‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 7

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

Big Brother 19 memory wall

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to see the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

Well should we just go ahead and lock him in for the rest of the Big Brother season in the top spot? Unless someone knocks Paul out of the game I won’t be surprised to see him hold on to the #1 rank for the rest of the summer. This week Paul Abrahamian dipped a nudge in the overall numbers with 24.6% but his company at the top changed. Kevin Schlehuber returned to second with 18.9% of your votes.

Jessica Graf fell one spot to third with 17.8% and her showmance partner Cody Nickson held on to fourth place with 15.9% of the votes. Things really start to drop off from there with Alex Ow in fifth place and only 6.1% of the vote, a big gap in the count. Right behind her is Christmas Abbott in sixth place (4.2%) and Jason Dent in seventh (3.2%).

Now eighth place has a tie and that’d probably drive these two guys nuts to know considering their ongoing rivalry inside the house. Josh Martinez and Mark Jansen earned exactly the same vote count this past week with 2.66%. That leaves ninth empty and takes us on to Elena Davies in tenth with 1.1%.

Dropping below the whole numbers we’ve got Matthew Clines at eleventh (0.95%) and Raven Walton with twelfth (0.7%). Raven is now the lowest ranked active player. Last week it was Elena.

As for the seemingly long since evicted HGs we’ve again got Ramses Soto at the top with 0.27%, Dominique Cooper (0.25%), Cameron Heard (0.16%), Megan Lowder (0.13%), and lastly Jillian Parker (0.11%). Yes, Jillian is once again losing to someone who quit the game in its first few days. Ouch.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:
Big Brother 19 Popularity Poll in Week 6

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer.

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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      • Felt so bad for Cameron especially when he was about to burst into tears. Would be happy if he gets a second chance.

      • I’d love to see Cameron back too, but I think it should be a season of super fans – not people looking for showmances, jury, the next TV gig, and no recruits. ONLY super fans who would appreciate the game, and understand how horrible it was that he was evicted with basically no chance.

      • Lol! Hey Cy! I’ve been out of the BB loop for a bit…just getting caught up and I”ve been shocked (and not so shocked) at some of the events… So, Elena really won POV and didn’t take it??!!

      • Hi there!..I know, too bad she’s not the target. She should be next week. So you haven’t been around. Do you want an update on my baby?…he’s growing on me..haha

      • Ugh! Imo, Elena should be evicted simply because she had the veto and didn’t take it! I’m sorry, but unless you are Will Kirby, you should never feel THAT safe in BB!

        Now about your baby meatball… ;)
        You know I’ve run the gamut of emotions with Josh…in the end, I feel sorry for the kid. He is so desperate to be loved he’ll do just about anything to achieve it, even be a puppet for the puppet master!
        Paul is playing him well, that’s for sure. I’m really going to feel sorry for your baby when he sees all the things Paul has said about him behind his back… :(

      • Wondered where you were! Missed you! Reason Elena didn’t take the veto is because 5k meant more so she can now get plastic surgery she’s wanted…rather than take the veto and hope she makes it to the end to collect 500k! I agree she should be evicted for trading her safety for 5k!

      • Because she doesn’t wear a bra and her plastic surgeon gave her too big of implants for her shoulders to hold them up with!

      • Lmao! Missed ya too, Joni!
        I know Cody needs to go, but I swear, I would rather see Elena go this week just to prove the point that no one should ever–EVER feel so safe in the BB house that they pass up the veto when they’re on the block!!

        For the good of the game itself, it is simply something that should not happen!

    • Only if Alex gave him permission, and of course Paul would have to give *her* permission…

      • If it’s down to final 4/5, Alex is HOH, and Paul and Xmas are on the block after POV, would there be much of a choice for Jason?

    • From Jokers: 12:19 PM Jason tells Alex he is concerned about Christmas, she was all cool in the beginning but now she knows she is expendable. Alex: she says she doesn’t want to be handed anything. Jason: I think she thinks she is going to get that boot, I just don’t want her trying to do something with Josh and Paul.

      Alex: Don’t ever ***** over Paul, he will ruin you.

      • Watched this. There was more to that conversation. And that shows people that are watching feeds why Alex isn’t pulling the trigger on Paul until the numbers are just right.

    • It’s not right the way she is talking to Cody right now, someone who really wanted to work with her. Bringing up his daughter just to get a rise out of him. I don’t care if you think that’s strategy, it’s tasteless. That’s her character. She kicks people when they’re down. I can’t respect someone like that.

      • Cody started all of that. She told him he could have a bowl of her cereal that was in her HOH basket. He ate the entire box and while eating the last bowl was laughing saying FU Alex I’m eating the last bowl. That’s what pissed her off. He even admitted he was a jerk.

      • Let me get this straight, you think Alex was justified for bringing up Cody’s daughter in an argument over a box of cereal?

      • She asked about a daughter. So what. And like I said it wasn’t over a box of cereal. It was more then that. Once again watch the feeds instead of reading updates. By the way did you happen to see everything Cody and Jessica have said and done.

      • Like Alex, some fans have become minions. No rhyme or reason when defending Paul and his minions. Let’s all get real.

      • Maybe instead of butting in you should learn to read because then you would know I’m not a Paul fan. And I’m certainly not a minion. You get real.


  1. Why the hell is Paul first on this poll? Every other poll he is dead last. Of course, this is the poll that Paul will brag over. What a crock. Paul sucks.

    • He also advised everyone not to get on the internet and read about themselves. The good or the bad.

