Big Brother Rewind Twist Revealed On BB16 – Update

Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed a new twist called “Big Brother Rewind” at the end of tonight’s Double Eviction show that could change the rest of the season.

Big Brother Rewind twist revealed
Big Brother Rewind twist revealed – Source: CBS

Julie notes that while Nicole and Christine walked out the door this week that might not happen to next week’s nominees and that all depends on this new twist.

Here’s how Big Brother describes the new “Rewind” twist:

If that button is pushed in the coming days, then next week’s vote will stop live on the air, the two nominees will immediately come off the block. The game will rewind and the game will be replayed.

That means next week’s nominees could go from being on the block to becoming Head of Household.

As for when it arrives, Julie says we’ll see the Big Brother Rewind “unleashed on the Houseguests” during Sunday’s episode. That means we’ll find out more about it happening from the Live Feeds by the end of Friday. Since Sunday’s shows end with the nominations ceremony, which are held Friday evenings, the Rewind will have to get involved before that is over.

The Houseguests only know the button exists in the house as it was displayed to them on the Memory Wall screens, but they don’t have any other details. Caleb is convinced it will reward them all with cash and MUST be pushed. Frankie warns Caleb he will kill him in his sleep if he pushes the button, but later says he might go along if no one returns by pressing it.

What do you think will happen this upcoming week with the twist? I’m guessing the button will get pressed, but you never know! Stick with us for more details as they become available.

Update: The twist room has opened! Houseguests are inspecting the room and speculating on what could happen next. They still don’t know any details.

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Update 2: The button has been pushed! After the HoH comp the HGs raced in and were greeted by a message reading “The Choice Is Yours. It Only Takes One.” Frankie encouraged everyone to push it so they all put their hands on it and did it.

Immediately after pushing the button the screen changed to a clock counting down to next Wednesday at 5PM PT. The HGs do not know the next eviction show will arrive a day early, but they’ll now know to expect something. The entire week will be redone and most likely right on the spot like Thursday’s DE with this HoH not counting .

Update 3: Since Derrick is the outgoing HoH for this week’s round of events I had assumed we’d see him ineligible to compete in the “rewound” HoH comp coming up on Wednesday. Seems that’s not the cast, according to Julie Chen in an interview with EW:

If the rewind button gets pushed, the two nominees next week come off the block and we immediately rewind the game one week. That means all house guests play for HOH all over again.

Hmm. Well that certainly changes things. Maybe Julie didn’t mean ALL all Houseguests, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens on Wednesday.


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  1. The purpose of these kinds of twists is for the HGs TO trigger it. It doesn’t matter what Frankie’s saying now, if he’s the one in that position, BB will do everything they can to ensure he pushes that button.

    • It won’t take much. Anyone on the block at this point has little to lose by pushing it and I’m sure DR will point that out to those very people if they’re too dim to see it for themselves.

  2. WOW !..that’s all I can say..I will wait for who’s on the block before I react to this very interesting twist..It sounds exciting though.

  3. It’s interesting how the HG’s are over analyzing the boos Christine got. Deep inside, They have to be thinking “Am I gonna be booed like that?” Cody looks uneasy when they talk about it…Isn’t he closed to Christine? lol….he shouldn’t worry though.

  4. This twist is beyond stupid. Makes watching the week entirely pointless, and is completely unfair to everyone who wins a competition during the week. Every single thing that production has done this season has just gotten progressively dumber, and it started out really dumb.

    • I think it is a decent twist. It will keep the game interesting. No one knows what will happen if the button is pushed. I am not sure if I like the rewind aspect of the twist, though.

    • Exactly. They have added a week to the competition but are just repeating a week, as someone previously said, too late in the game for this. Just a wasted week, and you just know that button is going to be pushed.

    • I agree this will delay the game another week and after a very boring season, majority of the viewers were looking forward to the Detonators going after each other. They still will but, this sets it back one week and another wasted week without enhancing the game play. Personally, I am against this twist for that reason.

    • I think this will be good. IF Frankie puts up Victoria and Cody and Cody wins POV, you will see who he is loyal to, because he will have to put up Caleb or Derrick and then it resets and those he pissed off are still in the house…Watch him squirm….

  5. It would be hilarious if Frankie wins HOH, he keeps telling people not to push it, he pushes it and loses his HOH then gets sent packing.

  6. Frankie said on the live feeds(about 20 minutes ago) that “Next time I am going to say my last name 6 times. Grande, Grande, Grande…..” puke.

