Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Was Evicted Last Night? 09-04-2014

Thanks to last night’s wild Double Eviction live show not one, but two Houseguests were eliminated from Big Brother 16. Most of us could see the writing on the wall for the first evicted HG, but with a DE anything is possible.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises
Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

After watching Nicole Franzel sent out the door in another unanimous vote with all four HGs against her she returned to the familiar chair next to Julie Chen. She wouldn’t be alone for long though as another Big Brother 16 HG was not far behind.

Following Nicole’s eviction a second HoH competition was held and Derrick won the power in a ridiculous comp that ended in one round when everyone but him got it wrong. Derrick had to select two new nominees. That lead to Christine and Victoria going up on the block.

By the time the Power of Veto comp was over Frankie had won yet another comp. At the PoV ceremony he decided NOT to use the Veto which kept the original noms on the block.

Only three HGs entered the Big Brother Diary Room in the second live vote and they sent Christine off to the Jury House. Frankie, Caleb, and then Cody all voted Christine out, 3-0.

She was PISSED and did not stop to hug or talk with a single person. She rushed out the front door to a wave of BOO’s (which you’re really not supposed to do, I was told when we went). It’s a rough interview and Julie points out how she went out 6th and didn’t even make it to the F4 after ditching her friends to help the guys’ alliance. Ouch.

Update: HoH competition was held overnight. Get the latest HoH spoiler results.

Did I call it two weeks ago, or what??

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Christine: "I'm not here to play for 5th place." Oh, Christine. How about 6th? #BB16

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) August 22, 2014

What do you think of Thursday’s eviction spoilers? Did the HGs make the right choices? Who would you have voted out if you were a BB16 Houseguest?


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  1. I am by no means a big fan of Christine’s, but those boos were waaaaaaay uncalled for! This poor girl was suddenly evicted and she walks out to more boos then aaryn gries’ eviction(who was rightfully so!) what did Christine really do to deserve that much hate? Be a horrible game player? Really? I felt so awful for that girl.

    Christine aside, I cannot wait for Frankie’s eviction and boos. Now he does indeed deserve it for the nasty, pompously arrogant things he’s said.

    • Christine was boo’d cuz of her stuff with Cody.
      I would love to hear boos during Frankie’s eviction soooo much. But after what happened tonight I think CBS is gonna be more strict about the no boo policy, or just get a bunch of Grande fans in the audience.

      • Let’s hope they don’t let his sister’s fans in. I hope they’re appalled with his arrogant ways as much as we are. My daughter loves him and does not see him for the snake in the grass that he is. She is like oh he’ll build schools in Africa with his winnings. I told her that she can not believe him and if he wants to build a school do it here in America. We have people starving and living in harsh conditions too. Anyway this is a soap box for me and I could rant all might. I just can’t wait to see that disgusted look on his face when he does not win AFP.

      • exactly time for hat lil school boy to hit the road so sick oh him,and the boos were for how she talked about donny

      • That doesn’t make any sense to boo somebody who DID NOTHING WRONG with Cody. Those boos were so uncalled for.

      • ARE YOU SERIOUS???? Even her family, friends, and HUSBAND said they wanted her to stop it. SHE IS MARRIED, and got exactly the right amount of boos when she walked out. First time this season that I had to laugh and clap.

      • She’s married and had a male friend. Oh my god. What a horrible person. She should also have to wear a burqa and not be allowed to drive.

      • I’ve had male friends in my life but I’ve never pawed and stroked them, laid in bed with them, and carried on all googly-eyed like she did. It wasn’t appropriate, but I agree she didn’t deserve such a reaction, even though I don’t understand how she failed to see how bad it looked. Her husband has to be the final judge.

      • Agreed…what is with people…it’s between Christine and her husband. No one else should be concerned. He husband didn’t seem near as upset as the complete strangers booing her.

      • deder, her husband WAS a bit hurt/upset by it and Christine’s mother will have some words for her upon her return home. I’m surprised Americans still care this much about marriage, it’s refreshing to learn!