    • I think the major difference with this poll is people can only vote for a favorite whereas in polls like jokers people can also vote against people they don’t like. It makes sense Paul would have the largest fan base of any HG since the rest are new and only have half a season to build a following.

      • That’s what I’ve been hoping for. I loved Paul last year, but this year he’s developed a bit of the Napoleon complex and I’m ready to see a coup that challenges the little dictator’s rule of the roost! haha That’d be good BB game play.

      • Alex will take him out when the pig fly, she is afraid of making any waves and they are besties….

      • Created might but not natural pig, that’s the whole point! .. either way don’t hold your breath on Alex taking Paul out

      • Alex and Jason have their head so far up Pauls ass that their noses are starting to turn brown.

      • Yes , what is hilarious they keep talking about getting the couples out Lmao…her and Jason even not romantically involved are still a duo

    • She needs one badly! Complaining that she has been to the DR for two days! They probably dread her coming in there and having to listen to her list of diseases over and over!

      • Which diseases are we talking about here? The *ONE* she actually has, but exaggerates exponentially, or the myriad of made up ones with no names?? lol!

      • She said that one of her unnamed diseases is so rare that only two people in the world have it…and she is one of the two! Lmao! She eats like a pig in the house so we know her GP isn’t as extreme as she claims. On BBAD she is eating something every time shes on the air. I am so glad we all found out what a shrieking shrew scammer she really is. She still thinks she is coming home to thousands of fans and dollars!

      • My friend’s husband is a physician who specializes in internal medicine and he said from the get go she was lying about her disease because the pacemakers she kept saying she had to replace every couple of years are not temporary…they’re permanent. So…whatever money she is collecting on her gofundme account is all a sham! I would not be surprised if that girl isn’t investigated by that organization after her stint on BB!

      • She should be. On the show she said she wanted to win so she can pay off her car. Matt quickly jumped in and said you mean pay off your medical bills.

      • Wonder if he just thought she misspoke. Or maybe she offered him a lifetime supply of Froot Loops if he helps her keep her stories straight on the air.

      • (Stunned at myself for even *looking* like I’m defending Raven, but…) I think she meant the battery pack has to be replaced, and if it’s anything like a cardiac pacemaker, leads can become dislodged or crack – BUT it is NOT experimental, and if it is truly the only way to keep her off a feeding tube, insurance would cover it – especially a batter or lead replacement – or she could appeal the decision and in all likelihood win. I think she got confused and spewed out the wrong lie.

      • No, she was saying she has to actually replace the pacemaker itself. She says she”s had like three of them so far, gave them all names and said this new pacemaker is Thor or something like that and followed with she will be needing a new one soon. It was those comments that had Steve (my friend’s physician hubby) shaking his head and saying “this girl is totally lying about her disease”! It was the first week or so and she was in the backyard in a red bikini (I remember you could see the outline of the pacemaker in her stomach) yelling all her problems across the backyard to any and all who would listen to her!

        It was in that moment that I started to dislike her…

      • Oh I kknow. Her Munchhausen by Proxy mother must be ready to burst a fake brain tumor by now!!

      • I was just thinking, I truly believe she thinks she’s America’s Sweetheart, and oh my gosh, SHOCKER when she sees she’s at the bottom of the popularity polls every single time (even aside from being called a hypochondriacal liar day after day).

      • I was thinking the same thing! Production probably draws straws and loser has to be the one who talks to Raven in DR!!

      • i really wish that somebody would stuff a smelly dirty sock in her mouth and super glue it shut,she is completely worthless ,all she does is complain about her stupid injuries,the most annoying person in BB history.

      • How could she eat all that junk with a sock in her mouth?? She is really suffering from severe mental illness. She honestly believes if she get to F2 everyone will vote for her to win. I wish they knew what we knew but they are all getting sick of her too.

      • ive got more illnesses than she even knows ,but i dont bitch and moan about them its part of life,shes a damn hypocondriac and turns my stomach

    • ROFLMAO!! I’m actually in the SFV where BB is filmed…but even if you threw that dog a muzzle, she isn’t smart enough to learn how to use it. She’d need her “master” Paul to do that for her!! hahahaha

  2. Hey I’ve been behind in my BB viewing (especially the live feeds) due to a family emergency, but am I reading the veto results right? Did Elena (who is OTB) really win the POV and turn it down to take the $5,000 from Alex instead???!!!

    • You read that correctly. Elena took the money and may go home.
      Good thoughts for family and self. All the best.

      • Elena *should* go home if she is OTB and took cash over the POV!!!! NO ONE should EVER feel that safe in the BB house! She should go home on general principle alone to send a message to other floaters…

      • Mine too. RR would target Elena because she feels safe enough to take 5 grand while being otb!! I swear I will keep on saying this, but unless you’re Dr. Will, no one should ever feel that safe in the BB house! I know Cody is going home & whatever, I can see why…he sucks as a BB player, but I would really like to see Elena go home to teach others a lesson. If you are OTB…you better compete for that veto!

      • So how do you feel about Matt being OTB, wining the veto and taking Jason down instead of himself.?

      • Matt is playing for the jury check. He seems happy spooning with Raven every night. His only goal is to get in the jury house with her so they can canoodle in new beds.

      • Yeah, Matt and Elena tie for Idiot Moments of the Week Award. Although….Paul told Matt to do it, so he’s basically guiltless, right?

      • I agree! One never knows what’s going to happen between the veto ceremony and eviction. Some players just don’t think. Elena passes up the veto for five grand and Matt uses it to take Jason off the block. Its like going home with the idol on survivor.

