‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 6

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

Big Brother 19 memory wall

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to shee the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

Well she gave a it a good try, but Jessica Graf wasn’t able to knock Paul Abrahamian off his perch at the top of our readers’ popularity poll results. Paul held on to first place with 26.3% of the vote to Jessica’s 21.9%, which is a huge climb for her. Jessica spent the first two weeks at 12th before leap frogging up the charts. Looks like her run will end this week though so I’d watch her to soon start to dip as a result.

Making room for Jessica at the top was a shift down for Kevin Schlehuber who dropped to 3rd with 15.9% of the vote and Cody Nickson at fourth with 15.8%. Very close divide between those two Houseguests. The numbers stop to drop fast from here.

Alex Ow is down to fifth after several weeks at second. She pulled in 6.6% of the vote ahead of her ally Jason Dent’s 3.1% at sixth place. Below him just a nudge is Christmas Abbott at 3.0% before we get to another bracket of results.

Things narrow down here with Mark Jansen at 1.65% of the vote in eight place, just ahead of Josh Martinez and his 1.6% share of the votes. Tenth place goes to Matthew Clines at 1.3% and then Raven Walton with 0.92% of the vote. That leaves Elena Davies as the least popular active Houseguest with 0.74% of the vote and 12th place.

Among the evicted HGs we’ve got Ramses at the top, or best of the worst, with 0.36%. He’s followed by Dominique Cooper at 14th with 0.2%, Cameron Heard with 0.15%, Jillian Parker at 0.11%, and Megan Lowder bringing up the rear with 0.09%. Well look at that. Jillian finally got out of last place after three weeks there. She wasn’t in the game long, but at least she didn’t quit.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:
Big Brother 19 Popularity Poll Results - week 5

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer.

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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  1. I voted for Kevin this week. Jason is really disappointing me. I hoped he will be better at comps and play with Kevin. He is turning into another of Paul’s puppets by listening to dumb Alex.

      • He was my favorite and Kevin second. Now i’m switching because Kevin is playing and Jason is snitching.

      • Yea I don’t get it as well ..as soon as your the under dog every jumps to your side … Jessica has thrown away any game for her showmance that can only end in abuse …the only week she looked good was when Cody was out of the house … people are dumb

      • I wanted Jessica to stay so she and cody can go after Paul, but now she lost any tiny chance she had and Cody said he is after the couples. They both can go today.

  2. With all the things Jessica says, how could she be so popular??? I voted for Kevin, mostly because of his age but also because of his character.

    • She’s popular because she’s an underdog. People love an underdog, so of course when they watch 7 people viciously attack 2 people they’re going to pull for them.

      • Underdog?? How ? She has had the most power I have ever seen .. can’t help the fact she’s stupid and can’t play like others because she is a whiny b*%#h when she doesn’t get her own way .

      • Paul’s production gifts far outweigh Jessica’s first of all…. and even then that is irrelevant, their position in the game isn’t helped by any of it. Paul can’t control her so he has the ENTIRE house lash out and attack her and Cody. When you have a situation where a group of people are attacking a minority group, people tend to pull for the “little guy.” Hence underdog.

      • She did not sexually assault anyone and she is very popular and liked so is Cody if anyone sexually assaulted anyone it was Paul

      • He’s a psycho! I don’t have one ounce of respect for him . He’s a coward and hides behind a girl and everything that came out of his mouth was threats and vulgarity. He’s vile . It’s a game and always have someone to hate and someone or someone’s to like , but these two are disgusting.

      • Because most ppl see thru the JODY bs. THey are disgusting ppl threatening physical violence and spreading slanderous statements outside the house. They need to go home already!!!

      • Jess went around poking ppl in the buthole ! That’s disgusting ! If it was a guy doing it to the girls, he would have been out !!! I think they made sure that everyone voted her out so they didn’t have to kick her out !

      • Paul just instigates and tries to get everyone to antagonize Xody and Jessica even to the point of trying to insure Cody to assault someone.

      • Or kill or shred ppl or kill puppies for the thrill of it. Paul vs Cody, Paul will always always get the vote !

    • Same question could be asked about why Paul is so popular with his behavior. Why Kevin is so popular when he is a flip flopped aka floater. Tell a Jessica Ramses is being voted out before you decide to not be so close with her anymore. Grow a backbone and play your game and not Paul and companies game.

