‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

Nominations are in for Week 5 with the Big Brother 19 spoilers here from the Feeds after the big Temptation Competition played out earlier today and shifted some of Paul’s plans for the week.

Nominations on Big Brother

While Jessica and Cody did their best to play invincible, Paul wasn’t convinced. Looks like Cody swapped a chance at safety for a flopped fake out instead. Jessica thought if they didn’t take the chance to compete in the Temptation twist then Paul would believe her lie that neither were vulnerable to nominations. She wanted to get an extra week out of the Hex. It didn’t work.

Instead, Mark won the Temptation battle and has safety from nomination this week. He won’t be going up as a Plan B for Paul after all. But none of that really matters.

Big Brother 19 Week 5 Nominations:

Feeds came back HOT! Jessica & Cody are yelling at Paul in the HoH room that he screwed up. This is pointless and foolish of them because Paul called their bluff. They’re just upset that Jessica’s Hex is done this week instead of getting 2 weeks out of it. Cody is shouting “f**k you!” at Paul who tells him to get out of the room if he’s going to act like that.

Flashback to 7:23 PM BBT 7/28 Cams 3/4 for the fighting on your Live Feeds.

Gallery: Cody & Jessica fighting with Paul

Okay, so Cody and Jessica are on the Block. If either of them are still on the Block come Thursday then Jessica will use the Veto, as she’s promised. We can all see where this is going, right?

Two of them on the Block. Veto can only save one of them. No matter how you spin it, at least one of them will be up come Thursday night. Jessica will use the Hex and the week ends with no one going home. Paul will be watching from the sidelines at the next HoH, as EP Allison Grodner has already confirmed. No back to back HoH’s for Paul since this is not a reset/rewind week.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and we’ll be watching for the player draw and the results to share as soon the spoilers arrive. Who do you want to win the PoV?

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Super cheap.

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Wow. That escalated quickly. Impressed by Kevin stepping between those two huge guys. #BB19 pic.twitter.com/9wN1VyojMi

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) July 29, 2017


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    • I’m always happy with drama, which is what we now have to look forward to when Paul realizes his HOH was a bust.

      • Jessica told him about the Temptation at the end of last night’s episode and Paul knew Jessica already had the Temptation before that. He knew he had to call her bluff whether her claims of being safe were true or not to take her leverage away and make her and Cody be in ultimate survivor mode the rest of the season. He has the numbers and knows even if Cody and Jessica are safe this week the numbers stay the same if no one goes home so he’s playing the long game and they’re ticked because they can’t save their leverage longer in the game.

      • Paul’s gonna be the one cursing up a storm on Thursday when he realizes that Jessica cancelled his entire HOH week with her power to stop the eviction from taking place. Yeah, you forgot that numbers and votes don’t matter this week, didn’t you?

        Look, Jody tried something, it didn’t work, fine. But it’s Paul who has to suffer the consequences. Cody and Jess staying in the game AND HE CAN’T PLAY IN THE HOH COMP!

      • And if he didn’t nominate them, he still couldn’t play and he would still have to worry if one of them win. And they would still have safety next week. He has the whole house on his side. He’s good. #JodyStans

      • Yes, a voice of sanity finally! This was NOT a good few days for Cult Leader Paul. He says he was going to “flush out the Temptation” by putting up Jess and Cody, but who is he kidding — there was NO way he wasn’t putting up Jess or Cody this week regardless of any Temptation! Paul is such a good BSer that even people watching on TV believe his BS that he spews! Yes, he is a cult leader that would make Jim Jones and Charlie Manson jealous. But, next week, he cant play for HOH, and next week Jess can, and this makes odds better for Jody, so we’ll see.

      • They don’t have the votes it would be stupid to get Paul out before Cody and I hope the house knows it

      • Cody is more dangerous to the house than Paul?! What? Paul is friends with everyone, and everyone loves him — that’s a danger! Not the un-liked Cody!

      • What I’m saying is if the floaters want to get further in this game, Cody has to be gone before Paul, because none of them know how to strategize, and so far Alex is the only one who can win comps, how far do you think Matt and raven would get without Paul?

      • Lol, it is not a bust. He gets rid of the Temptation by doing this. It would have been stupid to nominate anyone else simply because of that.

      • Temptation was gonna run out next week anyway. It’s just being used a week early, hardly an “oh, look, we got them to use it right away” moment. And, as a result, Jody escapes the block and Paul can’t play in the HOH comp. Oops.

      • But if he didn’t force them to use it this week, they would’ve been safe for another week. Do you not see that? This is the better outcome for the house in general. At least in this case, they’re vulnerable next week unless they win HoH. If Jody doesn’t win HoH next week, they’re toast. Alex will definitely fight for that HoH.

      • But of course Paul was going after Jody BEFORE he ever even knew of a Temptation…don’t you see that? He hates them.

      • She said she had the power during Thursday’s episode. I honestly wished she kept in a secret because THEN would it have been shocking for the house. That would’ve been entertaining to see. It also would’ve ended up shaking the rest of the other houseguests for the HoH competition, and possibly giving them (Jody/Mark) the upper hand.

        Paul tested her claim, and ended up being right. Good move.

      • Cmon, Paul was nominating Jody this week whether the Temptation existed or not. He was NOT going to protect them this week….what are you smoking?

      • Maybe the same thing you are smoking. You just have to be rude to anyone that doesn’t think like you. Nice Person!!

      • Paul’s noms were NOT a bust. Whoever was up this week had to put them up so the hex couldn’t be used for another week! It was the one thing that HAD to be done this week by someone. Granted, he may be ticked off at not getting one of them out, but he cleared the way for someone else the following week!. I am glad that he called their bluff. And it was certainly easy to see that Jess was lying by their reactions right now.

  1. For all you guys that kept saying Paul will be able to play, I told ya so…He WONT be able to play HoH this week:

    “Veto can only save one of them. No matter how
    you spin it, at least one of them will be up come Thursday night.
    Jessica will use the Hex and the week ends with no one going home. Paul
    will be watching from the sidelines at the next HoH, as EP Allison
    Grodner has already confirmed. No back to back HoH’s for Paul since this
    is not a reset/rewind week”

      • Exactly. You have to pay attention to what the rules of the temptation are/were…This had nothing to do with rewind week. Regardless, Paul made a bad move in my opinion, because this week he got no one out on his watch…

      • Who was he suppiosed to get out?? Jess Cody and Mark were his targets and they are all safe. By putting up both Jess and Cody he ensures that the hex is used thereby leaving the way clear for one of his alliance to put Jody up again next week. If was the correct move and the only move.

      • You got to understand this, Jessica told the house that they COULDN’T be Nominated. She didn’t say she could stop the eviction but that they would be safe for a few weeks. Which is why Julie kind of smiled and said she wasn’t saying anything. Paul called the no Nomination bluff and that is where we are. Plus Christmas still has the ring of replacement that she can still use for the VETO.

      • Yeah, I’ve been comparing it to the reset week myself, but only in the sense that the HOH is completely powerless this week because of the Hex, not because it’s the same thing.

      • Yeah I now think the hex was a bad idea, production needs to tweak it a little bit more and not punish the HOH that much. The problem with this hex is the fact that it’s not a rewind also. Or at the very least the HOH should be allowed to play for his life and try to become HOH again in an exception to the norm. Now, the HOH is blindsided with something they could not have possibly known in advance and is literally prevented from doing anything about it, leaving their head on The Chopping Block through no fault of their own. It just feels like a railroading very similar to what happened to Cameron.

        And there should be severe penalties if the player who has it tries to lie about it and confuse the house as to what it’s for and how it can be used. The hex should have been explained to the entire house but the house should not have been told who got it. That would have been Fair.

      • Yeah I was hoping Raven or Matt would win when it was down to 3 in the HOH comp because I figured Jess’s power would bone the HOH this week. Unfortunately for Paul he’s historically done extremely well at comps that he could study for so I completely expected him to win. Overall I’m not a big fan off all these extremely powerful twists and powers. Now this new temptation comp seems to be yet another way to undermine the HOH which to me gets away from the spirit of the game.

      • don’t forget these powers are the reason paul is able to play a long game in the first place with his BS immunity for like 4 weeks!!!!

      • But Paul can compete in the next Temptation comp and he could either win it or lose and that is the beauty of this twist.

    • Amazing Paul fans harping on Jessica having the Halting Hex. Paul had 4 weeks of safety which is BS! They should not have put him in the game because he was a veteran. They also, knew he was a fan favorite. Make it an All Star or Alll Newbie! Next week, if Cody’s side wins HOH, someone from Paul’s side would be casualty. This is long overdue. Break up that Big Alliance, vote out Paul so that, house guests have to play on their own!

      • They must not be READING your comments or they think you don’t what you are saying. You are Right!!!

      • It isn’t about being right cause sometimes, well actually more than not, I am wrong. It is about not understanding the twist and safeties they get.

  2. This is what too much engineering looks like. Taking away the essence of the game could ultimately make it a lot less interesting.

      • Exactly. Stop with the twists and let them play the game. No saves, except for the veto. No more temptations/consequences. Just play the game.

  3. I always look forward to the Live eviction—now nothing will happen. Maybe bring in Zingbot early.

    • Maybe they can show an entire HoH comp, if its one of the longer lasting ones..

    • Are you kidding?! It’s gonna be HILARIOUS! I can’t wait to see Josh meltdown when he realizes that Jody isn’t going everywhere, and Paul fight to keep his composure when his HOH is wasted on this.

      • Paul’s HOH is not wasted. He is getting rid of Jessica’s advantage, instead of dragging it for another 3 weeks.

      • It only lasts 1 week beyond this. Not exactly much of an advantage anymore. Oops.