    • I think Elena knows she doesn’t stand a chance, and SHE MADE JURY!! So she’ll still get the stipend until the end, so why not take the cash when it’s there? (I’m not agreeing with her; it’s the equivalent of giving up IMO, but she has to know she’s bottom of the totem pole.)

      • Exactly! And Matt is worse by far for letting Paul dictate what he does with the Veto. You will NEVER see Paul give away a veto!

  3. Paul is playing a masterful game here…but I can’t help but hope Alex is just sitting and waiting for the right time to pounce… ;)
    I know she’s dropped in popularity, but I still love her spirit for the game!

    • Disagree – Paul’s game isn’t masterful, it’s mediocre. If he were playing a masterful game, he’d have to work for every concession he’s received, and right now the rest of the HGs (with the exception of Cody) are just handing their BB lives over to him.. Right now his game is as easy as taking candy from a baby. Nothing masterful about that; that’s just bullying, intimidating and mean.

      • What I mean by masterful is how he is manipulating these moronic HG. Perhaps with a smarter group his game wouldn’t look as good, but with this class of braininess brainiacs he looks like a Svengali!

        Imo, Elena should be evicted this week on general principle alone! How does someone who is OTB NOT take the veto??

      • I agree, I know what you mean. But it’s been way too easy for Paul. Even in his DR moments he’s told us how easy it’s been and how stupidly the rest of the HGs have been playing. That’s the main reason he wants Cody gone; Cody is his only competition.

        As far as OTB goes, it gets even better – Matt, Elena and Jason are OTB, Matt (OTB courtesy of the temptation challenge) has POV and instead of saving himself, he saves Jason so Cody can be renom’d. Whatever you want, Paul.

      • It’s bigger than that. Paul wants Cody out so he has convinced his followers that taking Cody out is THE ONLY choice this week. So Matt volunteers to make a stupid move to please St. Paul. Paul has very little blood on his hands this season because he’s leaving the messy work up to his minions, and they are more than willing to comply.

      • It’s the smartest choice for Paul, because Cody is Paul’s only competition in the game. But I bet if you asked the rest of the HGs why it’s so crucial to get Cody out this week, they couldn’t tell you (other than Paul wants it that way).

      • If you were playing for a half a million dollars, wouldn’t you want your biggest competition out of the game? I sure would.

      • It’s funny, but I don’t see Cody as Paul’s biggest competition. No one likes Cody–well, except Mark…sometimes. No one wants to work with Cody and no one trusts Cody. Cody is basically on his own. I think Alex, Jason or even Kevin are far bigger threats to Paul. He has them on his side right now, but a couple weeks ago, Jason & Kevin were already starting to bounce the idea around that Paul is running the house and needed to go.

        I think they could get Paul evicted far easier than Cody could.

      • I remember that, but it seems right now Alex is being pulled in two directions – one by Paul, and the other, possibly by Kevin/Cody (and you’re right, any competition Cody might be will end on Thursday) and Jason is in the middle not knowing which way to go. I had such hopes for Alex (still do, I guess), but she is SO FAR in Paul’s pocket I’m not sure what will have to happen for her to come out of there for air and to see the light. Like everyone else, I’m hoping the game will change once Cody’s gone, but boy, I don’t know now ….

      • Me too. My friend here said Cody is dragging the game down and that could be b/c I would think Elena would not have been so quick to take case over the POV while being otb had she not have felt so safe with Cody being in the house, but then again, with this cast…who knows? None of them (but Paul) seem interested in winning this damned game and it is starting to irritate me. We, at least *I* don’t want to watch BB to see a bunch of drones hoping for jury!!

      • And it could get worse. They’ve all fulfilled their “jury” goals, so they can stop playing the game now – not that anyone will notice.

      • I have been reading all this. I was out of the feeds loop all last week, so I am trying to catch up on how this all came about…
        I think all of these HG are idiots personally! You NEVER sacrifice you own safety. I don’t think even Johnny Mac did that and he was a pawn for like half his season! haha! He may have thrown comps, but I think when he won POV he pulled himself down…correct me if I’m wrong here.

      • Johnny Mac was asked to not take himself down..I seem to remember him in the diary room saying noooooo and it being very funny. He refused. Smart man.

      • Yes. I seem to remember that as well. Him kissing the veto and saying it’s been too long or something like that. Then laughing at the very idea of not using it on himself! Thast is how BB players *should* think!

        Not this group. They have all drank the Kool-Aid and are now a part of group think mentality.

      • Because the target will never change from Cody, because he is keep telling Alex and Jason stuff about their buddy Paul and they run back with the info..so pathetic

      • Extremely pathetic. I wish I could have shoved a sock into Alex’s mouth the other night when she ran back to Paul and was shrieking about what Cody has just said. Just mind-boggling.

      • Yes and stick her face in that green thing from Otev lmao maybe she slows down her speech and we can actually understand what she says. I liked her when she was in the opposition with Jason and Kevin but since joined Paul fan club there is nothing to like anymore sorry

      • Dan was robbed in season 14! That is a perfect season to point out if the jury dislikes you…what can happen.

      • Lol! Russell is just as much a hothead as his brother Willie…not sure how long he’d last on BB!

        Oh, how about a season of BB where they have Survivor vs BB champs! lol! Now that would be a game to see!!

      • The Survivor people would be out in the backyard building fire and trying to figure out how to shoot some birds for dinner while the BB people would be inside complaining that the beds are too hard and there’s not enough coke, lol

      • Caleb was somewhat pathetic in BB, pining, actually stalking that poor girl. I actually can’t remember her name. Redeemed himself on Survivor

      • Amber, and yeah, he was seriously creepy! I’m not sure about redeeming himself tho…he was air lifted out his first time on the 9th day and voted off the island his 2nd time…again on the 9th day!! Not a good track record for Survivor

      • I agree. I would have already called Goodner and said you tell my husband this, and those women this or I’m coming to clean the BB house up.