      • I don’t understand how people can be voting Paul as ‘most popular’. I would, hands down, vote Cody over Paul any day of the week.

  3. I’m thinking Jody lovers are also Brenchel lovers.

    They’re kind of the same couple, only in reverse.

    Jessica and Brendon could almost be regular nice people outside the house. Almost. Both are twits.

    Rachel is a caricature of a real person, and so is Cody. Neither one is a normal person. Rachel thinks she’s the epitome of womanhood, and Cody thinks he’s the epitome of a Marine. Both are delusional. Neither has any empathy for anyone except their partner. Rachel might have empathy for her kid(s?), but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • I see your point and why you think it, but for some reason I love Brenchel and despise Jody. I think Cody is so vile and repellent that I just can’t get past it. Brendan is kind of useless but at least he’s smart, funny, and not unkind. Rachel is just ridiculous that I kind of love her (don’t know why…would probably hate her IRL but she knows she’s a character and plays her role, which I enjoy). Jessica has all Rachel’s fight but not her balls and not her self-aware foolishness. Rachel’s balls-out badassery was so awesome I had to like her despite her many, many, many flaws (particularly her whiny/girly way of speaking).

      • I hope I didn’t come across as saying that if one likes Jody that one likes Brenchel, and vice-versa. Far from it. Looking in the rear-view, I actually could have left that first line out of my post.

        It’s pretty funny, and maybe a little sad (or maybe a little funny and pretty sad), but I DESPISE Rachel for the very reasons you kind of love her. LOL

      • I must disagree with you about Cody. He’s certainly not vile, he just chooses not to lie to people. What does Paul choose to do? Back-stabbing and manipulation? Although those traits do come in handy in this ‘game’.

    • I don’t think they are playing the same game as Brencheal….. not at all. Couldn’t stand them. Ewwwe!

    • People that vote for Paul are some empty in the head people!

      He is being handed this game by production. His presence completely ruined the chances we’d get a season where people learn to play the game on their own. And if you want to talk sick in the head, how about Paul and his minions attacking Cody’s military service, trying to bring out any post war PTSD he may have and trying to rile Cody up over his dead brother? If you are basing your judgment of peoples heads on despicable acts in the house, the scales of justice fall heavily in Jess and Cody’s favor.

      Personally I voted for Kevin, however I’d sooner vote for Jess and Cody than any other person in that house. I loved Paul last season, I can’t stand him for quite a few reasons this season.

      • Ummm… Cody is a sick, twisted, idiot that wanted to join to kill people , not for our country , just for his own sick bloodlust PLUS killing animals for thrills !!! Fck him . Plano doesn’t want him here, maybe he can move to your city ! Paul is playing the game and they always have VETS come back . It’s like he’s the first one ! Jess is ok if u like that double standard hypocrite false eyes, tits, teeth and hair .. then she ur gal ! They are both egotistical mega maniacal nitwits who both get what they deserve. Yeah , team paul all the way !!

      • Ahahahaha !!! I’m from Plano ! Same place he is , and no I question his service , I want to see proof . I think he’s a psycho and needs help . So he needs to stay away from Texas especially Plano, he may want to move wherever they grow ppl like Jessica from . Trust me , there will be no big homecoming for Cody. The mayor could give a fck about him or bb 😂😂 And , that is your opinion about Texas. I’ve lived in Texas almost all my life and not all believe in guns, hunting, killing people and puppies, or wear cowboys hats and boots . 🤢

      • I lived in Denton County right by the Shops & Willow Bend for 20 years until recently and yes there are still hunters & fishermen in Texas. So maybe people like Cody & I aren’t that rare in your parts. Plano is full of coddled little poodles who aren’t real Texans and usually come from other countries or from the North. With a name like Brooklyn I would guess New York. Peace out. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2767b8ad5d212b534cfd7c5c452e062e21891ebcff0b13db7380d0c3559fdb46.jpg

      • Like I said , it’s your opinion , yours! Not Texas , you do not speak on behalf of all Texans , I didn’t personally attack you , I was just making a comment and my opinion . If you can’t control yourself and have to make personal attacks then I suggest skipping over my comments ! Yes

      • I also did not say we don’t have fishers and hunters , just said a lot don’t !!!! I didn’t attack you , or Texas .. just an opinion also like yours

      • Also Denton county is not by the shops and Willow Bend, I live on the same street/neighborhood. Denton is not even close . It’s Collin county and Plano is a lot different then Denton which is a college town. I’ve been here most my life and know for a fact that Texas is not all about god, guns and country .. that’s a meathead remark . You obviously have never been to plano or you would know . You say coddled and have poodles? Hahaha .. gawd . You sound just like the people who just hate to hate like Cody , angry and miserable for no reason. Maybe Texas ppl will pray for u , plano will not .

