Allison Grodner Interview: Jessica’s Shocker, Temptation Competition, & More

There were few dull moments this week in the Big Brother 19 house and things didn’t slow down any on eviction night as Houseguests stayed true to their blindside plan to thwart Jessica’s wishes. It seemed as though she and Cody had learned nothing from their past mistakes while repeating the same errors in judgment. And what about her decision to drop the bomb on the house that she had a huge power of safety at the end of last night’s live show? We’ve got a lot to discuss.

Jessica & Cody on Big Brother 19

Again this week we had the opportunity to pose a few questions to Big Brother Executive Producer Allison Grodner and see what she thought about some of these big moves, or were they big flops? Plus, what’s going on with that Temptation Competition? We got more answers on the latest BB19 twist.

Big Brother Network: Jessica & Cody repeated all the same mistakes from their first week and more this time. They effectively lost the week despite all their power. Do you think they’ll ever learn? Could this past week finally wake them up or are they just too stubborn and naive?

Allison Grodner: Jessica seems to have a much better grasp of the game and what is going on in the house than Cody. She questioned her decision to not use the veto multiple times and Cody squashed it. I think she has definitely learned a lesson and we will see her trust her instincts a lot more from here on.

Jessica just dropped a bomb on the Houseguests by revealing her Halting Hex without quite sharing all the details. Was that a smart move by her or missed opportunity to let Paul waste his HoH & shock the house on Thursday night?

Grodner: The Halting Hex is valid for two more weeks and I think Jessica is trying to make sure she doesn’t have to use it too soon. By announcing this to the house she was basically daring people to nominate her. Could be interesting to see how Paul chooses to play this week considering her announcement.

Julie announced the Temptation Competition allows Houseguests to decide whether or not to compete. Will they get to make that choice publicly or will it be an in-private gamble on who could be their competition? And will these challenges be physical, mental, or a mix of both?

Grodner: For the first time the houseguests will be tempted to play a competition and make this high stakes decision in secret. They will not know who is playing or how many people are playing until they go out into the yard and it is all revealed. Just like other competitions in Big Brother, the temptation competitions will require a mix of physical and mental strengths.

Thank you.

It’s been such an interesting back and forth for us viewers to watch with Jessica and Cody. One day she’s the sane side of the relationship and the next he’s talking her down from a wild decision. Of course both have managed to lead the other astray as well. While he’s a strong player in her corner, we keep seeing Cody dragging down Jessica’s game.

We’re excited to see what happens with this latest Temptation twist and now we know a bit more about how it will come together and what the HGs will face.

What’s your take on this past week of Big Brother 19? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. So they will not know who’s playing until they go out in the backyard..I really like that!

  2. From what I read on Jokers Jessica is wanting to hold on to the Hex …But Cody is wanting her to use it to keep them off the block by telling people its powers……I’m guessing that Jessica is hearing Cody but is not gonna jump the gun and do things his way… She did it his way this past week and it got her nowhere…Cody wants to make sure that she will use it on him bottomline…Nice guy to have for a “boyfriend”

    • Paul’s minions need to learn to zip it up around him – and have the courage to do that. Hopefully they’ll begin to jump off the train soon. Every so often you see a bit of that from Alex and Jason, but not nearly enough yet.

      • If it gets rid of the Hex its not all bad.
        I hope Paul wins this season, so many of the housemates are idiots.

      • Paul was obnoxious last season but actually should have won over Nicole. This season he is even more obnoxious and his minions are idiots for following him but he definitely should not win..He had his chance last season.

      • he should have won last year, for sure. He played much better then Nicole. But, if he makes it to the end again, how can you say he doesn’t deserve it? Because he played before? Then whats the point of any Vets coming back…

      • “should” win is all about who deserves it the most. If cody/jessica make it there then I’ll give them credit, otherwise he is the best this season.

      • Anyone that was in the final 4 in any season should not be allowed to return the following season,the final 4 makes more money than anyone who make jury i think even 4tth place gets $25,000,i could be wrong but I THINK that is what they make.

      • I hate the Russian MoFo and this whole season has been rigged to keep Paul in the house as long as the Producers can make that possible.

      • Paul is obnoxious for sure, but like him or not, for the time being he is playing circles around everyone else this season. Somebody — hopefully with more smarts and social game than Cody — should step up to try to make a move against him. But it’s still early in the game. I doubt Paul will make it to the end. Surely not…

  3. I hope Paul rethinks things and nominates Mark and Elena instead of calling Jessica’s bluff. It’s very simple: if he nominates Jess and Cody (and they are still OTB Thursday night), she will use the hex, cancelling the eviction for the week (no Plan B replacements). That would be a huge waste of Paul’s HOH. Unfortunately, he does not know that. Not sure Jessica knows that, either.