      • Maybe Kevin’s wife could be the special guest on Friday’s show and she could walk into that bedroom when he and Xmas are draped all over each other and say hi honey, miss me?!

      • Amber and I agree, I couldn’t stand him and I was so glad he went out, both times on Survivor after 9 days. Good riddance.

      • To tell the truth I can’t remember her name, someone else said Amber but doesn’t ring a bell. I just remember feeling sorry for her cos he made her so uncomortable

      • OMG it so would. Matthew oh Matthew in your next interview with EP Goodner put that to her.

      • I mentioned him because like Dan..he deserved to win but left the jury bitter. Alot of bad feelings for both guys.

      • OMG Russell won both seasons in my book! Sandra is the winner from a bitter jury, outplayed and outlasted by Russell….was a fantastic play from him!

      • I keep hoping Alex’s bending of the knee to Paul is like a Game of Thrones move and simply meant as a deceptive strategy…but the more time passes the more I am beginning to believe she has drank from the Abrahamian Kool-Aid and will be committing mass suicide along with the rest of these HG come finale!

      • It’s better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass but they are the latter…only Cody (and when Jess was playing) are smarter than the rest of the HG to not fall for Paul’s BS!

      • Agreed. This season’s HG have no desire to win this game! I’m utterly disgusted with the lack of game play. Elena wins veto & takes cash instead *WHILE* being otb! Matt is otb and saves Jason instead of himself… it’s like they are all here simply to go to jury & that makes me sick.

      • I am sickened by it. IMO this is the worst season of game play. At the beginning several were playing, then boom. Nobody but Jody and Paul. They all talk a mean game but fall flat.

      • Raven just annoys me and Matt is as exciting as watching grass grow. I would LOVE for both of them to be gone-gone-gone!

      • The first night when they entered the house I pegged Cody, Matt and Mark to be the best male players and Christmas and A!ex for the the best female players. Matt is a huge disappointment! He hooked up with Ms. Munchausen and does nothing but coddle her. Mark is doing OK in the physical challenges but is so whipped on Elena that it is ruining his game. Cody ruined his own chances. Christmas got hurt and should have been sent home. Alex will finally see the light when she’s on the block. I really feel like these house guests came straight from an insane asylum. At times I feel like I’m watching One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest and Paul is McMurphy.

      • No it’s the other way. If the hg were just a smidgen smarter his game might look masterful. But I don’t like him getting others to do his dirty work.

      • Totally agree…the puppet master aka the devil is robbing these minions of their souls

    • Alex is so smart and knows the history of the game, has a number 2 in her back pocket in Jason and she’s a fierce competitor. She should be running the house and telling Paul…Enjoy your time in the big brother jury friendship house.

  4. Paul is favorite fans player lmao so glad I am in minority and not part of his minions huddle as he’s never been my favorite player …

    • Same here. Don’t like him or his gameplay. Derrick was much better and nicer at getting people to do what he wanted them to. He convinced them it was their idea, lol.

  5. The author of this website needs to limit votes to one per user or URL. This is the only board out there with Paul in the lead. Most other polls have him near the bottom.

    • Just checked the Jokers poll: Cody is #1, followed by (in rank order) Jessica, Mark, Ramses, Cameron, Kevin, Dominique, Kevin, Jillian, Megan, Elena and Alex … then Paul, ranking #13 out of #17. Raven is dead last.

    • Clearly, you’re not a regular here on BBN. If you were, you’d know that there IS regulation based on IP address.

    • I have no doubt that we haven’t seen the last of Jessica. Will be interesting seeing her gameplay without Cody as an anchor.

  6. While not a huge fan of Jessica, I give her props for playing hard.
    If she had been less focused on a showmance I see her as a good opponent to Paul.
    Sadly Cody ruined her game.

      • Yep. Unfortunately, neither one of them are good BB players. Cody tried to make a move too early & Jess didn’t make a move when it was a good time to make one! They just isolated themselves and didn’t have a clue what was going on in the house around them. It led to their downfall.

      • What little there was of it. She didn’t work to get the Hex advantage, that was given to her and she didn’t work to do much else, other than win HOH. Otherwise she sat with her jackhole boyfriend in a room, isolated from everyone else. This, in a game where interaction with other players is key to winning the game. She had no game. Even when Cody was gone, she still had no game. She sucked, period!

      • Mostly because they don’t like Paul and try to come up with reasons why they feel others did better or are doing better than he is.

      • I don’t think it’s because they didn’t like Paul per se. I think it is more because they were the only ones standing up to Paul. No one likes to see a house that is led around by the nose by one HG. It makes for boring BB.

      • The week Cody wasn’t there Jess sharpened up her social skills, came out of the woodwork, and was actually a more-or-less pleasant person to have around. Same this week with Cody. So by themselves, they each did OK. Together, not so much – and that’s why they’re both out of the game.

      • Too little too late with Cody and Jess was pleasant enough but she wasn’t making any game moves.

      • Yes, some say she was a great player but she really wasn’t. MAybe she had some potential but she made mistake after mistake and she’s out before jury. How does that make someone great or someone deserving to return?

      • I’ll be hard pressed to watch if they bring her or Cody back to the game.

      • They better grow a keener self-awareness if they expect to ever be asked to play again!

      • They could go on Amazing Race. It was an experience to watch Rachel and Brendan the season they were on together.