      • It does. Next HOH will still have 6 from Paul side against 4 from Jess and Cody. Since it looks like Elena and Mark can´t win anything, the only way to keep Jess and Cody safe is one of them getting the HOH. Or one of them winning the Den competition. 1 week less of protection, everything else stays the same.

      • How was it wasted? He got the last Temptation out of the way and that is a win.

    • Zingbot deliberately comes later in the season when they have a week where they have nothing else to do so they need content.

  4. Since I am not a Cody or Jess fan, I guess the only good thing to come this week is that Jess will have to play the Hex sooner rather than later. Bad thing is I will have to watch their sex show for another week.

      • Okay. I thought it was only for three evictions. This week would have been week three. Thank you for clarifying that. :)

    • That we’d get this kind of action?! That it’s not fun when the house is completely one sided?! It’s a no brainer.

      • Technically the house hasn’t been one sided this whole summer. It’s swung both ways all summer so far. Jessica had all the power last week and she made a poor move

      • True, and that’s totally on her. But every target that’s left has been one of Paul’s targets, not one of Cody’s or Jessica’s. He turned their HOHs into a wasted week. Well, we all know what they say about karma. Now it’s payback time, and the feeds are gonna be fun to watch (even if it might only last one week).

      • Having HOH one week is not power! The majority can easily neutralize her nominations as has already been proven! So, where is the power in that? Power is in the numbers because you can just float and be safe like Matthew and Raven or Josh for instance!

      • All my votes went to jess. I want someone to use it to disrupt pauls game not help his game

      • I did not even vote for Jessica. Gave all my votes to Alex. Next time though, I will vote for Jessica and Cody. Anything to break that big alliance!

    • I was shocked when she got the power. I didn’t think she was that well liked. I didn’t think viewers would give her the power just to see “drama”.

      • I didnt give her it for drama i gavr it to her because i wanted it used against pauls game not for pauls game

    • I didn’t vote, but maybe they were doing it because they felt bad that Josh has been a jerk (I want to use a worse word, but don’t want to get in trouble lol) to her. Just speculating, but it would make sense.

    • Nobody wants to see a big alliance roller over the stragglers week after week as they float to the very end Boring and utter BS! Big Brother used to have a lot of game play before but, nowadays is a watered down version. Fans will vote to stir the pot if house guests will not play. I will support the underdog if Big Brother adds twists and majority of fans who do not vote will always have sympathy for the underdog.

  5. Looking forward to seeing Paul’s frustration when his entire HOH is a waste at the end of the week. They’ll have to deal with them for another week.

    As I said earlier, it no longer makes a difference what happens this week. Let’s keep things civil, sit back, and watch the fireworks. Thursday night will be a lot of fun.

    • It was not a waste. He removed the hex from play while his side is still with 6 vs 4 for the next HOH. Even removing the ones that doesn´t look like can win anything, Paul side still has 3 to 2 (depending on the competition Christmas can double for Paul side).

  6. I need time stamp of the Paul and the robot confrontation . anybody? This is good….Next week should be an easy ‘kill’ for any of the two.

      • i would love for her to use it this week to further hinder Jody and also see the look on her face when she realizes its been wasted.

        sadly though I just saw that Jess told her the power of her temptation.

      • She would be stupid to use it to rock the vote when Paul would be the primary target and his minions secondary targets if Cody’s side wins HOH. If she does, she could be put on the block. Best to lay low and let them target Paul. If they wise up and put Paul and one minion, if Paul gets off, put another minion in place, they send one of his minions home!

    • she got a ring, to swap out a veto player and deny them a chance for a veto. still in play and i think she hasn’t told anyone

      • I think she had the information that it could be used until there are 6 people on the house (when all play for the veto).

  7. I love how Paul is actually trying his best to be the calm and reasonable one in this situation, but people are so against him running the house that there’s a whole nation of Cody supporters on Twitter. It’s a game…people acting like this is life or death or something lmao

    • Cody is just ridiculous…he hates it he can’t get the upper hand on paul and it isn’t just game play to him, i think in his mind paul stands for everything cody hates, that makes cody a scary human being

    • Im tired of the Paul puppet show. I mean, Matt and Raven are nothing but Paul’s minions. Alex is about the only one that shows spunk and can actually compete.

      • Being the best at a game does not justify anybody for the way they act or behave. Cody and Jessica are being children, and Mark and Josh have just as many problems as them. They act like a bunch of 2 year olds

      • A part of me is still clinging to hope that Alex is going to takeover the game later in the season lol

      • Alex and Jason should use their heads to vote against Paul if he is on the block. Perfect time to evict him out of the house but, will she? Jason just follows her! Time for a huge blindside! Vote out Paul next time he is on the block. Assuming of course, he does not get off thru VETO!

  8. Cody needs to go and i am glad jessica finally sees Cody…having said that i hope she gets sent home by alex

  9. At what point are these people going to realize that their only chance of winning $500k is to get Paul out?

    • I just hate Jessica and Cody’s attitude. It’s making it hard for me to decide which side to root for at this point. Jess and Cody are not the most heroic underdogs LOL

      • You know, I really haven’t been a Cody/Jessica fan either. Actually I like Cody the least of the two. But the way Paul has manipulated the rest of the house, I like them more than anyone else. I had hopes for Jason and Kevin, but they’ve been drinking the Paul “kool-aid” as of late, so I find myself leaning more towards “Jody”. It just sucks that I don’t have a clear favorite at this point in the season.

      • I was feeling the same way for a while, but I tend to forget that this season hasn’t even reached jury yet (or has it?) and there’s plenty of game left. If this were the late weeks in the game I would pretty much give up on anyone taking this game from Paul or at least giving him a run for it. But it’s still early so who knows?
        I am only rooting for Jody because they aren’t brainwashed, but man… they aren’t smart players LOL

      • When the numbers dwindle, they have to turn on each other. Don t forget at this point last season Paul was Paulie s minion

      • I remember everyone thinking Paulie had it made but then the house flipped. But that had a lot to do also because of his treatment to the women… Paul is arrogant though, it might cause someone to flip.
        I guess we’ll see! I’m still loving this season

      • None of them are smart players. I don’t think Matt and Raven know where they are half the time. They all do what Paul tells them to do. And I “think” this week’s evictee would be the first on the jury. I’m not completely sure though. All these temptations have me messed up on the timing of it.

    • If Cody’s side wins HOH next and they put Paul up, that would be the perfect time to evict him, Key is Alex and Jason turning from Paul. Now, they will get their chance to flip the house, upside down.

      • Mark and Elena are Jess and Cody minions… they do nothing and didn´t show any good point for competitions. May be some comp where they have to take 500kg of something from a side of the yard to the other, Mark can get a chance to win… or some jet7 magazine game and Elena can win.

    • Cody has some issues and should not have been cast for this show. He’s more suited for Survivor!

      • I think he might be suffering from some kind of PTSD from his time with the marines. It would certainly explain a lot of his quirks.

      • That was my thought, I try to go easy on him when it comes to stuff like him acting strange or different because he probably can’t help it

      • Oh please, he is a grown man and is responsible for his behavior. If he has PTSD he should never have put himself in that environment.

      • I’m not talking about his attitude, he’s being ridiculous.
        I meant more in line like when he awkwardly stares off into space LOL

      • Yeah his arrogance and his anger at Alex for ‘betraying him’ when she never told him she ever wanted to work with him was just stupid. I don’t get where he and Jess think people owe them stuff. They did bring that big target on themselves after all lol

      • Did I read something that said Cody has a child? If that’s true, I feel very sorry for that poor child.

      • And the isolation. While some of that is hormones, some of it might be a coping mechanism.

      • Yeah, well, clearly, these psych tests they put the HGs through for screening are not cutting it anymore.

      • Vet or not, Cody’s just a Hole. His treatment of Megan is a great example of that.

      • Cody just stated the truth – he put her up for eviction because he didn’t like her! To bad if she felt offended!

        Josh on the other hand was verbally and physically threatening to her due to confrontation they had during that first competition! It was because of her fear of Josh that she quit! Not Cody!

      • I never said she left because of Cody. I said Cody is a Hole, and cited his treatment of Megan as an early example of this. There are now many more recent examples to choose from. It’s ironic though that Megan’s instincts about Cody AND Josh were right on.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me. How many vets have never sought out help? How many commit suicide because of how messed up they are when they return? PTSD isn’t a joke, and it’s not something to mess around with.

      • They commit suicide because for the past 8 years, they’ve had lack or denial of access to the medical care and treatment they need! Also, thanks to the VA, they’ve been placed on long waiting lists to see a doctor.

        GD illegal immigrants get better treatment and care!

        However, since January, they now have unlimited access to the medical care they need!

  10. Who do I want to win the POV? Jason. Take himself down off the block. Make the decision that much easier.

      • Paul is trying to convince Jessica that Cody is ruining her game. The best thing is to get Cody out. She’s actually buying into it. Apparently, Jessica and Cody had a fight after the noms. So…. I’m sure when things calm down, Jessica will think straight again.

      • Hopefully she thinks long and hard what she will do if she can win veto. Best not to use the HH and let the robot leave. She is then guaranteed at least another week of safety.

      • The best thing Jess could do for her game is to not use the Halting Hex if only Cody is left on the block after Veto.

      • Unless Jessica wins the POV, takes herself off and doesn’t use the hex. That would pretty much guarantee Cody leaving … I think.

  11. I just watched it. Paul destroyed Cody. ha! It was awesome. When Cody said Fu to Paul..Paul said ‘Get out of my room!..Grow up!..How old are you? Are you sure you’re in the marine?” and Paul followed him downstairs and he got more of Paul’s rapid fire mouth. ..still watching.

    • I can’t wait to watch!! I heard Josh apparently got started again and It set mark off or something?

