Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 10 Double Eviction Live Results

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the spoiler results for this week’s Double Eviction and Head of Household competition will be revealed as two HGs will be sent home and another two will take the top power.

Double Eviction on Big Brother 16
Double Eviction on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Julie teased a new twist will hit the house tonight! There’s a photo showing a gold button that looks like the “reset” button. Combine that button with news that the Have-Not room was rebuilt & sealed last night and we could get something very interesting along with tonight’s double elimination.

Not one, but two Houseguests will be sent home as the HGs race through an entire week’s competitions and ceremonies in just one hour. These are typically the most intense shows of the season and with all the flipping and blindsiding expected we shouldn’t be disappointed.

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Big Brother 16 Week 10 Votes:

  • Christine votes to evict: Nicole
  • Derrick votes to evict: Nicole
  • Frankie votes to evict: Nicole
  • That’s enough votes. It’s official.
  • Cody votes to evict: Nicole

Nicole Franzel has been evicted, again. 4-0 this time.

Competitors have to fill in the blank from a previous HG’s bleep comment with True or False based on what Julie tells them. It’s a memory game from what HGs said in the season so far.

Big Brother 16 Week 10.5 Head of Household Comp – “What The Bleep?”:

  • Round 1: False! Derrick just won HoH in one round!

Everyone but Derrick guessed ‘True’ with a question about Donny reading his letter from home. It was ‘False.’ Derrick is the new HoH! His noms are coming up.

We get to see Derrick talking with the other HGs. He promises Victoria safety, but she’s going up against Christine. Derrick tells Caleb that if Christine comes down then Frankie goes up and out.

Big Brother 16 Week 10.5 Nominations:

  • Christine Brecht
  • Victoria Rafaeli

If Christine doesn’t win the Veto then she will most likely go home. Let’s see what happens!

This comp is a cascading series of puzzles with the last disc dropping the ball on to a sensor.

Big Brother 16 Week 10.5 Power of Veto Comp – “Mazed & Confused”:
Frankie is the first to the second disc with Christine just behind him. All are on the second disc.

Frankie gets to the third and final maze first. It’s his to lose… there he goes!

  • Frankie wins the PoV!

Christine will be in trouble here as long as Frankie doesn’t go wild & use it on her.

Derrick is sitting on top of Frankie (not literally) to keep him on target. Derrick tells him not to use it and then they’ll get out Victoria next week and then they’ll have F4 all locked up. Caleb & Cody both confirm to Frankie that Christine will go home in the vote.

Big Brother 16 Week 10.5 Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Veto not used

Final noms for the DE are Christine and Victoria.

Big Brother 16 Week 10.5 Eviction Votes:

  • Frankie: evict Christine
  • Caleb: evict Christine
  • That’s enough. It’s official.
  • Cody: evict Christine

By a vote of 3-0, Christine Brecht has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Julie reveals more about a new twist called “Big Brother Rewind.” If any HGs push the button next week then the entire week is wiped out & they do it over. Wait, what? Why would anyone in the hot seat not push the button if they expected to walk out the door? Umm.

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Don’t stray too far because we’ll have a LOT more Big Brother updates very soon. Friday I’ll have interviews with tonight’s evicted HGs. Then later on Friday we’ll get the nomination results. This is the game that never rests and neither does our coverage!


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  1. Waiting impatiently to see the detonators, detonate in spectacular fashion tonight when they are forced to turn on each other

  2. Do they air the live episodes live on the BB Feeds? We lost Local CBS on Directv and am trying to find a way to watch tonight’s episode :(

  3. Let’s get this show on the road. Already know the first half hour but I’m finally excited about the second half. Especially after a long, boring, predictable season.

    • Yeah, about time. I thought these guys would wait till Final 2 before even making their move. Sometimes, we probably have to check to see if these guys are even breathing at all. Their brains are probably long gone! lol

  4. I hope Julie asks Frankie some difficult questions. And I can’t wait to see his face when she says it’s DE tonight.

  5. What’s up with Julie and her b!tch red lipstick? LOL

    And looks like she’s prepping for a Big Brother funeral.

