Big Brother 19: Double Eviction Targets In Week 7

Double Eviction Week on Big Brother 19

The Double Eviction arrives this Thursday night on Big Brother 19 and we’re starting to line up who could end up the target and the most likely evictees in the second round of the crazed night.

There’s little doubt over who will be the first HG out the door. Cody has the votes stacked against him and we know that unless something major happens in the next day and a half that he will be the one out the door. But what about the next eviction?

Sadly there isn’t much of an equal divide in the house as things are much more lined up with Mark and Elena versus everyone else. That right there should give us all the insight we need to predict who could end up as the most likely targets in a fast action nomination round on Thursday.

Alex is the outgoing HoH and Cody is expected to be gone, so let’s take them out of the lineup. That leaves us with Christmas, Elena, Jason, Josh, Kevin, Mark, Matthew, Paul, and Raven to compete. Things are looking pretty heavy on the Paul side of the house.

I’d wager that Christmas, Jason, Kevin, Matthew, Paul, and Raven would all go the easy route and put up Mark and Elena. There’s been some recent talk, including last night from Jason, of looking more closely at Raven and Matthew, but in a compressed timelines and rushed decision making I expect them to fall in line with Paul.

Paul has been hearing through several Houseguests that Mark is angling to come after Paul and he is. It’d be a good move by Paul to make sure Mark is targeted and since these HGs are mostly doing whatever Paul asks, well you can see where this is going.

Should Mark and Elena go up and stay there after the Veto then Mark would be the more likely to be evicted. Paul has been working on Elena and sees her as a valuable tool and with Mark gone then she’s more likely to be by his side.

If either of them escapes with the Veto then we could probably see Matthew, or another similar low level ally, volunteer as the renom. From there the remaining of Mark & Elena would be the one to go.

As for Mark and Elena’s targets, should either of them get HoH, and boy do they know they need it, they’ve got a few options. Mark knows he has to go after Paul eventually, but even if he gets Paul on the Block I don’t think he’d have the votes to get him out.

There will be seven votes during the second eviction of the night. The Temptation Competition is over so we’ll have one less nominee to offset the first eviction when it comes to who can vote. Seven votes means no tie-breaker and a four count minimum to evict.

Say Mark has Paul up on the Block then he’d probably go with Josh or Alex as the second nom. Those are Elena’s own two suggestions for noms that she gave Mark yesterday, but he said they had to go after Paul. We can use Josh for this situation though.

With Paul against Josh I believe we’d see Alex, Jason, Kevin, Matthew, and Raven side with Paul and so would Elena probably. Christmas is caught in the middle on this one since she’s working with Paul and trying to make Josh her lackey at the same time. So instead of deciding now which way she’d go we can rule out even needing to know how she’d vote. Josh would go.

If it’s Paul against Alex then we’d see Christmas, Elena, Josh, Kevin, Matthew, and Raven most likely go against Alex. She’d be out the door too.

I really don’t see a path for anyone getting Paul out during this Double Eviction, but I do like a good surprise in my DE’s so maybe someone will deliver that.

Should we end up with Alex and Josh on the Block then I think Alex could be in trouble there. Just like Christmas earlier, Paul would be caught in limbo as he’s working both of them. Alex is a strong ally for him, but Josh might be his F2 goat. Tough choice for Paul, but once he makes that choice I think he could sway the others to follow his lead.

I can’t wait for the Double Eviction on Thursday night’s live Big Brother show. Mark and Elena are the likely top targets for the majority. While there have been grumblings about Matthew and Raven I doubt the opportunity will be wasted on either of them. Should Mark take a shot at Paul then we’ll get fireworks when it blows up in his face. Good times ahead.

Who do you think is in the most danger for being the second evictee this week? Share your thoughts below and get ready for the fun tomorrow night starting at 9/8c on CBS.


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  1. Definitely curious to see how this all plays out. I hope the house gets shaken up a bit so it can go back to being fun to watch.

  2. It’s a shame that we won’t be able to watch feeds after the live show. That is always a fun time to have he feeds..lots of action..good or bad.

  3. If/when Mark is evicted, Elena might pretend she is on Paul’s side, but that gal is a wiley and vengeful one, full of resentment. I can’t see her ever trusting Paul, lol, understandably. It would be kind of funny if he was evicted on her HOH after all of the finagling Paul has done on her behalf.