      • What do u expect when u expose yourself on a national reality TV show? A lot of people are held accountable for ALOT less….what makes her so special? I get it’s between her and her husband, but as a married woman there is a standard you are to uphold. And as a religious person there’s a higher standard that you are to uphold. And no matter what the cost is or what the prize is you should never submit yourself to the to that kind of behavior, no matter what. and let’s not get into the simply just evil mean things that she said about people! How could you do those kinds of things trying to say that you are one way but truly expose the total opposite. Talk is very very cheap… and then not expect backlash? You will get that especially on social media; especially on TV.

      • Maybe Chris could have been a little nicer to Hayden, Nicole and Donnie instead of stabbing them in the back? That girl is cold as ice.

      • I watch the live feeds occasionally and I keep up with the updates. But at the end of the day I don’t understand why she was booed.. To be honest, I don’t think she should have been booed. Just because she turned her back on Nicole who is America’s fav?

      • I truly feel they booed her for her poor sportsmanship which she showed with her exit from the house, more than anything she’d probably did in it. She didn’t mind who else got blindsided (Hayden for example) as long as it wasn’t her. She also didn’t defend Victoria when the guys talked about “raping” Victoria either. Instead, she giggled and went along with it.

      • And let’s not talk about her DR sessions…. she was quite Allright with the biggest backstabbing of the season! (well besides Frankie & Zach). Remember when she told Nicole that she was removing the knife from her back and returning it to their owner so that it wouldn’t be used again? I wonder how she felt when all those knives were in her back that she did not realize was there?

      • No they booed her for her relationship with Cody, I guarantee you. Mind you it’s not even that serious.

      • If you watched live feeds or kept up with update accounts you would have heard the countless horrible things she said about everyone and everything, she literally even made jabs about the fans pictures who were chosen for the photobooth. She was extremely hateful and I think the icing on the cake was when she showed extremely poor sportsmanship when she just walked out even though she seems to have said she was “expecting it”.

      • If you watched her in bed with Cody, Stroking him, rubbing his head, holding his hand! It was disgusting! SHE IS MARRIED! CODY IS NOT! All she had to say to Cody is I am a married women, please don’t touch me! ANYWAY. it was HER. doing all of the touchy feely crap!!! It made me sick to watch! Literally had to tape the feeds so I could by pass her with Cody! I don’t give her marriage 6months out of BBHOUSE!!! TRUTH IS Christine NEVER had a good looking jock pay ANY attention to her before and she didn’t know how to handle it!!!

      • It’s not about her pawing Cody. She got booed because she is so mean spirited. She didn’t play a game. She sold her soul.

      • She was boo’d because she turned on (or was never on the side of) Nicole, Hayden, and Donny….3 fan favorites.

      • This is the main reason for the boos. Because after she did that Christine was consistently ranked at the bottom of the polls until she was just recently replaced by Frankie. Christine behaved in a very callous manner to Nicole especially.

      • Has a male HG ever been booed at a live eviction?
        I remember Aaryn being the first person I’ve ever seen booed.

    • I can only imagine what Frankie’s reception will be like if and when he is finally evicted. But that doesn’t seem very likely to happen now does it? I’m pretty sure if he’s on the block that little button will by pushed. I wish they would have brought that out for Donnie or Nicole.

      • CBS will save Frankie till the end. He makes me sick. He is not famous, he has a you tube channel and lives in his sisters shadow while she pays. and this whole bit about giving it to charity, ya his charity, right into his own pocket. He disgusts me with his actions and words. I wish CBS would call him out on it during the live show, the guy is so smug thinking he is America’s favourite, the only reason he has “followers” is b/c of his sister. Rant done.

      • wished Nicole hadn’t openrd her mouth to derrick about him being like dan tho she was solid till thn Frankie would have gone bye bye

      • Shes actually really famous now dont be a hater she sang the opening anthem nfl n opened mva show wake up . Btw shes 21

      • But notice how through out the total BB episodes Derrick puts on this psycho look with the facial hair and always touching his face, then tonight after Nicole left he took a total turnaround and shaved the facial hair and look very different in persona even putting on weight what a Master Manipulator Guru of Disguise. Imagine how his wife feels when he hugs Victoria and tells her he loves her.

      • Very very different! It is obvious that Derrick has built a “friendship” with Victoria and those I love yous are not in private or whispered! Hugs are not like when you hug your wife, more like when you hug your little sister!!!

      • I think they may very well have lost trying to get Frankie out when they had the chance.

