Big Brother 25 Live Feeds Week 6: Friday Night Highlights

It was quite the evening in the Big Brother 25 house as Cameron shocked the houseguests with his nominations this week. And since this week they’re living in the Humili-verse, Cameron had to name his nominees key wheel style, with pies. Yes, he had to pie each safe houseguest in the face, one by one, until only the two nominees were left.

And since Cameron had lead the entire Big Brother house to think his nominations were going to be Blue and Jag and then went with two totally different ones, chaos ensued. Read on to find out how that all played out and what some of the houseguests think Cameron’s grand plan might actually be this week.

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Catch up first on Friday’s Daytime Highlights report before reading on through the overnight Big Brother 25 events.

Big Brother 25 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 8, 2023:

4:10 PM BBT – Feeds return from the nomination ceremony. Houseguests are all cleaning their faces because the ceremony involved pies to their faces. Cameron nominated Felicia and Izzy.

4:11 PM BBT – Felicia is saying she’s not surprised because she heard “the other side” was talking that Felicia needs to go. She says she doesn’t know who the other side is.

4:12 PM BBT – Everyone is shocked by Cameron’s nominations. Jag says he probably plans to backdoor him.

4:13 PM BBT – Izzy says so Cameron lied to the whole house. Jared says yeah, he said it was going to be Jag and Blue. Izzy says maybe Jag is his backdoor option, but that doesn’t make sense to her. Izzy says she’s chill, but fired up.

4:14 PM BBT – Izzy says Felicia is about to start running her mouth and will probably think everyone is in on this. Izzy says she’s going to try to win the veto and try to prove to her allies why she is valuable to them.

4:16 PM BBT – Felicia goes up to the HOH room to talk to Cameron. Felicia says yesterday, they were voting out Jag until about an hour before the show. But then Izzy and Cirie came to her and said that Red said Felicia was becoming a liability. So they decided to flip the vote. She says that’s why she voted out Red and that’s the truth she knows. Felicia says they decided not to tell Bowie Jane because she’s emotional.

4:17 PM BBT – Jared tells Izzy they knew one of them could end up on the block so they can control the vote. Izzy says but what if Felicia comes off the block who is he putting up. Jared says he thinks it would be his mom. Izzy flips out and Jared says they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it.

4:18 PM BBT – Jared says Cameron told him that he thought he had Matt and Jared, but now he only has Jared. So Jared says he will use that to try to sway Cameron away from them and back to Jag. Izzy thinks Cameron will keep the nominees the same if he wins, so she says they’d have the votes to keep her.

4:19 PM BBT – Cameron says well he was in the house an hour before the ceremony too and he wasn’t privy to that conversation. He asks why she didn’t come to him. Felicia said because she thought Cameron and Red were still tight or were going to mend their relationship.

4:20 PM BBT – Cameron says he feels like he was the butt of the joke on national television because the cameras were right on him and Bowie. He says they could have told him and Red would have still gone home. Felicia asks so why did he pick her then and not Cirie. Cameron says he didn’t know any of this until just now. He says he is not singling Felicia out but he can only put two people in those chairs.

4:21 PM BBT – “I got one person that needs to go,” Cameron tells Felicia. He says “she and I haven’t gotten along since the beginning.” He’s talking about Izzy.

4:23 PM BBT – Cameron tells Felicia that she’s not his target and he’s not mad at her.

4:25 PM BBT – Felicia says she was not a part of any conversation that said don’t tell Cameron. She said she only had a conversation that they shouldn’t tell Bowie Jane. Cameron says that Felicia isn’t telling him the whole truth because he knows everyone knew that Cameron wasn’t in on the vote. She says he has to believe what he believes.

4:27 PM BBT – Felicia tells Cameron that people are always delivering information and some are lies or half truths. She tells him that she heard last week he wanted her and Cirie out and she didn’t do anything with that information.

4:30 PM BBT – Jared goes to talk to Cameron. Jared tells Cameron that ceremony was intense. Cameron says he went in a pretty specific order during the ceremony. He pied Bowie first, then Cirie then Jared. Cameron says he lit it, then stood back and watched it burned. Cameron says the whole house is innihailated right now.

4:32 PM BBT – Cameron says game on. He tells Jared this was his plan: Step 1: Have the whole house think he was going to put up Jag and Blue. Step 2: Put up Felicia and Izzy. Step 3: Have them both think they are pawns. He says they’re in the middle of Step 3, and he’ll let him know when they start Step 4. Cameron says Felicia has already sang like a bird.

4:33 PM BBT – Cameron talks about giving America her pie last just to leave her hanging and worried she was going to be a nominee. Cameron says he’s done playing games.

4:35 PM BBT – Jared says this next episode is going to be crazy. Jared is laughing it all up.

4:36 PM BBT – Jared says they still have their Jag problem. Cameron says this only buys Jag an extra week, and they can see where Jag goes this week. Cameron says they just need to sit back and watch Felicia and Izzy throw rocks at each other this week.

