Big Brother 13: Week 1 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Power of Veto

Big Brother 13 picks up steam today in its first week of action in the house and boy have things already been crazy with one HG leaving the game on Thursday. After Rachel revealed her nominations this week it was time for the Veto competition today where the nominees could fight for their chance at safety.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 1 Power of Veto results:

  • Brenchel (Rachel) has won the Veto Competition.

Now Rachel has to decide if she’ll keep the nominations as they are or change them up. If things stay the same then it sounds like Keith is headed home this week.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch the house react. There’s still time to get the 3-month discount and save some bucks you can use on the Live Feed Mobile Access.

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Rachel as HoH with Brendon as her Dynamic Duo partner, Keith and Porsche as the nominees, and Jeff & Jordan who were randomly selected. Adam played host to the comp.

The Veto ceremony will be held in the next few days, probably Monday, so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should Rachel use it?

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. No surprise …….. but with dick out of the way, could there be a back door attempt to get rid off Jeff and Jordan

  2. Wait… I thought this was season 13, not 12. Predictable. Kinda favoring Brenchel with the same contest as last year. My next assumption is that they will pull one, put up an alum to make sure a newbie goes home.

  3. There are twists tho. What are the chances this is one. Dick leaves, Dani gets a 4 week bye. Then Dick comes back in week 5 as HoH and we find out he and Dani are really working together while pretending not to talk. I really hope so. Watched the live feeds and BBAD last night and it was boring as season 1.

    • That’s just ridiculous. That’s not a twist, that is rigging a show. It’s basically just giving 2 people a 1 in 10 chance instead of a 1-14.

  4. Brandon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Danielle are in an alliance. They are talking about getting rid of Keith this week.

    • I hope Keith goes home – he’s such a PIG! I will forever have seared in my mind that idiotic excuse for a youth minister’s comment about whats-her-face’s “puppies”.

  5. Then Rachel is as dumb as she was last season. lol. She in no way can beat Jeff and Jordan at the end. She can’t play the game. lol. Smart move would be to get rid of Jeff. Without Jeff there is no Jordan and its early enough that cbs wouldn’t sneak him back in with america’s vote or something. I get where she’s coming from tho. She prob thinks the noobs are after her man and floating.

    • I love Rachel, but I have to agree, she doesn’t seem to have learned anything from last season. I would have thought she would have watched all the eps from last season and revised her game accordingly.

      • I love Rachel too but maybe shes just saving her real smarts for the important stuff. . . Maybe Dick will comback or be a sabatour. . or something. . . but no one really likes him. . . so yeah. He should just go. and stay. Keith is the worst. . . Jesus is crying watching him. . >>; or whatever matt said.

    • Actually from what live feeds I’ve seen it looks like Rachel is no where near as obnoxious as she was last season and no where near as delusional. Nothing she can do about her laugh though.

      If these 5 stick together they will steam roll the house. Infighting will get them all sent home. I’m sure Brenchal are very sure of themselves in their ability to defeat J & J in a showdown so I don’t think they are really worried about having to face off against them with the jury–whether they can actually defeat them remains to be seen…but I’m sure they THINK they can.

      POV will absolutely not be used and one of the more obnoxious people in the house will go home (Porshe is so narcissistic that it drops what natural beauty she has down considerably–Keith too for that matter).

  6. Okay that’s fine. Anything to get the good ol’ Deacon Keith out of there. I don’t like him.
    Hope tihs is not backdoor to get Jeff & Jordan out and ride the coat tails of the newbies, Because I need Keith gone.

  7. Keith is who I want gone… Will he ever shut up about gettin’ some? It’s just plain not fun to listen to. But, and it would pain me to listen to Keith for any longer, the strategic move for Brenchel is to send a vet (like Jeff) packing.
    Also, I don’t know why I’m such a minority for liking Brenchel. Yeah, her laugh is annoying, and yeah, she’s much more dominant than him, but they’re interesting characters. Jeff and Jordan are just there, and while maybe cute, not stirring up the pot very much. This is Big Brother, not The Bachelor. I want entertainment, not a heartwarming story. Just my opinion.