    • As bad as she is and I can’t believe I am about to say this, I really hope she is the one to get Paul out on this DE. She has Mark on her side, Jason, Josh, Christmas and Alex have all said he needs to go and to be honest, if Paul doesn’t go in the next two to three evictions, he will win this season. I have been cheering for Alex all season and I would love to see her, Jason, Kevin and Josh in F4.

      • If jason went up with paul Alex would turn on paul she said she is protecting paul unless it is jason sitting next to him come eviction nite they have to put up paul and jason then alex will turn paul and the votes she would need to save jason

      • Who says that either Alex or Josh would even have the chance to vote anyways. Either one could be sitting next to to him on the block as well.

      • I see your logic there, WW. I said this earlier. I would love to see Paul and Alex OTB together when there are days of campaigning and neither wins veto. Talk about a good week of BB paranoia and drama; that’s my dream this season.

      • A week where we legitimately don’t know what is going to happen by the end of the day Friday would be awesome…

      • I can’t listen to Josh anymore. He is like a broken record. I do wonder though……
        Can he seperate personal from game?
        Does he think Mark is a flip flopper?
        Does he think Elena is shady on a game level?
        Does he have a crush on Elena on a personal level?

      • Josh is a hypocritical ass. He talks too much, never listens and takes things other people say to him and uses it as his own. He is a Paul-parrot and I know Paul can’t stand it by the look on his face when Josh says his words when he is sitting right beside him. 😒
        He gave Paul a lecture about ganging up on people during arguments when Josh is the epitome of doing just that, every frigging, time. Ugh!😤
        I can’t stand him. From day 1.
        Paul should take someone to final 2 who is worthy of it, not because he could win next to them. Didn’t that thinking blow up in his face last year? Yep!
        Get Josh out!😈

      • i think he loves to hear the sound of his own voice, if Josh or Paul leave tomorrow I want to watch the live feeds in the jury house lol.

      • I think he can separate personal from game. I know he’s been guilty of acting like an ass to people, but he seems to realize this (unlike some) and uses it as strategy.
        Of course he thinks Mark is a flip flopper.
        This could go either way, but I believe he does think she’s shady.
        Crush? I don’t know. I think he just wants to hit it and quit it.

      • I totally understood why they’ve kept Paul around up to this point but why Cody going DE is the perfect time to take him out and they don’t want to🙄

      • Exactly. Now is the time to take both out and then let the newbies fight it out between them.

    • I thought Xmas called Elena out on playing both sides of the house, so I think Paul has her next on his list of targets.

      • Paul knows Elena did the things she did because he “misted” her to do them.
        He admitted in front of the house he told Elena he was voting out Josh when she asked how was the house was voting.
        Paul is the one who suggested she “pivot” and suggested she detach herself from Mark.
        It seems like Paul keeps moving Elena further and further down the list. He knows he can get her to do what he wants.

      • I think he’s almost out of mist when it comes to Elena. I don’t like the gal, especially the way she treats Mark. I wish Mark wasn’t attracted to her. I would root for him if it wasn’t for Elena.

    • I’ve always been back and forth with Elena on if I like her, I know she’s trying to do what she can to stay in the game but I also just think she’s just… floating idk. If she does something ballsy like that though then I might like her more lol

  4. Decisions need to be made this week and they need to be made fast. Cody will be gone then the top three at comps would be Mark, Alex and Paul. Take as many as those out to secure your spot in F2 but I still want Alex to go further than anyone else.

  5. “As for Mark and Elena’s targets, should either of them get HoH, and boy do they know they need it, they’ve got a few options. Mark knows he has to go after Paul eventually, but even if he gets Paul on the Block I don’t think he’d have the votes to get him out.”

    So you’re basically saying that Xmas would go home over Paul if both are on the block after POV. I doubt that, and if that’s actually the case, then I will be at a loss of words.

    • I think C-mas would probably get voted out over Paul mainly because there are too many HGs who actually believe Paul will take them to the end (and, I guess, basically just drop them into the F2 chairs and walk away). C-mas can’t offer that.