      • Sounds like you are the ONE, who “CAN’T CONTROL YOURSELF” with personal attacks. You must be a geography challenged Plano high grad. The city of DENTON in not ALL of DENTON COUNTY Plano Princess. Do you know that West Park Blvd. & Midway Road are in Denton County. The Shops at Willow Bend are on the Denton/Collin County Line. Don’t believe me Snowflake? How about a MAP, if you can READ it. DUMBASS!!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1a83295eb79e2dbf9a338ee8f430f6a3fa2db3902ec56741c66875f3d53a103f.png

      • Wow .. you maybe neee to look at the map !!! I know where I live and I know what County !!!!! Denton is Denton county and do you see Denton in the above ???? No ! It’s all Collin County . Ugh .. people like you attacking other people personally are why this world is so messed up , and doesn’t make me look ignorant makes you look ignorant for making personal attacks ! Stop it !

      • Just read your original statement, you said shops and willowbend were Denton !!!!! I said no it’s Collin County ! That was it ! I don’t care where you live ! Just correcting your mistake that it’s Denton . You are the one that started with the whole thing , so if u can’t accept being wrong then maybe you should have gone to Plano high schools or been taught how to read a map at whatever dumb azz COUNTY you were in. Shut up .. lord .. ur wrong !

      • The city of DENTON in not ALL of DENTON COUNTY Plano Princess. Dis you know that West Park Blvd. & Midway Road are in Denton County? The Shops at Willow Bend are on the Denton/Collin County Line. Don’t believe me

      • That is what I was commenting on !!!! Not a church , not where u live .. that !!! Above !!!! W park and Midway .. Collin County !!!!! Shops and willowbend , Collin County !!!! That’s it !!!! Now stop . You just making yourself look more like an idiot debating over something that’s not supposed to be debated here !!! If you want to come meet me in Plano !! At the shops or Willow Bend, then I will bring u a map and show you. Otherwise . Stf up!!

      • Ow ouch .. got me there , I think I know what county I live in . It’s no where near Denton. All of plano is Collin County . You making personal attacks on me doesn’t make me look ignorant, just proves my point .

        The Shops at Willow Bend – Wikipedia
        Wikipedia › wiki › The_Shops_at_Willo…
        The Shops at Willow Bend is a shopping mall located in Plano, Texas, with over 125 stores and three anchor stores. The mall is located at the intersection of West Park Boulevard (FM 544) and Dallas North Tollway in West Plano. … Location, Plano, TX in Collin https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e1e4cc0504c8f18b237b8cca1b67f4a9f45149069908883365987e06b73ae71.jpg County, Texas, United States.

      • Stick to the topic about game and not geography or counties , which you don’t seem to know where ur azz used to live. It’s not hard to look up Plano and find out that ALL of plano , Frisco , and surrounding areas are all COLLIN COUNTY ! Ugh . Just go away, you and ur g-d country and guns! You can’t back up your misinformation with more misinformation! Now ask me what I do for a living ? Then you will know why I know what County is which . Maybe you didn’t know that so there is a teaching lesson here ! You just got educated!!!! Feel better . Now go kill something innocent like a deer because your a coward and make sure it’s in DENTON ! 😂😂

      • You got off the game and called me a liar. You started the personal attacks. So you just go away because you know nothing about geography or the area. How about this snowflake, the huge Preston Road Baptist Church is in DENTON COUNTY. Is that close enough to the Shops a Willow Bend for you? Get a life and learn something.

      • Who cares! Shut up .. this isn’t about fckin counties , it’s a game thread !!! Didn’t call you a liar , I said it was not Denton county !!! U didn’t say the church!!! Read ur own comments … don’t backtrack now you know u are wrong , just be a man and say yes you are right . You don’t have to be a total tool just because I straightened you out . Typical fckwit. Grow up !

      • Again!!!!!! No it is NOT!!! Do u have a
        brain leak ???