      • You can’t argue with Paul. He’s calm at first, but when you go off on him, then gloves are off. He’s too quick, and extemporaneous.

      • All it takes is for someone to call him on his game (controlling the house, etc) and it could really hurt him. Dom missed her chance when she refused to back up her claims. I don’t think Jess and Cody are smart enough, and even if they are, the house wont believe them I don’t think.
        Elena could take him on?

      • I know what you’re saying. If Paul get’s nominated, that is a must see TV. He’s running the house. That’s how polarazing he is. It’s a great season.

    • Cody really shouldn’t engage in a battle of wits with Paul. I mean, its obvious that Cody is unarmed in that area of war, lol. Seriously though, Paul is literally thinking circles around Cody and its awesome!

      • Nope, it sounds like they are just appreciating someone who’s actually playing the game.

      • Or being handed the game by a bunch of sheepish men and women who are just there for showmances and a vacation at the jury house.

      • Yeah, but we’ve been burdened with people only wanting to find a showmance for like 5 straight seasons. The show is going downhill if we want to be honest.

      • I’m hoping Paul’s game blows up but I mean it’s not a bad thing to respect his game LOL, Paul is playing the best game in the house by far I mean we can’t deny that. Paul definitely beat Cody in that argument

      • I don’t considered being handed the win by a bunch of floaters and loaders “playing the best game.” It’s not even playing. It’s relying on your minions to do your dirty work for you.

      • Yeah, but that’s all part of the social game which still indicates that Paul is playing a great game. You don’t have “minions” if you’re not playing a kick ass social game.

      • You can’t really say that he’s totally fake. Paul and Vic were really the only loyal HGs last season. It was everyone else turning on them. If anything, Paul has learned from last season and has improved his game.

        Besides, to win BB… You can never be totally honest and up front or you’re going to be out the door and talking to Julie long before Jury.

      • Jordan was totally honest and up front. Winner of BB11. So, yeah, you can win BB by being honest.

      • Sorry, but I couldn’t stand Jordan. I guess it goes to figure since I like Paul.

      • Yeah, two completely opposite personalities. Sweet and kind-hearted vs. obnoxious and manipulative.

      • You have to have more people playing for a player to have their game classified as good, great, or the best.

      • Sure his social games not bad but I think this is more about them wanting the vet to like them than them being manipulated. If he wasn’t a vet, I don’t see his social game giving him this much power…

      • Least until Steve turned on Vanessa, lol. And Derrick wasn’t a jerk about it, nor was he obviously manipulative. He was less of a dictator and more of a big brother / bff type.

      • Paul is in a house full of fans that want to follow him around. Derrick had the “leader strategy” as a new player, not because he was surrounded by fans.

      • Maybe they showed the recruits a few episodes and recruited the ones that were Paul fans. I remember Mark and Josh telling Paul the first week they were his biggest fans. Maybe Mark’s jealous that Josh ended up being Paul’s puppy dog instead of him.

      • You are probably on to something – didn’t think about it but they had to know someone would take the $25,000 or set it up for Kevin to take it so it would unleash Paul back into the house. It’s really a shame that he is back again – I didn’t like him last year and was pulling for Frank. And didn’t King Paul win $50,000 or whatever the runner up gets last year? I have watched every BB since the beginning – there have been a few dud years and it looks like to me season 19 will also be a dud.

      • Before you get offended have her clarify if she means a jim henson type puppet or a pinocchio type puppet…b/c there’s a difference you know & 1 of them could be kinda cool.

    • Paul has said that to every person in the house and even worse things. He is a hateful hateful person and the moment one other person says something back to him he’s the victim. Classic narcissist. The only person he ever has sympathy for is himself.

  12. There is alot of time left before thursday, if either jody wins the veto, and some drama ensues, they could feel safe enough to not use the power. It isnt set in stone yet imo. It would be nice to see paul get flipped on but these clowns might be too stupid. Its mind boggling

    • I’m sure something will happen to where they don’t think they should use the Hex lol it wouldn’t surprise me

      • Well is is Jess hex not Cody s so I hope that she really thinks for herself and if she can veto herself off, she doesn t use it. Will gain her some traction with the other hg s

    • Paul’s an ugly lying manipulative insecure little man! He’ll step on anybody to get what he wants!

      He reflects on to Cody his own psychological shortcomings!

      He a great BB player – but a shitty human being!

      • Wow, I didn’t know you’ve met Paul and hung around him in real life to know anything about what he’s like as a human being. Nobody on TV is 100% like they are in private, and in reality TV… I’d say nobody is even acting halfway like they do in real life.

      • I can say the same about you Cody/Jess haters!

        I’ve been observing Paul (and the other HGs) for the past several weeks!

        His ACTIONS speaks VOLUMES about his (lack of) character!

      • There’s a difference… I don’t hate Cody or Jess. I would really like to see Jess let Cody be evicted and stick around. Cody… I don’t really like the personality he’s showing on the game. I really was rooting for him to change something when he came back, but he’s just not the right type of personality to be playing BB.

        Besides, Cody came into the house hating Paul like a lot of the “Paul Haters”. He had his mind made up as soon as Paul walked through the door.

      • Yeah, cause a marine isn’t a good judge of character? Oi. Besides, newbies are supposed to hate the vets. Paul certainly did last year as a newbie.

      • I was in the Air Force, so I respect everyone that has served. That being said, Cody was the one at the beginning of the season making light of Basic Training and talking about him and his buddy goofing off in Basic. I’m pretty sure that the Marines had it a lot tougher than we did in the Air Force, but we didn’t have time to be goofing around.

        So, while I respect everyone in the military… It doesn’t mean there aren’t some that deserve a little bit less of it. Plus, the way Cody did his team with his Maverick Moves week 1… I hope he never did his fellow Marines that way.

      • I thought we should all be treated EQUALITY, regardless of our differences and attitudes?

        If I were to look less favorably on one ethnicity than I do all others, than I’m a racist and a xenophobe!

        We all have rights, except some of us have more rights than others! – Animal Farm

      • But yet, you say Paul is a “shitty human being” and you can’t stand him. You asked me if my comments about Cody was a contradiction… Your feelings about Paul are the definition of contradicting your statement above.

      • No, I’m not contradicting myself – I hate Paul – period! I detest his lack of character and human empathy, and his narcissistic and over-blown ego-eccentric personality!

      • Yes, you are contradicting yourself. You are judging Paul, but those of us who are not fans of Jody, cannot express our views, because it “offends” you and your liberal double standards. Grow up or go to your safe place snowflake.

      • When did I ever say TO YOU, or any of you Jody-haters you couldn’t express your views! NEVER!

        Don’t reflect on me what you “Paul lovers” are guilty of!

      • Sorry, but you’re falsely accusing me of an act you brain-washed progressive idiot has committed!

        Its you and all your brain-damaged, virtue signaling, SJW Paul-f*ckers who find/label any and all opposing views/opinions to yours “offensive and hate speech!”.

        You insane liberal snowflakes also suppress and ban postings and people that express opposing views/opinions from all social media and college campuses.

        Sorry, but the SC found supposed “hate speech” protected under the 1st Amendment!

        Feelings aren’t facts!

      • Let’s end tonight with this, Carvin.

        Thank you for your service and for helping to defend the freedoms we share as Americans.

      • “I don’t hate Cody , , I don’t really like the personality he’s showing on the game.”

        Quite the contradiction? Which is it? Cody only has one personally!

      • Not really a contradiction at all… There’s a big difference between I don’t really like someone’s personality in a high stress TV environment and me saying that I hate them. Dislike is a lot less strong of an emotion than hate, I guess is where I’m coming from.

      • Oh stop! If you want to know what a horrible human being he is just google his clothing line.

      • Yeah, between his two racist moments last year AND this year, as well as his sexist moment last year with Michelle (though she wasn’t innocent in any way, shape, or form) and his threatening manner in the way he approached Ramses a couple days ago, he’s not a good guy.

      • I really hope its just a TV personality and not him in real life….
        But then again nothing has changed of Paul.
        He’s still the same a-hole from last season.

      • Exactly. Wasn’t appealing to me then, and it’s not now. I think he got it into his head that people liked him because of his personality, but it seems more like people only tolerated him because he was allied with Victor, who was the actual fan favorite.

      • From what little of him I saw of him on ‘Candy Crush” game, he is still the same, as is Frankie, Ariana’s step-bro. Frankie was also on CC. arrogant, ‘little’ person, know-it-all, bossy-boss. . . . . . etc.

      • Racist? Sexist? Threatening manner? How do you even get through the day with such a low threshold?

      • ROFL!!! That you believe I’m a lib is priceless. Just goes to show how little you know me.

      • (besides adding the fact of his physical ‘short’comings! (heighth, people) ! ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Lies – like that Rams got the $25,000 that put Paul in the BBH in the first place. Trying to get the blame game out of the house with Rams and not kept in the house with Kevin, who got the $25,000.

      • well, actually kevin was the 1st to spread the lie about the $25k… clever move actually. Diversion 101. Thus far, its worked

      • I was referencing the fact that just after Rams was evicted, and after HOH played, there was just a little time they showed the HGs and it seemed like Paul was explaining his voting to get Rams out: Paul was saying that Rams had the $25,000. Besides the true fact that Kevin has the $25,000 plus the $27. So, supposedly everyone in the house, except Paul and Kevin, think that the $25,000 person is out of the house and that that ‘threat’ is done and gone. NOT!!! :-(

      • So does Paul know that Kevin is actually the one who got the 25k? I don’t have the feeds and apparently can’t remember everything from the past 5 weeks, or however long it has been! Haha Seems like it’s been on for several months already!

      • Yes, Kevin told Paul way early about the $25,000, prob that night Kevin got it or soon after.

