone else, hehehe. ;P

    Come back to us Evel, you are amazing!

  63. here’s to another borning year of Big Brother (last year was the worst season ever)!! Guess that I will be canceling Live feeds and after dark he was the only reason I got them this year. I usually just waited for it to air. Only got it because, he did so much that didn’t air on TV when he was on..

  64. Does anyone know how POV will work with the new twist? They are nominated as 1 team and one goes home and the other gets the gold key…… so where does POV play into all of this? If one of them wins, do they both come off of the block, does another team go on the block? Then the HOH has 4 people gunning for them.

    • Don’t be so glad hes gone, he may not be…If you watched the preview clips of the season he was in a bunch of them.
      Which means hes not gone YET..

  65. Daniele has definitely changed a lot, she seems much more edgier and less Barbie-doll like.

    Even though it sucks Dick left, I think it will be more interesting to finally see Daniele play the game on her own. She has the golden key so we know she will be around for a while. Not to mention she is amazing when it comes to competitions.

    I don’t know why Daniele would agree to do the show with her dad if they haven’t talked in 3 years, she looked really upset when entering the house…

  66. I like evel dick..The show is going to be boring without him.People like drama,and he can bring the drama to the house.I saw get him back on the show.

  67. I’m SO SAD that Evel Dick is gone. Hopefully he will return to the show! I was really looking forward to watching a clash between Rachel & Dick. Ugg.. I really hope this season doesn’t turn out to be a boring one like season 11 & 12.

  68. BRING DICK BACK!!!!! I wanted Dick back in the house SOOOOO BAD…him and Chilltown. Dick made the show interesting, and seeing him with Rachel, would be like seeing him and jen all over again. Pure Entertainment!!! i even bought the live feeds for him so i wouldn’t miss a thing

    • OMG I wanted Chilltown to come back SO BAD! Dr. Will was the best Big Brother competitor ever. He won the first season and was singlehandedly the reason why Boogie won All-Stars.

  69. Hey Matt,
    Do you know if this will affect the game in any way? Surprise no eviction? Double Fast Forward week?

  70. I want to know why ED left the show & I mean the real reason not rumors or speculation! BB owes the fans an explanation! If he didn’t leave because of his own personal reasons but because of some BB bullshit then they need to bring him bk! They just screwed up the whole season for me, I’m pissed!

  71. I don’t believe that ED & DANI haven’t talked. they went on vacation together over to Europe. Saw the pics & everything. Was posted on ED facebook blog page.
    DANI just always looks “upset” that’s her thing .

  72. This CAST is way better then last season…..

    Are you kidding Rachel made last season entertaining. The only mature one on last season was Kathy, Rachel was more mature then the others.

    ED isn’t gone from the game, seeing the clips they gave from first epidose ED was showen in a few of them….

    So many haters on Branden and Rachel…Get a life you haters! Ya so what shes go a funny laugh, i’m sure there are things wrong with you that if i meet or saw you i can point out too.


  73. Oh yeah i was praying that Chilltown was gonna be in…Instead of Jeff and Jorden!

    At least i hope we don’t see the cast drink those things and do work out like last season that got boring to watch….LOL

  74. really evel dick is gone i was so happy when i seen him back and as far as everyone hating on racheal and brendon i like them and love jeff and jordan im glad they are all back…. this season has got to be better then last year i cant get live feeds but does anyone know if showtime after dark is any good

  75. how could you of seen him in other clips when this just started not that long ago? They aren’t that far ahead in the shows

  76. Yeahhh i am sooo freakin happy he’s gone…loss 4 show…LOL ummm may be he’s a hero to u but he’s a pig to us in the real world d’uhh!

  77. Oh, I can’t stand Dick. If it is true and remains that way the season will be much better off for me.

  78. i was soooooooooo looking to see Dick take down rachel and brandon . am so sorry they are there this year!!!!!! not a hater , just DISLIKE them .

  79. i just saw ED’s picture on the wall is greyed out on BB After Dark. I am sure it is not a twist and he is gone permanently. unless they bring him back later with another twist.

  80. walk up calls instead of wake up calls lol check that in the last sentence before the vid of Dick and the pots and pans video.

  81. all you hater of ed and racheal are just jealous that they are better than you and they have the balls to be who they are themselves so get a life and stop hating people for who they are

  82. larry fey, you said you hatersof ed and racheal, who the heck is ed?lol. I know there is a rachael and brendon but I don’t know of an ed.

  83. Rachael and Brendon are so much better than last year.. Give them a chance .Come on everyone, All your thinking of is last year.. This is a new year, a new game and seems like 2 new and better people…

    • Given what’s happened with them personally over the last year (him publicly cheating on her, her not only taking him back but accepting a proposal), I despise them both more than ever. They’re both completely pathetic and disgusting people.

    • Seriously !! I can’t stand Rachel!!! Brendon is an idiot !!! Complete flip out about evil Dick.

  84. I think this sucks!!!! Hope your ok Evil, the rest of the cast looks very boring!!!! And why Rachel??? What a huge mistake CBS, huge mistake!!!!

