Big Brother 19 Backyard Interviews: Watch Dr Will Kirby & Houseguests [VIDEO]

Dr Will Kirby returns to the Big Brother house

After seasons of Big Brother’s Jeff Schroeder wrapping up finale night with a series of backyard interviews the torch has been passed to none other than legend Dr. Will Kirby. Once the season finale ended (find out who won Big Brother 19) the HGs headed outside for one last time in front of the Big Brother cameras.

If you missed the live stream you can still watch them here (video below) and it is worth every bit of your time. Dr. Will was amazing with these and absolutely fantastic. If you never got to see Dr. Will play in Big Brother, you have my sympathies.

Note: If you’re not familiar with Dr. Will, then understand that he’s teasing nearly all of these HGs. He’s playing with them when he says ridiculous things and most of them don’t notice. He’s doing a mix of upfront and subtle humor and he nails it.

If you’re new to the backyard interviews these are live events that take place shortly after the conclusion of the finale show as the season’s Houseguests take turns working their way through a field of press including a lot of great outlets. Each HG got a turn with Dr. Will and boy I had a feeling he wouldn’t go easy on them either. I’m guessing some of them were wishing they got Jeff’s softballs instead by the time Kirby is done, but it’s all in good fun at this point.

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And just as a glimpse of the two hours’ fun, here’s how Dr. Will ended the night. These were great and I hope you take the time to watch them. More so, I hope CBS brings him back year after year because we needed these laughs after such a rough season.

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Totally my bad. Honest mistake. Super sorry.

— Dr. WILL KIRBY (@DrWillKirby) September 21, 2017

These interviews are always interesting because you can really see who is going to be bitter for awhile, who has gotten over it, and who is still stunned by what just happened. HGs are ready to let down their guard with the CBS episodes over and many of them tend to speak their mind a little more freely at this point. I highly recommend watching.

Dr. Kirby offered to ask the tough questions and even joked he’d be delivering a “least favorite Houseguest” award so we had to watch and see just how much he was teasing there or not. Either way, it was a fun conclusion to a big night with the Big Brother 19 finale tonight starting at 8PM ET so don’t miss all the action. See you then!


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  1. It sucks seeing Jeff leave BB because I liked watching Jeff doing the post season backyard interviews, but I am also happy to see Dr. Will be more involved with BB.

  2. Glad to see Dr. Will taking over. Sit back with a drink, put your feet up and watch some of those hg’s look shocked and squirm. Alright

    • He said he’s gonna have a least favorite HG on twitter, but then I saw the tweet was deleted so… maybe CBS said no way to that? ;) That rascal! Too bad, coz that would have been funny!

      • Hey T, happy final day at last. Yes good change to have our Will take over the interviews. I will be interested in his interviews with the robot, the gnome and the raving lunatic.

      • Hey sis! Happy Wednesday! :) Well, it’s finally over. I have never said this before in a BB season, but thank goodness. I’m ready. hehe

        Happy to see Dr. Will taking over BY interviews. I would LMAO if he called Raven out for her fictitious diseases!! ;)

      • I don’t get all the raving about Dr. Will’s interviews. I haven’t listened to them all yet, but I listened to more than half and I was not impressed. I thought Superfan Dana did a MUCH better job actually asking the real questions we wanted to hear about, like how Jason feels about what he said about Kevin’s wife, and asking Raven about her GPA,Mensa, and RavenExposed, etc. Will asked no hardball questions at all. Feh.

  3. Interviews on FB Live, rather than All Access? YAY! I have missed Jeff’s post-eviction interviews, but agree Dr. Will should def keep it interesting.

  4. OK, how will that go ? A real doctor interviewing Raven. An inverted spine you say ? Rough knee cap ? LOL I don’t want to miss that one.

  5. Dr Will doing these post BB interviews holds much promise but I won’t be expecting too much. I have a feeling BB puts certain restrictions on what they can and can’t say/ask, but Dr Will has never been one to follow rules and/or orders so I hope he goes rogue and really gives it to terminal tilly and captain cereal. Him being a Dr gives it much more credence and I can’t wait to see him dig at the terminal patient, here’s to hoping!