      • How come you still like Alex? Genuine question lol. She’s as much a gamer as Josh is at this point. She’s a huge letdown

    • I like Jason too. And him being HOH wouldn’t be so bad. As long as he didn’t nominate who Paul wanted him to target. never thought I’d see Alex drinking the Paul “kool-aid”, but she did.

  13. I don’t see Pauls HOH as total waste, his only chance to keep numbers turned into Elena. Instead of getting her out, he pushes Jody’s buttons, reminds the house how volatile they are, and steals the last week of safety they had envisioned.
    He was always gonna be dangling next week, and he hasn’t lost a number. The bullies are all still butting heads and aiming at each other, and his core team is running the show, could be worse………

  14. Wow. I just went back and watched the flashbacks. Unbelieveable how Cody went after Paul. But even more unbelieveable was how Josh laid into Mark. Saying he is going to sh*t on him. Banging the pans. How did mark not pound him. Josh is a total jerk and classless bully.

  15. The house is stupid to trust Paul. Paul intents to get to the end…..He will have to burn those that trusted him. Paul has to go.

    • Alison Grodner for scripting, choreographing and condoning this insanity!

      Its a train wreck 2 junctions away from going over the side of a cliff!

    • so in other words you’re saying Paul playing this one game I heard of a while back. I think its called big brother

    • Alison Grodner is annoying and should be held liable for scripting, choreographing and encouraging this insanity!

      Its a train wreck 2 junctions away from going over the side of a cliff!

      • “What difference at this point does it make!”

        I get off on the high level of cognitive dissonance I experience while watching!

        Like when I watch the questionable news on CNN, ABC and all the other MSM news stations!

      • If you can’t see that production uses certain tools to influence the game, you are stupid. It is tv and ratings are king. Go crawl back under that rock you call home.

      • If you can’t see that production uses certain tools to influence the game you are stupid.

      • Its not rigged – more like “situationally manipulated!”

        The HGs get “coached” or given suggestions by the production in the Diary Room.

        Why do you think they get called in there quite a few times a day! Especially when they are getting lots of screen time.

        Its not just to record those cutesy episode inserts!

      • And I never said you said that.
        You said,”Why do you think they get called in there quite a few times a day! Especially when they are getting lots of screen time.”

        And I’m telling you that just because they’ve been called into the DR doesn’t mean they get loads of screen time.

    • It’s Rabid Ravin and Kevin. Can’t stand to listen to either of them talk. At least crybaby Josh is entertaining.

  16. Listening to Christmas talk to Jessica, it’s easy to see Jessica is a nice and genuine person who has involved herself with the wrong person in this game. She even understands that Cody is a negative in her game. Would love to see more of Jessica on her own, which is why I’m hoping she opens up her eyes this week and realizes she should be playing her own game, not her and Cody’s game. Don’t use the hex and let Cody go home. She’d be better off without him there

    • I agree.
      In fact maybe if Jessica wasn’t with Cody she could be a better person.
      No wonder she hated Alex- it was because of Cody.

      If she improves her attitude, then I can apologize for the Aaryn Gries comparision I made…..

    • I wondered if Jessica might be so frustrated with Cody’s bad advice over this past week (and the way he handled being HoH), that she might start losing interest in him. Then I watched yesterday’s (2017-07-27) episode on television, where the two of them were almost inseparable. Now I’m thinking she looks to be so emotionally invested in Cody AND she has no one one else on her side in the house, that for both of those reasons she is actually growing closer to him. People on the outside (that is, all of us) see him much differently than she does, but that’s normally true in dating.

      Jessica will have plenty of time after the show ends to judge whether getting involved with Cody and sticking with him throughout at least this first month were good moves. She always struck me as genuine in her feelings for him, and to hear that the two of them will date after the show is precisely what I thought early on would happen. At 26 years of age, I suspect she is worried about reaching the big 30 without being married.

      In her biography with CBS, Jessica used three words to describe herself. One was loyal. Genuine loyalty is a rare characteristic anymore. I admire her for that while recognizing that it’s easy for anyone to poorly place loyalty when sexuality enters the picture.

      • As much as I’ve been harping on Jess from Week 1, you have a point. Maybe she’s smarter then I gave her credit. Maybe she just needed the muscle head out of the way

      • I just stumbled onto BB_Updates at Twitter. It looks like in the past few hours, there is a lot of arguing in the house and things are sounding rocky between Jessica and Cody. (I’m assuming the content at that Twitter site about what people in the house are saying is accurate.)

  17. Now that I think about it, I feel Jess is simply guilty by association.
    Yeah she can be petty but lets be honest, Zakiyah was the same.
    Without their men (Cody and Paulie not brothers) I think they can be smart.

    • Definitely. Cody is dragging her game through the dirt. Being in a showmance puts a target on your back right away, but being in a showmance with the single most despised person in the house (with the exception of MAYBE Josh)? She’s not doing herself any favours.

      • I agree he has harmed her game greatly, but that does not not negate the fact that she is a sack of poo herself, imo.

  18. another stupid mistake jessica made was to reveal she had the temptation to save either her or cody

  19. I have decided, with so many of the cast aiming to just make jury, take away jury. Let America vote. Then, maybe we get good game play.

  20. Wow, What a difference 24 hours make. Last night Jody rather smug that her announcement about her Temptation would make everyone afraid to nom them. Cody was Jess’ ride or die. Now tonight they are on the block. Jess is furious with Cody, having serious convos with Paul and Christmas about cutting him loose. Cody crying and saying that he is done and that he is in a irreperable place in the game. Going to be an interesting 5 days ahead to see how this all plays out.

    • WAIT! the tough a$$ marine was CRYING??? real tears??!?! give up the deets! I’m late (clearly)

      • Yes he was. He was in one of the rooms alone and then with Kevin and talking about how he is hurting Jess’ game. This was after Jess yelled at him for going off on Paul. Told him he had to stop reacting like this, it hurts their game. I’m paraphrasing here. They haven’t been together or talking since that.

      • 😯 but WAIT…I “thought” they could’not tell people details about it.
        **severe side eye**

      • sweet. Thank you for the details!

        I have no empathy for cody or jess. Send em both packin’. IDC

        …I’m catching up on BBAD & I’m stunned to see Christmas of all ppl comforting jess…

    • OMG who knew someone else making a grown man cry could bring me so much joy! 😀

  21. jessica: (translation) poor me, poor me… I”m the victim. I am a human being. I cannot believe no one has extended their hand to me despite all the bullsh*t decisions I keep making behind my anti-social boyfriend. I don’t understand this. No one has extended their hand to me and keep betraying me so THEY can win HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. Who does this?

    Has this broad ever seen the show?

      • Really? She played the game. Any other season her decisions would be consider game play. Why is Paul getting a pass on meanness when he treats everyone like crap. He’s a selfish sadistic person who is lying to everyone in the house, spread a malicious rumor about Ramses getting the 25k just to rally people to get him out when he knew that Kevin had it. Paul gets off on other people’s pain, and no one calls him on it. It’s hypocritical to allow Josh and Paul to be sadistic asshats and give them a pass and then attack Jess.

      • LOL jess played the game? or she got arrogant week 1 when the “love of her bb life” won hoh? no one is disputing josh is an @$$hole… he is & the house is using him…he knows it but jess has been mean to multiple ppl in that house then had to crawl back to them when she didn’t have her muscle…more than once. Be that arrogant & cocky with cody gone. NOW, only because she NEEDS……SOMEONE is jess reaching out to ppl again. Christmas is her bff for the night yet is on her list. She talks about everybody in that house but wants all these courtesies of giving her heads up on game play even though these are the same ppl you looked downed on moments ago. She’s reaping what she has sown.

        IDC who wins this game… as long as her or cody don’t

        BTW, you do realize who actually started the rumor about ramses having the $25K don’t you?

      • And I’m agreeing with you that you agree with me for agreeing with you….ok your turn……GO! 😉

      • 1. She IS playing the game. It’s just her attitude sucked with Cody around. She is being a petty child with her tantrums and “everyone owes me everything” attitude.
        2. Paul is no better I agree (from a fan of his ironically). But sadistic? Are you sure you’re not getting him confused with Josh? Also the “malicious rumor” was to keep Kevin safe. Paul could’ve just sold out Kevin then and there.

      • Cyril, did you hear Paul say that Josh is going to win AFP? Better send him a t-shirt

      • now he’s trying to gain sympathy with “I was bullied as a child”…


      • LOL I dont understand that dude. I’m catching up on BBAD & he’s in the kitchen now trying to talk to josh… poor kid cant take a hint…on ANYTHING. 1st elena… now everything else. smh

        well dang ok… josh just said to him “I’m not going to react to you. I’m going to crawl under your skin until you gtfo of here” LOL well you have to appreciate someone THAT honest with their viewpoint. At least he can’t say he doesn’t know why josh is antagonizing him now. Sad part is elena hasnt been THAT blunt with the kid but her actions have been & he STILL doesn’t get it with her lol

        if THIS isnt great tv, IDK what is

  22. I LOVE Paul’s nominations, it flushes out the HH. He is a superior game player, probably the best ever.

    • ROFLMAO!!! No, he’s not.

      Dan, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Derrick… There are several who are a hundred times better than Paul. Dan’s the standout among these infamous mentions. BB14 – Dan was done, toast, the guarantee to be evicted. And then came his Funeral. And the entire house flipped. Dan went on to make it all the way to the Final 2. This was his second time playing the game, after having won BB10.

      • I disagree. Dr Will was great. Mike only won because of Dr Will, but Paul is definitely a great player, regardless of whether or not you like him.

      • Mike Boogie was NOT one of the great BB players. If not for Will, no one would remember Boogie.

    • He’s good, sure. The best? No.

      Really, there’s 3 players that (in my opinion) you could argue are the best of all time: Will, Dan, and Derrick.