  85. I am so glad he is gone! Now Rachel can win the game. I like her, mostly because it irritates all of you. Who cares if she has an annoying laugh? I like her. She’s a strong woman. I wouldn’t mind if Brendan, Jeff or Jordan win as well.

    GO RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • How can anyone like Rachel? Her voice is sooo annoying, and that laugh, makes me not want to watch this season, but Jeff and Jordon make it worth watching. Rachel is so fake..I cannot wait until she is voted off. I thought Jesse and Ratalie would return because I had seen their pictures flash…

      • So I agree with you dog and nolgirl.Rachel is such a witch and her voice is enough to drive a priest to get

      • I have to say last season I hated Rachel for all of the reasons above, but when you think about it she is a good competitor….I mean Scooter there is NO way she will win as long as Danielle is still in the house, but I will give her props for winning challenges.

      • least she isn’t really doing the baby talk thing anymore. She’s growing on me now!

    • i despise rachell and brandon, i want evil dick back, i was hoping he was on this year, and with him leaving it’s such a let down, i hope they work him back in or this was some type of “expect the unexpected”. this was a great cast this year, jordon and jeff americas sweethearts, evil and jen you just have to love them, and rachel and brandon who we all love to despise, again such a let down with dick gone.

  86. Glad she has at least one fan. I think she thinks she’s entertaining & that’s what she gets for thinking. Still annoying & so is her pet pup.

    • I don’t. Care. For Rachael. But….she is the smatest player by far as the vets go….I. don’t. Care for jefc n Jordan. They aren’t to smart…….we will see ….

  87. i LIVE for big brother . and i don’t look forawrd to anything more than big brother. when i was watching after dark , and i saw he wasnt there i thought it was a twist but then i was shocked to find out he left . but i do not think she should have got the key .

    • I live for big brother too. My family doesn’t get it! After dark is boring but should get better afrer first eviction.

    • How does Danielle not deserve the Key??? it isn’t like she has anyone else to partner up with and that is the point of the Key to keep you safe w/o a partner until it is time to play one-on-one.

  88. Hey all Glad to be back and watching BB 13!

    I thought Julie said for the FIRST time in BB history someone was in the house playing but NOT to win?

    I was SOOOOOOO EXCITED to see Evel Dick back, it ensured for me a decent at least entertaining season. I am HOPING there is a twist to mess with the other HG’s heads. But it is just that– a HOPE.

    ED said in the DR he wanted to be the first player ever to win BB twice. Im stumped

    • your mixing up seasons, Julie said that last season in Big Brother 12 for the Saboteur twist! Julie has not said it for Big Brother 13!

      • Breezin isn’t confused. ED said he would be the only person to win BB twice and the S11 winner Jordan was like “oh hey – helloo- .. thanks” and everyone had to rec-cog-nize. It was so funny.

      • @Justin OOOH sorry, I read your post again and realize you were talking about how Julie said for the first time someone was playing not to win(!) Silly Me

  89. i am very,very sad that dick is no longer in the house, i voted for him and danielle to return, this is sooooooo terrible, i truely hope everything is okay and until he gives a statement i will not think the worst,like everyone does. i will keep positive thoughts for him and all his loved ones, i will really miss you dick.

  90. I just read this statement and not the following posts. He will be the new sabatour (not sure spelled right) and will be back around wk 5. My guess.

    • Oh, and I loved ED on the show. Any thing to make Brenchel cringe was going to be my highlights of the season. :)

      • thats a complete lie! he is not coming back! he would have to be sequestered in order to do that, and since he has released a video statement regarding why he left, he wont be back, and also Big Brother never recycles the same twist 2 years in a row.

    • ED is not coming back. He has left the show for a personal reason. He posted a video on rtvzone explaining that.

  91. What about the secret library? And the clue theme? Wouldnt it be great if Dick was in that room and he didnt leave, but is part of the twist?

  92. Now that ED has left..there is absolutely NO reason to watch the show. I will NOT put up with watching that sl*t Rachel.

  93. I am so happy he is gone. I wasn’t gonna watch this season cause he was there. Nothing but a real jerk. Who would even vote him in.

    • You are very much in the minority if you hate ED. He makes me laugh & he played a great game & WON the half million last time out. He backed up everything he said he’d do & that’s what makes a great show. I for one am sorry he’s gone

      • Well scooter thinks Rachel is wonderful, but whar does he know, he was probably looking at her big

  94. Hey Helen, why not tell all WHY you hate Evel Dick .. or is it really ME that you hate ? Lol

  95. I did not start watching BB until the season after Evel Dick was on. After hearing everyone on the message boards and BB talk about how great of a player he was I had to see what all the hype was about, so I went and watched season 8 on you tube. After season 11, I began to have BB withdrawals and found myself going back to watch seasons I missed. He was an awesome game player, what I personally enjoyed was his honesty and that he was so rude, yet he managed to get him and his daughter to the final 2 and won the money. Sad that he will not be gracing us this season

  96. I am so sad that Evel Dick is gone. He was the best player of all time…He was honest and straigHt forward with everyone. Now the show will be less interesting. He was so intelligent ,it is a big lose for BB. i WISH HE IS COMING BACK.

