Big Brother 24 Winner: Finale Results Reveal Who Won & America’s Favorite HG

The Big Brother 24 winner was revealed tonight during the live, two-hour finale event as we awaited the Jury’s decision with nine votes up for grabs for one of these final three HGs. By the end of the night, we had the last eviction of the season, a winner crowned beneath the confetti, and America’s Favorite HG revealed. This was a wild night of Big Brother!

After nearly three months it all comes down to this night for Monte, Taylor, and Turner. Who will win the final HOH, who will be sent to Jury, and who would claim the $750,000? All that and more will be answered right now. Let’s find out what happened next on Big Brother 24!

We already saw the spoilers for Round 1 and Round 2 but now we get to see how it all played out in the backyard. First part is the endurance battle and the second round will test the HGs’ knowledge of days and events inside the house.

Big Brother 24 – Final HOH Round 1 – “Weinerpalooza”:

Houseguests must hang on to the oversized hot dogs as they spin and turn in the backyard. Last HG to fall off and avoid hurling will secure a spot in Round 3, the live competition later tonight.

Taylor was out first at 36 mins. Monte lasted another 10 minutes to 46 minutes. That makes the winner of the first round to be Turner. Pretty impressive considering Turner gets severe motion sickness!

  • Winner of Round 1: Turner

Big Brother 24 – Final HOH Round 2 – “Festival Lineup”:

HGs have to match up a billboard with license plates with the names of the comps. They have to order the entire season for Veto and HOH comps. The trick is there are some bogus titled plates in the mix, so HGs have to avoid those. Fastest to complete between Monte and Taylor will win the round.

Taylor’s time: 7m04s
Monte’s time: 6m21s

  • Winner of Round 2: Monte

The winners of rounds one and two face off next in the third and final competition of the season. The winner of Round 3 gets to decide who will join him in the F2. No pressure, right??

Big Brother 24 Finale – Jury Round Table

The Jury has been stewing for weeks as they sit around in sequester enjoying a little slice of paradise while simultaneously bitter as their loss and ready to stick it to another Houseguest or two. That always makes for a good time at the roundtable, plus we need to start getting a better feel for which way the wind is blowing for who could be the Jury’s favorite to win it all.

Brittany arrives and gets a mostly warm welcome and a BIG hug from Michael. Overall the Jury sounds cool to Turner winning, warmer to Taylor, and warmest to Monte. Well, it was really close between Monte and Taylor, or so it seemed.

Big Brother 24 – Final HOH Round 3 – “Jury Fest”:

Monte & Turner are about to face off to decide the final HOH…

  • Round 1: Both get a point
  • Round 2: Both get a point
  • Round 3: Both get a point
  • Round 4: Both get a point
  • Round 5: Both get a point
  • Round 6: Monte gets a point
  • Round 7: Both get it wrong.
  • Round 8: Monte gets a point
  • Winner of Round 3: Monte!

Oh my! Does this mean Monte will cut Turner and take Taylor to the end??

Big Brother 24 – Final Eviction:

Monte tells Turner and Taylor that he needs to make a big move that’s missing on his resume and this is that move… He has decided to evict Turner and take Taylor to the end.

  • Final Evicted HG: Turner

Our Final 2 of BB24 is now Monte & Taylor. Turner says no love lost, peace and love. He truly doesn’t seem upset at Monte for the move here even with the huge money lost in the process. Wow. He took that really well.

Out front Turner talks with Julie. He says he’s disappointed but accepts Monte’s decision. Turner says he would have kept Monte and evicted Taylor if he had won R3. Turner also says maybe he shouldn’t have voted out Michael.

The Jury Q&A goes quickly as they each ask a question. Jurors seem extremely warm to Taylor and I’m starting to think that Taylor has a solid chance at this win over Monte and that’d be huge as just the second HG to win the season after losing both rounds of the Final HOH since BB6 with Maggie over Ivette.

Winner of Big Brother 24 – Jury Votes:

Nine votes are up for grabs between the F2 and will decide this summer’s winner. Time to find out how the Jury voted and who gets the $750K prize! Julie Chen will be revealing the keys and votes as we count down to the magic number of 5 votes needed to crown the winner of BB24.

As the Jurors cast their votes we get a LOT of hints that these votes are going Taylor’s way. Wow! I thought Monte had a strong lead going into the night but Taylor destroyed Monte in speech performances. She blew him out of the water and that may have shifted at least some of the votes and I’m now thinking Taylor could take the win tonight. And wait, does that mean both the crown and the AFP title?? Wowza, that’d make for a wild night.

  • Turner voted for: Monte
  • Brittany voted for: Taylor
  • Alyssa voted for: Taylor
  • Michael voted for: Taylor
  • Terrance voted for: Taylor
  • Kyle voted for: Taylor
  • Indy voted for: Taylor
  • Jasmine voted for: Taylor
  • Joseph voted for: Taylor

And the winner of Big Brother is… TAYLOR HALE! Amazing! Congratulations to Taylor.

Big Brother 24 – America’s Favorite HG:

You’ve been voting all week for the AFP crown. Now it’s time to find out which favorite HG gets the $50,000 bonus cash prize + a cruise for two this year.

  • America’s Favorite Houseguest is… TAYLOR!

Taylor Hale made Big Brother history tonight as the first HG to ever win BOTH the season and AFP! Taylor is also the first Black woman to ever win Big Brother. It was 20 years ago to the day that Danielle Reyes was beat 9-1 on BB3’s finale night, so this was a long time coming. Amazing and congratulations to her! Taylor walks away with $800,000 from Big Brother 24. That’s incredible and very well earned.

Julie confirms that YES, Big Brother 25 arrives next summer and YES, we will be back to cover it all then and can not wait for another season of fun with you all. THANK YOU for joining us this season and every year. We greatly appreciate your readership and you are why we’re able to continue to do this year after year. Thank you.

What do you think of these results? Did the right HG win the season? What about the final eviction and the Fav HG results? Are you happy with how the season turned out? And don’t forget, there’s always more Big Brother coming up soon.

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