      I’d honestly say Derrick, because while he didn’t pull off the miracles that Dan or Will did, unlike them, he ran the entire house from the very first day, played a part in every single HOH AND Eviction, was never found out, and was never nominated for eviction. Sure, he never had to wriggle himself out of a bad situation, but I think the fact that he made sure bad situations never came up for him, is a testament to how well he ran the entire house.

      Paul is definitely a pretty good player, though. Well rounded in a game where most people only excel at one or two aspects. Good competitor, good strategist, and a good social game. Depending on how well he does this year, I could see an argument for him being Top 10, maybe even Top 5.

    • Best ever! Not even close. Dr. Will, Boogey, Dan, Derrick to name only a few!
      The only reason Paul is in the position he is in, is because he has a bunch of spineless minions! If there were better HG’s, Paul either would have been long gone or, he would be fighting for his life every week!
      If Cody hadn’t screwed up and blindsided his own alliance, and Paul didn’t receive four weeks safety, he would be long gone! Long long gone! I think if he didn’t have his safety and Cody was able to back door him, his alliance would have forgiven him and voted out Paul! Mark and Dominique were already on board. I think a lot of people fail to forget that when Paul walked through the front door, he was immediately at target and he was only saved because of his four weeks safety! Even Kevin who didn’t/doesn’t know the game wanted him gone!
      Paul has nothing aside from a bunch of followers who are just floating through the game watching Paul vs Jessica/Cody.……
      With Mark vs Josh sideshow!

      • I think Paul deserves a BIT of credit though. Sure, he had plenty of advantages this season, but you also have to consider his LAST season, in which he was the underdog for 95% of it. He was constantly at the bottom of the social totem pole for the first half, lost almost all of his allies in the first couple weeks, and was basically the lap dog for the people with all the power. Basically… what the other houseguests are for Paul in THIS season.

        And what did he do? He played hard, he crawled out of the hole he found himself buried in on Day 1, and he damn near one the game (which I maintain he deserved far more than Nicole). He was pushed around for a long time by the power players, constantly on the block, constantly getting stabbed in the back by everyone except Victor, and he pushed through it all to make it all the way to the end.

        When his back is against the wall, he can play the game pretty damn well.

      • I am not saying he (P) doesn’t deserve any credit, I’m just saying he doesn’t deserve a title of one of the best players in big brother history.
        Paul this season vs Paul last season makes no difference to me in this game now.! It is completely a relevant! They are 2 completely different seasons. So just because he did what he did last season, does not/ shouldn’t have anything to do with this season.
        Yes, when Paul initially walked in the house he was a sitting duck but, production gave him 4 weeks safety, plus with that safety Cody got screwed during his HOH which messed up not only his (C) game, because he had to pretty much put up 1/3 of the house week one but also Cody lost his strong alliance because of Paul’s favouritism by production oops 🙊 I mean because Paul got safety which gave Paul the opportunity to swoop in and take ahold of the minions.
        Because he had four weeks safety and was a vet, it was easy for them to jump to the other side (I I mean seriously, look at the HG’s! They are easily influenced!) & the rest is history!
        Paul is controlling a bunch of mindless morons who are just happy to be on vacation and are just waiting for the second part of their vacation to continue at the “Big Brother Juy House Retreat!” There they even get “some money” for visiting ! LOL 😆
        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Paul is playing a bad game. It’s just a super easy one for him to play this season. Everyone aside from Jessica and Cody, (and sometimes even Jessica) goes to him for answers. So, he’s not doing much in my opinion to grant him a title of one of “the Best Players in History.”
        He is just playing one of the easiest seasons in history! Again because of the mindless morons

      • Fair, but my counterpoint is that your opinion on how Paul has it easy, however valid, is what everyone says in EVERY season when someone is doing well or controlling the game. When Derrick ran the house from day 1 to the final 2, everyone was adamant on how his game wasn’t good, how he only succeeded because everyone else in the house was an idiot, how he NEVER would have made it past week 4 if he were playing with OTHER houseguests, and how production was OBVIOUSLY favouring him with Team America.

        Nowadays, he considered by many to be one of the best, if not THE best, players in BB history. Hell, I remember more than a few people insisting that Dan in S14 only did well because everyone else was stupid and comprised of sheep.

        Whenever anybody plays a good game, it’s only because the other houseguests are bad. Then the season ends, hindsight kicks in, heads cool, and people realize that their games were better than they thought.

        Now, am I saying he’s the greatest player? No, I also don’t think he is. Derrick is my #1, personally. Followed by Dan and then Will. But the season isn’t over yet, and if he continues to dominate the house, I don’t think its fair to write off the good game he has been playing just because the other houseguests aren’t as good.

        And I also don’t think you can just discount his play last season when talking about him as a player in general, because that may as well just be saying “Yeah, the great game he played that one time didn’t count. If we only consider THIS one, he’s not as good.” That’s like pretending Dan’s Funeral never happened and saying that because of that, Dan shouldn’t be a Top 3 player. Paul last season was at a tremendous disadvantage every other week, and he still made it to Final 2 and nearly won. No average player can pull that off.

        TLDR: Your criticisms are valid and I’m not saying they’re wrong. But it’s also too early to say he is or isn’t one of the best. Regardless, I still believe Paul is playing a great game in general, is a very good player in general, and it’s unfair to not include his past accomplishments when talking about his place on the rankings of Big Brother players.

  23. Dear jessica,

    read this…remember it…& tattoo it in your little brain…

    “Be Nice to People on Your Way Up. You’ll Meet Them On Your Way Down”

    …As you were

    • Really? Have you been watching the feeds? It’s so sexist to say that when women aren’t sweet but excuse unbelievably hateful behavior all season when its coming from guys (Josh and Paul).

      • Um….. who’s excusing Paul and Josh’s behavior?
        In fact nobody here likes Josh.
        Also Jess is no angel either with her attitude.

        If anything BB19 while not as bad as 15 has a pretty nasty cast- Paul, Cody, Jess, Josh, Mark, Elena, Raven.

        Alex and Christmas are the sane ones…. kind of

      • I like Josh tbh. I think at times he’s outrageous, but I honestly just find it entertaining to watch, like Zach from BB16. Not to mention as loud and obnoxious as Josh is, every time he gets into an argument, he’s actually right about mostly everything he says, and not lying like so many other people

      • I just threw up in my mouth a little! You like Josh?? For real? He is a crybaby victim bully arrogant wanna be! What’s to like about him? Because he Will argue with Mark and Cody? His arguments are pathetic! He’s not even good at doing that. Standing there calling someone a meatball isn’t entertaining! At least if he had good comebacks then fine but he has nothing! Nada zero zilch
        GAG 🤢

      • YES REALLY…. I elborated in great detail for you to comprehend in your previous comment to me.

        You’re welcome 😉

  24. Would like to point out they ran a poll on BBAD that asked “who would you rather see in the power seat? Paul or Jessica?” 75% of people voted for Paul

  25. Latest Alliance meeting: The goal is for Jess not to use the Hex, so Cody goes home. Apparently Cody said he’s ruining Jess game..Really? So he’s ready to go home

  26. I feel like Cody is so defeated at this point that if he does win the veto tomororw, he’s gonna save Jessica with it

      • I think it’s worse than a clay. After Dark is hot right now. Jessica is basically dragging Cody and Cody has no idea what to say or do, he’s just laying in bed looking off in the distance. He can’t even look Jessica in the eyes

      • And this kids is why you don’t hook of with strangers on national tv.
        Unless you’re Rob/Amber, Brendon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan, Dominic/Daniele or Eric/Jamie

      • and didn’t the woman go farther in every single one of those pairs?? men screw with the woman’s gameplay. they are stronger w/out the partner

      • the other day in the kitchen she told him she loved him & he stone faced her…IDK if she was joking but…

  27. Josh has got to be the dumbest sob on the planet ,i don,t blame mark for going after his dumbass ,if it had been me the idiot would have been in either the morgue or the hospital and i would be in jail ,that idiot is going to end up getting his ass kicked soon ,either in the house or on the street after the show ends .

    • I do agree it takes a special person to deal with Josh. He has multiple personalities. He’s basically a diva, even Ramses wasn’t much of a proclaimed diva compared to Josh.

  28. I left and now come back to watch this soap opera between Cody and Jessica.

  29. Here’s the real twist: how far will Grodner let Jessica go with her lying. This what I mean: Jess lied and told everyone that her Hex was way stronger than Paul’s Pendant. So he calls her bluff this week which will show the true power of it. Now the producers could let the cast know that it can only be used once. OR they can SA nothing and let them think it can be used for multiple weeks. If Jody or the Hulks don’t win HOH, does the next HOH risk wasting their week or do they shift their target to the Hulks? We could see the alliance start to attack each other. I hope the producers let the lie go in, it’s the only way this show stays interesting. Side note: Cody by far is the worst strategic player ever. Horrible reading of people and just not good self awareness.

    • Well to be fair, the whole house now basically knows the truth about her temptaion

      • Not completely. So, if she doesn’t have to fully reveal it all then, she can still make people believe she has it for a few more weeks.
        She can’t lie about it but, she can also stay silent when I asked which could make people paranoid enough not to put her up.

      • I think you hit the nail on the head in your previous comment: if Jessica uses the HH, Julie will announce that it’s over – just like she has for all the events since S1E1. If she didn’t make this announcement, then it looks like CBS is supporting Jessica’s game play.