4:38 PM BBT – Cameron tells Jared that Felicia sat there and lied right to his face and he told her that.

4:40 PM BBT – Cory says Cameron just wanted a TV moment. Cory says he should have pied Jag first, though, to make everyone sweat right from the start.

4:42 PM BBT – Izzy tells Cory and America that Cirie might be Cameron’s replacement nominee. Izzy heads in to talk to Cameron. He tells her he’s sorry and she says he doesn’t have to say he’s sorry.

4:43 PM BBT – Cameron tells Izzy that she’s not his target. She says she hopes he understands why that’s hard for her to believe. He says he gets that. Cameron says that the whole house has been throwing Felicia’s name around, so it should be an easy decision for the house. He again tells Izzy she’s not the target.

4:44 PM BBT – Izzy says she doesn’t understand why he’d do what the house wants. He says he didn’t do this because it’s what the house wants, but to see what the house does with this.

4:46 PM BBT – Cameron tells Izzy that he thinks they can still work together, but Felicia is a loose cannon, and he doesn’t trust her to not talk. Cameron says he loves Cirie and Izzy. She says the three of them can really do something in the game. Cameron says he hopes so.

4:51 PM BBT – Cameron says she doesn’t want Felicia to weasel out of this. Izzy says she won’t throw Felicia under the bus but she will try to prove her value to him and will fight in the veto.

4:53 PM BBT – Cory goes to Cameron and says he thought the Jag and Blue nominees sounded too safe. He says these noms make more sense and that Cameron probably made the right choice. Cameron says it’s chaotic as he intended. Cory says he appreciates that he’s not on the block. Cameron says he was never going to be on the block but no one could know what he was really going to do.

4:55 PM BBT – Cameron tells Cory he kept him safe by not telling him so now Cory doesn’t have to pretend like he didn’t know. Cory says next week, two weeks down… he’s still very worried about Jag. Cameron says they all are. Cory says keeping Jag safe this week probably doesn’t mean Jag won’t put Cameron up next week.

4:57 PM BBT – Cory tells Cameron, between them, that America loved Cameron’s nomination ceremony. He says she’s a fan of the show so she found that entertaining.

5:00 PM BBT – Jag goes to talk to Cameron. He walks in and says “wow.” Cameron says this is my olive branch. Jag says he recognizes that and won’t forget it. Cameron says please don’t. Cameron says “now we begin.” Cameron asks if everyone is OK out there. Jag says yeah, they’re just all shocked.

5:02 PM BBT – Jag asks Cameron if he has a target in mind. Cameron says he has an idea of what he wants. Cameron says Jag isn’t his target, so Jag can sit on the sidelines this week. He says he’s a man of his word and expects the same. Cameron says if anything comes back to him, though, he will turn it right back around. Cameron again says this is his olive branch. Jag says he won’t say a word and Cameron can trust him. Jag thanks Cameron and is grateful.

5:04 PM BBT – Cameron tells Jag he put serious thought in this and about them working together moving forward. He says he’s serious and wants them to do this thing together.

5:05 PM BBT – “What a move,” Jag says. “You can’t write a better script.” Cameron says no one will expect the two of them working together. He says they will make silent movements and they can build something and move forward together. Cameron says he can trust him this week and he can trust Jag next week. Jag says that’s so true that no one will expect the two of them working together.

5:07 PM BBT – Cory tells Izzy that he’s never seen that move done where someone tells everyone it’s going to be two people then it ends up being two other people.

5:10 PM BBT – Blue and America talk about how annoying Bowie Jane is. They agree that if they win HOH Bowie is going up.

5:12 PM BBT – Houseguests are picking at the pies they had shoved in their faces. They can apparently eat those even though they’re all have-nots.

5:24 PM BBT – America tells Izzy that maybe Cameron is telling the truth about Felicia being his target. She says she did tell Cameron that she heard from Felicia that he was targeting her (America).

5:25 PM BBT – America says that Izzy will be safe by a landslide next to Felicia. Izzy says she’s just worried about who the replacement nominee could be. America says she worries about that as well. Izzy tells America she’s afraid the replacement nominee could be Cirie. Izzy thinks she’d go home next to Cirie and that would break up the duo, so maybe that’s Cameron’s intention. Izzy says she has to win this veto.

5:33 PM BBT – Blue tells Jag she got chills when Cameron said “let’s play.” Jag says the whole house has been turned upside down. Jag tells Blue he wants to work with her, but he’s been apprehensive because something they talked about before got back to him. Blue says she didn’t tell anyone so she doesn’t know who it would have gotten back to Jag.

5:37 PM BBT – Izzy telling Cirie about her talk with Cameron. She tells Cirie that she thinks Cameron was hinting that Cirie would go up as the replacement. Izzy says that can’t happen.

5:38 PM BBT – Izzy says this might be crazy, but if she wins the veto, she might not pull herself down. Cirie says if that happened Felicia would go home. Izzy tells Cirie “we are both going to stay” and says she’s ready to not use the veto on herself so they both can stay. Cirie doesn’t tell her not to do that.