        Prestonwood Baptist Church – Wikipedia
        Wikipedia › wiki › Prestonwood_Baptist…
        Prestonwood Baptist Church, in Plano, Texas, is one of the largest and fastest-growing …. 1977 establishments in Texas · Churches in Collin County, Texas · Evangelical churches in Texas · Churches completed in …
        Senior pastor(s)‎: ‎Jack Graham (pastor)‎
        Weekly attendance‎: ‎Approximately 17,000‎
        Membership‎: ‎40,000+‎

      • Need I say more ?? Snowflake ? I think you need to do more checking , not the person who has lived in Plano ( Collin County) for 26 years! Done !

      • I lived in the Hebron area. Snowflake, parts of Dallas are in both DENTON * COLLIN COUNTY.

      • Ugh … yes I know that . You didn’t say that , YOU said the shops and Willow Bend were Denton , and I clearly showed you they were Collin County ! Don’t come back with other counties , that was NOT what we were discussing. I just pointed out that I know where Collin County begins and ends, and you did not . That is all . Carry on .

      • Ah… I see now who we’re dealing with. A snowflake. If you don’t believe in those things you listed, you certainly do NOT represent the Texas standards. You should move to California.

      • I don’t believe in hunting , I think it’s cruel and cowardly if ur a sport hunter . Killing for food , etc I’m ok with . Again, I didn’t make any assumptions on you and u shouldnt do the same. Is just a chat forum about the game , leave personal feelings about who posted it and their opinions and keeonto game talk. That’s rude !

      • I think you should go back to New York, and leave us Texans out of your rantings. Clearly you are no judge of character, and to malign a dedicated member of the armed forces is really, really low. Shame on you, Brooklyn. I can see why you like Paul.

      • I’m not from Brooklyn, and I can make any remark I want to about any player in the house . Just because you don’t agree doesn’t give you the right to say any of that crap to me . Shame on me .. hahaha .. share on you for making it personal !!!

      • Why do so many people think Paul is being handed the game by production? Yes, he was handed safety in the beginning the way vets almost always are (remember the “coach twist”?). But other than that, and other than being fairly obnoxious, he’s playing a brilliant game–so far.

      • Let’s be real, he’s gotten far more than the safety. He walked in with the bracelets and was basically given instant alliances…people mad they didn’t get one? No problem, all he has to say is, well if I knew you like I do now I would have given you one. Next he was given a “hidden” month of safety, that word is very important because its never been done before AND it completely destroyed someones game. If Cody had known about it he obviously wouldn’t have tried what he did week one, and who knows how things would look right now. He has also used production as part of his strategy, which is flat out against the rules in the rule book, and production has turned its head. How? He was running around telling people since he won HoH production said he had an extra week of safety since he didn’t need it. Notice how when Jess temptation was used Julie said, on live television, “Your temptation has been used and can no longer been used.” Nothing was said when Paul’s expired.

        I’m not saying its never been done, it’s always a problem in BBUS. Look at the most recent season of BBCAN though, only one of the 8 vets was given safety and she lasted an hour once it wore off, most of the rest of them were gone pre jury. If they are going to bring people back, bring back people that know how to play the game and well that won’t need a month of safety. Look at season 11 with Jessie, he didn’t need a month of safety to establish alliances in the house. He got one week as HoH, that’s it!

      • Production did…they knew full well somebody would jump at the opportunity with a prize pool that large. I mean like 75% of them pressed the button. It’s easy to blame a houseguest, but they know for a fact if they make the incentive good enough someone will take it.

      • You hit the nail square on the head, Reefguy. I don’t like Paul, and I sure didn’t like his attack on Cody. I agree that they should not allow new people into the game, unless it entirely ALL returners!

    • I’m sick in the head because I prefer to see players who don’t lie to people’s faces, and manipulate them? I prefer to see players win with their talents and physical abilities, rather than see how many times they can get by with being two-faced…so, I guess I’d rather be sick in the head, than give up my integrity.

  4. Kevin is smart and I think he could get Paul out. Josh should listen to Elena and blindside Paul, but he wants her out too much. Kevin needs to win HOH and make a big move to send the veteran player home!

    • Does anyone know why he wants her out so bad?? Besides them voting him out , they didn’t know and were not included in the house “switcheroo”

    • He will be next . I don’t know what he did and I like him, but think he will be leaving shortly :/

  5. Cody should be removed from the game for what he said to Josh, and Jess is just a stuck up Mean girl who treats ppl like crap when she does not get her way

    • I’m going to have to go watch this later. But it sound like some serious threatening langage. Not good.