  4. I feel like America was stupid for voting for Jessica. It would have been more interesting if Cody hadn’t entered the game. And I’ll admit it, he’s entertaining, but the idea of those two getting to the end makes me ill. So many floaters this year…

    • It would be so boring without Jessica and Cody. They are the only people besides Paul playing the game.

    • I don’t like Jessica and Cody, but I like Paul even less, and they are the PERFECT foil to him. Without Jessica and Cody in the house to stir the pot this season would be a very boring season of The Paul Show.

      • That’s definitely true. Thats why I can’t stand how many floaters there are. Seriously, the couples (other then them) just sit around. However (and I like Paul) I would love it if he pulled it out in the yet, because hes playing the best game.

      • I like Jessica, and think she would have done much better without Cody.

        If Cody had not returned to the show or if Cody tried to self-evict now (not gong to happen, I know, but let’s speculate), what would be left of the show?

        Everyone hates Jessica (yes, hates, not simply dislikes), and so it’s hard to see how she could ever make it on her own on the show despite her capabilities? You have to have supporters on this show to survive. Now, without Cody and Jessica, there would be no balance on the show. All that would be left is Paul and his servants; no one to oppose Paul. It would be worse than boring; there really wouldn’t be a show left. CBS would not want that to happen.

      • True. Jessica was already playing a much better game without Cody around. But it’s hard to pat her on the back too much because of the lack of a strong move while she was HoH. I know she wanted to work her way back into the good graces of the house, but you can’t tell me that a lot of the house wouldn’t have perked up and voted out Paul last week if she had the nerve to use the veto and put him up.

      • Actually, I will tell you exactly that :)

        Had the final nominations (after the PoV was used) been Josh and Paul, I can not imagine people voting to evict Paul. Even if they know deep down that he is there for his own game, not any of theirs (actually, do any of them on his side even have game?), I think these are weak people when it comes to leadership. Alex and Christmas are examples of good competitors, but I am unconvinced that even they would be good if they had to lead on their own. I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m thinking. People on Paul’s side are annoyed by Josh, but not nearly as much as JODY is, and since they all hate JODY, it’s sort of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” idea.

      • I was thinking more of her entire HoH strategy, leaving out her initial noms of Josh & Ramses. I know she was sick of having Josh around, but is he really a threat…at all? So instead of making that emotional nom move, she could have easily put up (only for example) Paul and Alex, or another strong pair, and then take it from there. She put herself in that bad spot by making a bit of a wimpy move instead of a strong one. Thanks!

      • This afternoon I re-watched Episode 14, when Jessica was HoH. As we all know, Jessica was aligned with Cody, who made some bad decisions. For that association, she was subjected to misery by others even though she was mostly in the dark on Cody’s plans just like the rest of the alliance. Now (in Episode 14), when she was HoH, she was determined to not make Cody’s mistakes. She wanted to not keep plans secret and not do things that would lead to turmoil. The problem, however, is that she had no trustworthy person to consult except Cody, She was torn between following her instinct and listening to the only person who she could trust, and yet he was the guy who previously made the bad decisions.

        In the episode, she also said she wanted to avoid anything too controversial in hopes that people would respect Cody and her, and she wanted Cody and her to fly under the radar. Those goals were admirable, but not really attainable in her circumstance.

        When it came to nominations, Jess told Cody that the most desirable thing was to sever the “head” (Paul), but the safer move was to cut off the “ass” (Josh). As for a second person to nominate, Cody suggested Ramses because Ramses had no true allies. Later, she expressed her reservation about leaving Ramses up and she repeatedly said that she felt a blindside might be coming. Ramses, the guy who people look at as inexperienced and naive, was smart enough to realize that Josh would be more desirable for Paul et al to keep around, and so he asked Jess to pull him (Ramses) down since she had the PoV. She wanted to do that, and even said in the episode that she was concerned a blindside might be coming. On Cody’s advice, however, she left Ramses up, and we all know how that turned out.

        Jessica was faced with conflicting objectives: Leave a noteworthy legacy on the show while not duplicating the errors of her boyfriend, who happened to be the only person she could trust.

      • Agree. Whoever selected HGs did a crapola job. Of course, CBS doesn’t have a very good past history with some of their shows in the recent past, several high ranking and well-liked. For examples: canceling “Mike and Molly” for a ‘gal’ who lost weight (for health?); killing/divorcing/etc. Erinn Hayes from “K Can Wait” (what about all that weight Kevin James ‘lost’ a few years ago but found it all plus more back?) to add Leah Remini back to make more “reruns” of “king of Queens?”; not upping the pay of the only two Hawaiian actors in the show filmed in Hawaii and called “Hawaii 5-0 and they “leave” or have job transfers to be off the season this fall? Nope, CBS not doing very well in the brain area lately. And who is this A.G.? Of course, you all saw Paul compete on the “Candy Crush” game episode before BB started. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

    • I voted for Jessica as we all did here and we love Jess and Cody and I hope they make “little meatballs ” out of Paul.

