‘Big Brother 19’ Predictions: Who Will Win?

Final 3 HGs on Big Brother 19

Who will win Big Brother 19? That prediction became a lot easier overnight but it’s still worth a discussion and we’ve got a few more hours before the Jury’s decision is revealed in the season finale, so let’s get to it.

There are three Houseguests left in the game: Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez, and Paul Abrahamian. “Deserving” doesn’t get you to the F2, but in this case that won’t be an issue for the most likely 3rd place finisher tonight, Christmas.

She lost both Round 1 and Round 2 which puts her at the mercy of either Josh or Paul, depending on who wins Round 3 which will be held live later tonight. Christmas has already told the guys to do their own thing and she won’t be mad. Good thing, because as of now it sounds like neither will be taking her. Fine by me, but that’s a huge mistake for one of them.

Paul revealed awhile back and then confirmed that he wanted to get to the F2 with Josh because he saw it as the easier win. Paul has used Josh all season to be his monster-on-a-leash and it’s time to cash in on that strategy. If Paul wins R3 then he will evict Christmas and take Josh to stand before the Jury. I see this as the most likely F2 scenario: Paul wins R3, evicts Christmas, F2 with Josh.

Josh won R2 so he’ll have a shot at winning R3 and if he does, well we thought he was going to evict Paul because he’s said for weeks that’s what needed to be done. Now, as of Tuesday, Josh has decided it’s too risky to go against the more likable Christmas. Josh now plans to evict Christmas and face Paul before the Jury. Josh says Paul hasn’t made any moves all season, has played a safe game, and the Jury won’t want to see a Vet win. Yikes.

With both of the Round 3 players planning to evict Christmas then we can most likely write her out of the F2 scenarios. I am now fully expecting a Josh v. Paul Final 2.

When Josh and Paul arrive at F2 the Jury will have to pick between which HG they hate less, but I don’t think that alone will be the deciding factor, it just probably won’t help either of them. Instead I expect the Jury to look at game play and personal interactions.

Paul made a huge mistake in lying to the HGs in the goodbye messages. That was stupid. When was he going to stop lying to them? They’re off to Jury, they’re going to figure it out, and the next time you talk with them will be your only chance to try and recover from that.

Meanwhile Josh played a very smart move in exposing Paul’s lies in those same messages. Fantastic move. But will it be enough? I’m extremely doubtful. Josh was an arrogant jerk to the other HGs and it’ll come back to bite him. Lacking the likable factor is going to hurt his chances and won’t let him differentiate himself from their similar dislike of Paul.

Josh has made some moves and he’s played the game, but it won’t be enough especially up against the season’s mastermind Paul. Paul will likely do a better job of making his case as Josh could struggle staking his claim for the win.

When the votes are revealed I’m still expecting a landslide for Paul over Josh. If Paul wins R3 over Josh then it’ll give him a stronger case, but if Josh wins and takes Paul then it might just make Josh look weaker and like a bigger fool for it. Josh winning R3 and evicting Paul would have sealed the deal for Josh’s win instead he’s running full sprint in the opposite direction.

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Exclusive: Sneak peek at tonight's #BB19 finale right around the time Josh realizes that Paul *did* make game moves this season: pic.twitter.com/XDInPXBlAV

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 20, 2017

At the end of the Big Brother 19 season finale I expect the confetti to fall on Paul Abrahamian with Josh Martinez coming in second. As for Favorite HG? I’d wager it’s between Cody and Kevin and would be less surprised to see Cody take the $25K prize.

There are my Big Brother predictions for tonight’s show. What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts and predictions below as well then join us back here at 8PM ET to see what happens. We’ll be doing live coverage and hope you’ll stop by for the fun!


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  1. One thing is for sure, we all lose thanks to this season’s crummy recruited players and the way they “played” the game of Big Brother.

    • I am a Paul fan this year, but I must agree with you. Hoping next season is full of Lions and not Sheep.

  2. The only reason I will watch tonight is to see Cody win the $25,000 I hope and see Paul and Josh’s reaction if he does if he doesn’t I have wasted my time.

  3. Josh has done all of Paul’s work for him! So Paul really didn’t play the game! But CBS is going to gioit to Paul! Congratulations to whoever wins!

  4. I still don’t fully understand why Paul is set on taking Josh. Him vs. Josh is at least slightly more risky than vs. Christmas. Christmas doesn’t get more than a vote (or maybe two) in any scenario really. Is he snakebit about taking a female to F2 after last year?

    • I think it’s because last season, he took someone who played a worse game than him, but was more liked than him, and that’s why he lost. This season, he plans to take someone who played a worse game than him, AND was also disliked. If there’s a bitter jury, they’ll be bitter towards both players this time.

  5. Paul didn’t play the game??? Except maneuver every single move in the house! Most HG’s recognized it is a good thing to be carried along with a strong player but they neglected to have the brain power to separate when necessary for their own game. Why heap crap on Paul for playing for himself…of course he is. And so is everybody else in the house. Did anybody come to play for someone else? P’s just better at it. He’s a mental phenom. He cares enough to play with others then is smart enough to let go when it’s time.

  6. Paul should win however I get the feeling Josh will win 110%

    1. Safety for 3 weeks
    2. 2 seasons
    3. Personal games/resentment
    4. Josh survived when throwing team under the bus early game

  7. Paul might be playing to the cameras/audio with saying he is taking Josh. Josh deserves to go but, yeah, P might lose to him. Xmas is cock-sure that she deserves to be there though she’s won nothing. She was x’d out of 4 comps but what about the dozen others she could have shown her value in? Why not? Cuz she can’t…she doesn’t have it. She still can’t see that though. She’s tied with Raven as a player…somebody should tell her that.

