Julie Chen Takes Time Off After Leslie Moonves’ Exit From CBS

CBS is set to air Big Brother 21 this summer in 2019 as the series returns for its twenty-first round of the hit reality TV series featuring Houseguests enduring a summer-long stay in the Big Brother house with the hopes of emerging the crowned winner of $500,000.

The big question is “Will Julie Chen host Big Brother 21?” We don’t know yet for sure but she has confirmed we can expect her back for Celebrity Big Brother 2 this winter. Julie faced a difficult situation at the end of BB20 when her husband, Les Moonves, left as the head of CBS and then she left The View. No word yet on if that’ll keep her away from her position at Big Brother but we certainly hope she returns as our summer host!

Big Brother 21 Auditions:

Applications deadline will be in April 5th so submit yours online now but if you’d like to apply in-person then catch an open call casting event! Opportunities will be spread across the country and you’ll either film an audition tape there or speak directly with a member of the casting team. Good luck!

Big Brother 21 Schedule:

The Big Brother 21 summer schedule is likely to feature the tried and true routine of three nights a week and around the clock Live Feeds all kicking off in late June. The past several seasons have seen a late June to mid/late September run and that’s a safe bet for the next installment.

Big Brother 21 Cast:

Last summer delivered one of the best seasons in a long time and it was also the first time since BB12 that we had a back-to-basics kind of cast with no returnees and no stunt casts. Production and CBS finally delivered and the results should hopefully speak for themselves. Fingers crossed for another summer of an all-new cast. Of course, that means the fans hoping for an All-Stars 2 season would have to keep waiting.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds:

The BB21 Live Feeds should again be expected to find their home on CBS’s All Access video subscription service. You’ll be able to sign up for the Free Trial then keep watching for $5.99/mo which means you’ll get an entire summer of Big Brother 21 Feeds for less than twenty bucks. That’s so cheap and totally worth it!

For now we’ll keep watching and waiting for new Big Brother 21 headlines, spoilers, and scoops on the season ahead.

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