      • That’s what I was gonna say, he has said PLENTY mean things. I don’t like him as much now since he going after someone that has no real threat to anyone . Stupid .

    • You do remember all the things josh said, right? You do remember all the things Paul had his puppets say and do, right?

      • Ppl should not use oh he is ex military that’s is how they train you to be….. BS…. I myself am ex military and the first thing the teach you is RESPECT….

      • Military trains you to be disciplined. Cody trying to hit because he is losing an argument is his own personal behavior .He was raised this way. Probably beat by his parents as a child.

      • Exactly , and he has ZERO! I bet he didn’t join to become a person to respect . Probably just so he could learn to shoot and get off on killing . I can’t believe bb would let this idiot on the show . Paul is the only one who should win, he’s stuck in a house with a serial killer , a wannabe famous for sex tape girl, a clown , a dying girl, panda, mob guy , giant baby , a guy who owns one shirt , a inflatable doll, steroid man and Kevin . If anything he’s the hero ! 😂

      • Thank you !!!! I don’t care if he was military or not , he clearly didn’t make it far or learned nothing about discipline. He’s a very angry , aggressive person and with being in the military like he says , he should be the one that handles this house better than any !!
        And thank YOU for your service . I know a lot of really really good ex military and they are some of the best ppl I’ve met and always have gratitude. I don’t care if Cody was because he sure as hell isnt acting like he was in it .

      • He joined the military so he could kill people ! He actually said that !!! That’s not a hero , that’s pure evil . No way is he to be respected . He has no education and no real path in life , obviously the military taught him nothing but to be a worthless ahole who kills for fun. Disgusting 🤢

      • Talking to Jess and mark ? Not sure .. but it was weird and upsetting, why would you even say you loved to kill dogs when u were younger to get that kill rush . And then he joins the military!!! I don’t have to respect him for chit !!! Those that make it personal and attack ppl for a comment and opinion are obvious fans. Just because I don’t like him try and stay on subject and remember it’s a game and a game chat !!!

      • You call Cody evil for wanting to join the military in order to kill? Honey, that’s basically why the majority of young men join. Then the ones that do never want to talk about it, and the ones that don’t enjoy their free college and move on with their lives afterwards.

      • Yes , I get that . I just didn’t like they way he made it sound, like he left one branch of military to join one that he can kill people , not mentioning the stupid stamens about killing puppies to get “that kill feeling” that just creeps me out and I cannot condone anyone abusing animals joking or not.

  6. Oh No, they just cut the feeds cause Josh was banging pots and Pans and Cody looked like he was rushing him……

      • Who here in this site is what I wonder. So may people comment negatively about him. Are you Irish?

      • No, but Scarlett is. :) German/Swedish and I still like Paul as well. Might not be a popular opinion, but he’s playing the game.

      • You don’t need to go with the popular opinion. I know he is playing the game. The only one. I personally cannot stand his personality and want him out.

      • Me, too! Better than Dingus Nicole last season. At least he works for his paycheck and actually plays the game.
        Evening, FDD!

      • Hello my fine friend, nice to see a friendly face. 💚💋😙

      • Always good times when you show up, Miss Scarlett! :D I’ll vote for Paul until he is gone, admittedly, a bit just to irritate the Dingus fans who hate him. Gotta have fun!

  7. Cody may get evicted right now and I believe Jess will quit as well. If he does hit Josh they better throw him out.

    • Condoning violence , or saying if I hit Josh I’m gonna hit Paul too , what is this ???? Have they NEVER seen big brother ? Name calling, bullying , childish behavior , all part of game . These two act like the just joined bad girls club . NEED TO GO !

  8. Hmmmm, did Cody just get evicted, they are talking about bb rules that if you get evicted that ppl pack for you

    • They are both still there. Jess says that if he tries to punch Josh, then look around to see where Paul is that he may sneak a punch in. Lol. Paul is not a physical threat. He may hurt himself if he tried using his tiny fist.

    • Can’t rely on Raven. She’s the queen of the liars. But it definitely did not look good before the feeds cut.

    • Cody tried to hit Josh and Alex got in between, then the producer Allison came and stopped it.

      • Dang it ! They need to get him out before he does hurt someone, if he can’t handle this ????? How the hell did he handle the military. I would bet that’s a big ol lie and he makes skin suits in his moms basement and has a poodle named precious !

