Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 5 ‘Temptation Competition’ Results

Houseguests learned of the new Temptation Competition twist this morning in the Big Brother 19 house and the first round is over as HGs had to decide whether or not they’d take the bait and compete for safety. For those confident in their security there was little benefit, but at the same time those most at risk couldn’t decide whether or not to show their hand.

Temptation Competition on Big Brother 19

As Julie Chen revealed last night, this three week twist would give HGs the choice and chance to compete for safety but at the risk of coming in last place and becoming the third nominee for the week. Risk and reward here for those daring enough to throw their hat in the ring.

Paul is aiming for Jessica and Cody despite Jessica’s bold announcement last night. That left Cody and Jessica trying to decide whether or not they should gamble and go for the win here. Jessica wanted to keep up her lie but Cody didn’t think it’d deter Paul so didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.

Now the Feeds are back and we’ve got the results. Read on to find out who competed, who won the Temptation, and who will be heading to the Block as the third nominee.

Spoilers: Temptation Competition – Week 5

  • Mark won the competition!
  • Jason came in last. He’ll be 3rd Nom.

Gallery: Mark & HGs React To Temptation Results

Mark is now safe for the week, and he was Paul’s Plan B. Elena congratulated Mark on making Jury. She doesn’t sound too thrilled.

Jason can’t be too happy about this. He should be mostly safe, but he could quickly become a big target for enough people to make this a danger for him. Jason thinks Raven definitely wants him out, but Alex promised Jason he has at least 3 votes to keep him.

The more we listen the more we’re learning. Jessica’s plan to have her and Cody not compete to fool Paul in to not nominating them failed. Cody regrets not competing. Yep, Jessica’s idea was bad. If he had won that comp then either he or Jessica won the Veto then they’d both be safe this week and could save her Hex for it’s last week, next week. Now it’s going to get used.

Paul is still planning to nominate Jessica & Cody. He’s got a backup plan of Elena with pawn Alex, but that doesn’t matter. The Hex doesn’t prevent the nomination. BUT, it’ll end up killing off this week’s eviction. If either Jessica or Cody remain on the Block after the Veto is done then she’s using it. With both going up tonight & Veto only able to save one of them then there’s no way around this. Not a total loss for Paul though as he’ll have burned off Jessica’s special power and both her and Cody will be vulnerable next week.

Nominations are coming up later tonight and we’ll have your spoilers then.

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  1. MARK! Mark won!! Shocker. Must have been something to do with floating. He’s good at that.

    • they pretty much ALL are floaters. Paul tells them what to do and they do it. Such a boring season!

      • Got to agree, I can’t understand why everyone appears to hang on Paul’s every word and follow him around like sheep. Cody and Jessica are the only thing that makes the show worth watching, even though that last move they made was about the dumbest in BB history. I didn’t think they could find anyone more obnoxious then Paul, but they accomplished that in Josh. This guy is the most obnoxious, crude, and dislikable houseguest I’ve seen in a while. The direction needs to change soon or this show is over as far as I’m concerned.

      • Yes. And i’m sorry,the difference between them is that Paul actually seems like a good person. Cody/Jessica don’t imo.

      • Remove Cody (Kahn from Star Trek), Jessica (Princess Leia ) and Paul (Kim Jong-un) from the house, it will be Kevin (daddy daycare) watching over the mindless minions

      • Paul — a good person?! Rewatch the first two weeks of last season BEFORE he put on the act of “friendship Paul.” Totally disagree. You sound like one of his Cult followers. Paul would make Jim Jones and Charles Manson seem like a lousy cult leader.

      • Lets see, he is someone who blabs non-stop lies and manipulations at the drop of a hat, holds court with all around him, they all laugh and follow his every word, and all in his Cult all believe THEY ARE THE ONE whom he is “with.” Its all BS, too. Hmm…pretty good Cult Leader skills if you ask me.