  8. I want Paul to win and I hope he wins. It’s odd this year for me, compared to last year. I was really bummed, shocked, bitter just plain pissed off that Paul lost to the bish who laid in bed all season long, nasally whining and jacking her boyfriend off. It won’t be the same this year if Paul loses, it will be a big, OH WELL, such is BB and I’ll look forward to Celebrity BB. That’s all I have for what I’ve felt was a long drawn out season.

  9. Couple of things.
    1. I hope Paul wins because he has outplayed everybody else by a mile. It’s that’s simple.
    2. Instead of dragging the last days out with nothingness, I wish they could at least have an end of game board game tournament for charity, or something.
    3. Paul and Christmas should each get bonus $$ for just living with Josh for almost a week with no escape.
    4. If I never hear the phrase “you played yourself” again, it will be too soon..
    Ok that’s more than a couple of things but that’s it. Enjoy the finale everyone!

  10. I still think at the last minute Josh is going to change his mind and go with Christmas to the end….

  11. Josh or Paul against Xmas in F2 then Josh or Paul win. Josh-Paul F2 I think it’s a toss up. Depends on their final speech and how bitter the jury is. Paul didn’t own up to one thing the entire season. And still tried to play them in his goodbye messages. I hope he’s a two time loser again.

    • Seriously, if he is americas fav then something is def wrong w America .. kevin hopefully will get it . I dont know πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

    • Maybe AFP this season was just the least despised person because the entire house was utterly disgusting with the exception of Kevin but IMO Kevin was too into Paul at lost me the last couple of weeks.

  12. Ya’ll ready for this? Dooon doon doon doon doon doo Doon doon doon doon doon doo!!! Ya’ll ready for this? I sure am!

    • Hello Joni, The big day is here …
      So Joni where to next, I know ‘ Celebrity Big Brother ‘ but are there other shows you comment on ??
      Some commentators were talking about The Amazing Race but I never got into it . I have traveled some and it always seems like you have to run around like crazy for days to relax for a few hours 😸

      • Only this one basically…so I’m looking forward to Celebrity Big Brother. I wish I could get into Survivor and TAR, but I just can’t! I’m always busy with other things anyway, such as med mal grief and support liaison work. Heading to a conference in Indiana tomorrow and won’t get back til late Monday night. So glad BB finale is tonight! Couldn’t have timed that any better! :-)

      • Nice … have a good conference, don’t spend all your time by the pool like I did at those things, I mean I would go to the good presentations but some of those seminars are usually nonsense 😸
        As for the BB19 outcome, like Doris Day says Que Sera Sera … What will be, will be 😸😸😸😸

      • I’m too sensitive to the sun anyway…turned into a vampire eventually after so many skin cancer procedures had to be performed. But since I’m key note speaker at this, no time to spend anywhere except when we break to eat!!! It’s exciting, but also very depressing talking about medical errors and injuries in hospitals.

      • Nice, so you get comped as well .
        Good luck with your presentation .
        They used to talk about getting a healthy tan 😸😸😱
        Do think that the UV rays from the sun are worse than they used to be 😾
        You did not used to be able to get sunburned in like just one 1 hour 😾😾😾
        Even in the summer, in Florida 😾

      • The ozone layer is thinner now than it was when I was a child…so it’s much quicker to burn than say 20 years ago. Damn glaciers are melting for crying out loud if you need an example of a thinner ozone layer. LOL I don’t get comped at all….it’s all volunteer work, so I have to come up with the funds to pay for all my expenses. But I can claim them at the end of the year since it’s for a 501-3c non-profit.

      • Never ever heard of a conference where the keynote speaker was not compensated , the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
        That’s for responding Joni girl, see you when Celebrity BB airs
        Not as big on Survivor, I’ve lived on the road and in my car for real, not quite as much fun to watch .. Later 😸

      • Well, we are talking med mal here, where doctors are not held accountable for their actions, so we can’t go public and slander them at conferences or we’d end up being held liable in a court of law. So we do our work behind the scenes and only get compensated if we’re the chair of the organization we’re speaking for on their behalf. It’s totally non-profit. We’re considered “new” age even though I’ve been doing this off and on for over 25 years. If I can help change hospital death outcomes by my “personal” story, then the payoff will be greater than its compensation!

  13. Agreed, fully expecting the results to go Paul in first, Josh the idiot in second, and Cody for AFP.

  14. I personally don’t think Paul should be eligible to win as he had such a huge unfair advantage over the rest of the, (unfortunately moronic) competitors.

  15. Huh, you got it all wrong though, For once, We got a surprise. Josh Wins, and Cody gets America’s Favorite.

  16. I am very disappointed in this season of “Big Brother”. I do not think in “my opinion”;

    “that cry baby Josh” should have won. I am very very disappointed with the show in general.

  17. Paul should not have lied in exit interviews knowing that jury would talk. I didn’t think that would cost him game but seeing as how poorly so many of the house guests played it’s apropros

  18. Wow Paul the super sore loser, he was pissed at Josh when he found out Josh starting playing his own game and went off script to Pauls game. Paul lost because he didn’t own anything he did all season except for the game moves, he didn’t own how he did it he tried to still blame the others. If he was honest I think he might have swayed someone and could have won. Don’t get me wrong I have no voice this morning because we were screaming when he lost. Screams of pure happiness. Not that I liked Josh but I HATED PAUL….

  19. Oh man it has to really sting to lose again by one vote, but I truly hope and pray this doesn’t mean this moron will be back to play again. I hope BB gets the message NO MORE PAUL

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