  6. Game changing twist will be reveal. Which mean more than likely won’t affect what happens tonight.

    • Donny gets put back into to game just to evict a person of his choice! He will have a Diamond POV to send one house guest to the jury house even if he or she is HOH?

    • Please no. I’m for Derrick at this point, he’s playing a great game. Maybe not for the viewers, but for himself. He’s there to win money, and making a tv show is back burner to him. It’s like Evil Dick once said, he doesn’t give a d*MN about how boring or exciting the show is, he’s there to win the money any way possible. Can’t blame Derrick because every follows his every word, that’s his great game.

      • But everyone actually likes him. And he hasn’t actually stabbed anyone in the back or the front. Although I’m seeing his game about to blow up here in the next 10 minutes. He has an alliance with everyone and he is finally going to have to show his hand.

  7. He went straight to Victoria after Frankie tried to such up to him. Wow! Did he really just win like that.

  8. You know Derrick didn’t want to win that, lol. Bye bye Christine. I wonder how much hate Victoria will have when her guardian puts her up.

    • ticks me off they removed Donny’s picture from TA they won’t do either one of those missions I am betting

  9. Derrick is HOH. Well, I bet Christine and Victoria nominated. He wants Christine gone. Still boring.

  10. Wow, another twist. Why not ruin the game more? It’s like they’re trying to get cancelled before season 20.

  11. I’m hoping Christine wins veto so Frankie goes up and thinks he’s staying against Victoria. Watching him walk out that door would be the best thing that’s happened this entire season. I’d drink to that!

  12. love to see V win the veto. If she can do one thing, it b good to get Skank up and gone, LOL

  13. Hope Victoria wins the veto so that, they can put one more real threat in the hot seat. Maybe, Frankie to guarantee one of them goes to the jury house for good! Whoever gets evicted deserves it! Just hope it is not Victoria otherwise, another week would have been wasted! This time, after the POV, there is no floating around. Go Victoria and win that POV!

    • Where have we seen that one before. “Not this week, next week.” Now what if Frankie win next HoH. Then what.

      • Then, Cody or Caleb goes home. About time for the ninnies to be sent to the jury house. They are a huge waste breathing all that oxygen in the house but, not enough getting to their heads just the same!

      • I know. Derrick last night was saying it’s too soon. WTH? It’s the end of the game Derrick. I sure hope Frankie doesn’t win HOH. If it’s endurance he has a very good chance. And guess what derricks plan of taking Victoria will fail.

    • Wait till Frankie wins HOH next. Now, with Victoria gone—-there are no one else to put on the block. Put the ninnies on the block and off with their heads! Ha Ha Ha!

      • Frankie didn’t have any choice today, but there were some red flag that I think he picked up when he was talking to Derrick…he better strike first or he’s next.

  14. Yup, had a feeling that was gonna happen. I can never predict that maze puzzle comp, but considering these DE’s never go the way the fans want them to, it was pretty much a guarantee.

    Meanwhile, they’re gonna have a LOT of free time. Those comps were pretty fast.

  15. If Frankie won, he might save Christine meaning Victoria going to the jury house! Another wasted week! Guess we have to wait for the next HOH to something to be excited about. ZZZZzzzz. Wake me up after the next HOH!

  16. I’m just astonished at the homophobia here. Frankie should not be judged and hated just because he is gay.

  17. a while back didn’t frankie say that when he was a kid he did maze puzzles all the time after a different comp that was like a maze?

    • i wonder what is going through her mind as she has said numerous times that everyone in jury house hates her.

  18. Send Christine to the jury house now! This is a well deserved eviction. All her stupidities finally caught up to her. Nicole will probably laugh her head off when she sees Christine right after her! LOL

  19. Now she has to face Donny in the jury house and not be with Cody….that will make her husband a little happier

  20. BOOOOOO… hahahahaha….you’ll be bood too Frankie…and who said they are not allowed to boo?

  21. She is pissed. The audience doesn’t like you one bit, well a lot of folks don’t. Nicole and Hayden are going to have a blast.