      • That’s called knowing how to play big brother. The other housemates should try it… are you saying that he’s forcing everyone to follow what he says? Cody tried that by threatening everybody — didn’t quite work did it? Paul actually knows how to play the game. Bravo to him.

      • Have you forgot. this is Big Brother. That is want you do when you want to win Big Brother?

      • Thank you! Paul is not a “good person”. Paul was a complete jerk, remember him calling Big Meech a c*nt?

      • yes and he finished 2nd last yr too.nobody who finished in the top 4 of any previous season should EVER be allowed to come back into the house ,its unfair to the newbies,an shows AG,s bias,she needs to go too ,ever since she became EP ,BB has gone downhill.

      • I disagree with you and I am NOT a Cult follower. Putting Paul in the same company as Jim Jones & Charles Mason is really terrible. I think Paul should have won last season and he deserves to win this season. That is my opinion! You sound like someone who doesn’t like anyone to disagree with you. So since some of us disagrees with you we MUST be someone awful. We are allowed our own opinions. I don’t down grade you because you disagree with me.

        This is BIG BROTHER. If you tell the truth all the time and don’t make anyone mad, you will never win.
        I come from the era where women had no rights at work and where most people thought women were stupid and should keep their mouths shut. I don’t know whether you are a man or woman but I spoke my opinions then and I will keep voicing my opinions until I can no longer speak.

        I believe everyone has the rights to voice their opinion whether someone agrees or disagrees!

      • I guess. He’s pretty quiet, so I don’t hear the non-stop blabbering you hear from Paul. Paul proved his jerk personality at the beginning of last season. He was so obnoxious that it put him in big jeapordy the first few weeks. He the started playing “friendship” Paul (which was BS) that was just a ploy to not get evicted, and he sucked Paulie’s ass for a while too to stay under the radar.

      • You think Paul is pretty quiet? You must not watch the feeds. He actually does blabber non-stop. He needs constant attention and adoration. This is the perfect cast for him. A bunch of betas/followers

      • yes he plays that part very well as long that his biberon soother and diapers are available

    • One of the few times I have literally laughed out loud om these threads. Thanks for that.

      • He and Josh should be big emotional buddies instead of enemies. Josh would hug him freely. Elena has to invite him to hug her. She is one weird gal.

      • I think she has found him to be too much of a wimp for her liking. From his appearance, she expected a stronger person.

      • I did, too. Maybe he had to bulk up because he was made fun of for being the emotional type male he is. Nothing wrong with a guy that cries, but sometimes guys are really rough on other guys for that. He and Elena do not fit, at all.

      • Do we know the order in which they paired up? maybe Mark was all that was left for her. Personally, I think she wants Paul but he’s not interested in a showmance, he’s into the game without those kind of distractions

      • Weren’t they pretty much paired up by the 1st episode? I’m not sure. Yes, I agree that Elena wants Paul and has tried to get in his pants, literally, from what I have read. Didn’t he tell her once that what she was doing made him uncomfortable? I’m not sure what she did. But we heard what Jess did. Ugh! I think Paul has a gal. I read that he told her not to wait on him, but he has a pet name for her (I can’t remember what it is) and sends her little messages. Paul would not ever get into a showmance on BB. He’s smarter than that and has more self respect. Plus, I think he dearly loves and respects his Mom. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to embarrass her by sexing it up on TV for all the world to see.

      • I read that she poked Paul in the butthole with her finger, more than once. He said if it happened again, he was going to make a scene. Then Cody came back.

      • Not all of them. I know Mark, Jason, Alex, and Matt, for sure. Elena might have. Kevin, Cody, and Jessica didn’t. That leaves Josh, Raven, and Christmas.

      • LOL..On my computer screen, I can’t tell if those shorts hanging from those suspenders are pink or red. Just one more name for Mark…Pinko, Skidmark, WreckitRalph, Pink Kong, and Magilla Gorilla…I’ve probably left out a few.