6:02 PM BBT – Cameron tells Bowie Jane about Felicia lying to him earlier. Cameron tells Bowie to just stay calm all week. Bowie says Red would be laughing so much at this.

6:21 PM BBT – Cirie tells Izzy that if she (Cirie) goes this week, she has got to stick with Jared, but keep it under wraps. Izzy says she promises. Cirie says she doesn’t want to go and will try to fight to stay, but worst case scenario, Izzy and Jared can ride together.

6:30 PM BBT – Felicia tells Izzy that she thinks Cameron is trying to break up the Felicia-Cirie-Izzy trio. She says she thinks if either of them comes down, Cirie goes up. Izzy agrees. Felicia thinks the whole house must want them broken up.

6:32 PM BBT – Felicia thinks Bowie Jane has been feeding Cameron info.

7:25 PM BBT – Jared tells Meme if they win the Veto then keep noms the same and vote out Izzy.

7:35 PM BBT – Cirie and Felicia think Jag made a deal with Cameron with a trade for support next week.

7:40 PM BBT – Cirie helps Felicia with counting votes for her to stay against Izzy. They include Blue, Cirie, Jared, Matt, and Meme.

7:45 PM BBT – Cameron, Cory and America are rehashing the nomination ceremony. Other houseguests are making their slop for dinner.

8:10 PM BBT – Cameron tells Matt that the Legend alliance is done. They went from having the majority to being fish in a barrel, he says. Cameron says F everybody left from Legend, which is Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, and Meme.

8:35 PM BBT – Jared is suspicious that Cory is throwing comps, but admits he didn’t know the answer that Cory got out on too. Jared worries about Bowie since she’s the only one that voted along with Cameron.

8:45 PM BBT – Jag and Blue discuss being surprised how quickly Felicia and Izzy started to campaign against one another. They think this is the first time those two have felt challenged for safety in the game.

8:50 PM BBT – Blue is confident there will be a Jury Battle Back after she went through the numbers with America. Blue says there aren’t enough HGs to fill the weeks.

9:10 PM BBT – Matt meets with Jag and explains that Bowie wants to team up with the two of them plus Cameron and Cirie. Jag says that Izzy trusts Matt because he vouched for him.

9:20 PM BBT – Matt and Jag shake on a new alliance, “The Minute Men.”

9:30 PM BBT – America encourages Izzy to pick Jag if she gets HG Choice. America says she hasn’t had a strong performance record to help.

9:35 PM BBT – Izzy wonders to America if Cameron’s big move is really just Felicia and this is all to mess with Izzy.

9:45 PM BBT – America talks with Cory and says she thinks it’s really weird how much Izzy prioritizes Cirie over herself.

10:00 PM BBT – Cory working on Izzy to make sure she doesn’t repeat a Marcellas (winning the Veto, but not using it to protect an ally/friend). Izzy agrees with Cory on that.

10:20 PM BBT – Jared talks with Felicia and Cirie. He thinks Cameron is the new Hisam and HGs won’t want to play with Cameron because of that. He says Cameron is too dangerous.

11:00 PM BBT – Izzy is alone and having a few tears. Cirie comes to join her in the HN room. They discuss the situation and whether Bowie is really working with Cameron.

11:05 PM BBT – Cirie tells Izzy that Cameron can win every comp, make it to finale, and still lose because a Jury wouldn’t vote for him.

11:10 PM BBT – Cirie thinks Felicia brought this on herself. They expect Bowie would vote out Felicia over Izzy.

11:20 PM BBT – Izzy is surprised she was an upfront nom and expected she’d be a BD for Cameron.

11:30 PM BBT – Izzy worries to Cirie about being on the Block against Jared.

11:43 PM BBT – America and Cory were cuddled up under the covers when the Feeds cut in with America saying they weren’t subtle at about what just happened (Feeds weren’t on them, we didn’t see anything). America says “screenshots everywhere.”

12:05 AM BBT – Cirie is comforting Izzy and tells her she will be fine. Cirie says Izzy should be here because she loves Big Brother, but Cirie doesn’t feel as strongly and is okay leaving.

12:15 AM BBT – Cory and America are talking about how far they’ve made it and are happy with it so far. America notes that Taylor didn’t start out strong but still won.

12:35 AM BBT – Izzy rehearsing possible words she could use in the Veto comp if it’s a spelling challenge.

12:45 AM BBT – Izzy camtalks to Paige and then worries about being on the Block next to Cirie.

1:30 AM BBT – Lights out. HGs off to bed.

What a night that was! Houseguests are on the run and Cameron is giving chase. This could be a fun week and we’re anxious to see what happens with the Veto competition on Saturday. Does Cameron have a bigger fish to fry? It seems likely, but we probably won’t know until either these POV results or Monday’s meeting considering Cameron hasn’t been sharing too many details.

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