  7. I seriously dislike this twist and here is why. Once they get to this point in the game, strategy is key. A guy like Derrick, who has been strategizing since Day One, could have his entire game f’ed up by some stupid button. If that happens, making it to the end becomes more about luck of the draw than strategy. I want to see people play the game, not jump through a bunch of stupid hoops. If I were Derrick and my game was completely destroyed by this twist, I would be asking myself why the hell I bothered playing at all.

    • I feel the twist can possibly help anyone, especially the people on the block…….so, this could help Derricks game, as well.

      • I know.but Imagine his face when he finds out his nominations are null and void…The thing is he can still survive this if he wins the next comp.

      • they will somehow rig the game so frankie wins it again easily unless he is hot allowed to play ,but with the rewind i think everyone will be allowed to play so it will be same old shyt over again, this is my last BB the game is starting to suck and is just 1 big commercial for frankie grande and his self centered attitude

      • They can’t rig what has already been planned out for competitions months ahead. Last year, we had that “it’s rigged for Amanda” conspiracy and turned out to be false because, well…Amanda didn’t win.

    • You have a valid point Sophie. I personally feel this way about a lot of the ”twists” in the game – but keep in mind when it comes to reality show ”twists” its never about the quality of the game, it’s all about the ratings. They introduced the button because no matter who is HoH (we know it’s Frankie now), they will have blood on their hands and have to defend themselves when the two people they put up all of a sudden come off the block… It’s interesting to see from a fans perspective – but from a game perspective, yeah it’s a horrible game mechanism to balance things out. Still, it’s at least better than the stupid Coup D’eta (or Coop Detat as Jeff calls it). ;)

    • I seriously dislike this twist, and shockingly I haven’t gotten to a single comment that pointed this out yet, because it is way, WAY too late in the game. The alliance in charge doesn’t need a twist to turn on each other because they have already gotten to final four (as Victoria is a non-entity in terms of power). The problem with the twist is that it should have been used earlier. If these twists ARE used, why did they allow two houseguest to be evicted who comprise two-thirds of viewer popularity? Using it earlier would have been prudent for ratings. It’s not going to do much good when Donny and Nicole viewers have tuned out, and even Christine to stir up trouble is gone.

  8. Frankie may be a loser, but he is playing a pretty decent game. He wins the comps when he needs to and saves himself from eviction… have to give him that.

    • He is a very good player but his opinion of himself and that people like him because of who his sister is or people don’t like him because he is gay is ridiculous.

    • He’s played a terrible game. He has made several stupid decisions, has a terrible social game, and has very very little chance of winning.

      • What if Dr. Will arrives at the jury house and tells the jurors why Frankie should win the game and if they don’t vote for him they aren’t as cool as he is?
        That’s what happened last year when Andy won, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the jury is tampered with this year either.

    • Nope you’re right. I don’t like the guy all that much from what I’ve seen on the show (and heard reported on here)… But in terms of ”playing” the game – he’s been decent. Probably this season’s second strongest player behind Derek in fact.

  9. They’re talking about the button. Derrick thinks it could be something like a Pandora’s box, Frankie is worried about the negative effect to their game,(nervous) Caleb is excited. He think, it’s rack of nice clothes. LOL..

  10. This twist is already too late, it would’ve been more fun if there’s 2 sides of the house, it’s so one sided esp. Derrick is the director of all that’s going to happen whether this button will be pushed or not.

    • Absolutely 100% too late. In fact, it is a slap in the face to Donny and Nicole fans to bring a twist like this into the house AFTER they are gone. At least if Christine was in the house I could have begun pulling for her against the boys alliance. But at this point I couldn’t care less about the button.

  11. Julie said that the button would stop the live vote and rewind the week. That means Derrick could win veto, pull Victoria off and finally pick a side only to have the entire week rewind and have everyone know his master plan. Interesting.

    • Wow you are SPOT ON with this. I know the guys “celebrated” for making Final 4, but little do they know that Derrick will do everything in his power to make sure Victoria is in the Final 4 with him and Cody.

      Imagine Derrick winning the veto to pull Victoria off the block, thus revealing his true intentions, only to have someone reset the week. Unless he won HOH or veto, he would be sent packing quicker than Christine left the house this week.

      IMO Caleb or Frankie are goners this week with Victoria being the pawn. If Victoria is up against Cody or Derrick then she’ll probably get the boot, but if she’s up against Caleb or Frankie, say bye bye to whoever she’s sitting against. No way Cody and Derrick are evicting her over Caleb or Frankie.

  12. Derrick’s got to be thrilled he’s not playing in the HOH tonight. Look for him to throw the Veto comp, too, so none of the power is in his hands this week.

    • I don’t think he’ll throw the veto comp considering he wants to take Victoria as far in the game as possible. First it was “guys let’s vote out Christine because we can easily get Victoria out next”. This week it’s going to be “let’s vote out Frankie/Caleb because we can easily get Victoria out next week.”