      • Cyril just reminded me…we need to add Hulk to the list. That’s a good one, especially since the temp comp and green tutu.

  2. Well, congrats to Mark on his first comp win.

    If Paul goes through with his nomination plans, then this entire week is null and void, so we might as well sit back and relax this week. There will more than likely be no eviction and a firestorm come Thursday night.

  3. If Alex or Jason really placed last, it’s their own fault for following Paul’s advice. Really disappointed with these two. Paul had his chance last season and he lost. It’s their turn to prove their worthy to be in the house. Instead, they are allowing themselves to be Paul’s blind followers. What a shame as I had high hopes for these two,

    • Alex wanted to compete. Her and Jason talked about it before they even talked to Paul about it.

      • Still they are proving to be nothing but worthless minions. As much as I don’t like Jody, they provide suspense and tension. Paul and his minions left in the house is just a doozy.

    • He should have won last season I think ., over that whiney nasaly nicole , so if he did , does that mean Nicole would be here instead .. ew

    • I don’t think that this comp was expected…They were all told about the curse today…and that a HG does not have to compete in it…If Alex and Jason competed they did so on their own…Until the comp is over nobody knows who has played..Neither were gonna be nominated so they if they both did compete it was their decision ..not Pauls…

  4. Jason is the 3rd nominee and Paul is talking to Raven and Matt. Put Raven up. She mentions everyone as a pawn. She wants Alex up.

    • That is fantastic. If he puts up 3 pawns then Jessica doesn’t need to use the Hex and can use it next week. This is sounding like a first Paul mistake. I like it.

      • If they are not nominated they have little chances to play in PoV which will be blindsided and they use the hex…

      • No, he will put Jess and Cody up. He thinks Jess can only save herself and then he’ll put up Alex as the pawn. She volunteered. He doesn’t know Jess will save all the nominees.

      • Except he’s concerned because Jody did not compete. It’s got him thinking she wasn’t bluffing.

      • Same. I’d love to see the chaos that ensues from Paul’s HOH reign being a complete waste of time.

      • If Jessica gets to use the hex it won’t necessarily be a complete waste. They are alone. Even if they win one week for Jess to win again will only be a production miracle. Cody could win it.

      • Not a complete waste of time if this forces her to use the HH. Then they’re no longer safe

      • Unless they win HOH, Temptation Comp, Veto, ect. There’s actually more options of safety. Plus, they can both play this upcoming HOH and Paul can’t.

      • Not clear whether Paul can play or not if eviction wiped out. Of course anyone who wins HoH etc is safe for the week. Obviously I meant that Jody no longer safe with HH.

      • Good point. To be honest, I’ve been comparing the Hex to BB16’s Reset Button, and I can’t remember if Frankie was allowed to play in the redone HOH comp or not.

      • I’m thinking Paul would still be able to play HoH. They ‘voided his HoH..similar to ‘reset twist.

      • This hex wipes out the eviction only. Paul would then be SOL as a wasted week gone by.

      • Yup, is what I think too … and they have to tell him that it’s NOT weeks like she lied and said .. they can’t lie on the hex .. so nominate one and force her to use it

      • Well with that said, i think Jessica should tell Paul the true about the HEX and if he put either or both of them up she will just cancel the eviction and Paul will waste his HOH… He Paul learns that I think would target someone else instead of wasting his HOH

    • I think Raven is just like Christine, she wants to be the only girl left in the house

  5. Wow. Deciding not to play in this comp might have been Jody’s smartest move yet. Looks like Paul may be convinced now that Jess wasn’t bluffing (which she kinda was a little because they can be nominated, just not evicted if she decides to use the Hex).

    • So they didn’t compete? I definitely would have in their shoes. I think it would have given them a better chance to not have to use the HH. But if it made Paul second guess his decision, then great!

    • He just needs to nominate one , force her to decide whether to save him or herself , everyone is forgetting , if he nominated Cody , she has to decide does she save him or use it next week when SHE could be nominated.. the hex didn’t say saves a couple !!!