  6. I don’t think it’s right the jurors voted to piss Paul off/for him to lose. Mark says Paul played the best game but lied to his face and Josh didn’t. That’s why he voted for Josh. Wow. What? This is big brother. What do you want Paul to do? Tell you his game. OMG None of you were even playing. He was doing all of the work. You guys are poor losers.

    • No, Paul was a poor loser. He was also a mean. nasty houseguest. Personal attacks – of which he instigated far too many – are unnecessary in this game. Personal attacks he aimed at jurors were taken personally, exactly how they were meant. Paul’s jury management skills were non-existent, and he didn’t care. He thought they’d stay his minions forever, only he couldn’t control them comparing notes once they were out from under his thumb.

    • He lost one of the most important aspects of the game, Jury Management he would have won if he owned what he did instead of lie all the way, He obviously lost the social aspect of the game….

    • You are right. I love how newbie fans are so upset by Paul lying while they watch Dr. Will interview the house guests. Dr. Will and Boogie were two of the biggest schemers and liars in BB history. Not only that but they also mocked teh house guests they fooled and evicted!

      The game has not changed. The fans changed. If the game becomes one where everyone has to reveal their plans and be honest to the other house guests, the game is over. It will be boring to watch.

      The Paul haters are not going to admit that the only reason they hated Paul’s lying is because it was Paul lying. They had no problem with anyone else lying, even Kevin – wo did lie and back stab multiple times.

      • Exactly. It mirrors the behavior you see way too many times of people lately, especially on social media, where they are way too quick to get into the mob mentality and bully and troll people, but if they become the target themselves, the are overly outraged, despite them partaking in that same behavior themselves.

      • No,what Jason said. Why keep lying. In previous season you would have people lie till you walked out the door, but in their goodbye message they would say “it’s a game and you had to go, sorry”. That’s what they meant by poor jury management. Own up to it.

  7. Part of the game is to keep jury to vote for you…so that is also part of the game to keep them not mad at you….Paul should’ve kept Kevin off the block, put Josh in and have kevin in the final 3 with Christmas…Paul could’ve beat either Kevin or Christmas….in the end…it was his undoing….

    • I was thinking this too but after hearing the jurors I am not sure that Kevin or even Christmas would not hav beaten Paul too. This was a bitter jury. Alex in particularly surprised me. However, Alex made a statement about Paul that makes me wonder if someone in the jury was lying to her to get her to change her vote. She told Dr. Will that Paul was makng fun of her and Jason after they left the house and that’s why she vvod against him. I don’t recall Paul ever making fun of Alex or Jason. I think he genuinely liked Alex. I only recall Paul making fun of Cody and Raven.

      • I think that was just her excuse for why she voted against Paul…she was bitter. I think Paul not using the veto on her was why she voted against Paul. And with her vote comes Jason’s vote.

    • Will said he moved to Denver, so he probably just wanted to settle somewhere peacefully with his family, but maybe something bad happened.

    • Jeff has moved on to Denver, Colorado where he is one of the hosts of a television show entitled Daily Blast Live. According to TV Spy, the live daytime show is thirty minutes long and consists of news and entertainment.

      Daily Blast Live is being filmed at a local Denver TV station and premiered September 11. It is being syndicated to 36 different markets, according to The Know.

    • I agree. Dr Will telling Raven he is so proud of her is BS. I really don`t want to hear that…..Dr Will just kissed everyone`s butt

  8. Only one viewer question and it was dumb. Big Brother censored Dr. Will and he barely asked questions about their behaviors in the house.

    • I thought it was hysterical. He didn’t even know who Jillian was. He said Jeff was dead. And he said fans were blowing him (meant to say blowing up his phone). Kept saying he’d be fired from CBS. I love Jeff and his interviews, but I gotta admit Dr. Will was certainly entertaining.

      • And the fans are psycho lol! He could give his “I hate you” speech to the fans and people would still love him. I liked Jeff, and his interviews were always nice, but Dr.Will is funny even though he hates the psycho fans lol!