      He’ll try to win it so he can save her.

      • He doesn’t need to – he’s been playing Victoria up to Frankie and Caleb all week, and Cody won’t go against him now. He’ll find a way to protect her without the Veto, mark my words. He’s just THAT good.

      • I agree. . I think he is deffinately around the top 75percent mark of good players since season 4. The reason I say season 4 . is cause that is the first full season with these rules (“golden” power of veto and so forth)

      • Yup you nailed it. I thought Cody was onto Derrick (and that he was doing the same thing with Christine) but sadly Cody just voted out his ONLY chance to get past Derrick for the win…. Oh Cody you might be a lady-killer but you’re blind as a soccer ball. ;)

      • I agree. Its 2 types of play: the passive, social game, pulling strings like a puppet master but that can go against you if people don’t buy it at the end or the all out win comps when you need to and make moves way. I vote they listen to Nicoles words of wisdom.

  13. With the way the button is in a separate room I hope after the nomination ceremony or after the veto comp they each have to enter the room in their own and everyone given the chance and an enticement to push the button. Then again depending on who on the block and who wins veto I might not want it pushed

    • That’s why I can’t get too excited about this button yet. You know what’s interesting about this is the nominee that come’s off the block will be so pissed and will seek vengeance. lol

      • Now that everyone that I wanted to win is gone I hope the button gets pushed. The only way I don’t is if Frankie is on the block.

      • I just don’t know if we or at least I am understanding the whole thing. Maybe it’s just me and residual paranoia from this yuck season but I just can’t help but feel something more is up.

      • I’m not really rooting for any player now, For my enjoyment, I just want chaos in the house. lol Of course I don’t want Frankie benefiting from the new twist.

  14. Where was this twist weeks ago when it mattered? The whole house minus Victoria is bomb squad, so it doesn’t matter because whoever comes down will probably go right back up because thats what the “house” wants. (unless this makes them safe from eviction). In my opinion it just seems like a way to save Frankie.

      • I don’t want to save him lol but it just seems like this twist should’ve been used either before Zach was evicted or last week. It would have been better that way lol. Imagine if nicole and zach were still in the game.

      • me too. . its funny. cause I kinda liked Frankie towards the begining. . but recently he just “grinds my gears” <—- in the words of Peter Griffin . . LoL

      • You know what else grinds my gears? (also in my best P.Griffin voice) – a woman who thinks that a good strategy in Big Brother is to do nothing but fix your hair for a full season, give the same eviction speech each time, and somehow believe you were smart enough to last longer than any other female! ;)

    • Exactly. Where was this twist when two-thirds of viewers were pulling for either Donny and Nicole as their #1 choice? The 5 people who are left literally have less than 20% of viewer popularity between ALL of them from the latest week 10 poll. I am sure production was aware of this, so why was this not implemented last week, if not earlier?

  15. Good job CBS….you couldn’t of done this a week earlier? Funny change the season, the seasons over!

    • Exactly. I feel like the show died with the crew who is left in that house. Had Christine stayed last night I could have kept watching, but there is nothing left for me to see now. Oh well, saves me time by not having to keep track of BB anymore, perhaps for good. Hope Nicole or Donny come back for all-stars, but I might not be tuning in even if they are.

  16. They should not tell the house guests what the consequence will be in pressing the button otherwise, someone would want to press it to be safe 100% if they knew that! Let them guess then, decide if they want to chance it! Just tell them, they can each have a chance to press the button if they choose and it will affect the game.

  17. I have no doubt that Frankie will be in the F2. The only consolation I take from that is that he will not win the 500K.

  18. According to what someone posted on Morty Port on Facebook, Christine stormed off the stage after the show and is refusing to go to the jury house.

    • Nobody to rub against at night time so she’s waiting for some company….Zzzzing! ;) But in all seriousness I am actually impressed that she kept her composure during her interview with Julie. She even seemed to ”understand” Cody voting for her, when in fact it would’ve been very smart for Cody to vote out Victoria (whether she got evicted or not)…

      • Saying the “right” thing during the interview and how you really feel, deep down, are two different things. I think she was a little blind to Cody. If she’d had her eyes open she would have figured out that the guys wouldn’t be taking her anywhere. She was their little spy, came in handy for a while, and then got dumped.

    • Well, she should have listened to Donny, laid her hands off of Cody, and kept Hayden and Nicole under her pocket.

  19. Anyone know what the HOH comp is? I’m watching BBAD, but it’s showing interviews with the remaining HGs.

    • Of course he did, he is fighting for his life. Probably be like Ian and win all the comps he needs to from now till end. But they just pushed the button and he keeps saying I am HOH and i want to push it.