    • I agree 100%….I didn’t like the way Christine threw Nicole under the bus, BUT, it was nothing compared to some of the horrible stuff I’ve seen on that show over the years. She didn’t deserve that at all! People are so ridiculously judgemental when it comes to women especially. So she flirted with Cody, so what. She is married to her high school sweetheart and got a little overwhelmed by all the attention from a good looking, sweet guy. She made a mistake, she’s bot a murdered! People are so cruel!

      • Yes she did make a mistake, but the problem is, she did it for 3 months in front of America. there are a lot of people out there that cannot condone it.

    • It’s called ‘being accountable for your actions’. The behavior with Cody was bad enough, but the just plain meanness she displayed, especially to her best friend Nicole, was disgusting. Remember she mostly wanted to win the prior hoh to make bb history and send out the same person twice…Nicole. And she was awful to Donny. The two favorites. I think she got the boos more for her unnecessary meanness than anything else. JMO

    • Christine got EXACTLY what she deserved.

      Let’s see, she hated EVERYONE, she was mean nasty and catty, she spread malicious vile lies about Donny, she went beyond throwing a BOB and actively cheated (yes in America’s eyes she cheated Donny), she had NO compassion for anyone, she showed incredibly poor sportsmanship when SHE was evicted but relished in others pain when they were evicted. AND she acted like a whore, even though she was married.

      Does that about sum it up for you?

      I know many people don’t like Frankie, but he is a GOOD villain. If they do an All-Star season Frankie may get invited back.

      Christine is simply vile. She will be swept into the dust bin of Big Brother history.

    • Christine’s heavy flirting and smoozing with Cody cost her the game. Her vile behavior didn’t help either

  2. Cody was po’d, or either he was putting on a show knowing Christine could see them from the live audience stage. I understand he wants her vote. But he genuinely looked upset. Anyone else notice?

    • It seemed as if something was going on behind the scenes between Cody and Christine before her eviction but I’m not sure.

      • Nevermind, all Cody is upset about is that he might be booed, he’s not upset about Christine being booed at all.
        Quite the gentleman.

      • Cody doesn’t feel sorry for Christine, he feel sorry for HIMSELF. He’s now concerned about HIS image, how HE will be perceived.

        There’s a lot to dislike about Christine, but Cody deserves MORE blame for their “snuggle” sessions than he seems to get on these forums.

        He could have had some respect for himself, Christine and Tim, but he choose personal instant gratification and only NOW, when he realizes HIS actions may be off-putting to America, does he show any concern.

        Out of all the remaining house guests, he’s the one I most want to see voted out third. Close enough to really taste the money, but just beyond his grasp.

      • I agree it takes two and feel he should be as accountable as Christine. I don’t understand the people who seem to think because she is married, she has more culpability in the matter. That’s the whole point. They BOTH knew it. If her husband don’t mind, hey, to each his own.I did see after I posted how Cody was concerned for himself and was even trying to back away from the whole situation as if he had not enjoyed it or something. Good Lord, man. A little insulting to us viewers.

  3. Ding Dong the Witch is Evicted!!! Too bad it was not the Pink Witch!!! I was rootin for Donny to win but now that he is gone Go Victoria!!!!

    • I know, won’t it be great if Victoria took it? It would be Derricks biggest mistake taking her to the end. Infact I would love him and her to be be F2 and she takes it.

      • Honestly if Victoria makes it to the end (which I’m really starting to think may happen) I don’t think she’s going to win, unless she’s up against Frankie. Even then I don’t think she will win because she really hasn’t done anything at all this year. Like tonight after Nicole got voted out and Julie asked her why they didn’t vote out Victoria, Nicole said because she cant win anything and they all want her around cause she’s easy to beat.

  4. I still say CBS needs to remove Frankie from the house for sexually harassing and groping the male contestants.

      • They shouldn’t have to tell him it upsets them period.
        Don’t they teach that sort of thing in kindergarten about not touching others? Maybe his parents might have mentioned it to him even? Apparently not.

      • They might be afraid how they are perceived if they say something after all the stuff that went down last year. They may not want to be labeled as homophobic.