      • Lolz! I would love for CryBaby-Josh, Terminal Liar-Raven, and Dictator Racist-Paul to get, ________________!!! Lmao!

      • Cody is a Marine That wasn’t a lie. From what I have seen on the live feeds some of these follower/loser HG’s are purposely messing with Cody….and it is beyond….they are trying to get him kicked out! Fricken ridiculous!

      • All part of the game , self evict?? Hell yeah ! If I could get ppl to do that with just words I would too ! #GOPAUL

  9. I like Megan! She was smart enough to leave when she did and not have to be with a bunch of Butt-wipes. This season sucks!!

  10. Not my favorite season for sure. The best thing I can say about 9 of the remaining house guests is I don’t despise the sight and sound of them like I do Cody, Josh, and Jessica.

  11. Mark is such a damn baby….. give it up. Please, waaaa haaaa Alex is talking about me booooo hoooo

    • Mark is always ready to defend Cody. He really started everything with Josh by throwing that horrible mixture in his face. Yet..he just sits back and watches. They were right there on the couch..sure they heard everything that was said. Mark always plays innocent.

  12. I seriously cannot understand people who justify the behavior of Paul, Josh and the rest of their crew. What they are doing is abominable, especially towards Mark. Sure he’s a flip-flopper, but given the situation that they are in, who wouldn’t be? He doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s getting. I honestly think he is the only person with a heart in that house.

  13. Who are all these people voting for Paul and how do they not realize/care they are voting for productions pet? Don’t you want to watch people actually figure this game out for themselves and play it with their own skills/brains rather than root for the guy production is willing $500k?

    • I’m voting for someone that came ready to play BB 24/7 and his name is Paul,unlike some of the others who are either chained to the bed or in the kitchen eating cereal around the clock.

      • That’s a fair enough reason to vote for a player. And I know you’ve never condoned his personal actions in the house, Hep, so you’re not one of the blind followers.

      • Half of the actions these people take are because Paul came into the house and said “I’ve been here before this is how and when you do this and that.” He then goes on playing the game while telling them its not done that way. I don’t fault him for that, I fault production for that.

        We will never know how some of these people would have played the game without a vet coming in and telling them they need to do this at this time and don’t do that yet all in the name of how the show is made. Sure Matt would probably have been a cereal eating ghost, but some of the others may have been far more interesting.

        Yeah, he’s playing the game 24/7 but he also has the advantage of production playing along side him. That is nonsense.

      • Thank you! You see everything the rest of us on Twitter see. I don’t understand these people with the Paul Blinders on.

      • It doesn’t really surprise me all that much. All these people that only watch the show and don’t follow the live feeds only see the “golden boy” edit production is giving him and are clueless about the extent/severity of his antagonizing, breaking game rules and assistance from production in both major and subtle ways.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love a good villain on Big Brother. However when they owe a lot of their success to the producers and use them to advance their game (which is flat out against the rules in the BB rule book) and none of it is shown, it is no longer a skilled villain and becomes a show only telling people why they should like someone. I also think there is a line you should not cross, and for all those Jess and Cody haters, when someone in the house (Paul) is overtly trying to insight violence, trigger any potential wartime PTSD, and/or make fun of Cody’s deceased brother…it’s no wonder they isolate themselves and don’t get along with Paul and his minions.

    • I didn’t vote for Paul but I can understand that many people think he’s at least playing the game. I don’t get how Kevin is in second place. Just can’t warm up to that guy and don’t think his game play is so great either.

    • Why are so many having issues with a vet coming back , because he has made it further and is playing a good game , they have had vets return so it’s not Paul’s fault that they asked him back and he said yes and a house full of real paul fans and like him .

      • My issue isn’t with a specific vet or even them agreeing to come back, it’s with the show inviting them back with new players. Hell I would have come back if I were him. Do one or the other, vets or newbies, not both.

        They set a dangerous precedent for the game this season by allowing his safety to be hidden, thus completely outing and ruining Cody’s game. Future players will remember that moment and fear taking a shot at the vet because they fear the vet might have some “hidden power.” Houseguests have already discussed this very issue as well as fans outside the house.

        If production is going to bring back vets, stop giving them a month+ of safety. We’ve seen vets make it with one week, any longer just isn’t needed and if it is, they are bringing back the wrong vets.