  22. This twist is beyond stupid. Makes watching this week entirely pointless, and completely screws the competition winners

  23. THere goes Skankie, killing people in their sleep. He has such a violent mindset. I hate that creep

  24. The best part tonight was the booing of Christine. And her walking out like a big sore loser!

  25. Just great….Frankie will get put on the block, Caleb will push the button thinking he’s gonna get some money and the game will stop and rewind….just wonderful….how much more misery can we be subjected to?

      • That would be great, but I think Julie said if anyone hits the button…we will need clarification!

      • I’m guessing so. Because otherwise, it would be way too easy for the people nominated to just slam the button and save themselves. If someone’s going to do it, it should be the HoH (without knowing what it does, of course).

  26. I like the concept of the twist, but overall I’m giving it a thumbs down. It’s so painfully obvious it’s going to be pushed. I can’t believe just anybody gets to push it, because then obviously someone in danger of going home will take their chances and push it. Even if nobody in that scenario pushes it, somebody will, production will get somebody to push it. It was designed to be pushed. I hope it backfires and the same exact nominations, HoH and Veto winners play out, as if nothing ever changed, as if the button was never pushed.

  27. Could Team America challenges be any more lame. So silly, so stupid. think Team America has been an absolute flop.

  28. Is there any way you can get live feeds through a stream? I know on year BB Nutters did it but I don’t think they’re doing it this time…? :(

      • It’s getting more difficult to get free streams this year, at least for international viewers like me. Had to rely now on updates online to see what’s going on in there.

      • Oh. :(

        So are there any live streams on the internet where you can watch live feeds? Anyone? I really want to watch this HOH comp live. If you have a website just post it and delete the comment after a couple of minutes so that website doesn’t get in trouble. Pleaseee! :(

      • Unfortunately, even if I do, I don’t want to risk that site being shut down as well. Plus, as a courtesy to Matthew and the rest of BBNet who actively promotes US viewers to legally subscribe to the feeds.


      • BB Nutters was my only source. I may have to search on Google in case there are lots more still available.

    • Totally all for show lol. I can’t imagine anybody voting Victoria out over Frankie, Derrick, Cody or Caleb, depending on who’s HoH, who’s up there with her, and since one of them of course has to be on the block with her.

  29. Christine now has time to reflect and ask for forgiveness for all her hatred and her conduct with Cody.

    The folks in the jury have no respect for her. She is lucky they have a better heart and probably won’t ostracize her.

    • It was one thing when after that BB TNT comp for Veto he ran around saying “I would’ve done so well at that”, but tonight he actually competed, got the wrong answer (everyone did but Derrick) and he still ran his mouth “I knew it was kisses”. No, you didn’t, that’s why you answered incorrectly. Give it a rest buddy.

  30. I feel like tonight’s veto comp was rigged in Frankie’s favour. The comp was very similar to the lighbulb comp that Frankie won earlier in the season. During the lightbulb comp, Frankie clearly stated in a diary room session that he was really good at these scientific/maze comps. And with this new ‘push the button’ twist, I feel like production is stepping in on behalf of Frankie…but that’s just my two cents.

  31. In order for anyone to push that button, production has to make it enticing eough for these housemates for them to wanna push it. Hopefully none of these guys’ head would pop out a thought on BB14’s reset button.

      • Well, if they are told it could be something that could possibly benefit them or otherwise, who wouldn’t take the chance to do so?

      • If they tell them it’s something good, of course they are going to push it. For it to be fun there has to be a suspense, where they don’t know what will happened.

      • maybe Caleb will think it will be a visit from Ariana Grande and whoever pushes it will get to sing a duet with her.

      • If absolutely anybody is allowed to push it, it will be pushed. It doesn’t make sense for people on the block to not take that chance and just push it, especially if the push decision comes after the Veto competition. If only the HoH can push it, then I guess there’s a chance it’s not pushed. But I still say production will find a way to make sure it’s pushed. They want ratings, and they want drama in a season they probably know has been lacking it.

      • I know but I think at this point that’s almost saving face, trying to show the viewers that “It’s all a myyysteryyy” with a fake shoulder shrug, when in actuality they’re going to make DR nudges/”suggestions” to push it if it actually appears nobody’s going to on their own will. If I’m on the block, Veto is over and I didn’t win it, nobody’s using it on me, then even if I don’t know what the button does, I’m pushing it. Nothing to lose at that point. All production really has to do to get a player to do what they want is dangle extra stipend money in their face like a carrot.

