Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Cameron Reveals His Backdoor Goal

Cameron Hardin on Big Brother 25 - CBS

I doubt anyone is really surprised to hear there’s a Backdoor plan in the works this week on Big Brother 25. Spoilers from the Feeds reveal the new HOH has begun to reveal his real plan for the week and it doesn’t involve his current nominees. *Insert pretend shocked face here.*

Cameron Hardin took over as the new HOH this week, his third turn at the wheel for BB25, and was quick to announce his plans to send Felicia and Mecole to the Block. It seemed hard to believe that Felicia was the master plan of Cameron’s triumphant return to the game and we’ve seen Cameron lie to everyone in the house before so the overnight talks shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Cameron has total control of the final noms at this point. That doesn’t mean he decides who goes out the door, but he can tee up his favorite target for Week 9. So with the safe nominations of Felicia and Mecole behind him Cameron can now work on who he really wants out this week: his competition for America’s attention. Yeah, I said it. Deep down I think that’s at least a root motivator for Cameron here as he’s showed enough creepster interest and jealousy over America going for Cory instead of him, but anyway.

Rewind your Live Feeds to 9:30 PM BBT 9/30 (get your Free Trial now) and listen in as Cameron pitches to Matt first the idea of taking out Cory this week.

Cameron talks to Matt on BB25 - CBS
Cameron talks to Matt on BB25 – CBS

Cameron is toying around with the idea to Matt that they could get Cory out and Matt is going along with it. Then Cameron ups the pace and says they could go ahead and make that move NOW by swapping Felicia out for Cory. Matt suddenly realizes that Cameron holds all the cards this week as both HOH and Veto winner.

Whether Matt is truthfully willing to go along with this plan he does agree with Cameron that it’s a good idea. Their talk breaks up and Cameron moves on to talking with Blue about getting out Cory. He’s getting support from Blue on the idea, but just like with Matt, it’s tricky to tell who is giving Cameron lip service and who shares his same mission. Meanwhile, Matt gives Jag a heads up that Cameron is going to pitch a big idea and he (M) wants Jag to hear it first from Cameron.

Jump ahead to 1:05 AM BBT 10/1 Cams 3/4 as Cameron works on Matt again that Cory is their clear and present danger. Five minutes later they’ve moved over to the HOH room as Jag joins them for a meeting of the Fugitives.

Cameron is making the same pitch as he gave Matt earlier: we need to get Cory out this week but I won’t make the move without everyone’s agreement. Well guess who isn’t on board? Jag tells Cameron that he does not agree that Cory is coming after Cameron and that he isn’t the big threat right now that Cameron suggests Cory to be.

Their conversation goes on until just before 2AM when Jag leaves the HOH room and Matt sticks around a few more minutes before he’s out too. Cameron did not get the support he was hoping to hear from the Fugitives. The situation reads like Matt is playing along with Cameron while Jag is providing the resistance to the idea and that could be the cover Matt needs later to tell Cameron he doesn’t want to go against Jag on this and split up their group.

Here’s the kicker. Flashback to 1:58 AM BBT 10/1 Cams 1/2. Cameron stands alone in the HOH following Matt and Jag’s departure and announces: “I can do whatever the f**k I want.” He tosses in his wink and moves on.

Cameron Hardin as HOH on Big Brother - CBS
Cameron Hardin as HOH on Big Brother – CBS

Like I said earlier, Cameron can do all the Noms shuffle games he wants, but the vote still comes down to everyone else. There are seven votes this week, no chance of a tiebreaker, and Cory would need to find four votes over Mecole to stay. It could be tight, but it’s not a slam dunk for Cameron like he might be hoping to see play out.

Are you surprised by Cameron’s bait and switch plans for a Backdoor here? We’ve seen how Cameron plays sneaky and that’s good for Team Fun Feeds, but I’m thinking that while it’ll make for exciting Feeds I’m not sure the four votes are there but it’s tight even at the moment. What do you think could happen with Cory on the Block against Mecole come Thursday night?


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