      • Sexual assault victims often refrain from saying anything out of fear of victim blaming and general embarrassment. When you’re playing for $500,000 you probably don’t want to put a target on your back by accusing a player of sexually assault

      • They are just as guilty as Frankie. Money means a lot, but I’m don’t think I would become a lesbian just for money. Nothing wrong with being a lesbian, if that is what you are, though.

    • true, but unless the guys find his actions inappropriate or say something about it on the show or to the producers, then it is fine.

    • I’m sure the CBS legal team won’t allow the producers to boot Frankie out the door for sexual harassment – even though that’s exactly what he’s guilty of, especially to the guys. I’m certain they fear he’d sue the show on the basis of “discrimination” (and have no doubt that he would). Instead, I’d like CBS give the BB HG professional lessons in kickboxing – as a form of exercise/physical fitness – and then purposely pair Frankie up with the instructor, who could give him a good, swift kick in his male parts. Now THAT would be well-deserved and hilarious!!

      • I’m sure Frankie will be able to survive a couple of months of celibacy as others have before him. Oh, but I guess he’s special.

    • Pretty sure from the comments people have an issue with Frankie because he is gay… He’s not playing the game ANY different from anyone else…. This nonsense about him being “pompous” and “groping male contestants” is ridiculous….some viewers are just butt hurt a gay person could win 2 years in a row…

  5. She was blind sighted!! She looked so smug thinking the other girl was going out. Loved it!!

  6. I quit watching a few weeks ago because I got so flipping tired of the guys in the house running all the girls out and NO ONE was willing to make any big moves. One of the worst seasons of BB EVER!

    • I agree that this is one of the worst seasons ever. I thought that at least one person would flip. I had hopes that Cody would do it. Idiot

      • Wish Nicole had said a lot more. She could have thrown a huge wrench in the game. She’s just too sweet.

  7. I am so happy Christine left and I hope her husband will have a long talk with her about how he acted with Cody. If I was him I would think about divorcing her.

    • For hugging somebody?? Thats stupid, unless Christine had sex with Cody it’s really nothing to divorce about.

      • I strongly disagree. She is a married woman and was consistently touching, rubbing, and feeling up all over Cody! Sex is nothing compared to an emotional attachment! She seemed in love with Cody and that is something to divorce about. Although, it’s no one’s business when it comes to their marriage, I still believe an emotional connection with the physical to her extent with Cody is and was cheating.

      • I agree with you because they constantly told each other that they loved each other. Also all the hugging, touching, playing with each other and sleeping together at night was over the line.

      • Exactly! Plus, I think the boos also amounted to the degrading comments she consistently dished out! It was nonstop. In kindergarten, I learned to treat others how I want to be treated, she apparently did not.

      • Ohh I’m sorry Christine I didn’t know that you are in the outside world already. How do you know that Christine is in love with Cody? Should TIm be jealous, yes, should Tim divorce Christine over it. No.. because at the end of the day it really isn’t that serious. Christine wasn’t cheating on Tim what so ever.

      • Your opinion is yours and my opinion is mine! I never said Tim should divorce Christine, I am just rationalizing that I do indeed would agree with him if her were to do it, not that I even care.

        Cheating can occur in various forms: physical, emotional, or online. So Christine was most definitely cheating.

      • A hug is nothing… cuddling, holding hands, tracing images on an arm, running fingers through hair…. all of those things are reserved for your SPOUSE! HER FAMILY HATES HER ACTIONS!!!

      • But people are taking Christine’s friendship with Cody WAY to serious. Only because they don’t like her. I’m not defending Christine by no means but people are acting like she slept with Cody.

    • Flirting is not exactly grounds for a divorce and they both discussed this before going on the show,Cody is a friendly good looking guy she enjoyed being around,for god sakes people quit trying to stone her death for having a good time.

      • She chose to marry him and should have been more respectful. Even if she decides after the show that she does not want to be with him, she didn’t have to humiliate him on TV.

      • neither did Cody. he should have had some respect for her husband and shut it down after the zing he got

      • It doesn’t matter what he looks like. You could tell how much he was hurt. She humiliated him on national TV! She finally got to sit at the cool kids table and totally became a mean girl. She talked unnecessary trash about all the decent people in the house. Her husband deserves better and she needs to apologize to certain houseguests.

      • When you are married, your good time with the opposite sex must end. Plus Christine’s husband is not pleased with her actions, so that is all that matters.