    • Nick- I agree. Yes, I hate her laugh but she is entertaining. I for one think it s smart for the old houseguests to band together for now because we knew that the new houseguests banded together and they had the numbers.

    • *Correction; SHE is an interesting character. The only adjectives that can describe Brendon are ‘plain’ and ‘boring.’

      I guess Rachel makes up for his shortcomings. I keep “Floaters, grab a life vest!” as one of my favourite BB quotes.

    • I think it may be a little too early for J&J to be stirring the pot. I think they just have their feelers out right now. Rachel is quick to do whatever she feels regardless so its better for them to lay low right now…I personally would rather watch J&J then Rachel & Brendon. He has got to be the most boring and unentertaining person ever.

  8. Just watching Big Red and Brendan win excites me. I’m fairly certain that Keith will be leaving next week, even Keith thinks so! The newbies will pounce on Jeff/Jordan and Big Red/Brendan if given the chance. Do the smart thing and get rid of the newbies and make a side alliance with Danielle when it counts.

  9. Oh and it’s nice to be home again commenting on the network. I had to leave my comments elsewhere after the takeover of Jeff and Jordan fans. I see they’ve all migrated to their churches and/or died off.

  10. I really think Dominic and Adam could benefit from Howie’s “Jack Shack”. Just thinking about a threeway with Rachel and Danielle :)

  11. I say the next twist is to force everyone to randomly pick new partners. Can you imagine Rachel with Dominic? LOL There could be some bizarre combinations!

  12. Wow this seasons going to suck. Big Brother is trying to make people think logically and take out the good players now but no one is going to do it. The old players stick together and the new ones with each other. By the time we get to the end it’s going be a huge alliance in the end. It’s obvious after the 4th person is gone the pairs will be done also.

  13. Anybody else think Jordan is too comfortable with Jeff, going to bed early and leaving him out for Cassi to flirt with, tonights after hours totally shows Cassi trying to flirt, she is playing it cool though, not over doing it.

    • I soooo noticed that Cassi was flirting with Jeff and wondered if anyone else noticed. I don’t think she’s caught his eye ….yet….

  14. Well @Jo, I think Jordan knows Jeff can’t do any better. I thought Cassi moved to be by Dom who earlier had interest in listening to the Spice Girls. But she (Cassi) must have a plan, and was likely cast to create trouble between one of the couples.

  15. If reality tv wasn’t like crack to me I’d say this could be the season that might make me stop watching BB. I think they had the idea right going with the redemption island model, but adding a failsafe (golden keys and duos) to keep people from dumping the returners like they did with Russell. Problem is, without Dick there to stir up trouble it’s become the noobs versus the vets. Sucks that the vets are all instant allies and friends. They should have maybe went with the 3 other duos. Even in the first ep, it was clear Dick was ready to ruffle some feathers (rachel). Maybe the whole noobs vs vets just doesn’t work in BB tho. Like Lebron James in the playoffs. It always ends up being us versus them instead of us and them against them

  16. Am I the only one that wants Keith to stay. He is a walking contradiction but he is more entertaining that Porsche. Although he hardly spoke on BBAD last night due to his moping around. Although I LOVE Rachel, Porsche seems to be up her ass and will be a floater. Porsche should go now.

  17. Ideally whoever wins next week puts up Breachel and sends Rachel home and then Brendan gets smart and hooks up with either Cassi or one of the other new floating devices this season. Then as he is all cozy she zip lines in and goes all hulk is it just me or does Rachel not look like the hulk paint her green and call her Lou Ferrigno? Those are some massive pecks she has! I think this season has potential to be good but it has just as much potential to SUCK! Getting rid of Keith is good for this season that was a stupid casting! A few predictions already Adam will cry several times/ Porsche, Cassi and Rachel will get in a epic pillow fight with Daneille laughing in the back ground/ Kalia will fail epically in trying to get Dominic in bed and then be one of the first house guests to ummm not be master of her domain publicly. Jeff and Jordan will both be gone by week 6  and Brendon will win this season and get Rachel the other surgery to finish the process of turning it into a women!