    • one thing we know if they really want to get someone out that keeps coming at them like Alex, Josh or Christmas put them against Paul one way or the other one of them have to go. You can cut the snakes head off or take a chunk out of the tail.

    • It is the case. Id still nominate him. But the other HG’s aren’t going to vote against him. I don’t know why they’re keeping him around after Cody gets evicted

  6. Maybe Paul VS Jason? Alex, Kevin Elana for Jason to stay? They would need to pull one more vote

    • Paul vs Xmas is a better scenario. She can’t even play in half of the comps, so why would HGs evict her so soon?

      • Jason can’t stand Christmas, he would jump at the chance to get her out. But you do make a good point, we will see how much of a sheep the house is.

      • I mean still, if HGs think of it from a comp standpoint, she’s basically throwing half of the comps. That would very likely be a tremendous help in F3. And besides, Paul’s already won comps in the final 3, so why would it make sense to potentially go head to head against him when you have someone who throws a lot of comps already? Then again, I’m not entirely sure how many of the HGs are truly in the House to win it minus Paul.

      • Oh I agree with your thinking I’m just not sure what the HGs are doing. It’s liked they don’t want to win

    • Yeah that might work. Especially if Christmas and Josh see it as their only chance to get Paul out. But Christmas doesn’t like Jason and might think that he would target her so idk.

  7. Cody is gone. He’ll be eating good for a few weeks. Cody has only won one HOH! This game is turn into a personal game with cult leader Paul.

    • BB is all about the personalities which are selected- If you watched last year to me Paul has toned down, but he had Victor to balance him out, if Matt had been a different selection maybe Cody could have had someone better to play with besides Mark… Paul is not a “cult” leader- he is a vet of the game with a strong personality and point of view… the other players also use Paul as well you know

  8. I’d like to see Paul go during this DE, but I don’t see it happening with these HGs/sheep :( However; I would be interested in seeing Elena winning HOH, and putting up Paul & Jason. Assuming neither of them removes themselves with the POV, I think Paul MIGHT go home in that scenario. You’d have Mark & Alex for sure voting to evict Paul, and they’d only need to convince 2 of Christmas/Kevin/Josh to evict Paul. I don’t think Matt & Raven would do it.

    • Not a chance! Even if Mark votes to evict Paul, Alex won’t! She likes Paul & will keep him! The other 5 will too! Ergo, Jason joins Cody in jury! Case closed!

      • Yesterday (I think) Alex said something about how she will always vote to keep Paul UNLESS he was sitting next to Jason.

      • I will agree to disagree with you, Jason is Alex’s ride or die, even though she is giving lip service to Paul, I think she will stay loyal to Jason.

    • I think Paul would get Josh & Christmas’ vote because:

      1) Josh would stand by Paul (feels 100% loyal to him over Jason)
      2) Paul already talked to Christmas a couple days ago, saying that he felt closest to her and Josh.

      3) And she is close to Josh/ knows that she doesn’t have anyone else in the game unlike the other pairs (Jason & Alex, Matt & Raven, etc). Paul is a strong player and is her best option of staying in the game longer.

      4) Christmas slightly has resentment toward Jason for the foot thing. Or at least it’s an excuse lol

    • I think mark would put up Paul and maybe Jason but not Elena. I think she’s still on Paul’s side

  9. I’d like to see Alex and Josh on the block. Then I’d like to see Paul win POV just to see what he would do.

      • Paul will do anything to keep Josh. Josh is a floater who he wants at the end. All the name calling is part of his strategy so no one would suspect. Cody will leave and then Mark will win HOH and nom Paul and Alex. Mark will win veto. dreams do come true sometimes.

    • He’d pick Alex, she’s less of a loose meatball. Or he’ll throw the POV without coming in last so he doesn’t have to make the decision.

      • That is exactly what he would do. I’m sure he throw the veto. I was just curious who people thought he would pull down.

      • If he throws it he risks the chance to be a renom. I don’t think he would take that risk, he has the votes to stay but I think he is starting to get paranoid, that is why he tried to focus on Kevin taking the 25k.

    • I could see him not play the POV at all. Either decision he made would come back to haunt him fairly quickly, I believe.

      • In that situation, if he saved Alex and Josh went home, all he’d have to deal with is an angry Christmas. Hardly a scary thought.