      • Girl, you know they won’t. They will be the exact same. Didn’t we hear about how Cody was going to come back in the game and play differently the 2nd time around? Not going to happen. It will be round 2 of victim noises.

      • I never put bets on that one happening. I prayed he would play differently, but the moment he had Jessica back in his arms, that went out the window! hahaha

      • Watching him, I think its funny that everything he calls the others actually describes him — f***in idiots, check that’s Cody;, psychopaths, check that’s Cody. LOL

      • The guy can’t handle the truth, so that’s the only reaction he can actually depend on! LOL

      • Actually, Cody does not fit the psychological description of a psychopath or a sociopath. Maybe antisocial personality disorder, but he does not lie, manipulate or lack any empathy whatsoever…those are the key traits of a sociopath and a psychopath, with psychopath usually getting into trouble with the law habitually.

        He just has no social skills wehatsoever.

      • He does lie, we’ve seen that when he lied to Jess, he tries to manipulate and he does seem to lack empathy. Agree he has no social skills and he is volatile. According to my dx, he’s something else.

      • First, hey, TGJ, great to see you back. :D
        I look at Cody a little different. Mind you, I’m no expert and I know you are studying in the field.Cody told one huge lie to Jessica and with a very straight face(lol). He told her that he never said anything about using Alex and (who was the other person) to get rid of the showmance partners. He most definitely did and he made that lie look easy and natural. I also feel when he did something stupid and she called him out on his behavior on more than one occasion, he manipulated Jess by saying things like, he wasn’t good enough for her, for example, playing on her sympathy to take the attention off of his behavior. JMO, but I think Cody might be capable of a lot of manipulative behavior.

      • And those that aren’t good at it blow their cover or any other object you want to insert!! LOLOL

      • They won’t Joni. Cody swore he’d let Jess make her decisions, and yet, when she thought she should pull Ramses down…who talked her out of it?? Cody! Those two are like kryptonite to each other’s BB games, I swear! ;)

      • Exactly! And the minute someone got too close with her, he’ll lamblast them! That’s mature! NOT

      • Also well said, tr8ppng. Neither Cody nor Jessica know how to play BB. They have made mistake after mistake. They were free thinkers and not part of the Kool-Aid crew, I will give them that, but they ab-so-lutely SUCK as far as strategy BB playing. I think we all saw the blindside of Ramses coming a mile away…How could Jess & Cody NOT have seen it??!! You know how?? Coz, they were in the bedroom all the damned time, that’s how! haha

      • They seriously believed they could play the game without talking to others and actually win it!

      • I agree. She knew if she went back with Cody into isolation that she would be jeopardizing her game. She didn’t really care at that point about her game after he reentered the house. He was out to ruin everyone’s game, thus resulted in ruining his game too!

  7. Matthew Boyer you need to read some of these comments before you interview Goodner again. Very interesting suggestions. We have had several BB HG on Survivor but not the other way.

    • Because they’d be bored stiff on BB, don’t you think? I can see someone from BB wanting to challenge themselves on Survivor but I can’t see someone who likes the type of challenge Survivor presents wanting to be holed up in a house for 3 months.

      • Yeah but don’t you think it would be fun to have half and half? Now you have some that have played both which would really make it interesting.

  8. Here’s my personal ranking:
    1) Mark: Seems to be the one that is capable to shake the things.
    2) Elena: Same as Mark.
    3) Cody: Not a fan of some of his actions, but hey, he’s trying.
    4) Kevin: Of all the minions he’s the one with some sense.
    5) Paul: Just for his gameplay, that’s all.
    6) Matt: Not a fan of him, I dislike him as a player, but he doesn’t annoys me like the rest of the list.
    7) Jason: Just meh.
    8) Christmas: Right now I’m not a fan of her, if she make a move (by herself) cool, but meanwhile you’re not my favorite player.
    9) Alex: I can’t stand her attitude, as a physical player I have respect for her, but the rest, I can’t with her.
    10) Josh: The guy that makes me press the mute button everytime he speaks, I still feel that he’s a good guy (based on his interview with Ika), but damn! I can’t with him!
    11) Raven: She’s so Raven. That’s all.

    Of the evicted houseguests:
    1) Jessica: I insist that she has a lot of potential, maybe in a season without Cody we could see her becoming a really good player, meanwhile she’s average.
    2) Cameron: Another one that I think that has a lot of potential, I hope see him again.
    3) Dominique: Good in the first weeks, later…
    4) Megan: No much to say about her, not a fan of her on the game, but she seems to be a cool girl.
    5) Ramses: Ehh, meh?
    6) Jillian: …