    • But I don’t understand…!?!? Jessica and Cody are playing the game and not kissing Paul’s A$$ however, everyone else is Paul’s BFF/floaters.
      How can people not respect Jessica and Cody for not bowing down? & they are playing their own game, not playing Paul’s!

      • I love how they are trying to go after Paul. They just haven’t been very smart in how they’ve gone about it. They’ve played the game with virtually zero social game, so I can’t feel too bad for the position they’re in. The showmance just didn’t work for them in this BB. They spent way too much time separated from everyone else. You could chalk that up to them being newbies, but a lot of BB players have had better approaches to the game without already having experience.

      • I agree! Cody and Jessica did this to themselves for the most part. They definitely have them selves to blame

    • Cody is entertaining, but only in a purely confrontational, in-your-face, dramatic kind of way. I think I’m more entertained by the development of relationships and the strategy intertwined in that. That seems to be an element of entertainment that Cody is incapable of bringing to the game. For the most part, at least on live feeds, Cody is horrifically boring.

      • girl then you’re happy a lot b/c he’s always b*tching, moaning & crying about……well………..EVERYTHING

      • True, but I’m not happy because Josh is still there and I did not want that arrogant crybaby bully victim to make it to jury! 😭

  5. Sorry people I will probably get banned, but, I gotta say it, next eviction, BAN Allison Grodner!

      • Are you watching the same show as me? This is a chance in a lifetime for some of these people, if they can’t play there own game, something is wrong with this picture. HMMMMM maybe A. G.

      • They are just a bunch of followers who idolizes Paul & think he is God of BB! How is that anybody’s fault but their own?

    • I’ve been saying that for YEARS! BB was much better before she took the reins. Sure the ratings a great. But I’d like to know how great they would be if the show was on during the regular season and not the summer!

    • I’ve been saying that for YEARS! BB was much better before she took the reins. Sure the ratings are great. But I’d like to know how great they would be if the show was on during the regular season and not the summer!

  6. Jessica’s main problem is that she stays confused on which show she is on; Big Brother or The Bachelor! Frankly, I am not a fan of showmances. If I want to watch a dating show, I will tune into The Bachelor. The US turned it’s version of Big Brother into a strategy game. Therefore, I want to see people fight their way to the $500,000.00! They can suck face with the HGs of their choice when the summer is over!

  7. Jessica’s main problem is that she stays confused on which show she is on; Big Brother or The Bachelor! Frankly, I am not a fan of showmances. If I want to watch a dating show, I will tune into The Bachelor. The US turned its version of Big Brother into a strategy game. Therefore, I want to see people fight their way to the $500,000.00! They can suck face with the HGs of their choice when the summer is over!

      • There’s proof how ‘well’ showmances work out! LOL! Neda… I liked her during her during her first run on the show, but then she showed up last season and totally ruined my perception of her. She should have quit while she was ahead…

      • I didn’t know Danielle and Dominic were still together
        I barely even remember their season LOL

      • Jillian & Emmett
        ps. Jon had a girlfriend. Jon & Neda we’re not technically in a showmance until after big brother. They are no longer together.
        Kevin & Piilar…… they are still together. Maybe it’s just big brother Canada that has successes with showmanses lol 😂

      • Actually, now that you say that I actually remember reading that they were no longer together however, they did last along time.
        As for Kevin and Pilar, I think they are often on. I don’t think they were together when Kevin was in the BB house but she was definitely there cheering him on. And they were together, they went on vacation together when he left the house a winner!!
        My husband plays professional poker and he is occasionally at the same table as Kevin. Kevin does a podcast and Pilar is often there. But, I don’t know their current status.
        They could just be super good friends now 😭 I loved those two together!
        I haven’t watched amazing race in years, not sure why because we always liked watching it and wanted to go on it. I didn’t know Emmett and Julian were on it and played as exes. How did they do?

      • Kevin and Pilar are no more but they are still close friends. I guess they’re more close.

        As for Jillian and Emmett they placed second. Gotta say I’m impressed.

      • Second is the first loser, that sucks LOL
        I thought they would stay together but, we don’t live in their lives so who knows. They were together for a very long time!
        Shitty about Kevin and Pilar! They were so cute together. Weird to remain that close with an ex…. vacationing and everything but it works for some people. Some people are just better off friends but how do you not end up having sex? LOL

  8. Anyone notice they didn’t bring another vet to compete with Paul. Last year they had 4 and teams. Bb wants Paul to the end

    • Last BB Canada half the house were newbies and the other half vets.
      The vet called in a few newbies but then a few of the vets started turning on each other and that strong alliance crumbled quickly!
      In the end, Kevin a vet (Unfairly evicted his first season due to a very very stupid twist!) Ended up playing half of the game completely on his own and he won! And he deserved to win!!
      Kevin deserved to win, and I am very thankful he did. I think you are correct about Paul being the only vet back in the house. Why only one!? & why on earth are all these people following him around like a lost puppy dogs! There has to be some production manipulation! These people can’t be as stupid as they seem….Well….Some of them but not all of them!
      Yes Paul brings entertainment to the game but not with his minions following him around. It’s pretty much The “Paul vs Cody and Jessica show!” & Paul is likely to win!