        I recognize Paul has made some decent moves in this game, but I’m also not blind to the fact that he is playing with production keeping an eye on his back. To say otherwise is just denial.

  14. As far as the poll is concerned, let’s not forget that this does track with how last year’s poll was. Do I like it that Paul’s at the top? Heck no! But he is the vet, and the voters here at BBN seem to love their vets.

  15. Feeds keep going to feeds. It is possible that Cody got to hit Josh and they don’t want us to know. Whenever a HGs is retelling what happened they go to fish. They may show it on Wednesday.

  16. OK, can someone tell me what exactly happened today and how/who it started…and what’s happening now, please???

    • Jessica started it by calling Josh fat. Cody physically threatened Josh outside the house and production had to step in. Jessica was banging the pans and she hit raven in the wrist.

      • Did she really hit raven in the wrist or is raven lying like everything else? Cody shouldn’t have threatened him, that’s going overboard. Jessica really didn’t do anything different than the rest of the house did to her.

      • I don’t know. Feeds went off a lot. It was hard to see.

        Jessica is doing the same thing the rest of the house is. People like to say the house is bullying Jessica but i you watch Feeds you can see its all 2 sided.

        Cody on the other hand was out of line. Physically threatening Josh is crossing the line and production should have done more to stop Cody.

      • No Josh was banging the pans and her and Alex got in the middle of Josh and Cody. Jess was sitting outside.

    • If you go to jokers they have a transcript of the Jess/ Cody/Josh fight. For everyone defending Josh he is not a saint. He was pushed to start the argument. What the transcript doesn’t show was Jessica told him more than once not today Josh walk away. He chose not to. I think Cody went to take the pots away from him and Josh closed the door who really knows if Cody kicked it maybe broke when Josh closed it

      • Jess started it , he walked in to get water or something and asked if he could even spell a word, he spelled it and said he had a degree and a business, THEN she says go away once she started it , mean girl style . He was defending himself , again !!!

  17. How the heck could Jessica and Cody be so high in popularity??
    Mean girl and a bully…. uggg

      • That’s exactly how Paul got so many points here, because everywhere else Paul is the least liked and has bottom.

    • Got me ?! They both need counseling. Obviously very weak if they can’t handle this game , have they seen BB before??? This hasn’t been the first time that fights and regular bb antics like this have been done . They play good victims but that’s it .

    • Used to be a big Paul fan but not a fan of his instigating ways and using Josh as a pawn and trying stir up feelings of getting bullied by Cody/Jessica in him.

      Josh – whether he’s pretending or not – isn’t bright at all and so glad production put an end to that annoying pots/pans routine he did.

      Kevin is a good guy but gave vote to Jessica this week. She’s put up with a lot.

    • Great! I think this is the first BB in history that I have not had a favourite player! So weird!

  18. You couldn’t pay me to ever root for Paul I’m getting to like Kevin. JASON is funny he needs to win though but it’s just a game .

  19. How many people who voted for Jessica and Cody were really just voting against Paul? Be honest.

  20. Where the hell is production??? This is 3rd time Josh has been ASSAULTED in the house. 1st time Mark threw hot sauce and vinegar in Josh eyes and 2nd was clear as day Mark put his hands on him in kitchen to take pans away. Then yesterday we see Cody threaten physical harm to Josh outside of house which later we see broken things that Josh tries to tell us were used by Cody and Jessica to throw at him! Cody had made slanderous statements about Josh prior to all of this. AGAIN WHERE THE HELL IS PRODUCTION!! Please get rid of Cody before he REALLY hurts someone!!!

    • It was pickle juice Mark threw, not hot sauce and vinegar. Mark touched the pans only when he tried to take them from Josh. Even Josh was saying that Mark never touched him, only the pans.

      • Right! Cody only made him cry LOL that’s on Josh! Be a man and stop being a typical bully. Pick on other people but as soon as someone turns it on you…..Josh goes running to his mommy Paul crying like a baby bully he is!

    • Hot sauce and vinegar….Sorry, wrong! Pickle juice with some hot sauce. Josh deserved it.
      Pot and pans, Josh even said himself Cody didn’t touch him!
      Cody versus Josh, we don’t know what happened. Feed Cut, no one was harmed or touched because if Cody touched Josh in anyway he would be ejected from the game.
      Boo-hoo, poor Joshie! He can dish it out but he can’t take it back!
      He really is the definition of a bully!