  9. Paul now hold courts in the kitchen, explaining how Cody will only vote to smite one of them at the end of the game. -Dolffie
    2:12 PM
    Jason is saying it made him so mad when Cody said F you to Alex I’m going to eat all the cereal and enjoy it in front of you. -starlet
    2:11 PM
    Jason said he wanted to punch Cody after he said he was going to enjoy eating Alex’s cereal in front of her -scoobydoo
    2:10 PM
    Cody outside muttering to himself -NikkiMirage
    2:10 PM
    Jason trusted Cody because he says nobody from Iowa would ever steal something but Cody stole Alex’s cereal -scoobydoo
    2:08 PM
    2:06 PM Mark to HGs in KT less Cody: If you have any questions, please ask them now. -Scott3325
    2:07 PM
    Josh in the BA telling Cody Jess was not his target and Marlena was -NikkiMirage
    2:03 PM
    The house is pushing Cody hard saying he is protecting someone (Marlena?) Cody keeps saying “No One I have no one, Mark turned his back on me week one” -ssupersarah
    2:01 PM
    Cody gets up and says, “I didn’t mean to be a jerk, Alex”. Christmas says that’s not an apology -scoobydoo
    2:01 PM
    Whole house ganging up on Cody trying to get him to call Mark out for being his ride or dieThen says he started the Mark and Dom sky writing rumor. -ssupersarah
    2:01 PM
    Kevin telling Cody that he has to treat people like people. -scoobydoo
    2:00 PM
    Josh telling Cody he doesn’t understand where all of Cody’s hatred comes from. Christmas says it’s not worth talking to himbecause he doesn’t give a f*ck -scoobydoo
    1:58 PM
    Kevin telling Cody that he can’t just go around telling people he hates them. He has to try and get along -scoobydoo
    1:57 PM
    Alex accusing Cody of lying and Cody keeps shaking his head. -scoobydoo
    1:55 PM
    Christmas enters and reveals she has been hiding cereal since Cody eats is all -ssupersarah
    1:55 PM
    Jason thinks Cody doesn’t really have a kid and Cody is full of sh*t -scoobydoo
    1:54 PM
    HGs attacking Cody, Cody: All I want to do is eat this honey nut chex… (sounds defeated)Jason: Well now I’m going to flip you off everytime I see you. So all that stuff was BS yesterday
    Cody: I could have put you up but I didn’t
    1:54 PM
    Cody says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Alex then asks him how his kid is and if he really even has one -scoobydoo
    1:54 PM
    1:52 PM Matt/Raven on balcony listening to spirited convo in KT. Raven turns around,looks at cam & gives thumbs up. -Scott3325
    1:53 PM
    Cody apparently ate Alex’s whole box of cereal after she offered him the box to have one bowl -scoobydoo
    1:51 PM
    Hear Alex screaming in other room. Feeds cut to Kitchen at Alex yelling at Cody. -ssupersarah

  10. anyone have the short version? cody ate her cereal, then what? did he say he hated her to her face?

  11. Maven and Jason in BA as Josh and Elena go at it in the KT. Other HGs watching argument (minus Cody). -planetmu
    2:21 PM
    Paul ask Josh questions about Elena offering Paul as a pawn. -DustinShofstall
    2:19 PM
    Josh is trying to walk away but Elena is still angry -scoobydoo
    2:19 PM
    Elena is screaming at Josh and saying he is talking over her -scoobydoo
    2:19 PM
    2:18 PM Elena in KT screams at Josh when he speaks over her. -Scott3325
    2:18 PM
    Josh accusing Elena of being the one who campaigned against him while he was up with Ramses. -DustinShofstall
    2:17 PM
    2:16 PM Elena/Josh in KT having a spirited discussion. Elena not backing down. -Scott3325
    2:17 PM
    Elena now arguing with Josh in the kitchen -scoobydoo
    2:13 PM
    Paul now hold courts in the kitchen, explaining how Cody will only vote to smite one of them at the end of the game. -Dolffie

  12. 2:21 PM Elena to Josh in KT: …if you will shut the f*ck up for 5 seconds, I can finish my god d*mn mother f*cking sentence Josh! -Scott3325
    2:23 PM
    Jason tells Maven he wants to just crawl in a hole. He is confrontational when confronted but hates confrontation. Jason says he wanted to slap that bowl of cereal from Cody.

  13. 2:22 Matt says Josh is almost like a weapon they can unleash whenever they want to. Jason agrees. “You just push the f’ button. Put him in the closet and pull him back out. Jason says he almost gets tired of listening to the mf’er. -planetmu

  14. Alex and Elena are now screaming at each other -scoobydoo
    2:35 PM
    2:30 After being pulled into the argument, Paul tells Josh, “Lets not bring me into this…” Elena continues and Paul says, “We’ve already talked about me, let’s talk about someone else.” -planetmu

    • Does Josh know what verbatim means? Just asking coz he rarely uses it in the correct context when he’s repeating what others say.

      • I think he’s just vocally immature…he went to college…he owns his own business…he works hard. So surely he must know definitions of big words..right?

      • If I remember correctly, Josh doesn’t own the business, his family does and he works for the family business. I might be wrong, but I thought that was what he said in the very beginning…

      • I heard him say he owns it and his family is helping to run it while he’s away. I may be wrong…hard to understand him sometimes.

      • I could be wrong too, but I thought he said it was a family business… anyhow, I hate to say it but being intellectually intelligent is not a prerequisite for BB. Look at Jordan… I think she was sweet as can be, but an intellectual giant she was not! hahahaha

      • Oh I know that!!! But Josh can’t seem to help himself in pointing out that some don’t think he’s as smart as he sounds! Poor thang!

      • Oh and before someone flames me, I am not blasting community colleges, they are fantastic for getting a jump start in college or for learning a trade. I’m just saying you cannot get a serious degree at one. You need to transfer the credits to a four year university for that.

      • Lmao….. I know! It’s crazy funny cuz he’s trying so hard to tell ppl he’s intelligent!

  15. Cody, Elena and Mark, leave that house right now so I can go to California and burn that house down!

  16. I know it isn’t gonna happen, but I would love to see Elena go home this week! I’m sorry, but anyone who decides they’d rather take cash over the veto when they are OTB deserves to go home imo!!

      • Right. To me, what Elena did shows an utter lack of respect for the game and NO one… well, unless you are Will Kirby (lol) should ever feel so safe in the BB house that they give up POV when they are otb!! NEVER should happen!!!