  6. I wonder what would have happened if everyone decided they did not want to compete ?

    • Then there wouldn’t have been a winner, so everyone would have been eligible for nomination.

  7. If Cody or Jessica are on the block Jason will be safe because Jessica will use her hex. If Jason is on the block with Josh and Elena he would have the votes. He would only need 4 and Paul would break the tie. Alex, Kevin, Christmas and Raven would vote Elena out. They can’t stand her. And I think Matt would too. Matt and Raven have separated themselves from Marlena and last night proved it.

    • Exactly. I’m still hoping he puts up jessica/cody honestly. As much as I can’t stand Elena I want everyone on even ground. Thats a huge advantage, the hex.

      • How can everyone be on even ground? It’s four against Paul and his minions.

      • I obviously wish things to be entertaining, but Paul is playing a good game. Cody/jessica/ elena/mark are basically on the other side. Outplay. Thats how.

      • I want to see him put up elena and cody, just to see if jess would really use it on him. The look on his face if she didn’t would be the highlight of the season

      • They both need to go up just in case one of them wins veto and then she’ll have to use it.

      • Yes !!!! Exactly ! She can only use it once and and one !!!! That’s what I want to see , will she even use it ?? Of course she is , cause she’s stupid

    • The only problem for Jody with Elane getting evicted is that at this point Mark and Elena are on Jody`s side and they would not go after them

  8. Haven’t watched this afternoon. Do Jody still think her mentioning her Temptations will scare off Paul from nominating them?

  9. I guarantee you Paul will try to backdoor Cody again and if doesn’t work Elena goes home ;)

      • If Jody wins HoH and Paul goes up for one Paul will turn this opportunity to his advantage one more time. There is not enough support in the house to have Paul evicted. Alex, Jason, Matt, Raven, Christmas, Kevin, Josh they all work with Paul and are buddy buddies…when in reality Paul only wants in final say 3 Kevin, Alex OR Jason. The rest is just game play. Possibly to be truth with Christmas and Josh but that’s it :-)

      • If Paul goes home before final 3 I eat my tablet and a USB cable lol there is no BB competitor to be at least thinking not even plotting about getting P out, they all see it (as production told them) as an asset to further their game ;). Paul will go to the end with Kevin and Josh say we call this plan A. Kevin is first in his friendship and Josh will get zero votes to win….. I am sure he has plan B and C already figured.

  10. So, what’s the point of even having anyone on the block come Thursday? If Jess and Cody are still up eviction. Even with three nominees. I guess the only advantage for the house would be that Jess has to flush out the Hex sooner rather than later. Still can’t stand Cody..he is as arrogant as Paulie Califiore…Paulie has a little bit of an edge..but Cody is right there close!

    • She’d only have one more week to use it after this, anyway. It’s not as early as it could have been had Jess not won HOH last week.

      • That’s what I was thinking. It’s not really a waste considering that she’d only have one week left anyway. Plus, next week, the four of them have a better shot at winning HOH.

      • Right. And better used than wasted, in my opinion. It’ll equal more drama. Even if Paul finds a way to work around it, they’ll still be complaining about it for a while.

      • I think its best to flush it out…Get it over and done with…Nobody goes home this week…

    • It’s a win for them if they’re able to flush it…and they don’t even know that.

      • But then Paul cannot play in the next HOH. I mean yeah it’s good to flush it out but in my opinion, I think Paul would prefer to have a number/enemy out of the house then to flush it out.

      • We’re not sure about that yet. This is similar to ‘reset button’ His HoH is basically ‘voided. No one goes home. He may be able to play. idk

      • i wondered about it being like a reset and mentioned the possibility earlier but my idea was shot

      • Production figured that out in the previous season (reset twist) that it’s reasonably fair for them to join the HoH comp. I don’t see any difference.

