Big Brother 19: Nomination Anticipation In Week 5 – Update: Temptation Results Impact

Nominations are coming up later today in the Big Brother 19 house, but things are going to play out a little differently than we’re used to and there are going to be plenty of surprises for the HGs as well.

Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 19

Paul’s plan for nominations didn’t take long to be revealed last night on the Feeds. Alex and Jason were speaking privately and assumed Paul would be going for Mark and Elena after Jessica’s announcement that she and Cody were safe with her Temptation power. Paul walked in and declared he’s calling BS on Jessica’s claim and he’s going to test it by putting Jessica and Cody on the Block.

And this concludes our Nomination Anticipation column for the week… Just kidding. It won’t be nearly that simple.

Before we even get to find out who is going up on the Block there’s the Temptation Competition twist waiting for the HGs. Starting today and for two more weeks the HGs will have the chance to compete for total safety each week before the Nomination Ceremony.

Whoever wins this new weekly challenge will be protected from nomination, but it’ll be up to each HG as to whether or not they participate since the downside is the loser will be sent to the Block as the third nominee that week.

Well obviously Cody is going to accept this challenge. “I was born for this.” “No one can beat me.” “Superior genetics.” Yada yada yada. There’s no way Cody will turn down this opportunity. And when he competes I’d say he’s got a great chance of winning. He’s a heck of a competitor so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come out on top. If he does then he can’t be nom’d and that’s going to force a surprise shift on Paul. That just might save Paul some trouble this week.

Paul wants Jessica and Cody on the Block because he thinks Jessica’s claims that she and Cody are safe for three is weeks is crap. He’s right. Mostly. She can only use the power once and it only protects both her and Cody if they’re on the Block together. This is also her second to last week to try and use it.

If Paul gets them on the Block and they stay there until Thursday night then Jessica will use it. She already promised Cody she’d use it this week even if it’s just him up there after the Veto. Forcing Jessica to use it up instead of stringing the HGs along with it isn’t the worst thing in the world for Paul or the rest of the HGs. Eliminating this power from the game wouldn’t be a wasted HoH, but I’m sure he’d be upset at no one leaving under his watch.

But, say Cody wins this Temptation battle, maybe Paul will say he’d rather have a whole couple on the Block. In that case he’ll nominate Mark and Elena. Paul has already said they are his Plan B in case Jessica’s power really prevents them from being put on the Block. Then Mark will be the target and Paul could avoid seeing no one go home on his HoH.

It’s also possible for Paul to decide a split ticket isn’t that bad after all, especially since he really wants to test Jessica’s Temptation claims. He’d probably just put up Mark against Jessica if Cody is protected by the challenge win. Then if Jessica comes down from the Veto Paul would put up Elena and target Mark.

This really does have a lot of potential for a fun week. There’s a new competition for extra spoilers later today, Paul is willing to try and challenge Jessica’s claims, and we’ve got a decent chance of her using the power by the end of the week for a shocker Thursday live show. This is good stuff and there are some good Live Feeds ahead!

Update: Temptation Comp results are in. Mark won safety, so his name is off the target list. Jason going up as 3rd nom. Paul wasn’t fooled by Cody & Jessica’s decision not to compete. Cody regrets that decision, rightfully so. Paul will nominate Jessica & Cody. His back up plan is Elena now.

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