      • Well, Jessica let the cat out of the bag. That sucks but I get it! She is trying to repair her game

    • & I thought once she “reveals” the temptation should she use it, that she has to state the specifics of it if/when she uses it at the live eviction so they’d know at that time its the only time she could use it…just as paul did (gave details of his temptation) when he was forced to use his

    • I agree, I hope she can continue with the lie or at least not have to reveal it was just that week. But, I think Julie will say something on Thursday about it being over unfortunately!
      But we need to start seeing Paul’s minions break up and turn on each other and Paul! Once Cody and Jessica are gone, this game is going to become so boring! I mean come on, Josh is still there! Crybaby victim bully arrogant prick!!!! “Your Boy”
      That kid is going to hide in bed and cry for months once he gets out of the house and finds out he was the most hated HG of the season, and in my opinion in the history of big brother!
      His mommy is going to have to start breast-feeding him again so he will eat and changing his diapers! Although I still think every time he goes into the DR room his mommy is there to breast-feed him, he has to still be breast-fed! OKAY….. I totally went off topic but, I can’t stand that kid! I want him gone three weeks ago!

  30. BB storm watch update at 1243am BBT!

    Now we know what the veto comp will be.

    @1245 they show the entire update on feeds

  31. I’m watching BIg Brother After Dark and it looks like Cody Andy Jessica are breaking up. I’m sure they’ll stay together in the game since everything is pretty much set in stone. Jessica feels like Cody embarrassed and affected her on a personal level outside of this game and also within this game by snapping at Paul and cursing him out. Jessica actually has a backbone, this is good TV. Finally she sees Cody for the hothead that he is.

    • Jeszibel supposedly, more than once, poked Paul’s butthole with her finger. She has said some nasty stuff in that house. She’s having sex on national TV with a guy she barely knows. yet she is worried about Cody’s actions being a reflection on her family and her workplace???? BULLSHITE…how convenient.

    • For Real??? 😳
      Interesting! I wonder if Jessica gets the Veto if she will still use her HH and save Cody!?
      I know she promised him she would but if what you said is for sure, things are changing.
      Cody is no peach but Jessica can’t act like she hasn’t done anything wrong either! Give me a break!
      Sure she hasn’t yelled at anyone but she’s definitely done a lot of not nice things! (For lack of better words) LOL it’s too early in the morning, I’m just not creative right now.
      I will have to check out BB After Dark later! I mean I have like 25 episodes recorded, maybe I should watch one LOL
      Did she say it to him or someone else? If she said it to someone else or said it to him with other people around, it could be her just covering her butt to save herself from the wrath of Paul and his minions??
      did this argument go down on BB After Dark? And then Josh apparently going after Cody go down on BB After Dark? I hope so! I want to see it all.
      I don’t know, she seems to really really be into him. And just because of a yelling match, I wouldn’t think that would turn her off so quickly!?
      Jessica is way better off without Cody in the game that’s for sure.
      Was Cody way out of line with Paul?
      Sorry, so many questions LOL but, this is big! 🙃
      2 showmanses ending! That’s a first.
      What does she do for a living? What about her family? She’s just embarrassed for them, or are they a special family in their town LOL

      • Yes, Jessica was speaking directly to Cody one on one and was asking him questions like if he normally acts like that in the real world and telling him a bunch of her demands that she requires in a relationship.Cody was just taking everything in and told him straight up that’s who he is and he can’t see himself any other way. He even told Mark the same thing. Again, this was all on BBAD. I didn’t see Josh go at Cody, it was Mark and Josh that got into it. But Cody was out of line with Paul, he looked like a maniac with the way he was yelling at Paul. He looked silly because this is all a game at the end of the day.

        It’s safe to say that Jessica and Cody will remain together in the game but in terms of an actual future outside the house it doesn’t look realistic. Jessica isn’t dumb to just ditch Cody like that after all that has taken place. She needs him just as bad as he needs her.

        Jessica works as a Barrister in LA. She just thinks Cody’s actions made herself look bad because their considered one. Jessica isn’t someone to be taken seriously because of all the sex romps she’s been having throughout the show. She made her family ashamed of her all by herself.

        I live in Canada as well. The way the house decided to just gang up on Cody and Jessica looks so weak by throwing the comps and not even giving it their all. The Canadian version didn’t even d that to Gary, not at this measure. Have you gone to any of the live shows?

      • yeah, I really like BB Canada! They are good, if not even better than the US version. I was pleasantly surprised.
        No, I live in Vancouver so unfortunately it’s not just a hop skip and a jump away to get to a live show

      • Yeah BB Canada is really good, especially the one that just passed. Ika made this season so live and had me on my toes the whole season. She brought so much drama and her teaming up with Demetrius reminded me of Rachel and Brendan. I really wanted one of them to win it. Demetrius asked Ika to be his girlfriend after the show and they have been together ever since.

        Oh I see, don’t feel bad it’s really close to me but I haven’t had the chance to visit so I think that’s even worse lol. It’s hard to find die hard BB Canada fans.

    • And how does she think Cody affected her on a personal level and embarrassed her?
      Aside from screwing up her game a second time.
      I guess because she got the HH, the last DOT, she thinks America loves her & having a hotheaded “boyfriend” doesn’t do her any favours with America!? She knows the game, and she knows how people see and perceive the HGs…….
      She could be hoping for America’s favourite player!?
      I just don’t get it though, she hasn’t been a peach herself! I don’t know if it’s true but apparently she had sex with Cody?? And apparently before and after she has been messing around under the sheets with him. She knows that’s not going to win her any points with America. Or Canada because I’m from Canada and I’m important to LOL

    • I agree! For the first week or so, before the whole Paul/Christmas incident I truly thought she was going to do well and go far. Partially due to her looks and personality but also because she really knows the game. she had Raven hanging all over her every episode. Raven was always cuddling with her, and all the guys thought she was hot so that was a bonus to her but again, she really knew the game. Cody clearly blew that up but she really tried to repair it when he left. And even when he came back, she didn’t want to ruffle too many feathers so that’s why she did the nominations the way she did. Even after her intuition told her to take Ramses off the block, she didn’t because again, she wanted to repair relationships. So I think if Cody is the one to go next week, I really think she can pull through and not be the one that leaves the following week. Paul’s minions have to start to turn on him, eventually! And she has built relationships with people like Jason and Kevin etc. anyways we’ll see. I just really hope Cody and Jessica both make it to jury. They are the underdogs, and I always cheer for the underdogs!!

  32. Okay, can someone explain to me HOW Paul’s week is a waste? A lot of you are saying that there will no be eviction (obviously), and that the Hex was going to run out next week anyways, but a lot of you don’t understand how not forcing them to use it gives them an extra week of safety. Mark is safe, so Paul can’t even go after his Plan B. Plus, Paul is expecting them to use a power, so he won’t even be surprised.

    Picture this: Paul DOESN’T nominate Jody. They’re safe this week. Even if Jody doesn’t win the hoh afterwards, they’re able to use the power and stay ANOTHER WEEK. Do you people not understand this (specifically Saturn)? Now that he’s forcing Jess to use the Hex, they’re going to be vulnerable next week, so if someone like Alex wins the hoh, then Jody is toast.

    What was a waste was Jess and Cody not competing in the Temp. Competition. They could’ve secured at least one of themselves off the block, and then have the other one win the Veto, so they could keep the Hex for another week.

    • It’s not a waste. You are correct and hopefully, production willing, Cody or Jeszibel will be evicted next time……because now they can, since Paul didn’t waste his HOH and flushed that HH down the toilet where Cody and Jeszibel belong.

      • No no my friend, at least Cody and Jessica are not kissing Paul’s butt! They are the underdogs, I want to see them fight their way back. Or at the very least, I want to see Josh gone before either of them. Then they can go anytime LOL
        You know my feelings on Josh hee hee 😝
        I just don’t want him to have the satisfaction of seeing them go before he does! Please just give me that! Please

    • I don’t think it is a “complete waste!” But I don’t think it was a smarter move!
      Getting rid of a ‘number’ is better than “forcing Jessica to use the HH.” IMO it is all about having an extra number for Jessica etc.
      Now on Thursday Paul cannot play in the HOH competition. Jessica Cody Mark Elena can ALL play in the HOH Comp & if it is a physical competition then Christmas is out therefore giving Jessica etc a bigger chance at winning the HOH or if someone like Kevin wins the HOH, it’s not a guarantee he will put up Jessica. He will likely put up Cody & Elena/Mark, Cody could win the Veto & Mark/Elena goes up as a replacement.
      I think “some” believe that “no matter what, Jessica or Cody will just be going home the following Thursday so what difference does it make that Paul didn’t get to evict them this week” but, there’s never ANY guarantees!
      Again, IMO…..is it ALL comes down to numbers on either side!

      So, if any of “those 4” win & MAYBE even a few of Paul’s minions (if they finally start playing the game, thinking for themselves and long term!!) for the next 2 weeks (at least) Jessica etc can start trying to work on building a bigger alliance. Even if they don’t win the HOH Thursday, it is still giving “those 4” (& perhaps others) 2 more weeks to work on building bigger alliances/trying to make Paul’s minions see the ‘big picture’ and ‘working on’ getting rid of Paul! They have to start turning on each other at some point. So much can change in two weeks!
      It just comes down to “numbers” (& relationships) in my opinion. If Paul took out Mark or Elena this week, it just increases his chances of his minions winning the HOH and also increases the chances of one less person in Jessica’s alliance working on getting more in their alliance. Sure, it’s just one person but, it’s “one person too many!” At some point Paul’s minions are going to have to turn on him or they might as well hand him the $500,000!!
      So again, I do not think it is a complete waste but, I think number wise it would have been smarter for him to get rid of Elena this week!
      I think “You people” believe it was a better move for Paul to flush out the HH, but I think differently. And that’s all good! 😝
      We are all allowed our own opinions & that’s what makes coming on here and reading peoples opinions fun! We all can agree to disagree without anyone attacking someone because they have a different opinion! Or, someone may have an opinion but then read someone else’s opinion/view & realize that opinion/view is better than what they were thinking! & then you completely change your mind! It’s fun to read everyone’s opinions!
      So, chill because “Saturn & You People” are welcome to their opinions, just like you are! 🙃 It’s all good! We are all here for “mindless entertainment!” This is not our “reality!” ❤️

      Dear Lord that was a mouthful! Thank God for talk to type!