        Though if Alex came down and Jason went up, I wonder how those votes would go between him and Josh.

    • I would prefer to see Elena or Raven go first but wouldn’t mind seeing the feral wombat go (Alex) either.

    • he would do the smart thing and make them tell him who to choose to get the blood of his hands. Sneaky bastard

  10. Paul on josh on the block and Josh will go. It has to be Alex next to paul. I really think Mark has a good chance of winning unless is an endurance comp.

    • I think Mark has a good chance too. I hope he does win. It would be nice if he could shake up some of these HG’s. They are becoming too comfortable with the status quo.

    • Alex is the only one in my opinion that could get paul out if they are both on the block

      • Alex won’t do that she is in way too deep and all the brown is covering her eyes and ears. Too bad not her mouth. She will give up her game to save Paul. I find her to be that dumb or getting paid by production to do it.

      • They are “ALL” getting paid by Production and CBS. .Its a known fact that they “all” get a stipend for being on the show…I do believe however that Paul being a Vet gets a bit more than the non vets…If memory serves me correctly it was discussed by some of the vets last season as to how much..

      • She is the smallest person and the biggest physical threat outside of Cody. She should want to keep Cody around to take the pressure off of her.

      • They evict, HOH comp, veto, and evict. HOH comp. They could still do an endurance comp. We will not know who won until the feeds are back Friday night/Saturday morning.

  11. I still want Paul gone…but I`m so over of these people that I would not mind watching Paul screw over all of them. Would love if Paul sent Matt home only to see how much barking Raven will do.

    • I’m not mad at paul because he’s just going what he’s supposed to do to win but I’m really waiting for the lightbulb to go off. Like helloooo!!!

  12. I’d say the only way Alex goes home is if Paul is beside her post POV. The only way Paul goes home over Alex is if the HOH, during noms, implores the house to vote him out during he 5 seconds granted to make the noms. Good luck with either of those scenarios happening …

  13. I want Mark to win HOH but I know that the odds of that happening are slim to none, so Im just going to assume Paul’s side wins again this week haha!

    • Going to be another quick one…probably be another crap luck one similar to Josh’s HOH…which favors paul and the puppets

    • I hope Mark wins HOH. He puts Alex & Jason OTB. Jason or Mark win veto. Jason comes off and Mark renoms Paul. Paul is BD’d. Yahoooooo!!!!

  14. Paul is setting himself up like Jeff did on his first season. Take out the big players and then get taken out in final 5-6.

  15. Mark messed up his game so badly. Even if he wins HOH and gets Paul out, Mark will go next. If he puts up Alex and Paul he is done. Elena too.

    People think big moves are great but its just as much not making yourself a target. Cody, Mark and Elena made themselves huge targets.

  16. With Cody gone..Alex should go on a good winning streak run. Veto or HOH comps. Christmas would have been good competition until her injury. Mark is to laid back and Paul is not a physical threat to Alex and the rest are cannon fodder in the comps.

  17. Kinda hoping Alex gets sent home, leaving Jason to play his own game. Plus I find her very annoying…

  18. Looks like Elena’s true colors are coming out…

    E: “I should just throw all of the food in the house so the only thing people can eat is slop”

  19. Lol @ Mark asking Elena right now about their relationship and how she feels about him/ trying to woo her still…You’re still in the BB house, focus!

  20. After Cody get evicted I’m done watching this is the most boring show nobody wants to win but the minion master Paul

  21. Boggles the mind on just how DUMB these morons are!!! They ‘need’ Paul because??? Paul’s Sheeple’s have a combined IQ of 65. The only people that are/were actually playing the game is/was Cody/Jess. ALL of them deserve to LOSE! (except Cody)

  22. For the first time I’ve stopped watching the BB (Big Bully )Paul Show,not allowing anyone in the house to even talk to Cody WTF?THAT IS BULLYING!!!When PAUL is gotton out I may watch it again,reading updates is enough,after this season cancel it if CBS continues to allow BULLYING!!!

  23. After Cody goes home tonight I am done with BB. This season was too rigged to favor Paul the returning player. Too scripted, no control of out-of-control players. bummer. You can almost hear the final toilets flushing.

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