      • So would I. Believe me, I’ve wanted to have faith in them and to some extent, I still do. But there definitely have been moments where that’s faded, and I’ve questioned it, and I’m normally never on the side with the conspiracy theorists, and I never come on here calling rig.

  32. If it’s Frankie and Victoria on the block, I don’t want the button pushed. Those are my two most disliked left, and it would guarantee one goes. If those two aren’t on the block and it’s any combination of Caleb, Cody, Derrick, I want it pushed. Then again of course this is all moot, because the button will be pushed, no matter what. I’ll be shocked if it isn’t, and I’m never shocked.

  33. Can anybody tell me if the HoH competition is being played on the live feeds? If it is, this might be the night I sign up for a free trial.

  34. Did anyone notice that Skankie continues with his violent comments, telling Caleb “I’ll kill you in your sleep if you push that button. I will, I’ll kill you!” Yes, it was said in jest but hasn’t anyone also noticed that all of Skankie’s humor involves violence? This is one sick puppy. “I’ll punch Nicole in the face if she comes crying to me.” “That b**ch is a c**t” “Two of you should team up and take all Victoria’s virginities…ALL OF THEM!” And on and on. I can’t wait till he faces the audience. If he gets evicted (doubful) the boos you heard for Crustink will sound like church bells compared to what he’ll be facing. I think when AFP is annouced and Donny wins, the cheers will be deafening. And if Skankie wins, expect polite applause. BAZINGA!

  35. FRANKIE thinks Christine got booed because she bashed him in DR. Can the fool get any more hung up on himself????

  36. I don’t want Frankie to get booed when he is evicted, too easy. He would just continue with America is not ready for HIM! I would rather complete silence, no reaction at all from the audience. I think that would hurt him more than the boos.

    • need that to happen for sure this was my one and pretty sure my only post I gave myself one in respect to grannys advice [if you have nothing nice to say say nothing] im pretty sure in the case of f. g. she would have had some lessons to share with him herself could probley include a dose of granny on Christine also !!!!!!!!

  37. How Christine did not see that coming long ago is beyond me. Every time they needed someone to go on the block it was her. Caleb for all his talk when they were trying to get Zach to volunteer was full of crap. None of them volunteered to go except him and that wasn’t to help the detonators or whatever the name of the week fro their alliance was called, but to try and save Amber.
    Why she didn’t choose to go with the others is just crazy to me, she must have, sorry should have, seen the writing on the wall loooonnnggg ago.
    And then there’s Frankie, when the crowd kind of booed Christine, “oh that just shows we made the right decision” Oh Good God, wait till he gets out there, they better not stop the crowd from booing, I’m looking forward to that1

    • I didn’t care for Frankie’s “That just shows we made the right decision” crap either, but I think that was primarily just lip service for Victoria. To make her feel like she’s not an outcast from this “boys club”. Frankie also knows if he’s in the wrong spot next week, he’ll need votes, and maybe he’s hoping for Victoria’s. Then he only has to work on one more, with only 2 votes to evict next time around.

  38. He doesn’t realize that Derrick won the HOH on the first question its all about his veto win. OMG I really can’t stand him

  39. I hate that they showed the houseguests the button! I wanted it to be like pandora’s box and it was a decision on a whim instead of them over-thinking and probably promising each other not to push it!

  40. Ironically the only episode I thought Christine looked good is also the episode she’s evicted. Not that that’s important, just saying, as I found that funny.

  41. Don’t be surprised if Frankie gets evicted before F2 that when he walks out he will not be boo’d like Christine was, although he deserves it just as much as she did. CBS will not let that happen. CBS/Republic Records/Ariana Grande=$$$$ for CBS.