  18. Even in his absence, still the most fascinating/interesting HG this season for me.

    After week 4 the entire dynamic will shift.
    The HG I think is “too comfortable” {although I love her} is Dani.

    We are getting 2 of everything. Two ‘seasons’. Two distinct teams of twos{for now}. I am hoping AG isn’t manipulating us with a ‘double standard’ for a chosen few.

    • Ikeephoping that some kind of twist is up and ED is in sequester somewhere. I want him to come back soon

  19. I agree with Sophi, Porsche needs to go ..there is something i like about Keith and Porsche is too cocky – thinking she is THE most beautiful girl in the world…I thought the same too about Cassi flirting with Jeff last night but I am hoping Jeff and Jordan’s love is strong enough to play through the game and win it all.

  20. I hope Keith goes home. He can’t represent the church & the world at the same time. He came in wrong & God won’t let him get away with that. He doesn’t deserve to be in the game. I wouldn’t let my children go near the church that has him as a youth minister. Sorry excuse for a human. Forgive me Lord for judging him. I will pray for him. He needs help.

    • Yes, Clara. At 1st I thought the *Deacon* was going to be another Dan. No way.
      Dan didn’t just “walk the walk”.

      It isn’t so much which one goes 4me…
      it’s which one do I want to see with a golden key.

  21. What I am really liking about this season is that all of the HG’s are in full game mode right from the start. I think Rachel has toned it down quite a bit. hopefully that will not change when the alcohol starts to flow.

    • MAYBE she watched herself back and has learned. She also should be more secure since her and Brendon are engaged….wow

  22. Sorry I don’t know the new HG’s names yet…but what is wrong with the model???

    Watching BBAD she and others in the have not room playing a game “WHICH WOULD YOU CHOSE” and you had to pick one…would you rather suck a heavy flow day tampon –OR–drink a cup from a port a potty from a concert??? OH< and it wouldn't hurt your health

    Then the young kids…WOW!! I don't see him lasting long. Don't care for him already

  23. This season is like Big Brother All-Stars — except they couldnt recruit enough All-Stars, so they had to resort to bringing in some amateurs.

  24. As a 15 year old watching this show;I would like to say that Jordan(if she was the only person to win 2 seasons of this show I would love that),Jeff,Cassi(dont watch the live feeds so I didn’t know she flirts with Jeff+I love that shes a model/country music fan),Dominic(regulator starter),and Shelly is my final choice for the final 5. Ps:This season would be better without “BRENCHEL”!!! Why didn’t they put Hayden and Enzo back instead!!!! :) Also, I want Porsche to go home 1st(playing both sides of the house) and Keith can leave the 2nd week(PIG!!!),and then get rid of “Brenchel”(acts worse than most teenage couples. -Lewis from PA

  25. To me, so far, this season has to many changes. Maybe as the season progresses it wil make sense but right now I have to admit this new system sucks.

  26. How in the world do you people think Porsche is playing both sides of the house??? She aligned herself with the vets and is under the impression that her partner Keith is too. The newbies have never approached her in siding with them so why should she have loyalty to them when they have none to her. If anything it’s Keith who’s playing both sides.

  27. Ok sick of brenrachel already. Dick leaves on and noone knows why and they dont even bother to care. You think his daughter would care! Instead it was wahhh wahhh im a baby and things arent going my way! Please! They were always against the odds. IF the new ones keep it together. Which they wont! Ugh! They all need to grow up! ITs a game and things dont alsways go your way and you cant always win! I think Jeff had it right (which is a surprising!) Its not over till its over. Proche is an idiot and if she is your best bet then you have no choice. Dicks daughter is too dumb to realize the golden key is good and can be used to her advantage. Maybe Dick was the only person playing the game! how scarey is that!

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