      • Me either but since we ain’t supposed to talk about Production…lol…I would love a reset just to see Cody Jessica and Paul go for the HOH…

      • I don’t know either, but it’s not the reset, it is the HH. It was a “reward” for Jessica, not Paul and Jessica!
        I guess we just have to wait-and-see and cross our fingers Paul doesn’t get to continue his HOH! I personally think that will be absolute BS if he does!!!
        AND because we don’t know, and because Paul is HOH and because BB production seems to lean in the favour of Paul, they can do whatever they want so, they could let Paul keep his HOH!

      • I think this question has been answered now. Paul cannot play in the next HOH. Thank God! Production isn’t bending over for him this week

    • Yeah, in a little while. Paul’s been trying to come up with a plan and complaining about how this screwed him up.

  11. Jody will be vulnerable next week, yes……but Paul and another of his will be more vulnerable too, since Paul can’t compete for HOH and Jody’s side will have everyone involved. Not a bad situation for Jody. Hell, they have Paul as HOH this week and it is no problem…..Id say that’s good for Jody overall and not so negative as portrayed in the article.

    • I think if nomination will be cancelled or it will be a rewind and they have to play HOH again, then Paul will probably be allowed to play but not Jess.

      • They will all be allowed to play HoH comp but not Jess. lmao..that’s funny Jello.

      • A rewind will be as if Jess was HOH again and not Paul, so they all play except her. Am I wrong?

      • I’m not sure about your take on Jess, she won a Temp, she’s not HoH, but we’ll see. You’re comment makes me laugh sometimes Jello, in good way.

      • Jess was HOH last week and she won the veto. I know I’m funny, but how does the rewind week work?

      • It’s just a twist. Dan G I believe pushed the reset button Nobody goes home. Everybody is happy. They all get to play HoH comp.

      • I can see how the HoH will cry foul, or say ‘unfair. They just f’d up their HoH. so to off-set that, they let them all play. It makes sense, but there’s something different from this. It’s an award of some know what I mean?

      • Thank you. I am just guessing if she uses it, then that may happen or they could just start a whole new HOH week.

      • I laugh because when you said Jess can’t play, Her fans is not gonna like that. lol

  12. Is Josh really as stupid as he looks? He had to know he was safe this week. Why volunteer to play a game that might put you in jeopardy of being voted out? The only thing stupider this week was Jessica not taking Ramses off the block.

    • I truly truly truly cannot believe I am defending Josh here but, perhaps he went up to try and win LOL (as if) so Mark could not win! I can’t believe I just said that out loud! I despise Josh!

      • Hey T! Hahaha … who knows . He’s a grown big baby . I don’t feel
        Sorry for jess at all !!!! Get Cody out and let the games begin .. again. … Again .. lol

      • Hey ~~B~~~
        I agree. It’s time for Cody then Josh, actually Josh first because I do not want him to make it to jury! No no no no no! So Jessica/Cody can win the HOH for me next week and get out Josh!!! Perfect! They don’t have the numbers to go after Paul so send the biggest loser Josh Home straight to his mommy! Then Cody can go the following week
        I just don’t know how well Cody will deal with being in the jury house. Maybe if he is there alone for a week, he might be able to chill out and relax. But Josh has to go first, Josh has to go next week!
        Please please please send Josh home before jury! So this punk ass crybaby bully arrogant victim can go home to his mama and go online and see he is probably the most disliked houseguest ever! I cannot take seeing another DR room where he is saying @ “your boy” 🤢

  13. I want nominations to start already so feeds can get better. I just want to hear Jess and Cody’s conversation and what they plan to do next week.

  14. I think Paul’s plan to flush out Jessica’s Temptation is look down range. Hoping that it will free them up as unprotected target next week. Without risk, no reward

    • Probably because she’s not getting her on the way! But yeah, I want to know why 😂

  15. OK, why are people saying that if Jessica uses the HH this week that Paul will remain the HOH for another week. No way! Julie never said that. If that were the case, then Paul would be receiving a reward as well. Being HOH for two straight weeks. I call BS on that one!