    • Yes!!! If the button is pushed, next weeks vote will stop and the noms will come off the block. It’s a rewind!

      • Yes, yes, yesssssss! Cocky Frankie won’t get out who he wants. The only thing is I think he can play for HOH again because it’s a start all over week.

      • That’s what I meant by not understanding it all. Can production make the rules for this as they go along? Will Frankie be able to play? Will Derrick not be able to play since he was the last HOH before this happened?

      • I know Frankie will be able to play because it will be like this week never happened. Julie said we will start all over. But I’m not sure about Derrick. He really shouldn’t be able to play if the week is starting all over.

      • If anything, I hope they all get to play and I’ll be saying let the best of the worst win, whoever that is.

      • I’m hoping Derek gets another shot at playing (technically sitting out his one HoH competition). I’d love to see the look on Frankie’s face when Derek wins HoH and puts up Frankie & Beast mode! ;)

      • Doesn’t seem right for production to be able to do things that could be construed as affecting the outcome of the season. There’s a whole lot of room here for manipulation on their part. Do you really think they’d do anything that would hurt Frankie?

      • That’s my thoughts. I was naive about all the manipulations by production when I first came on the site. Now that I have been schooled, my first thought was regarding the unlimited ways this could be used to get the result wanted by production. We’re not privy to the exact rules so I’m not cool with this whole thing.Life goes on.

      • Does this mean he doesn’t get credit for winning this HOH? If he should happen to be f2, I think he will have the most comps. So he can’t he can’t put this in the win column.

      • They tried – the producer’s assumed Donny would be leaving 2 weeks earlier than he did which meant he never got back into the game after being in the jury house. I think he would’ve done much better if he had some time talking to the jury members then come back in… but meh… past is past.

  20. I missed the last 10 minutes of tonight’s episode. What’s the deal with Jeff and Jordan coming back? Did Julie explain?

  21. According to Frankie they pushed the button for America because America will hate them if they don’t push the button. Guess what Frankie?

  22. If only the rewind twist included the part where nicole was evicted..she could get another shot. doubt it tho. Honestly, this season is very anticlimactic, and extremely predictable.

  23. Like the idea… Wish there were more ”twists” like this that had unknown consequences. Remember the old days when HoH’s would often have to make their nominations in their room while being taped unknowingly? Then the tape would be played in front of the other houseguests who would hear what the HoH was thinking… ;)

  24. Why does Frankie have that stomach ache face in the picture above. I can not stand him. Out of all the BB and survivor players, I have never disposed someone as much as him. Can’t stand his two faced. He hugs you and tells you he loves you, then stab, stab, stab. Hope he is next. If they don’t take him out, he will have a argument of winning the most comps.

  25. They think it was awful for Christine. Wait until Cody walks out…can’t wait.
    And I can’t wait for Shanky to realize his HOH is gone….ya baby

  26. Let everyone remember that Donny warned Christine of what was going to happen, and not only did she run off and tell Cody, SHE MOCKED HIM.

    Christine deserves ALL the ridicule coming her way. She is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS. She did nothing more than eliminate smart, competitive HGs that she could have gone far in the game with and scoffed at them as inferior players and people. And for what? For a sixth place finish. Serves her right.

  27. If the clock rewinded back to Wednesday, wouldn’t that void the evictions that happened last night?

  28. Production put a picture of Derrick’s baby wearing HIS police hat in his basket. Derrick is the main one Frankie should be worried about (but doesn’t know that). What does that tell you?? I mean, come on. It wasn’t a mistake. It was deliberate. Derrick is playing the best game I’ve ever seen but is it that production wants to put the brakes on that?

  29. This twist is way, WAYYYY too late. This was needed two weeks ago, or at least last week. It’s useless after you have allowed both Donny and Nicole (who had 70% of the popularity vote of the entire cast as of late) to be evicted. Using this now is utterly pointless and baffling, as I have absolutely NO interest in watching that crew of 4 guys all full of themselves, and Victoria who can’t win a competition. I imagine I will be in a good company of viewers who have had enough and won’t be tuning in any longer. At least if Christine stayed, she could have teamed up with Victoria in some way as the game progressed. But with Frankie still there and getting more over-the-top arrogant as the weeks go by, this season is done for me. I couldn’t care less what happens from here on as there is no suspense and no one worth watching. Seriously, if BB wanted to use the Rewind I have no idea why they didn’t try to at least keep Nicole after Donny left! Beyond mind-boggling. She would have pressed it and no one could have stopped her as she had nothing left to lose. CBS blew it!

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