      • Amen, as well Christine’s husband mentioned that the hand fondling and hand holding is what irked him the most. She has reaped what she have sowed from the audience, and I’m sure she cried in the ride all the way to the jury house with Nicole. But she will reap more when she gets home to her family, her co-workers at Starbucks, and so on.

      • Someone posted on another site (un verified so….???) that their friend at the show said she stormed off the stage exclaiming to take her home! That poster alluded that she may elect to go home and not to Jury. Obv’ly she was upset “at everyone who voted her out” so I find it possible. Remember when Donny got cheered and Christine giggled and told (Frankie, I think): “America hates us!” She probably attributes the boos to Donny fans. ???

      • There are so many different reasons why people dislike Christine. Although, personally, I couldn’t have booed her, I can not feel any pity for her. Seems if she is going to cry about it and possibly go home, she can dish it out but she can’t take it. I don’t think many people would miss her.

      • IF this was a married guy all of you would be giving him a pass with ..”oh he’s just flirting in a effort to win this game”,double standard when a female does,give me a break!!,sorry but some of these posts are being written with a 1950 mindset.

      • Who cares if her husband is pleased,this is reality t.v. for god sakes and just because you are married does not mean your fun is over,no ones owns anyone-that is not marriage,called slavery.

  8. I felt bad for Christine, yeah she was mean but those boos were unneccesary. She did nothing wrong to get booed and to be quite honest.. I don’t understand the Christine hate. Can somebody elaborate with a VALID reason.

    • The boos were indeed over the top as I expected that amount for Frankie and hoping he does get it and more but I think with Christine it was a combination of a lot of things.

      Starting with the Cody relationship! Her own mother said she raised her better than that! The horrible comments she made about everyone and everything she literally degraded anything with a pulse. I think her going against Nicole was one as well.

      And honestly, I think the fans were just sick and tired and needed to boo at someone and the fact that the first bomb squad/detonator member was evicted, they just really wanted to let it out.

      • Yeah and I think you get back in life what you put put there.Her family had to spend the summer watching her acting like this and I can’t even imagine all the comments they probably got. And that 1 comment she made about how her husband landed someone like her. That was such an insult.If you wanna talk about church and beliefs don’t act like she did.

      • I agree, completely! She’s dished out so many rude comments about everyone! You reap what you sow.

    • Replied to 2 of your previous posts… If her family and husband believes what she was doing is wrong, and said they hopes she stops, then she was WRONG!!!! If her HUSBAND wants her to stop, then it is a VALID REASON!!!

      • Sure it is. If you go to a football game, and your team does not play well… you boo. If your team plays really bad you boo louder… if your team comes over and touches YOUR WIFE… you really BOO!!!!!

    • Have to to agree,no real reason for booing her in such a way,came off as small minded,could understand Frankie being booed but not Christine,she did not deserve that..

    • I don’t think it was just the whole Cody thing and disrespecting her husband. People don’t like how she played. Going back on her alliance with Hayden and Nicole. Getting rid of Nicole who fans liked. Making rude goodbye messages.Being vulgar and gross for people with live feeds. She says shes a super fan but a super fan would know a token girl in an al guy alliance Never ever makes it. She had chances but every time Nicole said something to her she ran and told the guys so she was backstabbing Nicole and lying to her face.That being said, even though I dislike her, I did feel a tiny bit bad for her. You have to remember though, the fans have seen it all and if they don’t like her then they don’t. It may be rude but it is hard to cheer for someone you dislike.

      • So well put. I think she got swept up in being part of the ‘popular’ crowd. It could have been a whole different season if Christine, Nicole, Victoria and Hayden had all stuck together. Christine has to be kicking herself now that the guys have shown their true feelings. Kind of feel sorry for her.

      • How could she ever think that alliance was going to get her to the end…and she claims to be a superfan?

  9. Who would have guess at the beginning of the season that Victoria would be the last female in the house ?

  10. Although I still believe this season blowed I seem to have found my happiness with tonights DE. Nicole, I am saddened by your eviction, but boy I bet your happy to know the biggest back stabber in bb16 followed right behind you. Christine you got what you deserved.

  11. I’m worried this rewind thing is going to save Frankie from the block cause he will be up there if he doesn’t win HOH for sure……….