      • The numbers do matter, yes, and Paul has the numbers. In my opinion, Elena is very wobbly. If Mark gets evicted, I don’t think she’d stick with Jody. I believe Elena could be a potential lackey for Paul in the future once Mark is out of the picture.

        The thing is, everyone else who is working with Paul KNOW that they can’t get rid of Paul yet. If his own minions were to betray him, then Jody/Mark would steamroll them. They need Paul to keep themselves safe. If Jody or Mark were to win that HoH, Paul will definitely not go down that easily. As I mentioned earlier, although it’s smart to us viewers if the house voted to evict Paul because he’s a good player, it’s actually not a good move for his ‘allies.’ If they voted to evict him, Jody and Mark will steamroll the house because their side doesn’t have any capable players to beat them other than Alex and Jason. I don’t even like Paul, but he’s playing a good social and competitive game.

        Yes, I agree with your opinion on how everyone should have their opinions. I apologize for coming off as rude, but I was not attacking. I just want the people who keep saying that it was worthless to explain why. I was reading the comments, and even though people kept saying it, no one has given me any good reason as to why that move he made was worthless. You talking about how evicting Elena instead would have been better move for Paul, and providing a reason (the numbers) why is what I like reading. You provided your opinion and a reason. Of course, not everyone is obligated to give a reason, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there’s no point in discussing with that person in the discussion section if they don’t at least have some sort of reasoning behind their opinion. Sorry again.

        Honestly though, this season has been the best season since BB14. It’s honestly anyone’s game right now depending on which side wins HoH next.

  33. BB has their hands full with these idiots. There is no sign of intelligent life in that house and yes that includes Paul. I never liked him but thought him a shrewd player. Now he’s just bombastic! He likes the theatre of it all. BB is a game and he talks and talks about that fact and decries the emotional aspect of it. Then he has the screaming match with Cody and as any puppet master would do–he sicks Josh on them. Too bad Paul doesn’t have access to a dog collar because that’s how he uses and treats Josh. He knows Josh is unstable and yet instigates some pretty aggressive behavior. Cody was wrong, but so was Josh. Mark was wrong, but so was Josh. I’ll begin as I ended–they are all idiots.

    • Did Paul at least give Josh puppy treats??? 🙃
      As usual it sounds like I missed some good stuff!?
      I wish I had time to watch the feeds! Was any of it on BB After Dark?
      Josh is the biggest idiot of them all! Did he fight with all of them and then go cry to everyone? Or did he fight with all of them and then go brag to the rest of the minions about how good he was! He such an arrogant victim crybaby loser…… Biggest idiot of them all hee hee 😜

  34. The quality of the show is slowly leaking away without many ppl noticing. Production may as well just make a scripted made for tv movie. All these twist and turns are obviously designed to counteract HOH’s to keep certain people in the game. The whole essence of the show is practically not present. 3 week safeties, playing to be safe, stopping nominations, battling back in the game,… i mean come on! I few minor twist here and there are cool but this stuff, smh no way. It’s getting ridiculous.

    • I concur :-) I dislike twists and Temptations and Americas choice! Since they first introduced them! Even when they were not so bad, I still found it to be not big brother anymore.
      I have said for a very long time now I want to see an organic game again! Zero outside influences! what is so wrong with the baby doing that?!!
      This season has been the worst, we even got to see Christmas actually leave the BB house! Several times! Once for an entire night!
      It defeats the whole purpose of the game which is to be in seclusion with your HG’s for three months! She got to go clear her head without any distractions! (aside from extreme pain) but that break had to have helped her reflect even if it was early on in the game. Being locked up in that house messes with your head!
      I agree with you! This is getting ridiculous, why not an organic game!?

    • Just ONE of those twist are enough for a whole season. What the heck is going on?? Pump the breaks!

  35. If next week, one member of Jody/Marlena win HoH and POV, and they nominate Paul, Matt and lets say Josh loses the temptation comp.
    Then the votes would be……………

    Elena, Mark, Jess evict Paul and Alex, Kevin, Jason, Raven and Christmas vote Josh.
    Could they potentially flip Jason and Alex?

    • The problem you people don’t see is that no one likes Cody. No one wants to work with him go get Paul out. Cody is a shittie person period. I’ve heard everyone say it but Jessica. Yea all those fantasies yal have are not going to happen because of Cody. They said it themselves, they’d rather be there with Paul than Cody. I wish I could put this in all caps! Meet me on another site. Lol i can’t express myself on this one.

      • it might be too late for her to rehab her game, this could be a fabulous week of true game play for everyone.

      • next week should be interesting! Depending on who gets the HOH of coarse. If it is Paul or one of his my list morons then Cody is a goner but after that, once the HGs know they have made it safely to Jury, they may start playing. I doubt it LOL but stranger things have happened.
        The thing is, if next week Cody or Jessica get the HOH, Paul and all his minions know that one more person has to go before a jury. It might wake up Paul’s minions and they might start flipping on him. He is probably going to tell them all not to compete so he can get safety, Cody will likely not compete because of the threat of losing and becoming the third nominee. But, If Paul tells his minions not to play so that Paul is guaranteed to win and therefore stay safe, then one of his minions is in jeopardy of leaving before Jury! So, if that’s the case, I think they might not listen to Paul and they will compete with us guaranteeing Paul might not necessarily receive the safety. If they don’t play, all of them deserve to leave! They are just handing it to Paul with the threat of one of them going. One of them has to go! If Cody/Jessica have the HOH and they cannot put up Paul then they are going to go after Josh, Matt, Raven, Alex etc. likely Josh and Alex but if Jessica/Cody keep their mouth shut and do not tell them who they are planning on putting up, this should make them all paranoid enough to play and not just hand it to Paul! Make sense?

      • It doesn’t matter, she’ll still sink her boat for him. That’s what stupid little girls do in this game and also in real life.

      • Well, mg, your comment made me think about something you said: “… they’d rather be there with Paul than Cody”. Why? Because when people are in a closed environment, like an office – or in this case, closed-in living quarters – there is this innate human “wanting” to be led – and to be led well. (And everybody does NOT have leadership capabilities.) All of us have said: I hate my boss or I have a great boss. Again, Why? Because in one case you are being led well, and in the other, you are being led poorly. Even floaters like good leads because they are “stroked” or encouraged by the lead. I’ve tried to find Cody’s Marine rank and how long he served … my guess is he was a 4-year enlistee – in the civilian world, he was a worker bee with no authority. (BTW: TY for your service Cody. I’m a Vet too, and I’m not putting his military role down here, but I’m saying, he was not in the higher enlisted ranks or an Officer who would have been taught how to lead troops.) Cody has ZERO (read: BAD) leadership style; Paul can lead – his BB Vet status may have given him a crown of charisma, but he is leading a group who WANT to follow him, and they don’t want Cody’s ineffectual, offensive style around them.

      • Couldn’t be better explained. I wish you would repost that at the top of the thread. I’ve been trying to express that all season but couldn’t do it half as eloquent.

  36. paul has counselled elena and jess to distance themselves from their men and join team paul.
    i’m not sure either will take his advice. elena is on thin ice if she thinks she can stay with team jody, with or w/out mark

    • Well since Jody are bed buddies once again it’s obvious Jess didn’t. She could have redeemed herself if she started playing for herself but this misguided loyalty to a sinking ship will be her undoing

  37. do not understand how people can be saying Paul is an “amazing player, perhaps the best player in the history of BB!”
    Not even close. Dr. Will, Boogie, Dan, Derrick to name only a few!

    The only reason Paul is in the position he is in, is because he has a bunch of spineless morons there enjoying the summer instead of trying to win $500,000! & they all just want to at least make it to jury so they can continue their “free summer vacation!”
    If there were better HG’s, Paul either would have been long gone or, he would be fighting for his life every week!
    If you REALLY think about it (push past all your current feelings for Cody) & just completely look at the first week, If Cody hadn’t screwed up and blindsided his own alliance & Paul didn’t receive 4 weeks safety, he would be long gone! Long long gone!
    I think if Paul didn’t have his “stupid safety” & Cody WAS able to “backdoor” him, Cody’s alliance would have “forgiven him” & they would’ve voted out Paul, for sure!
    Mark and Dominique were already on board.
    I think a lot of “us” fail to forget that when Paul walked through the front door, he was immediately a HUGE target (Everyone in the DR room said it! “Paul has to go!”)
    IF Paul didn’t get that “stupid safety” that production clearly knew he would get!! (“Vets” are always favoured in the beginning) Paul would have been gone week one, that’s why production made sure he received the 4 weeks safety!
    Even Kevin who didn’t/doesn’t know the game wanted him gone!
    Paul has nothing aside from a bunch of followers who are just floating through the game watching Paul vs Jessica/Cody,
    with Mark vs Josh sideshow!
    If there were stronger/better HG’s in the house, they wouldn’t be following Paul around and just hoping to make it to jury! Enjoying their free summer vacation (as I stated above!) They would have evicted Paul and we would probably be watching all the HGs Actually play the game! Matt for example, I know I am not alone here when I thought he was going to be a very strong player! But, now they just need to water him just like a plant! He’s just taking up oxygen! Anyway blah blah! Just my opinion. And of course you have to totally push past what you know now and how you feel about people like Cody, Jessica and even Josh!
    Paul is NO CHAMP!!!! He just got lucky & is in the house with a bunch of Morons!!!!
    The END 😘

      • You’ve done longer…… we both have! Who cares?!
        It’s fun to respond!
        Like here’s my response to others thinking Paul is a super hero for winning 9 comps! Big whoop! I still can’t stand the guy & his voice in the DR!! He’s attempting to be as annoying as Peter.
        Can’t stand either of them!
        I’d rather see Big Dick in the house instead!