  97. A few things I have noticed since I began watching the live feeds…..Brendon has a major crush on Danielle, Kelia is loud and obnoxious, Rachel is not getting on my nerves as bad as she did last year, Keith is a nut, Lawon, can’t figure him out just yet, Cassi, trying to play both sides, I think, same with Shelley, Adam is just plain annoying, Dom, thinks he is a smart BB player, but will soon find out he is not.

  98. I was really sad to see ed go. I have a feeling he may be back. Having the past houseguests back is a good twist

  99. I am so sad that he is gone.. I love Evil Dick!! He is so funny!! He will be missed..

  100. Rachelle is why I find myself cruising these spoiler threads. I have turned off the show because of her and will only return when/ if she leaves.

    It’s unfortunate that these reality shows keep force feeding us the same individuals over and over again.

    I gaurantee you I will find someone new to hate without you bringing back the same doofs.

  101. Why was Dick on the Sunday show and wasn’t there on after dark. I thought it was live. I know the after dark is live but why was dick there.

  102. Sorry ed is gone that was the ONLY reason I was watching this seasons…he made it interesting and fun Boring!!

  103. I am completely devestated that Evil Dick is gone… (ok, maybe not devestated, but disappointed). However, that gives me the more reason to cheer Danielle on, and hope that she makes it to the end. If he does surprisingly make it back into the house then I’d be pleased, but it seems doubtful. I am glad to think this was a concious decision of his (though I’m confused and perplexed as to why he’d leave), unless there was a VERY good reason.

  104. This is definitely a blow to the BB season. I was really looking forward to Evel Dick stirring up trouble in the BB house…..Oh well I guess we will have to stay tuned to see what develops now…

  105. What I found odd was that they did not show any of Dicks Diary room footage when he was told what happened. I have watched every year from the start and I can not recall never seeing them tell the housemates bad news. We saw the reaction to 9/11, we saw when and heard when the two people got sick. We have seen or heard everything important. If a friend of Dick’s got hurt or has fallen ill then and they did not want the their name on tv the production staff could have beeped it or edited it out. I just thought this was strange and no one else seems to have thought about this. Any thoughts?

    • Yes Terry! kuddos to you for picking that up! that is very interesting why they didn’t show the diary room session. it is just fueling fire for all the speculation (is Paul dead? lol)

      • Thanks Caddykitty I was surprised that no one else wondered the same thing. I was hoping Doctor Will was coming back in some way. I have to say that in the last few years I have lost a lot of “love” for this show, because of the people that they have case they all seem so fake. I love BBUK.

      • That could be but there would be no reason for them not to show any of it because they could have edited out anything that was to personal. I am a huge fan of BB and if that is the case (they did show because of ED) then I fill cheated. I don’t need to know everything but they could have showed something of his diary room interview. I don’t care if the producer was in the room with him because that is what bb is about, it use to piss me off that the producers interfered with the game but that is their job that is what bb is all about. Thoughts?

      • I agree Terri. I also feel cheated, but respect ED’s decision, maybe his close friend will come forward, or maybe it was something illegal and his friend needed to be bailed out…it’s all a mystery

  106. I guess i am dissapointed that BB started out as a family entertaining show and people like Dick and a few of the others are making it into a wierdo hangout.
    I’ve subriged to every BB so far and was skiping this one because of ED.
    Will watch now, but it gets worse every season.

    • I don’t go a season without them, but I like to know what’s really going on rather than what CBS edits to show.

      But that’s also why there’s a free trial period (3 days) so you can test it and see if it’s something you want.

  107. I only was going to watch because of ED, now that he is gone I don’t give a carp. I hate everyone else in the house.

  108. Has anybody heard why Dick left the game? Just looking for an update :) Thanks!!

  109. The announcement was made at the time of ED’s departure that he will, in fact, NOT be returning. I just wish it were Racel who had to “unexpectedly” leave. She is a spoined, whiny bitch. I mean, come on, she CRIED when Jordan did not pick her for the DH movie, and used, of all reasons for her upset, that “i am the HOH and did not get invited,” Grow up.

  110. I too am sorry that Dick is gone. I also agree that Danielle shouldn’t get the key. AND I like Rachel but mostly I’m watching because I’m a Jeff and Jordan fan. If they weren’t there the only thing that would make me watch again would be Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. I’ve been watching Big Brother since season one and it’s getting really boring.

  111. I agree I cannot stand Rachel, that voice and laugh..and her rooting come on baby, she should have been a back-up dancer for Brittney Spear’s Baby One More Time, lol..I am very disappointed that ED is gone but why shouldn’t Danielle have gotten a key, she had no partner and it was not her fault. I know someone else mentioned bringing ED back into the show, that isn’t going to happen, because he has not been sequestered, oh least Jeff and Jordon are still there, I love them two. They are the reason I started watching the Amazing Race and now I am addicted to that show, lol. I have not decided who I will be rooting for..but for now go Jeff and Jordon..I do not like Cassie at all..being from New Orleans I gotta root for Shelly..cajun girl got her game on

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