    • Lol me too! He’s so delusional thinking they boo-ed her because she talked badly about “him” Frankie get over yourself. I hope he does get booed too lol

  12. I was at the show and will have to say I boo’d the hardest for Christine.. More for what she did to Nicole.. And less for what she did with Cody.. Plus Frankie won’t get boo’d more, only because family’s and VIPs will be the only ones in audience..

  13. One of the best lines of the year was when Nicole told them stop playing big baby, let’s play big brother and make big moves. I was hoping she’d say something. The audience does not listen to instructions about not booing. They proved that over and over last year. I hope when Frankie goes he gets booed even more. The most annoying thing is when he tries to interpret what everything means for the other houseguests and is so wrong. They focus on him entirely too much.

  14. Regarding Christine, I’ve had male friends in my life but I’ve never pawed and stroked them, laid in bed with them, and carried on all googly-eyed like she did. Her behavior wasn’t appropriate, but I agree she didn’t deserve such a reaction. Still, I don’t understand how she failed to see how bad it looked, especially supposedly being very religious. I’m afraid there was also a little sexism-pretty girls get away with so much more bad/gross behavior than plain ones. Her husband has to be the final judge.

  15. Don’t be shocked if Frankie wins HOH. For some reason CBS seems to like him, even through he has done more harm to the G&L bunch than anyone.

  16. I’m almost certain if Frankie got Evicted they most likely wouldn’t let him be booed just putting that out there

    • How are they gonna stop it? Quiz all potential members of the audience? Put electric buzzers on all seats?Frankie is not some super star like he acts.

  17. I couldn’t stand Christine throughout this entire game, but the way she
    acted with the boys (mostly Cody) was the most respectable thing about
    her. Maybe if some of you fat married hogs would get your old fat asses
    off of the couch you could get some action on the side too.

    • Ohhhhhhhh, funny. You almost made me choke on my drink I laughed so hard. Hey girls, grab this guy up, you’ll have all the free passes you want!! However, you’ll also be stuck with his slightly twisted view of life Worth it?

      However, as a fat married hog with her old fat ass on the couch, I am a little paranoid. Is Big Brother watching me? LOL

      • my view on life isn’t the same as yours, therefore it’s twisted I guess. I’m sure your life is so exciting, playing with yourself when you see a big brother houseguest that you like on tv.

      • No, I think you’re delightful, and it takes all kinds. Don’t quite understand your thinking, but then I don’t need to and you don’t need to understand mine. Keep the posts coming, you’re the best thing on here tonight. :)

      • I made more big moves with my comments on this subject than anyone has in the house this entire crappy season.

      • I’ve wanted to be on the show, I would get booed out of the building after eviction. I would love it.

      • Try next season. You sound like you have a lot of personality and could stir things up. Good Luck.

      • UhhhhIAgree:
        You are quite obviously an uneducated, antagonistic human being that is not married (thank God) and who (hopefully) cannot procreate. Your vulgar, tasteless comments should be removed from this forum.

    • I love and respect my husband, I don’t need to get any action on the side! Yours is a really stupid comment. Christine deserved what she got. you have the feeds?

  18. And once again the expected happens… Nicole said it best, stop playing Big Baby. Bunch of wusses afraid to make a big move.

  19. Karma is a bitch Christine. Right when you stabbed your best friend Nicole in the back for the second time, your ass was voted out right after her’s. Hope you enjoy 6th place.

  20. Doesn’t anyone remember the conversation where Frankie jokes about Victoria? At the end Christine says quote “That would be so funny” That is enough reason to boo her. Laughing and being a pert of that awful conversation will be stuck in my head forever, I want it gone it just won’t go away.

  21. Was that not a priceless BAM to Christine??? Best blindside ever that was not taken well…I think the audience booed her because it showed she didn’t show good sportsmanship at all when she was evicted with her exit reaction!

  22. I do feel somewhat sorry for Christine only for the fact that no one has been throwing stones Cody’s way for his part in the whole mess!!! He knew good and well that he had no business being all touchy feely with a married woman, but yet he did it anyway!!! How come she is the one who is getting all the backlash and not him!! Now let me clear, No way am I trying to give her a free pass for behavior, I just think that Cody should share some of the blame!!

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