    Finally Jessica screwed up Cody’s game! He’s done it enough to her. Stupid move! That was a huge huge gamble. Of course they are safe this week but, this is not going to guarantee them both jury now if she has to use it on Thursday.
    The following week if they don’t get HOH, or Veto, one of them is going home before a jury!
    I want them both to make it to Jury! (I know that I am alone here)
    I want Jessica to make it far. Send Cody to the jury house and let Jessica play her own better game without him

      • Yes, but the likelihood of them getting the numbers is still low. I just don’t see his minions turning on him quite yet but then again, it just depends who he is beside. Paul will probably ask his minions not to compete in the competition so Paul gets safety if Jessica/Cody have the HOH. And Jessica/Cody will likely not play in the competition due to the risk of them losing and going on the block. If Paul’s minions do not play then one of them will be at risk for going home! So if they don’t play, they all deserve to go home! I can’t see Kevin, Alex, Jason not playing in the competition.
        And I don’t think Mark or Elena should play, Jessica/Cody will not put them up so I again they would be running the risk of losing and becoming the third nominee and then likely being evicted. Of course there’s no guarantees that Jessica/Cody will win but I am hoping they do because I want to see what Paul’s minions Will do…… To be continued

  16. Do we know who played?
    Mark winning is worst-case scenario for Cody and Jessica! And also Elena but regardless, they will be safe this week.

    • I think ifor JODY s good Mark and Elane are safe this week, if Mark or Elena wins HOH next week they wont go after Jody.

      • My only concern is Elena is trying to get back into Paul’s good books plus she can’t nominate him because she knows she doesn’t have the numbers to get him out. No one does at this point! So I would just be concerned she would put at least Cody up to appease Paul

    • Actually, Cody and Jess DID NOT play, which convinced Paul that Jess wasn’t bluffing.

    • I wish it was Josh wearing a pink tutu, I would love to blast it all over the Internet! Can’t stand him!

      • Yeah well, he would’ve cried like a baby (as usual) when he got home and saw all the Meme’s of people making fun of him!
        Especially when he thinks he is “our boy” and is going to be very very surprised/upset when he finds out he was the least liked HG

      • Fair enough. But few and far between. What is to like about him? He is immature and mean! He is also a crybaby arrogant victim bully. He has zero gameplay! Aside from pissing off a lot of people.
        He has zero chance at winning! Zero……

      • He is funny and if Mark or Cody would just laugh, he’d stop trying to irritate him. His singing, banging the pots and pans and his practicing his Blindside Dance are funny. You notice he only goes after those who have insulted him or those who have disrespected him. The majority of the house he doesn’t bother. And I loved it when Jason got emotional about missing his family and Josh followed him out of the room and gave him a hug. He has to grow up but he is a character.

      • Lol. I know you are being sarcastic that’s why I laughed when I read your comment.

      • When he doesn’t have his bitchy resting face, he’s pretty attractive although I’m not into big guys like that

  17. Curious……
    Elena gets HOH next week, does she crawled up Paul’s butt & put up Jessica/Cody or does she make a big move??
    I just don’t know right now! She seems to be on damage control with Paul right now but that could be because he is HOH. Or it could be, because she knows that’s where the numbers are and she will turn her back on Jody in a heartbeat!!!??!?

    • She should keep Jody safe, first they are not coming after her and Mark, and second Jody is a bigger target. But everyone in this house is so stupid that i will not be surprised if she let Paul take over her HOH and do whatever he wants her to do.

      • Well exactly, that’s what I’m worried about! If she is to get it, and she wants to prove her allegiance to Paul then she will put up Jessica and Cody
        Ugh 😑
        It is so boring watching these HG’s follow Paul around and listen to his every word and do his dirty work! Grow up people! You’re there to play your own game, not hand Paul the $500,000

      • Essentially, Paul is the Piep Piper of Hamelin, and the rest of the house guests (other than Jessica and Cody) are the mice.