    • Agree . His mentally damaged. The , “this is real life” comment , hahahaha .. he is delusional! They are editing their azzes off !!!! If America really saw all of what happened they wouldn’t have a show . I like this season, but don’t agree w Cody being there . Hopefully this is his last week .

      • Nobody is mentally damaged.
        I’m completely offended by this comment.
        Maybe you didn’t mean to word it like that?

  21. I love that Jessica doesn’t follow someone else’s game. She stands up for what she believes. She is a very strong competitor. If BB hadn’t thrown her under the bus, (said she no longer had temptation power) I don’t think she would be on the block this week.

  22. BB should’ve never brought back Paul! If you’re going to bring a vet back, bring several at least. It was obvious he was going to control the house! It’s human nature to gravitate towards a vet, especially one that got four weeks safety!
    And even if they’re going to bring back only one vet, why Paul? Ugh😑
    This game could have been completely different if they didn’t bring him back! And by different I mean good! SMH 😳 🙄

  23. I’m pretty sure I remember Paul being ranked last last season. Did I miss something or is everyone voting biting their tongue? I admit he is playing the best game in a weak pool but I can’t give in to him and his crap. Sorry

  24. Jess is in trouble ,on the news today for all the poking people were mad said it was sick that she should be thrown out,they were even talking to the big boss who owns the showhe said he will have to watch the tape! Bye Jess

    • I dunno , maybe she has to leave and is how protection has to do it , maybe made sure that they got her out and no safety net .. girl…… she stick a finger in my butt she would have lost that finger !!!

  25. Jess thinks she is preg. Cody wants her to take a picture of the reg.test when she gets out!

    • She probably washed her weave tonight for evictions, but her hair is short and u can see where the threading is and is why she has those bald patches , from pulling them out and putting back in … she has or would have good hair if she wasn’t tryin to be something she’s not

  26. Why would anyone vote for Jessica when she sexually assaults people? I’m disappointed that big brother hasn’t kicked her out or addressed it. She’s disgusting

  27. I’ll be fair, I didn’t like Cody or Jess at the beginning of the game, but after seeing
    how deplorable the house has been in treating them, I want Cody to win
    so bad, just to spite them all.

    Truthfully I don’t like… ANYONE else in the house right now.

    I simply don’t understand how anyone could like Paul. It’s sickening how
    much power and control he has over the other players, and quite truthful
    it’s so BORING. At least Cody has enough balls to tell Paul to shove
    it, as opposed to everyone else, who’s basically just playing the Kiss
    Paul’s A$$ In Hopes He’ll Take Me to the Final Two game.

    Freakin…. pathetic. This really has been a terrible season of Big Brother. The
    only reason I’ll keep watching is for the hope that Paul has a crushing
    defeat at the final three spot.

    • I agree with you and was hoping Alex the Alien had some game except following Paul’s orders and like other letting him call all the shots. I guess I am like Cody in that no other man is going to beat pots & pans in my face and stay standing. I think he has held his temper pretty well under Paul Minion’s strategy of being obnoxious.

  28. maybe the fans are intimidated by paul too. Otherwise, why would someone that gets everyone else to do his dirty work be so popular? He is a user and abuser. I cant stand him. He is so immature and I wish someone would see that for once. Bye.

  29. I love Alex Ow. She pulled in a small handful of loyal teamies, but she plays her a** off in every competition. She is funny and fun to watch on feeds. She doesn’t throw competitions. She wins when she needs to, but even when she doesn’t need to win, she still gives it her all. I do not see how people don’t respect this gal. She is a REAL BB player in all aspects of the game.

  30. I see that Paul has gotten top honors for several weeks. I guess I just don’t ‘get it’. He’s a fan favorite, for sure, but I can’t stand to see how the entire house falls to his every demand. If they were smart, he would have been gone the first week. They seem to all be working for him! Yuk!

  31. I came here to discuss the game. We all have ppl that we like and don’t like , but to attack me personally for liking someone and my opinion is just rude . I didn’t attack anyone personally or tell them to go back to where they came from . This is just a game and this is a chat about game . Those two that attacked me for only my options shouldn’t read or react to what I post . I am not here to fight w anyone, I like to read all the diff opinions of people but there is no need to get chitty w me for rooting for the one or ones I like . Mean .. must be jess and Cody fans and their meanness rubbed off !

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