  9. I cant believe Dr Will told Jason fan`s love him…. WTF… Fans hate everyone in this season and that is what he should be telling them

      • I guess majority of America do not read feeds to know how Jason really conducted himself in the house and hear some of the things he said.

    • If I didn’t hear the rape jokes, I would have liked till the end. Especially after he cried after the baby news.

      • he came up with the hold her down for the “back door” all by himself. He also told the nursing home rape joke many time, in and out of the house.

      • Kat and Ms. Rainman, could you tell me about this nursing home joke? I have checked several sites and I see where Jason explains he was pulled over by campas police and gave them crap but on every site that has been monitoring the house it states Jason NEVER told a nursing home joke, but Alex did because she knew the joke. I also would not know what jokes he has told outside the house. However, what I have done is research to book him for a potential fundraising event. I check my guests out very well. He has a kind heart, very giving person, does a lot for charity and elderly in his community.

      • It’s on TMZ. He tells the story right up to the end, and then Alex
        takes over because she already heard the story FROM HIM. And then he
        laughs his azz off. He also laughs pretty hard at his offer to hold
        down Raven while all the guys “back door the sh t out of her.”

        If that’s who you want representing your charity at the fundraising event, I assume you’re okay with tasteless assault “jokes

  10. unnecessary waste of time to ask every single one them their predictions of the three showmances and to ask the question the same way each time, blah

    • I thought the good dr will was awful!
      his questions were the most boring and un-insightful waste of time ever.
      he seemed most interested on what products and shows they could do, does he double as an agent? the showmance schtick was a real dud too.
      his 15 minutes are up.

  11. Cameron didn’t get a fair shake. Seems like an interesting dude. I’d like to see him back for an all-star season.

    • I agree with coming back for another season but not All Stars and maybe BB needs to wake up and get ride of this 1st night eviction…it really is just not fair to the folks who sign up for the show to be evicted 1st day, 1st week is bad enough…

      • 1st week eviction comes with the territory but 1st night eviction is an absolute joke.

        Anyway, if Marcellas could be on all-stars anybody can.

      • They should have a season of people voted out 1st or 2nd. They should have enough with 19 seasons.

      • A lot of people say it, but that would be awful. You have people like Cam, Glenn, and Jody that I would love to see back in the game, but most people are out 1st and 2nd because they are terrible. Both at the game and to watch.

  12. one of my favorite moments was when Raven predicted Christmas would be the next evicted and it was Kevin and she said “I knew it would be you” and Mark says, “you just said it would be Kevin”……….I so wish there were live feeds from the jury house.

    • In her interview with Dr Will she said she new every eviction even her own, then the next sentence she said, I didn’t think Paul would vote me out. She is a certifiable nut job!

  13. MANUFACTURED DRAMA: Cody did not cast the deciding vote. It could have
    been setup as anyone who voted for Josh. Just manipulation of the votes
    to have his vote pulled last. You do know that BB knows who is voting
    for who ahead of time, right?1

  14. Please DONT bring back Dr. will for interviews!! He likes talking about himself more than the person he is interviewing!!!!

  15. Love Dr Will but man, he has a lot of grey hair! Trust me, not making fun of him just didn’t expect that. I thought he was in his early 30’s… As for the game, I think that the jury voted on emotions and sore loosing! I am not a Paul fan but he outplayed all of them.

  16. Finally just finished watching (interruptions) backyard interviews. I think Dr. Will did fine to have been asked last minute to do them. I also don’t think the jury was as bitter as people thought. I think Jason said it best. Yes lying is part of BB, but why did he continue. His goodbye messages where still lies. Paul should have owned up then. Only thing I hate is Josh won’t get credit. He knew more about BB than Alex did. Hope next year is better.

  17. I was HAPPY to see Paul lose for all the reasons they talked about in the video. As far as him being robbed, no more than Dan Gheesling’s second round.

  18. I LOVED Dr. Will doing the interviews!!! So funny & SOOOO organic. CBS……..DO NOT FIRE HIM!!!! He should be doing these from now on!!!

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