      • LMFAO big dick? Do you mean evil dick? Evil dick has HIV. Not that it makes a difference, but that’s why he was pulled from the last season he was in
        Seriously laughing out loud……… Big Dick LMAO

      • Yah……. maybe I DO want to see (a) Big Dick back in the house, hahahaha!
        I’m just watching BBAD and can’t figure out what’s going on……. interesting!

    • I hate matt because of his wardrobe and his flossing, he needs to go. I do agree, I pegged him wrong too.

      • LOL…… Just because of his flossing and his shirt? Then Cody constantly brushing his teeth must drive you crazy also? You’re funny

    • I agree that this season is filled with a lot of players who really don’t seem to be mentally equipped to play the game. However… When you talk about Paul’s game play, you have to go back to the very beginning of last season.

      After all, he’s managed to survive 18 weeks of Big Brother without being evicted. He’s been on the block 6 times (would have been 7 if Cody had his way the 1st week this season). He went from somebody that was basically threatened to do what Paulie and the other HGs told him to do (or else), all the way to someone that is running the house. He has won 9 competitions so far in his Big Brother history, so let’s just take a quick glimpse here…

      Paul — 9 competition wins
      Dan — 7 competition wins
      Boogie — 6 competition wins
      Derrick — 4 competition wins

      I liked Dan and Derrick a lot by the way, and they stand among the best, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Paul plays the game hard (too hard for some), and makes no apologies for it. I mean, if people hate Paul, they must absolutely despise Dan for season 14. He got Danielle to vote out her own showmance for crying out loud (which Paul is working to duplicate with Jess and Cody).

      Paul deserves his spot near the top of the list. I’m not going to say he’s the best because I think there are several that are equally good, but he at least deserves his spot at the table.

      • Paul’s game last season has no relevance to me this season with all due respect. It clearly does with others but not with me. It’s a new game with new HG’s….HG’s that Paul can control easily! It is quite pathetic.
        Paul would have been a goner if production didn’t make sure he received the safety. There’s no doubt in my mind.
        That said, I do think Paul is near the top but there are a lot more players above him that are better, a lot better! Winning competitions doesn’t always make you the best, not getting evicted even though you’re not winning competitions, that’s a good game! Without any outside influences, that’s an even better game!

        But, it’s just like BB Canada last season. Kevin laid low until he had to really start playing. He was playing since the very beginning however, he just wasn’t showing his cards. He played the entire last half of the season completely on his own. He won competitions when he needed to and he played all his cards right and ended up the winner! Well deserved!
        Paul would be long gone without the safety, Paul would not be in this great position he is in if the HG’s we’re not a bunch of morons just enjoying their free vacation and looking forward to their second stop, “BB Jury House!”
        If Paul did not have all these mindless fools and they were actually there to play of the game, Paul would be a sitting duck! He just got lucky because again, he was put in the house with a bunch of mindless morons.
        I think Paul does deserve credit, I am not saying he’s playing an easy game. Things could blow up in his face at any moment, especially once Cody is gone. We shall see

    • Tina….. that was chapter one….. it’s not ‘the end!’ Lmao……
      you’ll post again…. 🎶🎵 you know you will! 🎶🎵

  38. I’ve seen the latter part of the HoH room scene (posted on Twitter), where Cody gets angry at Paul. Without the earlier part, I acknowledge lacking full context for assessing Cody’s emotions at the time, but here is what I see:

    Paul told Jessica, “Lower your voice” and he accompanied it with a flat hand moving down motion, much as parents sometimes to do. The problems are, Paul is not Jessica’s parent and Jessica volume had been no higher than Paul’s had just been; she was speaking rather calmly. It’s simple: Paul disrespected Jessica. He was condescending to her and did it in front of her boyfriend.

    Cody was already annoyed at how Paul manipulates people, and actually had just commented to Paul on how Paul controls people in the house, and now Cody sees Paul patronize his girlfriend and try to control her. Paul did not put his hands on Jessica, but that’s not the point. Cody is clearly frustrated at all of Paul’s manipulation of people, and so he told Paul not to tell Jess to lower her voice (ie. Don’t try to control her).

    Most men have a natural instinct to protect women, even strangers but especially women who are important to them. (Men have an instinct to protect other men as well, but that seems to be generally restricted to those they are close to, such as friends or relatives). Although internally expecting their men to protect and defend them, some women get mad at their men in their lives for doing exactly that; they appreciate if a stranger male comes to their aid, but get mad at their boyfriends/husbands for doing so. I speculate that Jess will see this situation differently after the show.

    Cody is protective of Jess. (Whether his game has been sensible is a different matter.) When he was about to be evicted, Cody restricted his brief statement to two people: Paisley and Jessica. That says a lot. He has not tried to ruin Jessica’s game. Early yesterday, I posted a message hypothetically proposing what might happen if Cody self-evicted. Late night, Twitter sites were reporting almost a running transcript of Cody talking about doing exactly that. I can not imagine a guy like Cody quitting anything…except if it would help someone he cares for. Again, putting aside whether his methods (of being HoH, his advice to Jess when she was HoH, etc) are good, his intentions were.

    Whether JODY is a good match outside the house is a separate issue, and I have opinions on that. I just hope people will rationally look at that HoH scene for what it was.

  39. I wish that Jessica could see that people in the house are still using her and betraying her at this most vulnerable time for her. Paul talks to Jessica one-on-one (after the big blowup in the HoH room involving Paul, Cody, and Jess) as if he cares about her well-being, even telling her that she will be safe and liked if she leaves Cody. Then he talks to the rest of the house about how to play this out to Jessica’s detriment. Elena acts sympathetic to Jess, and then tells others in the house what they talked about. Christmas acts caring, but she too is just trying to break up JODY so that Jessica will be even more isolated.

    For the week that Cody was away, Jess tried to restore her relationships with these people…and it accomplished nothing, sad to say, because just about everyone else in the house hated her, a term I do not use lightly. Even people (Elena?) who might not actually hate Jessica, are disloyal to her.

    I see nothing that Jessica could do to change the contempt that people feel for her. Hatred that is founded in irrationality is not easily overcome. Jess is in an awful, unenviable position.

  40. Jessica may not even use temptation now since she saw how Cody blow up. She has talked with Elania and Christmas about it. I see Paul in the as being a teacher to play the game. He tells those that want to listen what to observe for. cody came in the game picked two athletic type guys and made a pack end to just get all no competitive houseguest out of house. He saw Josh’s weakness after Josh blew up on Megan for questioning him about taking the safety during the first HoH. Josh later appologized to Megan. Unfortunately for Josh, he is a young man that has always been close to his mom and family. Then Cody put a target on himself and anyone that associated with him by using intimidation and bullying. Cody would not socialize with many in the house. Cody would not even tell his own alliance who he would nominate after Megan left because of his negative comments towards her upon nomination and the treatment she recieved after those comments. Since Cody came back into house he has not tried to socialize again. Cody was shown on the eviction show bullying/threatening Jason to vote his way to get Josh out.

  41. I think Jason is screwed and going home because it said the he would stop the hoh noms. Not the third one

  42. Who to cheer for? Is there any member worth cheering on? Paul should not even be there. Veterans all had their time – and he has learned how to lie and BS and play on others, plus the network protected him or he would be gone early. Cody seems like a deranged marine.. imagine if he had a gun in his hands with that look in his eye!!! Many of the others are so dumb! and some can never win any competition unless the network sets it up for them to win. Josh escaped from an insane asylum and cries at the drop of a hat, prob wants to be back in lockup to feel safe. Harmless members have been evicted. I honestly do not have any champion to cheer for. Jessica is much smarter than her mate and seems to have learned her lesson early and spoiled our image of her at the beginning by teaming up with Rambo and looking like an arrogant, overconfident power couple. At least she is eye candy for bored viewers. Could cheer for her but we all know about ‘first impressions’ and how it can linger.
    The network controls too much who gets to stay and obviously want Paul and Cody to remain for more drama. Get rid of Paul and Cody to maybe see some of the others grow a pair! But that that can be construed as a sexist remark. Would prefer to see a female win it all, but who! Maybe Easter (Christmas)? Dunno!! That was a great comment earlier – “hope we get to see a whole HOH competition one of these times” … network wants us to watch after dark but will never!! Keep cheering but it would be best to get rid of both Cody and Paul asap instead of replaying hash over and over. (I have flame proof suit on right now!!

    • This times 1000, the most unentertaining season in 3 years, I would do anything for Vanessa back at this point or even Nicole, at least these groups weren’t in immature shouting matches, are these people really adults? Or has BB finally gone too far with plots n subplots in the form of temptations n battle back’s that would bring out the worst in anyone?

  43. I’m still confused about the Hex. I thought it would halt her eviction or one of her choice, not the entire eviction, please clarify. I don’t think she is able to stop all three of them from getting safety at the eviction ceremony

  44. Everyone saying this was a wasted HOH, I still don’t think so. Yeah, it’s 99.9% possibly going to end in a basic dead week with no one going home (darn it…I wanted to smack that smug smirk off of Jess’s dumb pyramid eyebrowed face), BUT…the hex is going to be used and then no longer be valid. Also, everyone saying that gives Jess and Cody an opportunity for the HOH, think about it…that’s 2 people against the rest of the house, vying for that position, besides Elena and Mark. Basically everyone else is a good friend of Paul, and therefore the odds are in their favor for this upcoming HOH, thank goodness. Jess becomes such a nuisance around Cody…it’s fugly.

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