      • Agreed. The only reason I pput Elena before Matt was because Elena *actually* won the POV. Matt got it because Elena took the cash.

      • But Matt didn’t use it on himself!! That’s the faux pas on him! I hope it backfires on him…… omg I hope!

      • That’d be nice too, but I doubt it coz Matt went along with the plan…Elena didn’t. I’d love to see her get penalized and evicted for choosing money over her BB safety, but it’s not going to happen. I would utterly shocked silly if the plan to evict Cody did not go off tomorrow.

      • Yep, that’s why she felt comfy enough to take $$ over the POV.
        That just irks me… I have to let this go. hehehe

  17. Elena says so it is good to know Josh has been faking it then. Elena walks away. -planetmu
    2:49 PM
    Josh says he is not judging Elena’s character. HE is judging her game. -planetmu
    2:48 PM
    2:47 Josh says it was evident that Elena was not happy when Josh won HOH. Elena defending herself. -planetmu
    2:47 PM
    Feeds back. Alex to Elena: “It’s a decent human being thing. You don’t care about us about us… you backstabbed one of us.” -planetmu Less…

    Alex asks Elena how are they suppose to support her when she can’t even keep her word…

    Elena: Okay, I see it differently. We agree to disagree. I have felt bad for you all week. (She hasn’t.)

    Christmas: I don’t think you agree to disagree.

    Alex says she was honestly going to take Mark. That Elena is some kind of person to make a lie like that on national TV.

    Elena says Alex has thrown her name around for the past couple of weeks. Mark finally asks if he can say something.

    Argument continues…
    2:40 PM
    2:37 Elena deflects when confronted and Christmas says, “Deflecting. deflecting.” Alex brings up Elena’s car not being an old piece of sh**. Alex says she actually has a broken down car. Elena admits she drives an Audi and says it is because of her work. Alex brings up something Elena said about her work and we get FISHED. -planetmu

    • It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that girl fights are nothing new to Alex. Just speculating, but I’d say she has been in a few in her life.

      • I’m going to agree with you here, K. Alex looks like a girl that would hold her own in a cat fight…maybe that’s where she got her ears, eh?? haha

      • I’m hoping she’s going to eventually show some spark! If she continues to be just another “yes” man then I will be extremely disappointed.

      • She wants the same thing as Paul, but if she’s planning to get Paul out, it’s best to do that sooner than later. Maybe next DE? She’ll need a partner that wants that to happen too, though!

      • She has them, but I’m not seeing it in her so far. I guess we’ll see, but it looks to me like after the first week, Alex’s spunk seems to have fizzled a bit.

      • Because she knows without him, the others won’t follow her…they’re brainwashed by Paul. At least some think that…but they’re not talking to each other anymore to find out because Paul now has everyone not trusting their original teammates and getting certain people to call them all out on their stuff they did weeks ago. How can you work with any of them to get Paul out now or from here on out?

      • Yeah, this group is one of the most sheepish cast I’ve seen in a long time. Paul is just leading them by the nose to the chopping block & not one of them seems to care. smh

      • Good point! I didn’t see it that way…… he’s playing a good game for sure…… still don’t like the squirt!
        Just can’t find it in myself to like him either….. tried…. but…. meh!

  18. notice kev still there? he usually high tails it out fast. I guess he has to show his loyalty to the group

  19. Josh says it’s just a game and he hopes they all can be friends outside of the house. He says “Homie” doesn’t want to be friends (Cody). Alex explains that what Cody did was a ploy. Maybe making himself a bigger target so Elena stays or making her the target. HE is trying to stir the pot in some way. Alex says maybe Cody is feeling guilty if the vote Elena out. -planetmu

  20. Alex about Cody: he said he didn’t want to do anything but eat at craft services table and follow Jess around

  21. Paul just keeps stirring the pot…

    Paul takes the ball and run about “who is this man?!” (Cody). Jason says he is a pathological liar. Paul says or sociopath. “Who is f’ing Cody? I’ve seen 18 sides of him…” Who is this man? Who are you? Who is Cody Nixon? Raven chimes in. “How old IS he?” Paul: I don’t know!

    BB: You are SO extreme! Jason: Yes. I am extreme!”

  22. Paul is always at the top of the popularity poll on this site, but one others he is now in the middle of the pack.

  23. So now we know who the REAL life “serial” killer is.
    Hilarious that this is all started over a box of cereal and Matt wasn’t even involved.

  24. I feel so glad for people like Cameron, Megan and Jillian. They got out of the house before Paul made this house an asylum

  25. :00 Paul says it is terrifying he has lived with an individual (Cody) this many days and cannot tell you a factual thing about -planetmu Less…

    Paul: …He is not a real person. There’s no… he baked me slop muffins? What?

    Alex: Did he dip his testicles in them?

    Paul: Probably.

    Jason: That’s why he didn’t even eat them.

    Alex: You tasted his DNA did you like it?

    Jason: You consumed my DNA Haha. (speaking as if Cody saying it).

    Alex: Did you like it Paul? My hairs in it. (As if Cody said it).

    They laugh hysterically.

  26. Funny if Paul follow Cody out the door for the DE. Would they survive the jury house? Will the house continue to gang up on Cody even then?

    • Yes, these HG are really going to be shocked when they leave the house. America AND previous BB players are all starting to detest most of these HG!!

      • I’ve seen other twitter comments from Janelle, Rachel Reilly, Dani Donato, Derrick and even Evel Dick blasting these players for being sheep, bullies, attention seeking liars (Raven) and some others disparaging epithets as well… ;)

        Check out Evel Dick’s twitter…he cannot stand Raven and is hilarious in his comments about her!