      • Wish I knew how to watch bb Canada. When there are more returning HGs. people will gravitate to more than just one vet. Sometimes I wonder what Paul has told these guests to get them under his thumb. I can picture, stay on my side and I will keep you safe with productions help. Makes you go hummmmmm

  9. I wanna like this season, but I find it difficult.
    It’s like these HGs just WANT to hand Paul the half mill.
    Look I like Paul but for… you know what I’m not gonna repeat myself

    Everyone’s an idiot. Its like Season 16 all over again except they ADDED a Derrick.
    Cody could’ve planned backdooring Paul and gaining trust? NOPE! He keeps his allies out of the dark.
    Dom could’ve made her talk show for fun and not for game? NOPE, she exposed valuable information.
    Jessica could’ve put up Paul or Alex to ensure Josh’s eviction? NOPE, she keeps Ramses on the block and lost the opportunity to make an alliance with the kid.
    Mark and Elena could’ve laid low? NOPE, they choose to go back with Cody and made themselves targets.

    God, at this rate I’m just putting this uncooked popcorn back in the pantry. SOMEONE DO SOMETHING SMART!

  10. Honestly, the Keystone Cops — Jessica and Cody — are such poor, self-involved players in the game that they would probably figure out a way to squander ANY special privilege that comes their way. The best way to make the Halting Hex powerful was to just play the game and keep it secret…until you actually need it. Jessica turned something pretty cool into a flop. But, the drama will pick back up the following week.

    • I have to disagree with you, if she managed to make the next HOH afraid to put her and Cody up then she would have guaranteed them both at least jury
      The problem is, Paul won the HOH. I think if it were most of the other HG’s, Jessica might have made them afraid regardless of what Paul would have told them to do!!
      Jessica was trying to ensure Cody and herself safety this week knowing the following week she could use it and again like I said make it to Jury. I don’t think it was a bad move!
      Paul got HOH, nuff said

      • tinalee, I think you might be giving Paul too much credit and not enough to other players. As it turned out, there were also several other HG’s who were encouraging him to flush out the temptation power that Jess was given. Without bringing that attention to herself and Cody, the next HoH (including Paul) might not have even put them up. It didn’t seem like Paul wanted to target Jess due to the pass she had given him the previous week. But she forced the play. You could see it coming the minute she said it.

        Jessica and Cody could have had the same intended result (i.e. safety for multiple weeks) simply by playing the game…and see what happens…without trumpeting the “I have massive power” speech that she did. She seemed desperate to let as many people know as she could, but not out of good strategy. It seemed like it was more out of a need to be respected in the game. After all, she had already told Kevin about it in private.

        In my opinion, it was really very shortsighted on Jessica’s part. But now we’ll never know how powerful her gift might have been. Thanks for your comment and discussion. Enjoy BB!

      • Yeah, I definitely agree but I can understand how Jessica reacted without thinking. Her arch enemy Josh was not evicted & she was completely lied to! and she was pissed off and blurted it out. Big mistake but that’s what it was, a mistake! She was acting in the heat of the moment …. clearly she needs more control but, now everyone knows what it is so… It is what it is.
        As for the four weeks safety or three weeks? I thought it was for but someone said three…… In any event, do you mean any houseguest could have received it?

  11. IF Jessica ‘managed to’ make the next HOH afraid to put her and Cody up (Paul won which was Jessica’s worst case scenario) then she would have guaranteed them both at least jury!!
    The problem is, Paul won the HOH. 😭
    I think if it were ‘most’ of the other HG’s, Jessica ‘might’ have made them afraid/paranoid enough ‘with her reveal of her HH’ to stop them from putting her or Cody up regardless of what Paul would have told them to do!!
    I think it was a smart move!

    I, Personally don’t think Jessica revealing it was wrong. Jessica was trying to ensure Cody and herself safety this week knowing the following week she could use it & make it to Jury at the very least . I don’t think it was a bad move!
    Paul got HOH, nuff said
    Sorry, I think I was a little repetitive

  12. I hope Paul wins 100%, last year he came up as number 2 and he competed against 4 returning house guests, I hope he’s number 1 this year.

  13. If Jessica uses the halting hex than I don’t think that she, Cody and Paul should be allowed to play in the HOH Comp.

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