      • That is my exact concern, she will let Paul dictate her HOH. She’s trying to get back in his good books

    • I’m still shocked that Elena failed so hard at the memory comp. Everyone was saying that she has a photographic memory and is a genius. She’s a puzzling player.

  18. I just experience a tad of reflux. I read on Jokers
    6:04 PM BBT Jessica and Cody talking about breeding and saying lets start now. Jessica says when Cody calls it breeding it turns her on.

      • But it would turn you on if you were with Cody? Maybe I misunderstood. I just had an involuntary shudder thinking about Cody…that way. That’s the same thing I do when I see a snake on my property…always get an involuntary shudder, never fails.

      • The first week Cody walked in I was all into him. He is very hot physically. Everything else about him is nauseating but I would still breed or mate with him out of that house.

      • I love your honesty. It makes this fun as long as people are willing to laugh through the different opinions. I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m most likely much older than you and I’ve been happily married for a while. But I use to be young. lol

  19. Paul is playing great. The person who gets him out will win the game. Hopefully it’s Alex.

  20. Oh please Paul, nom Jody so we can see them freak out…..again and sulk that he hasn’t given them the respect they deserve

  21. Can anyone be kind enough to post the video of the temptation competition on youtube so I can see? Sorry Im impatient and I dont have enough money for feeds

  22. Jess will 100% Use halting hex this week, unless theres like a duo twist or something that pulls both cody and jessica off the block. Other than that she HAS to use halting hex.
    Unless of course cody or jessica get the target of their back and onto someone else.

  23. This may be a nite that somebody gets ejected….Josh is trying to bring his 2 cents in..

  24. I really hope Cody punches someone and gets kicked out. He is just liquidizing Jessica and ruining her game.

  25. My favourites are Kevin (funny), Jason (good sport) and Christmas (I like her maturity). Paul=> nope he’s too cocky. Alex=> Annoying as heck. Mark and Elena=> Boring and Mark is just plain “duh”. He ACTUALLY is a “meatball”. Raven and Matt=> Who are they, and who ever choose them to go in the house should be fired. Josh=> He’s such great entertainment!! Don’t care for him, but he is fun to watch stir $h!t up.. hahahahaha Cody and Jessica => No! Just NO!

  26. Paul is telling Jessica straight up & straight out that Cody is dragging her down…HE is telling her the truth…

      • It depends on what she wants more. To try on winning the money or the possibility of a future husband. I would choose the money and hope he waits for me outside if he really cared.

      • Jessica has already cussed CODY out for getting in Pauls face..I don’t know how this is gonna play out…

  27. I grew up with 5 brothers and one thing I learned, and Mark and Cody obviously haven’t, is no matter what never let them see that they’re getting under your skin. Ignoring them shuts them down faster than anything you could say or do

  28. So Paul is telling Jess if she doesn’t want to be the house target, she needs to drop the baggage….Cody. Paul says he will not even speak to Cody, only Jess. That is very, very smart of Paul.

    • Someone needs to talk to him. Hopefully they re not ignoring him because they don t need him this week Or maybe, like a little kid he ll just wear himself out and drop, falling asleep

    • I think production is encouraging it. They called him to the DR and didn’t ask him to stop.
      This is good TV for them.

  29. uh oh Josh won’t let up.. not a bit….If he don’t get whacked by Cody or Mark I will be shocked…

  30. Paul is the worse one of them all. I do not like him at all, with his conniving self. Always lurking around looking like a crazy person. I really felt that he should not have won last season and hope doesn’t win a his season. I know production wants Paul to win and they have made it easier for him to win.

  31. I just plain do not like Paul—he’s sickening! I admit Cody and Jessica aren’t any better, so anyone else to win, except disgusting Josh, would be ok.

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