  42. Cody is stressing out because of the boos for Christine, saying that he doesn’t want to get booed, and he is being told that he won’t because Christine is a married woman an people didn’t like her relationship with him, but nobody faults him because he isn’t married. The double standard stuff pisses me off. IMO it doesn’t matter whether he is single or not, he did not keep his hands off of her, even after the zing that was said to HIM about Christine. He should have had some respect for her husband even if he had none for her. Yes, Cody it was your fault too, because you didn’t shut it down . Time to grow up and face the consequences of your actions., OK rant over. I am sure i will get some haters from this post, but oh well.

    • You got some point but other than her being cozy with Cody there’s other reasons why people didn’t like her.

      • And those other reasons don’t include Frankie, even though he’s sure they were booing her because of him????
        The paranoia is really going strong with Frankie it would seem.

      • Yeah, he even went so far as to say that she probably said bad things about his family also so they booed her. Frankie lives in a fantasy land in his head i think

      • agreed. Personally I didn’t care too much for her either. I have never heard one person say they hated so many things and people. My point is if Cody gets some boos he brought it on himself. These guys spend an awful lot of time worrying how much they are liked and how famous they are going to be but most of the time they act like adolescents.

  43. All I gotta say is Cody better hope he gets HOH cause Frankie is gonna go after him..for sure..

    • Let’s face it, Frankie is probably gonna win HOH. Hopefully he will put up Derrick and Cody since Caleb confessed to the crime of potentially backdooring Frankie. If so I hope Cody wins Veto and Vic goes up since I doubt Frankie would put up Caleb, but who knows?

      • yeah but…. Frankie thinks Cody was the mastermind …Cody was not…Caleb saw Frankie whispering
        to Christine after a comp and got suspicious It was Calebs idea..

      • Usually I would agree and think Derrick would escape any blame per usual except for the fact that in Frankie’s DR’s tonight he knew Derrick was lying to him and it made him angry that Derrick wouldn’t fess up and instead tried to pretend nothing happened. Frankie is not as stupid as Caleb.
        Caleb also told Frankie that Derrick said he’d be fine with winning 2nd place and didn’t deserve to win 1st. Frankie asked Caleb incredulously if he really believed that and Caleb said yes. Frankie said of course he wants to win the money, everyone does.
        So even though it’s probably futile I’m still hoping that Frankie is beginning to see how fake Derrick is and might put him up with Cody.

  44. I am appalled by the audience booing Christine. I wasn’t a fan and I didn’t like the way she treated some of the other HG’s (Donny), and maybe she snuggled with Cody (as a married woman) but that was in reason to boo her. I couldn’t believe the powers to be at CBS allow such poor behavior to happen. Maybe they didn’t like her but I was left feeling bad for her. I’m kind of turned off for the rest of the season now, especially if Frankie goes vas gets the same audience treatment.
    Thank you Big Brother Network for giving fans a place to let their opinions be known.

    • Go watch a cartoon ! Booing that B…. was awesome ,,,and when Frankie gets that BOOO…. I will jump up with joy….

  45. christine did it to her self all theBOOs cody will be next i hope they are both proud i do feel bad for her husband he should go and find a girl to get close with for a week or to and see how she likes it

  46. This was a HORRIBLE episode. Halfway through I knew that it would be the last one I watch. Seeing Nicole leave was bad enough. Watching Frankie twirl, grin and act like an all-round arrogant jackass (which is getting worse every week by the way) was even worse, of course. But what even topped that was learning that Big Brother is introducing a Rewind twist.. at least one week too late! I couldn’t care less now to watch this boring bunch scheme, play pool, not make big moves and listen to Frankie’s stories. From here on I hardly care to even learn who eventually won this very, very poor season.

  47. This BB group of morons this season probably ruined Big Brother for Good. If I was an advertiser I would not like to pay too much for a spot on their commercials. Fan America is a JOKE.

  48. I cannot stand that wimpy Frankie . He will probably ruined his sister’s singing career . What is her name Mouth Grande …Oh Well…. they do make a good brother and sister… Both Crack in the Head…

  49. Cody is just a kid…Green as they come… His horsing around …Made the ugly Christina to think that he was flirting with her. She really fell in love with his childish play. As old as she is , she should have known that it was all in jester…fun… and horse playing .

  50. Seeing Christine’s husband …I can understand why Christine would mistake Cody’s horse play with something else.

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