    • Derrick is absolutely right. BB is basically a psychological matching-wits game. Anything over and above that – as in EVERYTHING Alex and Paul are doing to Cody – is personal. These people are despicable.

  27. i figured out one of the things about raven that annoys me,
    she’s a mouth breather.

      • Another one that only herself and one other person has in the world… it’s so rare that it doesn’t have a name even! Maybe Darth-Vaderitis!! ;)

      • her and matt are going to Sweden for a cure, a real saab story.
        where is she gonna get the money?

      • from her fraudulent gofundme account… another life saving surgery needed, everyone cough up the cash!. I mean, she’s only had four or five of them now!!

      • From matt said the other night,doesnt sound like hes on board with her once out of the house.

      • Matt MIGHT have been attracted to her for a NY minute, but I think he’s just getting his jollies now.

      • Sad but true…… sad for her….. yes even tho she’s a con artist or whatever….. I don’t wish anyone to have hurt feelings.
        But it might do her good??

      • Omg….I am laughing so hard that I am peeing my pants! Wait until Matt gets a load of her mother!

  28. Paul still bashing Cody and Jason impersonating Cody. I don’t think I even like Jason any longer.

  29. Alex won’t leave Cody alone. These people are filled with hatred and will be surprised how they are perceived back in the real world. It would be so funnyg if Cody won AFP.

    • Cody does have a following but I’m not sure its enough for AFP. I certainly wouldn’t vote for him.

  30. Wish Cody could stay. So sick of everyone being Paul puppets. So boring this year. Get smart house guests play your own game kick him out!

  31. Im really discussed the way this year is playing out and so much bullying! Raven is so fake its sickening! This year is very boring no game playing other then Paul who I cannot stand and Cody and Jessica which I like them cause they played the game! Im not sure I will watch after Cody is gone ..just be even more boring! Terrible group of people! Very disappointed!!

    • Kevin in iffy now for me,maybe Josh..the stronger ones like Paul and Alex might want to carry him to the final 4.

  32. Jillian is once again losing to someone who quit the game in its first few days.

    It really saddens me that people still don’t take mental illness seriously.

  33. I don’t see how Paul is ranked number 1, when all the others polls has him near the bottom with Raven. Something smells fishy here on this poll. I would love to see a video of Jason and Christmas when they find out about Paul’s shady dealing, When Jason and xmas are evicted the first thing Julie should say BTW Cody does really have a daughter.

    • Nicole was always number 1 or two last season and she won because Production wants it that way.

    • Yesssssssss!!

      That Snake Paul! (a poem)

      Slithering thru the HGs like the branches of a tree!
      Spreading his poison with all of us to see!
      Bringing out the worst in gamers just like he!
      And suffocating the players with his “friendship!”


  34. Kevin was my vote again. They are all annoying including him, but I like him the most. I was going to vote for Cody for at least trying to save himself. I hope Next week Mark or elena would be my vote, for his/her HOH win and wonderful nominees.

  35. The poll keeps alternating between Cody and Paul leading. Jessica has dropped considerably. I’m wondering how many of those now voting for Cody are those 2 million followers of a coworker of Jessica’s that aren’t even BB watchers. Interesting to watch, for sure.

    • Cody will fall once evicted. By the time BB is finally over those two will be at the bottom just like others evicted.

  36. So glad Cody us at the top for now….. maybe as bb player he is bad…. but he has served our country for 10 yrs, he seems to be a person who wears his heart on his sleeve. Those don’t have anything to do with tge game…. but I would much rather see him or Mark or Kevin at the top than someone like Paul, who just has everyone go fight his battles for him.

  37. I preferred anyone to Cody until the last week and half or so. They have acted disgusting. At this point I’d really like to see Paul evicted so the game can actually begin.

  38. Matthew Boyer, why do you let people vote as many times as they want in these polls?

    • If I have clicked to vote more than once and it doesn’t work. It says that they had already counted my vote. Some people are just closeted Paul fans.

      • Well, this afternoon I voted for Cody. Then I voted for Megan, just to see if I could. And just now, I voted for Ramses. And it let me vote each time, so I don’t know why it didn’t work for you. I have no proof, but I think a lot of people are voting more than once.

  39. the poll is a bit silly considering you can re-vote over and over– I mean really, is it a coincidence that Jess is out of the house now and cody is over the top with votes! she has nothing better to do…

  40. Jessica still has my vote. There’s no one in house except Jessica and Cody who I’d like to have a conversation with.

  41. Cody is getting some of Jessica’s votes now that she’s gone but will fade in the weeks to come,out of sight,out of mind..voted for the one house guest that’s actually playing the game and seems to be having fun while doing so,Paul!

    • We’ll see. The evicted HGs usually do drop in the polls after they’re gone. It would be interesting to see one stay at least near the top of the charts, though (if not this season, then maybe next?).

  42. Elena needs to go Cody needs to stay. This will turn everything upside down. Come on BB bringing Paul back was stupid. The HG don’t have a chance without Cody stirring up crap. It will be boring. :(

  43. I can’t stand Paul and Alex, Matt, Raven Jason and Kevin are all attached to Paul underwear. boring!!! Cody and Mark could turn this house upside down. I am so disappointed in BB this year. It’s not BB it the Paul show.

  44. Hopefully Cody and Jesse come back another season . When the hhouse want play a game and not just one persons game. The game was given to Paul when he entered and was able to give out friendship bracelets and 3 weeks safety.

  45. Why is paul shown at top of ratings when other polls show him near the bottom? Cody, Jessica and Mark have been the top 3 for a while.

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